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4. 14th May 1991 Zagreb

In January 1991. year was really exciting. I heard that the PSB came to Zagreb last appearance in May, 14th May 1991. It was like a dream, of course, that I decided to go on that show. Months and days of exciting waiting. Last two days before the performance was especially exciting on television were the interviews with PSB.
Of course, the most exciting was 14th May1991. Travel and walk to the sports hall of the House ... Ecstasy ...
I went into a hall, came close to the stage, in the first or second row, meter or two from the stage.
Before the performance I spoke with a nice friendly girl. It seemed that she enjoyed the discussion. She concluded that I am a big fan of PSB.
The performance began, I saw a PSB, Neil and Chris and many dancers. The performance began with "This must be the place I waited years to leave", and after it was "It's a sin", two of my favorite songs, the performance was full of effects as well as in the song "It's a sin." Neil kneels and sings the touching lyrics of "It's a sin."
The girl that I mentioned looked at me several times during the songs, as she wondering if I enjoy in the PSB show.
During the song "I'm not scared," Neil showed me (singing the lyrics "If I was you, if I was you, I would not treat me the way you do"). During one of the songs I waved to Chris who has seen it but did not react.
During the song "Suburbia" was particularly lively, and it was interesting to hear live music and "My October simphony" as well as many other songs. Brilliant evening!
So it was good that I keep coming back with nostalgia on that day and asked if I would ever again see the PSB live. Many times after that I dreamed of a new PSB performances (I remember the dream of a performance in Slovenia, but the PSB have never played in Slovenia).
I complained about another thing. After the performance, the crowd of people, lost the girl with whom I spoke thought that I didn't ask for her address.

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