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nedjelja, 17.10.2010.

Triumvirat - Spartacus (1975)(Deluxe Edit Remaster 2002)

Spartacus may not be as progressively strong as 1973's Illusions on a Double Dimple album, but it still stands as this German outfit's second best release. Based on the famous Roman gladiator who led the rebellion against his homeland, the music supports the album's concept quite solidly, with the better tracks coming in the form of the sporadic "School of Instant Pain" and the nine- minute "March to the Eternal City," which gathers a menacing conglomeration of bass guitar riffs and pointed keyboard work. The music becomes effectively motivational toward the concept at the proper times, enabling the band's idea to remain fresh and colorful as the music is played out. Jurgen Fritz's Hammond organ and Moog intervention gives Spartacus a genuine progressive air, culminating as it should on the final track. Although Triumvirat's staunch, stern notes and articulate keyboard meandering can easily be compared to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's style, it's balanced quite impressively with Helmut Koellen's electric and acoustic guitar work. This album has a slight edge over 1976's Old Loves Die Hard because the synthesizers are put to better use, while the overall sound and flow of Spartacus contains greater instrumental animation. [The German reissue appends two songs that were not included on the original release: a live rendition of "The Capital of Power" and the previously unreleased "Showstopper."] ~ Mike DeGagne

Germany's superstars Triumvirat have just announced they are back together again after a very long hiatus, and Friday Music is celebrating their return with the re-release of a newly remastered version of their Prog-Rock classic Spartacus. Spartacus was their most enduring and successful album ever. It graced the upper rungs of the album charts for the better part of 1976 and gave this act a home forever in the progressive rock movement. The album based itself on the story of the historic Roman gladiator and the trials and tribulations of his war against his country. As the saga unfolds, the skillful keyboard artistry of founder Jurgen Fritz alongside his band mates Helmut Kollen and Hans Bathelt help to deliver one of this genres most memorable and important recordings.
Triumvirat began to make some credible noise with their previous release Illusions On A Double Dimple in 1973, and as the fan base and radio support began to build in time for the 1976 release of Spartacus, they were soon becoming a staple of progressive and rock playlists throughout the world. It is easy to see why, when you listen to the first few bars of the opening track "The Capital Of Power." It was common to hear tunes like this and "The Sweetest Sound of Liberty" alongside tracks from notable arena rock entities on U.S. radio in the seventies. When they arrived in the States to help promote their first couple of albums for Harvest/Capitol, their airplay dominance helped garner a solid reputation as a successful touring outfit. This newly remastered deluxe edition of Spartacus proudly includes some very rare recordings that we have recently dug up in the EMI vaults. Three wonderful live recordings from the BBC, which have been discussed for years, rarely heard except for an inferior overseas bootleg, are now digitally rescued for your listening pleasure. Listen to the extended jam that the band delivers on "The March To The Eternal City." This is a fine trio of recordings which showcases how brilliant Triumvirat performed in concert. As a fitting close to this deluxe edition, we have enclosed two more rarities for the die-hard Triumvirat fans. "Late Again", fom the Ala Carte sessions, is now in it's full extended-version glory, as well as the uptempo German only A-side "Take A Break Today." This concept album continues to receive rave reviews from a whole new legion of younger Prog-rock fans. Keyboardist and founder Jurgen Fritz holds his accomplishments in some rather highly reputable company and his artistry is truly in heightened form on this great album. It has been quite awhile since this masterpiece has been available in the United States. With the addition of the recently discovered bonus tracks and the newly remastered treatment, Spartacus (The Deluxe Edition) is fit for a king.


Studio Albums

Mediterranean Tales (1972)
Illusions on a Double Dimple (1974)
Spartacus (1975)
Old Loves Die Hard (1976)
Pompeii (1977)
A La Carte (1978)
Russian Roulette (1980)

Codec: flac
Size: 530 MB
Genre : Rock

01-"The Capital of Power" - 3:13
02-"The School of Instant Pain" - 6:22
- a)-"Proclamation"
- b)-"The Gladiator's Song"
- c)-"Roman Entertainment"
- d)-"The Battle"
03-"The Walls of Doom" - 3:57
04-"The Deadly Dream of Freedom" - 3:54
05-"The Hazy Shades of Dawn" - 3:09
06-"The Burning Sword of Capua" - 2:41
07-"The Sweetest Sound of Liberty" - 2:35
08-"The March to the Eternal City" - 8:46
- a)-"Dusty Road"
- b)-"Italian Improvisation"
- c)-"First Success"
09-"Spartacus" - 7:39
- a)-"The Superior Force of Rome"
- b)-"A Broken Dream"
- c)-"The Finale"
10. Capital of Power (live, Bonus)
11. Deadly Dream of Freedom (live, prev. unreleased, Bonus)
12. March to the Eternal City (prev. unreleased, Bonus)
13. Late Again (prev.unreleased, Bonus)
14. Take a Break Today (prev. unreleased, Bonus)

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