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Kylie & Demi Moore in Paris!
Kylie i Demi Moore prije nekoliko dana uslikane su zajedno ispred jednog Pariškog restorana.

Kylie - koja je dosta vremena provela u Parizu i sada priča Francuski i posjećuje Pariz redovito - je navodno svojoj "novoj prijateljici" pokazivala Pariz.


Kylie Minogue shows new friend Demi Moore the sights of Paris

Kylie Minogue spent three years falling in love with Paris and in particular the Frenchman she had hoped to marry, Olivier Martinez.

The Australian singer, now 41, speaks French and makes regular visits.

So who better to show Demi Moore around the sights of the City of Lights?

In France to launch her advertising campaign as the face of the new Helena Rubenstein fragrance Wanted, the Ghost star enlisted Kylie's help for some local advice on the city's restaurants.

The two women were spotted in black and gold outfits and killer heels as they dined at the new Coste restaurant in the St Germain district of Paris.

They were also joined by Demi's youngest daughters Scout, 17, and Tallulah Belle, 15.

It isn't known how long they have been friendly, but they appear to have plenty to talk about after dining together twice in three days.

On Monday night, Kylie joined Demi, 46, and her daughters at celebrity favourite Le Stresa.


petak, 26.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (9) • # ~ TOP.

Kylie going back to India in August to promote "Blue"!
Kako pišu Indijsku mediji Kylie će u kolovozu ponovno otputovati u Mumbai, i to kako bi promovirala glazbu Bollywoodskog filma "Blue" za koji je snimila dvije pjesme!

Redatelj filma Tony D’Cruz koji je nedavno večerao s Kylie u jednom Londonskom restoranu je potvrdio kako će Kylie ponovno doći u Mumbai povodom izdavanja glazbe filma te kako se sada još samo detalji razrađuju!

Više o tome što je redatelj izjavio pročitajte u orginalnom članku dolje!

Kako je već poznato, Kylie je snimila dvije pjesme za film koji izlazi u listopadu koje je producirao dvostruki dobitnik Oscara, A.R. Rahman, radi se o jednoj solo pjesmi i duetu sa Sonu Nigamom. Također Kylie je snimila i promotivni video za jednu od pjesama te također ima nekoliko malih scena u filmu!

Kylie will be back!

It looks like Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue’s rishta with India refuses to be terminated. If you thought you had enough of Kylie when

Kylie, who has fallen in love with all things Indian, returns in August. Apparently, she wants to explore the Bollywood market further.

On 12 June, she was seen having a cosy dinner with her Blue director Tony D’Cruz at an Italian restaurant in London called La Estella. The two have apparently become life-long friends and are in constant touch with one another.

Surprisingly Tony doesn’t deny the dinner rendezvous. “Yes, Kylie and I did have dinner together. I was on the way back from South Africa after watching an IPL match when I stopped in London to do Kylie’s dubbing in Blue. She invited me for dinner at this wonderful cosy restaurant. Her mother and manager were also there. Kylie is a truly wonderful and genuine person.”

Apparently, Tony has been invited to Kylie’s forthcoming wedding. But he isn’t telling.

But the diffident director confirms Kylie will be back in India in August. “We’re getting her down to Mumbai again for the music release of Blue. After all she has not only acted she has also sung in Blue. The details are now being worked out.”

While in India, Kylie will supposedly finalize a few other entertainment-oriented deals.

Tony says he wouldn’t mind working with Kylie at all. He has cast John Abraham and Sonal Chauhan (of Jannat) in his next project. “Where I go from here depends on how Blue performs when it’s released in October.”


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Kylie - Always & Forever (Night and Day theme - full version)
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Album news update...

Kylie Mingoue X promo

Po medijima su počele kružiti glasine ali i čini se i neke potvrđene stvari u vezi Kylienog 11. studijskog albuma čiji izlazak se očekuje početkom sljedeće godine!

Andy Chatterley, (koji je već radio za Kylie, točnije remix singla "I Believe In You" (kao Skylark)) na svojoj je stranici potvrdio da radi s Kylie i kako piše, da je jedan od tekstopisaca i producent Kylienog nadolazećeg singla!

Naime već je sa Nerinom Pallot napisao i producirao pjesmu nazvanu "Better Than Today" (akustična like verzija by Nerina Pallot - listen), dok na drugim pjesmama piše zadjeno s Kylie i Nerinom. Na njegovoj stranici uz 'Better Than Today', naveden je i još jedan naziv nove Kyliene pjesme koju je on producirao, 'Put Your Hands Up'.

S druge strane, uvijek "pouzdani" tabloid 'The Sun' piše kako će Kylie ponovno surađivati sa producentskim timom Xenomania, dok su 'Better Than Today' opisali kao "odličnu Scissor Sisters-stil pjesmu".

Prijašnji Kylien rad s Xenomaniom: Giving You Up (UK#6), Made Of Glass i neobjavljena ali procurena pjesma Lovin' You.

Andy Chatterley (a UK producer/composer/songwriter) is currently cowriting and producing brand new tunes for Kylie's next record!

He already cowrote and produced for Kylie a song titled "Better Than Today",
(a song he composed with Nerina Pallot) and is working on further tracks with Nerina and Kylie herself!


Andy already worked for Kylie, in the past, when he remixed "I Believe In You"
as Skylark!

Kylie Minogue back with Xenomania?

Kylie Minogue is apparently collaborating with Xenomania, the writing duo behind Girls Aloud's string of hits.

The girl band have racked up 20 consecutive top ten singles with the help of producers Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper, known as Xenomania, and now Kylie is hoping they can work their magic on her new album, according to the Sun.

Kylie and Xenomania worked on her 2005 single Giving You Up, which got to No 6 in the charts and she is now hoping they can help her produce a triumphant come-back album to follow up her last record X.

'The Press Association'

utorak, 23.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (7) • # ~ TOP.

TOUS promo...
LONDON - Luxury goods retailer Tous has partnered with CBS Outdoor to wrap two London buses in ads featuring Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Mingoue TOUS, London, bus

The summer campaign goes will run for 12 weeks. The vinyl-wrapped buses are promoting awareness of the brand.
Tous is targeting an ABC1 audience and hopes to drive footfall to the retailer's flagship Regents Street and Westfield London stores.
The campaign was booked through Carat International.

TOUS promo posters in New York

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Kylie at 'Priscilla Queen Of The Desert' musical!

Kylie je zajedno sa svojom sestrom Dannii ovog vikenda posjetila Londonsku premijeru mjuzikla "Priscilla Queen Of The Desert".

U mjuziklu koji sadrži dosta Kylie referenci kao i nekoliko Kylienih pjesama glumi i Kylien bivši kolega i dečko Jason Donovan.


Friends reunited: Kylie and Jason meet up at 'Priscilla' premiere

More than 20 years after a curly-haired female mechanic and a good-looking trainee reporter fell in love on Aussie soap Neighbours, the actors behind their characters, who were an item in real life too, were reunited.

Kylie Minogue made a gesture of support for her former screen colleague and ex Jason Donovan by going along to watch him in a West End musical.

The singer also took along her sister Dannii and their mother Carol to see Jason play a drag queen in The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert.

Afterwards the pop princess went backstage to chat with Jason and all the cast. The pair embraced warmly as she congratulated her friend on his performance.

Watching Priscilla would have given Kylie an ego boost as well since the production pays homage to her in its script and even includes her 1994 hit Confide In Me in the climax of its second act.

ponedjeljak, 15.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (5) • # ~ TOP.

Interview for MTV day!
Preview of Kylie's MTV interview, to be shown in full on 02.07.09.!

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Katy Perry said she was surprised at how nice Kylie was!
Pjevačica Katy Parry nedavno je u intervjuu pričala o tome kako je susrela Kylie na dodjelama nagrada 'Glamour Women of the Year'!

Katy Perry Singer Katy Perry said she was surprised at how nice Kylie Minogue was as she thought she was going to be a b***h.

Katy, 24, bumped into the Aussie singer, 41, at the recent Glamour Women of the Year awards.

She said: “I was fully expecting Kylie to be a b***h, she’s been in the industry like forever and must be so bored of meeting people like me.

“But she was great, not fake at all. I’ve got a really strong sense now of whether or not people are being genuine, I call it my fake radar.”

petak, 12.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (4) • # ~ TOP.

Vote for Kylie / Magazine scans
Vote for Kylie as the 'Most elegant woman' of the month on hellomagazine.com here!

'Hello' magazine scans

cover_8.jpg (1.3 MB) contents_page.jpg (2.6 MB) 1_76.jpg (1.9 MB) 2_30.jpg (2.0 MB) 3_16.jpg (2.2 MB)

'Who' magazine (AU)

1_27.jpg (2.0 MB) 2_18.jpg (960 KB)
Thanks to oceanbluespiral (SH)

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Kylie live in Poland! [Videos]
Na Poljskoj televiziji prikazn je dio nastupa na velikom koncertu nazvanom "It Began In Poland" gdje je Kylie nastupila prošlog tjedna kao glavna zvijezda. (prošli post)

Od Kylienog nastupa prikazane su samo tri pjesme, 'Wow', 'Kids' i 'Love At First Sight' čije nastupe možete pogledati na playerima ispod a skinuti na forumu! Postoji mogućnost da će se tijekom sljedećih tjedana prikazati i ostali nastupi!

Follow Kylie's backing singer Dawn Joseph at their show in...

Snimke iza scene sa posljednja 3 Kyliena nastupa koje je snimila Kyliena pomoćna pjevačica Dawn Joseph:

Kylie in Poland 04.06.09.

Kylie in Cannes 22.05.09.

Kylie in Morocco 15.05.09.

HQ videa nastupa iz Poljske možete skinuti na forumu...

Kylie Minogue Croatian forum
ponedjeljak, 08.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (7) • # ~ TOP.


Fanovi iz Poljske prekjučer su po prvi put mogli iskusiti fantastičnu Kylie uživo na posebnom koncertu koji je bio dio velikog slavlja, 20. godišnjice prvih djelomično slobodnih izbora u Poljskoj nakon Drugoga svjetskog rata.

Koncert, nazvan "It Began In Poland", održao se u obnovljenom brodogradilištu u Gdansku koji je postao internacionalno poznat kao osnivačko mjesto pokreta Solidarnosti koji je došao do pobjede u 1989. i vodio put pada komunizma u Europi.

Kylie je nastupila ispred više od 80.000 ljudi te je izvela hitove iz skoro svake ere njezine duge karijere. Uz Kylie kao glavnu zvijezdu, na koncertu su prije nje nastupili Scorpionsi te razni Poljski bendovi!


Polish fans got to experience the magic of Kylie live in concert for the very first time last night when she performed a special show as part of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Poland's historic elections.

The concert, entitled 'It Began In Poland', took place in the renowned Gdansk Shipyard which gained international fame as the founding home of the Solidarity movement which swept to victory in 1989 and paved the way to the fall of communism in eastern Europe in 1989.

Kylie whipped the 80,000 strong crowd into a frenzy with a barrage of hits from every era of her amazing career and looked stunning in some of her most striking costumes to date. Kylie sent us an exclusive snap taking during rehearsals to share with you!



Koga zanima može pogledati nekoliko videa snimljena iz publike ok kvalitete, više na youtube!

Spinning Around

On A Night Like This


Can't Get You Out Of My Head



Više slika, videa sa koncerta i dr. na forumu...

Kylie Minogue Croatian forum
subota, 06.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (1) • # ~ TOP.

Kylie 'to work with Paula Abdul on album'???

Kylie Minogue will work with Paula Abdul on her next studio album, it has been claimed.

Minogue has reportedly been offered a number of songs by the American Idol judge, who penned her previous chart-topper 'Spinning Around'.

"Kylie will be in the US on a mini tour at the end of the summer and she hopes to record some new music with American friends around those dates," a source told the Daily Star.

"Paula has just completed her first new album in a while and has bags of songs left. The ideal thing would be to try to repeat the success of 'Spinning Around'."

The 41-year-old, who released her last record X in 2007, insisted that she intends to stick with a "pop dance" style.

"I'd love to find a slightly new style, something that's the next step for me," she said.

"I kind of have an idea but I can't really tell you. I'm working on it."


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New "On The Up" remix by Johnny Douglas
Na MySpace stranici Johnnya Douglasa postavljen je novi remix neobjavljene ali već ranije procurene pjesme "On The Up".

'On The Up' je Kylie zajedno sa Johnny Douglasom i Karen Pool napisala 2003.g. za vrijeme snimanja Body Language albuma ali nikad nije službeno izdana a procurila je krajem 2006. godine.

Remix možete poslušati na MySpace stranici a skinuti na forumu...

Kylie Minogue Croatian forum
petak, 05.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (1) • # ~ TOP.

Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2009

Kylie je sinoć 'ukrala' show na dodjelama 'Glamour Woman of the Year' nagrada gdje je pokupila dvije nagrade uključujući najveću, onu za ženu godine!

Uz nagradu za ženu godine koju joj je uručio vozač Formule 1, Jenson Button Kylie je dobila i nagradu za poduzetnicu godine!


Still spinning around from her romantic 41st birthday trip to Rome with Spanish boyfriend Andres Velencoso last week, Kylie Minogue had another treat in store for her in London. The pop dynamo was the big news at a magazine awards ceremony, where she was presented with two gongs – woman of the year and entrepreneur of the year.

The topic Kylie – on divinely sexy form in an LBD and feathered wrap - was really keen to focus on, though, was her Italian holiday.

"My birthday holiday was divine, absolutely wonderful," she enthused. "I got really spoilt, a girl should get spoilt. I'm really very happy at the moment."

The diva also spilled the beans on the progress of her Spanish lessons, saying: "I'm not doing too badly… but I'm not going to embarrass myself by practising here."

Glamour Woman of the Year Awards 2009 - The winners:
Presenter of the Year - Alexa Chung
Film Actress of the Year – Amanda Seyfried
UK Solo Artist if the Year – Adele
Comedy Actress of the Year – Becki Newton
TV Personality of the Year – Cheryl Cole
Radio Personality of the Year – Fearne Cotton
Fashion Designer of the Year – Frida Giannini
Film-maker of the Year – Sharman Macdonald
Band of the Year – Girls Aloud
Theatre Actress of the Year – Joanna Page
Entrepreneur of the Year – Kylie Minogue
Newcomer of the Year – Katy Perry
Man of the Year – Kanye West
UK TV Actress of the Year – Michelle Ryan
Accessory Designer of the Year – Samantha Cameron
Writer of the Year – Sophie Kinsella
Woman of the Year – Kylie Minogue


Više slika, videa sa događaja i dr. na forumu...

Kylie Minogue Croatian forum
srijeda, 03.06.2009. • KOMENTARI • (2) • # ~ TOP.

Candids update
Kylie celebrated her 41st birthday with boyfriend, Spanish model Andres Velencoso, and some friends with dinner at Le Jardin de Russie in Rome over the weekend (May 29).


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Kylie and Andres in Rome 27/05/09


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Kylie in London, 02/06/09


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Casey Spooner talks about Kylie colaboration
Casey Spooner, član Fischerspooner dua, poznatog po "Come Into My World" remixu nedavno je u intervju za 'QueenSighted' govorio o suradnji s Kylie tj. zajedničkom nastupu na TOTP.

QS: Talking about collaborations, you've also remixed Kylie's 'Come Into My World' - which she is still performing on tour.

CS: Is she? Nice.

QS: So how was that?

CS: That was all Warren. He did the remix and I didn't even hear the song until it was released. But I was really pleased with the result. It's also great that she immediately wanted to use that remix instead of the album version. That was a very nice compliment.

QS: Would you like to work with her again? Maybe do a duet?

CS: Yeah, sure. The only thing I did with her so far, the Top of The Pops performance, was very strange because there was nothing there for me to do. They told me, Kylie wants you to perform the remix of Come Into My World on Top of The Pops and I was like, to do what? I'm not in the song. They then added the phrase Aha that's right to the song. That's the only thing I got. The thing that really annoyed me about the Top of The Pops performance though is that they missed a crucial part of the performance on camera. I asked NME what I should do when I performed with Kylie and they said to slap her ass. So I spoke to the choreographer and mentioned my request. I said I just wanted to slap Kylie's ass on Top of The Pops. We wrote into the whole piece that I would rip her dress of her, that she turns around and I smack her on the ass. I still can't believe the cameraman missed it. If you watch the performance you can see the start and then the slap must have been in between camera angles. It must have been cut out because it disappeared just like that. And just two weeks later, there was the Brits performance with Justin (Timberlake). He slapped her ass on camera and I was like fucking asshole, I already did that and they cut it out. Kylie was sweet, she was great but she is a lesson in how I did not want to be famous. She did 3 television tapings, learned the choreography and rehearsed in one day after flying in from Australia just the day before. She is like superhuman. I didn't want to do that. It's a cruel and unusual punishment.

Kylie and Casey performing on Top of The Pops:

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