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nedjelja, 31.05.2009.

Lou Reed - Berlin (1973) (Japan Mini LP Remaster 2006)

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Transformer and "Walk on the Wild Side" were both major hits in 1972, to the surprise of both Lou Reed and the music industry, and with Reed suddenly a hot commodity, he used his newly won clout to make the most ambitious album of his career, Berlin. Berlin was the musical equivalent of a drug-addled kid set loose in a candy store; the album's songs, which form a loose story line about a doomed romance between two chemically fueled bohemians, were fleshed out with a huge, boomy production (Bob Ezrin at his most grandiose) and arrangements overloaded with guitars, keyboards, horns, strings, and any other kitchen sink that was handy (the session band included Jack Bruce, Steve Winwood, Aynsley Dunbar, and Tony Levin). And while Reed had often been accused of focusing on the dark side of life, he and Ezrin approached Berlin as their opportunity to make The Most Depressing Album of All Time, and they hardly missed a trick. This all seemed a bit much for an artist who made such superb use of the two-guitars/bass/drums lineup with the Velvet Underground, especially since Reed doesn't even play electric guitar on the album; the sheer size of Berlin ultimately overpowers both Reed and his material. But if Berlin is largely a failure of ambition, that sets it apart from the vast majority of Reed's lesser works; Lou's vocals are both precise and impassioned, and though a few of the songs are little more than sketches, the best -- "How Do You Think It Feels," "Oh, Jim," "The Kids," and "Sad Song" -- are powerful, bitter stuff. It's hard not to be impressed by Berlin, given the sheer scope of the project, but while it earns an A for effort, the actual execution merits more of a B-. Mark Deming

Codec: flac
Size: 276 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Berlin 3:24
02 Lady Day 3:39
03 Men of Good Fortune 4:38
04 Caroline Says I 3:57
05 How Do You Think It Feels 3:43
06 Oh, Jim 5:14
07 Caroline Says II 4:13
08 The Kids 7:54
09 The Bed 5:51
10 Sad Song 6:56

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Humble Pie - Town and Country (1969) (Japan Mini LP 2001)

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Anyone who thinks of Humble Pie solely in terms of their latter-day boogie rock will be greatly surprised with this, the band's second release, for it is almost entirely acoustic. There is a gently rocking cover of Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat," and a couple of electrified Steve Marriott numbers, but the overall feel is definitely more of the country than the town or city. "The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake" is a typical Marriott country ditty, similar to those he would include almost as a token on each of the subsequent studio albums, and "Every Mother's Son" is structured as a folk tale. On "The Light of Love," Marriott even plays sitar. Peter Frampton's contributions here foreshadow the acoustic-based music he would make as a solo artist a few years later. As a whole, this is a crisp, cleanly recorded, attractive-sounding album, totally atypical of the Humble Pie catalog, but well worth a listen. ...J. Newsom

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 105 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Take me back 04:54
02 The sad bag of Shaky Jake 03:01
03 The light of love 03:02
04 Cold lady 03:24
05 Down home again 02:58
06 Ollie ollie 00:52
07 Every mother's sun 05:45
08 Heartbeat 02:35
09 Only you can see 03:40
10 Silver tongue 03:22
11 Home and away 05:57
12 79th street blues (Bonus) 03:03
13 Greg's song (Bonus) 04:28

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subota, 30.05.2009.

Rolling Stones - December's Children (1966) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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Before this 1966 blues-rock masterpiece, the Stones were the best of the many British bands living out their Muddy Waters dress-up fantasies. They continue giving new life to old songs, such as Arthur Alexander's soul tearjerker "You Better Move On" and the Nat King Cole standard "Route 66," but there are several exciting new developments. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger discover their songwriting talents, coming up with the enduring "Get Off My Cloud" and "As Tears Go By" as well as the underappreciated "I'm Free." And drummer Charlie Watts focuses the swing-jazz fills that have defined the Stones as much as the writing, voices, and guitars...S- Knopper

The last Stones album in which cover material accounted for 50 percent of the content was thrown together from a variety of singles, British LP tracks, outtakes, and a cut from an early 1964 U.K. EP. Haphazard assembly aside, much of it's great, including the huge hit "Get Off of My Cloud" and the controversial, string-laden acoustic ballad "As Tears Go By" (a Top Ten item in America). Raiding the R&B closet for the last time, they also offered a breathless run-through of Larry Williams' "She Said Yeah," a sultry Chuck Berry cover ("Talkin' About You"), and exciting live versions of "Route 66" and Hank Snow's "I'm Moving On." More importantly, Jagger-Richards' songwriting partnership had now developed to the extent that several non-A-side tracks were reasonably strong in their own right, such as "I'm Free" and "The Singer Not the Song." And the version of "You Better Move On" (which had been featured on a British EP at the beginning of 1964) was one of their best and most tender soul covers...R.Unterberger

Codec: flac
Size: 155 MB
Genre : Rock


01 She Said Yeah 1:35
02 Talkin' About You 2:31
03 You Better Move On 2:40
04 Look What You've Done 2:16
05 The Singer Not the Song 2:23
06 Route 66 2:40
07 Get off of My Cloud 2:56
08 I'm Free 2:24
09 As Tears Go By 2:46
10 Gotta Get Away 2:07
11 Blue Turns to Grey 2:29
12 I'm Moving On 2:13

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Cold Chisel - Chisel (2 CD Limited Edit 2001)

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In 2001 Cold Chisel's entire back catalogue was digitally remastered. To coincide with the new re-issues, Chisel was not only remastered but also expanded to include tracks from the 1998 reunion album The Last Wave of Summer. Featuring a new black cover, the 2001 version was also released as a limited 'bonus disc' edition.

36 fabulous tracks, not one filler in this compilation double album The best bar none as far as pub rock bands go, including AC/DC and Inxs.

Cold Chisel were a rock band from Adelaide, Australia. They are regarded as the canonical example of Australian pub rock, with a string of hits throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and they are acknowledged as one of the most popular and successful Australian groups of the period, although this success and acclaim was almost completely restricted to Australia and New Zealand.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 327 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Standing On The Outside
02. Rising Sun
03. The Things I Love In You
04. Star Hotel
05. When The War Is Over
06. Breakfast At Sweethearts
07. My Baby
08. You Got Nothing I Want
09. Yakuza Girls
10. Way Down
11. Forever Now
12. Cheap Wine
13. Merry Go Round
14. Water Into Wine
15. Bow River
16. Flame Trees
17. Saturday Night
18. Gooodbye Astrid
19. Choir Girl
20. Khe Shan

CD 2

01. 20Th Century
02. Home And Broken Hearted
03. My Turn To Cry
04. No Sense
05. Four Walls
06. Shipping Steal
07. Conversations
08. Never Before
09. Ita
10. Knockin On Heavens Door
11. Hold Me Tight
12. Best Kept Lies
13. Georgia
14. Wild Thing
15. One Long Day
16. The Last Wave Of Summer

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petak, 29.05.2009.

Nektar - Sounds Like This (1973) (2 CD-Remaster Edit 2006)

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Japanese limited edition remastered issue of the album classic in a deluxe, miniaturized LP sleeve replica of the original vinyl album artwork.

This is the album that really shows Nektar at their best. Recorded in the studio in Germany in only 2 days it gave the band the chance to show the sounds they were capable of producing without the pressures of a live audience or a 'studio recording' with all it's deadlines and quality controls.They really let their hair down with this one and it clearly shows that they are enjoying every minute.Roye Albrighton (guitar) really demonstrates his incredible dexterity and gets his guitar to make the kind of sounds that lessor guitarists can only dream about.Origonally a double vynil release, this ismore… a fairly long album and can leave you quite tired out by the end, but only in a good way. It can be hard to find something worthy to listen to next.There is an exceptionally clever bit where a piece of Beatles music is worked into the set (Norwegian Wood) and the way it's slotted in is pure genius.There is also an excellent drum solo by Ron Howden in true 70's rock tradition.This is a thumping good rock album with Nektar covering a large number of their early classics.'A day in the life of a preacher' is truely amazing. '1 2 3 4' with it's ripping guitar takes you on a roller coaster ride of screaming riffs and jabbing chords like only Roye knows how.If you consider yourself a Nektar fan, then you must have this one in your collection. It's also a great album for anyone who likes early screaming rock indispersed with flowing ballards!!

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 344 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1 - Original

1 Good Day
2 New Day Dawning
3 What Ya Gonna Do?
4 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
5 Do You Believe in Magic
6 Cast Your Fate
7 A Day in the Life of a Preacher
8 Wings
9 Odyssee

CD 2 - Bonus

10 Good Day
11 New Day Dawning
12 Sunshine Down on the City
13 Da Da Dum
14 What Ya Gonna Do ?
15 It's All in Your Mind
16 Cast Your Fate
17 Wings

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Gentle Giant - Interview (1976) (35th Anniversary Edition 2005)

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Interview is Gentle Giant's last great album, here reissued in glittering state-of-the-art sound and with a bonus track appended. Even at this late date in the history of progressive rock, with most groups in the field either folding altogether or trimming their sails, Gentle Giant were busy coming up with songs built on strange (and strangely juxtaposed) tempos and harmonies -- indeed, there are shifts in tempo here that make anything on, say, ELP's Tarkus (where the choice of time signatures nearly blew the group apart) look tame. And it's all remastered for an up-close-and-personal experience of Kerry Minnear's keyboards (more diverse than ever), Ray Shulman's bass, and Gary Green's multiple guitars. The album has also been expanded with the inclusion of a live version of the title track from a July 1976 New York show -- the recording quality isn't quite ideal, and they haven't got quite the same command of this piece that they did of, say, "Experience" from In a Glass House, but it's still a helpful if not a revelatory addition...B. Eder

Size: 233 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock


01 Interview 6:53
02 Give It Back 5:12
03 Design 5:00
04 Another Show 3:30
05 Empty City 4:24
06 Timing 4:52
07 I Lost My Head 7:00
08 Interview Live / prev. unreleased / Bonus 6:31

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PJ Harvey & John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By (2009)

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A Woman a Man Walked By arrived just a year and a half after PJ Harvey's equally difficult and brilliant White Chalk. That alone makes it notable, since the last time she released albums in such quick succession was the early to mid-'90s, around the same time of her last songwriting collaboration with John Parish, Dance Hall at Louse Point. That album's unbridled experiments provided a sharp contrast to the subversive polish of its predecessor, To Bring You My Love; while A Woman a Man Walked By isn't quite as overt an about-face from White Chalk, the difference is still distinct. Here, Harvey and Parish (who played on and co-produced White Chalk) trade sublime, sustained eeriness for freewheeling vignettes that cover a wider range of sounds and moods than her music has in years. They begin with "Black Hearted Love," the equivalent of Dance Hall at Louse Point's "This Was My Veil" -- that is, the album's most accessible moment: guitar-heavy yet sleek, its riffs full of pregnant pauses as Harvey hones in on the one she wants, the song's sinister romance initially seems dangerously close to melodrama ("When you call out my name in rapture/I volunteer my soul for murder"), but she sings "you are my black-hearted love" so tenderly and knowingly that it transcends cliché.

This immediacy just makes the swift twists and turns the rest of A Woman a Man Walked By takes even more striking. The wildly jangling acoustic guitar and breathless vocals of the following track, "Sixteen Fifteen Fourteen," make that clear right away, but despite its nervy intensity, the song -- and the rest of the album -- is remarkably direct. Similarly, Harvey's character studies are just as vivid as other artists' really real, from-the-soul lyrics, and she embodies them just as completely: on "The Soldier," she sings of "walking on the faces of dead women" with haunted fragility; on "Daniel," she's a mother so devastated by loss that she can only mention it by name at the last possible moment. A Woman a Man Walked By also boasts songs that rank among Harvey's most intimate and seemingly confessional. From its shimmering guitar and mournful flute to its carefully observed words ("you slept facing the wall"), "Passionless, Pointless" captures a dying romance with dreamy desolation, while "Cracks in the Canvas" closes the album with the beautifully simple yet open-ended admission "I'm looking for an answer, me and a million others."

Best of all, though, are A Woman a Man Walked By's furious -- and surprisingly hilarious -- moments, which leave conventional notions about sex and sexuality trampled in their wake. The first part of "A Woman a Man Walked By/The Crow Knows Where All the Little Children Go" finds Harvey deriding and lusting after a "woman man" with "lily-livered little parts," switching between a guttural snarl and fey soprano as she tears him to pieces (the second, instrumental part is Parish's only solo credit on the album, a riot of pianos and twitchy percussion that's nearly as wound-up as what came before it). "Pig Will Not" is even rawer, mixing Rid of Me-like firepower with a wicked sense of humor and feral barking with lines like "true love is what we're doing now." Even the far quieter "Leaving California" reveals a surprising amount of mischief, invoking some of White Chalk's mist and gloom for its ironic kiss-off to the Golden State. Despite the album's many dark and evocative moments, there's a playfulness and liberated spirit underlying A Woman a Man Walked By. Parish and Harvey's idea of fun might be very different than that of many other artists, but hearing them cover so much musical and emotional territory is often exhilarating...H. Phares

'Dance hall at Louse point' is perhaps one of my favourite albums of Polly's! It's a dark-horse album which the fans may have overlooked, so in the light of this, i was really excited to learn of a new album with John Parish called 'A Woman a Man Walked By'!
Polly has racked up so many albums with so many feelings and emotions that i was interested to see which route I would be taken this time!
With John Parish providing the music Polly has written some of her best and most expressive lyrics to date, combine this with her many personas which she adopts on practically every track and you have anmore… amazing album!
Polly's albums have always been musical alchemy for me, give each song time and it becomes precious to you! This album needs a few listens, with the listener in different moods, to really come alive! All of Polly's work has a door which you have to really push against for it to open, but once inside the room is beautiful, vicious, angry, delicate and ethereal.
This album is yet another great work from Polly & John and will sit well with "most" fans who want some grit back after the dream world of 'White Chalk'.
Recommended, in fact essential...D. Jellinc

Codec: flac
Size: 202 MB
Genre : Altern. Rock


01 Black Hearted Love / John Parish 4:40
02 Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen / John Parish 3:35
03 Leaving California / John Parish 3:56
04 The Chair / John Parish 2:29
05 April / John Parish 4:40
06 A Woman a Man Walked By/The Crow Knows Where All the Little Children Go / John Parish 4:47
07 The Soldier / John Parish 3:54
08 Pig Will Not / John Parish 3:49
09 Passionless, Pointless / John Parish 4:18
10 Cracks in the Canvas / John Parish 1:54

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Beach Boys - Summer Love Songs (2009)

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A slightly different gloss on an often-seen theme for Beach Boys compilations, Summer Love Songs compiles beach hits and ballads alike from the act that translated sun and sand onto vinyl better than any other. Included are virtually all of the band's greatest summer hits, from "Surfer Girl" to "California Girls." It definitely skimps on the surfing hits and hot-rod hits, but allows more room for less popular but thematically perfect choices like "Keep an Eye on Summer" or "Girls on the Beach." It's also a mite short for digital-era compilations (at only 20 tracks), but it does contain a boon for serious Beach Boys fans -- who tend to be fans of Brian Wilson's productions -- in one previously unreleased song and six new stereo mixes of Beach Boys classics. The unreleased song is "Fallin' in Love (aka Lady)," a typically eccentric Dennis Wilson original from 1970. (Eccentric in that it's spare in spots but lush in others, as well as romantic but a little haunted, making it perfect for those who fell in love with his solo recordings via the 2008 reissue of Pacific Ocean Blue.) The new stereo mixes are great choices, including "Don't Worry, Baby," "Good to My Baby," and "I'm So Young," three of the most brilliant gems of vocal harmony from their 1964-1965 prime. The omissions of plentiful group classics that don't fit the summer theme -- and a few that would have fit the theme -- make this a step short of classic territory, but listeners who want to hear the absolute best-sounding versions of 20 great Beach Boys songs will appreciate this collection...J. Bush

Codec: flac
Size: 327 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Don't Worry Baby prev.unreleased / New Stereo Mix 2:51
02 Why Do Fools Fall in Love prev. unreleased / New Stereo Mix 2:35
03 Wouldn't It Be Nice 2:33
04 God Only Knows 2:55
05 Surfer Girl 2:28
06 California Girls 2:47
07 Please Let Me Wonder 2:52
08 In the Parkin' Lot 2:04
09 Your Summer Dream 2:29
10 Kiss Me, Baby 2:43
11 Hushabye prev. unreleased / New Stereo Mix 2:44
12 I'm So Young New Stereo Mix 2:34
13 Good to My Baby prev. unreleased / New Stereo Mix 2:21
14 Fallin' in Love prev. unreleased 3:03
15 Time to Get Alone New Stereo Mix 2:56
16 Our Sweet Love 2:40
17 Help Me, Rhonda 2:48
18 Keep an Eye on Summer 2:23
19 Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) 2:58
20 Girls on the Beach 3:01

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srijeda, 27.05.2009.

Gentle Giant - Octopus (1972) (Japan SHM CD 2008)

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Japanese SHM reissue of the progressive rock act's 1972 album. Packaged in a miniature LP sleeve. 2008 release.

Returning to Gentle Giant's fourth album after any kind of lengthy absence, it's astonishing just how little Octopus has dated. Often written off at the time as a pale reflection of the truly gargantuan steps being taken by the likes of Jethro Tull and Barclay James Harvest, the band's closest relatives in the tangled skein of period prog, Gentle Giant often seemed more notable for its album art than its music. Octopus, however, marries the two seamlessly, with the cover speaking for itself, of course. And the mood continues within, the deliciously convoluted opening "The Advent of Panurge" itself riding waves of sonic tentacles as Derek Shulman's guitar shrieks short but so effective bursts around the thundering bass and, occasionally, churchy organ. Against the pulsating volume of the album's heavier tracks -- "Panurge" is joined by "A Cry for Everyone" -- the band's excursions into less excitable territory are never less than captivating. Twiddly though they are, the sometimes a cappella "Knots," the lilting "Dog's Life," and the Yes-with-fiddles-ish "Raconteur Troubadour" all have moments of sublime sweetness, while the instrumental "The Boys in the Band" is a succession of quirky showcases for, indeed, all the boys. Occasionally arrangements do get overly cluttered -- with each of the six bandmembers doubling up on at least three different instruments, there's a distinct sense of overdubs for overdubbing's sake. Follow the key instruments alone, however, and the soundscapes not only make perfect sense, but so do the flourishes and intrusions that rattle around. And the end result is an album that has withstood the test of time a lot better than anyone might have expected...D. Thompson



Gary Green - Guitars, percussion
Kerry Minnear - All keyboards, vibraphone, cello, Moog, lead and backing vocals
Derek Shulman - Lead vocals, alto saxophone
Phil Shulman - Saxophones, trumpet, mellophone, lead and backing vocals
Ray Shulman - Bass, violin, guitar, percussion, vocals
John Weathers - Drums, percussion, xylophone


01 The Advent of Panurge 4:42
02 Raconteur, Troubadour 4:03
03 A Cry for Everyone 4:06
04 Knots 4:10
05 The Boys in the Band Instrumental 4:33
06 Dog's Life 3:12
07 Think of Me With Kindness 3:32
08 River 5:51

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utorak, 26.05.2009.

Manic Street Preachers - Journal For Plague Lovers (2 CD-Deluxe Edition 2009)

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Deluxe 2 CD edition includes a bonus disc of demo's of all the tracks featured on the album. Manic Street Preachers return with their ninth studio album, Journal For Plague Lovers. The album follows the hugely successful and critically acclaimed 2007 release Send Away The Tigers, and the induction of the band into the NME s Hall Of Fame with their naming as the "NME Godlike Genius" for 2008. Produced by Steve Albini and recorded live at Rockfield Studios in Wales during the Winter of 2008, the album features lyrics left behind by former guitarist Richey Edwards across all 13 new tracks. An original piece of Jenny Saville s art is the cover of Journal for Plague Lovers, whose painting graced the cover of 1994 s The Holy Bible . Musically the band draw on their classic Holy Bible sound with elements of Nirvana s In Utero, as well as a delicate, beautiful acoustic side.

Manic Street Preachers return with their ninth studio album, Journal For Plague Lovers. The album follows the hugely successful and critically acclaimed 2007 release Send Away The Tigers, and the induction of the band into the NME s Hall Of Fame with their naming as the "NME Godlike Genius" for 2008. Produced by Steve Albini and recorded live at Rockfield Studios in Wales during the Winter of 2008, the album features lyrics left behind by former guitarist Richey Edwards across all 13 new tracks. An original piece of Jenny Saville s art is the cover of Journal for Plague Lovers, whose painting graced the cover of 1994 s The Holy Bible . Musically the band draw on their classic Holy Bible sound with elements of Nirvana s In Utero, as well as a delicate, beautiful acoustic side.



CD 1

01. Peeled Apples (3:34)
02. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time (2:24)
03. Me And Stephen Hawking (2:47)
04. This Joke Sport Severed (3:04)
05. Journal For Plague Lovers (3:45)
06. She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach (2:18)
07. Facing Page: Top Left (2:40)
08. Marlon J. D (2:50)
09. Doors Closing Slowly (2:52)
10. All Is Vanity (3:34)
11. Pretension / Repulsion (2:05)
12. Virginia State Epileptic Colony (3:25)
13. William's Last Words (4:19)
14. Bag Lady (Hidden Track) (3:04)

CD 2

01. Peeled Apples (Demo) (2:30)
02. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time (Demo) (2:19)
03. Me And Stephen Hawking (Demo) (2:40)
04. This Joke Sport Severed (Demo) (2:47)
05. Journal For Plague Lovers (Demo) (3:33)
06. She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach (Demo) (2:26)
07. Facing Page: Top Left (Demo) (2:00)
08. Marlon J. D. (Demo) (2:31)
09. Doors Closing Slowly (Demo) (2:24)
10. All Is Vanity (Demo) (3:03)
11. Pretension / Repulsion (Demo) (2:06)
12. Virginia State Epileptic Colony (Demo) (3:22)
13. William's Last Words (Demo) (4:14)

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nedjelja, 24.05.2009.

UFO - The Visitor (2009)

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Picture this; Traditional rock music that could hardly sound more classic, with gritty hooks, powerful riffs and leads, and lyrics full of eccentric humor, as well as a talent for observation and occasionally great depth. This is truly the case with UFO's newest release, 'The Visitor'. Due to the lineup of Mogg, Vinnie Moore, Andy Parker and Paul Raymond, it's no surprise that 'The Visitor' features the same musicality and energy which UFO fans have come to cherish from the band. Including almost a dozen new compositions, 'The Visitor' arrives in both CD and LP format.

Like Saturday Night Live, UFO have had plenty of creative ups and downs over the years but have often demonstrated that one should never give up on them. The veteran hard rockers have recorded some superb albums along the way, and they have recorded some weak, lackluster albums, too. But even when they let their followers down on occasion, UFO have had a way of bouncing back and giving those followers new reasons to be optimistic. The Visitor, it turns out, is a respectable 40th anniversary present from UFO, who were formed in 1969 and remained active 40 years later in 2009. This 2009 release finds two members of the original 1969 lineup (lead singer Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker) joined by keyboardist/guitarist Paul Raymond (a 1976 arrival) and guitarist Vinnie Moore, who didn't come on board until the 2000s; regrettably, bassist Pete Way (another original member going back to 1969) was unable to participate due to health problems. Some Michael Schenker devotees will no doubt refuse to give this album a chance because the former Scorpions/MSG guitarist isn't on board, but truth be told, UFO made some valuable contributions to hard rock during their pre-Schenker days and continued to make them after his departure. The Visitor is perhaps a somewhat misleading title for this 42-minute CD because it has a bit of a space rock connotation despite the fact that there isn't a drop of space rock to be found here; regardless, The Visitor offers a worthwhile dose of '70s-minded hard rock - and even though "Hell Driver," "Stranger in Town," and other bluesy offerings aren't in a class with '70s favorites like "Doctor, Doctor," "Rock Bottom," and "Lights Out," they are enjoyable nonetheless. The Visitor won't go down in history as one of UFO's essential albums, but longtime fans - at least the ones who are open to the possibility of hearing a Schenker-less lineup - will find it to be a solid 40th anniversary present from these hard rock survivors. ~ All Music Guide



01 Saving Me 5.08
02 On The Waterfront 3.52
03 Hell Driver 4.26
04 Stop Breaking Down 4.58
05 Rock Ready 3.07
06 Living Proof 4.34
07 Can't Buy A Thrill 5.17
08 Forsaken 3.58
09 Villains & Thieves 3.3444
10 Stranger In Town 3.39

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Pls.post with artist & title !!!

Pls.post with artist & title !!!

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Simple Minds - Graffiti Soul (2 CD-Deluxe Edition) (2009)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thor shared his promo with us...

Featuring original members Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill (plus Mel Gaynor on drums and Eddie Duffy on bass), Graffiti Soul is Simple Minds' 15th studio album--the latest in a career spanning three decades. Following 2008's reissued The Best of Simple Minds, Graffiti Soul is the first album of new material since 2005. It has the roots of a traditional Simple Minds album, yet comes across contemporary and fresh.

Wow! What a return to form! The stand out tracks are Moscow Underground, Stars Will Lead The Way, Light Travels, Graffiti Soul and This Is It, but actually it's all pretty impressive stuff. Moscow Undergroud is dark opening track with a thumping bassline combined with a mellow vocals from Jim Kerr. Stars Will Lead The Way is a classic Simple Minds sound built around an unforgettable riff. Light Travels is slower and different...and almost hypnotic. It's a truly beautiful song. Graffiti Soul is a song that really does "Give You Lightening" and is another built on a great bassline and lead guitar. This Is It is very upbeat song and a crescendo to wrap up the album. A powerful combination of lead guitar and relentless drums. And what's more the Delux album version comes with a set of covers - which is not your typical lame cover album. Again, its superb - check out Let The Day Begin. All in all a real return to form. I just hope this enjoys the sucess it richly deserves, and "content" overcomes what's perceived as "cool!"...Dhaaar Jellinc



CD 1:

01 Moscow Underground 05:03
02 Rockets 04:37
03 Stars Will Lead The Way 03:27
04 Light Travels 04:14
05 Kiss & Fly 05:03
06 Graffiti Soul 04:50
07 Blood Type O 03:50
08 This Is It 04:54
09 Shadows & Light (Bonus) 02:50

CD 2:

01 Rocking In The Free World (Neil Young) 04:20
02 Floorboards (Magasine) 04:35
03 Christine (Siouxsie & The Banshees) 03:13
04 Get A Grip (Stranglers) 03:54
05 Let The Day Begin (The Call) 03:04
06 Peace Love & Understanding (Nick Lowe) 03:35
07 Teardrops (Massive Attack) 05:35
08 Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy) 04:02
09 Sloop John B (Beach Boys) 04:34

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Humble Pie - Performance, Rockin' the Fillmore (1971) (Japan SHM CD 2006)

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Japanese pressing reissue. No Extras. 2006.

When it comes to live albums, there's a standard in the music industry. It's Humble Pie's "Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore." Released in 1971, this is not an album people merely listen to; it is an album that can only be experienced. The intensity of the British supergroup's live show can be attributed to the electric chemistry generated between vocalist Steve Marriott and guitar god Peter Frampton. Formerly of Small Faces, Marriott's soulful rock 'n' roll voice is the perfect foil to Frampton's jazz-rock style.
The seven-song album is an exhilarating slice of Humble Pie history. Almost all of the songs include extended solos and improvisational tangents that would never be allowed on a studio album. Unpredictable tracks like "Stone Cold Fever" are refreshing and keep the listener actively engaged until the end. The band also showcases its musical stamina on the marathon jam, "I Walk On Gilded Splinters." This 23-minute epic features Marriott's dynamic range as he seamlessly shifts from demonic lows to primal, high-pitched wails that only fellow English rocker Robert Plant could rival.
The closing anthem, "I Don't Need No Doctor," is one of the group's most recognizable songs. Brimming with uncontrollable energy, this guitar-driven rocker spotlights Frampton's expressive, spellbinding solos. With every note, the listener is continually drawn into Humble Pie's other worldly sound.
Although the album is filled with standouts, the band really shines on the Ray Charles cover, "Hallelujah (I Love Her So)." The potent combination of Marriott's mile-high vocal range and Frampton's quick, clear solos make this rock-oriented cover a classic in its own right...Manfred Mandel



01. Four Day Creep 3.46
02. I'm Ready 8.31
03. Stone Cold Fever 6.21
04. I Walk On Gilded Splinters 23.28
05. Rolling Stone 16.10
06. Hallelujah 5.10
07. I Don't Need No Doctor 9.15

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Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed (1969) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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One of 22 albums to be released in the "The Rolling Stones The Sixties Cardboard Sleeve Collection" reissue series. All albums feature DSD mastering from 2002 and cardboard sleeve case designs.

Mostly recorded without Brian Jones -- who died several months before its release (although he does play on two tracks) and was replaced by Mick Taylor (who also plays on just two songs) -- this extends the rock and blues feel of Beggars Banquet into slightly harder-rocking, more demonically sexual territory. The Stones were never as consistent on album as their main rivals, the Beatles, and Let It Bleed suffers from some rather perfunctory tracks, like "Monkey Man" and a countrified remake of the classic "Honky Tonk Woman" (here titled "Country Honk"). Yet some of the songs are among their very best, especially "Gimme Shelter," with its shimmering guitar lines and apocalyptic lyrics; the harmonica-driven "Midnight Rambler"; the druggy party ambience of the title track; and the stunning "You Can't Always Get What You Want," which was the Stones' "Hey Jude" of sorts, with its epic structure, horns, philosophical lyrics, and swelling choral vocals. "You Got the Silver" (Keith Richards' first lead vocal) and Robert Johnson's "Love in Vain," by contrast, were as close to the roots of acoustic down-home blues as the Stones ever got...R. Unterberger



01 Gimme Shelter 4:30
02 Love in Vain 4:19
03 Country Honk 3:07
04 Live With Me 3:33
05 Let It Bleed 5:27
06 Midnight Rambler 6:52
07 You Got the Silver 2:50
08 Monkey Man 4:11
09 You Can't Always Get What You Want / Madeline Bell 7:28

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Tom Petty - Long After Dark (1985) (Japan SHM CD 2009)

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Cardboard sleeve reissue from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers featuring the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players). Part of a eight-album Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers SHM-CD cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring the albums "Damn The Torpedos," "Hard Promises," "Long After Dark," "Southern Accents," "Pack Up The Plantation," "Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)," "Full Moon Fever," and "Into The Great Wide Open." Also features 2001 remastering.

Riding high on the back-to-back Top Five platinum hits Damn the Torpedoes and Hard Promises, Tom Petty quickly returned to the studio to record the Heartbreakers' fifth album, Long After Dark. Truth be told, there was about as long a gap between Dark and Promises as there was between Promises and Torpedoes. There are a few new wave flourishes here and there, but the band hasn't really changed its style at all -- it's still Stonesy, Byrdsian heartland rock. As their first four albums illustrated, that isn't a problem in itself, since they've found numerous variations within their signature sound. With its swirling, minor key guitars, "You Got Lucky" is a classic and "Change of Heart" comes close to matching the peaks of Promises and Torpedoes...S. T. Erlewine



01 A One Story Town 3:06
02 You Got Lucky 3:37
03 Deliver Me 3:28
04 Change of Heart 3:18
05 Finding Out 3:36
06 We Stand a Chance 3:38
07 Straight into Darkness 3:49
08 The Same Old You 3:31
09 Between Two Worlds 5:12
10 A Wasted Life 4:35

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Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971) (Remaster Edit 2005)

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Pieced together from outtakes and much-labored-over songs, Sticky Fingers manages to have a loose, ramshackle ambience that belies both its origins and the dark undercurrents of the songs. It's a weary, drug-laden album -- well over half the songs explicitly mention drug use, while the others merely allude to it -- that never fades away, but it barely keeps afloat. Apart from the classic opener, "Brown Sugar" (a gleeful tune about slavery, interracial sex, and lost virginity, not necessarily in that order), the long workout "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and the mean-spirited "Bitch," Sticky Fingers is a slow, bluesy affair, with a few country touches thrown in for good measure. The laid-back tone of the album gives ample room for new lead guitarist Mick Taylor to stretch out, particularly on the extended coda of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking." But the key to the album isn't the instrumental interplay -- although that is terrific -- it's the utter weariness of the songs. "Wild Horses" is their first nonironic stab at a country song, and it is a beautiful, heart-tugging masterpiece. Similarly, "I Got the Blues" is a ravished, late-night classic that ranks among their very best blues. "Sister Morphine" is a horrifying overdose tale, and "Moonlight Mile," with Paul Buckmaster's grandiose strings, is a perfect closure: sad, yearning, drug-addled, and beautiful. With its offhand mixture of decadence, roots music, and outright malevolence, Sticky Fingers set the tone for the rest of the decade for the Stones...S.T. Erlewine



01 Brown Sugar 3:49
02 Sway 3:53
03 Wild Horses 5:44
04 Can't You Hear Me Knocking 7:16
05 You Gotta Move 2:33
06 Bitch 3:37
07 I Got the Blues 3:55
08 Sister Morphine 5:34
09 Dead Flowers 4:05
10 Moonlight Mile 5:57

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Deep Purple - Made In Europe (1976)(SHM-CD Remaster 2008)

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Japanese-only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) paper sleeve pressing of this classic album from the British Heavy Metal icons, originally released in 1976. SHM-CDs can be played on any audio player and delivers unbelievably high-quality sound. You won't believe it's the same CD! Warner. 2008

This live recording, made in 1975, comes from Ritchie Blackmore's last three concerts with the band before leaving to form Rainbow. It features Deep Purple Mark III, with David Coverdale on vocals and Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals. Coverdale is a convincing hard rock singer, though he lacks the winning quirkiness of Ian Gillan, while Hughes is a busier and more up-front player than Roger Glover. While "Burn" and "Mistreated" are worthy successors to previous Deep Purple tunes, the remaining material is weaker, and overall, this stuff is definitely a couple of notches below the glory days of Made in Japan. But Blackmore, for his swan song, still manages to inject a good deal of excitement, and his invention and fire raise the proceedings up somewhat. [A remastered version of the album was released on the Friday label in 2007.] ...St. Raiteri

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 292 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Burn 7:28
02 Mistreated 11:43
03 Lady Double Dealers 4:17
04 You Fool No One 16:44
05 Stormbringer 5:35

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Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (1972) (Remaster Edit 2005)

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From the swaggering frustration in the first song ("I only get my rocks off while I'm sleeping," Mick Jagger sings in the hyper "Rocks Off"), the Stones speed through familiar neighborhoods of country, blues, and R&B on Exile. They never even bother to stop when they've crashed into something. They don't leap into new worlds so much as master the old ones, turning Slim Harpo's blues obscurity "Hip Shake" into a harp-and-piano steamroller and setting spines a-cracking in "Ventilator Blues." Both "Tumbling Dice" and Keith Richards's "Happy" have become hits, but the 1972 album is most notable for its overall murky adrenaline...S. Knopper

Codec: flac
Size: 412 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Rocks Off 4:32
02. Rip This Joint 2:22
03. Shake Your Hips 2:59
04. Casino Boogie 3:33
05. Tumbling Dice 3:45
06. Sweet Virginia 4:25
07. Torn And Frayed 4:17
08. Sweet Black Angel 2:54
09. Loving Cup 4:23
10. Happy 3:04
11. Turd On The Run 2:36
12. Ventilator Blues 3:24
13. I Just Want To See His Face 2:52
14. Let It Loose 5:16
15. All Down The Line 3:49
16. Stop Breaking Down 4:34
17. Shine A Light 4:14
18. Soul Survivor 3:49

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AC/DC - High Voltage (1976) (Japan Mini LP 2003)

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AC/DC's 1976 album digitally remastered and reissued in a special digipak plus a 16 page full color booklet containing all original album art, many unpublished photos, classic memorabilia and new 2003 liner notes.

One of the perennial complaints about AC/DC is that they've never changed -- and if that's true, High Voltage is the blueprint they've followed all their career. Comprised of highlights from their first two Australian albums -- 1975's TNT and its 1976 follow-up, also entitled High Voltage -- the album has every single one of AC/DC's archetypes. There are songs about rock & roll, slow sleazy blues, high-voltage boogie, double entendres so obvious they qualify as single entendres and, of course, the monster riffs of Angus Young, so big and bold they bruise the listener upon contact. It's those riffs -- so catchy they sound lifted when they're original, so simple they're often wrongly dismissed as easy -- that give the music its backbone, the foundation for Bon Scott to get dirty, and rockers never got quite as dirty as Bon Scott. Scott sounded as if you could catch a disease by listening to him. He sounded like the gateman at hell, somebody who never hid the notion that lurking behind the door are some bad, dangerous things, but they're also fun, too, and he made no apologies for that. But for as primal as High Voltage is, it's also a lot weirder and funnier than it's given credit for, too -- those are bagpipes that solo on "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock & Roll)," and "She's Got Balls" is a perversely funny dirty joke. This is music so primal that it's enduring -- it feels like it existed before AC/DC got there, and it will exist long afterward. And if AC/DC did wind up bettering this blueprint in the future, there's no question that this original is still potent, even thrilling, no matter how many times they returned to the well, or how many times this record is played...S. Erlewine

Codec: flac
Size: 278 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) 5:16
02 Rock 'n' Roll Singer 5:04
03 The Jack 5:52
04 Live Wire 5:50
05 T.N.T. 3:34
06 Can I Sit Next to You Girl 4:12
07 Little Lover 5:37
08 She's Got Balls 4:51
09 High Voltage 4:03

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Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons (1967-UK) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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The Rolling Stones' 1967 recordings are a matter of some controversy; many critics felt that they were compromising their raw, rootsy power with trendy emulations of the Beatles, Kinks, Dylan, and psychedelic music. Approach this album with an open mind, though, and you'll find it to be one of their strongest, most eclectic LPs, with many fine songs that remain unknown to all but Stones devotees. The lyrics are getting better (if more savage), and the arrangements more creative, on brooding near-classics like "All Sold Out," "My Obsession," and "Yesterday's Papers." "She Smiled Sweetly" shows their hidden romantic side at its best, while "Connection" is one of the record's few slabs of conventionally driving rock...R.Unterberger

Codec: flac
Size: 229 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Yesterday's Papers 2:05
02 My Obsession 3:18
03 Backstreet Girl 3:28
04 Connection 2:10
05 She Smiled Sweetly 2:45
06 Cool, Calm & Collected 4:19
07 All Sold Out 2:18
08 Please Go Home 3:18
09 Who's Been Sleeping Here? 3:57
10 Complicated 3:16
11 Miss Amanda Jones 2:48
12 Something Happened to Me Yesterday 4:55

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10cc - Ten Out Of 10 (1981)(Japan Mini LP 2006)

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Japanese pressing packaged in a miniature LP sleeve of the 1981 album by this quirky British rock band featuring Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman. Down to a duo again, this is often cited as their most consistent album since 1977's Deceptive Bends.. Mercury. 2006.

Codec: flac
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 248 MB
Genre : Power Pop, Rock


01. Don't Ask [0:04:03.12]
02. Overdraft In Overdrive [0:03:25.40]
03. Don't Turn Me Away [0:05:07.25]
04. Memories [0:04:33.53]
05. Notell Hotel [0:04:58.25]
06. Les Nouveaux Riches [0:05:14.15]
07. Action Man In A Motown Suit [0:04:45.42]
08. Listen With Your Eyes [0:03:15.05]
09. Lying Here With You [0:03:23.55]
10. Survivor [0:05:48.28]

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Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads (1965) (Remaster US Version 2002)

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In 1965, the Stones finally proved themselves capable of writing classic rock singles that mined their R&B/blues roots, but updated them into a more guitar-based, thoroughly contemporary context. The first enduring Jagger-Richards classics are here -- "The Last Time," its menacing, folky B-side "Play With Fire," and the riff-driven "Satisfaction," which made them superstars in the States and defined their sound and rebellious attitude better than any other single song. On the rest of the album, they largely opted for mid-'60s soul covers, Marvin Gaye's "Hitch Hike," Otis Redding's "Cry to Me," and Sam Cooke's "Good Times" being particular standouts. "I'm All Right" (based on a Bo Diddley sound) showed their 1965 sound at its rawest, and there are a couple of fun, though derivative, bluesy originals in "The Spider and the Fly" and "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man."...R. Unterberger

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 55 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Mercy, Mercy 2:47
02 Hitch Hike 2:26
03 The Last Time 3:42
04 That's How Strong My Love Is 2:25
05 Good Times 1:59
06 I'm All Right 2:25
07 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:43
08 Cry to Me 3:09
09 The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man 3:07
10 Play With Fire 2:15
11 The Spider and the Fly 3:39
12 One More Try 1:58

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Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (1968)(Japan SHM CD 2008)

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Japanese reissue on SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan. Polycarbonate plastic with improved transparency is used for the disc surface for enhanced audio quality. *Plays on regular CD players. Written and produced by Jimi Hendrix, the album is seen as the peak of Hendrix's mastery of the electric guitar, and is frequently cited as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. It is not only the last of his albums released as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but also the last of Hendrix's studio albums to be professionally produced under his own supervision. After Electric Ladyland, Hendrix spent the remaining two years of his life attempting to organize a new band and recording a breadth of new songs. Released as a double album, Electric Ladyland is a cross-section of Hendrix's wide range of musical talent. It includes samples of several genres and styles of music, including the psychedelia of "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" (previously a UK single in the summer of 1967), the bluesy guitar jam "Voodoo Chile", the New Orleans-style rock and roll of "Come On", the epic studio production of "1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)", and the social commentary of "House Burning Down". The album also features a cover version of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" that was widely praised by many, including Dylan himself, as well as "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", a staple of both radio and guitar repertoire. ”

Jimi Hendrix's third and final album with the original Experience found him taking his funk and psychedelic sounds to the absolute limit. The result was not only one of the best rock albums of the era, but also Hendrix's original musical vision at its absolute apex. When revisionist rock critics refer to him as the maker of a generation's mightiest dope music, this is the album they're referring to. But Electric Ladyland is so much more than just background music for chemical intake. Kudos to engineer Eddie Kramer (who supervised the remastering of the original two-track stereo masters for this 1997 reissue on MCA) for taking Hendrix's visions of a soundscape behind his music and giving it all context, experimenting with odd mic techniques, echo, backward tape, flanging, and chorusing, all new techniques at the time, at least the way they're used here. What Hendrix sonically achieved on this record expanded the concept of what could be gotten out of a modern recording studio in much the same manner as Phil Spector had done a decade before with his Wall of Sound. As an album this influential (and as far as influencing a generation of players and beyond, this was his ultimate statement for many), the highlights speak for themselves: "Crosstown Traffic," his reinterpretation of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower," "Burning of the Midnight Lamp," the spacy "1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)," and "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)," a landmark in Hendrix's playing. With this double set (now on one compact disc), Hendrix once again pushed the concept album to new horizons...C. Koda

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 172 MB
Genre : Rock


01...And the Gods Made Love 1:21
02 Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) 2:12
03 Crosstown Traffic 2:25
04 Voodoo Chile 15:05
05 Little Miss Strange 2:50
06 Long Hot Summer Night 3:30
07 Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) 4:10
08 Gypsy Eyes 3:46
09 Burning of the Midnight Lamp 3:44
10 Rainy Day, Dream Away 3:43
11 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) 13:46
12 Moon, Turn the Tides...Gently Gently Away 1:01
13 Still Raining, Still Dreaming 4:24
14 House Burning Down 4:35
15 All Along the Watchtower 4:01
16 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 5:14

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Rolling Stones - Aftermath (1966-UK) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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The Rolling Stones' London/ABKCO catalog was reissued in August of 2002, packaged in digipacks with restored album artwork, remastered, and released as hybrid discs that contain both CD and Super Audio CD layers. The remastering -- performed with Direct Stream Digital (DSD) encoding -- is a drastic improvement, leaping out of the speaker yet still sounding like the original albums. This is noticeable on the standard CD layer but is considerably more pronounced on the SACD layer, which is shockingly realistic in its detail and presence yet is still faithful to the original mixes; Keith Richards' revved-up acoustic guitar on "Street Fighting Man" still sends the machine into overdrive, for instance. It just sounds like he's in the room with you. Even if you've never considered yourself an audiophile, have never heard the differences between standard and gold-plated CDs, you will hear the difference with SACD, even on a cheap stereo system without a high-end amplifier or speakers. And you won't just hear the difference, you'll be an instant convert and wish, hope, and pray that other artists whose catalog hasn't been reissued since the early days of CD -- Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, especially the Beatles -- are given the same treatment in the very near future. SACD and DSD are that good.

The British version of Aftermath was released earlier than its American counterpart and had several differences beyond its cover design: it runs more than ten minutes longer, despite not having "Paint It Black" on it (singles were usually kept separate from LPs in England in those days), and it has four additional songs -- "Mother's Little Helper," which was left off the U.S. album for release as a single; "Out of Time" in its full-length five-minute-36-second version, two minutes longer than the version of the song issued in America; "Take It or Leave It," which eventually turned up on Flowers in the U.S.; and "What to Do," which didn't surface in America until the release of More Hot Rocks more than six years later. Additionally, the song lineup is different, "Goin' Home" closing side one instead of side two. And the mixes used are different from the tracks that the two versions of the album do have in common -- the U.K. album and CD used a much cleaner, quieter master that had a more discreet stereo sound, with wide separation in the two channels and the bass not centered as it in the U.S. version. Thus, one gets a more vivid impression of the instruments. It's also louder yet curiously, because of the cleaner sound, slightly less visceral in its overall impact, though the details in the playing revealed in the mixes may fascinate even casual listeners. It's still a great album, though the difference in song lineup makes it a different record; "Mother's Little Helper" is one of the more in-your-face drug songs of the period, as well as being a potent statement about middle-class hypocrisy and political inconsistency, and "Out of Time," "Take It Leave It" (which had been a hit for the Searchers), and "What to Do," if anything, add to the misogyny already on display in "Stupid Girl" and "Think," and "Out of Time" adds to the florid sound of the album's psychedelic component (and there's no good reason except for a plain oversight by the powers that be for the complete version of "Out of Time" never having been released in America). The British version of Aftermath (which was also released in mono on vinyl) has been available intermittently on CD since the late '80s as an import, and is worth tracking down...B. Eder

Codec: flac
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 311 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Mother's Little Helper 2:45
02 Stupid Girl 2:56
03 Lady Jane 3:08
04 Under My Thumb 3:41
05 Doncha Bother Me 2:41
06 Going Home 11:14
07 Flight 505 3:27
08 High and Dry 3:08
09 Out of Time 5:37
10 It's Not Easy 2:56
11 I Am Waiting 3:11
12 Take It or Leave It 2:47
13 Think 3:09
14 What to Do 2:32

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subota, 16.05.2009.

The Doors - Bright Midnight: Live In America (2002)

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Exclusive version of this title which is now deleted domestically. This 13 track CD is a sampler of the current 'Internet Only' releases from the 'Bright Midnight' label. All 13 tracks were recorded live at various venues across the USA & are previously unreleased. Collector's take note, the import edition carries a completely different sleeve (and much cooler) to the US internet edition! Warner.

This single-disc live compilation has also been issued as The Bright Midnight Records Sampler. However, both titles contain the exact same music. In their attempts to quash inferior-sounding bootlegs and provide Doors fans with previously unavailable recordings, the three surviving bandmembers, as well as manager Danny Sugerman and original sound engineer Bruce Botnick, formed Bright Midnight — a subsidiary of and distributed by Rhino Records. This disc contains a sampling from the various titles on the label and includes some peak moments from shows destined for complete release. A majority of these tracks are derived from the same cache of professionally documented concerts compiled for the Absolutely Live double LP in 1970, thus explaining the stellar sound quality. Additionally, none of these recordings were issued in any form prior to Bright Midnight Records — even within the often over-zealous circles of tape collectors. This begs the question: Where have they been hiding? Initially, the tapes were in the care of the Doors' producer, Paul Rothchild. After his passing they were discovered when bandmembers rummaged through available tapes to use on The Doors Box Set. Though these performances only span the course of a year, the sampler includes live versions of material from all six Doors studio albums with Jim Morrison. It seems a bit disproportionate, however, that over half the songs from The Doors debut disc are included, while Waiting for the Sun and Soft Parade are meagerly represented. The set's outstanding state-of-the art sound, atomic energy levels, and intense musicality match, if not exceed, the material ultimately chosen for Absolutely Live. Standouts include "Touch Me," "Break on Through (To the Other Side)," and the "Love Me Two Times" suite. Likewise it is interesting to note that these shows were performed in the wake of the March 1969 Miami incident, after which the Doors were in essence blacklisted all across the U.S.A. As interested parties will note, the seamy, crucial, manic nature of a Doors concert is revealed for generations wondering if the truth can live up to the hype.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 170 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Light My Fire (Philadelphia) 11:30
02 Been Down So Long (Detroit) 7:23
03 Back Door Man (Pittsburgh) 2:24
04 Love Hides (Pittsburgh) 2:23
05 Five to One (Pittsburgh) 5:10
06 Touch Me (Hollywood) 3:33
07 The Crystal Ship (Hollywood) 2:57
08 Break on Through (To the Other Side) (New York) 4:23
09 Bellowing (Boston) 1:31
10 Roadhouse Blues (Boston) 5:21
11 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) (New York) 1:54
12 Love Me Two Times/Baby Please Don't Go/St. James Infirmary (Bakersfield 8:50
13 The End (Detroit) 16:15

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Rolling Stones - Flowers (1967) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Rolling Stones Flowers (2006 Japanese manufactured 12-track CD album released) as part of the 'in the 60's Papersleeve Collection', presented in a mini-LP style card picture sleeve. One of 22 albums to be released in the "The Rolling Stones The Sixties Cardboard Sleeve Collection" reissue series. All albums feature DSD mastering from 2002 and cardboard sleeve case designs.

This album represents a turning point for the Stones. Though they had not yet fully integrated the baroque aspirations of pop into their music, the flower-power influence had nonetheless begun to take root. While all the earlier elements of their sound are still firmly in place, in the folky "Backstreet Girl" and the relentlessly rocking "Let's Spend The Night Together," new sounds also crop up. Cuts like the woodwind-sweetened ballad "Ruby Tuesday" and the Middle Eastern-tinged "Mother's Little Helper" set the stage for the full-blown head-trip that would unveil itself later that year on THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST.

Flowers is the eighth U.S. studio album, released in 1967. The album is a mishmash of previously recorded tracks. The songs either appeared as singles, had been omitted from the American versions of Aftermath and Between the Buttons, were collected from studio sessions dating back several years, or are simply reissues of songs recently released on other albums. Three tracks had never been released. "My Girl" from the Out of Our Heads and Between the Buttons sessions, and "Ride On, Baby" and "Sittin' On A Fence" from the Aftermath sessions. The title refers to the album's cover, with flower stems underneath the portrait of each band member. Bassist Bill Wyman claims that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards deliberately arranged the stem of Brian Jones's flower so that it had no leaves, as a prank. He later stated that "I didn't get the joke". The portraits are from the UK version of Aftermath.

Flowers reached #3 in the US during the late summer of 1967 and went gold. In August 2002. It was remastered and reissued on CD and SACD digipak by ABKCO Records.

Codec: flac
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 207 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Ruby Tuesday 3:16
02. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? 2:34
03. Let's Spend The Night Together 3:35
04. Lady Jane 3:07
05. Out Of Time 3:41
06. My Girl 2:38
07. Back Street Girl 3:26
08. Please Go Home 3:17
09. Mother's Little Helper 2:46
10. Take It Or Leave It 2:46
11. Ride On Baby 2:52
12. Sittin' On A Fence 3:02

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10cc - Deceptive Bends (1977)(Remaster 1998)

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When Kevin Godley and Lol Creme left 10cc in 1976 to pursue a solo career, many thought it was the death knell for the group. However, Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman kept the group alive as a duo (with the assistance of percussionist Paul Burgess) and turned in a surprisingly solid album with 1977's Deceptive Bends. It may lack the devil-may-care wackiness that popped up on previous 10cc albums, but it makes up for it by crafting a series of lush, catchy pop songs that are witty in their own right. Deceptive Bends also produced a pair of notable hits for the group: "Good Morning Judge" told the comical tale of a career criminal over a hook-laden, surprisingly funky pop backing while "The Things We Do for Love" was an irresistible Beatles pastiche that showcased 10cc's mastery of pop vocal harmonies. "People in Love," a surprisingly straightforward ballad built on a gorgeous string arrangement, also became a modest chart success. The remainder of the material doesn't stand out as sharply as these hits, but each of the tracks offers up plenty of naggingly catchy pop hooks, oodles of catchy riffs, and surprising twists in their arrangements. Highlights among the non-hit tracks include "Marriage Bureau Rendezvous," a satire of dating services set to a lilting soft rock melody, and "You've Got a Cold," a portrait of illness-influenced misery set to a percolating pop melody. The only place where Deceptive Bends slips is on "Feel the Benefit," the lengthy medley that closes the album. Its excessive length and hazy lyrics make it less satisfying than the album's shorter tunes, but it is kept afloat by a catchy, mock-Spanish midsection and some lovely string arrangements. All in all, Deceptive Bends is the finest achievement of 10cc's post-Godley and Creme lineup and well worth a spin for anyone who enjoyed Sheet Music or The Original Soundtrack...A. Guarisco
Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 117 MB
Genre : Power Pop, Rock


01 Good Morning Judge 2:56
02 The Things We Do for Love 3:29
03 Marriage Bureau Rendezvous 4:05
04 People in Love 3:48
05 Modern Man Blues 5:32
06 Honeymoon with B Troop 2:49
07 I Bought a Flat Guitar Tutor 1:47
08 You've Got a Cold 3:37
09 Feel the Benefit, Pt. 1-3 11:31
10 Hot to Trot Bonus Track 4:29
11 Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste Bonus Track 3:37
12 I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out Bonus Track 3:48

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Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet (1968) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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One of 22 albums to be released in "The Rolling Stones The Sixties Cardboard Sleeve Collection" reissue series. All albums feature DSD mastering from 2002 and cardboard sleeve case designs.

The Stones forsook psychedelic experimentation to return to their blues roots on this celebrated album, which was immediately acclaimed as one of their landmark achievements. A strong acoustic Delta blues flavor colors much of the material, particularly "Salt of the Earth" and "No Expectations," which features some beautiful slide guitar work. Basic rock & roll was not forgotten, however: "Street Fighting Man," a reflection of the political turbulence of 1968, was one of their most innovative singles, and "Sympathy for the Devil," with its fire-dancing guitar licks, leering Jagger vocals, African rhythms, and explicitly satanic lyrics, was an image-defining epic. On "Stray Cat Blues," Jagger and crew began to explore the kind of decadent sexual sleaze that they would take to the point of self-parody by the mid-'70s. At the time, though, the approach was still fresh, and the lyrical bite of most of the material ensured Beggars Banquet's place as one of the top blues-based rock records of all time...R. Unterberge

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 95 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Sympathy For The Devil 6:18
02 No Expectations 3:56
03 Dear Doctor 3:22
04 Parachute Woman 2:20
05 Jigsaw Puzzle 6:06
06 Street Fighting Man 3:16
07 Prodigal Son 2:52
08 Stray Cat Blues 4:37
09 Factory Girl 2:09
10 Salt Of The Earth 4:47

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Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (1991) (Remaster 2002)

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This is Ozzy's second album to be certified 4x Platinum by the RIAA.

Having been cleared earlier in the year in another lawsuit concerning the supposedly suicide-inducing subject matter of his music, Ozzy Osbourne reinvigorated his sound and expanded his following with his sixth studio album, No More Tears, in the fall of 1991. Finding more sympathetic producers in Duane Baron and John Purdell to replace Roy Thomas Baker (who had helmed his last effort, 1988's No Rest for the Wicked), collaborating with Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead on four songs, and retaining the services of guitarist Zakk Wylde, Osbourne brought his music into the 1990s. Songs like "Desire" and "S.I.N." had an energetic, contemporary metal sound, and Osbourne effectively changed gears to turn out gentle ballads like "Mama, I'm Coming Home," which gave him his first U.S. Top 40 hit on his own. Not cowed by his court cases, he wrote songs about child abuse ("Mr. Tinkertrain") and serial murder ("No More Tears") from the point of view of the criminals. But he also considered his own place in the general scheme of things in the tribute to the rock & roll lifestyle "Hellraiser" and the reflective "Road to Nowhere." It all made for an unusually broad range of material, and the album returned him to the Top Ten and multi-platinum status. The 2002 reissue adds two appropriate bonus tracks, "Don't Blame Me," which was the non-LP B-side to "Mama, I'm Coming Home," and "Party With the Animals," which appeared on the 1992 soundtrack to the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both are powerful rockers, and they make the album an even stronger collection...W. Ruhlmann

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 151 MB
Genre : Heavy Metal


Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
Zakk Wylde - guitar
Bob Daisley - bass
Randy Castillo - drums
John Sinclair - keyboards


01 Mr. Tinkertrain 5:56
02 I Don't Want to Change the World 4:05
03 Mama, I'm Coming Home 4:11
04 Desire 5:45
05 No More Tears 7:24
06 S.I.N. 4:47
07 Hellraiser 4:52
08 Time After Time 4:20
09 Zombie Stomp 6:13
10 A.V.H. 4:12
11 Road to Nowhere 5:12
12 Don't Blame Me Bonus 5:06
13 Party With the Animals Bonus 4:17

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Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup (1973) (Japan Mini LP 2005)

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Sliding out of perhaps the greatest winning streak in rock history, the Stones slipped into decadence and rock star excess with Goats Head Soup, their sequel to Exile on Main St. This is where the Stones' image began to eclipse their accomplishments, as Mick ascended to jet-setting celebrity and Keith slowly sunk deeper into addiction, and it's possible hearing them moving in both directions on Goats Head Soup, at times in the same song. As Jagger plays the devil (or, dances with Mr. D, as he likes to say), the sex and sleaze quotient is increased, all of it underpinned by some genuinely affecting heartbreak, highlighted by "Angie." This may not be as downright funky, freaky, and fantastic as Exile, yet the extra layer of gloss brings out the enunciated lyrics, added strings, wah-wah guitars, explicit sex, and violence, making it all seem trippily decadent. If it doesn't seem like there's a surplus of classics here, all the songs work well, illustrating just how far they've traveled in their songcraft, as well as their exceptional talent as a band -- they make this all sound really easy and darkly alluring, even when the sex'n'satanism seems a little silly. To top it all of, they cap off this utterly excessive album with "Star Star," a nasty Chuck Berry rip that grooves on its own mean vulgarity -- its real title is "Starf*cker," if you need any clarification, and even though they got nastier (the entirety of Undercover, for instance), they never again made something this dirty or nasty. And, it never feels more at home than it does at the end of this excessive record...S. T. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 110 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Dancing With Mr. D. 4:52
02 100 Years Ago 3:58
03 Coming Down Again 5:54
04 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 3:26
05 Angie 4:32
06 Silver Train 4:26
07 Hide Your Love 4:11
08 Winter 5:29
09 Can You Hear the Music 5:31
10 Star Star 4:23

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AC/DC - The Razor's Edge (1990) (Remaster 2003)

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"The Razors Edge" is an album by AC/DC, released on September 21, 1990. The album was the first (and only) studio album to feature drummer Chris Slade, and includes such songs as "Thunderstruck" and "Moneytalks," which are among AC/DC's most well-known songs. The album reached #2 on The Billboard 200 and #4 on the UK, a smash commercial success that returned the band to the popularity of its glory years of the early 1980s. The album has been certified quintuple platinum (5 million copies sold) in the U.S., and the album was re-released in 2003 as part of AC/DC's Remasters series.

Although AC/DC's popularity had decreased by the early '90s, the band still had a lot of life left in it. Arguably the Australian headbangers' strongest album in over half a decade, The Razor's Edge is quintessential {|AC/DC|} -- rowdy, abrasive, unapologetically fun metal full of blistering power chords, memorable hooks, and testosterone-driven lyrics. Lead singer Brian Johnson sounds more inspired than he had since 1983's Flick of the Switch, and lead guitarist Angus Young isn't about to take any prisoners on such hard-hitting material as "Shot of Love," the menacing title song, and the appropriately titled "Got You By the Balls." Although not quite in a class with Back in Black, Highway to Hell, or Let There Be Rock -- all of which would, for novices, serve as fine introductions to the distinctive band -- The Razor's Edge was a welcome addition to AC/DC's catalog...A. Henderson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 107 MB
Genre : Haard Rock


* Brian Johnson – lead vocals
* Angus Young – lead guitar
* Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
* Cliff Williams – bass, backing vocals
* Chris Slade – drums, percussion


01 Thunderstruck 4:52
02 Fire Your Guns 2:53
03 Moneytalks 3:45
04 The Razors Edge 4:22
05 Mistress for Christmas 3:59
06 Rock Your Heart Out 4:06
07 Are You Ready 4:10
08 Got You by the Balls 4:30
09 Shot of Love 3:56
10 Let's Make It 3:32
11 Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck 3:13
12 If You Dare 3:18

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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (1983) (Blu Spec CD - Limited Edition 2009)

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Thx to Caroline from Austin, TX. for this share and cover scans...zujozujozujo

This version is the remaster from 1999, pressed as a limited edition on Blu-Spec CD, released on the 03-25-2009.

Blu-spec: Sony's latest CD format.

If CDs really are on their way out, Sony Music Entertainment (SME) is ready with their replacement: Blu-spec CDs. Although details about the new format, launched in Japan in November, are somewhat scant, we do know that users won't need a new player for Blu-spec CDs. "The Blu-spec CD format boasts a new approach to the faithful reproduction of music by utilizing the leading-edge blue laser diode technologies optimized for the manufacturing of Blu-ray," according to CDJapan. The new discs' polycarbonate plastic, optimized for Blu-ray discs, is used "to ensure accurate reading of the data." Sony doesn't claim that the Blu-spec CD sounds any better than a CD or how the new discs compare with Sony's previous and nearly dead super-CD format, Super Audio CD (SACD). Although Sony made its Blu-spec PR splash in Japan, a few titles to the United States. The site lists Blu-spec CDs from Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Weather Report. While most Blu-spec CDs carry a list price of $25 in Japan, Amazon.com is selling them for $35.49.
Another CD format, SHM-CD, seems to be similar to Blu-spec CD, but with non-Sony artists.

Texas Flood is an electric blues album by blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Trouble, released in 1983. More popular than any blues album in nearly twenty years, Texas Flood was a surprise success for Vaughan, who had labored in obscurity for years. The album was recorded in only three days, at Jackson Browne's personal recording studio, in 1982 since the band had been playing many live sets beforehand.

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble recorded TEXAS FLOOD in three whirlwind days in November 1982 using studio time donated by Jackson Browne at his Down Town Studio in Los Angeles. Overnight, this debut release made the struggling Vaughan a superstar. The album is a how-to compendium of blues guitar, as Vaughan displays thorough knowledge of blues masters while also forging his own uniquely personal sense of passion and urgency. The Larry Davis title track, recorded in one take during the last minutes of the session, is a scintillating slow blues that owes plenty to Albert King. "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is pure Buddy Guy; the gorgeous "Lenny" draws deeply from Hendrix's "Little Wing." TEXAS FLOOD introduced a generation of mainstream listeners to genuine guitar-based blues. It also spawned countless imitators, most notably Kenny Wayne Shepherd. After TEXAS FLOOD, Vaughan continued to evolve as an artist and instrumentalist, unveiling his command of Kenny Burrell-style jazz and psychedelic Hendrix rock. His 1989 release, IN STEP, revealed a more spiritual, focused artist at work. None of his subsequent works, however, surpass the raw energy of this debut effort...B Powell


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Performer
Chris Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass

Codec: flac
Size: 340 MB
Genre : Blues, Rock


01 Love Struck Baby 2:24
02 Pride and Joy 3:40
03 Texas Flood 5:21
04 Tell Me 2:49
05 Testify 3:25
06 Rude Mood 4:40
07 Mary Had a Little Lamb 2:47
08 Dirty Pool 5:02
09 I'm Cryin' 3:42
10 Lenny 4:58
11 SRV Speaks prev. unreleased / Bonus 0:37
12 Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place in Town) prev. unreleased / Bonus 7:42
13 Testify Live / prev. unreleased / Bonus 3:54
14 Mary Had a Little Lamb Live / prev. unreleased / Bonus 3:31
15 Wham! Live / previ. unreleased / Bonus 4:20

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The Byrds - Byrdmaniax (1971) (Remaster Edit 2000)

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Byrdmaniax has been sidelined ever since its original 1971 release, when it arrived in the wake of the triumphant Untitled. At the time, the group's musical diversity was beginning to suggest uncertainty, but in hindsight--and with the inclusion here of three contemporaneous bonus tracks--there is much to savor. Highlights include Roger McGuinn's poignant "Kathleen's Song" and the band's striking cover of Jackson Browne's "Jamaica Say You Will." Skip Battin was never better than on "Citizen Kane," a collaboration with maverick Kim Fowley. Original tracks are enhanced by a sensitive alternate version of McGuinn's "Pale Blue" and, particularly, by Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman." Byrdmaniax may not be the pick of the Byrds' canon, but it sits well in Sony's imaginative repackaging of this much-loved band's catalog. --Patrick Humphries

Byrdmaniax has been sidelined ever since its original 1971 release, when it arrived in the wake of the triumphant Untitled. At the time, the group's musical diversity was beginning to suggest uncertainty, but in hindsight--and with the inclusion here of three contemporaneous bonus tracks--there is much to savor. Highlights include Roger McGuinn's poignant "Kathleen's Song" and the band's striking cover of Jackson Browne's "Jamaica Say You Will." Skip Battin was never better than on "Citizen Kane," a collaboration with maverick Kim Fowley. Original tracks are enhanced by a sensitive alternate version of McGuinn's "Pale Blue" and, particularly, by Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman." Byrdmaniax may not be the pick of the Byrds' canon, but it sits well in Sony's imaginative repackaging of this much-loved band's catalog. --Patrick Humphries

Byrdmaniax has been sidelined ever since its original 1971 release, when it arrived in the wake of the triumphant Untitled. At the time, the group's musical diversity was beginning to suggest uncertainty, but in hindsight--and with the inclusion here of three contemporaneous bonus tracks--there is much to savor. Highlights include Roger McGuinn's poignant "Kathleen's Song" and the band's striking cover of Jackson Browne's "Jamaica Say You Will." Skip Battin was never better than on "Citizen Kane," a collaboration with maverick Kim Fowley. Original tracks are enhanced by a sensitive alternate version of McGuinn's "Pale Blue" and, particularly, by Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman." Byrdmaniax may not be the pick of the Byrds' canon, but it sits well in Sony's imaginative repackaging of this much-loved band's catalog...P. Humphries

Ahhh! The much maligned BYRDMANIAX, recently likened by a UK journalist to what the Byrds would sound like if Richard Carpenter was producing. Background story: The Byrds' previous album (UNTITLED) is a (relative) critical/commercial success which provides the band with a much needed upswing in fortunes. By the time of the recording of this, the follow-up, they're having personal problems and are out on the road a lot. Producer Terry Melcher plasters results in orchestrations (Phil Spector LET IT BE-style) to help disguise sub-standard performances (he says), band know nothing until record released (they say). Results? Pretty good, on the whole. "Kathleen's Song" (held over from UNTITLED) is all the better for Melcher's overdubs - it's achingly beautiful - as is the not-dissimilar "Pale Blue". Other highlights include Skip Battin's "Absolute Happiness" and the Clarence White sung "Jamaica (Say you Will)". Other tracks ain't so wonderful, but the album's far from being the dog it's been rumoured to be for so long. The bonus tracks consist of another UNTITLED-era recording ("Just Like a Woman"), an alternate version ("Pale Blue") and an out-take - a version of Gene Clark's "Think I'm Gonna Feel Better"*. What we don't get is the rumoured alternate take of "Jamaica" which Clarence White always said to be vastly superior to the album version...B. Jules

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 104 MB
Genre : Folk Rock


01. Glory, Glory 4:05
02. Pale Blue 2:24
03. I Trust 3:21
04. Tunnel Of Love 5:00
05. Citizen Kane 2:39
06. I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician 2:05
07. Absolute Happiness 2:41
08. Green Apple Quick Step 1:52
09. My Destiny 3:40
10. Kathleen's Song 2:42
11. Jamaica Say You Will 3:31
12. Just Like A Woman 4:06
13. Pale Blue (Alternate Version) 2:36
14. Think I'm Gonna Feel Better 2:34

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James Gang - Rides Again (1970) (SHM-CD 2009)

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With their second album Rides Again, the James Gang came into their own. Under the direction of guitarist Joe Walsh, the group -- now featuring bassist Dale Peters -- began incorporating keyboards into their hard rock, which helped open up their musical horizons. For much of the first side of Rides Again, the group tear through a bunch of boogie numbers, most notably the heavy groove of "Funk #49." On the second side, the James Gang departs from their trademark sound, adding keyboard flourishes and elements of country-rock to their hard rock. Walsh's songwriting had improved, giving the band solid support for their stylistic experiments. What ties the two sides of the record together is the strength of the band's musicianship, which burns brightly and powerfully on the hardest rockers, as well as on the sensitive ballads...S. Erlewine

Joe Walsh is one of the most underappreciated musicians in rock music. Whether it be his work with The James Gang, The Eagles or solo work, he consistently makes quality and inspiring rock music. He may have been at his best with this Ohio-based band and Rides On is their finest effort. The album kicks off with a rock classic, the manic "Funk #49" which has a great riff. "The Bomber" shows off Mr. Walsh's guitar prowess with some wicked slide work. The first five tracks are classic arena rock, but the band shows there diversity with the second five tracks that form a song suite of sorts. They are more in the country-rock vein and show a softer side as opposed to the heaviness of the first five tracks. The James Gang never achieved the commercial success they deserved, but Rides Again is a great place to start to get an idea of the quality of this group.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 80 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Funk #49 3:54
02 Asshtonpark 2:01
03 Woman 4:37
04 The Bomber: Closet Queen/Cast Your Fate to the Wind 5:40
05 Tend My Garden 5:45
06 Garden Gate 1:36
07 There I Go Again 2:51
08 Thanks 2:21
09 Ashes, the Rain and I 5:00

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Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards (1972) (Remaster Edit 1996)

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Demons and wizards and bears, oh my! After finding their musical stride with 1971's Look at Yourself, Uriah Heep followed up a year later with this, their first foray into the lyrical realm of dungeons, dragons, and whatnot. David Byron's intermittent falsetto is in full effect by the time the chorus comes thundering in on heavy hits such as "Easy Living" and "Traveler in Time." But the 'ard 'n' 'eavy Brit rockers also had their sensitive side, as evidenced by the more reflective Ken Hensley-penned tracks like "Circle of Hands" and "All My Life."...Robo Kopp

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 132 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


01. The Wizard 3.00
02. Traveller In Time 3.25
03. Easy Livin' 2.37
04. Poet's Justice 4.15
05. Circle Of Hands 6.25
06. Rainbow Demon 4.25
07. All My Life 2.44
08. Paradise 5.10
09. The Spell 7.31
10. Why (single b-side) 4:53
11. Why (unedited version) 7:39
12. Home Again to You (out-take) 5:28

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nedjelja, 10.05.2009.

The Troggs - Archeology (1966-1976) (Remaster Box Set 1992)

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The Troggs deserve to live on in the history of pop, because of their unique sound that makes them different. They were playing songs in styles people gave a name for years later.Here we are talking about punk and hardrock. The Troggs provided examples of songs that gave later groups inspiration and their direct driving beat and sexy style was copied throughout the years.
They made some nice ballads and The Troggs will make you happy with their 52 best songs collected here.The booklet is worth while to read. The photos are nice and Reg Presley is the important frontman of the group. He wrote a lot of songs and his performance gave an extra to the fame of this group.The Troggs combine simplicity with melody. Listen and you will discover that they are not only the group of Wild Thing. Many of the songs will stay in your head and you can play the cd's whenever you want to give yourself a great time.
...P. Rooij

The Troggs are very underrated, they are known for "Wild Thing" & "Love Is All Around", maybe "A Girl Like You" (A number 1 hit in the U.K.) All the Troggs songs are very sexual and have a distintive sound. The highlights being "Cousin Jane", "Feels Like A Woman", "Strange Movies", "I Can't Control Myself", "Give It To Me"...J. Meehan

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 335 MB
Genre : Rock, Garage rock. Proto punk


CD 1

01 Lost Girl (2:34)
02 The Yella In Me (2:42)
03 Wild Thing (2:38)
04 From Home (2:21)
05 With A Girl Like You (2:10)
06 Jingle Jangle (2:19)
07 I Want You (2:31)
08 Our Love Will Still Be There (3:12)
09 I Just Sing (2:12)
10 I Can't Control Myself (3:07)
11 Gonna Make You (2:51)
12 Any Way That You Want Me (2:59)
13 66-5-4-3-2-1 (2:37)
14 Give It To Me (2:17)
15 I Can Only Give You Everything (3:27)
16 You Can't Beat It (2:25)
17 Last Summer (2:58)
18 I Want You To Come In My Life (2:27)
19 Cousin Jane (2:28)
20 Night Of The Long Grass (3:10)
21 Girl In Black (2:04)
22 Too Much Of A Good Thing (2:50)
23 Seventeen (2:42)
24 Her Emotion (2:32)
25 My Lady (3:01)
26 All Of The Time (2:11)
27 Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting (2:50)

CD 2

01 Love Is All Around (3:01)
02 When Will The Rain Come (2:43)
03 Little Girl (2:59)
04 Maybe The Madam (2:14)
05 Surprise, Surprise (I Need You) (2:50)
06 You Can Cry If You Want To (2:53)
07 Hip Hip Hooray (2:19)
08 You Can Cry If You Want To (2:26)
09 Heads Or Tails (3:44)
10 Evil Woman (2:57)
11 That's What You Get Girl (2:02)
12 I Don't Know Why (2:53)
13 Easy Loving (3:01)
14 Lover (2:28)
15 Come Now (2:22)
16 The Raver (2:49)
17 Everything's Funny (2:14)
18 Feels Like A Woman (3:34)
19 Queen Of Sorrow (2:43)
20 Strange Movies (2:57)
21 I'm On Fire (2:15)
22 Good Vibrations (3:12)
23 Summertime (3:23)
24 I'll Buy You An Island (3:12)
25 Get You Tonight (2:48)

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Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (2009)

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21st Century Breakdown is Green Day's anticipated follow-up to their 2004, two-time Grammy Award-winning punk-rock opera American Idiot, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, spawned five hit singles, and went on to sell more than 12 million copies worldwide. 21st Century Breakdown is divided into three acts: "Heroes and Cons," "Charlatans and Saints," and "Horseshoes and Handgrenades," and follows a young couple, Christian and Gloria, through the mess and promise of the century so far. Songs include "Know Your Enemy", "21 Guns," "East Jesus Nowhere," "Before the Lobotomy," and "Restless Heart Syndrome." In a recent feature, Rolling Stone called the album "even more ambitious than American Idiot" and "a record of die-hard punk ideals...tightly scripted, continually ascending classic-rock excitement."

2009 release, the Punk trio's long-awaited eighth studio album,. The album is the best-selling trio's first studio album since 2004's two-time Grammy Award-winning Punk Rock opera American Idiot, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart, spawned five hit singles, and went on to sell more than 12 million copies worldwide. 21st Century Breakdown is divided into three acts: "Heroes and Cons," "Charlatans and Saints," and "Horseshoes and Handgrenades," and follows a young couple, Christian and Gloria, through the mess and promise of the century so far. Songs include "Know Your Enemy", "21 Guns", "East Jesus Nowhere", "Before the Lobotomy", and "Restless Heart Syndrome."

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size:158 MB
Genre : Punk, Rock


01 Song of the Century 0:57
02 21st Century Breakdown 5:09
03 Know Your Enemy 3:10
04 ˇViva La Gloria! 3:30
05 Before the Lobotomy 4:37
06 Christian's Inferno 3:07
07 Last Night on Earth 3:56
08 East Jesus Nowhere 4:34
09 Peacemaker 3:24
10 Last of the American Girls 3:51
11 Murder City 2:54
12 żViva La Gloria? Little Girl 3:47
13 Restless Heart Syndrome 4:21
14 Horseshoes and Handgrenades 3:14
15 The Static Age 4:16
16 21 Guns 5:21
17 American Eulogy: A. Mass Hysteria/B. Modern World 4:26
18 See the Light 4:35

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Mott the Hoople - The Hoople (1974) (Remaster Edit 2006)

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Mott was so good that the sequel, appropriately named The Hoople, has been unfairly dismissed as not living up to the group's promise. No, it doesn't compare to its predecessor, but most records don't. The bigger problem is that Mick Ralphs chose to leave during the supporting tour for Mott, leaving Ian Hunter as the undisputed leader of the group and subtly changing the character of the band's sound. Even with Hunter as the band's main songwriter, Ralphs helped shape their musical direction, so without a collaborator in hand, Hunter was left without a center. It isn't surprising that the record seems a little uneven, both in terms of songwriting and sound, but it's hardly without merit. "Roll Away the Stone," a leftover from Mott, is first-rate; "Crash Street Kidds" rocks viciously; "The Golden Age of Rock & Roll" is a pleasant spin on Bowie-esque nostalgia (think "Drive-In Saturday"); and Overend Pete Watts follows through on that theme with "Born Late '58," a perfectly credible rocker. This all makes The Hoople an entertaining listen, even if it doesn't compare to Mott's earlier masterpieces. [A Japanese version included bonus tracks.]...S. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 158 MB
Genre : Glam Rock


01 Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll 3.25
02 Marionette 5.08
03 Alice 5.20
04 Crash Street Kids 4.31
05 Born Late '58 4.00
06 Trudi's Song 4.26
07 Pearl 'N' Roy (England) 4.31
08 Through the Looking Glass 4.37
09 Roll Away the Stone 3.10
10 Where Do They All Come From (Non LP B Side Of Roll Away The Stone) 3.27
11 Rest in Peace (Non LP B Side Of The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll) 3.55
12 Foxy Foxy (Non LP Single A Side) 3.31
13 Do You Remember the Saturday Gigs (Non LP Single A Side) 4.20
14 Saturday Kids (Work In Progress Mixes) 6.03
15 Lounge Lizzard (Aborted Single B Side) 4.19
16 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll (Live From Broadway) 4.15

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subota, 09.05.2009.

Tom Petty - Hard Promises (1981)(Limited SHM CD 2009)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“ Cardboard sleeve reissue from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers featuring the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players). Part of a eight-album Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers SHM-CD cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring the albums "Damn The Torpedos," "Hard Promises," "Long After Dark," "Southern Accents," "Pack Up ThePlantation," "Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)," "Full Moon Fever," and "Into The Great Wide Open." Also features 2001 remastering. ”

Damn the Torpedoes wasn't simply a culmination of Tom Petty's art; it happened to be a huge success, enabling him to call the shots on its successor, Hard Promises. Infamously, he used his first album as a star to challenge the record industry's practice of charging more for A-list artists, demanding that Hard Promises should be listed for less than most records by an artist of his stature, but if that was the only thing notable about the album, it would have disappeared like Long After Dark. Instead, it offered a reaffirmation that Damn the Torpedoes wasn't a fluke. There's not much new on the surface, since it continues the sound of its predecessor, but it's filled with great songwriting, something that's as difficult to achieve as a distinctive sound. The opener, "The Waiting," became the best-known song on the record, but there's no discounting "A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)," "Nightwatchman," "Kings Road," "Insider," and "The Criminal Kind," album tracks that would become fan favorites. If Hard Promises doesn't have the sweep of Damn the Torpedoes, that's because its predecessor was blessed with good timing and an unusually strong set of songs. Hard Promises isn't quite so epochal, yet it has a tremendous set of songs and a unified sound that makes it one of Petty's finest records...S. Thomas

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 92 MB
Genre : Rock


01 The Waiting 3:58
02 A Woman in Love (It's Not Me) 4:21
03 Nightwatchman 3:59
04 Something Big 4:44
05 Kings Road 3:26
06 Letting You Go 3:24
07 A Thing About You 3:32
08 Insider 4:23
09 The Criminal Kind 4:00
10 You Can Still Change Your Mind 4:15

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U2 - October (1981) (2CD Deluxe Edition 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A standard CD and a bonus CD. Bonus CD includes b-sides, live tracks and rarities. Also includes a 32 page booklet with previously unseen photos, full lyrics, new liner notes by Neil McCormick, and explanatory notes on the bonus material by The Edge.

Compared to the gangly, green early songs that comprise the bonus disc of Boy, the bonus disc on October is a great leap forward -- which is a bit ironic, as the album proper is often considered a holding pattern for U2, containing the great "Gloria" but finding the group uneasy in the studio. Based on this bonus disc, the place where U2 was growing with leaps and bounds was on the stage, as this 17-track collection contains no less than 13 live cuts (including three tracks from Richard Skinner's BBC sessions), eight of them reprising songs from October that all sound bigger and better on-stage. They have muscle, might, and majesty, the earliest indications of U2 developing their seemingly effortless command of melodrama. That illusion of effortlessness is of course merely a mirage. It took them a long time to sound so at ease, but their constant road work in the wake of Boy not only tightened them up, it gave them focus, something that's evident here on the clutch of live material from Boy. Just over a year after the album's release, U2 sound vigorous and dramatic with these song and this authority helps give the non-LP single "A Celebration"/"Trash, Trampoline and Party Girl" intrigue. U2 could still stumble into the ridiculous, as on the "Fire" B-side "J. Swallo," but overall they were beginning to gel, to learn their strengths and how to use them. That gives October the best bonus disc out of this trilogy, even if Boy remains the most fascinating and historically relevant...S. Thomas

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 231 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

1 Gloria 4:12
2 I Fall Down 3:39
3 I Threw a Brick Through a Window 4:54
4 Rejoice 3:38
5 Fire 3:52
6 Tomorrow 4:39
7 October 2:21
8 With a Shout 4:02
9 Stranger in a Strange Land 3:56
10 Scarlet 2:53
11 Is That All? 3:01

CD 2

1 Gloria - Live 4:43
2 I Fall Down - Live 3:01
3 I Threw a Brick Through a Window - Live 3:52
4 Fire - Live 3:31
5 October - Live 2:22
6 With a Shout - Richard Skinner BBC Session 3:33
7 Scarlet - Richard Skinner BBC Session 2:45
8 I Threw a Brick Through a Window - Richard Skinner BBC Session 4:17
9 A Celebration Bonus 2:57
10 J. Swallo Bonus Track 2:20
11 Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl Bonus 2:35
12 I Will Follow - Live 3:44
13 The Ocean - Live 2:15
14 The Cry/Electric Co. - Live 4:27
15 11 O'Clock Tick Tock - Live 4:57
16 I Will Follow - Live 3:52
17 Tomorrow Common Ground Remix 4:35

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ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973) (Remaster Edit 2006)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One of the world's greatest rock 'n' roll bands ever to strut the 50 States, these sharp-dressed Texas titans-Billy F. Gibbons, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill-are a righteously hell rain' power trio boasting a 30-plus year hit-making legacy, both in the studio and at concert arenas. With their revved up blues 'n' boogie, they always make the most of their Texas birthright with with a distinctive sound that shakes up rock, blues, soul, garage-funk, Americana, and more. Nowhere is their force of nature musicianship better displayed than on these two album classics, revved up wtih red-hot bonus rarities. "You know what I'm talkin' about...an how how how how."

Tres Hombres is the record that brought ZZ Top their first Top Ten record, making them stars in the process. It couldn't have happened to a better record. ZZ Top finally got their low-down, cheerfully sleazy blooze-n-boogie right on this, their third album. As their sound gelled, producer Bill Ham discovered how to record the trio so simply that they sound indestructible, and the group brought the best set of songs they'd ever have to the table. On the surface, there's nothing really special about the record, since it's just a driving blues-rock album from a Texas bar band, but that's what's special about it. It has a filthy groove and an infectious feel, thanks to Billy Gibbons' growling guitars and the steady propulsion of Dusty Hill and Frank Beard's rhythm section. They get the blend of bluesy shuffles, gut-bucket rocking, and off-beat humor just right. ZZ Top's very identity comes from this earthy sound and songs as utterly infectious as "Waitin' for the Bus," "Jesus Just Left Chicago," "Move Me on Down the Line," and the John Lee Hooker boogie "La Grange." In a sense, they kept trying to remake this record from this point on -- what is Eliminator if not Tres Hombres with sequencers and synthesizers? -- but they never got it better than they did here. [The 2006 reissue of the album adds three live tracks: "Waitin' for the Bus," "Jesus Just Left Chicago," and "La Grange."]...S. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 102 MB
Genre : Blues/Boogie Rock


01 Waitin' for the Bus 2:53
02 Jesus Just Left Chicago 3:30
03 Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers 3:25
04 Master of Sparks 3:31
05 Hot, Blue and Righteous 3:17
06 Move Me on Down the Line 2:31
07 Precious and Grace 3:09
08 La Grange 3:53
09 Sheik 4:06
10 Have You Heard? 3:14
11 Waitin' for the Bus Live / Bonus Track 2:41
12 Jesus Just Left Chicago Live / Bonus Track 4:03
13 La Grange Live / Bonus Track 4:44

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srijeda, 06.05.2009.

Van Der Graaf - The Aerosol Grey Machine (1969)(2005)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beginning as a Peter Hammill solo effort following the dissolution of the first Van Der Graaf Generator, this quickly recorded album brought Hammill together with producer John Anthony and caused the reformation of the band (which immediately thereafter shifted personnel once again). A raw, energetic effort that sometimes did little to show off the young Hammill's talents, the album nevertheless has some fine moments that hint at the possibilities for future releases. The fact remains, mind you, that the second album, The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other, is far superior. [CD versions of this album appeared in 1996 and 1997, both including additional material such as the first (and very rare) Van Der Graaf Generator single, and the previously unreleased VDGG recording of "Ferret and Featherbird."]...S. McDonald

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 123 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock


01 Afterwards 4:55
02 Orthenthian St., Pts. 1 & 2 6:18
03 Running Back 6:35
04 Into a Game 6:57
05 Aerosol Grey Machine 0:47
06 Black Smoke Yen 1:26
07 Aguarian 8:22
08 Necromancer 3:38
09 Octopus 8:00
10 People You Were Going To (Bonus) 2:44
11 Firebrand (Bonus) 4:08

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utorak, 05.05.2009.

Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf (1967) (MFSL Remaster Edit 1997)

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"Born to be Wild," the anthemic single that leapt off this album in the summer of '68 (heavy-metal thunder, indeed), is one of the most overexposed songs in rock history, famous as much for its inclusion on the soundtrack of the hippie epic "Easy Rider" as for its inclusion on the soundtrack to that film's parodic Yuppie twin "Lost in America." So you may have to take it on faith that both single and album were among the year's biggest breaths of fresh air. The first roots-rock, neo-classic signs -- before Dylan's NASHVILLE SKYLINE or the Beatles' WHITE ALBUM -- that psychedelia might be choking on its own whimsy and pretension, STEPPENWOLF proved that three-chords-and-a-cloud-of-dust verities might be the way to go instead. A first-rate blues band gone Hollywood hard rock, Steppenwolf (fronted by perpetually sunglassed singer-guitarist John Kay) were capable of revving up Chuck Berry to alarming speeds, delivering convincing Muddy Waters covers, and writing concise dollops of what we would now call power pop -- which is in fact the mix you find on this still highly exciting debut album. Ignore those who claim these guys invented the phrase "heavy-metal thunder," however -- as usual, William S. Burroughs did it first...S. Simels

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size:108 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Sookie Sookie 3:09
02 Everybody's Next One 2:53
03 Berry Rides Again 2:45
04 Hoochie Coochie Man 5:07
05 Born to Be Wild 3:28
06 Your Wall's Too High 5:40
07 Desperation 5:35
08 The Pusher 5:43
09 A Girl I Knew 2:39
10 Take What You Need 3:28
11 The Ostrich 5:43

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Led Zeppelin - Golden Ballads (2001)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 165 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


01. Stairway to Heaven 8:06
02. All My Love 5:55.66
03. Since I've Been Loving You 7:30
04. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 6:48
05. Thank You 4:33.
06. The Rain Song 7:47
07. Down by the Seaside 5:19
08. I Can't Quit You Babe 4:24
09. Tea for One 9:28
10. Bron-Yr-Aur 2:06
11. The Battle of Evermore 5:55
12. What Is and What Should Never Be 4:44

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Rod Stewart - Unplugged... and Seated (1993) (Collectors Edit 2009)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Deluxe CD/DVD Collector's Edition of the legendary singer's 1993 MTV Unplugged performance features bonus audio plus the original broadcast on DVD for the first time ever.

This low-key 1993 live retrospective marked something of a return to form for Rod the Mod, who for many years had more or less abdicated his position as a performer of consequence to pursue a more frivolous pop-star persona. With his former Faces bandmate Ron Wood in tow, Stewart revisits hits like "Hot Legs," "Tonight's the Night," and "Maggie May"--and more adventurous choices like Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" and Tom Waits's "Tom Traubert's Blues"--with an effortless grace and a renewed expressiveness that makes Unplugged ... And Seated a consistent pleasure...Scott Schinder

Eric Clapton's Unplugged turned the MTV series into a pop culture phenomenon, one that was especially appealing to veteran rockers because all they had to do was dust off their old hits and give them a nice, relaxed reading -- the perfect re-imagining for middle-aged rock stars. Rod Stewart leaped at the opportunity and, in many ways, he seemed even better suited for the gig than Clapton as much of his '70s prime prominently featured acoustic guitars, including "Maggie May," "Every Picture Tells a Story," and "Gasoline Alley." Stewart upped the ante by reuniting with his old friend and Faces bandmate Ron Wood, giving Unplugged...and Seated the appearance of an event...an appearance that was entirely intentional. That Unplugged...and Seated falls well short of actually being an event is a disappointment but also inevitable. Where Clapton's Unplugged was a natural phenomenon, a blockbuster delivered with no preconceived notions, Unplugged...and Seated is designed as a hits revue, playing upon nostalgia while delivering mellow sounds for middle age. This is no bad thing, necessarily, particularly when the song selection is so strong -- all the big hits from that early-'70s golden age, plus Rod's recent cover of Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately," Tom Waits' "Tom Traubert's Blues," and a reworked version of the folk standard "Highgate Shuffle" thrown in for good measure -- and the chemistry between Stewart and Wood is still so cheerful. Occasionally, this frivolity is a wee bit forced but that's not quite as big of a problem as the punchy, professional production; these are ultimately nothing more than mild signs of road wear on a record that's a nice night out with the boys, nothing more, nothing less. [Rhino reissued Unplugged...and Seated in 2009 as an expanded CD/DVD edition, adding remastered sound and two bonus tracks: "Gasoline Alley," which initially appeared as the B-side of "Have I Told You Lately," plus the previously unreleased "Forever Young."]...S. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 178 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Hot Legs 4:24
02 Tonight's the Night 4:05
03 Handbags and Gladrags 4:25
04 Cut Across Shorty 4:58
05 Every Picture Tells a Story 4:48
06 Maggie May 6:00
07 Reason to Believe 3:53
08 People Get Ready 4:45
09 Have I Told You Lately 4:03
10 Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda) 4:39
11 The First Cut Is the Deepest 4:17
12 Mandolin Wind 5:18
13 Highgate Shuffle 4:03
14 Stay with Me 5:17
15 Having a Party 4:46
16 Gasoline Alley - Bonus 3:44
17 Forever Young - Bonus 4:25

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ponedjeljak, 04.05.2009.

Chris Isaak - Mr Lucky (2009)

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Mr. Lucky is the first album Chris Isaak has released in seven years but it's hard to call it a comeback: it's been so long since Isaak had something approaching a crossover hit that it's hard to say that he's been away, that he has something to come back from -- he just appears every few years, such as in March of 2009, when Mr. Lucky appeared as part of a coordinated multimedia attack. In addition to this new album, Isaak has a new talk show on A&E -- like Elvis Costello's Spectacle but on basic cable -- and Mr. Lucky isn't strictly a soundtrack for the show, but it's fair to say that the show gives Mr. Lucky a larger potential audience than any Isaak album in a long time, probably since the last time he had a television show in the early-2000s sitcom The Chris Isaak Show. Given this bigger platform, it makes perfect sense that Mr. Lucky feels carefully considered: from its production to its construction, it's a deliberate attempt to modernize Isaak's retro obsessions without abandoning them. Usually, this modernization surfaces in echoey atmospherics partway between U2 and Coldplay, textures that suit his melodramatic Roy Orbison tributes. Mr. Lucky works because Isaak and crew don't overplay their hand -- he's never swallowed in waves of digital delay, the way Roy himself was on his swan song, Mystery Girl -- but tweak subtly, then alternate these coolly romantic mood pieces with swinging rockabilly, sly low-key grooves, duets with Trisha Yearwood and Michelle Branch, breezy pop that harks back to a time prior to the British Invasion, and a big, glitzy Vegas number to close the whole show. As a sensibility, it's no different than anything Isaak's done, so the difference is the execution, not just in the light, fresh touch of the production but the songs, which are his strongest in a long time -- and that's good enough to please his longtime fans as well as anybody whose interest might be piqued by the new show...S.Thomas

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 126 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Cheater's Town 3:37
02 We Let Her Down 3:21
03 You Don't Cry Like I Do 4:11
04 We've Got Tomorrow 2:22
05 Breaking Apart 3:39
06 Baby Baby 3:15
07 Mr. Lonely Man 2:41
08 I Lose My Heart / Michelle Branch 2:57
09 Summer Holiday 3:05
10 Best I Ever Had 4:11
11 We Lost Our Way 3:38
12 Very Pretty Girl 4:20
13 Take My Heart 2:23
14 Big Wide Wonderful World 4:04

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Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes (1972) (Legacy Edition 2006)

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Legacy's remastered reissue of Mott the Hoople's All the Young Dudes pays homage to a true rock & roll myth and one of the great recordings of the early '70s -- whether the "official" critics lists reflect that or not. Ben Edmonds' excellent, even poetic liner notes tell the whole story, yet a sketch of it is worth repeating here: in March of 1972, Mott, frustrated by a rough gig in Switzerland, poor album sales, and the failure to crack the charts or fill concert halls despite a small but rabid following in the U.K. and an even smaller one in the U.S. -- though critics liked them and they filled halls in Detroit with insanely wild fans -- decided to hang it up. As Edmonds accurately points out, the band was unable to capture the wild, frenetic roots rock & roll energy (combined with hard rock) that its stage show was drenched with. Enter David Bowie, a one-hit wonder with "Space Oddity," who was trying to reinvent himself with a character named Ziggy Stardust. He loved Mott. He offered to produce the set and offered them a song, the title track. The rest is history. "All the Young Dudes" was the band's first bona fide chart success, and helped to kick off the glam era, though Mott were not a glam band. Live, they possessed the crazy, danger-channeling spirit of truly edge-walking performers like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, yet had every bit of the swagger and spit of the Rolling Stones, the Faces, and the Kinks. Other tracks on the disc that struck pay dirt for fans and the uninitiated were the anthemic strutter "One of the Boys," the loose and woolly "Jerkin' Crocus," and Mick Ralphs' "Ready for Love," a song he later resurrected to chart success after leaving Mott to join Bad Company. And finally there was perhaps the finest version ever recorded of Lou Reed's classic "Sweet Jane."
While the album, presented in gloriously remastered sound, offers listeners an entirely new hearing of one of rock's most enduring outings, the bonus material included here is the stuff of legend; it cements the Mott myth. There are seven bonus cuts on the set. First there are demo versions of "One of the Boys," "Momma's Little Jewel" (then called "Black Scorpio"), and "Sea Diver" (then titled "Ride on the Sun"). These tracks, while rough, contain some of the wild abandon Mott exhibited live -- and there is further evidence of that here. There is a 45-rpm version of "One of the Boys," tightened up and mixed to stun. A real lo-fi gem included here is "All the Young Dudes," with Bowie on lead and chorus vocals. It's inferior to the album version with Ian Hunter on lead (though Bowie remains in the chorus), but it gave Hunter a road map for his own performance. Finally, there are two tracks from the Hammersmith Odeon, "Sucker" and "Sweet Jane," that reveal the sheer raw and crazy magic of Mott live. Both of these cuts are simply out to lunch in their abandonment to the music itself. "Sweet Jane," in particular, has none of the pretty guitar intro that the studio version does; it's all power chords and Hunter letting out the words, cool, collected, and ready to ramp it all up -- and he does as the band plays double time. He keeps it all grounded, having both the audience and the swirling, stomping music in the palm of his hand. Check out Ralphs' guitar solo in the middle; it's utterly badass. For anyone who ever even cared about rock & roll in the 1970s, this is one of those records that is a must-have. One hopes that the reissue of All the Young Dudes will spur a Mott revival in the same way that T. Rex are revived every few years. Legacy did a masterful job and treated the presentation of this with all the care a classic deserves...T. Jurek

This marvelous remaster of "All the Young Dudes" supercedes the British release of a couple of years ago. That version beautifully remastered by Ray Staff is captured here with the addition of bonus tracks taken from the "All the Young Dudes Anthology" and "2 Miles from Heaven". These include demo versions of "One of the Boys", "Black Scorpion" (a demo for "Moma's Little Jewel" at a brisker pace)and "Ride on the Sun" (a demo for "Sea Diver"). We also get an "audiomorph" of Bowie's unfinished demo of "Dudes" cross faded and mixed with Hunter's vocal version effectively creating a duet of sorts. This also was available on the "Dudes" anthology. Additionally we get the 45 edit for "One of the Boys" and live tracks drawn from the UK 2 disc release of "Live" (which was recorded two years after this album but that's a minor point. It would, however, have been better to release this with bonus tracks recorded by the original line up from the 1972-3 tour).
We also get liner notes discussing the making of the album but no song lyrics. There were other bonus tracks that could have been included from the band's years at Columbia. Those are, however, available on the limited edition "Dudes" anthology. Columbia has done a terrific job repackaging this 35th anniversary edition (that's if we're counting from the band's first release in 1969).
Just before the band recorded this album they had experienced three years of fruitless releases and were ready to break up. Every album they had made had been met with public indifference despite critical acclaim. Then along came David Bowie. He helped the band refashion itself into a glam rock band. Bowie streamlined their sound a bit but, more importantly, he came with a potential hit single he had written himself. The band turned down the first song offered (opinions differ as to what it was) but did accept the second which Hunter and the rest of Mott recognized would fit their sound. "Dudes" is one of the band's best albums (along with "Brain Capers" and "Mott")catching them just as they were reenergized by Bowie's involvement...W. Klein

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 167 MB
Genre : Glam Rock


01 Sweet Jane 4:21
02 Momma's Little Jewel 4:26
03 All the Young Dudes 3:32
04 Sucker 5:03
05 Jerkin' Crocus 4:00
06 One of the Boys 6:46
07 Soft Ground 3:17
08 Ready for Love/After Lights 6:47
09 Sea Diver 2:55
10 One of the Boys - Bonus / Demo Version 4:18
11 Black Scorpio - Bonus / Demo Version of "Momma's Little Jewel" 3:35
12 Ride on the Sun - Bonus / Demo Version of "Sea Diver" 3:36
13 One of the Boys - Bonus / U.K. Single Version 4:21
14 All the Young Dudes - Bonus / David Bowie/Ian Hunter Vocal 4:25
15 Sucker Live / - Bonus 6:27
16 Sweet Jane Live / - Bonus 5:00

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nedjelja, 03.05.2009.

Scorpions - In Trance (1975) (Remaster Edit 2007)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Out of print in the states. Japanese pressing of the Scorpions 3rd album from 1975 and featuring Uli John Roth. BMG.

The original version of the album cover clearly showed the cover model's bare breast hanging down towards the guitar. Later releases have the breast blacked out so that it is not visible. This is the first of many Scorpions album covers that have been censored.

The Scorpions' third release, In Trance, continues to display their high-energy music, which is impossible to ignore. With the eyebrow-lifting "Dark Lady" as the opening track, the album immediately captures the listener's attention and keeps it all the way until the end. The interesting title track is clearly the best song of the album, but singles such as the fast-paced "Robot Man" and the hard-rocking "Top of the Bill" also stand out as highlights. Excellent singing and powerful music make this the best Scorpions recording working with Uli Jon Roth...B. Weber

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 85 MB
Genre : Hard Rock, Metal


01 Dark Lady 3:30
02 In Trance 4:47
03 Life's Like a River 3:54
04 Top of the Bill 3:26
05 Living and Dying 3:24
06 Robot Man 2:47
07 Evening Wind 5:06
08 Sun in My Hand 4:25
09 Longing for Fire 2:44
10 Night Lights Instrumental 3:14

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10cc - 10cc (1973)(Remaster 2000)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Digitally remastered, German reissue of 1973 debut featuring the hit 'Rubber Bullets'. Bonus tracks 'Hot Rock Sun', '4% Of SOmething', 'Rubber Bullets' (Single Version), 'Waterfall', 'Bee In My Bonnet'. 2000 release. Standard jewlcase.

The first album from these witty power popsters has traces of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Frank Zappa floating around in it. And that's in the first song. This great reissue has marvelous sound and five bonus tracks (4 b sides and an A side single version of Rubber Bullets). The sound quality is outstanding although the booklet notes leave something to be desired. They provide a sketchy overview of the band but no insight (unlike the Mercury reissues of The Original Soundtrack and How Dare You!) into how the band worked as a unit to produce such marvelous, quirky albums. There are also a couple of mistakes in the booklet (and one glaring error in the songwriting credits). The 50's song parodies (like Donna) haven't aged as well or as gracefully as the much more imaginative songs on the album. Overall 10cc remains remarkably fresh 28 years later. It's a pity that Godley & Creme packed up their bags and moved out of the house after only 4 albums. The dynamic that made the band so special was the interaction of Stewart, Gouldman, Godley & Creme. The duo (along with newer members Rick Fenn & Stuart Tosh) of Stewart & Gouldman produced at least two exceptional albums after the duo left, but none that had the impact of these first four recordings...Wayne Klein

just for you Rochacrimson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 118 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Johnny Don’t Do It 3.38
02. Sand In My Face 3.39
03. Donna 2.55
04. The Dean And I 3.05
05. Headline Hustler 3.33
06. Speed Kills 3.50
07. Rubber Bullets 5.16
08. The Hospital Song 2.43
09. Ships Don’t Disappear (Do They?) 3.06
10. Fresh Air For My Mama 3.10
11. Hot Rock Sun 3.01
12. 4% Of Something 4.01
13. Rubber Bullets (Single Version) 4.08
14. Waterfall 3.443
15. Bee In My Bonnet 2.01

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subota, 02.05.2009.

Geordie - Hope You Like It/No Good Woman (2 On 1Remaster 2005)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2005 digitally remastered edition of this great two albums from '70s rockers Geordie. Geordie were fronted by Brian Johnson before he replaced Bon Scott in AC/DC.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 183 MB
Genre: Hard Rock

Line Up:

Brian Johnson - vocals
Vic Malcolm - guitars, vocals
Tom Hill - bass
Brian Gibson - drums


01. Keep On Rockin' 3:20
02. Give You Till Monday 3:58
03. Hope You Like It 3:40
04. Don't Do That 3:11
05. All Because Of You 2:50
06. Old Time Rocker 3:23
07. Oh Lord 5:09
08. Natural Born Looser 4:14
09. Strange Man 3:30
10. Ain't It Just Like A Woman 3:56
11. Geordie's Lost His Liggie 3:36
12. No Good Woman 3:58
13. Wonder Song 5:04
14. Going To The City 3:27
15. Rock W Roll Fever 3:01
16. Ain't It A Shame 3:46
17. Give It All You Got 4:46
18. Show Business 2:58
19. You've Got It 5:35
20. Sweet Little Rockwroller 2:59
21. Victoria

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10cc - Sheet Music (1974) (Remaster Edit 2000)

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Digitally remastered, German reissue of 1974 album featuring'The Worst Band In The World'. Includes 2 bonus tracks '18 Carat Man Of Means' & 'Gismo My Way'. 2000 release. Standard jewel case.

Sheet Music is the second 10cc album and reinforces the standing of the band that produced the excellent single Rubber Bullets.This is the orginal band line up of Lol Creme, Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley and Eric Stewart. Although this work is considered pop rather than the rock or progressive, the musical ability of the combo is equalled by their superb lyrics.Three of their major hits - The Wall Street Shuffle, The Worst Band in the World and Silly Love - are to be found here. All of the tracks still sound fresh, even afer over 25 years - a remarkable tribute to their abilities.Although, inmore… my opinion, this album is not as good as the following one, The Original Soundtrack, it is still a most enjoyable listen with many great tunes, great guitar riffs and lyrics that make you sit up and pay attention.Go on treat yourself, buy this album, you wont regret it.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 102 MB
Genre : Rock


01. The Wall Street Shuffle 3.54
02. The Worst Band In The World 2.48
03. Hotel 4.56
04. Old Wild Men 3.19
05. Clockwork Creep 2.4
06. Silly Love 4.00
07. Somewhere In Hollywood 6.38
08. Baron Samedi 3.444
09. The Sacro-Iliac 2.32
10. Oh Effendi 2.50
11. 18 Carat Man Of Means 3.28
12. Gismo My Way 3.43

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Barry Ryan - Singing The Songs Of Paul Ryan (1968-69)(Remaster Edit 2005)

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In the mid sixties twins Barry and Paul Ryan were successful pop stars. Then after endless rounds of gigging, promotional tours and TV appearances Paul Ryan suffered what appeared to be a nervous breakdown. Then in his recuperation period at a party thrown by actor Richard Harris (Who performed some memorable OTT covers of Jimmy Webb songs himself) he announced he had written some Jimmy Webb type material himself and was ready to record it. This was news to his brother Barry, but he was the singer so he went along with the idea. The result was the album "Barry Ryan sings Paul Ryan" which spawnedmore… a massive worldwide hit with the five minute epic "Eloise". The album sold millions and they had further hits with Love is Love", "The Hunt" and "Kitsch". A follow up album simply called "Barry Ryan" (Imaginative album titles obviously weren't their strong point) did very well in Europe. After that musical tastes changed for hoarier guitar led fare and the brothers retreated from the limelight, still recording throughout the 1970,s but with Barry now more interested in a career in photography they failed to scale their former glories. This CD contains both of the first two albums and showcases a memorable vision for gargentuous orchestral pop, all dashing string, portentous arrangements and sweeping vocals without a great deal of the time, songs worthy of carrying all that flesh.The first half of "Barry Sings" is magnificent though. "Eloise" ,once covered by The Dammed of all people, is the pinnacle of their output but "The Colour Of My Love" while having little of it's Wagnerian swagger is a lovely breezy pop gem . "Why Do You Cry My Love?" benefits from a lambent brass arrangement and a bracing melodic dip for the chorus. "Crazy Days" is a bit scatty but at least has some vivacity about it." My Mama" is a glorious choral ballad with a near hysterical vocal performance on the chorus and twinkling plucked strings. "Love is on the Way" is positively subdued with ripples of acoustic guitar but the slightly woozy ambience juxtaposes well with the other material. "You Don't What You're Doing" may sound like a terrace chant but is a terrific languorous song with tremulous strings and a lovely use of saxophone which is something you won't catch me saying often.The "Barry Ryan "album is disappointing. For some reason he sings in a quavering falsetto for much of it's duration and the songs aren't that great anyway. Only "Man Alive" approaches the glories of "Barry Sings" with another superb brass arrangement. Compared to the first album it feels too low key, the arrangements lacking the orchestral majesty of most of "Barry Sings". Nothing else the Ryan's ever did approached "Eloise "for epiphany inducing pop magnificence. That was obviously a one off, but it seems odd that so much of their later material seemed to take a step back from its OTT brilliance, as if they were intimidated by what it may lead to. So while much on here is worth hearing I'm left feeling slightly aggrieved that it all could have led to so much more. An album , or even better two albums of songs with the exuberance and sheer audacious pop majesty of "Eloise" would be something to really celebrate.

When Paul and Barry Ryan split as a performing duo in 1968 nobody expected to hear from them again. Their fine Britpop singles and overlooked semi-Freakbeat/Pop albums weren't selling, they were trapped on a cabaret circuit they loathed. The image of the handsome swinging, singing twin brothers was under severe strain.
So when Barry reappeared at the end of the year and scored a colossal worldwide hit (reaching number one in six countries!) with the epic, Paul-penned "Eloise" it was akin to a particularly unlikely phoenix rising from the ashes. The single was a stunning five and a half minute tour de force of grandiose orchestral pop and Uber-Jim Webb-ism which sounded unlike anything else in the charts at the time, and is fondly remembered and covered worldwide still! The subsequent entirely Paul-penned album, imaginatively entitled Barry Ryan Sings Paul Ryan, received rave reviews and has become something of a cult favourite amongst fans of contemporary orch-pop works by Scott Walker, Glen Campbell and even Tom Jones.

Other hits including "Love Is Love" and "The Hunt" followed into the '70s, as did five more solo albums, none of which have ever been reissued on CD.... until now! "Barry Ryan: Singing The Songs Of Paul Ryan (1968-69)" couples that classic debut with its remarkable eponymous 1969 follow-up and adds two ultra-rare tracks found only on the German version of the second album, all remastered for your sonic delight! It also features in-depth liner notes containing new interview material with Barry, previously unseen photographs, rare cuttings and memorabilia. A great rediscovery awaits

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Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 177 MB
Genre : Pop


01. Theme To Eutopia 3.36
02. Why Do You Cry My Love 3.30
03. The Colour Of My Love 2.48
04. Crazy Days 2.29
05. Eloise 5.52
06. My Mama 3.51
07. I Will Bring You Love 2.34
08. Love Is On The Way 2.30
09. What's That Sleeping In My Bed 2.20
10. You Don't Know What You're Doing 3.35
11. Kristan Astra Bella 2.52
12. The Hunt 3.03
13. Sunday Theme 2.41
14. Swallow Fly Away 2.59
15. Sunrise In The Morning 3.03
16. Isn't That Wild? 3.27
17. Man Alive 2.28
18. Makin' Eyes 2.57
19. No Living Without Her Love 3.03
20. Sea Of Tranquility 3.22
21. I See You 2.52
22. Feeling Unwell 2.56
23. Where Have You Been? 3.044
24. Look To The Right, Look To The Left 2.28
25. Oh For The Love Of Me 3.00

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U2 - War (1983) (2CD Deluxe Edit 2008)

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A standard CD and a bonus CD. Bonus CD includes b-sides, live tracks and rarities. Also includes a 32 page booklet with previously unseen photos, full lyrics, new liner notes by Niall Stokes, and explanatory notes on the bonus material by The Edge.

Sadly, the bonus disc that accompanies War could not be called either fascinating or relevant. War is easily the best album of U2's first three records, but the album had very little in the way of noteworthy B-sides, and based on this reissue, there wasn't much in the vaults either. There's the amiably atmospheric but quite slight instrumental "Endless Deep"; there's the unreleased, seemingly unfinished "Angels Too Tied to the Ground," which has an intriguingly jazzy lilt; there's the "New Year's Day" B-side "Treasure (Whatever Happened to Pete the Chop)," which is slight but appealingly energetic; there are live versions of "I Threw a Brick Through a Window/A Day Without Me" and "Fire." And then there are four remixes of "New Year's Day" and three remixes of "Two Hearts Beat as One" -- all released as B-sides, so it's nice to have them out for the sake of history and collectors, but none are great and the attempt to shoehorn this early earnest U2 into the club via Ferry Corsten's 12" extended mix on "New Year's Day" is just awkward. So, there's not much to dig into here -- only "Treasure" and maybe "Angels" qualify as must-hear tracks for diehards -- but it is still nice to finally have all these rarities reissued (and to have the albums proper remastered), as a band like U2 should have all its B-sides and stray tracks available, even if all this unheard music might not be among the group's best work...S. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 232 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01 Sunday Bloody Sunday 4:39
02 Seconds 3:11
03 New Year's Day 5:35
04 Like a Song... 4:47
05 Drowning Man 4:14
06 The Refugee 3:40
07 Two Hearts Beat as One 4:03
08 Red Light 3:46
09 Surrender 5:33
10 "40" 2:39

CD 2

01 Endless Deep 2:58
02 Angels Too Tied to the Ground - previously unreleased :34
03 New Year's Day - 7" Single Edit
04 New Year's Day - USA Remix 4:30
05 New Year's Day - prev. unreleased / Ferry Corsten Extended Vocal Mix 9:41
06 New Year's Day - prev. unreleased / Ferry Corsten Vocal Radio Mix 4:36
07 Two Hearts Beat as One- Long Mix 5:55
08 Two Hearts Beat as One - USA Remix 4:23
09 Two Hearts Beat as One - Club Version 5:42
10 Treasure (Whatever Happened to Pete the Chop) 3:24
11 I Threw a Brick Through a Window/A Day Without Me - Live 6:58
12 Fire - Live 3:45

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