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Kylie at the Brit Awards 2010!
Kylie je jučer prisustvovala dodjelama nagrada 'Brit Awards'. Za Kylie koja je bila nominirana u posebnoj kategoriji povodom 30 godina održavanja ovih nagrada - i koju nije osvojila - ovo je bila kako je izjavila noć odmora jer nije imala nikakvih obaveza.


Kylie je dala i kratak intervju u kojem je međuostalim govorila i o svom nadolazećem albumu koji izlazi ovog ljeta. Intervju možete pogledati na playeru ispod:

Kylie Minogue showed up at London's Brit awards in cocktail black to support fellow artists.

Minogue, who spoke before the show, was particularly vocal about Robbie Williams, with whom she recorded the 2000 duet Kids. Williams took the Outstanding Contribution To Music award.

Said Minogue: 'He is made for this award and he's made to be part of the nation's lives and it's nice to have him back because he was away for so long.'

Minogue chatted in a relaxed fashion to the UK Sun outside the show, saying she was very excited to be in the running – not nominated – for the best British performance for the past 30 years. 'It's very exciting and to be a contender. It was a really special night for me back in 2002 and I've had lots of great Brits experiences from just attending to presenting awards. But this year is kind of like a night off, I just get to watch the show.'

Speaking again of Williams, she said: 'He must be absolutely chuffed. I mean he absolutely deserves it because he's got such a place in everyone's hearts and musically in their lives. So yeah, I'm very pleased for him.'

Minogue recalled stealing the show in 2002, when she performed I Can't Get You Out of My Head, and took home a handful of awards. 'It was a very special night for me. It would be great [to win again]. I don't have a life at the moment. I'm basically in the studio right now. I've past the halfway mark now. My album will be out this summer and it's just started to get really exciting.'

When asked about her sister Dannii Minogue's approaching motherhood, she was also typically generous. She said: 'An aunty for the third time. It's so exciting. Really. I know she's just come back from South Africa where she's been working. And I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that baby bump.'

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New TOUS promo pics | Kylie at 'Single Man' premiere

Nove promo slike za TOUS. Za slike je kao i za prošlu promidžbenu kampanju zaslužna Ellen Von Unwerth.


thanks to kylaco

Kylie at 'A Single Man' premiere

Kylie Minogue attends the 'A Single Man' Paris premiere at Cinema UGC Normandie on February 9, 2010 in Paris, France.

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'New' leaks!

Danas su na internetu procurile tri demo pjesme snimljene za Kylien album 'X'. Pjesme 'Extraordinary Day (Taprobane)', 'Come Down' i 'My Love Is Real' možete poslušati na playerima ispod:

Extraordinary Day

Come Down

My Love Is Real

Za više informacija o demoima i download posjetite forum - kylie.go-forum.net!

Kylie Minogue Croatian forum
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Listen: Helping Haiti • Everybody Hurts • Charity Relief Single
Na Veliko Britanskim radio stanicama danas je premijerno pušten dobrotvorni singl za Haiti.

(Kylie u studiu tijekom snimanja svog dijela za pjesmu)

Na obradi pjesme 'Everybody Hurts' sudjelovalo je više od 20 poznatih pjevača i pjevačica, koji su redosljedom pjevanja; Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Mika, Michael Buble, X Factor pobjednik Joe McElderry, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jon Bon Jovi, James Morrison, Alexandra Burke, Susan Boyle, Aston Merrygold i Marvin Humes iz JLS, Westlife članovi Shane Filan i Mark Feehily, Kylie Minogue i Robbie Williams.

Download singl biti će pušten u prodaju 7.veljače, dok će CD singl dan kasnije, 8.veljače 2010.g.

Prihodi od singla biti će podijeljeni 50/50 između DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) i The Sun-ovog 'Helping Haiti' fonda.


- Amazon
- Play
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