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utorak, 13.07.2010.

12. Sopron

"When I went I left from the station
With a haversack and some trepidation "
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "Being boring")

But I didn't miss their next performance in Hungary, Sopron, 8th July 2006.
A week before I bought the ticket in an interesting Hungarian town Nagykanizsa, where there are many beautiful girls who have interesting way of dressing.
On Saturday 8th July 2006. were exciting. After the train ride and conversation with a nice young lady I arrived in Hungary and visited Gyekenes Hungarian city situated along the Croatian border. It was beautiful to observe nature (remember the yellow flowers) while I was riding the train through various places.
I arrived in Sopron, and one girl and a young man who also went to the VOLT FEST explained to me how to arrive to the place of performance.
When I came to the place of performance, to a few meters from the stage, the excitement I felt, this place seemed like paradise to me when I thought that I soon see PSB after more than 15 years.
There was the pretty blonde girl who was also in first row.
Then came a fantastic performance, it's nice to see it again PSB and hear great songs live. In particular, the "Always on My Mind," "Go West" and "It's a sin."
Neil said that he likes to Hungary and will come again next year.
Sopron performance was outdoors (festival).
After the performance I tried to met PSB, as well as a nice blonde girl but some fan who asked me something and then I saw where the blue girl disappeared…
Then I walk through Sopron, beautiful and interesting city. After that I went to the train station where I talked with one fan PSB from Budapest. And then nice sleeping in train from Sopron to Budapest.

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