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28. Denmark

Before going to Denmark I read that beer and sandwiches cost around 15 EUR and it turned out that it roughly corresponds to the truth.
The store I bought beer imported from Newcastle, a black can. I went to the place of performance and get lost in the kilometer area. The organization of this festival is disaster, a person working around the festivals often did not know the answers to questions.
The problem was and what I had the Danish crown, and in places where they sell tickets they asked for 115 EUR (even though it ranked second employee said that the festival will cost around 100 EUR, because the price was 730 or 740 kroner). I gave the seller 120 EUR and waited for the remaining 5 EUR in the crown. I got back only 10 Danish kroner, and of course I complained and said that 10 crown in no way corresponds to the value of 5 EUR. Then I got another 40 Danish kroner.
Place of performance, the orange stage, he worked so great. You could see a large board on which was displayed crossed out pictures of the fans throwing fans, it is obvious that the tragedy affected the beginning of the century occurred precisely on this point during the concert of Pearl Jam, when there were fatalities.
Fantastic performance by PSB, which was held after midnight, I followed the green luminous object in the air that I found on the way to the concert. Newspapers have not caught, even though I think that Neil did not even manage to throw the newspaper to the fans because of long-distance stage and fans. The memory is left and the blonde girl who screamed at the end of "PET SHOP BOYS" and pushed me. And Neil has promised to return to recent Denmark.

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