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nedjelja, 31.01.2010.

Sade - Soldier Of Love

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"Soldier of Love" is the upcoming sixth studio album from British soul, Pop, and R&B band Sade. It is their first new material since the 2000 multi-platinum Lovers Rock. The album is slated for release on February 8, 2010.

Soldier of Love is only the sixth studio album the band Sade have released during their 25 year career, and the first since Lovers Rock in 2000. For Sade herself, as the lynchpin of the group's songwriting effort, it's a simple matter of integrity and authenticity. "I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I'm not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand." The feel of the music this time has moved away from the old country soul styling of Lovers Rock and assumes a more eclectic identity. At times the band sounds like the original Sade, with Stuart Matthewman back blowing soft sax on "In Another Time" and the vocal on "Long Hard Road" hymning. But with songs such as the joyously quirky reggae chant "Babyfather" and the dramatically arranged album opener "The Moon and the Sky," Sade are exploring new territory. "I never want to repeat myself," Sade herself says. "And that becomes a more interesting challenge for us the longer we carry on together."

Sade - Soldier Of Love (2010)

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Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 93 MB
Genre: Pop, Rhythmic Soul


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01 The Moon and the Sky 4:27
02 Soldier of Love 5:57
03 Morning Bird 3:54
04 Babyfather 4:39
05 Long Hard Road 3:00
06 Be That Easy 3:39
07 Bring Me Home 4:06
08 In Another Time 5:04
09 Skin 4:14
10 The Safest Place 2:43


Mirror Artwork

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Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy (1976) (Digipak Remaster)

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Digitally remastered edition of this 1976 album from the veteran Heavy Metal madmen. Technical Ecstasy was born of fire and raised in flames. What emerged was definitely several steps removed from those far off days of their eponymous debut in 1970. But this was a band who were several years further down the musical dirt track and one not prepared to repeat the past. Sabbath retained their trademark ability to riff and blaze like no others on the planet, but they were also expanding their universe, proving to everyone they could not only march boldly on towards the end of their first decade together, but could adapt and mature into the bargain. This remastered and sumptuous gatefold digipak edition of the album boasts comprehensive story of the album sleeve-notes by renowned Rock critic Malcolm Dome and a plethora of rare and previously unseen photographs and items of memorabilia. Sanctuary. 2009.

Black Sabbath was unraveling at an alarming rate around the time of their second to last album with original singer Ozzy Osbourne, 1976's Technical Ecstasy. The band was getting further and further from their original musical path, as they began experimenting with their trademark sludge-metal sound. While it was not as off-the-mark as their final album with Osbourne, 1978's Never Say Die, it was not on par with Sabbath's exceptional first five releases. The most popular song remains the album closer, "Dirty Women," which was revived during the band's highly successful reunion tour of the late '90s. Other standouts include the funky "All Moving Parts (Stand Still)" and the raging opener, "Back Street Kids." The melodic "It's Alright" turns out to be the album's biggest surprise — it's one of drummer Bill Ward's few lead vocal spots with the band (Guns N' Roses covered the unlikely track on their 1999 live set, Live Era 1987-1993)...G. Prato

Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy (1976) (Digipak Remaster 2009)

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Size: 300 MB
Genre : Rock

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01 Back Street Kids 3:46
02 You Won't Change Me 6:34
03 It's Alright 3:58
04 Gypsy 5:10
05 All Moving Parts (Stand Still) 4:59
06 Rock 'N' Roll Doctor 3:25
07 She's Gone 4:51
08 Dirty Women 7:15


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Rolling Stones - Tattoo You (1981) (Remaster Series)

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Tattoo You is another undisputed classic and rightly topped the US charts for nine weeks on its original release in 1981. Its opening track and first single, Start Me Up, remains one of the band's best loved songs and a mainstay of their live set. The cleverly sequenced Tattoo You comprises six rock tracks, including the US Top 20 hit Hang Fire, the fast blues of Black Limousine, Richards' lead vocal on Little T & A, and the sneering Neighbours, but the five ballads which follow - and formed the second side of the original vinyl - really lift it into another league. The sweet soul of Worried About You, Tops and the sublime Waiting On A Friend, featuring jazz great Sonny Rollins on saxophone, in particular show what a fine singer Jagger is. Corriston's cover design won a Grammy Award for best album package.

The last great Stones album? Leave that judgment to history, but this 1981 effort does seem to be the last time the band was totally in tune with the zeitgeist. Ironically, many of the songs had been written and recorded several years earlier, but TATTOO YOU hardly feels like an album of leftovers. Divided into a rock side and a ballad side, the material is confident and consistent, and there are even hints of a totally new Stones sound in the trashcan rockabilly of "Hang Fire" and "Neighbors." The big hit, of course, was "Start Me Up," a stadium rocker still capable of rousing the blood (even after its inclusion in the Windows 95 ad campaign), but the barrelhouse blues of "Black Limousine" is equally goosebump-inducing. The album culminates in the surprisingly reflective "Waiting on a Friend," a ballad that effectively features jazz tenor great Sonny Rollins and rates as one of the band's best ever. If this is indeed the Stones' last great record, it's not a bad way to go out. Steve Simels

Rolling Stones - Tattoo You (1981) (Remaster Series 2009)

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Size: 299 MB
Genre : Rock

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01 Start Me Up 3:32
02 Hang Fire 2:20
03 Slave 6:32
04 Little T & A 3:23
05 Black Limousine 3:33
06 Neighbours 3:33
07 Worried About You 5:17
08 Tops 3:47
09 Heaven 4:22
10 No Use In Crying 3:25
11 Waiting On A Friend 4:34


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Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue (1980) (Remaster Series)

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First issued in 1980, Emotional Rescue was a transatlantic chart-topper and its infectious title track made the best-sellers list too. Recorded in Nassau in the Bahamas, in Paris and in New York, and produced by Jagger and Richards under their Glimmer Twins guise, it also contains the classic rocker She's So Cold, which went Top 40 in both the UK and the US, and Dance (Pt 1), another groove-oriented track, which was a club hit in the States. The bittersweet ballad All About You features one of Richards' most affecting vocal performances as well as Bobby Keys' distinctive saxophone. Corriston used a thermo camera to create the album's unusual cover, and drew on the same technique for the Emotional Rescue video.

Coasting on the success of Some Girls, the Stones offered more of the same on Emotional Rescue. Comprised of leftovers from the previous album's sessions and hastily written new numbers, Emotional Rescue may consist mainly of filler, but it's expertly written and performed filler. The Stones toss off throwaways like the reggae-fueled, mail-order bride anthem "Send It to Me" or rockers like "Summer Romance" and "Where the Boys Go" with an authority that makes the record a guilty pleasure, even if it's clear that only two songs -- the icy but sexy disco-rock of "Emotional Rescue" and the revamped Chuck Berry rocker "She's So Cold" -- come close to being classic Stones...S. Erlewine

Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue (1980) (Remaster Series 2009)

Codec: flac
Size: 289 MB
Genre : Rock

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01 Dance, Pt. 1 4:23
02 Summer Romance 3:16
03 Send It to Me 3:42
04 Let Me Go 3:51
05 Indian Girl 4:23
06 Where the Boys Go 3:29
07 Down in the Hole 3:58
08 Emotional Rescue 5:39
09 She's So Cold 4:13
10 All About You 4:17


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srijeda, 27.01.2010.

Amon Düül II - Yeti (1970) (Digipak Remaster 2002)

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First released in 1970, Yeti was the second album by Amon Düül II and is quite a musical achievement. Originally released as a double vinyl album set and now re-mastered onto a single CD, Yeti contains some of Amon Düül's most impressive work, delivering their thick, full-fledged, multi-layered sound with dense instrumentation and a certain epic vastness... in many ways not unlike the craftmanship of early Can. This is Krautrock in the full mass of its power: huge, towering, dark and completely devoid of any happy optimism but still bound full of energy. Instrumentally, Yeti is an album of pure magic with some great psychy, sitarish, acoustic guitar plucking and hand percussion interplay. Yeti is also abundant in the fusion of electric guitar, bass and drum interplay and is totally devoted to improvisation and stands up as some of the most intriguing music you will ever hear. The first three Amon Düül II albums are essential artifacts of the psych/prog era.
Amon Düül II, the second formation of this now legendary band, are one of the earliest and best known of the German experimental (Krautrock) bands. For the complete re-issue series of the Amon Düül II catalogue, the CDs will be released as remastered deluxe editions, with enhanced booklets, featuring new liner notes and photos...D. Jellinc

This is the record that Julian Cope gushed was the best album to come out of the KRAUTROCK movement. I personally cant concur, but its certainly one of the greatest albums from that 1969-1977 classic KRAUTROCK period. YETI is Amon Duul II's second album, and seems to be the point where the band was most closely united inside a musical psychedelic transcendence. After YETI, personal changes started to affect the band, making them sound sold out and stale, after VIVA LA TRANCE. But they really had something wild going on for their YETI double album. (The CD runs about 73 minutes long, including two songs that AMAZON dont list--RATTLESNAKEPLUMCAKE and BETWEEN THE EYES...the A and B side of a single that was released about this time.) This bands truly unique sound stems from their song structures, which meander around, returning to recognizable leitmotifs periodically, especially on their LONG composistions, like "Soap Shop Rock". Everything about this music SCREAMS Psychedelia, right down to the titles of some of the songs. "SANDOZ IN THE RAIN" (an improv song stuck at the end of the album) refers to the Swiss pharmeceutical company that first produced LSD. But its the wild chaos of the instruments, the drums, the crazy lyrics (in english of course), and the male and female singers, that really make this music take off. Some people compare their sound to Jefferson Airplane or even Velvet Underground, but the analogy only extends to the bands all using both a male and female singer. AMON DUUL's sound is more atonal than MOST of the Jefferson Airplane material, with none of the Airplane's "folk" backround in their songs. The VU comparison comes from the flipped out violin solos that pop up now and then. (It does remind you of the atonal chaos of a good John Cale solo ala 1968.) But the guitars are almost ALWAYS electric, and ALWAYS turned up loud, providing a distorted, overdriven haze to their sound. A beautiful exception is CERBERUS, an instrumental acoustic piece, that has acoustic guitar leads weaving in and out of a sonic miasma of bongos, bass, and vocalizations. Then it turns electric for no good reason, reinforcing the chaos that permeates the album's core sound. Renate, the female singer, loves singing slightly out of key, giving her voice a "dark", keening sound, with melodic shapes that jump up and down randomly on the soundscape. When she's singing like that, with those strange guitar solos occuring concurrently, the colors bleed into a dense, deep sonic overload. YETI was recorded in 1970, after their first album, 1969's "PHALLUS DEI" nearly single handedly started the Krautrock movement. Like the Grateful Dead's short commune period at Haight st, AMON DUUL also arose from a hippie commune, with left wing political ideologies. (AMON DUUL "1", the more political arm of the commune, also put out several less musical albums. Amon Duul 1's music is hard to get into. They sound like Zappa's HELP I"M A ROCK, for album after album.) So if you can handle some freaky, free and funky musical experiments that definately arose from the use of spiked sugar cubes, and enjoy EARLY Pink Floyd, mixed with Jefferson Airplane's electric freak outs from AFTER BATHING AT BAXTERS, then YETI is a safe bet. If calling the album KRAUTROCK brings up visions of drum machines, and KRAFTWERK's electronic new wave sound, or Tangerine Dreams long, ambient synthesizer experiments, DONT WORRY. More than other KRAUTROCK bands, AMON DUUL's first 3 albums are FLUID ACID ROCK, far from the pop psychedelia of other less adventurous bands exploring that style. Still, Amon Duul II's YETI is unique, unlike anything you might have heard from LONDON's or SAN FRANSISCO's acid rock jam bands from that era. That's what makes Yeti's sound such a fun surprise when you start to groove into it...T. Hoffman

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 168 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock, Krautrock

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- Renate Knaup / vocals, tambourine
- Chris Karrer / violin, guitars, vocals
- John Weinzierl / guitars, vocals
- Falk Rogner / organ
- Peter Leopold / drums
- Dave Anderson / bass
- Shrat / bongos, vocals


01. Soap Shop Rock:
- a. Burning Sister (3:41)
- b. Halluzination Guillotine (3:05)
- c. Gulp A Sonata (0:45)
- d. Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm (5:53)
02. She Came through the Chimney (3:56)
03. Archangels Thunderbird (3:30)
04. Cerberus (4:18)
05. The Return of Ruebezahl (1:35)
06. Eye-Shaking King (6:37)
07. Pale Gallery (2:11)
08. Yeti (Improvisation) (18:00)
09. Yeti Talks to Yogi (Improvisation) (6:06)
10. Sandoz in the Rain (Improvisation) (8:55)
11. Rattlesnakeplumcake (Bonus) (3:18)
12. Between The Eyes (Bonus) (2:29)


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Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride (1971) (12-track Digipak Remaster 2004)

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Digitally remastered reissue of 1971 gold album includes one bonus track, an unreleased live version of 'Travellin' in the Dark (to E.M.P.)'. Sony. 2004

Mountain is an American rock band whose main fame was in the 1970s. The band was inspired by Cream and enjoyed the involvement of unofficial Cream bassist and producer Felix Pappalardi. Mountain played at the Woodstock festival in 1969 and their first album, Climbing!, was released the following year. The album included the track "Mississippi Queen" which reached No.21 on the Billboard charts. The band split after the live album, Mountain Live (The Road Goes Ever On) (1972), and two of the members went on to form West, Bruce (from Cream) and Laing which achieved success in their own right. After reforming in 1974, the band released a live album and Avalanche, but that was to be the last of their studio output until 1996's Man's World. Leslie West, and Corky Laing continue to "rock on" as Mountain to this day...D. Jellinc

Following the success of Climbing! and appearances at Woodstock and other outdoor festivals of the day, Mountain recorded more of the same for Nantucket Sleighride. The title track is a nice mixture of classical-leaning intertwined with moderate rock; both "Don't Look Around" and "The Animal Trainer and the Toad" continue on the hard rock path so well-worn by this band. Not groundbreaking, but it is well worth listening to. [The 2003 reissue on Columbia/Legacy adds a live version of "Travellin' in the Dark (To E.M.P.)" as a bonus track.]...J. Chrispell

Codec: flac
Size: ca. 342 MB
Genre : Hardrock

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01 Don't Look Around 3:47
02 Taunta (Sammy's Tune) 1:00
03 Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) 5:55
04 You Can't Get Away! 3:28
05 Tired Angels (To J.M.H.) 4:42
06 The Animal Trainer and the Toad 3:29
07 My Lady 4:35
08 Travellin' in the Dark (To E.M.P.) 4:26
09 The Great Train Robbery 5:50
10 Roll Over Beethoven 2:58
11 Crossroader 4:50
12 Travellin' in the Dark (To E.M.P.) Live / prev. unreleased / Bonus 5:09


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Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971) (Remaster Series)

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Digitally remastered edition of the Rock 'N' Roll veterans' 1971 album, originally the first album for their own Rolling Stones Records imprint. Though the album was pieced together from various sessions, it remains one of their most iconic albums. 10 tracks including 'Brown Sugar', 'Bitch' and 'Wild Horses'.

Pieced together from outtakes and much-labored-over songs, Sticky Fingers manages to have a loose, ramshackle ambience that belies both its origins and the dark undercurrents of the songs. It's a weary, drug-laden album -- well over half the songs explicitly mention drug use, while the others merely allude to it -- that never fades away, but it barely keeps afloat. Apart from the classic opener, "Brown Sugar" (a gleeful tune about slavery, interracial sex, and lost virginity, not necessarily in that order), the long workout "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and the mean-spirited "Bitch," Sticky Fingers is a slow, bluesy affair, with a few country touches thrown in for good measure. The laid-back tone of the album gives ample room for new lead guitarist Mick Taylor to stretch out, particularly on the extended coda of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking." But the key to the album isn't the instrumental interplay -- although that is terrific -- it's the utter weariness of the songs. "Wild Horses" is their first nonironic stab at a country song, and it is a beautiful, heart-tugging masterpiece. Similarly, "I Got the Blues" is a ravished, late-night classic that ranks among their very best blues. "Sister Morphine" is a horrifying overdose tale, and "Moonlight Mile," with Paul Buckmaster's grandiose strings, is a perfect closure: sad, yearning, drug-addled, and beautiful. With its offhand mixture of decadence, roots music, and outright malevolence, Sticky Fingers set the tone for the rest of the decade for the Stones...S. Erlewine

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971) (Remaster Series 2009)

Codec: flac
Size: 298 MB
Genre : Rock

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01 Brown Sugar 3:49
02 Sway 3:53
03 Wild Horses 5:44
04 Can't You Hear Me Knocking 7:16
05 You Gotta Move 2:33
06 Bitch 3:37
07 I Got the Blues 3:55
08 Sister Morphine 5:34
09 Dead Flowers 4:05
10 Moonlight Mile 5:57


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Whitesnake - Whitesnake (1987) (SHM-CD Remaster 2008)

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David Coverdale built Whitesnake's commercial breakthrough on a collection of loud, polished hard rockers, plus the band's best set of pop hooks. The Led Zeppelin-ish "Still of the Night" offered headbanger appeal, but it was the big chorus of "Here I Go Again" -- one of the very small number of non-power ballad '80s hard rock singles to actually top the pop charts -- and the quiet ballad "Is This Love" that really sold the album in spades. The rest of the album generally holds interest as well, and it's easily the band's best...S. Huey

When Whitesnake broke into the spotlight with Slide It In (1984), a battalion of cynical critics predicted the band's success couldn't last, but Coverdale and company silenced all the naysayers with 1987's self-titled album, which rocketed to No. 2 on the Billboard album chart. The record was driven by the pumping rocker "Here I Go Again" and the tender power ballad "Is This Love," but the band's mainstream appeal might have had as much to do with their unabashedly sexual videos as with their bubblegum metal. The clips, which seemed to splash across MTV every 20 minutes, starred Coverdale's girlfriend and B-movie actress Tawny Kitaen, and highlighted her busty, scantily clad body in various provocative poses. Volume and T&A--a metalhead's wet dream.

Codec: flac
Size: 324 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Crying in the Rain 5:35
02 Bad Boys 4:07
03 Still of the Night 6:38
04 Here I Go Again 4:36
05 Give Me All Your Love 3:30
06 Is This Love 4:42
07 Children of the Night 4:22
08 Straight for the Heart 3:37
09 Don't Turn Away 5:08


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Buffalo - Only Want You for Your Body (1974) (9-track Remaster Edit 2008)

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Buffalo's third album "Only Want You For Your Body", the last with the classic line-up of Dave Tice (Count Bishops), John Baxter, Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo) and Jimmy Economou, was released in 1974. With six further Tice/Baxter classics, including "I'm A Skirt Lifter, Not A Shirt Raiser" and "Kings Cross Ladies", the album cemented Buffalo's reputation as Australia's premier hard rock band. The wildly tasteless cover design featured an obese, screaming, semi-naked woman shackled to a torture rack. On the back cover, the band revelled in their role as leering, lascivious Aussie yob rockers, with Tice wearing a devilish grin while clad in his black leather strides 'n' braces and brandishing a bullwhip. It was just a bit of harmless fun, yet outraged record store managers across the land refused to stock the record, some eventually placing it in a brown paper bag to hide the offending images...2008

Australian quartet Buffalo's third long-player in as many years, 1974's Only Want You for Your Body found them honing their songwriting into far more focused and compact heavy rock nuggets, in a natural progression from first album Dead Forever's oftentimes trippy, post-psych meanderings and second album Volcanic Rock's even mix of lengthy jams and piledriving proto-metal. If anything, for what they lacked in terms of timelessly savage riffing (see Volcanic Rock's "Sunrise" and "Shylock"), new barnstormers like the leering "I'm a Skirt Lifter Not a Shirt Raiser," the comparatively well-behaved "Stay with Me," and the head-nodding chug-groove monster single "What's Going On" (which set a template abused by literally dozens of '90s stoner rock bands) were arguably more well-rounded band performances. Meanwhile, the churning, mid-paced advance of "I'm Coming On" points to the band's undisguised Black Sabbath influence, right down to Pete Wells' busy bass guitar and Jimmy Economou's fierce pounding behind the kit -- even though it was a Ten Years After cover. And the borderline space rock of "Dune Messiah" (based on the famous sci-fi books by Frank Herbert) also provides a bit of thematic variety to Dave Tice's oftentimes brazenly sexual lyrics, which he delivered, as always, with gritty, echo-laden vocals. At the end of the day, though, it was always John Baxter's wildly distorted six-string that gave Buffalo their distinctively forceful signature compared to the competition, both at home and abroad. And although he wasn't allowed to run rampant here as he had all over the mostly "live in the studio" Volcanic Rock, Baxter still drove the locomotive for all of the above, and was eventually given a chance to stretch on the groupie chronicle "King's Cross Ladies" and the politically apocalyptic "United Nations" -- both of them album standouts. Sure enough, with the guitarist's shocking and ill-advised sacking following the tour supporting Only Want You for Your Body, the seeds of Buffalo's career decline were effectively sowed, as they attempted (unsuccessfully) to score a more commercial hit single on a subsequent pair of poorly received LPs. As a result, Only Want You for Your Body is seen as the last chapter of the Buffalo story that modern fans of classic hard rock and heavy metal need bother "reading." [Reissued in 2005 by Aztec Music, Only Want You for Your Body was enhanced with copious liner notes, bandmember interviews, and lyrics -- plus a couple of bonus tracks including the single mix of "What's Going On" and a live version of "United Nations."]...E. Rivadavia

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 105 MB
Genre : Rock


Dave Tice (vocals)
John Baxter (guitar)
Pete Wells (bass)
Jimmy Economou (drums)


01 I'm a Skirt Lifter, Not a Shirt Raiser 4:48
02 I'm Coming On 3:36
03 Dune Messiah 4:18
04 Stay With Me 3:32
05 What's Going On 3:55
05 Kings Cross Ladies 7:08
07 United Nations 5:51
08 What's Going On (Single Version) (Bonus) 3:20
09 United Nations (live) (Bonus) 7:50


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Babe Ruth - First Base (1972) (Digipak Remaster 2007)

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Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007

First Base was British hard rock group Babe Ruth's biggest success, both in terms of popular and critical acclaim. This LP defined an interesting junction between hard rock and progressive rock. The two driving forces behind this album were guitarist Alan Shackloc, who wrote most of the material, and vocalist Janita Haan, who came out as the perfect balance between Janis Joplin and Robert Plant. The album contained "The Mexican," the band's classic song which also includes a theme by western soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone ("Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu"). Other highlights include the powerful rock number "Wells Fargo," the sweet-and-sour "Black Dog" (with nice piano work by Dave Punshon), and a surprising rendition of Frank Zappa's "King Kong." The strings and oboe arrangements in "The Runaways" don't work as well, but at least they don't get pompous. With its long songs (six to eight minutes) and lush arrangements, First Base seduced both the hard rock and the progressive rock crowds. The album cover was painted by Roger Dean, who illustrated many Yes albums. Franēois Couture

Codec: mflac
Size: 318 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Wells Fargo 6:17
02 The Runaways 7:27
03 King Kong 6:44
04 Black Dog 8:03
05 The Mexican 5:49
06 Joker 7:43
07 Wells Fargo Bonus / 7 Version 3:35
08 Theme from "For a Few Dollars More" Bonus 2:19


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Kiss - Lick It Up (1983) (SHM-CD Remaster 2008)

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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) paper sleeve pressing. Universal. 2008.

Due to the underachievement of their exceptional 1982 comeback album, Creatures of the Night, Kiss knew the time was right to drop the makeup, so in September 1983 the band shocked their fans by unmasking on MTV. Their first non-makeup album, Lick It Up, followed soon after and successfully re-established the band among the heavy metal masses worldwide. Kiss also reconnected with their stateside fans — Lick It Up was the band's first record to achieve gold status since 1980's Kiss Unmasked. The album's success was spurred by MTV's repeated airing of the imaginative video for the album's strong title track, and songs such as "Exciter", "Not for the Innocent", "A Million to One", and the rap-rocker "All Hell's Breaking Loose" confirmed that the band was back on the right track. Vinnie Vincent again proved to be a worthy replacement to original guitarist Ace Frehley but would unfortunately leave the band after the completion of the Lick It Up worldwide tour (eventually resurfacing with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion in the late '80s). Lick It Up is undoubtedly Kiss' best non-makeup album...G. Prato

Codec: flac
Size: 270 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Exciter 4:12
02 Not For The Innocent 4:23
03 Lick It Up 3:56
04 Young And Wasted 4:05
05 Gimme More 3:44
06 All Hell's Breakin' Loose 4:34
07 A Million to One 4:11
08 Fits Like A Glove 4:04
09 Dance All Over Your Face 4:16
10 And On The 8th Day 4:02


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Man - Man (1970) (Digipak Remaster 2007)

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MAN's importance in the history of Welsh rock music cannot be understated. Fusing the worlds of psychedelia, blues, rock and roll and West Coast inspired rock, they were simply one of Britain's most original groups of the 1970's. Recording a series of Classic albums for Liberty / United Artists, MAN, along with labelmates HAWKWIND, were true champions of the "underground" spirit. Esoteric Recordings are proud to undertake the reissuing of MAN's entire legacy for United Artists beginning with their debut for the label released in March 1971. The reissue features a previously unreleased 17 minute bonus track and liner notes exclusively penned by MAN guitarist and raconteur DEKE LEONARD. The time is right to re- experience the musical ages of MAN!

This was the third ever title I've heard by these long-running British progressive psych rockers. I have friends that remember Man as support band for Hawkwind way back when on their U.S. 'Hall Of The Mountain Grill' trek. Originally released in 1970. "Romain" has a nice forward blues rock feel to it, "Country Girl" is a country laced pop oriented song that might remind fans of New Riders Of The Purple Sage and "Would The Christians Wait Five Minutes" is a thirteen-minute breath taking psychedelic jamming instrumental. Also dug the straight ahead rocker "Daughter Of The Fireplace" and "Alchemist", a superb twenty-one minute epic of almost 'psychedelic experimental' (if you wish to call it that - possibly the best track of the entire disc). This Esoteric pressings adds on two bonus cuts - one being the single edit of the previously mentioned "Daughter Of The Fireplace". Line-up: Deke Leonard-guitar & vocals, Roger Leonard-steel guitar & piano, Martin Ace-acoustic guitar & vocals, Mickey Jones-electric guitar & vocals and Terry Williams-percussion. Should appeal to fans of Savoy Brown, Caravan, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash and Camel. A definite must-have...M. Reed

The group Man evolved from the Bystanders, a mid-'60s Welsh combo whose blend of Beatlesque harmonies and blue-eyed soul yielded a number of well-received singles, most notably the progressive and poppy "Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day." That side was indicative of the direction they would take after changing their name to Man. Perhaps due to the eponymous moniker, this album has long been mistaken as a debut effort. However, prior to this title, they had already released a pair of LPs, Revelation (1969) and the somewhat more centered and ambitious follow-up 2 Ozs. of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle (1969). By the time of this platter, Clive John (organ/piano/electric guitar/harpsichord/vocals), Deke Leonard (guitar/vocals), Martin Ace (acoustic guitar/bass guitar/vocals), Terry Williams (percussion/drums), Roger Leonard (acoustic guitar/piano/electric guitar/steel guitar/vocals), and Micky Jones (acoustic guitar/electric guitar/vocals) had settled into what most enthusiasts consider to be a seminal aggregate. In addition to their exceptional improvisational skills, Man would display a more aggressive sound. The opening track, "Romain," instantly gels into driving blues behind Leonard's woozy steel guitar interjections. "Country Girl" is reminiscent of the New Riders of the Purple Sage, complete with a distinct West Coast county-rock lilt. Both of the extended pieces, "Would the Christians Wait Five Minutes?...The Lions Are Having a Draw" and "Alchemist" are pastiches of well-developed instrumentals, although at times they come off as somewhat dated. There is plenty of inspired interaction, however, especially on the latter song as they unleash some definitive heavy metal licks that could easily be mistaken for seminal Black Sabbath. "Daughter of the Fireplace" is another highlight as a compact and attitude-heavy rocker.

Codec: flac
Size: ca. 351 MB
Genre : Welsh Acid Rock


01. Romain 06:12
02. Country Girl 03:06
03. Would The Christians Wait Five Minutes? The Lions Are Having A Draw 12:56
04. Daughter Of The Fireplace 05:18
05. Alchemist 20:42
06. Daughter Of The Fireplace:single version 03:01
07. Country Girl:single version 03:05


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Spooky Tooth - The Last Puff (1970) (11-track Digipak Remaster 2008)

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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) paper sleeve pressing. Universal. 2008.

Perhaps "The Last Gasp" would have been a more apt title here. Spooky Tooth appeared to be on its last legs, and being propped up by members of the Grease Band, The Last Puff should have been merely one of those contract fulfillments, but it isn't. It's a good, solid effort that includes a burning cover of the Beatles' "I Am the Walrus." Unfortunately, Spooky Tooth didn't stay together to reap the rewards of this new combination of musicians. [This version of the album contains bonus material.]...J-Chrispell

I found this LP album recently. Not knowing about the group, I took a chance. Boy am I impressed! Unexplicably, its become one of my favorite albums. Its got a loose, shambling quality that is endearing. I love the slow "heavy" groove of all the tracks. They somehow managed to "outweird" Joe Cocker on their cover of the Cocker tune. I especially like "Nobody There At All"; it has such great songwriting and soulful playing I surprised myself by getting a little verklempt. Buy this album for an example of an overlooked heavy late-60s rock 'n roll classic...S. Carver

Codec: flac
Size: 301 MB
Genre : Rock


01 I Am the Walrus 6:25
02 The Wrong Time 5:13
03 Something to Say 5:53
04 Nobody There at All 4:04
05 Down River 4:52
06 Son of Your Father 3:55
07 The Last Puff 3:41
08 Son of Your Father - Bonus / Mono Single 3:35
09 I've Got Enough Heartache - Bonus / Mono Single 3:20
10 I Am the Walrus - Bonus / Mono Single 5:21
11 Hangman Hang My Shell on a Tree - Bonus / Mono Single 5:41


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Rolling Stones - Metamorphosis (1975) (Digipak HD-CD Remaster 2002)

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Though it remains the only Rolling Stones outtakes collection album ever to be officially released, Metamorphosis is one of those albums that has been slighted by almost everyone who has touched it, a problem that lies in its genesis. While both the Stones and former manager Allen Klein agreed that some form of archive release was necessary, if only to stem the then-ongoing flow of bootlegs, they could not agree how to present it. Of the two, the band's own version of the album, compiled by Bill Wyman, probably came closest to the fan's ideal, cherrypicking the vaults for some of the more legendary outtakes and oddities for a bird's-eye view of the entire band's creative brilliance. Klein, on the other hand, chose to approach the issue from the songwriting point-of-view, focusing on the wealth of demos for songs that Jagger/Richards gave away (usually to artists being produced by Andrew Oldham) and which, therefore, frequently featured more session men than Rolling Stones. Both approaches had their virtues, but when Klein's version of the album became the one that got the green light, of course fans and collectors bemoaned the non-availability of the other. The fact is, if Wyman's selection had been released, then everyone would have been crying out for Klein's. Sometimes, you just can't win. So, rather than wring your hands over what you don't receive, you should celebrate what you do. A heavily orchestrated version of "Out of Time," with Jagger accompanying the backing track that would later give Chris Farlowe a U.K. number one hit, opens the show; a loose-limbed "Memo From Turner," recorded with Al Kooper, closes it. No complaints there, then. The real meat, however, lies in between times. During 1964-1965, Mick Jagger and Andrew Oldham headed a session team that also included the likes of arrangers Art Greenslade and Mike Leander, guitarist Jimmy Page, pianist Nicky Hopkins, bassist John Paul Jones, and many more, convened to cut demos for the plethora of songs then being churned out by Jagger and Keith Richards. Some would subsequently be redone by the Stones themselves; others, however, would be used as backing tracks for other artist's versions of the songs. Metamorphosis pulls a number of tracks from this latter grouping, and while "Each and Every Day of the Year" (covered by Bobby Jameson), "I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys" (the Toggery Five), "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind" (Vashti), "Sleepy City" (the Mighty Avengers), and "We're Wasting Time" (Jimmy Tarbuck) may not be Stones performances per se, they are certainly Stones songs and, for the most part, as strong as any of the band originals included on the group's first four or five LPs. Elsewhere, the 1964 Chess studio outtake "Don't Lie to Me" is as fine a Chuck Berry cover as the Stones ever mustered, while "Family," the rocking "Jiving Sister Fanny," Bill Wyman's "Downtown Suzie," and a delightfully lackadaisical version of Stevie Wonder's "I Don't Know Why" are outtakes from two of the Stones' finest-ever albums, Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed. All of which adds up to an impressive pedigree, whatever the circumstances behind the album, and whatever else could have been included on it. Indeed, if there are any criticisms to be made, it is that the album sleeve itself is singularly uninformative, and the contents are seriously jumbled. But those are its only sins. Everything else you've heard about it is simply wishful (or otherwise) thinking...D. Thompson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 312 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Out of Time 3:22
02 Don't Lie to Me 2:02
03 Somethings Just Stick in Your Mind 2:27
04 Each and Every Day of the Year 2:49
05 Heart of Stone 3:48
06 I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys 2:12
07 (Walkin' Thru The) Sleepy City 2:52
08 We're Wastin' Time 2:44
09 Try a Little Harder 2:19
10 I Don't Know Why 3:02
11 If You Let Me 3:18
12 Jiving Sister Fanny 3:25
13 Downtown Suzie 3:53
14 Family 4:06
15 Memo from Turner 2:46
16 I'm Going Down 2:52

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Montrose - Warner Bros. Presents... Montrose! (1975) (2002)

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Warner Brothers Presents... Montrose! is the first Montrose album to feature singer Bob James and keyboardist Jim Alcivar. The album was critically praised and also noted for its movie-poster cover giving the impression that Warner Brothers was presenting a rock band like a big budget Hollywood production. Ronnie Montrose produced the album.

In a just world, "Warner Bros. Presents Montrose" would be on every critics list of essential albums of the 1970s. As it is, this album was received with a cool reception when it was released, and has been out-of-print for years. While Montrose's debut album is largely regarded as a classic, this album has been, for the most part, entirely forgotten. All of this is a real shame, because, "Warner Brothers Presents Montrose" is the bands finest album. The band on this album is slightly different from the bands two previous ones. Bass player Bill Church, who played on the classic debut, had already left the band. His replacement, Alan Fitzgerald, who was on board for 1974s "Paper Money" is on hand for this album. Most importantly, however, vocalist Sammy Hagar, who had sang on the first two albums was gone. His replicant was newcomer Bob James. James has a different singing style than Hagar. Hagar is far more of a showman and his delivery more flashy. James, by contrast, is much more low-key. He is more of the type of singer from a bar-room band. Both singers have an excellent range, however. Ronnie Montrose, the lead guitar player, sounds better than ever. His solo's throughout the album are pure ear-candy. This album may feature his finest playing that he has ever recorded. Drummer Denny Carmassi plays well and gels with Montrose as always. Also important to this band was the addition of keyboard player Jim Alcivar. He peppers the album with keyboards that add a new element to the Montrose sound. His playing, however, is not overdone. In fact, it enhances the scope and sound of the band. Every song on this album is well-written, and overall sounds a little Deep Purple-ish. This albums has a real gritty, earthy sound to it. It doesn't sound dated, but it does sound very 70s-ish. Most of the songs on this album are blues-tinged hard-rockers, and there are a few ballads thrown in. The best song on the album is probably the opener "Matriarch," which features a really cool guitar solo. The balled "whaler" is also excellent and features a really cool keyboard solo. Other standouts for me are the rockers "O Lucy Man" and "Dancin' Feet."...D. Maltzahn

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 85 MB
Genre : Rock


* Bob James: Lead Vocals
* Ronnie Montrose: Guitar
* Jim Alcivar: Keyboards
* Alan Fitzgerald: Bass
* Denny Carmassi: Drums


01. Matriarch - 4'33
02. All I Need - 4'21
03. Twenty Flight Rock - 2'43
04. Whaler - 6'54
05. Dancin' Feet - 4'05
06. O Lucky Man - 3'11
07. One and a Half - 1'36
08. Clown Woman - 4'21
09. Black Train - 4'34


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Montrose - Montrose (1973) (24kt Gold Disc Remaster 2005)

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Another deluxe 24K+ - Montrose is among the hard rockin' bands of the 1970's, fronted by the dynamic team of guitarist Ronnie Montrose and Sammy Hagar. Their debut release "Montrose" is considered to be the group's finest work.

The '70s gave us a slew of classic hard rock albums -- the likes of which may never be equaled -- and though it hasn't had the lasting influence of, say, Boston's or Ted Nugent's first albums, Montrose's eponymous debut proved equally influential and important in its day. Released in 1973, the record also introduced a young Sammy Hagar to the world, but the explosive aggression of Ronnie Montrose's biting guitar left no doubt as to why it was his name gracing the cover. A rock-solid rhythm section featuring drummer Denny Carmassi and bassist Bill Church certainly didn't hurt, either, and unstoppable anthems such as "Rock the Nation" and "Good Rockin' Tonight" would lay the ground rules for an entire generation of late-'70s California bands, most notably Van Halen. Admittedly, tracks like "Make It Last" and "I Don't Want It" sound rather dated by today's sonic standards (no thanks to their ultra-silly lyrics), but no amount of time can dim the sheer euphoria of "Bad Motor Scooter," the adolescent nastiness of "Rock Candy," and the simply gargantuan main riff of the phenomenal "Space Station #5." A welcome addition to any respectable '70s hard rock collection...E. Rivadavia

One of the first American-bred hard rock groups to challenge British supremacy in the early '70s, Montrose is remembered as, if not the most successful, then certainly one of the most influential bands of the era. In fact, many of the personalities responsible for the group's legendary, self-titled debut (producer Ted Templeman, engineer Donn Landee, vocalist Sammy Hagar) would later become instrumental players in the formative and latter-day career of the mighty Van Halen. And to his credit, though he ultimately lacked the focus and leadership skills to consistently guide his band's career, guitarist Ronnie Montrose was a true original on the instrument. His superlative playing aside, the avid big-game hunter lived the guitar-playing gunslinger lifestyle long before Ted Nugent made the combination famous.

After cutting his teeth as a session musician with the likes of Van Morrison and the Edgar Winter Group, Ronnie Montrose decided to form his own, self-named band in 1973. Enlisting the help of fellow session pros Bill Church (bass), Denny Carmassi (drums), and a talented up-and-coming Californian singer named Sammy Hagar, Montrose soon released their eponymous first album in November of that year. Although it never broke the Billboard Top 100, Montrose eventually went platinum and was arguably the first full-fledged heavy metal album by an American band (early proto-metal efforts by Blue Cheer and Steppenwolf notwithstanding). With classics like "Space Station No. 5" and "Bad Motor Scooter" leading the charge to the nation's airwaves, it is still considered one of the finest, most influential releases of the decade, to boot. But trouble was already looming, as Church quit the group soon after and was replaced by bassist/keyboard player Alan Fitzgerald for the ensuing tour. Released less than a year after their debut, the erratic Paper Money proved to be a surprisingly diverse but unfocused follow-up that failed to match its predecessor's consistency or popularity. Making things worse, escalating tensions between Ronnie Montrose and Hagar soon led to the latter's departure following the Paper Money tour. (Hagar went on to an increasingly successful solo career and eventually, of course, Van Halen.)

Hagar's replacement was relative newcomer Bob James, but it was new full-time keyboardist Jim Alcivar who quickly placed his stamp on the group's appropriately titled third album, Warner Bros. Presents Montrose! Released at the tail end of 1975 and produced by Ronnie himself, its pedestrian songwriting and generally plodding, tepid sound alienated what was left of the band's remaining faithful and led to Fitzgerald's departure soon after (he later became a member of Night Ranger). New bassist Randy Jo Hobbs performed on Montrose's last-ditch effort, 1976's Jack Douglas-produced Jump on It. Also poorly received and boasting a ridiculously ill-fated album cover to match, it never had a chance and the musicians soon went their separate ways. Carmassi joined Hagar's solo band (also featuring Bill Church by then) and later played with Heart and many others. As for committed outdoorsman Ronnie Montrose, the guitarist took some time off to enjoy his other hobbies before releasing three albums with new band Gamma in the early '80s. He recorded under the Montrose name once again for 1987's Mean, a one-off affair featuring singer Johnny Edwards (later, briefly of Foreigner), bassist Glenn Letsch, and drummer James Kottak (soon to form Kingdom Come, and eventually a member of the Scorpions).

In early 2002, Ronnie Montrose formed a new Montrose lineup with bassist Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), drummer Pat Torpey (Mr. Big), and singer Keith St. John (Burning Rain). They played West Coast dates throughout the year in support of their Rhino compilation The Very Best of Montrose. Plans for a studio album were in the works for 2003...E. Rivadavia

Codec: flac
Size: 207 MB
Genre : Rock


Ronnie Montrose-guitar
Bill Church-bass
Denny Carmassi-drums
Sam Hagar-vocals


01 Rock the Nation 3:03
02 Bad Motor Scooter 3:43
03 Space Station No. 5 5:16
04 I Don't Want It 2:58
05 Good Rockin' Tonight 2:59
06 Rock Candy 5:05
07 One Thing on My Mind 3:41
08 Make It Last 5:27


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Gary Wright - The Dream Weaver (1975)(Remaster Edit 2005)

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No one expected the success of Dream Weaver when it was released, but it sailed to the top of the charts, and with good reason. Backed with only drums and a wide assortment of keyboards, Gary Wright crafted instantly recognizable tunes such as the title cut and "Love Is Alive," which caught on and remain staples of classic rock stations around the U.S. All very revolutionary and new at the time, Dream Weaver hasn't lost any of its magic over time...J. Chrispell

Dream Weaver, what else can be said about this oft-parodied slice on 1970s rock and roll? First of all it has genuine, authentic killer riffs and melodies. This album is without guitars (mostly), Gary does it all with his keys and synths."Love is Alive", "Dream Weaver" all smack of the 70s, but this is okay, the grooves all hit their mark squarely. "Blind Feeling" my personal favorite still gets heavy rotation in my yearly catalog of music. A bit melodramatic for today's fans but who cares, it all works. It's over the top, yet very understated. Most people who don't know this record, but know "Dream Weaver", may consider Wright's music to be Pink Floydish or too artsy/progressive, but that's a big misunderstanding. On Dream Weaver Wright mines funky grooves and blusey gospel riffs and beats. Many songs are in a more rythm and blues groove than in the "Dream Weaver" spacey mode. To me it's a quintessential 1970s effort that cannot be pigeon-holed into one simple genre. The 70s was a decade one could get away with something like this. It was given a state of the art recording at its release and still sounds very good today, albeit dated, but I like the dated sound. Good for any occasion, any party, anywhere...S. Rehm

Codec: flac
Size: 223 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Love Is Alive 3:54
02 Let It Out 3:25
03 Can't Find The Judge 3:24
04 Made to Love You 3:45
05 Power of Love 3:32
06 Dream Weaver 4:17
07 Blind Feeling 4:45
08 Much Higher 3:00
09 Feel For Me 4:58


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Angel - Helluva Band (1976) (1994)

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It's a real shame that this band is one of the forgotten, because this record is a classic. With high energy songs led by powerhouse vocals and dazzling keyboard effects, this is a must for all classic rock fans. "Feelin' Right" is the straight forward rocker that kicks off the record; and it's a song that utilizes the simple classic rock formula, while incorporating a sharp and resounding vocal track to do the driving. The swirling artistry of Giuffria's keyboards was really what Angel's existence was based on though. Even on a simple straight forward rocker like this opening track, Giuffria's presence is a constant. If it's not trading licks with guitarist Punky Meadows on "Feelin' Right", it's mesmerizing us with a four minute intro on "The Fortune". Every song contains a large dose of over-the-top keyboards from an amazing player. Speaking of "The Fortune".....it just happens to be the second track on the lp. A personal favorite of mine, "The Fortune" is a progressive masterpiece. A song that transmits emotion at every twist and turn. An ominous keyboard intro leads to a delicate acoustic guitar and voice moment, which ultimately culminates in a menacing jam where we hear from every member of the band. As the album progresses, we see the classic verse-chorus-verse formula put into dramatic effect. With songs like "Anyway You Want It", "Mirrors", and "Chicken Soup" Angel utilizes every element at their disposal to make simple classic rock songs sound like something special. The spark in these songs is usually Giuffria's keys, and when it's not..... you can count on Dimino's vocals to keep you entranced. The combination of these two entities is best heard on the eloquent ballad "Feelings". A soaring and passionate joining of a tremendous vocal effort, underscored by a classical inspired piano piece. Still, in my opinion, one of the most emotional and beautiful rock ballads ever.
All of this talk about the singer and keyboard player leads one to believe that the band may be in need of a decent guitar player, right? Nah. Guitarist Punky Meadows leaves his mark on these songs also. Tracks such as "Angel Theme", which is for the most part a guitar solo, "Dr. Ice" and "Feelings" all contain excellent guitar parts. This is a rare case of a very good guitar player, sharing time with a literal genius on keyboards. Angel made this situation work unlike anyone else. And, finally, let's mention the rhythm section of drummer Barry Brandt and bassist Mickey Jones. Putting a solid backbone on all these tracks we lose sight of their important role here. With so much going on in front of them, they need to lay a thick foundation for all of these other elements to stand upon, and they do exactly that. Bassist Jones stays simple and steady, while Brandt bangs the skins with an intensity that stays consistent and solid. This record was an all around effort by a band that had reached their peak.

Angel attempted a reunion of sorts in 1999, in which they released an album entitled "In The Beginning". The record had original members Dimino and Brandt, being visited by Meadows and Jones' 1978 replacement on bass, Felix Robinson. The album saw no success, and the reunion effort soon dissipated. The chemistry and magic was with Angel for a very short period of time, and "Helluva Band" remains the best of that magical time...Dr. Music

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 101 MB
Genre : Rock


Greg Giuffria (keyboards)
Frank DiMino (vocals)
Barry Brandt (drums)
Punky Meadows (guitar)
Mickey Jones (bass)


01 Feelin' Right 4:42
02 The Fortune 8:40
03 Anyway You Want It 2:31
04 Dr. Ice 5:23
05 Mirrors 4:28
06 Feelings 5:42
07 Pressure Point 5:26
08 Chicken Soup 4:46
09 Angel Theme 2:32


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Christie - Greatest Hits

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The Christie sound is simple - unpretentious pop music with a driving beat, or in the case of their ballads, a lilting melody to carry the track through. The band were even dubbed the "English Creedence". The majority of the songs were the product of Jeff Christie's songwriting genius - the composer of the supremely magnificent Yellow River managed to come up with several other pieces which, while all commercial and catchy in their own way, did not suffer from being similar to each other.

Christie - Greatest Hits (2009)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 180 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Iron Horse
02. Alabama
03. Yellow River
04. Until The Dawn
05. San Bernadino
006. New York City
7. I'm Alive
08. Pleasure & Pain
09. Down The Mississippi Line
10. Inside Looking Out
11. Gotta Be Free
12. Country Boy
13. The Dealer (Down And Losin')
14. For All Mankind
15. Johnny One Time
16. Picture Painter
17. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
18. If Only
19. Coming Home Tonight
20. I’ve Got A Feeling
21. Fools Gold
22. Magic Highway
23. Peace Lovin' Man
24. Put Your Money Down


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ponedjeljak, 18.01.2010.

AC/DC - Live At Donington (1991) (DVD Rip 2003)

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This concert film features Aussie rockers AC/DC performing at Castle Donington Festival during their 1991 Razor's Edge Tour. Released by Atlantic, AC/DC: Live at Donington captures the band nearly 20 years into their long career, performing such monster hits as "Thunderstruck," "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You," "Jailbreak," "Back in Black," "You Shook Me (All Night Long)," and "Dirty Deeds."

Despite the commercial success of the DVD, many hardcore fans were disappointed that the audio was fixed, with many differences than the original video, though the DVD officially released in Brazil still has original audio...Matthew Tobey

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 265 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


01. Thunderstruck [5:28]
02. Shoot to Thrill [5:35]
03. Back in Black [4:02]
04. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be [4:20]
05. Heatseeker [3:32]
06. Fire Your Guns [3:08]
07. Jailbreak [19:37]
08. The Jack [6:14]
09. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [4:37]
10. Moneytalks [4:05]
11. Hells Bells [5:54]
12. High Voltage [9:10]
13. Whole Lotta Rosie [4:34]
14. You Shook Me All Night Long [3:34]
15. T.N.T. [3:24]
16. Let There Be Rock [17:19]
17. Highway to Hell [4:18]
18. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) [6:21]


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nedjelja, 17.01.2010.

King Crimson - In The Wake Of... (1970) (30th Anniversary HDCD 2006)

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2006 Japanese reissue of the 1970 album includes 2 bonus tracks: 'Cat Food' (Single Version) & 'Groon' (Single B-Side), presented in miniature LP sleeve with obi-strip.

In the Wake of Poseidon (1970) is the second album by the progressive rock group King Crimson. By the time this album was released, the band had already undergone their first change in lineup, however they still maintained much of the style of their first album, In the Court of the Crimson King.

King Crimson opened 1970 scarcely in existence as a band, having lost two key members (Ian McDonald and Michael Giles), with a third (Greg Lake) about to leave. Their second album -- largely composed of Robert Fripp's songwriting and material salvaged from their stage repertory ("Pictures of a City" and "The Devil's Triangle") -- is actually better produced and better sounding than their first. Surprisingly, Fripp's guitar is not the dominant instrument here: The Mellotron, taken over by Fripp after McDonald's departure -- and played even better than before -- still remains the band's signature. The record doesn't tread enough new ground to precisely rival In the Court of the Crimson King. Fripp, however, has made an impressive show of transmuting material that worked on stage ("Mars" aka "The Devil's Triangle") into viable studio creations, and "Cadence and Cascade" may be the prettiest song the group ever cut. "The Devil's Triangle," which is essentially an unauthorized adaptation of "Mars, Bringer of War" from Gustav Holst's The Planets, was later used in an eerie Bermuda Triangle documentary of the same name. [The Japanese version included bonus tracks.]...B. Eder

Codec: flac
Size: 263 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Peace-A Beginning 0:49
02 Pictures of a City/42nd at Treadmill 8:01
03 Cadence and Cascade 4:37
04 In the Wake of Poseidon/Libra's Theme 7:56
05 Peace - A Theme 1:15
06 Cat Food 4:55
07 The Devil's Triangle: Merday Morn/Hand of Sceiron/Garden of Worm 11:34
08 Peace - An End 2:54
09 Cat Food Bonus / Single Version / Edit 2:47
10 Groon Bonus / Single B Side 3:31


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Mountain - Twin Peaks (1974) (Digipak Remaster 2008)

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Digipak/ booklet with detailed liner notes by Chris Welch! Superbly re-mastered classic live hard rock! 2008

Now this is more like it! Recorded in Osaka, Japan, in 1973, Twin Peaks was Mountain's second consecutive live album (with The Best of Mountain compilation between them), albeit featuring the re-formed, somewhat reconfigured version of the group, consisting of Leslie West (guitar, vocals), Felix Pappalardi (bass, vocals), Bob Mann (guitar, keyboards), and Allan Schwartzberg (drums). It overlaps with its predecessor, Mountain Live (The Road Goes Ever On) on only two cuts, "Crossroader" and "Nantucket Sleighride," and the latter is stretched out even further here than it was on the earlier album, to 32 minutes. The content ends up showing off the best and the worst attributes of Mountain -- the best being such staples as "Theme from an Imaginary Western," "Mississippi Queen," "Never in My Life," and "Roll Over Beethoven," while the worst is "Nantucket Sleighride." But even the latter, at over half-an-hour, was precisely what audiences of the period were paying to see and hear, and captures the band's music in all of its excessive glory. Additionally, "Nantucket Sleighride" doesn't seem that long in the actual listening, mostly because it's difficult not to be impressed with the playing, especially the guitar dialogue between West and Mann. A worthy document of a Mountain concert at their summit, this album has appeared on CD from both Columbia Records and Repertoire. The latter version, remastered in 2006, offers superior sound and packaging. ~ James Chrispell & Bruce Eder

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 157 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Never in My Life 4:16
02 Theme for an Imaginary Western 5:01
03 Blood of the Sun 3:04
04 Guitar Solo 5:41
05 Nantucket Sleighride 31:49
06 Crossroader 5:56
07 Mississippi Queen 4:17
08 Silver Paper 6:15
09 Roll over Beethoven 2:24


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subota, 16.01.2010.

Eagles - Hotel California (1976) (SHM-CD Remaster 2008)

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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) pressing. Warner.2008

Those who call Hotel California an example of Southern California decadence are getting it wrong. It's about decadence, a much different thing. For all the excesses detailed by the band's biographers, it's a fact that leaders Don Henley and Glenn Frey ran a tight ship, crafting songs, albums, and the band's stage show for maximum sonic and emotional impact. In 1976, following four increasingly sophisticated and successful albums of unassailable country rock, Henley and Frey crafted Hotel California, the album of their career. They put to good use both the band's plangent lead guitarist, Don Felder, and rock vet Joe Walsh to give the Eagles a new, harder-rocking authority ("Life in the Fast Lane"), without giving up a certain chamber-rock classicism ("Wasted Time"). And then there's the celebrated title song, the hit "New Kid in Town," and Henley and Frey's ambitious summation, "The Last Resort."...B. Wyman

The Eagles took 18 months between their fourth and fifth albums, reportedly spending eight months in the studio recording Hotel California. The album was also their first to be made without Bernie Leadon, who had given the band much of its country flavor, and with rock guitarist Joe Walsh. As a result, the album marks a major leap for the Eagles from their earlier work, as well as a stylistic shift toward mainstream rock. An even more important aspect, however, is the emergence of Don Henley as the band's dominant voice, both as a singer and a lyricist.

Hotel California was the first Eagles album to feature Joe Walsh. By combining with Don Felder, they created a potent tandem and pushed the band to a harder sound. Like many other residents in the state, the band are not native Californians. Despite that fact, they have become synonymous with Southern California. On this album, they examine all the high and lows of the land of hopes and dreams. The word classic is thrown around a little too often, but the album's title track is one of only a handful of songs that are worthy of the title. From the opening guitar riff, to the cynical and vivid lyrics to the closing guitar coda, the song is a tour de force.Don Henley sings with a snarl in his voice and Mr. Walsh and Mr. Felder trade guitar licks in a can you top this fashion. The song is a masterpiece, became their third number single, won the 1977 Grammy for Record of the Year and one never tires of hearing it. New Kid In Town was the album's other number single and Glenn Frey sings with a smooth charm. The song perfectly captures that breezy Southern California soundthe Eagles made famous. Life In The Fast Lane is the infamous rocker that details the hedonistic lifestyle of the late 70's that the band wholeheartedly embraced. Wasted Time is pretty ballad and the orchestral reprise of the song leads into a stinging rocker Victim Of Love.Joe Walsh's Eagle lead vocal debut is the suprisingly sweet Pretty Maids All In A Row. Randy Messiness' swan song with the band is the soaring Try Love Again. The album's closer, The Last Resort, almost matches the title cut in power and brilliance. It tells of the pilgrimage from the east coast out to California and that it has to offer.Hotel California was the band's peak and one of the best albums of the 70's.

Codec: flac
Size: 262 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Hotel California 6:30
02 New Kid in Town 5:03
03 Life In The Fast Lane 4:46
04 Wasted Time 4:56
05 Wasted Time (Reprise) 1:23
06 Victim of Love 4:09
07 Pretty Maids All In A Row 3:58
08 Try And Love Again 5:10
09 The Last Resort 7:28


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Buffalo - Average Rock'n'Roller (1977) (10-track Remaster Edit 2008)

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Digitally Remastered Edtion of "Average Rock N Roller' is Presented in Six a Panel Digipak with a 20 Page Booklet Filled with Rare Photos and Liner Notes by Ian Mcfarlane. Features Two Bonus Tracks as Well...2008

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Buffalo's hard rock style from the 1970s would ironically earn them their greatest success in the late '80s in countries such as France and Germany, thanks to the band's recordings on the collectible Vertigo label. The first Australian band to sign to Vertigo, Buffalo was one of the heaviest bands, along with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and Blackfeather.

The final 2 Buffalo albums have long been unjustly underrated when compared to the 1,2,3 punch of dead forever…,Volcanic Rock and Only Want You For Your Body. Management’s decision to sack “uncontrollable” original guitarist John Baxter and pursue a more commercial direction was also borne of the frustration of the constant grind of the road, declining record sales and no support from radio or TV. It was probably a mistake; Buffalo never really recovered from the change in dynamic, and the next 2 years saw a revolving door of replacement guitarists. However, to write this period off is also a mistake. Both albums contain terrific tracks that can sit proudly amongst any of Buffalo ’s earlier classics...D. Jellinc

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 100 MB
Genre : Rock


Dave Tice (vocals)
Jimmy Economou (drums)
Chris Turner (guitar)
Ross Sims (bass)


01. You Say 4.59
02. Rollin 3.20
03. Average Rock 'N' Roller 3.25
04. Hotel Ladies 5.27
05. Bad News 3.18
06. Sailor 4.53
07. Rhythm Madness 3.34
08. Hero Suite 8.14
09. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party (Dave Tice Solo Single) (Bonus) 3.04
10. Sweet Little Rock N Roller (Dave Tice Solo Single) (Bonus) 2.59


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Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo (1978) (18-track Remaster2002)

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2002 Repertoire reissue of this 1978 debut by one of Australia's hardest rocking outfits. This reissue features eight bonus tracks, six of which are previously unreleased. The band features the distinct vocals of Angry Anderson. Picture CD.

If AC/DC are the greatest blue-collar hard rock band of all time, then Rose Tattoo (also Australian, also managed by the Vanda & Young team) just may qualify as the world's greatest blue-collar punk rock band. Led by impetuous, diminutive frontman Angry Anderson (the Ronnie James Dio of punk?) and the brilliant slide-guitar work of Peter Wells, Rose Tattoo were a mean and not-so-lean gang of tattooed misfits, all of them veterans of the hard as nails Aussie pub rock scene -- in short, the kind of guys you'd cross the street to avoid. Released in 1978, their eponymous debut (issued in Europe as Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw almost two years later) is a dangerous, unpredictable, monster of a record whose power has hardly diminished an ounce in the decades since. First song, "Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw," draws the line in the sand, challenging all comers to cross at the peril of a split lip; then "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll)" (if you thought Guns N' Roses version was bad-ass, think again) delivers an uppercut to the jaw that'll set you reeling. The boogie-intensive "One of the Boys" recalls George Thorogood at his baddest, while "The Butcher and Fast Eddy" -- a gritty shuffle about dueling gangs of outlaws -- offers a Down Under adaptation of the classic Stagger Lee urban fable. First single "Bad Boy for Love" borrows its main riff rather blatantly from AC/DC's "She's Got Balls," and the lone, slow number "Stuck on You" is the Rose Tattoo equivalent of the Stooges' "Gimme Danger." "Remedy" and "T.V." are blasts of pure raw energy, and if you're not reduced to a sweating, drained pile of pulp by the time you arrive at the tee-total lunacy of closer "Astra Wally," you better check your pulse. As seemed inevitable, given their combustible nature, Rose Tattoo's career was quickly derailed by internal strife, but this only adds to the timeless mystique and unique triumph of this debut. It's as "street" as white boy rock gets -- essential hard boogie...E. Rivadavia

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 160 MB
Genre : Rock

* Angry Anderson - Throat
* Peter Wells - Slide Guitar & Vocals
* Mick Cocks - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
* Geordie Leach - Bass
* Dallas "Digger" Royall - Drums


Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw 3:22
02 Nice Boys 2:53
03 The Butcher and Fast Eddy 6:32
04 One of the Boys 3:10
05 Remedy 3:01
06 Bad Boy for Love 3:07
07 T.V. 2:02
08 Stuck on You 3:58
09 Tramp 2:39
10 Astra Wally 5:59
11 Never Too Loud Bonus 3:45
12 I Had You First Bonus 2:35
13 Fightin' Sons Bonus 3:09
14 Snow Queen Bonus 4:20
15 Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw Live / Bonus 3:33
16 Bad Boy for Love Live / Bonus 5:39
17 Rock 'N' Roll Is King Live / Bonus 4:25
18 Suicide City Live / Bonus 5:19


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King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)(Remaster Edit 2006)

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This reissue of King Crimson's debut, In the Court of the Crimson King (1969), renders all previous pressings obsolete. In the late '90s, Robert Fripp remastered the entire Crimson catalog for inclusion in a 30th anniversary edition. Nowhere was the upgrade more deserved (or necessary) than on this rock & roll cornerstone. Initially, King Crimson consisted of Robert Fripp (guitar), Ian McDonald (reeds/ woodwind/ vibes/ keyboards/ Mellotron/ vocals), Greg Lake (bass/vocals), Michael Giles (drums/ percussion/ vocals), and Peter Sinfield (words/ illuminations). As if somehow prophetic, King Crimson projected a darker and edgier brand of post-psychedelic rock. Likewise, they were inherently intelligent -- a sort of thinking man's Pink Floyd. Fripp demonstrates his innate aptitude for contrasts and the value of silence within a performance, even as far back as "21st Century Schizoid Man." The song is nothing short of the aural antecedent to what would become the entire heavy alternative/grunge sound. Juxtaposed with that electric intensity is the ethereal noir ballad "I Talk to the Wind." The delicate vocal harmonies and McDonald's achingly poignant flute solo and melodic counterpoint remain unmatched on an emotive level. The surreal and opaque lyrics are likewise an insight to Peter Sinfield's masterful wordplay, which graced their next three releases. The original A-side concludes with the powerful sonic imagery of "Epitaph." The haunting Mellotron wails, and Fripp's acoustic -- as well as electric -- guitar counterpoints give the introduction an almost sacred feel, adding measurably to the overall sinister mood. Giles' percussion work provides a pungent kick during the kettle drum intro and to the aggressive palpitation-inducing rhythm in the chorus. "Moonchild" is an eerie love song that is creepy, bordering on uncomfortable. The melody is agile and ageless, while the instrumentation wafts like the wind through bare trees. Developing out of the song is an extended improvisation that dissolves into a non-structured section of free jazz, with brief guitar lines running parallel throughout.

The title track, "In the Court of the Crimson King," completes the disc with another beautifully bombastic song. Here again, the foreboding featured in Sinfield's lyrics is instrumentally matched by the contrasting verbosity in the chorus and the delicate nature of the verses and concluding solos. Of course, this thumbnail appraisal pales in comparison to experiencing the actual recording. Thanks to Fripp and company's laborious efforts, this 30th anniversary edition sports sound as majestic as it has ever been within the digital domain. Frankly, the HDCD playback compatibility even bests the warmth and timbre of an original 1-A vinyl pressing. This is especially critical during the quieter passages throughout "Moonchild" and "I Talk to the Wind." Initial releases were housed in a limited-edition gatefold replica of the original LP packaging and were accompanied by an oversized 12-page memorabilia booklet with photos and press clippings from the era...Lindsay Planer

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 100 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock


- Robert Fripp / guitar
- Greg Lake / bass guitar, lead vocals
- Ian McDonald / reeds, woodwind, vibes, keyboards, mellotron, vocals
- Michael Giles / drums, percussion, vocals
- Peter Sinfield / words and illumination


01. 21st Century schizoid man Mirrors (7:20)
02. I talk to the wind (6:05)
03. Epitaph (8:47)
a) March for no reason b) Tomorrow and tomorrow
04. Moonchild (12:11)
a) The dream b) The illusion
05. The court of the crimson king (9:22)
a) The return of the fire witch b) The dance of the puppets


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Styx - Equinox ((1975) (SHM-CD Remaster)

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Japanese-only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) paper sleeve pressing of this album. SHM-CDs can be played on any audio player and delivers unbelievably high-quality sound. You won't believe it's the same CD! Universal. 2009

Equinox produced Styx's first single with A&M, the highly spirited "Lorelei," which found its way to number 27 on the charts. Although it was the only song to chart from Equinox, the album itself is a benchmark in the band's career since it includes an instrumental nature reminiscent of their early progressive years, yet hints toward a more commercial-sounding future in its lyrics. "Light Up" is a brilliant display of keyboard bubbliness, with De Young's vocals in full bloom, while "Lonely Child" and "Suite Madame Blue" show tighter songwriting and a slight drift toward radio amicability. Still harboring their synthesizer-led dramatics alongside Dennis De Young's exaggerated vocal approach, the material on Equinox was a firm precursor of what was to come . After Equinox, guitarist John Curulewski parted ways with the band, replaced by Tommy Shaw, who debuted on 1976's Crystal Ball album...M. DeGagne

Equinox (1975.) Styx's fifth album. Although they had released four albums, Styx had made little impact on American rock music around the mid-seventies. Despite releasing very good music, the band was on an indie label called Wooden Nickel, and obviously an indie label doesn't do much good for popularity. Fortunately for the group, they finally got recruited by a major label in the middle of the decade - A&M. The band's first release on their new label (their fifth album overall) was 1975's Equinox. Read on for my review of this album. The early, indie albums that Styx released hinted at theirmore… potential greatness, and on Equinox that greatness is fully realized. Even though this was released before the legendary Tommy Shaw came around (and therefore it tends to go overlooked), it's still a five-star masterpiece. Things get kicked off with one of my favorite Styx hits, Light Up. The synth-heavy pop-rocker is one of the best hits the band ever scored. It's a shame it didn't become as big a hit as some of their other tunes. A bigger hit follows it up - Lorelei. You're bound to hear many a Styx fan - casual and die-hard alike - praise this song, and rightfully so. My favorite song on the album, though, would have to be Mother Dear. It's a synth-heavy rocker that isn't poppy at all. It hints at the band's progressive rock side somewhat, and makes for one of the band's best songs of all - why wasn't this song a hit!? Another non-hit that is extremely good is the fast-paced rocker Midnight Ride. It too had the markings of a big hit, but its potential was never realized, except for by the biggest of Styx fans. One of the best songs the group ever recorded was Suite Madame Blue, the closer to this album. It's started with a separate instrumental introductory sequence entitled Prelude 12, which sets up the piece nicely. Suite Madame Blue is an example of one of those rockers that became a big hit for the group, but not one of the group's biggest hits (I hope I didn't confuse you with that remark.) In the end, Equinox really is an underrated cache of Styx masterpieces - the band's major label debut should have been more popular. The Styx catalogue is readily available in America, but the only editions readily available are standard remasters which don't contain any bonus tracks or twofers. The band's catalogue could use some reissuing (the indie albums in particular.) But if the albums are going to be reissued, it's likely to be some time before they are, so you might as well just get these versions. Equinox rocks. If the indie albums hinted at Styx's potential as a rock and roll act, it's this album that fully unleashed that potential on an unexpecting world of rock and roll fans. It's just a shame it wasn't as popular as the releases that followed, despite having three sizable hits. If you're new to Styx, this wouldn't be a bad album to start with - it shows you many sides of this excellent band - in an age when they were truly in their prime...D. Jellinc

Styx - Equinox ((1975) (SHM-CD Remaster 2009)

Codec: flac
Size: 241 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock


01 Light Up 4:19
02 Lorelei 3:23
03 Mother Dear 5:29
04 Lonely Child 3:49
05 Midnight Ride 4:19
06 Born for Adventure 5:16
07 Prelude 12 1:20
08 Suite Madame Blue 6:30


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Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station (1977)(Remaster Edit 2004)

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This is the one Arista studio LP that I keep returning to year after year. The album is criticized for being watered-down and over-produced, often by some of the Dead's inner circle or the members themselves. Perhaps this is true. But what I hear is a flawed masterpiece that could have been a Blues for Allah part 2. This CD is lush and gorgeous. The songs are great, but I must take exception with Dancin' in the Street. Yike. That was a clunker. But the rest of the CD (I haven't heard the bonus tracks) is a musical and spiritual compass that points to many things, Terrapin being among them. I find that the album starts off with the Weir song "Estimated Prophet" as the beginnings of faith and ends with the magic of pure storytelling of Terrapin Station (Lady with a Fan...etc.) Listen in this lovely 20 minute track how the story evolves from the storyteller's words around a campfire to a massive epiphany of choir and music which suggests everything from religious and spiritual enlightenment to a really fancy game of "telephone." I find new things to ponder every time I listen...J. McAyeal

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 172 MB
Genre : Psychedelic Rock


01. Estimated Prophet 5.37
02. Dancin' In The Streets 3.18
03. Passenger 2.48
04. Samson & Delilah 3.29
05. Sunrise 4.08
06. Terrapin Station Part 1:
Lady With A Fan/Terrapin Station/Terrapin/Terrapin Transit/
At A Siding/Terrapin Flyer/Refrain 16.29
07. Peggy-O (Instrumental Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 4.41
08. The Ascent (Instrumental Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 1.59
09. Catfish John (Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 4.43
10. Equinox (Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 5.15
11. Fire On The Mountain (Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 6.26
12. Dancin' In The Streets (Bonus) 16.17


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srijeda, 13.01.2010.

Pls. post broken links with artist & title

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Pls. post broken links with artist & title

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Steely Dan - Gaucho (1980) (SHM-CD Remaster 2008)

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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) paper sleeve pressing. Universal. 2008.

Aja was cool, relaxed, and controlled; it sounded deceptively easy. Its follow-up, Gaucho, while sonically similar, is its polar opposite: a precise and studied record, where all of the seams show. Gaucho essentially replicates the smooth jazz-pop of Aja, but with none of that record's dark, seductive romance or elegant aura. Instead, it's meticulous and exacting; each performance has been rehearsed so many times that it no longer has any emotional resonance. Furthermore, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen's songs are generally labored, only occasionally reaching their past heights, like on the suave "Babylon Sisters," "Time Out of Mind," and "Hey Nineteen." Still, those three songs are barely enough to make the remainder of the album's glossy, meandering fusion worthwhile...S. Erlewine

The multi-platinum success of Aja made Steely Dan, the musical conceit of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, a household name. But that prosperity came bundled with a fateful triple-whammy for rock's dyspeptic duo: unrealistic commercial expectations, a critical backlash spawned by punk's nascent mewling, and the long-simmering meltdown of their artistic partnership. But the cool, perfect sheen of 1980's Gaucho tipped its hand to none of it. Ironically, those fashion victims who sniffed up their sleeves at Don and Walt's decadence-tinged Me Decade manifesto couldn't have had a clue that just maybemore… their songs' typically oblique protagonists had uncomfortably blurred from the third person to the first this time around. At least that's what Becker and Fagen hint at in their typically smart-assed notes to this digitally remastered, definitive edition (all original artwork and printed lyrics restored) of the final album before their 20-year hiatus. Pristine and sonically polished (three years and seven studios worth), time has served Gauchowell--like sour grapes well. Even its sense of laconic detachment now seems but a logical bridge to the two-decade removed Dan of Two Against Nature. To their credit, Becker and Fagen didn't trash the first half of Steely Dan's legacy on Gaucho, they simply burnished it to oblivion...J. McCulley

Codec: flac
Size: 239 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Babylon Sisters 5:50
02 Hey Nineteen 5:07
03 Glamour Profession 7:29
04 Gaucho 5:32
05 Time Out of Mind 4:13
06 My Rival 4:31
07 Third World Man 5:13


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utorak, 12.01.2010.

King Crimson - Red (1974) (8-track 40th Anniversary Series)

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Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the Prog Rock band's classic 1974 album, released to coincide with King Crimson's 40th anniversary. The CD features three extra tracks (two previously unreleased) including pre-overdub mixes of the title track and 'Fallen Angel', which illustrate perfectly why the album has been such an enduring influence. Presented as digipak in a slipcase with new sleeve notes by Robert Fripp and King Crimson biographer Sid Smith along with rare photos and archive material.

King Crimson fall apart once more, seemingly for the last time, as David Cross walks away during the making of this album. It became Robert Fripp's last thoughts on this version of the band, a bit noiser overall but with some surprising sounds featured, mostly out of the group's past — Mel Collins' and Ian McDonald's saxes, Marc Charig's cornet, and Robin Miller's oboe, thus providing a glimpse of what the 1972-era King Crimson might've sounded like handling the later group's repertory (which nearly happened). Indeed, Charig's cornet gets just about the best showcase it ever had on a King Crimsonmore… album, and the truth is that few intact groups could have gotten an album as good as Red together. The fact that it was put together by a band in its death throes makes it all the more impressive an achievement. Indeed, Red does improve in some respects on certain aspects of the previous album — including "Starless," a cousin to the prior album's title track — and only the lower quality of the vocal compositions keeps this from being as strongly recommended as its two predecessors. Red was reissued on CD in the summer of 2000 in a remastered edition that features killer sound and an excellent booklet, containing a good account of the circumstances surrounding the recording of this album...B. Eder

King Crimson - Red (1974) (8-track 40th Anniversary Series 2009)

Codec: flac
Size ca.: 384 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock

- Bill Bruford / drums
- Robert Fripp / guitars
- John Wetton / bass, vocals


01 Red 6:16
02 Fallen Angel 6:03
03 One More Red Nightmare 7:09
04 Providence 8:10
05 Starless 12:26
06 Red prev. unreleased / Bonus / Trio Version 6:27
07 Fallen Angel prev. unreleased / Bonus / Trio Version / Instrumental 6:26
08 Providence Bonus / Full Version 10:08


Nobody knows what winrar done with track 7.

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UFO - Phenomenon (1974) (16-track Digipak Remaster 2008)

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2008 digitally remastered and expanded edition of this classic album featuring six bonus tracks. UFO are the hard-edged British Rock band formed by Pete Way, Phil Mogg and Andy Parker joined by guitar great Michael Schenker. 1974's Phenomenon was the band's third release and the first to feature Schenker. It also remains one of their most successful releases to date. Bonus tracks include two demos produced by Dave Edmunds ('Sixteen' and 'Oh My'), two German-only single sides ('Giver Her The Gun' and 'Sweet Little Thing') one unreleased studio track ('Sixteen') and a BBC1 Live recording of 'Doctor octor'. EMI.

Guitarist Michael Schenker's impact upon UFO's career cannot be overestimated. Before the German teenager's arrival (he was only 19 when he jumped ship from the Scorpions), the British rockers' early albums of half-baked space rock had been completely ignored everywhere but Japan. But with Schenker on board, the group's sound would receive a well-needed attitude injection, veering toward the Anglo-hard rock style that would make them famous. That is not to say that their first collaboration, Phenomenon, was an instant home run. Quite the contrary, as the band seemed a tad wary of giving Schenker's more aggressive style complete freedom to roam, reining in the budding guitar hero just enough to stunt the impact of promising rockers like "Oh My" and "Too Young to Know." Likewise, "Time on My Hands" and "Crystal Light" are bogged down in excessive acoustic guitars, while "Space Child" shows glimpses of their failed space rock past. And one need only look at standout track "Doctor Doctor" for further proof of the group's uncertainties. Later a mandatory concert staple, and still beloved as one of the fans favorite songs, the original version featured here doesn't even have what you'd call finished lyrics, and packs none of the fire eventually immortalized by the absolute monster performance captured on 1979's Strangers in the Night. In fact, the only moment in which Phenomenon truly ignites is during the positively scorching "Rock Bottom," already a Schenker tour de force even here. Ultimately, Phenomenon amply manages to hold its own, but only hints at what was still to come. [The 2007 reissue adds a non-LP single ("Give Her the Gun"/"Sweet Little Thing"), a previously unreleased track ("Sixteen"), a live version of "Doctor, Doctor" and two demos produced by Dave Edmunds.]...E. Rivadavia

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 146 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Oh My 2:25
02 Crystal Light 3:47
03 Doctor Doctor 4:12
04 Space Child 4:01
05 Rock Bottom 6:29
06 Too Young to No 3:08
07 Time on My Hands 4:12
08 Built for Comfort 3:08
09 Lipstick Traces 2:21
10 Queen of the Deep 5:49
11 Sixteen Bonus 3:48
12 Oh My Bonus 4:12
13 Give Her the Gun Bonus 3:58
14 Sweet Little Thing Bonus 3:51
15 Sixteen previously unreleased / Bonus 3:55
16 Doctor Doctor Live / Bonus 4:24


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nedjelja, 10.01.2010.

James Taylor - Covers (2008)

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Covers is the cd that James Taylor fans have been anticipating for years. Recorded live with his full band in a barn in Massachusetts that was transformed into a studio, the album is a treasury of songs he has performed live over the years, but never recorded. It is an American songbook of tunes made famous by artists as varied Buddy Holly, The Dixie Chicks, The Temptations, Leonard Cohen, George Jones and Eddie Cochran, but embraced and interpreted by James Taylor in a way that makes each one his own. It is a significant work by one of the greatest artists of his generation, which pays tribute to classic American songs from Broadway to Nashville, Detroit to Memphis and across all boundaries. Covers is in itself a classic James Taylor recording...D. Jellinc

A cozy companion to One Man Band, James Taylor's 2007 intimate stroll through his back pages for Starbucks' Hear Music, Covers once again finds the singer/songwriter on familiar, friendly territory, as he returns to his easy rolling full band and digs into the songbook of the rock & roll era. It's his era, of course, the time he had hit singles, including many hit cover versions, as he points out himself in his brief liner notes to the album. All of this makes Covers feel perhaps even more comfortable than One Man Band, which had the distinction of its unique guitar-and-piano arrangements, something that made his hits sound relatively fresh. Here, standards -- and despite a couple of oddball choices like the Spinners' "Sadie," John Anderson's "Seminole Wind," and the only modern song here, the Dixie Chicks' "Some Days You Gotta Dance," this is all standards like "Wichita Lineman," "Suzanne," "Hound Dog," "On Broadway," "Summertime Blues," and "Not Fade Away" -- are given Taylor's warm, mellow signature, so Covers winds up feeling a bit like an outdoor concert on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon: something that is wholly relaxing and not in the least surprising...S. Thomas

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 97 MB
Genre : Folk


01 It's Growing 4:07
02 (I'm A) Road Runner 3:19
03 Wichita Lineman 3:41
04 Why Baby Why 2:41
05 Some Days You Gotta Dance 2:41
06 Seminole Wind 4:50
07 Suzanne 3:36
08 Hound Dog 3:03
09 Sadie 4:34
10 On Broadway 4:11
11 Summertime Blues 2:39
12 Not Fade Away 2:45


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subota, 09.01.2010.

Whitesnake - Come An' Get It (1981) (SHM-CD Remaster 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2008 digitally remastered and expanded edition of this hard rockin' 1981 album from David Coverdale and Co. featuring six bonus tracks: 'Child Of Babylon' (Alternate Rough Mix), 'Girl' (Alternate Version Rough Mix), 'Come An' Get It' (Rough Mix), 'Lonely Days Lonely Nights' (Alternate Version Rough Mix), 'Till The Day I Die' (Rough Mix) and 'Hit An' Run' (Backing Track).

Hands down the best CD by this band. This was just before they started their more commercial era and I tell you what this one finds it's way into my CD player just as much as the day I bought it. If you haven't discovered the other side of Whitesnake this is a good place to start. One word PHENOMENAL!...J. A. Buth

Few groups have had an impact on the international rock scene as Whitesnake. Inspired by the blues, singer David Coverdale's rock vision has become a standard that many acts have tried to live up to yet pale in comparison. The band went into Startling Studios at the tail end of 1980/early 1981 and recorded one of the early greats alongside the classic 'Ready An' Willing'. Released in April 1981 and entering the UK chart at number 2 this was early Whitesnake at their peak. Confident from the success of Ready An' Willing, they effortlessly knock out vintage blues rock tracks in abundance. Highlights include 'Child Of Babylon' (epic song showing off DC at his best, some of the most frightening singing you'll ever hear), the grooving title track and the monolithic anthem 'Don't Break My Heart Again' with its nod towards a more pop metal direction.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 140 MB
Genre : Rock


David Coverdale (vocals, piano, percussion)
Micky Moody (guitar)
Bernie Marsden (guitar)
Jon Lord (keyboards)
Ian Paice (drums)


01 Come an' Get It 3:59
02 Hot Stuff 3:22
03 Don't Break My Heart Again 4:03
04 Lonely Days, Lonely Nights 4:16
05 Wine, Women an' Song 3:45
06 Child of Babylon 4:48
07 Would I Lie to You 4:29
08 Girl 3:55
09 Hit an' Run 3:23
10 Till the Day I Die 4:33
11 Child of Babylon prev. unreleased / Bonus / Alternate Rough Mix 4:28
12 Girl prev.unreleased / Bonus / Mix 4:07
13 Come an' Get It prev. unreleased / Bonus / Rough Mix 3:59
14 Lonely Days, Lonely Nights prev. unreleased / Bonus / Alternate Version/Rough Mix 4:13
15 Till the Day I Die prev. unreleased / Bonus / Rough Mix 4:44
16 Hit an' Run prev. unreleased / Bonus / Instrumental 3:18


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Rolling Stones - Through The Past, Darkly (1969) (Remaster 2008)

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This second greatest hits collection serves up the band's classic mid- '60s period, capped off by the death of Brian Jones for whom this collection is dedicated. Having made their breakthrough with hits that challenged the status quo, the Stones were in no mood to calm down. The insistent chaos of "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?" "Jumping Jack Flash," and "Street Fighting Man" display the Stones at their most powerful, while "Dandelion" and "She's a Rainbow" are the Stones succeeding with psychedelia. "Paint It, Black" and "Ruby Tuesday" strike a perfect balance. A decent introduction to an essential period of Stones music...R. O'Connor

This album was spawned by three coinciding events -- the need to acknowledge the death of band co-founder Brian Jones (whose epitaph graces the inside cover) in July of 1969; the need to get "Honky Tonk Women," then a huge hit single, onto an LP; and to fill the ten-month gap since the release of Beggars Banquet and get an album with built-in appeal into stores ahead of the Stones' first American tour in three years. The fact that the Stones had amassed a sufficient number of hits since their last greatest-hits compilation in early 1966 (Big Hits: High Tide and Green Grass) made this a no-brainer, and its song lineup was as potent at the time as any compilation of hit singles by any artist. From the group's excursions into fey psychedelia ("Paint It, Black," "Ruby Tuesday," "She's a Rainbow," "Dandelion"), space rock ("2000 Light Years From Home"), punk decadence ("Mother's Little Helper"), and back to straight-ahead rock & roll ("Jumpin' Jack Flash"), some of it with a topical edge ("Street Fighting Man"), it's all incredibly potent, though also redundant to the extent that "Ruby Tuesday" and "Let's Spend the Night Together" had previously appeared on two U.S. albums. The presence of "Honky Tonk Women" propelled it to gold record status upon release on both sides of the Atlantic, although the simultaneously released British version (long out of print, except as a bootleg CD) is different and more confusing, but also more diverse and rewarding musically than the American version. Both this album and Big Hits: High Tide and Green Grass have been supplanted by Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks, but are still handy in their tight respective focuses...B. Eder

Codec: flac
Size: 237 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Paint It Black 3:23
02 Ruby Tuesday 3:18
03 She's a Rainbow 4:13
04 Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:42
05 Mother's Little Helper 2:47
06 Let's Spend The Night Together 3:36
07 Honky Tonk Women 3:02
08 Dandelion 3:33
09 2000 Light Years from Home 4:46
10 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? 2:35
11 Street Fighting Man 3:15


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petak, 08.01.2010.

UFO - Mechanix (1982) (14-track Remaster)

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Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the UK hard rockers' 1982 album including four bonus tracks: 'Heel Of A Stranger' (non album B-side) plus live versions of 'We Belong To The Night', 'Let It Rain' and 'Doing It All For You'. Mechanix, their 10th studio album, signposted the departure of a founding member and bassist, Pete Way. With that came a new, cleaner sound and their highest chart success to date: #8 in February 1982. EMI. 2009.

The last great album until 1995's "Walk On Water"! (although the follow up "Making Contact" is pretty good). Too bad this turned out to be the swan song for Pete Way (bass)! His exit was a severe blow to the band... Still this is excellent! Their cover of Eddie Cochran's "Something Else" is flawless. The songwriting reached new heights here as evidenced by the melodic "Back Into My Life" and the ballad "Terri". Favorites of mine include "Let it Rain", "The Writer", and "Dreaming"...D. Jellinc

UFO - Mechanix (1982) (14-track Remaster 2009)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 132 MB
Genre : Rock


01 The Writer 4:12
02 Somethin' Else 3:21
03 Back into My Life 4:59
04 You'll Get Love 3:09
05 Doing It All for You 5:02
06 We Belong to the Night 3:57
07 Let It Rain 4:01
08 Terri 3:53
09 Feel It 4:07
10 Dreaming 3:57
11 Heel of a Stranger (Bonus) 4:09
12 We Belong to the Night Bonus) 4:34
13 Let It Rain (Bonus) 3:07
14 Doing It All for You (Bonus) 5:21


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Rolling Stones - Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) (1966) (Remaster)

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The first hits compilation of the Rolling Stones is still one of the most potent collections of singles that one can find. Listening to it in 1966 or today, one can understand how, almost prematurely for the 1960s -- as most of the material here dates from 1964 or 1965 -- the Stones set themselves up as the decade's most visible rock & roll rebels. The defiant, in-your-face fuzztone riff and sexually frustrated lyrics of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and the frenetic pounding punk anthem "Get Off of My Cloud" are highlights of a 12-song set that has no weak points, only peaks -- the louder-than-life rhythm guitars on "It's All Over Now" and "The Last Time," the wailing R&B of "Time Is on My Side," the balladry, folk, and soul style of "As Tears Go By" and "Tell Me," and all of the rest make for a body of work that's still amazing to hear decades after the fact. Appearing as it did in the late winter of 1966, this collection completely missed the group's drift into psychedelia, and it has since been supplanted by Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks, but Big Hits is still the most concentrated dose of the early Stones at their most accessible that is to be had, short of simply playing their first five U.S. albums. The artwork and photography were pretty cool too, and the original LP had one of rock's early classic gatefold album designs...B. Eder

Like its 1969 second volume THROUGH THE PAST DARKLY, BIG HITS (HIGH TIDE & GREEN GRASS) is a fine collection of '60s Stones classics, but it's a rather bluesier one. This is exemplified by such rootsy tracks as the redefined Buddy Holly tune ... Full Description"Not Fade Away" and the R&B bounce of Bobby Womack's "It's All Over Now." Not that the group's original songs were lacking in grit or attitude; the vituperative "Get Off My Cloud," delivered in Mick Jagger's best Sidcup dialect still sounds magnificent, as does Brian Jones's booming Vox pearl guitar on "The Last Time" and Keith Richards's opening chords to the aforementioned "Not Fade Away." This is a disc to be handed down to your children...D. Jellinc

Rolling Stones - Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) (1966) (Remaster 2008)

Codec: flac
Size: 204 MB
Genre : Rock


01 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:44
02 The Last Time 3:42
003 As Tears Go By 2:46
4 Time Is On My Side 3:01
05 It's All over Now 3:27
06 Tell Me 3:49
07 19th Nervous Breakdown 3:58
08 Heart of Stone 2:52
09 Get Off Of My Cloud 2:56
10 Not Fade Away 1:49
11 Good Times, Bad Times 2:32
12 Play With Fire 2:13


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srijeda, 06.01.2010.

Blind Faith - Blind Faith (1969) (2CD Deluxe Edit 2002)

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Short-lived classic-rock supergroup Blind Faith's sole album (1969) has aged remarkably well. Blind Faith fused the psychedelic blues of Eric Clapton and the soulful vocals and keyboards of Steve Winwood with the polyrhythmic, Afrocentric leanings of drummer Ginger Baker. "Can't Find My Way Home" is easily one of the hippie era's most lyrically poignant, sonically subtle tunes. The record has a lot of surprises; "Presence of the Lord" is rousing and melancholy at the same time, while the way the bass and guitar double-team on the introductory melodic line to "Had to Cry Today" makes a hard-rock cliché fresh again. The 10-minute drum solo on "Do What You Like" is pretty good as 10-minute drum solos go; Blind Faith is not a purchase for the jam-shy, especially in its present, bloated form, which adds almost an hour and a half of unreleased jams and mixes. And while surely there are levitational moments within the five 12-to-16-minute improv sections included here, the excess (and lack of great material; remember that this band was only together a few months) grows tiresome. One notable exception is the "Change of Address Jam," excerpts from which were pressed up as a record label change-of-address announcement back in the day. It's got a pleasant, near-swinging, Graham Bond/Booker T on Quaaludes vibe, with Winwood's keyboards rollicking nicely in a manner recalling his work on Electric Ladyland. The rest of disc two is for wank aficionados and completists only...M. McGonigal

Blind Faith's first and last album, more than 30 years old and counting, remains one of the jewels of the Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, and Ginger Baker catalogs, despite the crash-and-burn history of the band itself, which scarcely lasted six months. As much a follow-up to Traffic's self-titled second album as it is to Cream's final output, it merges the soulful blues of the former with the heavy riffing and outsized song lengths of the latter for a very compelling sound unique to this band. Not all of it works -- between the virtuoso electric blues of "Had to Cry Today," the acoustic-textured "Can't Find My Way Home," the soaring "Presence of the Lord" (Eric Clapton's one contribution here as a songwriter, and the first great song he ever authored) and "Sea of Joy," the band doesn't do much with the Buddy Holly song "Well All Right"; and Ginger Baker's "Do What You Like" was a little weak to take up 15 minutes of space on an LP that might have been better used for a shorter drum solo and more songs. Unfortunately, the group was never that together as a band and evidently had just the 42 minutes of new music here ready to tour behind...B. Eder

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 302 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Had to Cry Today 8:48
02. Can't Find My Way Home 3:16
03. Well All Right 4:27
04. Presence of the Lord 4:50
05. Sea of Joy 5:22
06. Do What You Like 15:18
07. Sleeping in the Ground (Prev. Unreleased Mix) 2:49
08. Can't Find My Way Home (Electric Version) (Prev. Unreleased Mix) 5:40
09. Acoustic Jam (Prev. Unreleased) 15:50
10. Time Winds (Prev. Unreleased 3:15
11. Sleeping in the Ground (Slow Blues Version) (Prev. Unreleased) 4:44

CD 2

01. Jam No.1: Very Long & Good Jam (Prev. Unreleased) 14:01
02. Jam No.2: Slow Jam #1 (Prev. Unreleased) 15:06
03. Jam No.3: Change of Address Jam (Prev. Unreleased) 12:06
04. Jam No.4: Slow Jam #2 (Prev. Unreleased) 16:06


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Alice Cooper - Love It To Death (1971)(24K Gold Remaster)

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After the 24K success of "School's Out" and "Killer", Audio Fidelity completes our 2009 Alice Cooper Trilogy with the band's 1971 major label debut, "Love It To Death". After 38 years die-hard fans still argue over which is the best.
Captivating from the start and not a bit of filler, this album introduced the truly unique band to the mainstream with songs that forever sound new and original including, "Ballad of Dwight Fry", "Is It My Body" and a Cooper's trademark, “I'm Eighteen” (one of the all-time great coming of age songs). They incorporate blues, jazz, even songs styled after Broadway showtunes...and it's all ground-breaking Rock & Roll, in that the group firmly established their voice and personna. Punk? Glam? Shock-Rock? Horror-Rock? Heavy Metal? Anything created since, it all starts here.

Alice Cooper's third album, Love It to Death, can be pinpointed as the release when everything began to come together for the band. Their first couple of albums (Pretties for You and Easy Action) were both largely psychedelic/acid rock affairs and bore little comparison to the band's eventual rip-roaring, teenage-anthem direction. The main reason for the quintet's change was that the eventually legendary producer Bob Ezrin was on board for the first time and helped the Coopers focus their songwriting and sound, while they also perfected their trashy, violent, and theatrical stage show and image. One of the band's most instantly identifiable anthems, "I'm Eighteen", was what made the album a hit, as well as another classic, "Is It My Body". But like Alice Cooper's other albums from the early '70s, it was an incredibly consistent listen from beginning to end. The garage rocker "Caught in a Dream" as well as the ass-kicking "Long Way to Go" and a pair of epics — the Doors-esque "Black Juju" and the eerie "Ballad of Dwight Fry" — showed that Alice was easily in league with other high-energy Detroit bands of the era (MC5, Stooges). Love It to Death was the first of a string of classic releases from the original Alice Cooper group...G. Plato

The album was ranked number 460 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Alice Cooper - Love It To Death (1971)(24K Gold Remaster 2009)

Codec: flac
Size: 214 MB
Genre : Rock


Alice Cooper - vocals
Glen Buxton - lead guitar
Michael Bruce - rhythm guitar, keyboards
Dennis Dunaway - bass guitar
Neal Smith - drums


01 Caught in a Dream 3:04
02 I'm Eighteen 3:00
03 Long Way to Go 3:01
04 Black Juju 9:09
05 Is It My Body 2:39
06 Hallowed Be My Name 2:25
07 Second Coming 3:02
08 Ballad of Dwight Fry 6:32
09 Sun Arise 3:53

The Ulltimate Sound Quality From AUDIO FIDELITY

You've never heard your favorite music sound this good! The clarity is truly exceptional. Treat yourself to a musical experience you've never had before. Our new 24 K+ compact discs reproduce the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance without the irregular plated surfaces of standard aluminum discs. Our 24K+ series brings you classic music in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases. We only use the master mix played back on a specially constructed playback deck. Here's where the PLUS (+) comes in: The analog masters are put through our new proprietary analog to digital converter which reinforces the resolution of the original masters adding true "breath of life" to the music. Without any further sonic manipulation the master is shipped directly to the manufacturing plant for etching in "real time" onto the glass surface by laser. The end result of this unique mastering process is a compact disc with the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a genuine 24 karat gold surface free of any type of physical defect making our 24K+ Gold CD series truly one of a kind.

The original dynamic range of this recording was not maximized, brickwalled, limited or compressed in any way during remastering.
Our 24K package includes the controversial album cover - The Audio Fidelity censors, the same people who brought you the infamous AF Virgin Vinyl poster, have let another one slip through. ”


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ponedjeljak, 04.01.2010.

UFO - Headstone (1983) (11-track Remaster Edit)

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Digitally remastered and updated edition of this 1983 release from the Hard Rock pioneers. The original Headstone album, released when the band initially split, featured studio tracks from UFO and side projects plus five previously unreleased live cuts. This updated edition takes only those five live recordings from the original album and adds six more scorching performances from that same 'farewell' show, making Headstone a purely live experience. UFO are one of the UK's most prolific and influential rock bands - their musical influence can be seen across a host of modern Metal groups and during the course of nearly four decades they have built up an extremely loyal and dedicated fan base. 11 tracks. EMI.

2009 issue UK 11-track digitally remastered CD album - Taken from the Hammersmith Odeon leg of their 1983 'farewell' tour, tracks 1-5 originally featured in a Chrysalis compilation and are presented here for the first time on CD, finally reunited with 6 Bonus Recordings 'Long Gone', 'Chains Chains', 'Lonely Heart', 'Blinded By A Lie', 'No Place To Run' & 'Mystery Train'
[taken from the same show which are previously unreleased on any format])

By the early to mid-'80s, it was quite clear that while UFO retained a sizable fanbase from their late-'70s peak, any hopes of becoming a world-wide dominating force (ą la such then chart-dominating UFO disciples as Def Leppard and Iron Maiden) were nil. However, this didn't stop the lads from putting on worthwhile shows and releasing albums (albeit of the spotty variety), and it's this era that is showcased on 2009's Headstone. Comprised of a 1983 live recording from the Hammersmith in London, this set forgoes all the expected UFO classics (no "Doctor Doctor," "Rock Bottom," or "Lights Out" here, folks), and in its place are a helping of UFO tracks almost all from early-'80s albums -- that have all pretty much been forgotten. And despite featuring not the most renowned UFO lineup, ever -- only original members Phil Mogg (vocals) and Andy Parker (drums) are present, joined by Phil Chapman (guitar), Neil Carter (rhythm guitar/keyboards), and Paul Gray (bass) -- Headstone will turn out to be a pleasant surprise for longtime UFO fanatics. The reason being that while quite a few of these tracks fell flat as studio versions, they certainly improved on the concert stage, as the performance is inspired throughout. "We Belong to the Night," "Let It Rain," and "No Place to Run" may not be included on many UFO "best-of" collections, but when you add it all up, Headstone is one of the more surprisingly strong UFO live albums to have reared its head (of which there have been an overabundance over the years)...G. Prato

Definitly a great cd to add to your UFO collection , contains live recording from the making contact tour. It was originally released in vinyl in 1983 as a swan song for the band containing best of as well as family, friends tracks (Scorpions , Whitesnake Etc....) on sides 1-3 , with side four containing 5 live tracks from this recording. Now this is only the live show with 6 more songs added, very good recording and great performance from the band we grew to love...L. Crown

UFO - Headstone (1983) (11-track Remaster Edit 2009)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 122 MB
Genre : Rock

Tracklist - Live At Hammersmith Odeon

01. We Belong To The Night 4:19
02. Let It Rain 3:06
03. Couldn't Get It Right 4:41
04. Electric Phase 2:59
05. Doing It All For You 5:50
06. Long Gone (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) 4:55
07. Chains Chains (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) 2:50
08. Lonely Heart (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) 5:06
09. Blinded By A Lie (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) 4:07
10. No Place To Run (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) 5:50
11. Mystery Train (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) 9:41


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nedjelja, 03.01.2010.

King Crimson - Lizard (1970) (40th Anniversary)

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Lizard is very consciously jazz-oriented -- the influence of Miles Davis (particularly Sketches of Spain) being especially prominent -- and very progressive, even compared with the two preceding albums. The pieces are longer and have extensive developmental sections, reminiscent of classical music, and the lyrics are more ornate, while the subject matter is more exotic and rarified -- epic, Ragnarok-like battles between good and evil that run cyclically. The doom-laden mood of the first two albums is just as strong, except that the music is prettier; the only thing missing is a sense of humor. Jon Anderson of Yes guests on one key number, "Prince Rupert Awakes" (which vocalist/bassist Gordon Haskell never completed), and the album is stronger for his presence. At the time of its release, some critics praised Lizard for finally breaking with the formula and structure that shaped the two preceding albums, but overall it's an acquired taste. [This reissue contains alternate versions of "Lady of the Dancing Water," "Bolero" and "Cirkus."]...B. Eder

King Crimson: Gordon Haskell (vocals, bass); Robert Fripp (guitar, Mellotron, electric keyboards); Mel Collins (flute, saxophone); Andy McCulloch (drums); Peter Sinfield. Additional personnel: Jon Anderson (vocals); Robin Miller (oboe); Mark Charig (cornet); Nick Evans (trombone); Kevin Tippet (piano). LIZARD can be seen as the third album in the trilogy that makes up Crimson's first phase, which began with IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING. The musical and lyrical concepts are more complex than on the first two albums, the arrangements more elaborate. Pete Sinfield's lyrics, already full of surreal mystical imagery, changed by turns more inaccessible and slightly psychedelic. Horns play a much larger role on LIZARD, the horn section injecting some punch into the production, and Mel Collins' flute and sax emerging as an important solo voice. Things turn slightly harsher on tracks like "Indoor Games," a catalogue of people's private indiscretions, and "Happy Family" an allegory obviously about the then-current breakup of the Beatles. As always, there's a beautiful ballad ("Lady of the Dancing Water," singer Gordon Haskell's finest moment) included amidst all the uproar. Crimson's peers Yes are even represented, as Jon Anderson makes a guest vocal appearance on the title cut, a throwback to the semi-mythical lyric approach of KC's debut.

King Crimson - Lizard (1970) (40th Anniversary 2009)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 135 MB
Genre :Prog. Rock


01 Cirkus (Including Entry Of The Chameleons) 6:27
02 Indoor Games 5:37
03 Happy Family 4:22
04 Lady Of The Dancing Water 2:47
05 Lizard 23:15
06 Lady of the Dancing Water - Bonus / Alternate Mix / Alternate Take 2:57
07 Bolero Frame by Frame - Remix 6:48
08 Cirkus - Bonus 6:34


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subota, 02.01.2010.

Amon Duul II - Almost Alive...(1977) (9-track Digipak Remaster 2006)

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Amon Düül II (or Amon Düül 2) is a German rock band. The group is generally considered to be one of the founders of the German rock music scene and a seminal influence on the development of Krautrock. The band emerged from the radical West German commune scene of the late 1960s, with others in the same commune including the future founders of the Baader-Meinhof Group (the Amon Düül II band members disagreed with their violent agenda). Founding members are Chris Karrer, Peter Leopold, Falk Rogner, John Weinzierl and Renate Knaup. Their first album Phallus Dei (God's Penis), released in 1969, is considered a milestone in German rock history.[citation needed] They received offers to write music for films, winning a German film award, the Deutscher Filmpreis, for their contribution to the film San Domingo. Their second album Yeti was their breakthrough album in the United Kingdom.[citation needed] In 1975, they signed with Atlantic Records, and disbanded in 1981.

The good news: Crisp, clear sound brings out the subtler nuances of this album, making it more fresh and alive than the slightly dull and murky sounding original LP from 1978. The keyboards and guitars sparkle brighter than I ever heard before, and the band sounds "more alive" than when compared to the vinyl LP. The gatefold with booklet digipack is excellent, with plenty of additional photos of the band from the 1978 era. Also includes three tracks of psychedelic hard-rock jams with prominent Lothar Meid bass heaviness. OK, now for the not so good news. Sigh. 1. There is a low grade snap-crackle-pop most noticable during quieter parts throughout the CD (but not the bonus tracks) that sounds like this CD was either mastered directly from an old LP or that there was some serious digital errors occuring throughout during the mastering process. It is not audible during the louder parts, but when things quiet down (or listening on headphones) it can be very distracting. Ach! 2. There is a prominence of analog tape hiss that was not eliminated. Either that, or, if this was mastered from an old LP, the deficiencies of this kind of archival transfer result in a generational loss of fidelity resulting in more hisssssss. 3. The end of 'Jericho' does an abrupt "tape-stop" end during the solo synthesizer "airplane" swoop which occurs just 1 minute before the true end of the song on the LP. The whole last minute of the song is missing! Also, the double end-stop of 'One Blue Morning' is missing. There is just the single last abrupt chordal chop (on the LP there are two). 3. Admittedly a minor quibble, but the three bonus tracks are not from the same era as the band that recorded 'Almost Alive' and don't have as much relevance to the album as other material (if it survived) from the 'Almost Alive' sessions. ...But to end on an upbeat note... I still think the cover art is the best of any D??l album (or any other Krautrock, for that matter) and is graphically beautiful (despite the smaller media size)...S. McMouth

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 137 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock, Krautrock


01. One blue morning 7:26
02. Good bye my love 8:12
03. Aint today tomorrows yesterday 7:18
04. Hallelujah 4:17
05. Felling uneasy 6:10
06. Live in Jericho 12:08
07. Cosmic Insects (Bonus) 6:13
08. Live In Obergurgl (Bonus) 1:40
09. Kitchen Jam (Bonus) 6:57


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Spooky Tooth - It's All About (1968) (18-track Digipak Remaster 2005)

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Digitally Remastered Edition of the Group's Debut Album from 1968 that was Filled with Psychedelic Pop of the Times as Well as Covers of Popular Tunes, Like Janis Ian's "Society's Child", Bob Dylan's "Too Much of Nothing" and the Nashville Teens' "Tobacco Road". This Edition Adds Seven Bonus Tracks of Rarites and Single B-sides.

This full-length debut from British blues-rockers Spooky Tooth has a tone similar to Traffic with its psychedelic take on the influential pop and soul music of the '60s. A few cover tunes including Janis Ian's "Society's Child" and the Nashville Teens' "Tobacco Road" are here, but original songs like the soulful ballad "It Hurts You So" and "Bubbles" (with its Beach Boys' sensibility), are the real standouts. The cheery, psychedelic "It's All About a Roundabout" is the catchiest number by far. On this dreamy cut, vocalist/keyboardist Gary Wright demonstrates some sharp melodic and compositional instincts. Although Spooky Tooth eventually became better-known for their straightforward blues-rock, the trippy pop of It's All About counts as a career highlight for the group. Fans of late-'60s British rock are definitely advised to check out this impressive release. [The German release of the album contains bonus material.]...V.Jeffries

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 150 MB
Genre : Prog. Rock


01 Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) 4:31
02 Love Really Changed Me 3:35
03 Here I Lived So Well 5:08
04 Too Much of Nothing 3:59
05 Sunshine Help Me 3:04
06 It's All About a Roundabout 2:45
07 Tobacco Road 5:35
08 It Hurts You So 3:06
09 Forget It I Got It 3:28
10 Bubbles 2:51
11 The Weight Bonus / Stereo Version 3:16
12 Sunshine Help Me Bonus 2:59
13 Weird Bonus 4:01
14 Love Really Changed Me Bonus / Mono Version 3:00
15 Luger's Groove Bonus 3:35
16 The Weight Bonus 3:08
17 Do Right People Bonus 4:45
18 Bubbles Bonus / Mono Version 2:44


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petak, 01.01.2010.

Rory Gallagher - Etched in Blue (1992) (Remaster Edit)

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UK reissue of the late Irish rock guitarist's 1992 hits compilation with live recordings of 'Too Much Alcohol', 'I Could Have Had Religion' and 'Shin Kicker' added as bonus tracks, for a total of 14 cuts.

Irish Guitar star Rory Gallagher's "Etched in Blue" features 14 tracks including "I'm Not Surprised," "Crest Of A Wave," and "Bad Penny." Etched in Blue is a solid, if not exactly definitive, retrospective of Rory Gallagher's career that offers a fine introduction to the Irish blues star. Reissue of the late Irish rock guitarist's 1992 hits compwith live recordings of 'Too Much Alcohol', 'I Could HaveHad Religion' & 'Shin Kicker' added as bonus tracks, for atotal of 14 cuts. 1998 Camden release. Digitally remastered material.

Rory Gallagher the classic blues rock guitarist that could turn his hand to anything he wanted...he was a man with very special talents and this cd showcasses 14 of them all classic some jazz rock and some just plain boogie rock and you also get 3 live tracks that are outstanding..i can't believe the other reviewer saying that gallagher's lyrics were weak they must be joking in aall the songs i've heard no duff lyrics just pure genius from a sadly under-rated genius who's sadly missed in the rock and blues world R.I.P Rory Gallagher...D. Jellinc

This compilation basically cherry-picks one track from each of Rory Gallagher's albums - and still manages to be an enjoyable listen in its own right. If you're already a fan of Gallagher then you probably have some of these tracks on the original albums, but this CD is a good way of picking up a selection of Rory's other work at a low price. If, on the other hand, you haven't heard much of Rory then this is an excellent place to start. Highlights for me are the almost-title-track 'Edged In Blue', the rocking 'Devil Made Me Do It' and the stomping John Lee Hooker-esque 'I Could've Had Religion' (taken from 1971's barnstorming 'Live In Europe' - I regard this as the album which introduced me to the blues). Every blues fan should have at least one album by the greatest bluesman to come out of Cork, once described as 'Stevie Ray Vaughan's separated-at birth Irish twin'! ...M. Mandel

Rory Gallagher - Etched in Blue (1992) (Remaster Edit 2009)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 153 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


Rory Gallagher - vocals, guitar
Gerry McAvoy - bass guitar
Lou Martin - guitar, keyboards
Vincent Crane - drums


01 Loanshark Blues 4:30
02 Bought and Sold 3:26
03 Bad Penny 4:01
04 Cruise on Out 4:43
05 Crest of a Wave 6:00
06 I'm Not Surprised 3:39
07 Unmilitary Two-Step 2:51
08 Alexis 4:08
09 Edged in Blue 5:31
10 They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore 4:08
11 The Devil Made Me Do It 2:57
12 Too Much Alcohol Live 8:26
13 I Could Have Had Religion Live 8:22
14 Shin Kicker Live 3:42


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Pearls Before Swine - Balaklava (1968) (2005)

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Balaklava is one of the most extraordinary, sublime and sophisticated protest albums of 1968. To many, this album represents Tom Rapp's surrealist song-craft in perfection. Not a foot-stamping anti-Vietnam war album but a complex and psychedelic masterwork that touches on Tennyson and Tolkien in a sublime metaphorical fashion. Tom Rapp is among the most erudite, intellectual songwriters of the American '60s era.

A record that virtually defies categorization, Pearls Before Swine's 1968 epic Balaklava is the near-brilliant follow-up to One Nation Underground. Intended as a defiant condemnation of the Vietnam War, it doesn't offer anthemic, fist-pounding protest songs. Instead, Rapp vented his anger through surrealist poetry, irony, and historical reference: Balaklava was the 1854 Crimean War battle that inspired Alfred, Lord Tennyson to write his epic The Charge of the Light Brigade; in reality, the "Charge" was a senseless military action that killed scores of British soldiers. Balaklava begins with "Trumpeter Landfrey," an 1880's recording of the actual voice and bugle charge of the man who sounded the charge at Balaklava. It makes the transition into "Translucent Carriages," a mix of acoustic guitars, a basic vocal, and ghostly narration ("Jesus raised the dead...but who will raise the living?"), all the more stunning. "Images of April" continues the mystical feel, combining flutes, cricket chirps, and frog croaks for a nether-worldly effect. Rapp virtually cries "I Saw the World," backed by a powerful string arrangement that makes the song even more impassioned. Like One Nation Underground, Balaklava is somewhat unfocused: "There Was a Man" is a little too Dylan-esque, and Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" detracts from Rapp's compositions. Unfortunately, the record closes with "Ring Thing," a morbid piece that refers to Tolkien's famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. Still, this is superb psychedelic music, successfully merging exotic instruments like marimba, clavinet, French horn, and swinehorn with Rapp's unique lisping vocals. But Balaklava isn't just acid-trip background music. It's probably the best example of what Rapp calls "constructive melancholy" (also the name of a recent CD collection of Pearls songs), a combination of the real with the surreal, and it's indispensable to any serious '60s rock collection...P. Kurtz

Codec: flac
Size ca.: 158 MB
Genre : Psychedelic Folk Rock
Cover: Front


Tom Rapp – guitar, vocals, breathing
Jim Bohannon – organ, piano, clavinette, marimba
Wayne Harley – banjo, harmony
Lane Lederer – bass, guitar, swinehorn


01 Trumpeter Landfrey.... 0:35
02 Translucent Carriages 4:00
03 Images of April 2:44
04 There Was a Man 2:59
05 I Saw the World 3:28
06 Guardian Angels 3:02
07 Suzanne 5:01
08 Lepers and Roses 5:23
09 Florence Nightingale.... 0:17
10 Ring Thung 2:21


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