01.06.2019., subota

Objavio u grupi na fejsu a mrsko mi prevodit :)

I have one experience I could share, think you guys might find it interesting. It happened one night, when I smoked weed with my friend. When he left I was anxious, because Marijuana triggers my anxiety, but I was deeply involved in thinking. As I was thinking, I had my eyes closed and there were some white lights moving in front of me. At first I didn't pay attention but later I started to wonder what are those lights, and I started to observe them. And then I saw something unbelievable, those lights were actually my thoughts. When I would think about something, one light would vibrate in front of my eyes. And when I would make an association with something else, another light would arise and click with the light that was already there, and they would both dispensary in darkness. It was like, lets say I was thinking about a friend of mine. While I'm thinking about him, one light vibrates. And then when I make a connection like 'my friend like to watch movies' another light arises while I'm thinking, and touches the light that's already there and they both disappear. Those lights moved parallel with my thoughts, or to say it in more suitable way, they were my thoughts. I could actually see my neurons making connections in my mind. The experience was really crazy, and it raises a lot of questions, like, what is eyesight actually? We already know, from the out of body experiences that we can see without using out eyes. So what exactly sees if not our eyes or our brain. My answer can only be: our consciousness.
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