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utorak, 13.07.2010.

13. Novi Sad

In Hungary more stuff fascinates me, also Hungarian girls working in railway with different uniforms (depending on which area of Hungary).
Budapest, I was only an intermediate stop. However, in Budapest I walked a little and went to church (Sunday morning).
Soon I was on the train to Novi Sad.
Again, beautiful things for see, again yellow flowers.
I arrived in Novi Sad in afternoon 9th July 2006., I tried to find accommodation but it was almost impossible because lost of people came to Novi Sad on EXIT festival. Nice city.
Around 10 p.m., I came to the place of performance, it was easy to find.
I came close to the stage, and the girls behind me were said to have seen nothing from me but not really angry, but was acting normal and I'm sorry we did not talk long. But the performance soon began and there was no time for the story.
Similar or the same as in Hungary. And this performance was open air festival. However, it can not be the same. During "Suburbia," Neil could not resist to play with the words and said "Ok ... .. now Serbia ... Suburbia ...". Neil asked the audience"Having a good time?".
Neil I waved, he replied, and I remembered that such a situation was long ago on performance in Zagreb.
Neil said, "Pet Shop Boys are fantastic!"
He said „thank you (very much) many times.
After the performance I tried to met PSB, I waited at the exit, but unsuccessfully again. There were fans, some said that the PSB stayed in Hotel Park.
PSB in the Park Hotel, and I also park in Novi Sad but lovely park:) ANd then, walk through the city before the morning ... I thought about how much time since the Zagreb performance and how PSB singing some new songs such as "Psychological" "I'm with stupid" (reminds me on "Can you forgive her?"), "Minimal" (reminds me on "No regrets"), "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show" (reminds me on "Always on My Mind" ).

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