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utorak, 13.07.2010.

17. 14th May 2007. Munchen

I waited when FUNDAMENATAL Tour in European cities, and it happened in spring of 2007.
Interestingly acted BALTIC TOUR (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) but still I focused on the German tour. Especially interesting to me was Munich, where performance was 14th May 2007., exactly 16 years after performance in Zagreb (1991. year).
I was worried when I heard that Hall receives only about 6000 people, a friend was surprised when she heard that I should go to Germany despite the fact that I have not bought a ticket.
Travel by train from Zagreb to Munich was interesting and exciting. Croatian police have asked me "where do you go?", "Why?", "How much you staying?" and also asked the Slovenian police. First I was in the compartment with some nuns and a girl who came from California with her boyfriend to visit the land of their ancestors-Croatia. In Ljubljana, I went into the empty coupe. Somewhere in Austria, the coupe has entered a nice young black woman.
The most unpleasant were the German officers who took me suspiciously, asked similar questions as well as Croatian and Slovenian police officers.
I met two fans who have already arrived at hall. They are interesting, they told me that they came from Hungaryby car because of PSB performance. One of them is Christopher from "Roaming Boys" and the other had an interesting idea: give PSB Hungarian wine, follow the PSB car after the performance and talked to me and how my name sounds in Hungarian. He said that he made photo with Neil in front of Hotel Fagus in Sopron and that PSB were in the hotel bar and 2 hours talking with people who were there, spoke about how these people are incredibly happy, and I thought that PSB are only human and man can talk with God.
When some car arrived, I said that perhaps a PSB but fan from Hungary told me that the girl don't scream and that means that the PSB are not in the car. He also said that the first row might not be the best that there is too loud and I said, "First is first," and that I will fight for first row and always win.
About 7 p.m. I bought a ticket and waited. When I entered into the hall, people from the organization's performance review in detail the things from my bags. Interestingly, when they found the cross no longer view things from the bags and I have entered and settled in the first row.
Waiting for the show starts, with Munchen's performance compared with Zagreb (1991. year).
I had a great paper on which was written:
14.05.1991. ZAGREB
14.05.2007. MUNCHEN
People are naturally curious and Neil looked at what was written on the paper. During the song "I'm with stupid" I waved the American cap and maybe it is reason why Neil laughed.
At the beginning of the song "Heart" I began to flaunt these securities, and Neil showed me the thumb as a positive reaction to it. It was fantastic! Fantastic to hear and DOMINO DANCING, especially when Neil called on the audience to sing the words, "Everybody ..."
It's nice to hear how the guitar Neil performed the song "HOME AND DRY" during that song was sitting opposite me.
I realize my idea, during the song "IT'S A SIN" I took a cross and lifted into the air and held it for a while and religious songs. Neil noticed it and was surprised and acted like it happened to some unexpected situations. Singing the lyrics, "Father forgive me ..." He looked at the crucifix. While I slowly towards the end of the song down a cross and wondered whether this was a good idea at all, Neil is my thumb again showed a positive reaction.
Fantastic and interesting performance, an interesting comparison and thought it was passed exactly 16 years. A lot of times, and PSB more or less the same, then and now, even the dancer-singer SYLVIA MASON JAMES-starred on both shows. All 16 years have cared at that moment, all the good and bad things. From Zagreb to Munich, from the PSB to PSB ...
After the performance I tried to meet PSB, Hungarian fans but also people from the insurance said the PSB has already gone to the hotel (which I asked). PSB manager told us that the PSB should perform the song BEING BORING and that they gave up. Fans were happy to meet the dancers after the performance (b PSB ").
And while I went to subway with Hungarian fans thought about how it would be fantastic to go from performance to performance of PSB. I also thought how it would be great if I had time to stop and chat with a nice girl who I saw on the subway, or I thought that it was impossible to taste all the nice stuff, man is still limited by time and space.

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