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utorak, 13.07.2010.

15. Girl from Breclav

Exactly one month after the show should be in Skopje, 11th August 2006. was followed by a performance in Prague in the Czech Republic is also part of the festival.
I went to the Czech Republic so I first went by bus to Vienna, then train. First, to the extent that is Vienna-Breclav, the ride was quite pleasant. I must mention that man should be very careful, full of trains that arrive quickly and should be away from the tracks.
When I came to Breclav, I saw a nice blue policewoman but soon disappeared.
Buying a ticket for the train (Breclav-Prague-Breclav) I stood in line and the first words I heard were "A je to" (as in cartoons). I bought a ticket, some things in connection with this we were not clear so I asked the nice young girl that I noticed in the waiting room.
First she said that she spoke little English, but her English is very well.
Then she went to his train, and I again asked her something about the ticket and I said "You are very Beautiful, May I photograph you?". She said „Yes“:). Then I made a photo. And later I was sorry that I did not ask her phone number or e-mail address.
The train is also very interesting, I spoke with a charming girl waitress. A pleasant ride to Prague.
The waitress told me that the place of performance from the main train station is only 5 minutes walking.
When I arrived in Prague, I saw a rainy afternoon but luckily it was just a temporary.
In the evening I went to the place of performance, I came across two young girl Russians who went to watch a fountain or something.
When I came to the place of performance, I noticed that the atmosphere is similar to the other festivals (Sopron, Novi Sad).
The performance was similar to the one in Sopron. Neil said that they were pleased to have again in the Czech Republic, to love all the fans. I was close to Chris, as opposed to him. In particular we stayed in your memory when Neil in the song "It's a Sin" came close to that place and sang lyrics like "Iii 've always been the ones to blame." "It's a sin" is my favorite song, but on stage I love the most, "Always on My Mind" and when Neil euphoric yells "Oh, yeah."
Again I didn't met PSB. They just dissapear after performance.
I wondered if I see PSB ever again, but soon came the great performances in the town square in Skopje (09th July.2006.), And Poland (10th September2006).

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