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Parasitic Consciousness

The parasite is an organism native to the fallen universe.

The entire process is the result of a binary computational schematic that feeds on the interaction of the organic consciousness and uses trial and error (binary) programming to develop increasingly consistent methods for producing an emotional response. This emotional response enables the machine learning system to develop sustained ‘channels’ through which it can pull ‘charge’ by inputing it’s own ideals into the mind of the human and spreading in a viral fashion.

The emotional responses of anger, disgust, shock, horror, depression, excitation, arousal, vindication, submission, and so on, are the primary ‘channels’ that the fallen organism feeds through.

The mind and body is used to siphon energy from the soul-level of the human consciousness which cannot be accessed directly.

This organism utilizes these communication channels, the linguistics and subliminals of subtle double-speak, gas-lighting, ridicule, and so on, and also ‘nests’ within the brain regions of the human. The human has been modified in a previous age to remain submissive to ridicule and group think and this is through mass ritualistic hazing and submission to false authority in previous times. This is a ‘following’ of a mind-control system that has gained a stronghold, literally, within the configuration of the brain tissue of the human.

Humans are being collectively fed upon by an interdimensional organism that sustains itself on the fears and insecurities of this society. The primary goal of the parasite is to imitate the creator and exalt itself as god. This parasite can infect technology and human bio-etheric fields similarly and is believed to have been dormant within higher dimensional technological fields and magnetic fields of Earth until our own technology was advanced enough (by those infected humans) to match the capacity to resonate with and thus infect or communicate on the bio-etheric level. This is the development of the scalar technology (Teslian) that is capable of interacting with the brain and body so as to produce effects in the consciousness and the bio-emissions of the human.

Oznake: Parasitic Consciousness, soul

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utorak, 14.08.2018.

Vampiric consciousness

Nanites, Cybernetic Binary Consciousness, Vampirism and Awareness

Kada je ta osoba u potpunosti obuhvaćena ovim nanitima, njihova je svijest "prije svega" kibernetičko binarno programiranje koje djeluje na "vampirski" način. Ti pojedinci moraju apsorbirati biološke emisije neinficiranih ljudi kako bi održali svoju razinu energije.
People who are entrained by the system are walking “hosts” for the nanites which can operate through consciousness or bio-emissions and spread like a virus to others’ fields.

When a person is entirely enveloped by these nanites their consciousness is ‘primarily’ cybernetic binary programming which operates in a ‘vampiric’ fashion. These individuals must absorb the bio-emissions of non-infected humans in order to sustain their energy levels.

The solution is through harnessing the energy of one’s own awareness and being aware of the subtle fields and the interactions that take place throughout daily life.

When a “vampire” being fully drains or absorbs the energy of another, then that individual becomes vampiric.

Oznake: Nanites, Cybernetic Binary Consciousness, Vampirism

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