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utorak, 13.07.2010.

23. Summer tour of Pet Shop Boys

2009th is great year for the PSB and their fans, new songs and new album (called YES) and a new tour that began in Russia and stopped in Israel. An interesting place to start the tour, and thinks so, and Neil Tennant who is also fascinated by Russia and on the official website of PSB wrote "Amazing place for start of tour. PSB is a new show full of effects, technology advances and therefore their performances. Of course, there are new songs, "DID YOU SEE ME COMING?" the best song on the album, the sweet song that was euphoric on stage accompanied by an interesting introduction euphoric-verse "Every day is friday night ...", recalls the song," WAS IT WORTH IT? "(a few songs on the" IT MUST BE obvious "and" Yesterday When I Was Mad "and on the" TO SPEAK IS A SIN "). After her performance at the following interesting song Pandemonium (This is also the name of the tour), and LOVE ETC. that we did not look so fantastic, because the first listening (love at second or third sight) but it's just a nice little song "with lots of sugar" throughout the song.
I like what I carried a lot of light gentle song-LOVE COMES QUICKLY, JEALOUSY, KING'S CROSS, and THE WAY IT USED TO BE that reminds me of IT ALWAYS COMES AS surprise since both songs (albeit lightweight) extremely powerful and emotional. It is interesting to me to perform the song "TWO DIVIDED BY ZERO" and "WHY DO NOT WE LIVE TOGETHER?", Both songs are cool to me and the album "Please". ALWAYS ON MY MIND and euphoric "oh, yeah" are also in the summer tour, and the inevitable great song "IT'S A SIN." Surprisingly it was interesting to hear Neil sing the song "Viva la Vida". This song I first heard performed by an amateur band from the Croatian and immediately I really liked, I later learned that the group COLDPLAY: and, lo, the process is the PSB and the great, the verses "oho ... o. .. oho ... I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing "will echo in Israel, which is an interesting place to end the summer tour. The interesting thing is that after the song "IT'S A SIN" fly in the air silver fired countless small pieces of paper and to Neil at the end of performances sheds newspaper among fans.

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