19.09.2019., četvrtak


Evo je, opet sipa,
Onako topla i lipa.
Probudila me iz sna
I odvela do dna.

Evo me opet pere
Ka poslin nevere.
Probudila me iz sna.
Skoro se utopija...

Dugo san je čeka.
Sto sam beštimji reka.
I pita kad će više,

Sunce mi isušilo sve.
Kišo, natopi me!
Potraj mi danas do tri
A onda odustani!
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  • Annaboni
    Fra Gavun


    As every day goes by
    How can we close our eyes
    Until we open up our hearts
    We can learn to share
    And show how much we care,
    Right from the moment that we start.

    Seems like overnight
    We see the world in a different light
    Somehow our innocence is lost.
    How can we look away,
    Cause every single day,
    We've got to help at any cost

    We can bridge the distance,
    Only we can make the difference
    Don't ya know that tears are not enough
    If we can pull together
    We could change the world forever
    Heaven knows that tears are not enough.

    It's up to me and you
    To make the dream come true,
    It's time to take oue message everywhere.
    C'est l'amour qui nous rassemble,
    D'ici l'autre bout du monde,
    Let's show them Canada still cares
    You know that we'll be there.

    If we should try together you and I
    Maybe we could understand the reason why,
    If we take a stand every woman, child and man,
    We can make it work for god's sake lend a hand...NORTHERN LIGHTS


    The wise man said just walk this way,
    To the dawn of the light.
    The wind will blow into your face,
    As the years pass you by.
    Hear this voice from deep inside,
    It's the call of your heart
    Close your eyes and your will find,
    The passage out of the dark.

    Here I am
    Will you send me an angel,
    Here I am,
    In the land of the morning star.

    The wise man said just find your place,
    In the eye of the storm,
    Seek the roses along the way,
    Just beware of the thorns.

    Here I am
    Will you send me an angel,
    Here I am,
    In the land of the morning star.

    The wise man said just raise your hand,
    And reach out for the spell,
    Find the door to the promised land,
    Just believe in yourself.
    Hear this voice from deep inside,
    It's the call of your heart
    Close your eyes and your will find,
    The way out of the dark...SCORPIONS


    Tonight, do we have to fight again
    Tonight, I just want to go to sleep,
    Turn out the light,
    But you want to carry grudges,
    Oh, nine times out of ten,
    Oh, I see the storm approaching,
    Long before the rain starts falling.

    Tonight, does it have to be the old thing,
    Tonight, it's late, too late,
    To chase the rainbow that you're after
    I'd like to find a compromise,
    Oh, and place it in your hands
    My eyes are blind, my ears can't hear,
    Oh, and I cannot find the time.

    Tonight, just let the curtains close in silence,
    Tonight, why not approach with less defiance,
    The man who'd love to see you smile,
    Who'd love to see you smile, tonight...GEORGE MICHAEL


    See the stars come joining down from the sky,
    Gently passing they kiss your tears when you cry,
    See the wind the summer blow your hair upon your head,
    See the rain, the falling rain, it's great,
    Still I'm sad

    All my sounds my tears just fall into days,
    They are driving the night will find they are lost,
    Now I found the wind is blowing time into my heart,
    When the wind blows hard we are apart,
    Still I'm sad...BONEY M


    I know I never loved this way before,
    And no one else has loved me more,
    With you I've laughed and cried
    I have lived and died
    What I wouldn't do, just to be with you.

    I know I must forget you to go on,
    I can't hold back my tears too long,
    Though life won't be the same,
    I've got to take the blame
    And find the streinght need to let you go

    Just walk away, just say goodbye,
    Don't turn around now, you may see me cry,
    I mustn't fall apart
    Or show my broken heart
    Or the love I feel for you,
    So walk away and close the door,
    And let my life be as it was before,
    I'll never never know,
    Just how I let you go
    There's nothing left to say
    Just walk away...

    There'll never be a moment I'll regret,
    I've loved you since the day we met,
    For all the love you gave
    And all the love we made,
    I know I've got to find the streinght to say...CELINE DION


    People, places,
    Pursuing the chases,
    Our moments were chosen,
    Her senses, explosion.

    Take your pulse and read it well,
    She never said you'd only get one chance,
    Pay your debt and bleed as well,
    You're living in the same circumstances.

    The end of an era,
    Our future no clearer,
    My people no stronger,
    The blame I lay on her,

    Wonderland, wonderland,
    It's beautiful...SIMPLY RED


    Shall I go shall I stay,
    107 light years away,
    Many times, so many doubts,
    But no reason to talk about.

    Mission is over, mission is done,
    I will miss you, children of the sun,
    But it's time to go away,
    Goodbye milky way...

    For a better world without hate,
    Follow your heart, believe in fate,
    Only visions and the mind,
    Will guide you to the light.

    Mission is over, mission is done,
    I will miss you, children of the sun,
    I go home until someday,
    I say goodbye, goodbye milky way...

    In 5 bilions years the Andromeda galaxy will collide with our milky way...
    A new gigantic Cosmic world will be born...ENIGMA


    Turn of the light, take a deep breath and relax...

    Je ne dors plus,
    Je te desire,
    Je veux aller au bout de mes fantasmes,
    Je sais que c'est interdit,
    Je suis folle,
    Je m'abandonne...

    Prends moi,
    Je suis a toi,
    Mea Culpa...

    Je suis la et ailleurs,
    Je n'ai plus rien,
    Je deviens folle,
    Quand tu veux,
    Comme tu veux,
    Mea Culpa...ENIGMA


    May it be an evening star,
    Shines down upon you,
    May it be when darkness falls,
    Your heart will be true.

    You walk a lonely road,
    Oh how far you are from home...

    Darkness has come,
    Believe and you will find your way,
    Darkness has fallen,
    A promise lives within you now.

    May it be the shadows call,
    With fly away,
    May it be you journey on,
    To light the day.

    When the night is overcome,
    You may rise to find the sun...ENYA


    Sometimes I feel I've got you,
    Run away I've got you,
    Get away,
    From the pain that you drive into the heart of me,
    The love we share,
    Seems to go nowhere,
    I've lost my lights,
    I toss and turn I can't sleep an night.

    Once I run to you,
    Now I'll run from you,
    This tainted love you've given,
    I give you all a boy could give you,
    Take my tears and that's not nearly now,
    Tainted love, tainted love...

    Now I know I've got you,
    Run away I've got you,
    Get away,
    You don't really want any more from me,
    To make things right,
    You need someone to hold you tight,
    You think love is to pray,
    I'm sorry I don't pray that way.

    Don't touch me please,
    I cannot stand the way you tease,
    I love you though you hurt me so,
    Now I'm going to pack my things and go,
    Touch me baby, tainted love...
    Touch me baby, tainted love...MARILYN MANSON


    Don't let yourself be hurt this time,
    Don't let yourself be hurt this time...

    Then I saw your face,
    Then I saw your smile,

    The sky is still blue,
    The clouds come and go,
    Yet something is different,
    Are we falling in love?

    Then your kiss so soft,
    Then your touch so warm,

    The stars still shine bright,
    The mountains still high,
    Yet something is different,
    Are we falling in love?

    Falling, falling,
    Are we falling in love...JULEE CRUISE


    Jeanny komm, come on,
    Steh auf, bitte, Du wirst ganz nass,
    Schon spat komm, wir mussen weg hier,
    Raus aus dem Wald, verstehst Du nicht?
    Wo ist Dein Schuh, Du hast ihn verloren,
    Als ich die den Weg zeigen musste,
    Wer hat verloren? Du dich? Ich mich?
    Oder, oder wir uns...

    Jeanny quit livin' on dreams,
    Jeanny life is not what it seems,
    Such a lonely little girl, in a cold, cold world,
    There's someone who needs you,
    Jeanny quit livin' on dreams,
    Jeanny life is not what it seems,
    You're lost in the night, don't wanna strle and fight,
    There's someone who needs you, babe...

    Es ist kalt, wir mussen Weg hier, komm,
    Dein Lippenstift ist verwisht,
    Du hast ihn gekauft, und ich habe es gesehen,
    Zuviel rot auf deinen Lippen und Du hast gesagt:
    Mach mich nicht an...
    Aber Du warst durchschaut, Augen sagen mehr als Worte,
    Du brauchst mich doch, hmh?
    Alle wissen das wir zusamen sind ab heute,
    Jetzt hor ich sie - sie kommen,
    Sie kommen dich zu hollen,
    Sie werden dich nicht finden,
    Niemand wird dich finden, Du bist bei mir...

    Newsflash: In der letzten Monaten ist der Zahl der vermissten Personen dramatisch angestiegen. Die jungste Veroffentlichung der lokalen Polizeibehorde berichtet von einem weiteren tragischen Fall. Es handelt sich um ein neunzehnjariges Madchen das zuletzt vor vierzehn Tagen gesehen wurde. Die Polizei schliesst die Moglichkeit nicht aus, dass es sich hier um ein Verbrechen handelt...FALCO

    COMMING HOME(Jeanny part II)

    One year ago, ein Jahr wie ein Ewigkeit,
    Aber es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick,
    Niemand wollte uns verstehen.
    Du und ich - gegen die Welt,
    Ihr habt uns verurteilt, ihr habt mich verurteilt,
    Aber unsere Zeit ist gekomme,
    Wenn ein Traum Wirklichkeit wird...

    Comming home, I'm comming home,
    Let me show you who I am,
    Let me show you I'm your man,
    I would give anything just to see you again,
    Comming home, I'm comming home,
    Let me show you that I care,
    Let me show you that I share,
    I would give anything to see Jeanny again,
    Comming home...

    Du hast dich verandert, wir haben uns verandert,
    Das Leben ist Veranderung,
    Denkst Du noch an mich, spurst Du es noch?
    Fur immer und immer bist Du bei mir,
    Ich bin sehr nahe, take care, because,
    I'm comming home...

    Denkst Du noch an mich?
    Liebst Du mich noch?
    Wo bist Du?
    Kommst Du wieder?

    Comming home, yeah he's comming home,
    Love will never die,
    Love will never fade away...FALCO

    WHERE ARE YOU NOW(Jeanny part III)

    Day after day, one desperate night after another,
    Searching for you...
    Through ice-cold wind looking for something,
    Anything that might lead me to you,
    But not even a trace, well apart from the one red shoe,
    Ein rotes Schuh, aber wo, wo bist Du,
    Tell me where are you now?

    Where are you now, where are you now babe,
    Where are you now, aber wo, wo bist Du?
    Where are you now, where are you now babe,
    Can't you feel, can't you see...

    This face, dein one could look upon your face,
    And not want to hold you, touch you,
    Caress you, possess you...
    In a few moments from now I will hold you,
    And everything will be allright, come on
    Tell me I'm right...

    Newsflash: In Fall Jeanny, der vor Jahren grosses bundesweites Interesse erregte, gibt es nach Auskunft der Polizei neue Erkenntnisse. Laut Polizeibericht wurde der zweite Schuh des bisher vermissten Madchens gefunden. Die Polizei geht nun davon aus, dass Jeanny noch lebt...

    Jeanny, Jeanny...FALCO


    Sie haben sie gefunden, sie lag einfach so da, als schliefe sie nur,
    Und wurde jeden Moment die Augen offnen.
    Wie ein Engel, mit gebrochenen Flugeln, der nicht mehr fliegen kann.

    Nicht mehr fliegen? Wir fliegen doch, auf einen weissen Wolke, aus Schnee!

    Wolles Sie sich zu der Tat aussern Angeklagter?

    Ich will ihnen ein Geheimnis verraten, Frau Staatsanwalt...
    Ich bin krank und nicht normal, sie liess mich einfach keine Wahl:
    Erst kamm sie mit, dann woll't sie gehn, da ist das einfach so geschehn.
    Ihr Mund war Rot, jetzt ist sie mein.

    Und wer fragt nach Jeanny?
    Und wer fragt nach Jeanny?
    Wieviel Traume bleiben ungetraumt,
    Und wieviel Tranen bleiben ungeweint?

    Herr Profesor, hier spricht die Mutter von Jeanny.
    Der Staatsanwalt hat mir gesagt,
    Ics soll die fragen was geschiet mit dem Kerl,
    Das unser Kind auf dem Gewissen hat?
    Was ist das nur fur ein Mensch?

    Bei F. handelt es sich um ein typischen Trientater.
    Wir haben uns eingehend mit him beschaftigt und sind zu der Uberzeungeng gekommen,
    Das Er zum Zeitpunkt der Tat unzurechnungsfahig und somit schuldunfahig gewesen ist.
    Wir fragen uns, ob das Opfer ihn nicht sogar zu der Tat provoziert hat.

    Und wer fragt nach Jeanny?
    Und wer fragt nach Jeanny?
    Wieviel Traume bleiben ungetraumt,
    Sie kommt nie zuruck...

    Nachrichtensprecher: Und hier noch eine aktuelle Meldung. Im fall des in die Nervenklinik eingelieferten Triebstater F. hat sich in der vergangenen Nacht eine dramatische Wende ergeben. Trotz starker polizeilichter Bewachung ist es der Mutter des Opfers gelungen in einem unbeonachteten Moment zu dem Tater vorzudringen und ihm mit einem Messer erhebliche Verletzungen zuzufugen. F. ist inzwischen ausser Lebensgefahr. Unbestatigten Berichten zufolge soll er vorraussichtlich noch in dieser Woche auf freien Fuss gesetzt werden, da nach Meinungen der Artzte auf Grund seiner Verletzungen die Gefahr einer Wiederholungstat ausgeschlossen werden kann...FALCO


    This is my favorite sad story,
    Forget me not or I'll forget myself.
    I've got quite a few things that I'm afraid of sometimes,
    I just can't face myself...
    This is my favorite sad story,
    Forget me not or I'll forget myself.
    I guess I'll tuck myself away tonight,
    You know it's been one of those days.

    Every pretty flower,
    Every lovely flower,
    Every deadly flower,
    Hides it's light inside of shame.

    I do not know why you don't know,
    I cannot reap what you have sown,
    Beneath this blanket of loose soil,
    Wrapped around my mortal coil.

    Well a steam is not a rose,
    But that's how my garden grows,
    I can't see the forest for the trees,
    Now it's all shot to hell and back again.
    I seek redemption for the same old sins,
    And I fall on my kness,
    And I pray that all the poppies they,
    They will just fade away,
    But fields of poppies they remain,
    That's how they found me last time, dead...

    Irises lay in spring mud,
    Where lovers drown each others sorrows,
    Where lovers dream about tomorrows,
    As for me I drown another kind as,
    Sadness runs course through my veins,
    Posie wreaths they crown me,
    My heart, my heart,
    I should just fade away, fade away,
    Like a flower...

    You can have my absence of faith,
    You can have my everything...ROZZ WILLIAMS


    Unheilvolle Verheeissungen ziehen wie dunkle Wolken ubers Land, des Propheten Weisssagung, wie ein Schatten uber seiner rechten Hand bedrohlich Einzug halt, zu vernichten unsere Welt...

    Deine Welt, deine Welt,
    Das ist deine, deine Welt...

    Sie dich vor, dein Handeln, dein Denken,
    Wird unsere Erde im Chaos versenken,
    Sie werden kommen, die Zeichen der Natur,
    Uns zu verkunden, einen prophetischen Schwur.
    Wenn sich der Himmel am Tage verdunkelt,
    Die letzten Vogel zum horizont fliegen
    Wenn Sturme und Flugkatastrophen
    Wutend uber das Land hinwegziehen,
    Da hat der Erden Rache, wie Feuer und Glut,
    Luft wird zu Asche und Wasser zu Blut,
    Denk nach bevor Du ihr Urteil fallst,
    Sie gehort nicht dir, doch sie ist deine Welt.

    Und ihre Rache wird furchterlich sein,
    Das Land uberfluten und Feuer spein,
    Die Prophezeiung wird wahrheit werden,
    Die grosste aller Apokalypsen gennant,
    Sie wird kommen, Armageddon gennant,
    Der Welt zum Schutz vor der Menscheit entstand,
    Denk nach bevor Du ihr Urteil fallst,
    Sie gehort nicht dir, doch sie ist deine Welt.

    Deine Welt, deine Welt,
    Das ist deine, deine Welt...E NOMINE


    Es gibt kein Weg zuruck...

    Weist Du noch wies war,
    Kinderzeit, wunderbar,
    Die Welt ist bunt und schon.
    Bis Du irgenndwan begreifst,
    Dass nicht jeder Abschied heisst,
    Es gibt auch ein Wiederseh'n.

    Immer vorwarts, Schritt um Schritt,
    Es gibt kein Weg zuruck,
    Was jetzt ist wird nie mehr ungescheh'n,
    Die Zeit lauft uns davon,
    Was getan ist, ist getan,
    Was jetzt ist wird nie mehr so gescheh'n.

    Ein Wort zuviel im Zorn gesagt,
    Einen Schritt zu weit nach vorn gewagt,
    Schon ist es vorbei,
    Was auch immer jetzt getan,
    Was ich gesagt, hab ich gesagt,
    Was wie ewig schien, ist schon Vergangenheit.

    Ach und konnt' ich doch nur ein einz'ges Mal,
    Die Uhren ruckwarts dreh'n,
    Denn wie viel von dem was ich heute weiss,
    Hatt' ich lieber nie geseh'n.

    Dein Leben dreht sich nur im Kreis,
    So voll von weggeworfener Zeit,
    Deine Traume schiebst Du endlos von dir her,
    Du willst noch leben irgendwann,
    Doch wenn nicht heute, wann denn dann?
    Denn irgendwann ist auch ein Traum zu lange...WOLFSHEIM


    Your own, personal Jesus,
    Someone to hear your prayers,
    Someone who cares...
    Your own, personal Jesus,
    Someone to hear your prayers,
    Someone who's there...

    Feeling unkown and you're all alone,
    Flesh and bone by the telephone,
    Lift up the receiver I'll make you a believer.
    Take second best, put me to the test,
    Things on your chest, you need to confess,
    I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver.

    Reach out and touch faith...
    Your own, personal Jesus,
    Reach out and touch faith...DEPECHE MODE


    I'm dancing with my loneliness again...

    I'm dancing with my loneliness again,
    Slowly to the music from within.
    I'm dancing with my loneliness again,
    Feeling it can be my only friend.

    And I won't let myself go, it's too near,
    Too near to hear, near to hear.

    I'm dancing with my loneliness inside,
    Knowing there's no place where I can hide.
    Dancing with my loneliness inside,
    There's no other place for me to hide.

    And I won't let myself go, out and cry,
    I wonder why, I wonder why...
    I'm dancing...romancing...


    Ich krieg von dir niemals genug,
    Du bist in jedem Atemzug,
    Alles dreht sich nur um Dich,
    Warum ausgerechnet ich?
    Zahl die Stunden,die Sekunden,
    Doch die Zeit scheint still zu steh'n,
    Hab' mich geschunden, gewunden,
    Lass' mich geh'n...
    Was willst Du noch, willst Du meine tage zahlen,
    Warum must Du mich,
    Mit meiner Sehnzucht qualen,
    Deine Holle, brennt in mir,
    Du bist mein Uberlebenselixier,
    Ich bin zerrissen, wann kommst Du meine Wunden kussen?

    Out of the dark,
    Horst Du die stime die Dir sagt
    Into the light,
    I give up and close my eyes,
    Out of the dark,
    Horst Du die stime die Dir sagt
    Into the light,
    I give up and waste your tears,
    To the night.

    Ich bin bereit, denn es ist Zeit,
    Fur unseren Pakt uber die Ewigkeit,
    Du bist schon da, ganz nah,
    Ich kann dich spuren,
    Lass' mich verfuhren, lass' mich entfuhren,
    Heute Nacht zum letzten Mal,
    Ergeben Deiner Macht,
    Reich mir die Hand,
    Mein Leben, nenn mir den Preis,
    Ich schenk dir gestern, heut' und morgen,
    Dann schliesst sich der Kreis, kein Weg zuruck,
    Das weisse licht kommt naher, Stuck fur Stuck,
    Will mich ergehen...
    Muss ich denn sterben,
    Um zu leben?..FALCO


    Turn around and I will show you something,
    Turn around and you will see,
    Life is like roundabout a kind of LSD.
    Turn around and have faith in all the changes,
    Turn around and you will feel,
    No more age of loneliness,
    You are a part of me...

    Beyond the invisible, the prism of life,
    The child in us, gravity of love,
    Morphing thru time...
    The screen behind the mirror, the voice and the snake,
    Principles of lust, the eyes of truth,
    TNT for the brain...

    Turn around and I will show you something amazing,
    Turn around and you will see,
    Life is like roundabout a kind of LSD.ENIGMA


    Breathing an air,
    Permeated, soaked in darkness,
    Emanating from within,
    Resonating like a scream no one can hear.

    I wear this chaos well.
    Though none should save me,
    Desperation keeps me here,
    My need for innocence,
    The place where I began.

    The abyss becomes me,
    I wear this chaos well.
    And these not words of heresy,
    A venom on my lips, a poison?
    My spirit impurified,
    In everything I choose to say...

    With you I stand in hope,
    That God will save us from ourselves,
    Every cry a wasted moments,
    Until another day is lost.
    Even lands we once called home,
    Lie undiscovered and uncown.
    Only heaven's silence for an answer.
    And did you laughter, did our tears,
    Have some purpose after all?
    Did we toil in vain in hope,
    That wisdom came from what we'd done?
    Even lands we once called home,
    Lie undiscovered and uncown,
    Only heaven's silence for an answer...

    And these not words of heresy,
    A venom on my lips, a poison?
    My spirit impurified,
    In everything I choose to say...
    If I would shed my skin, the layers left,
    But not the lessons learned,
    It would not undo what I have done,
    Or grant forgiveness in some better days...VNV NATION


    I wanted to live on top of a mountain,
    But it's cold and forsaken there without you now,

    I wanted to dive into the ocean of love,
    But I got shipwrecked on the shores of broken dreams.

    For you I sang songs of the nightswan,
    And each line I wrote was a beat of my heart.

    Forever burning on love's funeral pyre:
    Stop breathing now, my bleeding heart,
    For this knife did cut too deep,
    So for the last time I'm trying not to breathe.

    Once there was a fire in the lighthouse of my heart;
    I gave you so much more than just my love,
    And you broke so much more than just a promise.

    Our planet vanished so devastatingly ,
    Amongst the mists of time,
    There was no treasure to be found at Rainbow's End,
    Somewhere behind Andromeda.

    I've been waiting till the end of december,
    But no more will I ride,
    For the winter solstice's child
    Will pass away silently on a midsummer's night.

    So may you come now, my Dead Romantic Angel,
    Serenade Kyrahnean Hymns to me,
    Hold me in your arms,
    Cover me with elder flowers,
    And take me down to my beloved sea.

    I'm so tired, so tremendously tired,
    Please wait for me under the midnight sun,
    Where I will sing and dance again,
    And my laughter will be heard,
    Echoing down the hillside again...

    Oh, how I tired to believe how I loved,
    How I tired to hold on to my dream;
    How I wanted to live - but now I'm going home,
    To a place where love is more,
    Than just a four-letter word,
    And as I kiss the memory of your goodnight,
    I'm begining to see the light...

    Ich liebe dich fur immer...ANTICHRISIS


    If you become the odds,
    Educated in words around the starless nights,
    You write and you are speaking to me,
    Like every word you say can break apart,
    Something real...
    It is handed down
    The father is educated in life,
    Through all the brilliant tarts you like,
    And you have sewn needily,
    I can make any sound,
    I breathe...

    It's the fear that is in you,
    That brings the fear out in me,
    It's the ghost unware of where you might be
    It's the feeling in you,
    That brings the fear out in me,
    It's a ghost I wont wake up,
    The next time I breathe.

    Moving forward on,
    I will educate you in lines around,
    I will break apart stars you are,
    Your solu speaks to me in tones,
    I have never heard,
    This is overly sweet,
    I read and plead...CLAIRE VOYANT


    These are the days of the endless summer,
    These are the days, the time is now,
    There is no past, there's only future,
    There's only here, there's only now.

    Oh your smiling face, your gracious presence,
    The fires of spring are kindling bright,
    Oh the radiant heart and song of glory,
    Crying freedom in the night.

    There are the days by the sparkling river,
    His timely grace and our treasured find,
    This is the love of the one magician,
    Turned the water into wine.

    There are the days of the endless dancing,
    And the long walks on the summer night,
    These are the days of the true romancing,
    When I'm holding you oh, so tight.

    These are the days now that we must savour,
    And we must enjoy as we can,
    These are the days that will last forever...VAN MORRISON


    Sometimes I get to feelin'
    I was back in the old days, long ago,
    When we were kids, when we were young,
    Thing seemed so perfect, you know,
    The days were endless we were crazy we were young,
    The sun was always shinin', I just don't know,
    The rest of my life's been just a show.

    Those are the days of our lives,
    The bad things in life were so few,
    Those days are all gone now but one thing is true,
    When I look and I find I still love you.

    You can't turn back the clock, you can't back the tide,
    Ain't that a shame,
    I'd like to go back one time on a roller coaster ride,
    When life was just a game.
    No use in sitting and thinkin' on what you did,
    When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids,
    Sometimes it seems like lately, I just don't know,
    Better sit back and go with the flow.

    Cos those are the days of our lives,
    They've flown in the swiftness of time,
    These days are all gone now but some things remain,
    When I look and I find, no change.

    Those are the days of our lives, yeah,
    The bad things in life were so few,
    Those days are all gone but one things still true,
    When I look and I find, I still love you,
    I still love you...QUEEN


    The things you do,
    Aren't good for my health,
    The moves you make,
    You make for yourself.
    The means you use,
    Aren't meant to confuse,
    Although they do,
    They're the ones that I would choose.

    And I wouldn't want in any other way,
    You wouldn't let me anyway.

    Dangerous, the way you leave me wanting more,
    Dangerous, that's what I want you for,
    Dangerous, when I am in your arms,
    Dangerous, know I will come to harm.

    The lies you tell,
    Aren't meant to deceive,
    They're not there,
    For me to believe,
    I've heard,
    Your vicious words,
    You know by now,
    It takes a lot to see me hurt.

    And I couldn't take it any other way,
    But there's price I have to pay...DEPECHE MODE


    Time, changer of seasons, time will see another flower growing,
    Climb over the mountains, there you'll find warm winds blowing.

    Somewhere in the world, there is a peace of mind,
    Somewhere in the world, that's what I must find,
    Somewhere in the world, there's a place for me in this world...

    I cannot believe it, everywhere I see lonely faces,
    Why have we no answers, just some more empty places?..BONEY M


    I feel you...

    I feel you, in every stone,
    In every leaf of every tree,
    You're ever grown...
    (That you ever might have grown.)

    I feel you, in every think,
    In every river that might flow,
    In every seed you might have sown.

    Ifeel you...

    I feel you, in every vein,
    In every breatin' of my heart,
    Each breath I take.
    (In every breath I'll ever take.)

    I feel you, anyway,
    In every tear that I might shed,
    In every word I've never said.

    I feel you...SCHILLER & HEPPNER


    Don't come after,

    Please don't follow me along,
    When you read this I'll be gone.

    Ask the mountains,
    Springs and fountains,
    Why couldn't this go on?
    Couldn't our happiness go on?
    Ask the sun that lightens up the sky,
    When the night gives in, to tell you why...

    Ask the mountains,
    Wild woods, highlands,
    Ask the green in the woods and the trees,
    The cold breeze comming in from the sea.

    Springs and fountains, ask the mountains...VANGELIS


    When I fall in love it will be forever,
    Or I'll never fall in love,
    In a restless world like this is,
    Love is ended before it's begun,
    And too many moonlight kisses,
    Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun.

    When I give my heart it well be completely,
    Or I'll never give my heart,
    And the moment I can feel it
    That you feel that way too,
    Is when I fall in love with you...RICK ASTLEY


    How long have you be free,
    In this world of hate and greed,
    Is it black or is it white,
    Let's find another compromise.
    And our future standing still
    We're dancing in the spotlights,
    Where's the leader who leads me,
    I'm still waiting, leaving home,

    And God is on your side
    Dividing sparrows from the Nightingales,
    Watching all the time
    Dividing water from the burning fire...

    Leave a light on is the night for me,
    That I can find you, remember when we both were,
    Young and reckless and so curious,
    Now you're hiding from your child...
    A new day's dawning, remember,
    That you felt a life sometimes.

    And God is on your side,
    Dividing cruetly from tender mask,
    Watching all the time
    Dividing fiction from reality.

    Move in circles walk on lines,
    No humans being in sight,
    Calm the winds and calm the seas,
    Let's try another kind of peace,
    Who fights this holy civil war,
    A million man in uniform,
    Wo ist der Fuhrer der mich fuhrt,
    Ich warte immer noch, leaving home,

    And God is on your side,
    Dividing presence for the history,
    Watching all the time,
    Dividing death man from the listening once.

    And God is on your side,
    Dividing soldiers from the fisherman,
    Watching all the time,
    Dividing warships from the faityboats...MARK OH & JOHN DAVIES


    It won't be easy, you'll think it strange,
    When I try to explain how I feel,
    That I still need your love,
    After all that I've done.
    You won't believe me, all you will see is a girl,
    You once knew, althrough she's dressed up,
    To the ninnes at sixes and sevens with you.

    I had to let it happend, I had to change,
    Couldn't stay all my life down at heel,
    Looking out of the window,
    Staying out of the sun.
    So I choose freedom, running around trying,
    Everything new but nothing impressed me at all,
    I never expected it too...

    Don't cry for me Argentina,
    The truth is I never left you,
    All through my wild days, my mad existence,
    I keep my promise...

    Don't keep your distance and as for fortune,
    And as for fame I never invited them in,
    Through it seemed to the world,
    They were all I desired, they are illusions,
    They are not a solutions, they promised to be.
    The answer was here all the time,

    I love you and hope you love me.

    Have I said too much?
    There's nothing more I can think of to say to you,
    But all you have to do is look at me,
    To know that every word is true...
    I kept my promise,
    Don't keep your distance...SINEAD O'CONNOR


    If you take me straight to heaven,
    I could never fall.
    'Cos loving you is what I'm made for,
    I'd gladly give me all and all.
    It doesn't matter where I am,
    As long as I'm with you,
    You can take me high above,
    Whatever I've been dreaming on...

    In all the right places, it's feeling so good,
    In all the right places, just like it should,
    And I swear I love you...

    If we're dancing all alone,
    Or in a crowded room,
    When you wrap your arms around me,
    You can always send me to the moon.
    Wenn we kiss our sugar kisses,
    And the music starts to play,
    We've got love, we've got each other,
    And we've going all the way...

    Find time's never wasted, when it's ours to kill,
    I know in all the right places, you're touching me still,
    And I swear I love you...LISA STANSFIELD


    Here comes the rain again,
    Falling on my head like a memory,
    Falling on my head like a new emotion.
    I want to walk in the open wind,
    I want to talk like lovers do,
    I want to dive into your ocean,
    Is it raining with you.

    So baby talk to me, like lovers do,
    Walk with me, like lovers do,
    Talk to me, like lovers do...

    Here comes the rain again,
    Raining in my head like a tragedy,
    Tearing me apart like a new emotion.
    I want to breathe in the open wind,
    I want to kiss like lovers do,
    I want to dive into your ocean,
    Is it raining with you...EURYTHMICS


    OK everybody, lie down on the floor and keep care...

    This is what KLF is about,
    Also knows as the Justified Ancients of MuMu,
    Furthermore known as the JAMs...

    All aboard all aboard woh-oh (woo-woo)
    Come on boy do you wanna ride,
    All aboard all aboard woh-oh (woo-woo)
    Last train to trancentral.

    Backman rock and King Boy D,
    On the last train to trancentral,
    The Justified Ancients of MuMu.

    Back with the heavyweight,
    KLF communications...
    Over and out...THE KLF


    Where do I go, when part of me is dying?
    Somewhere they're baking new bread
    There's peace of my life.
    I'll be the rain and you'll be heaven crying
    And my eyes will be filled with flowers,
    Upon the snowfields of white.

    And we will learn to walk together,
    Oh hand in hand, we'll walk together,

    Waiting for you, I'll drink a glass of wine,
    My heart will explode again,
    And we'll be largen than life.
    Time in the distance, will bring me to your side,
    From high up in heaven, diamante,
    We'll see peace with our eyes.

    We'll see them walking, the brides and soldiers,
    Dancing the dark, they melt together,
    Against the twilight.
    And all together we'll lift our voices,
    Singing the time, to play at soldiers,
    Is gone forever, Domenica...

    Fai piano i bimbi grandi non piangono...
    Delmo, Delmo vin a' ca...ZUCCHERO & RANDY CRAWFORD


    I feel I'm fallin' apart 'cos I know I lost my guardian angel.
    A fleetin' glimpse of your heart losin' right from the start,
    No' things will never be the same.

    Try to find the words that show I sympathise words of comfort.
    Words that never criticise though I now you simply laughin' at me.
    I just can't stop an' simply let it be,
    Where are all those feelin's of my yesterdays,
    Feelin's now I have bring back those bad ole ways,
    Though I know you wanna turn an' blow,
    I just can't stop an' simply let you go.

    Let me see your smile once more that special way warm as summer,
    On a chilly winnter's day, though I know you're simply laughin' at me,
    I just can't stop an simply let it be...MASQUARADE