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29. Hamburg

"We'd spend the weekend lost in bed"
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "The way it used to be")

Going from Denmark, had to spend a forged Danish crown. On the ferry, I watched and saw what to buy chocolate ritter sport than 100 grams for only 0.93 EUR or 7 crown. I bought 7 different and wondered whether chocolate Ritter Sport is the only cheap thing in Denmark. Unbelievable, and it is interesting that the PSB a few months later on Twitter put pictures of Ritter Sport chocolate with the words "Ritter Twitter, which is your favorite?"
I arrived in Hamburg and went to the hotel where I slept a good part of the day. In the evening I saw an elderly man dancing in the car with the music, seemed interesting and funny. Not far from that stage I saw the open illuminated with various colored cubes, perfect for PSB.

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