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petak, 18.06.2010.

Asia - Asia (1982) (Gold Disc Remaster 2010)

24K Gold Compact Disc -
You've never heard your favorite music sound this good! The clarity is exceptional, you will hear deeper lows and crisper highs. Treat yourself to a musical experience you've never had before! These new 24KT+ Gold CDs reproduce the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance without the irregular plated surfaces of standard aluminum discs.

Audio Fidelity's 24KT+ Gold CD series brings you classic music in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases using original album art, all beautifully reproduced. They only use the original master mixes played back on a specially constructed vintage playback deck. Here's where the PLUS (+) comes in: The analog masters are put through their new proprietary analog to digital converter which reinforces the resolution of the original masters adding true "breath of life" to the music. Without any further sonic manipulation the master is shipped directly to the manufacturing plant for etching in "real time" onto the glass surface by laser. The end result of this unique mastering process is a compact disc with the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a genuine 24 karat gold surface free of any type of physical defect making Audio Fidelity's 24KT+ Gold CD series truly one of a kind!

This marriage of four players with impressive pedigrees proved to be the success story of 1982 when Asia's debut lodged itself at the top of the U.S. album charts for two months. The album spawned a massive number four single in "Heat of the Moment," a follow-up Top 20 hit in the sweeping "Only Time Will Tell," and a handful of other tracks that received heavy radio play despite going against the grain of the new wave styling of the day. Produced by Mike Stone, Asia's strengths were the powerful vocals of John Wetton, the nimble, classically tinged guitar work of Steve Howe, Geoffrey Downes' majestic keyboard playing, and anchoring the band, Carl Palmer's propulsive drumming. The lyrics are overwrought at moments, but there's no denying the epic grandeur of the music, which provided some much-needed muscle to radio at the time, and did so with style...T Demalon

credits for all previous and future uploader of this record worldwide...

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 301 MB
Genre : Rock


John Wetton - Bass, Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Carl Palmer - Drums, Percussion
Steve Howe - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Geoffrey Downes - Keyboards, Vocals


01 Heat of the Moment 3:52
02 Only Time Will Tell 4:47
03 Sole Survivor 4:49
04 One Step Closer 4:17
05 Time Again 4:48
06 Wildest Dreams 5:12
07 Without You 5:07
08 Cutting It Fine 5:40
09 Here Comes the Feeling 5:40

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srijeda, 16.06.2010.

Jane - Live At Home (1976)(2CD Remaster Edit 2009)

Jane got together in Hanover in autumn 1970. Although repeated line-up changes in the subsequent years resulted in an inconsistent musical style, Jane attracted a massive following, not only in Germany but also at their shows in Austria and Switzerland, counting among the top sellers in the German music scene of the Seventies. Their eleven LPs, released between 1972 and 1982 on the German rock imprint, Brain, sold over two million copies. Their debut, Together, and the concept album, Fire Water Earth & Air (1976), are considered milestones in German rock history just like the live cut, Live At Home, from August 1976. Even experts rubbed their eyes in surprise when Jane rented the Niedersachsenhalle in Hanover for the recordings of their live album. The extra bonus stuff includes the band s full concert at the WDR radio studios on 8 January 1977 on the radio show Nachtmusik , with amazing versions of classics such as Fire Water Earth & Air, Out In The Rain and Hangman, plus an interpretation of their epic Windows that is even longer than the one featured on Live At Home. Truly rare stuff!

Jane" had a misfortune to be baptized as "Krautrock", although it's just an exceptional prog-rock band from Hanover (founded 1970: Peter Panka on drums and lead vocals, Charly Maucher ob vocals, Werner Nadolny - keyboards, vocals, etc, etc). Strongly influenced by vintage Deep Purple (circa "Smoke On The Water"), on this excellent live album (1976) the band performs top-quality geniune rock. Early albums of "Jane" are truly good - 1973 Here We Are; Fire, Water, Earth & AirJane III. Together with "Frumpy"Live, "Jane" is a cornerstone of progressive rock, and without this album any collection is not complete . The founder and main driving force of "Jane", Peter Panka, died in 2007 - try to get (and treat yourself)to another concert - "Live at Metas"...J. Alexey

Codec: flac
Size: 930MB
Genre : Rock, Krautrock


CD 1

01 All My Friends 04:57
02 Lady 03:37
03 Rest Of My Life 04:41
0 Expectation 05:31
05 River 03:51
06 Out In The Rain 06:21
07 Hangman 11:54
08 Fire, Water, Earth & Air 04:00
09 Another Way 05:40
10 Daytime 09:41
11 Hightime For Crusaders 05:07

CD 2

01 Windows 19:19
02 Lady 03:29
03 Fire, Water, Earth & Air 03:36
04 Another Way 05:07
05 River 04:02
06 Out In The Rain 05:45
07 Hangman 14:05
08 Windows 23:02

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Deep Purple - In Rock (1970) (Gold Disc Remaster 2009)

The Deep Purple In Rock album always sounded to me like it was recorded in a carpeted band practice room somewhere (which I guess it sort of was, heh) with the engineer turning everything up to 11. It's great to listen to from the original tapes for once. Every other version I've ever heard sounds like someone tried to fix the sound using limiting and EQ (which is totally the wrong approach) rather than just accept it for what it is. Long version of the first song is on there, never fear. Original tapes from De Lane Lea Studios via Abbey Road vault. These Gold discs are being manufactured right now...S. Hoffman

After satisfying all of their classical music kinks with keyboard player Jon Lord's overblown Concerto for Group and Orchestra, Deep Purple's soon to be classic Mark II version made its proper debut and established the sonic blueprint that would immortalize this lineup of the band on 1970's awesome In Rock. The cacophony of sound (spearheaded by Ritchie Blackmore's blistering guitar solo) introducing opener "Speed King" made it immediately obvious that the band was no longer fooling around, but the slightly less intense "Bloodsucker" did afford stunned listeners a chance to catch their breaths before the band launched into the album's epic, ten-minute tour de force, "Child in Time." In what still stands as arguably his single greatest performance, singer Ian Gillan led his bandmates on a series of hypnotizing crescendos, from the song's gentle beginning through to its ear-shattering climax and then back again for an even more intense encore that brought the original vinyl album's seismic first side to a close. Side two opened with the searing power chords of "Flight of the Rat" -- another example of the band's new take-no-prisoners hard rock stance, though at nearly eight minutes, it too found room for some extended soloing from Blackmore and Lord. Next, "Into the Fire" and "Living Wreck" proved more concise but equally appealing, and though closer "Hard Lovin' Man" finally saw the new-look Deep Purple waffling on a bit too long before descending into feedback, the die was cast for one of heavy metal's defining albums...E. Rivadavia

Codec: flac
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SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 264 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Speed King (Long Version) 5:55
02 Bloodsucker 4:15
03 Child In Time 10:22
04 Flight Of The Rat 7:57
05 Into The Fire 3:30
06 Living Wreck 4:34
07 Hard Lovin' Man 7:13

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ponedjeljak, 14.06.2010.

Doors - The Soft Parade (1969)(Gold Disc Remaster 2009)

Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity continues its constant stream of classic releases this year with two groundbreaking Doors albums. The Soft Parade and Morrison Hotel are further proof of the Doors' place in music history. The Doors were unique in that they had a true poet to front the band with Jim Morrison and had no bass player in their group configuration. The band combined their own blend of rock and blues accentuated by the flowing keyboards of the masterful Ray Manzarek and the sound drumming of John Densmore topped off by Robby Krieger's biting blues rock guitar licks. It was this potent combination of musicians that created timeless music that still holds up today. Manzarek's artful and innovative style via the keyboards allowed The Doors music to reach another level through added orchestration on The The Soft Parade. What better way to celebrate the legacy of The Doors in 2009 then to bring the listening public fully restored master tapes to Audio Fidelity's 24 karat gold CDs? The 24K series bring you classic music in deluxe packaging with see through slip cases using the original album artwork. The 24K process again breathes new life into timeless music. Marshall Blonstein commented 'Audiophiles will be challenged finding better sounding music anywhere in the world and The Soft Parade and Morrison Hotel are true cornerstones of rock music.' Songs like 'Touch Me' and 'Roadhouse Blues' will resonate deeply with all music fans and delight even the most unwavering Doors fan. The process the music is remastered through is unlike any other on the planet and once fans of rock music and The Doors hear the two CDs there will be joy in an otherwise dismal year once again.

The weakest studio album recorded with Jim Morrison in the group, partially because their experiments with brass and strings on about half the tracks weren't entirely successful. More to the point, though, this was their weakest set of material, low lights including filler like "Do It" and "Runnin' Blue," a strange bluegrass-soul blend that was a small hit. On the other hand, about half the record is quite good, especially the huge hit "Touch Me" (their most successful integration of orchestration), the vicious hard rock riffs of "Wild Child," the overlooked "Shaman's Blues," and the lengthy title track, a multi-part suite that was one of the band's best attempts to mix rock with poetry. "Tell All the People" and "Wishful Sinful," both penned by Robbie Krieger, were uncharacteristically wistful tunes that became small hits but were not all that good, and not sung very convincingly by Morrison...R. Unterberger

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 277 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Tell All The People 3:26
02. Touch Me 3:18
03. Shaman's Blues 4:53
04. Do It 3:12
05. Easy Ride 2:46
06. Wild Child 2:39
07. Runnin' Blue 2:30
08. Wishful Sinful 3:03
09. The Soft Parade 8:46
10. Touch Me (40th Anniversary Remix) (Bonus) 3:16
11. The Soft Parade (40th Anniversary Remix)(Bonus) 9:36

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nedjelja, 13.06.2010.

Joe Cocker - Sheffield Steel (1982) (Gold Disc Remaster 1995)

Originally released on Island Records in 1982, English Soul Rocker Joe Cocker displays powerful interpretive skills on an outstanding selection of songs including - Look What You‘ve Done - Shocked - Seven Days - Ruby Lee and much more. Sheffield Steel includes a line up of noted Reggae session men and has appeared on many audiophile lists for its impressive sonic and musical content.

After his one-album stint at Asylum Records with Luxury You Can Afford in 1978, Joe Cocker was without a record label until 1981, when he signed to Island Records. Island head Chris Blackwell took him to the Compass Point studios in the Bahamas, where he recorded a 12" single, "Sweet Little Woman"/"Look What You've Done," released in May 1981, then continued working on a full-length album. When that album, Sheffield Steel, appeared a year later, listeners could be forgiven for imagining, during the instrumental portions, that they were hearing not a Joe Cocker disc, but rather a Robert Palmer record. The instrumentalists were the Compass Point All-Stars, led by drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare, and including keyboard player Wally Badarou and guitarist Barry Reynolds, and they maintained a steady tropical groove on most tracks that strongly recalled their work on Palmer's series of albums. Typically, however, Cocker made his own a group of high-quality songs from major songwriters. Bob Dylan's "Seven Days" was an obscure tune only previously heard in a 1979 recording by Ron Wood. Cocker succeeded with Randy Newman's "Marie" as he would again four years later with the songwriter's "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by singing it without any of the irony Newman's version contained. Cocker got a jump on what would be the title track to Steve Winwood's next album, "Talking Back to the Night," and he approached Jimmy Webb's "Just Like Always" with delicacy. The result was an effective album, if, once again, a one-off effort since Cocker, his career rejuvenated by the success of the movie theme "Up Where We Belong," quickly decamped for Capitol...W. Ruhlmann

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 215 MB
Genre : Rock


Joe Cocker - lead vocals
Wally Badarou - keyboards
Robert Palmer - vocals
Jimmy Cliff - vocals
Adrian Belew - guitar
Barry Reynolds - guitar, vocals
Mikey Chung - guitar
Sly Dunbar - drums
Robbie Shakespeare - bass
Uziah "Sticky" Thompson - percussion


01. Look What You've Done 4:13
02. Shocked 3:18
03. Sweet Little Woman 4:02
04. Seven Days 5:22
05. Marie 2:35
06. Ruby Lee 4:24
07. Many Rivers To Cross 3:43
08. So Good, So Right 2:34
09. Talking Back To The Night 4:50
10. Just Like Always 3:28

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subota, 12.06.2010.

Badfinger - No Dice (1970)(Gold Disc Remaster 1997)

Badfinger - No Dice - DCC 24K Gold - Remastered by Steve Hoffman. Along with "Straight Up" and "Wish You Were Here", "No Dice" represents the very best of Badfinger. This second album by the immensely talented and equally star-crossed Welsh/Liverpudlian quartet is an absolute must-have. Power-pop defining "No Matter What" and the ever-green ballad "Without You" are hands-down classics while "We're For The Dark", "Midnight Caller", and "Blodwyn" are three of the late and great Pete Ham's most beautiful songs. The previously unreleased bonus track "I'll Be The One" is a treasure. This album is a great introduction for new fans of Badfinger.

Badfinger was a British power pop band formed in the 1960s but their contribution to music was marred by the tales of managerial corruption and the resultant suicides of two band members. The band's association - and to a certain extent comparisons - with The Beatles was useful for them and by 1971 they had recorded four successful albums: (Maybe Tomorrow (as The Iveys) (69), Magic Christian Music (1970), No Dice (1970) and Straight Up (1971)) and fame was beckoning around the world. The next album Ass (1971) became snarled up in a move from Apple to Warner Brothers and the album failed to perform well; nor did it's follow up Badfinger (1974). Wish You Were Here was a return to form in the eyes of the critics but divisions within the band were beginning to form; a result of management issues. Worse still, the wrangles about missing money between the record label and their manager, Stan Polley meant that the next album Head First was not released at all. In 1975 Peter Ham, founder member and creative force of the group hanged himself, stating in his suicide note that Polley was a "soulless bastard". The group disbanded. By 1979 the remaining members had reformed and released Airwaves but the relationships within the band were brittle, Badfinger fractured and it resulted in two "Badfingers" touring. The main split between members Joey Molland and Evans ended when Evans hanged himself in 1983 - over an argument about royalties for the band's main songwriting credit "Without You", (which Evans had co-written with Ham).

Badfinger's second album No Dice kicks off with "I Can't Take It," a rocker that signaled even if Badfinger still played pop and sang ballads, they considered themselves a rock band. What gave Badfinger character is they blended their desire to rock with their sensitive side instead of compartmentalizing. Even when they rock on No Dice, it's never earthy, like, say, the Stones. Badfinger's very sensibility and sound is modeled after the early British Invasion, where bands sang catchy, concise love songs. Yet there's a worldliness to their music absent from that of their forefathers, partially because Badfinger styled themselves as classicists, adapting the sound of their idols and striving to create a similar body of work. No Dice bears this out, boasting old-fashioned rockers, catchy pop tunes, and acoustic ballads. On the surface, there's nothing special about such a well-crafted, sharply produced, straight-ahead pop record, but the pleasure of a power pop album is in the craft. No Dice is not without flaws -- a byproduct of an all-writing, all-singing band is that some songs don't measure up -- but it does achieve the right balance of craft, fun, and emotion, due in no small part to Pete Ham's songwriting. Ham dominates the record, providing note-perfect openers and closers, along with the centerpiece singles "No Matter What" and "Without You," the latter a yearning, painful ballad co-written with Tom Evans. Collaborating with new guitarist Joey Molland, Evans wrote two other excellent songs ("I Don't Mind," "Better Days"), while Molland's own "Love Me Do" chugs along with nice momentum. Still, the heart of the album lies in Ham's work.. He proves that songcraft is what separates great power-pop from good, and it's what makes No Dice a superb pop record...S. Th. Erlewine

Codec: flac
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SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 319 MB
Genre : Rock


Joey Molland - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Evans - Bass, Vocals
Mike Gibbins - Drums
Pete Ham - Guitar, Piano, Vocals


01 I Can't Take It 2:54
02 I Don't Mind 3:13
03 Love Me Do 2:57
04 Midnight Caller 2:48
05 No Matter What 2:59
06 Without You 4:42
07 Blodwyn 3:24
08 Better Days 3:59
09 It Had to Be 2:27
10 Watford John 3:21
11 Believe Me 2:58
12 We're for the Dark 3:51
13 Get Down Bonus Track 3:43
14 Friends Are Hard to Find Bonus Track 2:28
15 Mean Mean Jemima Bonus Track 3:41
16 Loving You Bonus Track 2:51
17 I'll Be the One Bonus 2:54

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petak, 11.06.2010.

Eric Burdon & War - Declares War (1970) (Gold Disc Remaster 1995)

The debut effort by Eric Burdon and War was an erratic effort that hinted at more potential. Three of the five tunes are meandering blues-jazz-psychedelic jams, two of which, "Tobacco Road" and "Blues for Memphis Slim," chug along for nearly 15 minutes. These showcase the then-unknown War's funky fusion and Burdon's still-impressive vocals. "Spill the Wine" is inarguably the greatest moment of the Burdon-fronted lineup. Not only was this goofy funk shaggy-dog story one of the most truly inspired off-the-wall hit singles of all time, it was War's first smash -- and Eric Burdon's last. The odd closing track, a short piece of avant-garde sentimentality called "You're No Stranger" was deleted from re-releases of this album for years due to legal complications, but was restored for its CD reissue...R. Unterberger

"We the people have declared war against the people for the right to love each other". Personally I prefer the second title, but then record companies can be such picky people. Eric Burdon & War was one of those unstable combinations that throws out sparks and heat even as it heads toward meltdown. Looking back it seems amazing that the team up of a British Blues / rock singer, a freaked out Danish harmonica player and an L.A. - based R & B / Jazz / Latin sextet came together at all. Their mixture of ethnic background & musical influences created a sound that was as hard to classify as exciting as it was to listen too. Eric Burden & War ran that fine line between genius & total excess as their star blazed a fluorescent trail across the musical stratosphere. The brief career only lasted two years & two albums, (1969 - 71) during this brief time together they performed with a sense of daring, risk, imagination, & adventure. "Eric Burdon declares War" was the first & most successful of the two albums, (the other "Black Man's Burdon" being released the following year) recorded after nearly a year of touring, the band went in and laid down what they were playing on stage with very little overdubs & plenty of ad-libbing. The music captures the kinetic inter play between Burdon & his band mates. Their ability to communicate with and improvise off each other gives "Declares War" its power & its glory. The tension between Burdon's unpredictable nature, War's polished instrumental skills, and Lee Oskar's reckless jamming harmonica runs through the music. Burdon was an artist with a definite message, and working with a multi-racial band was part of his statement. "War" wasn't a name to be chosen lightly in 1969 (or now come to that) it acknowledged both cultural & artistic conflicts & challenged audiences to deal with such issues, at least that's my slant looking at the monikers meaning. The free flowing approach of the album starts immediately with first cut "The Vision Of Rassan" with its name checks to Charlie Parker & John Coltrane, this was the bands tribute to jazz reed player Roland Kirk, and wets the musical palate for what is to come. From there, Burdon leads the band into an expanded exploratory version of Tobacco Road, that had previously been a hit for the Nashville Teens, but not much of their version remains as Burdon uses the lyric as a springboard for an odd erotic sermon, nailed down by War's tight supporting play.

The albums best known track "Spill The Wine" is a Latin tinged daydream of a song which became a number 3 in the U.S.A & a number one in the rest of the world. "Mother Earth" an old blues standard gives us the main theme for the 13 minutes of "Blues For Memphis Slim". As the band coasts along, Burdon expounds upon sex, birth, & morality, stepping aside to allow Charles Miller & then Lee Oskar to strut their stuff. The albums concludes with the vocal workout "Your No Stranger" a nice return to normality after what has gone before. The following year the partnership dissolved, fortunately the music they recorded survives, a remarkable combination of divergent ancestries and united talents...K. Fletcher

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 248 MB
Genre : Rock


01 The Vision of Rassan: Dedication/Roll on Kirk 7:40
02 Tobacco Road: Tobacco Road/I Have a Dream/Tobacco Road 14:24
03 Spill the Wine 4:51
04 Blues for Memphis Slim: Birth/Mother Earth/Mr. Charlie/Danish Pastry 13:08
05 You're No Stranger 3:03

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srijeda, 09.06.2010.

10CC - Sheet Music (1974) (SHM-CD Remaster 2010)

Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players, includes three bonus tracks.

10cc's second album was the next phase in what guitarist Eric Stewart called the band's "masterplan to control the universe. The Sweet, Slade, and Gary Glitter are all very valuable pop," he proclaimed, "but it's fragile because it's so dependent on a vogue. We don't try to appeal to one audience, or aspire to instant stardom, we're satisfied to move ahead a little at a time as long as we're always moving forward." Sheet Music, perhaps the most widely adventurous album of what would become a wildly adventurous year, would more than justify that claim. "It grips the heart of rock'n'roll like nothing I've heard before," raved Melody Maker, before describing 10cc as "the Beach Boys of "Good Vibrations," the Beatles of "Penny Lane," they're the mischievous kid next door, they're the Marx Brothers, they're Jack and Jill, they're comic cuts characters, and they're sheer brilliance." Stewart certainly agreed -- he told that same paper, 10cc's music was "better than 90% of the sheer unadulterated crap that's in the charts" and, 20 years on, bassist Graham Gouldman continued, "Sheet Music is probably the definitive 10cc album. What it was, our second album wasn't our difficult second album, it was our best second album. It was the best second album we ever did." Three hit singles spun off the record, and most of the other tracks could have followed suit; it says much for Sheet Music's staying power that, no matter how many times the album is reissued, it has never lost its power to delight, excite, and set alight a lousy day
...D. Thompson

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 283 MB
Genre : Rock


01. 10cc - The Wall Street Shuffle (3:54)
02. 10cc - The Worst Band In The World (2:48)
03. 10cc - Hotel (4:54)
04. 10cc - Old Wild Men (3:21)
05. 10cc - Clockwork Creep (2:46)
06. 10cc - Silly Love (4:01)
07. 10cc - Somewhere In Hollywood (6:39)
08. 10cc - Baron Samedi (3:46)
09. 10cc - The Sacro-Iliac (2:33)
10. 10cc - Oh Effendi (2:50)
11. 10cc - Bee In My Bonnet (2:04)
12. 10cc - Gismo My Way (3:46)
13. 10cc - 18 Carat Man Of Means (3:27)

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utorak, 08.06.2010.

Golden Earring - Collected (3 CD Remaster 2009)

Sixties Dutch hard-rock band Golden Earring are best known for their 1973 hit single "Radar Love" and their 1982 single "Twilight Zone". Golden Earring have been together since 1961 and the current line-up includes two founding members George Kooymans (vocals and guitar) and Rinus Gerritsen (bass, keyboard) along with Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute and saxophone) a member since 1968 and Ceasar Zuiderwijk (drums) a member since 1970. They have had over 40 hits and 30 albums many achieving either gold or platinum status in their home country, The Netherlands.

Codec: mp3
Size: 520 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Sound Of The Screaming Day
02. Together We Live Together We Love
03. I've Just Lost Somebody
04. Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong
05. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
06. Where Will I Be
07. Another 45 Miles (Single)
08. Back Home
09. Holy Holy Life
10. She Flies On Strange Wings (Long Version)
11. Buddy Joe
12. Stand By Me
13. Radar Love (Single)
14. Instant Poetry
15. (Kill Me) CeSoir
16. Sleepwalkin'
17. Bombay

CD 2

01. Just Like Vince Taylor (Live)
02. Movin Down Life
03. Weekend Love
04. I Do Rock 'N Roll
05. Long Blond Animal
06. No For An Answer
07. Slow Down
08. Twilight Zone (Album Version)
09. The Devil Made Me Do It
10. When The Lady Smiles
11. Clear Night Moonlight
12. Something Heavy Going On
13. Quiet Eyes
14. Why Do I
15. They Dance
16. My Killer My Shadow
17. Turn The World Around

CD 3

01. Distant Love
02. Going To The Run
03. Temporary Madness
04. Pouring My Heart Out Again
05. I Can't Sleep Without You) (Live)
06. As Long As The Wind Blows (Live)
07. Hold Me Now
08. Johnny Make Believe
09. This Wheel's On Fire
10. Burning Stuntman (Live 1999)
11. Paradise In Distress (Live 1999)
12. Whisper In A Crowd
13. Miles Away From Nowhere
14. Yes, We're On Fire
15. Albino Moon (Album Version)
16. A Sound I Never Heard (Album Version)
17. Colourblind (Album Version)
18. Angel (Live Recorded At The Panama, Amsterdam Holland)

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subota, 05.06.2010.

10CC - 10CC (1973) (SHM-CD Remaster 2010)

Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players.

Displaying a command of pop styles and satire, 10cc showed that they are a force to be reckoned with on their first album. Hooks abound, harmonies shine, and instrumentation is dazzling without being overdone. Though charges of "self-consciously clever" could be leveled at the group, their command of witty, Anglo-styled pop is so impressive that even those criticisms must be weighed against the mastery of styles. All four members sing lead and are talented songwriters, and this leads to a wide variety of styles that add to their vision. Featuring their number one U.K. hit "Rubber Bullets," 10cc wade through ten selections of satire and parody. One of the best is "Johnny Don't Do It," a parody of all the "death discs" of the late '50s and early '60s (the misunderstood "bad but really good" guy who is killed in a wreck). More contemporary and bitingly sarcastic is "Headline Hustler," a commentary on the ravenous, scandal-hungry media. Medical facilities and the treatment afforded there is given ripe 10cc commentary in "The Hospital Song." ("And when I go, I'll die of plaster casting love.") Whether doing loving parodies of the music they grew up with or satirizing contemporary issues, 10cc show themselves to be top-level purveyors of pop on their debut recording. Some might criticize the group for being too self-satisfied with their own intelligence, but there is no denying the true craftsmanship and humor on their 1973 debut...M, Ofjord

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 293 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. 10cc - Rubber Bullets (5:16)
02. 10cc - Donna (2:55)
03. 10cc - Johnny, Don't Do It (3:39)
04. 10cc - Sand In My Face (3:39)
05. 10cc - Speed Kills (3:50)
06. 10cc - The Dean And I (3:04)
07. 10cc - Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They) (3:05)
08. 10cc - The Hospital Song (2:43)
09. 10cc - Fresh Air For My Momma (3:05)
10. 10cc - Headline Hustler (3:32)
11. 10cc - Hot Sun Rock* (3:02)
12. 10cc - 4% Of Something* (4:02)
13. 10cc - Waterfall* (3:42)

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petak, 04.06.2010.

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet (1986)(SHM-CD Remaster 2009)

Japanese only SHM pressing. The SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players. Universal. 2009

Slippery When Wet wasn't just a breakthrough album for Bon Jovi; it was a breakthrough for hair metal in general, marking the point where the genre officially entered the mainstream. Released in 1986, it presented a streamlined combination of pop, hard rock, and metal that appealed to everyone -- especially girls, whom traditional heavy metal often ignored during the '80s. Slippery When Wet was more indebted to pop than metal, though, and the band made no attempt to hide its commercial ambition, even hiring an outside songwriter to co-write two of the album's biggest singles. The trick paid off as Slippery When Wet became the best-selling album of 1987, beating out contenders like Appetite for Destruction, The Joshua Tree, and Bad.

Part of the album's success could be attributed to Desmond Child, a behind-the-scenes songwriter who went on to write hits for Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, and Ricky Martin. With Child's help, Bon Jovi penned a pair of songs that would eventually define their career -- "†Living on a Prayer†" and "†You Give Love a Bad Name†" -- two teenage anthems that mixed Springsteen's blue-collar narratives with straightforward, guitar-driven hooks. The band's characters may have been down on their luck -- they worked dead-end jobs, pined for dangerous women, and occasionally rode steel horses -- but Bon Jovi never presented a problem that couldn†t be cured by a good chorus, every one of which seemed to celebrate a glass-half-full mentality. Elsewhere, the group turned to nostalgia, using songs like "†Never Say Goodbye†" and "†Wild in the Streets†" to re-create (or fabricate) an untamed, sex-filled youth that undoubtedly appealed to the band†s teen audience. Bon Jovi weren't nearly as hard-edged as Mötley Crüe or technically proficient as Van Halen, but the guys smartly played to their strengths, shunning the extremes for an accessible, middle-of-the-road approach that wound up appealing to more fans than most of their peers. †It†s alright if you have a good time,† Jon Bon Jovi sang on Slippery When Wet†s first track, "†Let It Rock,†" and those words essentially served as a mantra for the entire hair metal genre, whose carefree, party-heavy attitude became the soundtrack for the rest of the †80s...A. Leahey

Codec: flac/mp3
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 332/112 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Let It Rock 5:25
02 You Give Love a Bad Name 3:43
03 Livin' On A Prayer 4:09
04 Social Disease 4:18
05 Wanted Dead Or Alive 5:09
06 Raise Your Hands 4:17
07 Without Love 3:31
08 I'd Die for You 4:30
09 Never Say Goodbye 4:49
10 Wild In The Streets 3:56

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četvrtak, 03.06.2010.

Skid Row - 40 Seasons: The Best Of Skid Row (1998)(2007)

International edition of 1998 compilation for Sebastian Bach's popular 80s/90s metal band features 16 tracks including hits, demo versions, rarities, remixes, & live material in addition to the same two previously unreleased bonus tracks, ''Forever' & 'Fire In The Hole' (Demo 1991), as the expensive Japanese edition. 2007 Atlantic

This after-the-fact compilation from one of the last hard rock bands to make any sort of impression before the alt-rock revolution made most of it meaningless does its job, limited as it is, fairly well. All the hit singles that Sebastian Bach and company cranked out during their brief run of superstardom are here; none particularly holds up out of its era. Still, if having "Youth Gone Wild," "18 and Life," "I Remember You," and "Monkey Business" in one compact package means something to you, then Forty Seasons is that album...M. Gallucci

Skid Row is an American heavy metal band formed in 1986. The band was formed by Rachel Bolan and Dave "The Snake" Sobo. They completed the original line-up with Matt Fallon, Scotti Hill and Rob Affuso. Sebastian Bach was the charismatic frontman who replaced Fallon in 1987 and saw the band through their glory days, until he was fired in 1997. Their five times platinum selling debut album Skid Row (1989) and its follow up, the heavier, double platinum selling Slave to the Grind (1991) are their best known, spawning the hits "18 and Life" and "Youth Gone Wild". Their next albums, Subhuman Race (1995), Thickskin (2003) and Revolutions Per Minute (2006) failed to make the impact of their first two, but they have continued to tour nonetheless.

Codec: flac
Size: 488 MB
Genre : Rock


• Sebastian Bach - vocals
• Scotti Hill - guitars
• Dave "The Snake" Sabo - guitars
• Rachel Bolan - bass
• Rob Affuso - drums


01 Youth Gone Wild 3:21
02 18 and Life 3:49
03 Piece of Me 2:48
04 I Remember You 5:14
05 The Threat 3:48
06 Psycho Love 3:56
07 Monkey Business 4:19
08 Quicksand Jesus 5:21
09 Slave to the Grind 3:28
10 Into Another Remix 3:59
11 Frozen Demo Version 5:32
12 My Enemy Remix 3:32
13 Breakin' Down Remix 4:28
14 Beat Yourself Blind Live 5:20
15 Forever prev.unreleased 4:04
16 Fire in the Hole prev. unreleased / Demo Version 3:24

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srijeda, 02.06.2010.

T.Rex - Dandy In The Underworld (1977) (SHM-CD Remaster 2009)

Japanese only SHM paper sleeve pressing. Includes two bonus tracks. The SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC & Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players

Marc Bolan welcomed the advent of punk rock with the biggest smile he'd worn in years. The hippest young gunslingers could go on all night about the influence of the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, and the Ramones, but Bolan knew — and subsequent developments proved — that every single one of them had been nurtured in his arms, growing up with the ineffable stream of brilliant singles he slammed out between 1970-1972, and rehearsing their own stardom to the soundtrack he supplied. Dandy in the Underworld, released early in 1977, confirmed Bolan's punkoid pre-eminence. Still retainingmore… its predecessors' demented soul revue edge, but packed solid with powerful pop, Bolan's personal predictions for the punk scene literally exploded out of the grooves. By the time the album wraps up with the rock'n'armageddon flavored "Teen Riot Structure," Bolan was not simply wearing the mantel of punk godfatherhood, he was happily sticking safety-pins through it and preparing his next move, the driving "Celebrate Summer" single, the greatest record he'd made in years. It was also his last — a month after its release, Marc Bolan was dead. Sorrow immediately imbibed Dandy in the Underworld with a dignity which, had Bolan lived, it probably wouldn't have otherwise deserved — it is not, overall, one of his strongest albums, and the demos and outtakes included on the later volumes of the Unchained series suggest that his proposed next album would have left it far behind. But conjecture, like hindsight, can be a dangerous gauge. At the time, Dandy not only seemed bloated with promise, it was pregnant with foreboding as well. Listen again to the lyrics of the title track — self-mythologizing autobiography and not a happy ending in sight. Just like real life....D. Jellinc

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 287 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Dandy In The Underworld (4:34)
02. Crimson Moon (3:24)
03. Universe (2:44)
04. I'm A Fool For You, Girl (2:19)
05. I Love To Boogie (2:15)
06. Visions Of Domino (2:26)
07. Jason B. Sad (3:23)
08. Groove A Little (3:25)
09. The Soul Of My Suit (2:37)
10. Hang-ups (3:29)
11. Pain And Love (3:40)
12. Teen Riot Structure (3:33)
13. Celebrate Summer (Bonus) 2:40)
14. Dandy In The Underworld (Single Version) (Bonus) (3:51)

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utorak, 01.06.2010.

Holy Dio - A Tribute to The Voice of Metal: Ronnie James Dio (1999)

Double disc tribute to the former vocalist for Elf, Rainbow & Black Sabbath. Contains covers of 19 of the best known musical incantations he conjured up with those three groups, as well as his own melodic spells, as interpreted by many of the world's greatest metal bands.

Ronnie James Dio

Birth name Ronald James Padavona
Born July 10, 1946(1946-07-10)
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
Died May 16, 2010 (aged 67)
Houston, Texas, United States
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock, blues-rock
Occupations Musician, singer-songwriter, producer
Instruments Vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, trumpet
Years active 1957–2010
Associated acts Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, Hear 'n Aid, Heaven & Hell
Website Official website

Ronnie James Dio (July 10, 1946 – May 16, 2010) was an American heavy metal vocalist and songwriter. He performed with, amongst others, Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, and his own band Dio. Other musical projects include the collective fundraiser Hear 'n Aid. He was widely hailed as one of the most powerful singers in heavy metal, renowned for his consistently powerful voice and for popularizing the "devil's horns" hand gesture in metal culture. Prior to his death, he was collaborating on a project with former Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Vinny Appice, under the moniker Heaven & Hell, whose first studio album, The Devil You Know, was released on April 28, 2009. Dio died of stomach cancer on May 16, 2010.

Codec: mp3
Size: 227 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01.: Blind Guardian – Don’t Talk to Strangers (4:49)
02.: Primal Fear – Kill the King (4:33)
03.: Doro – Egypt (The Chains Are On) (6:11)
04.: Jag Panzer – Children of the Sea (5:16)
05.: Fates Warning – Sign of the Southern Cross (7:38)
06.: Catch The Rainbow – Rainbow Eyes (7:06)
07.: Gamma Ray – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (3:46)
08.: Swanö/Tägtgren – Country Girl (4:03)
09.: Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Gates Of Babylon (7:11)

CD 2

01.: Grave Digger – We Rock (4:14)
02.: Hammerfall – Man on the Silver Mountain (3:25)
03.: Holy Mother – Holy Diver (4:07)
04.: Stratovarius – Kill the King (4:35)
05.: Axel Rudi Pell – Still I’m Sad (4:37)
06.: Enola Gay – Heaven And Hell (6:18)
07.: Steel Prophet – Neon Knights (3:54)
08.: Solitude Aeturnus – Shame On The Night (6:11)
09.: Destiny’s End – The Last in Line (4:53)
10.: Angel Dust – Temple of the King (6:33)

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