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This is a (virtual) book about music of Pet Shop Boys, but also some other things.

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I must admit that I find out PSB later, when their song "Always on My Mind" was often on the radio. Very popular song, fantastic. Then I heard their great song "It's a sin" and "Heart" which was interesting because the video that was filmed not far from Zagreb, in Mokrice.

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2. A lonely boy

"I was a lonely boy, no strength, no joy
In a world of my own at the back of the garden "
(Pet Shop Boys- Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "Left to my own devices")

At that time growing up some strange people were around me and indeed I had no friends. Music of PSB was my joy. The album "Introspective" was "my friend", and then I got the "Actually" and "Please". All the songs I liked and listened, I was thinking about it, read PSB interviews.

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3. Behaviour

More years have passed since the album "Introspective" and I did not know when PSB will create a new album. In the meantime, I liked the album, Liza Minnelli "Results" by the PSB made together with Liza, especially the song "Losing My Mind" and a strong fantastic "Love Pains".
And then, a return of PSB, a new song, new album. In the newspaper I read about it and then on the radio I recorded “So hard“ and listened to it all day, it's nice to listen to a great new song. I watched MTV looking for a great music video "So Hard" in which boys from Newcastle and drink milk and look for girls. I read German magazine BRAVO and POPCORN and I'm looking for anything about PSB.
On the radio I heard "Being boring" and specific "My October Symphony". It was exciting, especially when the "Behaviour" come to the shop. It happened just the day before my birthday which I spent listening to "Behaviour". Very interesting album, specific. The song "This Must Be The place I waited months to leave," and music at the end of the song "Jealosuy". They seemed as if I had heard it before, it was like "deja vu". I love the gentle songs such as King's Cross, "so I liked the song" To Face The Truth"," Jealousy "even more. Also I like " This must be the place I waited months to leave". I must mention the great song" The End of the world".

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4. 14th May 1991 Zagreb

In January 1991. year was really exciting. I heard that the PSB came to Zagreb last appearance in May, 14th May 1991. It was like a dream, of course, that I decided to go on that show. Months and days of exciting waiting. Last two days before the performance was especially exciting on television were the interviews with PSB.
Of course, the most exciting was 14th May1991. Travel and walk to the sports hall of the House ... Ecstasy ...
I went into a hall, came close to the stage, in the first or second row, meter or two from the stage.
Before the performance I spoke with a nice friendly girl. It seemed that she enjoyed the discussion. She concluded that I am a big fan of PSB.
The performance began, I saw a PSB, Neil and Chris and many dancers. The performance began with "This must be the place I waited years to leave", and after it was "It's a sin", two of my favorite songs, the performance was full of effects as well as in the song "It's a sin." Neil kneels and sings the touching lyrics of "It's a sin."
The girl that I mentioned looked at me several times during the songs, as she wondering if I enjoy in the PSB show.
During the song "I'm not scared," Neil showed me (singing the lyrics "If I was you, if I was you, I would not treat me the way you do"). During one of the songs I waved to Chris who has seen it but did not react.
During the song "Suburbia" was particularly lively, and it was interesting to hear live music and "My October simphony" as well as many other songs. Brilliant evening!
So it was good that I keep coming back with nostalgia on that day and asked if I would ever again see the PSB live. Many times after that I dreamed of a new PSB performances (I remember the dream of a performance in Slovenia, but the PSB have never played in Slovenia).
I complained about another thing. After the performance, the crowd of people, lost the girl with whom I spoke thought that I didn't ask for her address.

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5. Writer

"I was faced with a choice at a difficult age
Would I write a book? Or should I take to the stage? "
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "Left to my own devices")

"When you're young, you find inspiration ..."
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "Being boring")

On 18th September 1991, in the school, geography class, I thought that I want to be a writer, write a books. When someone loves music, PSB, which was so inspiring, inspiration comes in many different things.

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6. War

While Croatia has bled in the war Pet Shop Boys and have made a song about war, but war in the Gulf.
This was followed by a fantastic song, "Was it worth it?".
PSB are the last foreign groups that appeared before the war in Croatia. After that a lot of years passed until the next performance in Croatia any foreign group.

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7. Turned over a new leaf

For years I thought about the song "It's a sin" and things "were not good in my life“. End of 1992. I watched the excellent series about Jesus, 8 episodes. Jesus impressed me! Indeed, his words are burning in me. And then I heard a preach of Billy Graham. It was so touching and powerful. All this made me to turn a new leaf, but this time more seriously. I felt a light inside, gift of God. And from that day everything was different and better, peace has entered my life, in my heart. Jesus has changed my life.

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8. Writting a book

I decided to write a book, and in that time, "Go West" in the treatment of PSB was hit on the radio. I recorded that song and listened to it at the time. Even today I remember the song "Go West" when thinking about writing his first book. "Go West" as inspiration, I could say…
It was interesting and exciting books, everything happened quickly. But after I wrote it, I've destroyed all the pages. Paradoxically, I first wanted everyone to read and then changed my mind and decided that nobody reads.

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9. Very

"I would not normally do this kind of thing“ is so gentle and sweet rhythm. "A different point of view" reminded me of the Eurovision song JA SAM ZA PLES ( in translate "I am for dance“) of " NOVI FOSILI“(in translate "The new fossils“, very famous Croatian band). "Young Offender" is so fascinate to me, when I heard the lyrics "I've been a teenager since before you were born," it seemed as if Neil sent directly to me these verses. "Very" is excellent album.

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10. Obligations

The years have passed, Pet Shop Boys made new songs and albums. Finally the tour came at the end of 20th century and beginning 21th century. But, for various reasons or obligations in my life I missed "Nightlife tour“.

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11. Budapest

Interesting, in late of July 2004. year or in early of August 2004. I was thinking to visit Budapest. But I didn't go. Actually, I didn't knew for performance of PSB in Budapest. I found out a few days after performance.

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12. Sopron

"When I went I left from the station
With a haversack and some trepidation "
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "Being boring")

But I didn't miss their next performance in Hungary, Sopron, 8th July 2006.
A week before I bought the ticket in an interesting Hungarian town Nagykanizsa, where there are many beautiful girls who have interesting way of dressing.
On Saturday 8th July 2006. were exciting. After the train ride and conversation with a nice young lady I arrived in Hungary and visited Gyekenes Hungarian city situated along the Croatian border. It was beautiful to observe nature (remember the yellow flowers) while I was riding the train through various places.
I arrived in Sopron, and one girl and a young man who also went to the VOLT FEST explained to me how to arrive to the place of performance.
When I came to the place of performance, to a few meters from the stage, the excitement I felt, this place seemed like paradise to me when I thought that I soon see PSB after more than 15 years.
There was the pretty blonde girl who was also in first row.
Then came a fantastic performance, it's nice to see it again PSB and hear great songs live. In particular, the "Always on My Mind," "Go West" and "It's a sin."
Neil said that he likes to Hungary and will come again next year.
Sopron performance was outdoors (festival).
After the performance I tried to met PSB, as well as a nice blonde girl but some fan who asked me something and then I saw where the blue girl disappeared…
Then I walk through Sopron, beautiful and interesting city. After that I went to the train station where I talked with one fan PSB from Budapest. And then nice sleeping in train from Sopron to Budapest.

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13. Novi Sad

In Hungary more stuff fascinates me, also Hungarian girls working in railway with different uniforms (depending on which area of Hungary).
Budapest, I was only an intermediate stop. However, in Budapest I walked a little and went to church (Sunday morning).
Soon I was on the train to Novi Sad.
Again, beautiful things for see, again yellow flowers.
I arrived in Novi Sad in afternoon 9th July 2006., I tried to find accommodation but it was almost impossible because lost of people came to Novi Sad on EXIT festival. Nice city.
Around 10 p.m., I came to the place of performance, it was easy to find.
I came close to the stage, and the girls behind me were said to have seen nothing from me but not really angry, but was acting normal and I'm sorry we did not talk long. But the performance soon began and there was no time for the story.
Similar or the same as in Hungary. And this performance was open air festival. However, it can not be the same. During "Suburbia," Neil could not resist to play with the words and said "Ok ... .. now Serbia ... Suburbia ...". Neil asked the audience"Having a good time?".
Neil I waved, he replied, and I remembered that such a situation was long ago on performance in Zagreb.
Neil said, "Pet Shop Boys are fantastic!"
He said „thank you (very much) many times.
After the performance I tried to met PSB, I waited at the exit, but unsuccessfully again. There were fans, some said that the PSB stayed in Hotel Park.
PSB in the Park Hotel, and I also park in Novi Sad but lovely park:) ANd then, walk through the city before the morning ... I thought about how much time since the Zagreb performance and how PSB singing some new songs such as "Psychological" "I'm with stupid" (reminds me on "Can you forgive her?"), "Minimal" (reminds me on "No regrets"), "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show" (reminds me on "Always on My Mind" ).

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14. Belgrade

I arrived early morning train to Belgrade 10.7.2006. years, was soon in a hotel where I slept all afternoon.
In the evening I met with interesting girl Marina in Belgrade that I have met on the Internet. When I told her that there is a chance to meet with some girls who have also met asked, "You come because of girls or because of PSB?.
We went to Kalemegdan, and while we walked around the city I thought that someone mentioned the PSB. The next day on the Internet at the official site I read that the PSB's own Neil 52nd birthday spent sightseeing Belgrade and then traveled to London.
I also read that the delayed appearance by the PSB should have in Skopje 11th July 2006.

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15. Girl from Breclav

Exactly one month after the show should be in Skopje, 11th August 2006. was followed by a performance in Prague in the Czech Republic is also part of the festival.
I went to the Czech Republic so I first went by bus to Vienna, then train. First, to the extent that is Vienna-Breclav, the ride was quite pleasant. I must mention that man should be very careful, full of trains that arrive quickly and should be away from the tracks.
When I came to Breclav, I saw a nice blue policewoman but soon disappeared.
Buying a ticket for the train (Breclav-Prague-Breclav) I stood in line and the first words I heard were "A je to" (as in cartoons). I bought a ticket, some things in connection with this we were not clear so I asked the nice young girl that I noticed in the waiting room.
First she said that she spoke little English, but her English is very well.
Then she went to his train, and I again asked her something about the ticket and I said "You are very Beautiful, May I photograph you?". She said „Yes“:). Then I made a photo. And later I was sorry that I did not ask her phone number or e-mail address.
The train is also very interesting, I spoke with a charming girl waitress. A pleasant ride to Prague.
The waitress told me that the place of performance from the main train station is only 5 minutes walking.
When I arrived in Prague, I saw a rainy afternoon but luckily it was just a temporary.
In the evening I went to the place of performance, I came across two young girl Russians who went to watch a fountain or something.
When I came to the place of performance, I noticed that the atmosphere is similar to the other festivals (Sopron, Novi Sad).
The performance was similar to the one in Sopron. Neil said that they were pleased to have again in the Czech Republic, to love all the fans. I was close to Chris, as opposed to him. In particular we stayed in your memory when Neil in the song "It's a Sin" came close to that place and sang lyrics like "Iii 've always been the ones to blame." "It's a sin" is my favorite song, but on stage I love the most, "Always on My Mind" and when Neil euphoric yells "Oh, yeah."
Again I didn't met PSB. They just dissapear after performance.
I wondered if I see PSB ever again, but soon came the great performances in the town square in Skopje (09th July.2006.), And Poland (10th September2006).

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16. Edinburgh

I was thinking to go or not go. I didn't go and the show was canceled because of storms in Scotland.

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17. 14th May 2007. Munchen

I waited when FUNDAMENATAL Tour in European cities, and it happened in spring of 2007.
Interestingly acted BALTIC TOUR (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) but still I focused on the German tour. Especially interesting to me was Munich, where performance was 14th May 2007., exactly 16 years after performance in Zagreb (1991. year).
I was worried when I heard that Hall receives only about 6000 people, a friend was surprised when she heard that I should go to Germany despite the fact that I have not bought a ticket.
Travel by train from Zagreb to Munich was interesting and exciting. Croatian police have asked me "where do you go?", "Why?", "How much you staying?" and also asked the Slovenian police. First I was in the compartment with some nuns and a girl who came from California with her boyfriend to visit the land of their ancestors-Croatia. In Ljubljana, I went into the empty coupe. Somewhere in Austria, the coupe has entered a nice young black woman.
The most unpleasant were the German officers who took me suspiciously, asked similar questions as well as Croatian and Slovenian police officers.
I met two fans who have already arrived at hall. They are interesting, they told me that they came from Hungaryby car because of PSB performance. One of them is Christopher from "Roaming Boys" and the other had an interesting idea: give PSB Hungarian wine, follow the PSB car after the performance and talked to me and how my name sounds in Hungarian. He said that he made photo with Neil in front of Hotel Fagus in Sopron and that PSB were in the hotel bar and 2 hours talking with people who were there, spoke about how these people are incredibly happy, and I thought that PSB are only human and man can talk with God.
When some car arrived, I said that perhaps a PSB but fan from Hungary told me that the girl don't scream and that means that the PSB are not in the car. He also said that the first row might not be the best that there is too loud and I said, "First is first," and that I will fight for first row and always win.
About 7 p.m. I bought a ticket and waited. When I entered into the hall, people from the organization's performance review in detail the things from my bags. Interestingly, when they found the cross no longer view things from the bags and I have entered and settled in the first row.
Waiting for the show starts, with Munchen's performance compared with Zagreb (1991. year).
I had a great paper on which was written:
14.05.1991. ZAGREB
14.05.2007. MUNCHEN
People are naturally curious and Neil looked at what was written on the paper. During the song "I'm with stupid" I waved the American cap and maybe it is reason why Neil laughed.
At the beginning of the song "Heart" I began to flaunt these securities, and Neil showed me the thumb as a positive reaction to it. It was fantastic! Fantastic to hear and DOMINO DANCING, especially when Neil called on the audience to sing the words, "Everybody ..."
It's nice to hear how the guitar Neil performed the song "HOME AND DRY" during that song was sitting opposite me.
I realize my idea, during the song "IT'S A SIN" I took a cross and lifted into the air and held it for a while and religious songs. Neil noticed it and was surprised and acted like it happened to some unexpected situations. Singing the lyrics, "Father forgive me ..." He looked at the crucifix. While I slowly towards the end of the song down a cross and wondered whether this was a good idea at all, Neil is my thumb again showed a positive reaction.
Fantastic and interesting performance, an interesting comparison and thought it was passed exactly 16 years. A lot of times, and PSB more or less the same, then and now, even the dancer-singer SYLVIA MASON JAMES-starred on both shows. All 16 years have cared at that moment, all the good and bad things. From Zagreb to Munich, from the PSB to PSB ...
After the performance I tried to meet PSB, Hungarian fans but also people from the insurance said the PSB has already gone to the hotel (which I asked). PSB manager told us that the PSB should perform the song BEING BORING and that they gave up. Fans were happy to meet the dancers after the performance (b PSB ").
And while I went to subway with Hungarian fans thought about how it would be fantastic to go from performance to performance of PSB. I also thought how it would be great if I had time to stop and chat with a nice girl who I saw on the subway, or I thought that it was impossible to taste all the nice stuff, man is still limited by time and space.

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18. "Always on My Mind" in Venezia

Venezia was one of my station when I went to the PSB concert in Milan.
Amazing thing happened at the train station in Venice-when I was just thinking about the song "Always on My Mind," on the radio began song "Always on my mind".
It was so exciting. Even in other parts of Italy, Milan, felt the excitement of the upcoming performances.

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19. Milano

Milano is a city too big and it was difficult to find a place PSB performance. In fact, the place of performance was in the suburbs of Milano.
First I went to the subway, and a young man fled the train when I was explaining how to get to the place of performance. Then I drove a bus carrying fans of the show PSB. Wonderful scenery, reminded me of the place where they filmed the video for Heart PSB.
A place of performance, Villa Arconati also was wonderful. I passed the entrance, but the Italian police had called me back and then view my sports bag. One of them is suspiciously asked why I wear a crucifix, when and where I bought it and did I bought it at St Mark's Square. Mark (or something). I replied that I do not know what it is called where I bought a crucifix.
It seemed that the performance to be specific in that they were all the seats seemed to be a concert Teresa Kesovija. No, just sit in the first moments of performance. Soon we got up, especially from my first order, and Caterina was surprised when she saw how much I actually high. We spoke and she said she is coming to Croatia holidays. During one of the songs I asked her e-mail address, and Neil was able to see how she wrote the address down on paper. Cheerful girl, she sang and laughed for example, my singing and gesturing during the song "Can you forgive her?"
Fans have gone crazy, especially during the song "Paninaro" I during the "Always on My Mind" and it seemed to me that Neil and noticed it or even remember from some previous appearances.
During the song "It's a Sin", I thought it might repeat itself in Munchen but still didn't. A lot of policemen around any stage, the most were interested last song "Go West" which was watched.
Finally, Neil said: "Milano Grazie, arrivederci!"

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20. Acting in the video of Pet Shop Boys

PSB they called me that they starred in the video "Integral"!. And not just me, anyone who wanted could come to Tottenham on record that the video, the official website of PSB was told that these volunteers will be paid and that the PSB will not be there because they were already filmed his scenes (really funny?).
If I wanted to come and I really needed a time machine (which I thought at the time) because I saw it late and it was so close to Tottenham. Interestingly, after watching the video saw a countdown, as if he was counting backwards, and this video really has to do with time machine.

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21. Romania

I am looking forward to performance in Romania to be held 19th October 2007 year, a girl who is also a fan of PSB, and which I talked about the events in Munich told me a funny not to forget to bring a crucifix in the land of Dracula.
Tragedies do happen, unfortunately, happened to the manager PSB. Dainton Connell was killed in Russia in an automobile accident and because of the delayed appearance of 25.11.2007. year. That day could not come to Romania.
A few days after the aforementioned incident, died young and popular Macedonian singer Toše Proeski also in a car accident. The tragic and sad.

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22. Happy birthday!

In July of 2008. on the official web site of PSB was a website listed where it was possible to wish a happy birthday Neil. I wished happy birthday to Neil at all these sites:) interesting and exciting it was when the birthday comment that he read a birthday message, and thanks to everyone.
When you mention the subject of birthdays, but once I PSB chat wrote: Neil has 53, Chris is 47, that PSB has 100 years ... I still have Pet Shop Boys! Read that the PSB allegedly recently reported that teens are still felt in the heart, that I was interesting and really liked it.

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23. Summer tour of Pet Shop Boys

2009th is great year for the PSB and their fans, new songs and new album (called YES) and a new tour that began in Russia and stopped in Israel. An interesting place to start the tour, and thinks so, and Neil Tennant who is also fascinated by Russia and on the official website of PSB wrote "Amazing place for start of tour. PSB is a new show full of effects, technology advances and therefore their performances. Of course, there are new songs, "DID YOU SEE ME COMING?" the best song on the album, the sweet song that was euphoric on stage accompanied by an interesting introduction euphoric-verse "Every day is friday night ...", recalls the song," WAS IT WORTH IT? "(a few songs on the" IT MUST BE obvious "and" Yesterday When I Was Mad "and on the" TO SPEAK IS A SIN "). After her performance at the following interesting song Pandemonium (This is also the name of the tour), and LOVE ETC. that we did not look so fantastic, because the first listening (love at second or third sight) but it's just a nice little song "with lots of sugar" throughout the song.
I like what I carried a lot of light gentle song-LOVE COMES QUICKLY, JEALOUSY, KING'S CROSS, and THE WAY IT USED TO BE that reminds me of IT ALWAYS COMES AS surprise since both songs (albeit lightweight) extremely powerful and emotional. It is interesting to me to perform the song "TWO DIVIDED BY ZERO" and "WHY DO NOT WE LIVE TOGETHER?", Both songs are cool to me and the album "Please". ALWAYS ON MY MIND and euphoric "oh, yeah" are also in the summer tour, and the inevitable great song "IT'S A SIN." Surprisingly it was interesting to hear Neil sing the song "Viva la Vida". This song I first heard performed by an amateur band from the Croatian and immediately I really liked, I later learned that the group COLDPLAY: and, lo, the process is the PSB and the great, the verses "oho ... o. .. oho ... I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing "will echo in Israel, which is an interesting place to end the summer tour. The interesting thing is that after the song "IT'S A SIN" fly in the air silver fired countless small pieces of paper and to Neil at the end of performances sheds newspaper among fans.

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24. Amsterdam

One of the places in particular should be singled out by the Amsterdam I visited 22.6.2009.godine.
That day I went previously to Cologne and bought a ticket for the concert in Cologne. Köln immediately impressed me, most big cathedral near the train station. At the cathedral I noticed a girl disguised as a white angel with a love dart, I asked her if she could take pictures and then told me that it cost 1 EUR.
In Amsterdam this Monday was a beautiful day.
Before the close of the hall I noticed a beautiful black woman to walk away and said to myself, "This you must not miss it!" I came to it, and called for a drink the words "Let's go drink coffee in the bar!" "We? We?''-She asked what the typical black woman I've seen in movies." Yeah, you and me "-I never had confounded." No thanks "-has declined. The interesting thing is that after a few steps she entered in a coffee bar, and I went to the hall. Before the performance I found out that the situation will be similar as in Milan, in the sense that all places of sitting, but the girl who said it was explained that when the first fan rushed the stage in that all him. That's what happened. It was fantastic to watch the race and then run. It happened in the first song Heart. I came in first or second row and watched the great position an excellent performance. After the performance I went to the other side of the hall . A little while I waited with other fans, and then went out Neil Tennant: I was his signature.
And they told him that I do not mind if I write your phone number. Amazed and asked "What?" and I then told him to just joking (just kiding). Then he seriously said that I would not get (well, you will not get it "). One fan wanted to photograph him, and he strongly said "NO PICTURES". Fan He then said that he came from Serbia (I have to say that I came from the Croatian), and that it's hard because to obtain a visa for it.
"Congratulation!"-Was all that would be obtained from Neil, who remained "cool" and just congratulated for the mention venture. Before he went to Neil, I have a lot of gratitude for the signature of the words "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" which he addressed the fans during the concert. Then they thanked the other, and Carlos from Costa Rica who won the signature of the poster and asked Neil when you arrive in Costa Rica rejoiced as the Costa Rica won the World Cup (by the way, nice to me this time a brilliant team from Wanchope and Medford, who played for Dinamo Zagreb).
Not far from the halls of some girls have shared a yogurt, and they've said "thank you very much":)
Then I went in search of the hotel. The first hotel in which I enter the room, Victoria Hotel Amsterdam is obviously a hotel that housed the PSB with respect to the employees of the hotel on their clothes were a sign of PSB album, "yes." In the hotel there was no vacancy, but Amsterdam is a city in which every step has a hotel and a hobby can go from hotel to hotel and ask for prices, and accordingly will be in most cases happen bid price reductions of accommodation (which thus not expensive).

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25. Köln

"So much time has passed
I'd still meet you anywhere
Water under bridge
Evening after day "
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "The way it used to be")

After a day in Amsterdam 23.6.2009.godine, 24.6.2009.godine day I arrived in Cologne again. Wonderful and interesting city, I was delighted. Bridges, rivers ...
I just stayed at a hotel along the river, had a look at young turistici or female and I thought that was a shame that not staying longer.
Mladic Leverkusen explained me how to get to the hall and I soon arrived. The performance was superb, and during the song "Always On My Mind," Neil remarked my usual rampage (jumping, screaming) and showed the palace as a positive reaction to it.
After the performance the fans have tried to meet PSB but...
I asked the way to the hotel is oriented towards the large cathedral, which I watched from afar, a pleasant strolling along the river and arrived. In this way, I saw a big building with the inscription COLONIA HAUS, which reminded me of the most famous Croatian music group Colonia. A label COLONIA above the town a lot.

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26. Berlin

The next day, 25.6. 2009th year I went from Cologne to Berlin in the new PSB performance. A pleasant train ride, I arrived in Berlin around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. It was not hard to find a hall, remaining still get tickets to what was the problem because it was sold out. I met Carlos, whom I met in Amsterdam and was surprised when he heard that I was in Cologne and to go in Leipzig. With a smile he asked me if I'm going to Leipzig. I told him that I noticed that there PSB fans who go by appearances and performances, and he agreed, saying that only I and he did go ("just you and me") makes me laugh.
"Go to PSB performance is always adventure, you should write a blog about that"-he said, saying that Carlos is going to perform PSB adventure and that I should write a blog about it. "Are you reading my mind?"-I asked him surprised and told him that I had already decided write a blog about it and I already have a blog.
I noticed that a man holding a sign, it turned out to have a map of the surplus and that it sells. I was careful, I asked him if he had the right card, and whether he's a fan of PSB. He said that the PSB fan, and I sought to prove, and I asked him to name a couple of songs PSB. "WEST END GIRLS ... WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?" Enumerated-is (do not really know if the latter said, as a song or ...). I asked to specify a song that was not hit, but managed to remember so I agreed to buy a ticket.
I came to the first 3 rows, and later came to me two girls could not continue because of the complaining lady who was ahead of us. Performance is, of course, was a great newspaper that Neil did not even cast this time caught.
In the end Neil said the Berlin audience that will once again compete in Berlin in December.
After performing together with Carlos I waited for PSB. After some time, appeared to be Neil and most fans gave autographs. One asked him to Vienna when the second when the in Prague, and Carlos asked him again when he would in Costa Rica.
That evening I visited the legendary Berlin Zoo station and there learned of the death of Michael Jackson. I thought that money is not the solution to the problem, how this man had a problem despite the wealth and how he died early.

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27. Leipzig

On Friday 26.6.2009.godine I came to Leipzig, which we worked specifically, otherwise. Unlike some other German cities people were not acting hastily, it all seemed happy that day in the city of beautiful parks. Besides performing PSB, citizens are able to see the Circus Roncalli plays in which hoisted a beautiful notion VANESSA RODRIGEUZ. These short plays were at the train station. They were excellent, excellent, of course, was the performance of PSB.

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28. Denmark

Before going to Denmark I read that beer and sandwiches cost around 15 EUR and it turned out that it roughly corresponds to the truth.
The store I bought beer imported from Newcastle, a black can. I went to the place of performance and get lost in the kilometer area. The organization of this festival is disaster, a person working around the festivals often did not know the answers to questions.
The problem was and what I had the Danish crown, and in places where they sell tickets they asked for 115 EUR (even though it ranked second employee said that the festival will cost around 100 EUR, because the price was 730 or 740 kroner). I gave the seller 120 EUR and waited for the remaining 5 EUR in the crown. I got back only 10 Danish kroner, and of course I complained and said that 10 crown in no way corresponds to the value of 5 EUR. Then I got another 40 Danish kroner.
Place of performance, the orange stage, he worked so great. You could see a large board on which was displayed crossed out pictures of the fans throwing fans, it is obvious that the tragedy affected the beginning of the century occurred precisely on this point during the concert of Pearl Jam, when there were fatalities.
Fantastic performance by PSB, which was held after midnight, I followed the green luminous object in the air that I found on the way to the concert. Newspapers have not caught, even though I think that Neil did not even manage to throw the newspaper to the fans because of long-distance stage and fans. The memory is left and the blonde girl who screamed at the end of "PET SHOP BOYS" and pushed me. And Neil has promised to return to recent Denmark.

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29. Hamburg

"We'd spend the weekend lost in bed"
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "The way it used to be")

Going from Denmark, had to spend a forged Danish crown. On the ferry, I watched and saw what to buy chocolate ritter sport than 100 grams for only 0.93 EUR or 7 crown. I bought 7 different and wondered whether chocolate Ritter Sport is the only cheap thing in Denmark. Unbelievable, and it is interesting that the PSB a few months later on Twitter put pictures of Ritter Sport chocolate with the words "Ritter Twitter, which is your favorite?"
I arrived in Hamburg and went to the hotel where I slept a good part of the day. In the evening I saw an elderly man dancing in the car with the music, seemed interesting and funny. Not far from that stage I saw the open illuminated with various colored cubes, perfect for PSB.

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