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èetvrtak, 30.09.2010.

Booker T. & the MG's - McLemore Avenue (1970)(2007)

Stax Reissue of 1970 album on the Stax label for the r&b combo, known as the house band of the Stax label, featuring four tracks, that is three Beatles medleys & the track 'Something'.2007

Though Booker T. & the MG's had always been more of a singles act, they made a series of respectable long-players throughout the 1960s as well, culminating in the fine Melting Pot from 1971. Prior to recording that album, however, they assembled this Beatles homage, tackling an entire album from the Liverpool quartet. Rather than stroll down the Abbey Road they pay tribute to, however, organist Booker T. Jones, guitarist Steve Cropper, bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn, and drummer Al Jackson, Jr. strut down McLemore Avenue, the funky Memphis location of the equally legendary Stax studios. Most of the songs are arranged in a fluid medley style, maintaining the suite-like feel that unified the original. The results often veer toward a sort of funky muzak. Imagine, if you will, the sort of tunes you might have heard piped into the Stax offices or renditions offered up by a late-night lounge act. Following the introductory pairing of "Golden Slumbers" and "Carry That Weight," the quartet flexes its combined muscle on "The End," a performance complete with soloing from Cropper and heated organ bursts from Jones. It's all over far too quickly, however, lapsing into George Harrison's "Something" and bringing up the main problem with McLemore Avenue. As the backing band behind countless Stax classics, rhythm, rather than melody, has always been the MG's' strong suit. Thankfully, the Abbey Road material balances the schmaltzy sentimentality of tracks like "Golden Slumbers" and "Here Comes the Sun" with the tougher grooves of "The End" and "Come Together": songs that lend themselves much better to the MG's' approach. The quartet may have been better off stretching out on a few of these tracks, rather than rendering the bulk of the album. As it is, McLemore Avenue remains a curio for Booker T. and Beatles fans alike.--N. Bush

Size: 208 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Medley: Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/Here Comes The 0Sun/Come Together 15:48
02. Something 4:09
03. Medley: Because/You Never Give Me Your Money 7:25
04. Medley: Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/I Want You (She's So Heavy)

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Roy Buchanan - When A Guitar Plays The Blues (1985)(1999)

Roy Buchanan was always one of the most respected guitarists in his field, ever since the '70s. However, he hit a rough patch in the early '80s, falling out of favor and finding record contracts hard to find. He made a startling comeback in 1985 with When a Guitar Plays the Blues, his first record for Alligator Records. Though the record still suffers the slightly antiseptic formula of Alligator Records, Buchanan shines throughout, making it clear why this brought him back to the spotlight in 1985. Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Roy Buchanan was one of America's true geniuses of the electric guitar. Even posthumously, he commands the ardent respect of his fellow guitarists and a devoted army of fans. The Buchanan sound is unique: heartbreaking, searing solos, trademark shimmering tone, gorgeous melodies and a mixture of lightning quickness and technical creativity that mark him as a wizard of the instrument. He was a pioneer in the use of controlled harmonics, and although this technique has been used by the likes of Jeff Beck, Robbie Robertson and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, all acknowledge Buchanan as the master. Raised in the small town of Pixley, California, Roy's musical fire was sparked at an early age. His father was a sharecropper and Pentecostal preacher and Roy's first musical memories were of the racially-mixed revival meetings his family would attend. Surrounded by gospel, R&B and country influences, it wasn't long before Roy expressed interest in playing an instrument. His parents sent him to the local lap steel guitar teacher, Mrs. Pressure, who had Roy picking out the Hit Parade favorites by the time he was seven years old. Six years later, Roy moved on to a Fender Telecaster. "I liked the tone," he said, "it sounded a lot like steel guitar." Soon thereafter, drawn to the blossoming R&B scene in Los Angeles, Roy ran away from home and headed for the big city. At only 15 years of age, he was taken under the wing of famed bandleader/producer/writer/arranger/impresario Johnny Otis. The young Roy studied the blues mastery of guitarists such as Jimmy Nolen (later with James Brown), Pete Lewis and Johnny 'Guitar' Watson. The late fifties and early sixties found Roy playing for and cutting a number of sessions with musicians as diverse as pop idol Freddie Cannon, rockabilly legend Dale Hawkins, and even Ronnie Hawkins (whose band, the Hawks, would later gain fame as the Band). During his stint with Ronnie Hawkins, Roy played guitar mentor to the group's then bass player, Robbie Robertson. Then, in 1962, Roy's trademark harmonics were introduced on “Potato Peeler,” his groundbreaking single with drummer Bobby Gregg. In the mid-sixties, exhausted by life on the road, Roy settled down in the Washington, D.C. area, started his own group, The Snakestretchers, and began a residency at the Crossroads Club in Blades Burg, Maryland. In 1971, already riding on word-of-mouth reputation that included accolades from Eric Clapton, Merle Haggard, the Rolling Stones and John Lennon (who made a personal pilgrimage to see Roy at the Crossroads Club), Roy "broke" nationally as the result of an hour-long National Public Television documentary. Entitled THE BEST UNKNOWN GUITARIST IN THE WORLD, the show won Roy a contract with Polydor and began a decade of national and international touring. He cut five albums for Polydor (one went gold) and three for Atlantic (one gold), while playing virtually every major rock concert hall and festival. The major labels gave him fame and fortune, but no artistic freedom. Finally, disgusted with the over-production forced on his music, Roy quit recording in 1981, vowing never to enter a studio again unless he could record his own music his way. Four years later, Roy was coaxed back into the studio by Alligator Records. His first album for Alligator, WHEN A GUITAR PLAYS THE BLUES, was released in the spring of 1985. It was the first time he was given total artistic freedom in the studio; it was also his first true blues album. Fans quickly responded, and the album entered BILLBOARDsS pop charts with a bullet and remained on the charts for 13 weeks. Music critics, as well as fans applauded Roy's efforts with accolades and plenty of four-star reviews. His second Alligator LP, DANCING ON THE EDGE, was released in the fall of 1986. The album won the College Media Journal (CMJ) Award for Best Blues Album of 1986. One year later, Buchanan released HOT WIRES, his third Alligator LP and the twelfth of his career. It was hailed by the CHICAGO TRIBUNE as "his best album ever." By this time, Roy's illustrious career had taken him from underground club gigs in the sixties, to international recognition and gold record sales in the seventies and worldwide tours in the eighties with the likes of the Allman Brothers. He even performed to a sold-out Carnegie Hall with label-mates Albert Collins and Lonnie Mack. Roy was thoroughly enjoying the creative freedom he received from Alligator. "Since coming to Alligator," Roy once commented, "I'm finally making the records that I've always wanted to make."

Buchanan's skill, soul and technical innovations were nothing less than marvels to his contemporaries and admirers. Without his inventiveness, the landscape of modern guitar playing would be completely different. Buchanan died in Virginia in 1988. He was 48 years old.

Codec: flac
Size: 280 MB
Genre : Rock


01 When a Guitar Plays the Blues 6:38
02 Chicago Smokeshop 4:59
03 Mrs. Pressure 4:38
04 A Nickel and a Nail 4:28
05 Short Fuse 3:31
06 Why Don't You Want Me? 6:06
07 Country Boy 3:45
08 Sneaking Godzilla Through the Alley 6:16
09 Hawaiian Punch 1:55

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Calvin Russell - Live At The Kremlin-1990 (2006)

Calvin Russell is the real deal, an authentic Texas-born cowboy whose face is a trail of hard-earned lines, proof of the rough mileage he's put on his body since his birth in 1948 in Austin. For someone who likes Texas and Russell's brand of country music, the act of researching his life and misadventures could be fun if it weren't for one thing: all the juicy stuff — including Russell's stint in jail — that's been printed about the singing American cowboy is in French. Sometimes it's in another European language. Far less often will you find any significant write-ups in the language of his birthplace, and that's because Russell found his greatest success, professionally and personally, far from home. He is a business owner; the proprietor of a Swiss nightclub. His wife is Swiss. A good percentage of his albums were recorded in Europe. The singer/songwriter was one of nine children born to his working-class parents, Red and Daisy. The family lived on an unpaved road, not far from the town's wrecking yard. His mom was a waitress in the same little café where his dad did the cooking. Calvin Russell, their sixth child, spent his youth putting together hot-rod cars. Before he turned 13, he'd discovered the guitar. Within a year, Russell was playing with an outfit called the Cavemen. A wild time during his teens brought him to the attention of local authorities, who sent him to juvenile detention and, later, prison. At one point in the mid-'80s, he did time in a Mexican jail, where he spent his nights on a cold concrete floor. Upon his release, he headed back to his hometown, where his condition didn't improve much. He made his bed outdoors, in the small area beneath a house, in the dirt. Russell took to the open road on a motorcycle and began to write his songs in the Texas hill country. By 1985, he had a single to his credit. Thanks to a chance meeting with record company executive Patrick Mathe four years later at Austin's Continental Club, Russell landed a contract with the French company that would release many of his albums, New Rose Records. Russell later went on to sign with Sony after New Rose Records folded. New Rose's release of Russell's A Crack in Time album in 1990 caused a stir for the artist, and he started picking up quite a bit of attention. He went on to play festivals in Europe alongside such artists as the Kinks and Little Village. Three more albums followed from New Rose. Le Voyageur is a recording of live shows performed by Russell in such French cities as Rennes and Paris. When the record company was sinking and its assets frozen in bankruptcy proceedings, Russell was very close to having his career tied up in the company's legal woes. Dick Rivers, who had a career decades earlier in pop, rescued Russell when he purchased the singer/songwriter's contract. Soon, Sony found Russell and stepped into the picture...Linda Seida


A Crack in Time (1990)
Sounds from the Fourth World (1991)
Soldier (1992)
Le Voyageur - Live (1993)
Dream of the Dog (1995)
Calvin Russell (1997)
The Story of Calvin Russell - This Is My life (1998)
Sam (1999)
Crossroad (2000)
Rebel Radio (2002)
A Man in Full (2004)
In Spite of It All (2005)
Unrepentant (2007)
Dawg eat Dawg (2009)

Size: 170 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Living At The End Of The Gun - 04:34
02. Big Brother - 04:13
03. North Austin Slim - 06:46
04. My Way - 06:36
05. Automated - 03:29
06. A Crack In Time - 05:39
07. Rats And Roaches - 04:59
08. I Should Have Been Home - 04:12
09. Behind The 8 Ball - 04:48
10. You're My Baby - 04:20
11. Rockin' The Republicans - 04:49
12. Maybe Some Day - 04:31
13. Baby What You Want Me To Do - 04:21
14. All Along The Watch Tower - 05:24
15. Nothin' - 05:49

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utorak, 28.09.2010.

Calvin Russell - Le Voyageur Live! (1997)

This is simply a fantastic live record - you can almost sense the sweat from Calvin as he almost touches the french audience ... recorded at two venues in Paris and one in Rouen you just wish you were there. Brilliant versions of "One Meatball", "Play With Fire", "Crack in Time" and the opener "Livin on the End of a Gun" makes this one of the best live albums ever recorded, up there with Stones "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out" and Neil Young's "Weld"...L. Ringström

Video - Calvin Russell > All Along The Watchtower (Live)


* A Crack in Time (1990)
* Sounds from the Fourth World (1991)
* Soldier (1992)
* Le Voyageur - Live (1993)
* Dream of the Dog (1995)
* Calvin Russell (1997)
* The Story of Calvin Russell - This Is My life (1998)
* Sam (1999)
* Crossroad (2000)
* Rebel Radio (2002)
* A Man in Full (2004)
* In Spite of It All (2005)
* Unrepentant (2007)
* Dawg Eat Dawg (2009)

Codec: mp3
Size: 140 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Living on the end of a gun (4:31)
02. Characters (5:18)
03. My way (4:12)
04. One meatball (4:22)
05. A crack in time (2:53)
06. Crossroads (7:02)
07. Play with fire (3:51)
08. You don't know (3:33)
09. Should've been home with you (3:53)
10. Rockin' the Republicans (4:41)
11. It's just you (3:09)
12. Down in Texas (2:31)
13. North Austin Slim (4:15)
14. Maybe someday (5:40)

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Joe Cocker - Hard Knocks

After more than 40 years in the music business, Joe Cocker is still one of the most successful and popular artists worldwide. Many of his 21 studio albums and 4 live albums have achieved multiplatinum status around the world. His releases have received Grammy Awards, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards. In 2007 he was handed the "Order of the British Empire (OBE)." In short: he's a legend. October 2010 sees the long awaited release of Joe Cocker's first album for the Sony Music's label Columbia Records entitled "Hard Knocks". The album was produced by Matt Serletic (Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, Collective Soul, Carlos Santana) and also includes nine brand new songs plus Cocker's version of the Dixie Chicks song "I Hope" produced by Nashville legend Tony Brown.

Joe Cocker - Hard Knocks (2010)

Codec: flac
Size: 280 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Hard Knocks (3:24)
02. Get On (3:27)
03. Unforgiven (4:14)
04. The Fall (3:49)
05. So It Goes (3:20)
06. Runaway Train (3:26)
07. Stay The Same (4:39)
08. Thankful (3:59)
09. So (3:55)
10. I Hope (4:46)

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ponedjeljak, 27.09.2010.

Cake - Fashion Nugget (1996)(2000)

Sounding like a suburban, melodic white-funk-injected version of King Missile's performance art/standup comedy, "The Distance" became a novelty hit in the fall of 1996, sending Cake's second album, Fashion Nugget, to platinum status. Certainly, "The Distance" was the only reason Fashion Nugget went platinum, because the remainder of the album is too collegiate and arcane for mainstream music tastes. It isn't because it's obscure or intellectual -- it's because the band is smirking. An "ironic" cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is the key to the album, sending the signal that Cake consider themselves above everyone else, and nothing is too insignificant to make fun of. And that wouldn't necessarily have been a problem if they had the wit or musical skills that would make their music either funny or listenable. Instead, they wallow in sophomoric jokes that rely on self-consciously elaborate wordplay. Occasionally, their blend of collegiate musical styles -- funk, hip-hop, alternative rock -- makes the music easy to digest in small doses, such as "The Distance," but it isn't varied enough to prevent the album from becoming tedious when played straight thorugh. Stephen Thomas Erlewine

As they approach their twentieth anniversary, CAKE’s adherence to their original guiding principles has only grown stronger. Since first setting out, their democratic processes, defiant self-reliance, and lucid yet ever-inventive music has made them a nation-state unto themselves, with no obvious peers, belonging to no school. Now, in addition to writing, arranging, producing, and performing their own music, they have taught themselves to engineer their recording projects themselves in their own recently-constructed solar-powered studio, which actually generates more power than is needed to run it, causing the building’s electrical meter to run in reverse. CAKE’s upcoming album, Showroom of Compassion, will be released on their own Upbeat Records label, making the album as pure an extension of the DIY aesthetic as ever attempted by an established act. “There are quite a few different kinds of talent in this band,” observes founding member John McCrea, “so our process has become even more democratic with this record, with the band playing a much larger role in production decisions.” Echoes bassist Gabriel Nelson, “This album is the most collaborative CAKE album – and the band did nearly all the engineering, which has been a real education in technical stuff.” “Having built our own studio and being free from a pushy expensive record label,” adds guitarist Xan McCurdy, “has given us a very important ingredient in making our finest album: time.” “We listen to each other and grow from our association,” says CAKE’s other founding member, Vince DiFiore. “This album represents a band that has created its own story together.” Initially, CAKE's small sound was mostly just mistaken for weakness, and their embracing of non-rock sonic elements was mostly mistaken for humor. Luckily, there were a few people who seemed to understand. The San Francisco Bay Guardian pointed out that “CAKE doesn’t ask you to suck its angst,” and The St. Louis Dispatch described CAKE’s music as "An utterly fresh sound, especially given today’s preponderance of overblown ‘alternative’ bands." Somehow a copy of CAKE’s first demo tape even made it all the way to France, where it was completely understood and well received – “The drug dealers do not thank CAKE,” astutely observed French music magazine, Les Inrockuptibles. Thriving in the unglamorous Central Valley of Northern California, where country meets mariachi meets post punk and classic rock, CAKE’s music reflected this diversity, and would eventually lead to collaborations with not only Brazilian cultural hero Tom Ze, but also with American rapper Jay-Z, and to legendary country songwriter Buck Owens choosing CAKE as one of the only non-country artists to play his Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA.Touring tirelessly from the outset, CAKE narrowly avoided road death many times on the icy roads of New England, traversing the continent sometimes three or four times in a single year in a Dodge passenger van that would frequently catch fire from overuse. Gradually audiences began to seem less puzzled, offended, or furious. Some people even began memorizing and singing along. Their song “How Do You Afford Your Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle?” from their first self-released album, Motorcade of Generosity, even became a minor college radio hit. Eventually, they signed a deal with then-independent label Capricorn Records. The days of riding bikes around town in the middle of the night plastering telephone polls with their own enigmatic band-designed posters and befuddling iconic artwork were soon ending. CAKE released their second album, Fashion Nugget, in 1996, which featured the radio hits "The Distance" and “I Will Survive.” “Every now and then,” heralded The Washington Times, “a band with actual personality sneaks onto the modern rock radio playlist.” The album presented a multi-purpose array of musical communication that rung refreshingly true in contrast to much of the ponderous, colorless rock of the mid-‘90s. CAKE’s third album, Prolonging the Magic, included their most successful song, "Never There," which charted in such distant places as Brazil and Turkey. Founding guitarist Greg Brown was replaced on this album by Chuck Prophet (Green On Red); Tyler Pope (!!!); Jim Campilongo; Rusty Miller (Jackpot); and Xan McCurdy (the Loved Ones), who became a permanent member of the band. Comfort Eagle, CAKE’s fourth and highest-charting album, presented such favorites as “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” “Love You Madly,” and “Shadow Stabbing.” Alternative Press described Comfort Eagle as “infinitely smarter, smarmier, and catchier than Weezer’s green album.” CAKE's most recent studio album, Pressure Chief, was met with critical praise for its signature match of “Post-new wave with smart lyrics,” according to The New York Times, with The Boston Globe chiming in that “After more than a decade of inventiveness, CAKE is far from stale.” The Los Angeles Times described it as “Music that defies simple-minded pop paradigms.” Several years ago, CAKE created their “Unlimited Sunshine Tour,” which held true to their anti-genre, music-first approach. So far, audiences have been surprisingly accepting of this philosophy, and the tour has included such culturally incongruous performers as the Flaming Lips, De La Soul, Modest Mouse, the Hackensaw Boys, Kinky, Charlie Louvin, The Detroit Cobras, Cheap Trick, Tegan and Sara, and the far out comedy of Eugene Mirman. CAKE looks forward to building another entertainingly disparate lineup for Unlimited Sunshine Tour 2011. By maintaining their ideals while continuing to challenge themselves artistically and professionally, CAKE has managed to not only survive, but to thrive. “We still exist,” explains McCrea, “because we’ve always stayed outside of current trends. We’ve watched them inflate and deflate. We’ve never been invited to the party, so we’ve never had to leave the party whether the police arrived or not. It’s a sad and beautiful world.”

Codec: mp3
Size: 115 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Frank Sinatra 4:01
02 The Distance 3:00
03 Friend Is a Four Letter Word 3:22
04 Open Book 3:44
05 Daria 3:44
06 Race Car Ya-Yas 1:21
07 I Will Survive 5:10
08 Stickshifts and Safetybelts 2:09
09 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 2:24
10 It's Coming Down 3:44
11 Nugget 3:58
12 She'll Come Back to Me 2:24
13 Italian Leather Sofa 5:52
14 Sad Songs and Waltzes 3:15

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nedjelja, 26.09.2010.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Budapest (Live) (1984)(11-track Remaster 2000)

In 1980 I witnessed a Manfred Mann's Earth Band gig in The Hague that was part of the "Angel station" tour. It was a completely sold out concert and the crowd reacted very enthousiastic to the great performance from the band. They sounded very inspired and Manfred Mann delivered many of his distinctive, very exciting Minimoog soli, layered with spectacular work on the pitchbend button. Also worth mentioning are the funny cartoons like "Instant sex", an instrumental jam that showcases the band and especially Manfed Mann at his best! Unfortunaltely the record companies never released a video or a decent album that captured this incredible era from Manfred Mann's Earth band.
This CD has some of the magic of the aforementioned excitement. On this live-CD you will be pleased by pleasant renditions from 'classics' like "Spirits in the night" (great guitar work), "Davey's on the road again" (spectacular Minimoog solo), "Blinded by the light" and of course the stage favorite "Mighty Quinn" (the title refers to Roger McQuinn from The Byrds), this time wihtout that sensational work on the keyboards. A pleasant live album with some magic...Dhar Jellinc


- Matt Irving / bass
- John Lingwood / drums
- Manfred Mann / keyboards
- Chris Thompson / vocals, guitar
- Steve Waller / vocals, guitar

Codec: mp3
Size: 132 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock


01. Spirits In The Night 4.30
02. Demolition Man 5.55
03. For You 4.15
04. Davey's On The Road Again 6.37
05. Lies 4.38
06. Blinded By The Light 7.38
07. Redemption Song 3.23
08. Mighty Quinn 4.01
09. Runner (Bonus) 5.10
10. No Transkei (Bonus) 5.23
11. Don't Kill It Carol (Bonus) 5.02

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petak, 24.09.2010.

Eddie Money - Life For The Taking (1978)(Remaster 2008)

Eddie Money's second album wasn't as consistent as his debut, featuring on a slicker production that relied heavily on current pop trends, including disco and arena rock. Nevertheless, the record had a couple of good tracks, including the single "Can't Keep A Good Man Down." Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Size: 95 MB
Genre : Rock


Eddie Money: Vocals, piano & harmonica
Jimmy Lyon: Guitar
Lonnie Turner: Bass
Gary Mallaber: Drums
Alan Pasqua, Nicky Hopkins: Piano


01 Life for the Taking 4:45
02 Can't Keep a Good Man Down 3:37
03 Nightmare 4:22
04 Gimme Some Water 3:38
05 Rock and Roll the Place 3:04
06 Maybe I'm a Fool 3:04
07 Love the Way You Love Me 3:37
08 Maureen 3:35
09 Nobody 4:40
10 Call on Me 6:01

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Eddie Money - No Control (1983) (Remaster Edit 2008)

Eddie Money - No Control (1983) (Remaster Edit 2008)

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Uriah Heep - Golden Ballads (1996)(2009)

Uriah Heep - Golden Ballads (1996)(2009)

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America - Highway 30 Years of America (3CD Box) (2000)

Long before MTV unplugged, America wed innocuous West Coast folk à la CSNY to post-British invasion pop (Beatles producer George Martin twiddled the knobs on many of their most enduring hits) with just a hint of psychedelic madness, managing to create something uniquely, well, American. Though many detractors may question whether a three-disc, 30-year retrospective is necessary or even palatable, it can be argued that Jane's Addiction, Cowboy Junkies, Counting Crows, Edie Brickell, and Joe Pernice's vaguely psychedelic acoustic rock wouldn't have found a toehold had their audiences not cut their teeth on the airwave ubiquity of "Horse with No Name." Sure, the lyrics were often banal ("Like the winter needs the spring / I need you") or absurd ("Seasons crying no despair / alligator lizards in the air") But Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek, and Dewey Bunnell wrote lovely songs, with beautifully interwoven harmonies and complex, interlocking acoustic guitar alchemy. It's a heavy heart indeed that can't be lightened by the guitar cascade that opens "Ventura Highway."
Though the first disk contains many of the band's most recognizable moments from their first three albums, disk 2 contains most of the box set's surprises and enjoyable moments. With George Martin, they found their Svengali, and he drove the band to write much more solid songs, fleshing them out beautifully in the studio. "Sister Golden Hair," "Daisy Jane," and "Tin Man" stand at the top of the America ouevre. Add to that the rediscovered joys of "Muskrat Love" (go ahead and laugh--it's a great song), "Woman Tonight," "Watership Down," "God of the Sun" and the dark-horse gem, "Sergeant Darkness." Disc 3 may give anti-Americans ammo as the group (minus Dan Peek) slide into the morass of adult contemporary pop (though charting surprising hits with "You Can Do Magic" and "The Border"). But the addition of early demos of "Ventura Highway" and "Riverside" and other early tracks saves it from the no-play stack. --Tod Nelson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: ca. 523 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Riverside 3.06
02. A Horse With No Name 4.14
03. I Need You 3.08
04. Rainy Day 2.57
05. Here 5.30
06. Three Roses 3.56
07. Sandman 5.10
08. Everyone I Meet Is From California 3.06
09. Ventura Highway 3.34
10. To Each His Own 3.15
11. Don't Cross The River 2.32
12. Cornwall Blank 4.22
13. Only In Your Heart 3.20
14. Saturn Nights 3.34
15. Hat Trick 8.27
16. Molten Love 3.11
17. It's Life 4.02
18. Submarine Ladies (Unedited, Alternate Mix) 3.43

CD 2

01. Muskrat Love 3.09
02. Green Monkey 3.39
03. She's Gonna Let You Down (Single Edit) 3.42
04. Rainbow Song 3.56
05. Tin Man 3.29
06. Another Try 3.20
07. Lonely People 2.29
08. Hollywood 2.54
09. Baby It's Up To You 2.28
10. Old Man Took 3.14
11. Simple Life 2.14
12. Sister Golden Hair 3.20
13. Daisy Jane 3.11
14. Woman Tonight 2.24
15. Who Loves You (Alternate Mix) 4.24
16. Lovely Night 2.35
17. Amber Cascades 2.53
18. Can't You See 2.24
19. Watership Down (Alternate Mix) 4.43
20. Letter (Alternate Mix) 3.03
21. Today's The Day 3.17
22. Sarah 2.45
23. Are You There 2.54
24. God Of The Sun 3.16
25. Sergeant Darkness 2.55

CD 3

01. California Dreamin' 2.47
02. All My Life 3.04
03. Only Game In Town 4.12
04. 1960 3.12
05. Survival 3.14
06. The Last Unicorn 3.08
07. You Can Do Magic 3.54
08. Inspector Mills 5.12
09. My Dear 4.22
10. The Border 4.00
11. She's A Runaway 4.10
12. (Can't Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby 3.49
13. Special Girl 3.47
14. Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday) 3.35
15. Young Moon 4.32
16. Greenhouse 2.41
17. Mitchum Junction (Demo) 2.09
18. Satan (Demo) 3.57
19. Ventura Highway 3.07
20. James Holladay (Demo) 3.27
21. Riverside (Demo) 2.47

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Rainbow - Down To Earth (1979) (SHM CD Remaster 2008)

Japanese-only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) paper sleeve pressing of this classic album from the British Hard Rockers led by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, originally released in 1979. SHM-CDs can be played on any audio player and delivers unbelievably high-quality sound. You won't believe it's the same CD! Universal. 2008

The departure of Ronnie James Dio gave Ritchie Blackmore a chance to reinvent Rainbow, which he does to a certain extent on Down to Earth. Adding former Deep Purple colleague Roger Glover as bassist and Graham Bonnet as vocalist, Blackmore tones down some of the excess of the Dio years, particularly in terms of fantastical lyrics, and turns to straight-ahead hard rock, only occasionally adorned by prominent synthesizers. In general, their material is fairly solid, and "Since You Been Gone" easily ranks among the band's best songs, but overall the record is a little and sounds very much of its time -- namely, the late '70s, when album rock still ruled the arenas. Nevertheless, Rainbow has a distinct idea, primarily through the guitar artistry and mystical sensibility of Ritchie Blackmore. He sounds invigorated on the album, turning in muscular performances and strong solos on each cut; clearly, the reunion has revitalized him. Unfortunately, Bonnet tends to oversell his vocals, screaming a little bit too often, but he doesn't distract from the fact that Blackmore, Glover, and drummer Cozy Powell turn Down to Earth into a fine hard rock platter. It might not offer anything unique, but it delivers the goods. Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 249 MB
Genre : Rock


01 All Night Long 3:50
02 Eyes Of The World 6:38
03 No Time to Lose 3:41
04 Makin' Love 4:35
05 Since You Been Gone 3:16
06 Love's No Friend 4:50
07 Danger Zone 4:27
08 Lost in Hollywood 4:51

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V.A. - Krautrock - Music for your Brain Vol. 2 (1968-1980)(2007)

Agitation Free

Stefan Diez (guitar), Michael Günter (bass), Michael Hoenig (synthesizer, keyboards), Burghard Rausch (drums, percussion, mellotron), Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich (guitars, bouzouki)

The Berlin based band Agitation Free played psychedelic Rock with ethnic influences and published three albums. The track ""Haunted island" is from their second Album "2nd", which was published in 1973 on the Vertigo label.

Amon Düül II

Dieter Serfas (drums, electric cymbals), Peter Leopold (drums, percussion, grand piano), Shrat Shrat (bongos, vocals, violine), Renate Knaup (vocals, tambourin), John Weinzierl (guitar, 12-string-guitar, sopran-sax, vocals), Falk Rogner (organ, synthesizer), Dave Anderson (bass), Holger Trülzsch (turkish drums), Christian Burchard (vibraphon), Chris Karrer (violin, guitar, soprano-sax, vocals)

These Krautrock pioneers from Munich are active since 1969 and one of the most important Krautrock bands. They published dozends of album, however the best and most interesting ones are those which appeared until 1974. The track "Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren" is from their legendary debut album "Phallus Dei", which was published in 1969 on the Liberty label.

Annexus Quam

Uwe Bick (drums, vocals, percussion), Jürgen Jonuschies (bass, vocals, percussion), Werner Hostermann (carinet, organ, vocals, percussion), Peter Werner (guitar, vocals, percussion), Hans Kämper (trombone, guitar, vocals, percussion), Ove Volquartz (sax), Harald Klemm (flute, vocals, percussion)

The psychedelic Jazz Krautrock band Annexus Quam published two albums on the Ohr label. The track "Osmose III" is from their debut album "Osmose, which was published in 1970. It can be compared with the early Embryo album or the first Et Cetera album.


Inga Rumpf (vocals), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (keyboards), Frank Diez (guitar), Curt Cress (drums), Karl-Heinz Schott (bass)

The Hamburg band Atlantis was founded in late summer 1972 by Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz and Karl-Heinz Schott. These musicians played in the successor band Frumpy before. They produced 4 studio albums and 1 live album. The music is less progressive and more commercial. Atlantis was well received in the USA. They made a tour through the USA in 1975. The track "Living at the end of time" is from their debut album "Atlantis", which was published 1972 on the Vertigo label. The live track "Brother" is from their album "Atlantis Live", which was published in 1974 on the Vertigo label.


Jenni Schücker (vocals, flute), Willi Kismer (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), Lutz Ringer (metallophon, bass), Mike Hellbach (congas, tablas, spoons, mellotron), Peter Bursch (vocals, acoustic guitar, sitar, flute)

Bröselmaschine from Duisburg belong to the German rockbands of the first hour. The track "Schmetterling" is from their debut album "Bröselmaschine", which was published in 1971 on the Pilz label. The music is sophisticated folk rock, influenced by guitar player Peter Bursch.


Wolfgang Kause (lead vocals, voices), Wolfgang Bartl (bass, vocals), Christoph Hardwig (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Wolfgang Gaudes (drums, percussion, guitar), Kai Hendrik Möller (lead guitar, vocals), Harry Koch (effects, percussion, voice), Rudy Holzhauer (percussion, troot,) Jochen Petersen (saxes, flute, guitar)

The Hamburg Band Cornucopia took its name from filling horn of Greek mythology. The track "Spot on You, Kids" is from Cornucopia's sole album "Full horn", which was published in 1973 on the Brain label. The music is playful and experimental, artrock with jazzy elements, somewhere between V d. G. G. and Genesis. Jochen Petersen (Randy Pie, AR&Machines) appears as guest musician.


Gert Franz Alexander 'Kralle' Krawinkel (guitar), Rolf Kaiser (bass, vocals), Klaus George Meier (guitar, vocals, percussion), G. Thoenes (drums)

The tracks "Garden of loneliness" and "Sitting in the forest" are from Cravinkel's second and last album, which has nothing in common with their excellent debut album. Instead of short melodic tunes, Cravinkel play three very long and interesting tracks with very interesting improvisations. The multiple vocals are strange, rough and good. The music is a mix of American sounding folk and progressive rock. Special emphasis is given to frequent double guitar soli. All in all, "Garden of loneliness" is a must for every Krautrock fan. The album was published in 1972 on the Philips label.

Electric Sandwich

Jörg Ohlert (guitar, organ, Mellotron), Klaus Lormann (bass), Jochen Carthaus (vocals, sax, harmonica), Wolf Fabian (drums)

The Bonn band Electric Sandwich published their sole album in 1972 on the Brain label. The music is similar to the style of Thirsty Moon or Rufus Zuphall. The band is technically perfect and plays a differentiated and well balanced mix of ballads, rock and blues with a progressiv touch. We introduce the track "Devils dream".


Frank Bornemann (guitar, harmonica, percussion), Erich Schriever (lead vocals, keyboards), Manfred Wieczorke (guitar, bass, vocals), Helmuth Draht (drums), Wolfgang Stöcker (bass)

The tracks "Something yellow" and "Today" are from Eloy's debut album with the legendary trashcan gimmix cover, which has nothing in common with the bombastic music of the succeeding albums. On this album, the Hannover band plays rough and interesting Krautrock. Like the lp, the cd version of this album is has become a wanted rarity.


Christian Burchard (drums), Dave King (bass), Jörg Evers (bass), Edgar Hofmann (sax, violin), Mal Waldron (e-piano), Jimmy Jackson (organ), Siegfried Schwab (guitar).

The Munic band Embryo is one of the most interesting, flexible und important Krautrock bands which havs been on the scene since 1970. On almost every album you find different musicians and musical styles. On their first albums, they play an exciting mix of underground, Krautrock and jazz. On their later albums, the music turns to jazzrock with oriental influences. At the end of the 70's, Embryo caused attention through their 8 month lasting journey from Munich to Calcutta, which was filmed by movie maker Werner Penzel. The track "Warm canto" is from the album "Rock session", which was published in 1973 on the Brain label.


Maik Hirschfeldt (guitars, bass, synthie, flute, vibraphone, vocals), Dolly Holmes (keyboards, vocals), Dieter Dierks (mellotron)

The folk duo Emtidi, consisting of the German Maik Hirschfeldt and the Canadian Dolly Holmes, published two albums between 1970 and 1972. While the first Album "Emtidi" contains relatively simple folk, the second album "Saat" is, also due to the support of studio engineer Dieter Dierks on the mellotrone, a Krautrock gem. The beautiful track "Die Reise" is from the album "Saat", which was published in 1972 on the Pilz label. For once, Maik Hirschfeldt takes care for the unusual vocals and Dieter Dierks plays a nice mellotron solo.


Cliff Jackson (guitar, vocals), Klaus Walz (guitar, vocals), Bernd Kolbe (bass, vocals), Jim McGillivray (drums, vocals)

The Dortmund band Epitaph, who meanwhile published the new album "Remember the daze" in 2007, is a German-British band who play British styled hardrock with nice double lead guitars. Although being no typical Krautrock band, they were and still are a desired live act at many festival in the 70's. The tracks "Crossroads" and "Stop look and listen" are from their second album "Stop, Look And Listen", which was published in 1972 on the Polydor label. After the excellent third Album "Outside The Law" from 1974, which has a similar quality than the first Wishbone Ash albums, their music turned more commercial.


Werner Diermaier (drums), Joachim Irmler (keyboards), Jean-Herve Peron (bass, guitars, vocals), Rudolf Sosna (guitar, keyboards), Gunther Wüsthof (sax, sound effects)

Faust, who were the product of the journalist Uwe Nettelbeck, where sponsored by the Polydor label with a huge amount money. They moved into an old schoolhouse in the city of Wümme and stayed there for one year, where they created their self-titled debut album, extraordinary and crazy masterpiece even for today's standards, which received a very bad response by the music press. Their second album "So Far", which was published in 1972 on the Polydor label, was finally successful in England, where it reached number 13 in the charts. The album had a black cover and contained 9 beautiful picture inserts, each of them illustrating one track. The tracks "It's a rainy day, sunshine girl" and "No harm" are from the album "So far".


Inga Rumpf (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (keyboards), Carsten Bohn (drums, percussion), Karl-Heinz Schott (bass), Rainer Baumann (guitar, steel guitar), Erwin Kania (keyboard)

The Hamburg Band Frumpy originated out of the band City Preachers. They played excellent hard bluesrock with progressive, experimental and classical elements. Their trademark were the remarkable voice of Inga Rumpf and the outstanding keyboard playing of Jean-Jaques Kravetz. On their debut album, they got along without a guitar player, keyboards where the dominating instrument. On the succeeding albums, Rainer Baumann (Sphinx Tush) joined them as guitar player. Unfortunately, Frumpy disbanded after 3 studio and 1 live album. Some of the former members founded the band "Atlantis". The track "I'm afraid big moon" is from their third album "By the way", which was published in 1973 on the Vertigo label. It does not reach the amazing quality of their second album "Frumpy 2", but nevertheless contains some of their very best tracks, which makes a purchase of this album obligatory. Even the cd version of "By the way" is meanwhile a wanted rarity!


Eberhard Krietsch (organ, piano), Gerd Pohl (drums), Mike Eulner (bass)

Unfortunately, the Cologne band Gomorrha published only two albums. The track "Opening the sealed book" convinces with a brutally simple guitar riff and sprawling speech singing. It is from Gomorrha's second and last album "I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was", which was published in 1972 on the Brain label. This album is a milestone of progressive rock and is entirely different to their debut album "Trauma" from 1971, where they play an interesting mix of rock and beat.


Joachim (Eroc) Ehrig (drums, electronic effects, percussion), Axel Harlos (drums, percussion), Stefan Denielak (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bernhard Uhlemann (bass, flute, percussion), Gerd-Otto (Lupo) Kühn (lead guitar), Hermann Quetting (organ, piano, spinett, percussion)

The Hagen band Grobschnitt existed in changing casts from 1970 until 1989. They attracted attention through their spectacular stage shows. We introduce the track "Symphony" from the debut album "Grobschnitt", which was published in 1972 on the Brain label.

Guru Guru

Mani Neumeier (drums, percussion, vocals), Roland Schaeffer (alto and sopran sax, electric and acoustic guitar, vocals), Jogi Karpenkiel (bass, choir), Sepp Jandrisits (electric guitar, harmonica, choir), Ingo Bischof (piano fender, choir, percussion), Tomy Goldschmidt (congas, percussion, choir)

The Heidelberg band of the drummer Mani Neumeier was formed in 1970 and is one of the most successful German bands worldwide. In Japan, they are one of the leading underground bands. The tracks "Salto Mortadelle" and "Tango Fango" are from the album "Tango Fango", which was published in 1976 on the Brain label. Mani Neumeier was the only remaining musician of the original crew.


Paul Vincent (guitars, vocals), Keith Forsey (drums, vocals), Rick Kemp (keyboards), Peter Wood (bass)

When guitar player Paul Vincent, who played with Missus Beastly, met the English drummer Keith Forsey, who was in Amon Düül at that time, they decided to give up the whole German psychedelic rock shit and to their own British thing. With the help of two English guest musicians, the sole album was produced in the London Trident studio. The track "Hallelulah - signs of strange" is from this album, which was published in 1971 on the Metronome label. Due to a lack of support from their record company, Hallelujah disbanded shortly after.

Improved Sound Limited

Johnny Fickert (vocals, percussion, flute, alto sax), Axel Linstädt (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Uli Ruppert (bass), Rolf Gröschner (drums)

Improved Sound Limited from Nürnberg started their career already in 1961. After some soundtracks for television and cinema (i. e. "Engelchen macht weiter hoppe-hoppe Reiter", which was their breakthrough) they published their debut album, the double lp "Improved Sound Limited" in 1971 on the Liberty label. The track "Doctor Bob Dylan" is from this album. Two other albums followed (one with the Bandname "Condor").


Peter Panka (drums, vocals, Klaus Hess (lead guitar, bass, Wolfgang Krantz (lead guitar, bass, Werner Nadolny (organ, mellotron, Günther Körber (words and background vocals)

The Hannoveraner Band Jane is active since meanwhile 35 years! The Track "Spain" is from their debut album "Together", which was published in 1971 on the Brain label. The Track "Here we are" is from their second album "Here we are", which was published in 1973 on the Brain label. Jane play rock with heavy guitar riffs, a beautiful organ sound and a great lead guitar. Unfortunately, their drummer Peter Panka died in 2007!

Kin Ping Meh

Kalle Weber (drums, percussion), Torsten Herzog (bass, vocals), Frieder Schmitt (keyboards), Willie Wagner (guitars, mouth organ, vocals), Werner Stephan (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion)

The most interesting albums of the Mannheim band Kin Ping Meh, whose name originates from the title of an adventurous Chinese novel, are their self-titled debut album from 1971 as well its successor "No. 2" from 1972. The music is an exciting mix of poprock and progressive and psychedelic elements. On their later albums, which where much more commercial, the ex 2066 & Then singer Geff Harrison joined them as singer. The tracks "Drugson's Trip" and "Sometimes" are from the first album, which was published in 1971 on the Polydor label.


Jogi Karpenkiel (bass), Waldemar "Waldo" Karpenkiel (drums), Jürgen Havix (guitar), Klaus Dapper (flute, sax)

The Krefeld band Kollektiv published their first and only album "Kollektiv" in 1973 on the Brain label. They play an exciting mix of jazz and rock on long tracks that leave much room for free interpretations. In 2005, the Longhair label published the album "Live 1973", which contains a fantastic live act of Kollektiv. From this album, we introduce the track "Rapunzel" which has never been published before!


Hellmut Hattler (bass), Peter Wolbrandt (guitar), Jan Fride (drums), Johannes A. Pappert (sax)

The band Kraan is one of the oldest German bands. Since the year 2000, they are playing live again and are producing new studio albums as well. Only their first albums can be classified as "Krautrock". On their later albums they turned to elegant jazzrock. The excellent self-titled debut album was recorded in 1972 in a farm house in Wintrup in the county of Westfalen, where the band lived as a commune for several years. It contains interesting jazz rock with Krautrock, Arabian and progressive elements. The track "Mind quake" is from their second album "Wintrup", which was published in 1973 on the Spiegelei label. In my opinion, this is the best Kraan album.


Jean-Jacques Kravetz (organ, piano, synthesizer, percussion), Udo Lindenberg (drums, vocals, percussion), Carl G. Stephan (bass), Thomas Kretzschmer (guitar), Inga Rumpf (vocals*), Roger Hook (acoustic guitar)

The tracks "Ann Toomuch" and "I'd like to be a child again" are from the solo album, that Frumpy keyboard player Jean-Jacques Kravetz published in 1972 on the Vertigo label. With the help of Thomas Kretzschmer (Dennis, Udo Lindenberg) on lead guitar and Udo Lindenberg (Motherhood, Emergency, Niagara) on drums, five partially very long tracks where recorded, that left plenty of space for interesting improvisations. On one of the tracks, Udo Lindenberg takes care for the lead vocals, on another one Inga Rumpf (Frumpy). This album could be described as the "inofficial Frumpy album".


Dieter Moebius (ARP, guitar, percussion), Asmus Tietchens (Moog, piano), Okko Bekker (ARP, keyboards, percussion, vocals, guitar), Conny Plank (ARP, guitar, vocals), Hellmut Hattler (bass), Johannes A. Pappert (alto sax, drums, bass, flute)

The tracks "Stresemannstrasse" and "Adel"are from the sole album of the short-lived formation Liliental, which was published in 1978 on the Brain label. Liliental was a studio project of the Cluster musician Dieter Moebius. The music is electronically with jazzy and esotheric influences and would be the perfect soundtrack for living on a lonely island.

Lucifer's Friend

John Lawton (vocals), Peter Hecht (piano, organ, moog synthesizer, fender rhodes), Dieter Horns (bass and backing vocals), Peter Hesslein (guitar, 12 string guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion and backing vocals), Herbert Bornhold (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Herb Geller)

Before Lucifer's Friend were founded, its members were involved in several other bands like Asterix, Electric Food or Pink Mice. Their singer was John Lawton, who later became the singer of Uriah Heep. Lucifer's Friend originated in 1970 out of the band Asterix. Their best albums are the self-titled debut album from 1971 as well as their masterpiece "How The Groupies Killed The Blues" from 1972, even though the world press celebrated their fourth album "Banquet" with enthusiasm. The track "Thus spoke Oberon" is from the album Banquet, which was published on the Vertigo labeln in 1974.

Made in Germany

Rita Peuker (vocals, percussion), Joachim Pade (sax, flute, vocals, percussion), Stephan Pade (bass, vocals, percussion), Wolfgang Schulz (guitar, vocals, percussion), Hans-Dieter Graber (organ, piano), Dieter Alsleben (drums, percussion)

The Berlin Band Made in Germany developed from the Band Take Five, which was founded in 1965. The music is a mix of pop and progressive elements, like Earth & Fire or Shocking Blue. The sound is determined by the organ. The track "The arrow and the song" is from their sole selftitled album, which was published in 1971 on the Metronome label.

My Solid Ground

Bernhard Rendel (guitar, vocals), Karl-Heinrich Dörfler (bass, vocals), Andreas Würsching (drums)

The Rüsselsheim band My Solid Ground published their sole selftitled album in 1970 on the Bacillus label. They provided thrilling sound pictures, determined by sharp guitars and driving organ. In 2002, the Longhair label published the album "SFW-Session" on cd with tracks that My Solid Ground played live in the studio of the radio station Südwestfunk in 1971. From this album, we introduce the track "BBB", which like all other tracks on this album have not been published before.


Stephan Kaske (guitars, flute, sitar, synthesizer, vocals), Harald Weiße (bass, guitar, effects), Thomas Hildebrand (drums, percussion)

The Berlin band of the multi instrumentalist Stephan Kaske published their impressing debüt album "Mythos" in 1971 on the Ohr label. The music is psychedelic spacerock with experimental elements. From this album, we introduce the track "Oriental journey". With a permanently changing crew, four further albums were recorded until 1980.


Heino Schünzel (bass) Jürgen Wenzel (vocals, acoustic guitar) Lutz Rahn (organ, piano, mellotron, synthesizer) Hartwig Biereichel (drums, percussion)

The tracks "Laughing" and "High evolution" are from the debut album "Banished bridge" of the Hamburg band, which was published in 1973 on the Brain label. The lyrics are, in contrast to all following albums, in English language. Musically, it is the most progressive and best album of the Band. On the succeeding albums, the music changed to "romantic rock".

Os Mundi

Andreas Villain, Ulrich Arndt Christoph Busse, Dietrich Markgraf, Hartmut Seidel (bass), David V. Kalkreuth (organ)

The Berlin band Os Mundi was supposed to be the first rock bigband and had up to twelve members. Their debut album "Latin mass" was published in 1971 on the Metronome label. The lyrics were in Latin language! The music is an interesting mix of dominant keyboards, hard guitar and strange vocals. From this album, we introduce the tracks "Overtüre", "Kyrie" and "Sanctus". The Berlin band Os Mundi is said to be first rock bigband and had up to 12 band members. In 1972, they published their second and last album "43 Minuten" on the Brain label.

Popol Vuh

Florian Fricke (Moog), Holger Trülzsch (percussion), Frank Fiedler (synthesizer)

In 1970, Florian Fricke, Holger Trülzsch und Frank Fiedler got together under the name Popol Vuh, in order to follow an offer of the record company Liberty to produce an album (Fricke). They created the album "Affenstunde", a "mystical journey through a flowing world of sounds" (POP). The track "Ich mache einen Spiegel Part 4" is from this album, which was published in 1971 on the Liberty label. Later, Florian Fricke turned away from electronics and reformed Popol Vuh.

Professor Wolfff

Klaus Peter Schweitzer (guitar, piano, vocals), Romi Schickle (organ, vocals), Mondo Zech (bass, vocals), Michael Sametinger (drums), Fritz Herrmann (lead guitar, vocals, harmonica)

The track "Das Zimmer" is from the sole album of the Ulm Band "Prof. Wolfff" that was published in 1972 on the Metronome label. The album was produced by Jonas Porst (son of Foto Porst), who was also the manager and producer of Ihre Kinder and thus the right man for a rock production with German lyrics. Professor Wolfff where something like the progressive version of Ihre Kinder. Their excellent lyrics where wrapped in solid progressive rock.

Randy Pie

Dicky Tarrach (drums), Manfred "Tissy" Thiers (bass, vocals), Werner Becker (keyboards, vocals), Bernd Wippich (guitar, vocals)

The Hamburg band Randy Pie was formed in 1973 by ex Rattles, Petards and Gash musicians. They play a technically absolutely perfect mix of rock, Jazz and Soul. The track "Luie" is from their debut album, which was published in 1973 on the Zebra label.

Rufus Zuphall

Günter Krause (guitars, mellotron, vocals), Thomas Kittel (guitars, clavinet), Manfred Spangenberg (bass), Klaus Gülden (flute), Udo Dahmen (drums, percussion)

The Aachen Band Ruphus Zuphall, one of the best German rock bands of the early 70's, made two albums. The album "Weiß der Teufel" was published in 1971 on the Good Will label. The track "Schupfner" is from their second and last album "Phallobst", which was published also in 1971, this time on the Pilz label. The record company labeled the music as "new German folk music" (i. e. on the legendary Rapunzel-Compilation), which was absolutely justified. Rufus Zuphall play excellent progressive folk with a good dose of rock, which sometimes reminds of Jethro Tull.


Michael Schenker (guitar), Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (guitar), Wolfgang Dziony (drums), Lothar Heimberg (bass)

The Scorpions on a Krautrock sampler? Many Scorpions fans do not know, that the debut album "Lonesome Crow" of the Hannover band Scorpions, which was published in 1971 on the Brain label, is a masterpiece of progressive hardrock. From this album, we introduce the tracks "Lonesome crow" and "I'm going mad". Their later albums got more and more straightforward / linear and commercial.

Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze (keyboards, synthesizers)

Klaus Schulze is one of the most influential German musicians. Having played drums on the first Tangerine Dream album "Electronic Meditation" in 1969 and on the first self-titled Ash Ra Tempel in 1971, he concentrated on his solo work. The track "Stardancer" is from the album "Body love", the soundtrack to the movie from Lasse Braun, which was published in 1977 on the Brain label.


Werner Klug (bass), Peter Behrens (drums, percussion) , Hajo Teschner (vocals, guitar),

The rock trio Silberbart played in the area between Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven. Their music is rough underground rock with long progressive and expermental passages, with an always recognizable thread. The tracks "Brain brain" and "Chub chub cherry" are from their sole album "4 times sound razing, which was published in 1971 on the Philips label. In 1972, the band disbanded due to financial problems. Drummer Peter Behrens later joined the very successful band Trio.

Sitting Bull

Piet Schimkat (vocals), Benrd Zamulo (bass, vocals, piano), Rolf Brockhorst (guitar), Achim Brierley (drums)

The Bremen Band Sitting Bull published their sole album in 1971 on the CBS label. Band leader Bernd Zamulo was the bass player of the Lords from 1965 to 1971, until he left them in order to realize his musical ideas. The music is obviously influenced by American influences and could be described as Westcoast with a German touch. If you like the excellent "Catch a singing bird on the road" album of the Nürnberg band Improved Sound Limited, you will definitely grow fond of "Trip away", too. The tracks sound like Grateful Dead, Neil Yound or the Byrds, with nice psychedelic influences. From this album, we introduce the titel track "Trip away".

Tangerine Dream

Chris Franke (moog synthesizer, organ, percussion, loop mellotron, harpsichord), Edgar Froese (mellotron, moog synthesizer, guitars, grand piano, bass, mouth organ), Peter Baumann (moog synthesizer, computer, e-piano, mellotron)

The Berlin elektronic pioneers Tangerine Dream are active since almost 40 years and published dozends of albums, from which the first ones can be classified as Krautrock. The track "Stratosfear" is from the album "Stratosfear", which was published in 1976 on the Virgin label.


Helmut Koellen (bass, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals), Hans Bathelt (drums, percussion), Jürgen Fritz (keyboards)

The Cologne classic rock Triumvirat around the talented keyboarder Jürgen Fritz was unjustly dismissed as a German Emerson Lake & Palmer clone. The track "Spartacus" is from their third album "Spartacus", which was published in 1975 on the Harvest label.


Jürgen Dollase (keyboards, lead vocals), Harald Grosskopf (drums, percussion), Bill Barone (guitars, vocals), Jerry Berkers (bass, lead vocals)

The Mönchengladbach band Wallenstein published several album between 1971 and 1981, however only the first five of them are of interest for the Krautrock fan. The track "Mother Universe" is from their masterpiece "Mother Universe", which was published in 1972 on the Pilz label. After their fifth Album "No more love" from 1977, their style changed entirely and got very commercial.


Manfred Stadelmann (drums, vocal), Jürgen Dollase (keyboards*), Ryszard Kalemba (guitar), George Früchtenicht (congas, flute), Jerzy Sokolowski (guitar, vocals)

The short-lived formation Walpurgis published their sole album in 1972 on the Ohr label. From this album, we introduce the track "My last illusion". Jürgen Dollase from Wallenstein played the keyboards.

Witthüser & Westrupp

Bernd Witthüser (vocals, guitars, etc), Walter Westrupp (vocals, flute, keyboards, etc), Gille Lettmann (wind chime, foot stumpin, choir), Jürgen Dollase (mellotron, keyboards, percussion, choir, synthesizer, vibraphone), Jerry Berkers (bass, percussion, choir), Tommie Engel (drums, percussion), Harald Grosskopf (percussion, choir), Antje Dahlhaus (foot stumping), Dieter Dierks (percussion, choir)

The first program of the Pop Cabarets Witthüser und Westrupp was "Lieder von Vampiren, Nonnen und Toten" and was published in 1970 on the Ohr label. It is "new German folk music" from timeless beauty. Four other albums followed, one of them the great "Bauer Plath" album, which was published in 1972 on the Pilz label. From this albu, we introduce the track "Rat der Motten".

Wonderland Band

Achim Reichel (vocals), Frank Dostal (guitar, vocals), Claus-Robert Kruse (vocals, guitar, organ), Rale Oberpichler (vocals), Helmut Franke (guitar), Ladi Geissler (guitar), Bernd Steffanowski (guitar), Kalle Trapp (guitar, bass), Hans-Uwe Reimers (piano), Benny Bendorf (bass), Hans Hartmann (bass), Sten-H. Lineberg (bass), Peter Franken (drums), Joe Nay (drums), Barry Reeves (drums), Dicky Tarrach (drums), Walter Rudolph (kettle drums), Max Lindner (xylophone, chimes), Bernhard Gediga (trumpet), Peter Kallensee (trumpet), Ernst Möhlheinrich (trumpet), Walter Preu (trumpet), Heinz Fadle (trombone), Hermann Henrich (trombone), Friedrich Rohde (trombone), Wiegand Schneiderbach (trombone)

The track "The hill" is from Wonderland Band's album "No 1", which was published in 1971 on the Polydor laben. Wonderland Band was an interesting project of Achim Reichel and Frank Dostal, not to be confused with Wonderland. For this album, they recruited an enormous number of musicians.

Size: 1060 MB
Genre : Rock. Krautrock


CD 1

01.Scorpions - I'm goin' mad 04:52
02.Eloy - Today 05:56
03.Cravinkel - Sitting in the Forrest 10:17
04.Silberbart - Chub chub Cherry 04:28
05.Guru Guru - Tango Fango 03:46
06.Embryo - Warm Canto 10:01
07.Electric Sandwich - Devil's Dream 06:21
08.Atlantis - Living at the End of Time 09:05
09.Walpurgis - My last Illusion 11:20
10.Kraan - Mind Quake 07:40
11.Kin Ping Meh - Drugson's Trip 05:53

CD 2

01.Amon Düül II - Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren 06:12
02.My Solid Ground - BBB 06:41
03.Mythos - Oriental Journey 08:16
04.Novalis - High Evolution 04:28
05.Os Mundi - Ouvertüre + Kyrie 08:57
06.Faust - No Harm 10:17
07.Epitaph - Crossroads 04:49
08.Rufus Zufall - Schupfner 05:16
09.Triumvirat - Spartacus 07:38
10.Kravetz - Ann Toomuch 07:55
11.Popol Vuh - Ich mache einen Spiegel / Part 4 08:44

CD 3

01.Emtidi - Die Reise 10:04
02.Bröselmaschine - Schmetterling 09:35
03.Witthüser & Westrupp - Rat der Motten 08:05
04.Novalis - Laughing 09:10
05.Jane - Spain 11:53
06.Grobschnitt - Symphony 13:44
07.Agitation Free - Haunted Island 07:11
08.Annexus Quam - Osmose III 10:36

CD 4

01.Klaus Schulze - Stardancer 13:38
02.Liliental - Stresemannstrasse/Adel 11:03
03.Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear 10:38
04.Faust - It's a rainy Day Sunshine Girl 07:27
05.Wallenstein - Mother Universe 08:41
06.Wonderland Band - The Hill 11:53
07.Cornucopia - Spot on You, Kids 12:23
08.Improved Sound Limited - Doktor Bob Dylan 05:14

CD 5

01.Gomorrha - Opening of the sealed Book 05:45
02.Silberbart - Brain Brain 16:16
03.Topas - Lemon Boy 03:52
04.Lucifers Friend - Thus spoke Oberon 06:45
05.Scorpions - Lonesome Crow 13:29
06.Professor Wolfff - Das Zimmer 04:45
07.Frumpy - I'm afraid big Moon 06:25
08.Cravinkel - Garden of Loneliness 09:48
09.Epitaph - Stop look and listen 09:55
10.Guru Guru - Salto Mortadelle 03:41

CD 6

01.Jane - Here we are 06:06
02.Made in Germany - The Arrow and the Song 06:55
03.Os Mundi - Sanctus 09:05
04.Kollektiv - Rapunzel (Live) 08:06
05.Kravetz - I'd like to be a Child again 09:35
06.Randy Pie - Luie 09:04
07.Hallelujah - Hallelujah sings of Strange 07:48
08.Eloy - Something yellow 08:15
09.Sitting Bull - Trip away 10:25

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ponedjeljak, 20.09.2010.

V.A. - Krautrock - Music for your Brain Vol. 1 (1968-1980)(2005)

This is an extraordinary compilation of the progressive and psychedelic music sub-genre known as "Krautrock". On 6 CD's, consisting of nearly 480 minutes of music, you will find an overview of some of the most creative styles of music from the "Deutschrock"-phase. This is the first time that such a huge spectrum of bands and artists of so many varying styles within this genre is found on one compilation, from A like Abacus to Y like Yatha Sidhra. Accordingly, it is an absolute highlight for veteran fans as well as newcomers...Kurt Mitzkatis

Codec: mp3
Size: 1000 MB
Genre : Rock, Krautrock


CD 1

01.Lucifer's Friend: Ride the Sky (02:55)
02.Birth Control: The Work is Done (06:02)
03.Cravinkel: Two Circles (02:39)
04.Os Mundi: Question of Decision (07:42)
05.Embryo: Radio Marrakesch (09:46)
06.Sperrmull: Pal Casey (03:15)
07.Lava: Tears are Goin' Home (04:22)
08.Jane: Hangman [Live] (12:00)
09.Professor Wolfff: Hans im Glück (07:44)
10.Scorpions: It All Depends (03:26)
11.Grobschnitt: Drummer's Dream (06:14)
12.Electric Sandwich: China (08:09)
13.Weed: Sweet Morning Light (05:31)

CD 2

01.The Rattles: The Witch (02:57)
02.Frumpy: How the Gypsy was Born (08:50)
03.Gomorrha: I Turned to See Whose Voice it Was (07:45)
04.Grobschnitt: Jupp Vater Schmidts Wandertag (09:53)
05.Guru Guru: Samantha's Rabbit (02:57)
06.Kin Ping Meh: Fairy Tales (09:50)
07.Hölderlin: Requim Für Einen Wicht (06:37)
08.Jane: Daytime (08:09)
09.Weed: Lonely Ship (03:15)
10.Abacus: Song For Brunhilde (04:36)
11.Odin: Tribute to Frank (01:55)
12.Yatha Sidra: A Meditation Mass Pt. 3 (12:02)

CD 3

01.Eloy: Castle in the Air (07:18)
02.Kraan: Nam Nam (05:50)
03.Atlantis: It's Getting Better! (04:52)
04.Klaus Schulze: Mental Door (22:58)
05.Cluster: Hollywood (04:47)
06.Faust: So Far (06:20)
07.Harmonia: Watussi (05:59)
08.Curly Curve: Queen of Spades (05:00)
09.Gomorrha: Dance on a Volcano (09:58)
10.Sperrmull: No Freak Out (06:44)

CD 4

01. Wonderland: Moscow (02:52)
02. Frumpy: Take Care of Illusion (07:37)
03. Faust: Why Don't You eat Carrots? (17:27)
04. Epitaph: Fly (08:52)
05. Guru Guru: Der Elektrolurch (09:46)
06. Eroc: Nordeland (06:32)
07. Topas: Train to an Island (06:08)
08. Novalis: Impressionen (08:58)
09. Jane: Air and the End (10:53)

CD 5

01. Randy Pie: Highway Driver (03:56)
02. Brith Control: Gamma Ray (09:44)
03. Can: Mother Sky (14:29)
04. Topas: Hurricane (04:17)
05. Guru Guru: Ooga Booga (11:10)
06. Altantis: Friends (08:43)
07. Grobschnitt: Traum Und Wirklichkeit (05:28)
08. Embryo: A place To Go (04:08)
09. Lucifer's Friend: Lucifer's Friend (06:11)
10. Novalis: Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hört (09:17)

CD 6

01. Curly Curve: Hell and Booze (04:05)
02. Lucifer's Friend: Sorrow (11:36)
03. Lava: Holy Foot (05:16)
04. Grobschnitt: Anywhere (04:14)
05. La Düsseldorf: Rheinita (07:38)
06. Harmonia: Dino (03:30)
07. Randy Pie: Wintersong (05:49)
08. Jane: Windows (18:46)
09. Cravinkel: About Mother and Son (03:13)
10. Dull Knife: Tumberlin' Down (04:21)
11. Eroc: Wolkenreise (04:33)
12. Udo Linderberg: Alles Kalr Auf Andrea... (03:46)
13. Wallenstein: Charline (04:04)

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Grand Funk - We're An American Band (1973)

The Audio Fidelity gold CD of 'We're An American Band' may be the best sounding Todd Rundgren recording I've heard. "Transistor Todd's" standard upper midrange boost has been tamed and the typically tinny drum sounds have been expanded to include a deep, solid low end. I don't have too many Grand Funk albums to compare this gold CD to but it certainly sounds better than any I do have. The remix of the title track is really bad. It's lame, limp and weak but other than that it's remarkably awful. I wonder if it was the band or record label pushed it for inclusion here. Either way the mix doesn't improve on any aspect of the original. It's thin and narrow and the musical balances are off (that's short for awful... get it? :-) ). It's the reason God invented the skip button. Just ignore it and listen to the original album. The sound on this CD reminds me of the good old DCC gold CDs. A return to form for AF and crew. They even went so far as to reproduce the foil cover of the original release. An all around great reissue. Nicely done!...J. Tate

Having made several changes in their business and musical efforts in 1972, Grand Funk Railroad made even more extensive ones in 1973, beginning with their name, which was officially truncated to "Grand Funk." And keyboardist Craig Frost, credited as a sideman on Phoenix, the previous album, was now a full-fledged bandmember, filling out the musical arrangements. The most notable change, however, came with the hiring of Todd Rundgren to produce the band's eighth album. Rundgren, a pop/rock artist in his own right, was also known for his producing abilities, and he gave Grand Funk exactly what they were looking for: We're an American Band sounded nothing like its muddy, plodding predecessors. Sonically, the record was sharp and detailed and the band's playing was far tighter and more accomplished. Most important, someone, whether the band or Rundgren, decided that gruff-voiced drummer Don Brewer should be employed as a lead singer as often as guitarist Mark Farner. Brewer also contributed more as a songwriter, and the results were immediate. The album's title song, an autobiographical account of life on the road written and sung by Brewer, was released in advance of the album and became a gold-selling number one hit, Grand Funk's first really successful single. Despite the band's previous popularity, for many, it must have been the first Grand Funk record they either heard or bought. Elsewhere on the album, Farner contributed his usual wailing vocals and guitar, singing of his heartfelt, if simpleminded, political concerns. But We're an American Band really belonged to Brewer and Rundgren, and its success constituted a redefinition of Grand Funk that came just in time. [The 2002 reissue adds two worthy outtakes (both previously released), an acoustic version of "Stop Lookin' Back," and a remix of the title song (both previously unreleased).] ...W. Ruhlmann

Grand Funk - We're An American Band (1973)(Gold Disc Remaster 2010)

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 346 MB
Genre : Rock


- Mark Farner - vocals, guitar, acostic guitar, electric piano, conga
- Don Brewer - vocals, drums, percussion
- Craig Frost - organ, clavinet, electric piano, moog
- Mel Schacher - bass


01 We're An American Band 3:27
02 Stop Lookin' Back 4:53
03 Creepin' 7:02
04 Black Licorice 4:46
05 The Railroad 6:09
06 Ain't Got Nobody 4:25
07 Walk Like A Man 4:05
08 Loneliest Rider 5:23
09 Hooray - Bonus 4:07
10 The End - Bonus 4:12
11 Stop Lookin' Back - Bonus / Acoustic Mix 3:12
12 We're An American Band - Bonus 3:32

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Aerosmith - A Little South Of Sanity (1998)

Japanese only 2 x SHM paper sleeve pressing. The SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing, SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc, allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players.

Drug addiction couldn't stop them, nor could the ascension of alterna-rock and the process of aging. Not only are Aerosmith still together, but they're still recording hit singles. Since their formation in the early '70s, the band has scored a multitude of platinum albums and Top 40 hits. Moreover, Aerosmith remain a flamboyant, energized live band capable of recapturing that magical, sexual endorphin rush of youthful rock & roll abandon. Yup, on a good night, seeing Aerosmith is like experiencing your first time all over again. So it comes as no surprise that this band's double live disc is no mere trip down memory lane. Vocalist Steven Tyler still sounds raw, untamed, and on-key, shrieking as passionately as ever and reaching notes Robert Plant and Ozzy Osbourne would sell their kidneys for. And guitarist Joe Perry's bluesy, blustery rhythms and piercing solos still echo with passion and hunger. The first disc is a bit bogged down with '90s material, but the band performs stellar versions of "Love in an Elevator," "Livin' on the Edge," "Cryin'," and "Janie's Got Gun." It's the second disc that really sizzles, as the Toxic Twins dip into their drug-addled past and unleash monsters such as "Back in the Saddle," "Dream On," and "Sweet Emotion." Get your rocks off!...J. Wiederhorn

Aerosmith - A Little South Of Sanity (1998)(SHM CD Remaster 2010)

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 829 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01 Eat the Rich 5:08
02 Love in an Elevator 5:25
03 Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) 3:17
04 Same Old Song and Dance 5:32
05 Hole in My Soul 5:35
06 Monkey on My Back 4:07
07 Livin' on the Edge 5:20
08 Cryin' 4:58
09 Rag Doll 4:12
10 Angel 5:37
11 Janie's Got a Gun 5:04
12 Amazing 5:15

CD 2

01 Back in the Saddle 5:58
02 Last Child 4:57
03 The Other Side 4:14
04 Walk on Down 3:38
05 Dream On 4:39
06 Crazy 5:39
07 Mama Kin 4:03
08 Walk This Way 4:20
09 Dude (Looks Like a Lady) 4:16
10 What It Takes 5:10
11 Sweet Emotion 5:42

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Peter Frampton - Shine On - A Collection (1992)

Grammy Award winner Peter Frampton is one of the most celebrated guitarists in rock history. At 16, he was lead singer and guitarist for British teen band, the Herd. At 18, he co-founded one of the first super groups, seminal rock act Humble Pie. Frampton recorded five albums with Humble Pie, before leaving in 1971 to pursue a solo career. Few were prepared for the success of 1976's live album Frampton Comes Alive!, which went on to become one of the biggest selling live albums of all-time. It topped the US album chart for ten weeks, and is thought to have sold around 16 million copies worldwide. It also contains Peter Frampton's most recognizable song, "Baby, I Love Your Way." In 1996, Frampton appeared in an episode of The Simpsons entitled Homerpalooza in which he played "Do You Fee Like We Do." He served as a technical advisor for Cameron Crowe's autobiographical film Almost Famous.
In 2007, Frampton won a Best Pop Instrumental Album Grammy for his release, Fingerprints. Frampton's much-anticipated follow up Thank You Mr Churchill comes out in 2010.

Codec: flac
Size: 970 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Wind Of Change 3:04
02. It's A Plain Shame 3:12
03. Jumping Jack Flash 5:18
04. All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) 6:32
05. The Lodger 5:43
06. I Got My Eyes On You 4:27
07. All Night Long 3:16
08. Lines On My Face 4:50
09. Don't Fade Away 4:39
10. I Wanna Go To The Sun 7:26
11. Baby (Somethin's Happening) 4:45
12. Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby) 4:20
13. Nassau/Baby I Love Your Way 5:52
14. The Crying Clown 4:06
15. Penny For Your Thoughts 1:27
16. (I'll Give You) Money 4:37

CD 2

01. Show Me The Way 4:40
02. Shine On 3:42
03. Do You Feel Like We Do 13:57
04. I'm In You 4:11
05. (Putting My) Heart On The Line 3:43
06. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours 3:49
07. I Can't Stand It No More 4:15
08. Breaking All The Rules 7:06
09. Theme From Nivram 3:06
10. Lying 4:14
11. More Ways Than One 5:31
12. Holding On To You 4:14
13. The Bigger They Come 4:10
14. I Won't Let You Down 4:29

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Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive (1976)(25th Anniversary Edit 2001)

At the time of its release, Frampton Comes Alive! was an anomaly, a multi-million-selling (mid-priced) double LP by an artist who had previously never burned up the charts with his long-players in any spectacular way. The biggest-selling live album of all time, it made Peter Frampton a household word and generated a monster hit single in "Show Me the Way." And the reason why is easy to hear: the Herd/Humble Pie graduate packed one hell of a punch on-stage -- where he was obviously the most comfortable -- and, in fact, the live versions of "Show Me the Way," "Do You Feel Like I Do," "Something's Happening," "Shine On," and other album rock staples are much more inspired, confident, and hard-hitting than the studio versions. [The 1999 reissue in A&M's "Remastered Classics" (31454-0930-2) series is a considerable improvement over the original double CD or double LP in terms of sound -- the highs are significantly more lustrous, the guitars crunch and soar, and the bottom end really thunders, and so you get a genuine sense of the power of Frampton's live set, at least the heavier parts of his set, rather than the compressed and flat sonic profile of the old double-disc version. Frampton and the band sound significantly closer as well, even on the softer songs such as "Wind of Change," and the disc is impressive listening even a quarter century later. Of course, one must take this all with a grain of salt as a concert document -- as was later revealed, there was considerable studio doctoring of the raw live tapes, a phenomenon that set the stage for such unofficial hybrid works as Bruce Springsteen's Live/1975-85 and countless others.] Bruce Eder

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: ca. 220 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Introduction/Somethin's Happening 5:56
02. Doobie Wah 5:43
03. Lines On My Face 6:59
04. Show Me The Way 4:32
05. It's A Plain Shame 4:03
06. Wind Of Change 2:57
07. Just The Time Of The Year 4:21
08. Penny For Your Thoughts 1:34
09. All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) 3:08
10. Baby, I Love Your Way 4:41
11. I Wanna Go To The Sun 7:15

CD 2

01. Nowhere's Too Far For My Baby 4:49
02. (I'll Give You) Money 5:46
03. Do You Feel Like We Do 13:46
04. Shine On 3:29
05. White Sugar 4:43
06. Jumping Jack Flash 7:40
07. Days Dawning 3:34

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Peter Frampton - Thank You Mr Churchill (European Edit 2010)

Peter Frampton releases records so rarely that he†s almost forced to plainly admit their themes in the titles: 2003†s Now dealt with the present while its 2010 successor, Thank You Mr. Churchill, casts an eye toward the past, Frampton piecing together his history from WWII to modern times. Fittingly for a concept album so ambitious, Frampton has wound up with a heavy progressive rock record, roiling with dense riffs, segmented songs, and winding blues jams. Happily, he hasn't ignored his previous life as either a Tamla/Motown devotee or pop star, cutting the introspection and ambition with a handful of lighter moments -- such as the unashamed arena rocker "†I†m Due a You,†" the irrepressible bounce of "†Invisible Man†" (which does indeed feature members of the Funk Brothers), and even the circular acoustic guitar of "†Restraint†" -- that give the album levity while broadening its palette, helping to push Thank You Mr. Churchill to one of Frampton†s richest records and unexpectedly one of his best. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Codec: flac
Size: 430 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Thank You Mr. Churchill 4:54
02 Solution / Gordon Kennedy 3:49
03 Road To the Sun 5:10
04 I'm Due a You 5:00
05 Vaudeville Nanna and the Banjolele 4:35
06 Asleep At the Wheel 6:50
07 Suite Liberté: Megumi/Huria Watu 7:28
08 Restraint 3:42
09 I Want It Back 4:38
10 Invisible Man / Eddie Willis 4:51
11 Black Ice 4:49
12 I Understand 3:30
13 A Thousand Dreams 5:17

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Annie Haslam (Renaissance) - Annie In Wonderland (1977)(2001)

Annie Haslam, the voice of the second lineup of Renaissance. This is her very first solo album and it is very rare. Roy Wood (The Move/Wizzard) is all over this work; from multi-instrumentalist to composer and cover artist.

While Renaissance started to veer from prog rock to new wave pop, Annie Haslam and Roy Wood concocted this little gem to hold over the prog fans. Annie in Wonderland is whimsical, fanciful, and verging on precious. One of the highlights is the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic "If I Loved You" (which acts as a precursor for Haslam's One Enchanted Evening album). It is interesting to compare the version of "Nature Boy" on this CD with her post-Moulin Rouge interpretation of the song on One Enchanted Evening. In both versions, Haslam gets right to the heart of this beautifully soulful song. Haslam brings the pipes, Wood makes sure to keep it weird — and the result is something for early Renaissance fans who missed the band's far more interesting swing toward the mainstream. Interestingly, it would be 22 years before Haslam would release another solo album... Tomas Mureika

Codec: flac
Size: 242 MB
Genre : Rock


Annie Haslam: Lead and Backing Vocals
Roy Wood: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, String Bass, Cello, Balalaikas, Saxophones, Drums, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, African Drums, Percussion, String Ensemble, Moog, Piano, Clavinet, Backing Vocals
Jon Camp: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Donovan: Drums
Louis Clark: Polymoog, Flute, String, Brass and Choir Arrangements


01. If I Were Made Of Music 4:47
02. I Never Believed In Love 3:39
03 If I Loved You 4:39
04. Hunioco 7:33
05. Rockalise 6:09
06. Nature Boy 4:56
07. Inside My Life 4:51
08. Going Home 5:03

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Rainbow - Forever Gold (1999)

Rainbow was an English rock band formed by former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in 1975. In addition to Blackmore, the band originally consisted of former Elf members; lead singer Ronnie James Dio (later to join Black Sabbath), keyboardist Mickey Lee Soule, bassist Craig Gruber, and drummer Gary Driscoll. Over the years Rainbow went through many lineup changes.

Size: 347 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Catch The Rainbow (6:28)
02. The Temple Of The King (4:42)
03. Self Portrait (3:13)
04. Stargazer (8:27)
05. Eyes (7:05)
06. Love's No Friend (4:51)
07. Maybe Next Time (3:18)
08. Stone Cold (5:18)
09. Tearlin' Out My Heart (4:04)
10. Anybody There (2:39)
11. Snowman (4:33)
12. Weiss Heim (5:06)
13. Ariel (5:39)
14. Mistreated (Live) (13:05)

CD 2

01. Wolf To The Moon (4:15)
02. Black Masquerade (5:37)
03. Can't Let You Go (4:21)
04. Street Of Dreams (4:26)
05. Power (4:25)
06. Jealous Lover (3:12)
07. Surrender (4:02)
08. Can't Happen Here (4:57)
09. Since You Been Gone (3:16)
10. All Night Long (3:48)
11. Kill The King (4:30)
12. Long Live Rock'n'Roll (4:21)
13. Gates Of Babylon (6:47)
14. Starstruck (4:07)
15. Light In The Black (8:12)
16. If You Don't Like Rock'n'Roll (2:39)

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Alan Parsons - Eye To Eye - Live In Madrid (2010)

2010 live album from the legendary studio wizard and his self-named project. Six years after the release of his last studio effort A Valid Path, Alan Parsons returns with his first live recording. Included on this live set are all the Alan Parsons Project hits including 'Sirius/Eye in the Sky'; 'Don't Answer Me', 'Games People Play', 'Time', 'Damned if I Do' and more. Frontiers.

Codec: mp3
Size: 168 MB


01. I Robot (5:33)
02. Can't Take It With You (4:47)
03. Don't Answer Me (4:38)
04. Breakdown/The Raven (5:43)
05. Time (5:23)
06. Psychobabble (7:31)
07. I Would't want To Be Like You (3:55)
08. Damned If I Do (5:30)
09. More Lost Without You (3:25)
10. Don't Let It Show (4:24)
11. Prime Time (5:57)
12. Sirius-Eye In The Sky (7:12)
13. (The System Of) Dr. Tarr And P (4:12)
14. Games People Play (5:18)

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Y&T - Best Of '81 To '85 (1990) (SHM CD Remaster 2008)

Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) pressing. Universal. 2008.

Though it may not seem like much time, the five short years during which they recorded for A&M Records marked the most consistent period of Y&T's unfortunate career. And though they would sign a new contract with Geffen thereafter, their subsequent, glam-drenched efforts would prove even less inspired. So while hardly all encompassing, Best of '81 to '85 will satisfy the curious fan better than any other package, save perhaps for their excellent live album, Open Fire. The band's drab studio technique notwithstanding, tracks like "Open Fire," "Hurricane," "Mean Streak," and "I Believe in You" make a strong, cohesive statement about the group's songwriting, if not their performance...E. Rivadavia

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 451 MB
Genre : Rock


01 From the Moon 0:44
02 Open Fire 4:11
03 Hurricane 3:23
04 Mean Streak 4:09
05 Rescue Me 4:46
06 Black Tiger 4:18
07 Dirty Girl 5:06
08 Forever 5:47
09 Midnight in Tokyo 5:40
10 Hang 'em High 5:32
11 Lipstick and Leather 3:27
12 Summertime Girls 3:27
13 Beautiful Dreamer 4:05
14 25 Hours a Day 4:09
15 Barroom Boogie 4:32
16 I Believe in You 7:11

Part 4

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