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25. Köln

"So much time has passed
I'd still meet you anywhere
Water under bridge
Evening after day "
(Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe, "The way it used to be")

After a day in Amsterdam 23.6.2009.godine, 24.6.2009.godine day I arrived in Cologne again. Wonderful and interesting city, I was delighted. Bridges, rivers ...
I just stayed at a hotel along the river, had a look at young turistici or female and I thought that was a shame that not staying longer.
Mladic Leverkusen explained me how to get to the hall and I soon arrived. The performance was superb, and during the song "Always On My Mind," Neil remarked my usual rampage (jumping, screaming) and showed the palace as a positive reaction to it.
After the performance the fans have tried to meet PSB but...
I asked the way to the hotel is oriented towards the large cathedral, which I watched from afar, a pleasant strolling along the river and arrived. In this way, I saw a big building with the inscription COLONIA HAUS, which reminded me of the most famous Croatian music group Colonia. A label COLONIA above the town a lot.

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