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24. Amsterdam

One of the places in particular should be singled out by the Amsterdam I visited 22.6.2009.godine.
That day I went previously to Cologne and bought a ticket for the concert in Cologne. Köln immediately impressed me, most big cathedral near the train station. At the cathedral I noticed a girl disguised as a white angel with a love dart, I asked her if she could take pictures and then told me that it cost 1 EUR.
In Amsterdam this Monday was a beautiful day.
Before the close of the hall I noticed a beautiful black woman to walk away and said to myself, "This you must not miss it!" I came to it, and called for a drink the words "Let's go drink coffee in the bar!" "We? We?''-She asked what the typical black woman I've seen in movies." Yeah, you and me "-I never had confounded." No thanks "-has declined. The interesting thing is that after a few steps she entered in a coffee bar, and I went to the hall. Before the performance I found out that the situation will be similar as in Milan, in the sense that all places of sitting, but the girl who said it was explained that when the first fan rushed the stage in that all him. That's what happened. It was fantastic to watch the race and then run. It happened in the first song Heart. I came in first or second row and watched the great position an excellent performance. After the performance I went to the other side of the hall . A little while I waited with other fans, and then went out Neil Tennant: I was his signature.
And they told him that I do not mind if I write your phone number. Amazed and asked "What?" and I then told him to just joking (just kiding). Then he seriously said that I would not get (well, you will not get it "). One fan wanted to photograph him, and he strongly said "NO PICTURES". Fan He then said that he came from Serbia (I have to say that I came from the Croatian), and that it's hard because to obtain a visa for it.
"Congratulation!"-Was all that would be obtained from Neil, who remained "cool" and just congratulated for the mention venture. Before he went to Neil, I have a lot of gratitude for the signature of the words "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" which he addressed the fans during the concert. Then they thanked the other, and Carlos from Costa Rica who won the signature of the poster and asked Neil when you arrive in Costa Rica rejoiced as the Costa Rica won the World Cup (by the way, nice to me this time a brilliant team from Wanchope and Medford, who played for Dinamo Zagreb).
Not far from the halls of some girls have shared a yogurt, and they've said "thank you very much":)
Then I went in search of the hotel. The first hotel in which I enter the room, Victoria Hotel Amsterdam is obviously a hotel that housed the PSB with respect to the employees of the hotel on their clothes were a sign of PSB album, "yes." In the hotel there was no vacancy, but Amsterdam is a city in which every step has a hotel and a hobby can go from hotel to hotel and ask for prices, and accordingly will be in most cases happen bid price reductions of accommodation (which thus not expensive).

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