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3. Behaviour

More years have passed since the album "Introspective" and I did not know when PSB will create a new album. In the meantime, I liked the album, Liza Minnelli "Results" by the PSB made together with Liza, especially the song "Losing My Mind" and a strong fantastic "Love Pains".
And then, a return of PSB, a new song, new album. In the newspaper I read about it and then on the radio I recorded ôSo hardô and listened to it all day, it's nice to listen to a great new song. I watched MTV looking for a great music video "So Hard" in which boys from Newcastle and drink milk and look for girls. I read German magazine BRAVO and POPCORN and I'm looking for anything about PSB.
On the radio I heard "Being boring" and specific "My October Symphony". It was exciting, especially when the "Behaviour" come to the shop. It happened just the day before my birthday which I spent listening to "Behaviour". Very interesting album, specific. The song "This Must Be The place I waited months to leave," and music at the end of the song "Jealosuy". They seemed as if I had heard it before, it was like "deja vu". I love the gentle songs such as King's Cross, "so I liked the song" To Face The Truth"," Jealousy "even more. Also I like " This must be the place I waited months to leave". I must mention the great song" The End of the world".

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