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utorak, 13.07.2010.

26. Berlin

The next day, 25.6. 2009th year I went from Cologne to Berlin in the new PSB performance. A pleasant train ride, I arrived in Berlin around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. It was not hard to find a hall, remaining still get tickets to what was the problem because it was sold out. I met Carlos, whom I met in Amsterdam and was surprised when he heard that I was in Cologne and to go in Leipzig. With a smile he asked me if I'm going to Leipzig. I told him that I noticed that there PSB fans who go by appearances and performances, and he agreed, saying that only I and he did go ("just you and me") makes me laugh.
"Go to PSB performance is always adventure, you should write a blog about that"-he said, saying that Carlos is going to perform PSB adventure and that I should write a blog about it. "Are you reading my mind?"-I asked him surprised and told him that I had already decided write a blog about it and I already have a blog.
I noticed that a man holding a sign, it turned out to have a map of the surplus and that it sells. I was careful, I asked him if he had the right card, and whether he's a fan of PSB. He said that the PSB fan, and I sought to prove, and I asked him to name a couple of songs PSB. "WEST END GIRLS ... WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?" Enumerated-is (do not really know if the latter said, as a song or ...). I asked to specify a song that was not hit, but managed to remember so I agreed to buy a ticket.
I came to the first 3 rows, and later came to me two girls could not continue because of the complaining lady who was ahead of us. Performance is, of course, was a great newspaper that Neil did not even cast this time caught.
In the end Neil said the Berlin audience that will once again compete in Berlin in December.
After performing together with Carlos I waited for PSB. After some time, appeared to be Neil and most fans gave autographs. One asked him to Vienna when the second when the in Prague, and Carlos asked him again when he would in Costa Rica.
That evening I visited the legendary Berlin Zoo station and there learned of the death of Michael Jackson. I thought that money is not the solution to the problem, how this man had a problem despite the wealth and how he died early.

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