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utorak, 13.07.2010.

19. Milano

Milano is a city too big and it was difficult to find a place PSB performance. In fact, the place of performance was in the suburbs of Milano.
First I went to the subway, and a young man fled the train when I was explaining how to get to the place of performance. Then I drove a bus carrying fans of the show PSB. Wonderful scenery, reminded me of the place where they filmed the video for Heart PSB.
A place of performance, Villa Arconati also was wonderful. I passed the entrance, but the Italian police had called me back and then view my sports bag. One of them is suspiciously asked why I wear a crucifix, when and where I bought it and did I bought it at St Mark's Square. Mark (or something). I replied that I do not know what it is called where I bought a crucifix.
It seemed that the performance to be specific in that they were all the seats seemed to be a concert Teresa Kesovija. No, just sit in the first moments of performance. Soon we got up, especially from my first order, and Caterina was surprised when she saw how much I actually high. We spoke and she said she is coming to Croatia holidays. During one of the songs I asked her e-mail address, and Neil was able to see how she wrote the address down on paper. Cheerful girl, she sang and laughed for example, my singing and gesturing during the song "Can you forgive her?"
Fans have gone crazy, especially during the song "Paninaro" I during the "Always on My Mind" and it seemed to me that Neil and noticed it or even remember from some previous appearances.
During the song "It's a Sin", I thought it might repeat itself in Munchen but still didn't. A lot of policemen around any stage, the most were interested last song "Go West" which was watched.
Finally, Neil said: "Milano Grazie, arrivederci!"

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