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petak, 31.07.2009.

Jefferson Airplane - The Woodstock Experience (2CD Remaster)

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Jefferson Airplane - The Woodstock Experience (2CD Remaster 2009)

Jefferson Airplane: The Woodstock Experience contains 24 tracks (10 from album Volunteers, 14 from Woodstock). In 1969, Jefferson Airplane was the band to book at a major festival. The first act to be confirmed for Woodstock, they set the precedent for all that followed. Their performance early Sunday morning was the perfect greeting to a rising sun, and the material from their forthcoming album, Volunteers, awakened the Woodstock generation to a new day.

Sony/BMG's Legacy imprint decided to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock by issuing a slew of double-disc deluxe packages by catalog artists who played the festival. Each slipcase contains the featured artist's entire performance at Woodstock and as a bonus, an LP sleeve reproduction of a classic album issued near the time the festival occurred, as well as fine, individually designed 16" X 24" double-sided posters. Of the five volumes in the Woodstock Experience series, the Jefferson Airplane's volumes is simultaneously one of the most compelling and frustrating. Musically, this is one of, if not the greatest live performances we have on tape of the band at the peak of their ability and creativity, prefacing the release of their Volunteers album (included here as well) three months after this gig. There are five previously unissued tracks in this set -- six if you include the introduction. They include Fred Neil's "The Other Side of This Life,"(that kicks off the set), "3/5 of A Mile in 10 Seconds" "Wooden Ships," "The Ballad of You, Me & Pooneil," the traditional blues "Come Back Baby," and the Airplane's set closer "The House at Pooneil Corners." The Airplane's set is a long one, the longest in the Woodstock Experience series, clocking in at over 90 minutes, but it's enthralling throughout. Whether it's the electrified versions of the tunes from Surrealistic Pillow -- "Plastic Fantastic Lover," "White Rabbit," and "Somebody to Love," or the 14-minute space rock in "The Ballad of You, Me & Pooneil," from After Bathing at Baxter's with its massive bass solo by Jack Casady, or the ragged but righteous "House at Pooneil Corners" from Crown of Creation, the Airplane prove here that they could rock with the best of them. Their set as a whole is explosive and full of surprises, with excellent vocal work from Grace Slick and Marty Balin, and very sophisticated interplay between Jorma Kaukonen, Paul Kantner, Casady, guest pianist Nicky Hopkins, and drummer Spencer Dryden.

That's the good news. The bad news is the package itself: Sony Legacy blew it by following a format rather than considering the music first. The other volumes in the series also include a catalog album. And it's always the first disc. This presented a problem because the Airplane's set was so long. The label's design department chose to follow format rather than serve the music properly. They sequenced the band's concert performance to begin after the last track of Volunteers on disc one -- it can be a complete buzzkill unless you just begin disc one at track 11. What would have made more sense would have been to either issue these CDs by themselves, or to begin Volunteers after the last song of the Woodstock gig to better preserve the integrity of the gig itself. It's true that the concert would still have been broken up on two discs, but the break would have come at the beginning of the long encore. Marks off for this, but the music itself is simply stellar throughout...T. Jurek

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 330 MB
Genre : Rock


* Grace Slick - vocals
* Marty Balin - vocals
* Paul Kantner - guitar
* Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vocals
* Jack Casady - bass
* Spencer Dryden - drums
*Nicky Hopkins - piano


CD 1

01 We Can Be Together 5:47
02 Good Shepherd 4:22
03 The Farm 3:13
04 Hey Frederick 8:33
05 Turn My Life Down 2:56
06 Wooden Ships 6:27
07 Eskimo Blue Day 6:35
08 A Song for All Seasons 3:29
09 Meadowlands 1:04
10 Volunteers 2:08
11 Introduction prev. unreleased 0:23
12 The Other Side of This Life prev. unreleased 8:17
13 Somebody to Love 4:31
14 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds prev. unreleased 5:30
15 Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon 5:06
16 Eskimo Blue Day 6:55

CD 2

01 Plastic Fantastic Lover 4:35
02 Wooden Ships prev. unreleased 21:25
03 Uncle Sam Blues 6:12
04 Volunteers 3:16
05 The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil prev. unreleased 15:29
06 Come Back Baby prev. unreleased 6:05
07 White Rabbit 2:27
08 The House at Pooneil Corners prev. unreleased 9:17

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Kiss - Hotter Than Hell (1974) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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Digitally remastered Japanese reissue of the band's secondalbum from 1974 in a miniaturized LP sleeve limited to theinitial pressing only. 10 tracks, including 'Let Me Go, Rock'N Roll' and 'Comin' Home'. 2006 Mercury release. Remastered by Joseph M. Palmaccio for Sterling Sound, NYC.

Although Kiss' self-titled debut performed respectably on the charts, it was not the blockbuster they had hoped for. With the album fading on the charts in the summer of 1974, Kiss was summoned back into the studio to work on a follow-up. Producers Richie Wise and Kenny Kerner were onboard again, and even though the sonics are muddier (and more filler is present in the compositions), Hotter Than Hell is another quintessential Kiss release. Many of the songs have been forgotten over the years (few have been featured in concert after the '70s), but there are still more than a few gems to be found. It's unclear if the members of Kiss were having problems with their personal relationships at the time, but it's a common thread that runs through the songs. The plodding "Got to Choose" and the rapid-fire "Parasite" deal with love gone bad; the title track is about unobtainable love, while "Goin' Blind" is a disturbing tale of a 93-year-old having an affair with a 16-year-old. Also included are the early favorites "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll" and "Watchin' You," as well as the original electric version of "Comin' Home" (an acoustic version was the opener of 1996's MTV Unplugged) and "Strange Ways," which contains one of Ace Frehley's best guitar solos. Even though Hotter Than Hell actually fared worse on the charts than the debut, it has become a revered album among Kiss fans over the years -- and rightfully so...G. Prato

Codec: flac
Size: 198 MB
Genre : Glam Rock, Hard Rock


01 Got to Choose 3:54
02 Parasite 3:01
03 Goin' Blind 3:36
04 Hotter Than Hell 3:31
05 Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll 2:14
06 All the Way 3:18
07 Watchin' You 3:43
08 Mainline 3:50
09 Comin' Home 2:37
10 Strange Ways 3:18

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èetvrtak, 30.07.2009.

George Thorogood - Haircut (1993) (Remaster 2002)

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Digitally Remastered Edtion Originally Released in 1993, Thorogood Covers the Usual Suspects, John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley. Includes a Solo Acoustic Version of "my Friend Robert". The CD booklet for HAIRCUT features an original eight page cartoon by Peter Bagge.

This is one of the most consistently bluesy of Thorogood's '90s albums, with fewer of the overt goofs and '60s garage-band and punk influences that drove the purists crazy. Instead, it's a big-sounding, mostly serious set, in which Thorogood covers the usual suspects--John Lee Hooker ("Want Ad Blues"), Willie Dixon ("Down in the Bottom," which he probably learned from a Stones bootleg), and Bo Diddley ("Cops and Robbers," ditto). As usual, there are also a couple of changes of pace, in this case a solo acoustic version of "My Friend Robert" (an obscure song by '60s folkie Patrick Sky) and Thorogood's own "Baby Don't Go," an infectious piece of New Wave Tex-Mex, complete with the sort of cheesy organ riffs that hadn't been heard since the late '70s heyday of Joe "King" Carrasco. The hit from the album, of course, was the deliberately snot-nosed "Get a Haircut," but the album's actual centerpiece is the astounding "Killer's Bluze," which is in fact a six-minute death threat set to the riff from "I'm a Man." Eminem, eat your heart out...D. Jellinc

Thorogood is one of those artists, erm, let me rephrase that... He's one of those people who never let you down. With every album they make, you know exactly what to expect. With him it's rock with tongue in cheek lyrics about drinking and being bad. If you're looking for deep lyrics, don't even bother with The Destroyers. If you're looking for pop hooks and fancy production, don't look here. However, if you're looking for something that you can blast out from your car stereo while cruising around, George's the man for that. (disclaimer: I'm not to be blamed for any possible speeding tickets you get as a result of that). That said, the album is pure rock 'n' roll boogie from head to toe. To single out one track from the others would be pretty near impossible so I wont even try. Only "Me And My Friend Robert" stand out even a little bit, and that's mainly because of it's more laid back blues style, which is somewhat obvious considering it's written as a homage to the late great Robert Johnson. As for what makes this album better than any of his other ones? There isn't really any single reason for that, he's always done his own thing and he doesn't change it for this album either. However songs like "Haircut" and "Gone Dead Train" just simply make me instantly feel good. The album just simply feels more consistent than most of his other albums, including the classics Move It On Over and Bad To The Bone. You wouldn't expect any changes from George Thorogood, whose pile-driving rocking-blues and boogie have maintained their appeal despite the emergence of numerous similar-sounding ensembles. Thorogood's rough-hewn singing and always tantalizing playing are on target through the usual mix of originals and covers (this time including Bo Diddley and Willie Dixon). Besides the bonus of major label engineering and production, Thorogood's work has never lost its edge because he avoids becoming indulgent or a parody, and continues to sound genuinely interested in and a fan of the tunes he's doing...R. Wynn

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 100 MB
Genre : Rock


George Thorogood (vocals, guitar)
Hank Carter (saxophone, keyboards, background vocals)
Bill Blough (bass)
Jeff Simon (drums)


01 Get a Haircut 4:12
02 Howlin' for My Baby 5:14
03 Killer's Bluze 6:10
04 Down In The Bottom 4:03
05 I'm Ready 3:36
06 Cops and Robbers 4:50
07 Gone Dead Train 4:07
08 Want Ad Blues 5:06
09 My Friend Robert 2:30
10 Baby Don't Go 3:24

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srijeda, 29.07.2009.

Maxwell - BLACKsummers'night

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Maxwell - BLACKsummers'night (2009)

Maxwell spent part of the eight years between his third and fourth studio albums walking the Earth, attempting to experience a life resembling that of a human. One of neo-soul's most visible faces, along with Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo, he had been on the music industry's hamster wheel for most of his twenties and needed some tangible inspiration. At some point he got down to scheming and quite a lot of recording; BLACKsummers'night is the first release of a trilogy, with BlackSUMMERS'night (rooted in gospel, with a twist, apparently) and Blacksummers'NIGHT (promised as a disc of slow jams) to follow. Just as he arrived in 1996, offering an alternate option to the exaggerated masculinity that was dominating contemporary R&B, he returns as the airwaves are stuffed with raging hormones expressed through Auto-Tune. He has made no concessions to them. BLACKsummers'night is all devotion, regret, and heartache, written with Now collaborator Hod David and played by a session band, including a horn section, that sounds closer to a touring band that has been supporting the singer for years. The musicians morph with every shift in emotion through arrangements that are unfailingly exquisite and sensitively nuanced, even when they are briskly played. If the singer got into adventures while he was away, he does not detail them during these 38 unified minutes, but he did go through a serious, failed relationship, just as "Pretty Wings," the album's floating pre-album single, suggested. Like the real-life flip side to Al Green's "Simply Beautiful" -- the song Maxwell performed at the 2008 BET Awards, signaling his return -- it's catharsis through bittersweet elegance, equal in its enamored resentment ("You toyed with my affliction/Had to fill out my ") and remorse ("I came wrong, you were right/Transformed your love into like"). Although the rest of the album leaves plenty of space for the most common form of pleading, the disarming "Fistful of Tears" is as impassioned as the steamiest moments and indicates the complexity of Maxwell's relationship: "'Cause I go insane, crazy sometimes/Trying to keep you from losing your mind/Open your eyes, see what's in front of your face/Save me my fistful of...tears." For all its dimensions and progress, the album is simultaneously designed to ensure that devoted fans will feel the wait was worth it. After all, its opening lines are "Make me crazy, don't speak no sound/I want you to prove it to me in the nude," and they are sung in falsetto...A. Kellman

Codec: flac
Size: 230 MB
Genre : R&B


01 Bad Habits 5:52
02 Cold 4:03
03 Pretty Wings 5:10
04 Help Somebody 4:01
05 Stop the World 3:56
06 Love You 3:35
07 Fistful of Tears 3:40
08 Playing Possum 4:23
09 Phoenix Rise 2:41

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utorak, 28.07.2009.

The Troggs - From Nowhere (1966) (20-track Remaster 2003)

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Restored and Remastered by EROC at The Ranch

2003 reissue of the British Invasion act's 1st album. Includes 5 bonus tracks all recorded in Mono...

In its original incarnation, the Troggs' debut British LP was substantially different, and distinctly inferior to, their first American long-player (titled Wild Thing), although eight of the songs appear on both records. The tracks unique to the British edition were all covers: "Ride Your Pony" and the obscure "The Kitty Cat Song" (both taken from Lee Dorsey), "Louie Louie," and Chuck Berry's "Jaguar and Thunderbird." And none of them are so hot. "Wild Thing" was the highlight of the disc, and the rest of the set was a mixed bag, peaks being the primordial power of "From Home" and "I Just Sing," as well as "Jingle Jangle," the first of Reg Presley's tuneful ballads. The vaudevillian "Hi Hi Hazel," on the other hand, was a lowlight. The 2003 Repertoire reissue remedies a lot of the flaws of both the U.S. and U.K. editions of the debut album by putting all 15 tracks that appeared on one or the other on the same disc. That puts some of the better early Troggs tracks -- "Lost Girl," "With a Girl Like You," and "I Want You" -- back into the running order, making this quite an improvement on the original U.K. release. What's more, the Repertoire CD tacks on yet more songs that didn't appear on either the original U.K. From Nowhere or the U.S. Wild Thing from 1966-1967 singles, those being "The Yella in Me," the B-side of their first single; the classic hit "I Can't Control Myself"; its B-side, "Gonna Make You"; and the 1967 B-side "As I Ride By." All that said, however, all of the good tracks from this CD appear on the two-CD Archeology set, making this a necessity only for completists. If you are one of those completists, however, you'll appreciate the inclusion of "As I Ride By" (written and sung by drummer Ronnie Bond), which makes its first CD appearance here, even if it's only a so-so song. [The CD was also released with bonus tracks.]..R. Unterberger

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 115 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Wild Thing 2:36
02 The Yella in Me 2:40
03 I Just Sing 2:11
04 Hi Hi Hazel 2:45
05 Lost Girl 2:33
06 Jaguar and Thunderbird 2:03
07 Your Love 1:54
08 Our Love Will Still Be There 3:10
09 Jingle Jangle 2:28
10 When I'm With You 2:25
11 From Home 2:22
12 Louie, Louie 3:03
13 The Kitty Cat Song 2:13
14 Ride Your Pony 2:26
15 Evil 3:15
16 With a Girl Like You Bonus 2:07
17 I Want You Bonus 2:15
18 I Can't Control Myself Bonus 3:05
19 Gonna Make You Bonus 2:48
20 As I Ride By Bonus 2:02

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ponedjeljak, 27.07.2009.

Kiss - Kiss (1974) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

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Digitally remastered Japanese reissue paper sleeve pressing of this classic album from the Glam Hard Rockers, originally released in 1974. 2006 Mercury release. Remastered by Joseph M. Palmaccio for Sterling Sound, NYC.

Kiss's self-titled debut manages to simultaneously represent what rock & roll in the 1970s was all about, and stand up as a classic recording without sounding dated. That's a rare trick, even for Kiss (whose efforts after, oh, 1977 didn't do much more than tread water), and one that should be appreciated even as listening to the album brings back misty-eyed visions of high school. (It doesn't matter if you were in high school in the '70s, something about this album just screams late adolescence.) Kiss is, of course, crammed full of songs that would become concert favorites (most of this album appears on Alive!) and classics--who hasn't heard "Strutter" or "Deuce"? It's a slab of pure, unadulterated rock & roll. While this isn't especially thought-provoking stuff, it's arguable that rock ever should be...G. Williams

Kiss' 1974 self-titled debut is one of hard rock's all-time classic studio recordings. Kiss is chock full of their best and most renowned compositions, containing elements of Rolling Stones/New York Dolls party-hearty rock & roll, Beatles tunefulness, and Sabbath/Zep heavy metal, and wisely recorded primal and raw by producers Richie Wise and Kenny Kerner (of Gladys Knight fame). Main songwriters Stanley and Simmons each had a knack for coming up with killer melodies and riffs, as evidenced by "Nothin' to Lose" and "Deuce" (by Simmons), "Firehouse" and "Black Diamond" (by Stanley), as well as "Strutter" and "100,000 Years" (collaborations by the two). Also included is the Ace Frehley alcohol anthem "Cold Gin," "Let Me Know" (a song that Stanley played for Simmons upon their very first meeting, then titled "Sunday Driver"), and one of Kiss' few instrumentals: the groovy "Love Theme From Kiss" (penned by the entire band). The only weak track is a tacky cover of the 1959 Bobby Rydell hit "Kissin' Time," which was added to subsequent pressings of the album to tie in with a "Kissing Contest" promotion the band was involved in at the time. Along with 1976's Destroyer, Kiss' self-titled debut is their finest studio album, and has only improved over the years...G. Prato


Paul Stanley - rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Gene Simmons - bass, lead vocals
Ace Frehley - lead guitar, vocals
Peter Criss - drums, vocals

Codec: flac
Size: 236 MB
Genre : Glam Rock, Hard Rock


01 Strutter 3:12
02 Nothin' to Lose 3:29
03 Firehouse 3:19
04 Cold Gin 4:23
05 Let Me Know 3:01
06 Kissin' Time 3:54
07 Deuce 3:08
08 Love Theme from Kiss 2:26
09 100,000 Years 3:25
10 Black Diamond 5:14

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Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (1971) (2CD Deluxe Edit)

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Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (1971) (2CD Deluxe Edit 2009)

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of this 1971 album from the British Heavy Metal band including a bonus disc containing nine previously unreleased tracks. . Master of Reality was the third album by Black Sabbath. The album's "darker" or "sludgier" sound was a significant influence on the Heavy Metal genres known as Doom Metal and Stoner Rock.Master of Reality was recorded at Island Studios in London, UK between February and April 1971. The album was produced by Rodger Bain, who had also produced their previous two albums. Contains new liner notes by David Wells and a booklet full of rare photos and memorabilia. Sanctuary. 2009.

With Paranoid, Black Sabbath perfected the formula for their lumbering heavy metal. On its follow-up, Master of Reality, the group merely repeated the formula, setting the stage for a career of recycling the same sounds and riffs. But on Master of Reality Sabbath still were fresh and had a seemingly endless supply of crushingly heavy riffs to bludgeon their audiences into sweet, willing oblivion. If the album is a showcase for anyone, it is Tony Iommi, who keeps the album afloat with a series of slow, loud riffs, the best of which -- "Sweet Leaf" and "Children of the Grave" among them -- rank among his finest playing. Taken in tandem with the more consistent Paranoid, Master of Reality forms the core of Sabbath's canon. There are a few stray necessary tracks scattered throughout the group's other early-'70s albums, but Master of Reality is the last time they delivered a consistent album and its influence can be heard throughout the generations of heavy metal bands that followed...S. T. Erlewine

This two CD version of Master Of Reality is a must have for Black Sabbath fans mainly for the second disc, which contains previously unreleased versions of all but one song from M.O.R. and the rarest of creatures, a previously unreleased song, yes, a bona-fide song!! As far as I know, this is the first official release on CD of any previously unreleased Black Sabbath song. The name of the song is 'Weevil Woman 71', supposedly (at least that's what they say in the liner notes) in reference to 'Evil Woman', which it also kind of borrows the riff from. I agree with what they say in the liner notes...it's a shame the Black Sabbath didn't work on this song more and try to include it on one of their albums, for even in this slightly unfinished and rough state, it is a killer of a song!! The main riff is very heavy and I like the way the tempo picks up in places. I think this tune would have sounded more at home on Volume 4 than on Master Of Reality. It is not the greatest song Black Sabbath have ever done, but hey, it's 'previously unreleased', man, and is definitely going to be played on the my next radio show on the 25th of July. Also on the second disc, we are treated to instrumental studio outtakes of After Forever, Solitude, Orchid and Children Of The Grave, along with alternate lyric versions of Sweet Leaf, Into The Void and Children Of The Grave and an alternate mix of Lord Of This World. Aside from Weevil Woman 71,the version of Lord Of This World is the most interesting thing here, as it has Ozzy's vocal double tracked and most importantly, piano and...in a few places...SLIDE GUITAR! While I can see why they ultimately didn't include this mix on the original album, in some ways I actually prefer it! As for the alternate lyrical versions, I am happy that these lyrics didn't eventually get used and am even more grateful for the lyrics that Geezer would later write for them. Still, it is very cool and interesting to hear.
As for the original album, it is actually my least favorite of the first three Black Sabbath albums, though I still absolutely love it and consider a classic album and easily give it five stars. After Forever is in my top ten of favorite Black Sabbath songs. I have always loved Solitude, which showed off a more mellow and laid back side of the group. Production-wise, it is the heaviest and loudest Black Sabbath album ever, with Iommi getting his best guitar sound. A classic album. This two CD version is another reason to buy it again...R. Recchia

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 173 MB
Genre : Classic Heavy Metal


CD 1

01. Sweet Leaf (5:06)
02. After Forever (5:27)
03. Embryo (0:28)
04. Children Of The Grave (5:16)
05. Orchid (1:31)
06. Lord Of This World (5:26)
07. Solitude (5:02)
08. Into The Void (6:11)

CD 2

01. Weevil Woman '71 (3:00)
02. Sweet Leaf (Studio Outtake feat Alt. Lyrics) (5:04)
03. After Forever (Studio Outtake - Instrumental) (5:20)
04. Children Of The Grave (Studio Outtake feat Alt. Lyrics) (4:36)
05. Children Of The Grave (Studio Outtake - Instrumental) (6:01)
06. Orchid (Studio Outtake with Tony count-in) (1:40)
07. Lord Of This World (Studio Outtake feat piano & slide guitar) (5:37)
08. Solitude (Studio Outtake - intro with Alt. guitar tuning) (3:45)
09. Into The Void "Spanish Sid" (Studio Outtake - Alt. Version) (6:24)

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Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters (1973) (Japan Mini LP 2008)

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Brothers and Sisters, the Allman Brothers Band's first new studio album in two years, shows off a leaner brand of musicianship, which, coupled with a pair of serious crowd-pleasers, "Ramblin' Man" and "Jessica," helped drive it to the top of the charts for a month and a half and to platinum record sales. This was the first album to feature the group's new lineup, with Chuck Leavell on keyboards and Lamar Williams on bass, as well as Dickey Betts' emergence as a singer alongside Gregg Allman. The tracks appear on the album in the order in which they were recorded, and the first three, up through "Ramblin' Man," feature Berry Oakley -- their sound is rock-hard and crisp. The subsequent songs with Williams have the bass buried in the mix, and an overall muddier sound. The interplay between Leavell and Betts is beautiful on some songs, and Betts' slide on "Pony Boy" is a dazzling showcase that surprised everybody. Despite its sales, Brothers and Sisters is not quite a classic album (although it was their best for the next 17 years), especially in the wake of the four that had appeared previously, but it served as a template for some killer stage performances, and it proved that the band could survive the deaths of two key members,,B. Eder

Codec: flac
Size: 214 MB
Genre : Southern Rock


01 Wasted Words 4:20
02 Ramblin' Man 4:48
03 Come and Go Blues 4:55
04 Jelly, Jelly 5:46
05 Southbound 5:10
06 Jessica 7:31
07 Pony Boy 5:51

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petak, 24.07.2009.

Traffic - Welcome To The Canteen (1971) (Japan SHM CD 2008)

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Japanese-only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) paper sleeve pressing of this classic album from the British Rock band led by Steve Winwood, originally released in 1971. SHM-CDs can be played on any audio player and delivers unbelievably high-quality sound. You won't believe it's the same CD! Universal. 2008.

Following the success of John Barleycorn Must Die, Traffic planned a concert album for the fall of 1970, and it got as far as a test pressing before being canceled. A recording was necessary to satisfy the terms of British label Island records' licensing deal with American label United Artists, which had provided for five albums, of which four had been delivered. With Island starting to release its own albums in the U.S., the UA contract had to be completed, and hopefully not with the potentially lucrative studio follow-up to John Barleycorn Must Die. Thus, Traffic tried again to come up with a live album by recording shows on a British tour in July 1971. Joining for six dates of the tour was twice-dismissed Traffic singer/guitarist Dave Mason, who had subsequently scored a solo success with his Alone Together album. The resulting collection, Welcome to the Canteen (which was technically credited to the seven individual musicians, not to Traffic), proved how good a contractual obligation album could be. Sound quality was not the best (and it still isn't on the 2002 remastered CD reissue, though it's better), with the vocals under-recorded and stray sounds honing in, but the playing was exemplary, and the set list was an excellent mixture of old Traffic songs and recent Mason favorites. "Dear Mr. Fantasy" got an extended workout, and the capper was a rearranged version of Steve Winwood's old Spencer Davis Group hit "Gimme Some Lovin'." Welcome to the Canteen's status as only a semi-legitimate offering was emphasized by the release, after a mere two months, of a new Traffic studio album on Island (The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys) that undercut its sales. But that doesn't make it any less appealing as a summing up of the Winwood/Mason/Traffic musical world...W. Ruhlmann

Codec: flac
Size: 249 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Medicated Goo 3:34
02 Sad and Deep as You 3:48
03 Forty Thousand Headmen 6:21
04 Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave 5:39
05 Dear Mr. Fantasy 10:57
06 Gimme Some Lovin' 9:02

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Bad Company - Straight Shooter (1975) (Japan Min LP 2008)

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Japanese Limited Edition Issue of the Album Classic in a Deluxe, Miniaturized LP Sleeve Replica of the Original Vinyl Album Artwork.2008

One year after Bad Company's multi-platinum self-titled debut, the British band returned to London to record a follow-up. Utilizing material written earlier in 1973, vocalist and songwriter Paul Rodgers wrote two acoustic-based rock ballads that would live on forever in the annals of great rock history. "Shooting Star" and the Grammy-winning "Feel Like Makin' Love" helped Straight Shooter rise quickly through the charts to reach Billboard's number three spot both in the U.S. and U.K. However, critically and commercially the album never achieved the tremendous success of its predecessor, largely due to the lack of strong follow-up singles and supporting tracks. Simon Kirke stepped out from behind the drum-set to help produce and write "Anna" and "Weep No More," two slower and less aggressive ballads indicative of the overall diminishing quality of the album. Following the release of Straight Shooter, Bad Company headlined their first North American tour...G. Baksi

Released in 1974, Straightshooter is regarded by many as being Bad Company's strongest album. It has the bluesy feel of its predecessor (Bad Co) but has the band turning their amps up 11 and rocking out the strongest set of songs of the band's career. Do not forget that Bad Co was a supergroup with 2 guys out of Free (Rodgers and Kirke), the bass player from King Crimson (Boz Burrell) and Mott the Hoople's guitarist (Mick Ralphs). They should have been huge, of course, but suffered from having to play second fiddle to Swan Song stablemates Led Zeppelin. The songs were great, their sound: a sort of supercharged, sexy blues-rock without the pretention of Led Zep. What let them down perhaps was their lyrics, some of which make Spinal Tap look like Leonard Cohen, but if you can take that - and I can - this album is a great listen from beginning to end. Bad Company were also one of the few hard rock bands that wrote great ballads (Anna), though it was Straightshooter's high-octane rockers like Good Lovin' Gone Bad, Feel Like Making Love and Shooting Star that helped secure them a place in rock history. Bad Company were a good, tight band, but I would recommend anyone to listen to them purely to hear Paul Rodgers' masterful rock vocals. New to Bad Company? Get this one first, and then Bad Co...Mo. Mons

Size: 261 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Good Lovin' Gone Bad 3:35
02 Feel Like Makin' Love 5:12
03 Weep No More 3:59
04 Shooting Star 6:14
05 Deal with the Preacher 5:01
06 Wild Fire Woman 4:32
07 Anna 3:41
08 Call on Me 6:03

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Cordel do Fogo Encantado - Cordel do Fogo Encantado (2001)

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thx Brazilian boy

Cordel do Fogo Encantado is a Brazilian band from Arcoverde who mix different Brazilian musical genres, such as samba de côco, toré indígena, embolada, and reisado, with pop-rock melodies. The band derives its name from cordel, a type of hand-made illustrated pamphlet literature made by woodcut artists in northeastern Brazil. Cordel do Fogo Encantado is associated with Pernambuco's Mangue Beat, a musical movement that is repopularizing traditional northeastern Brazilian folkloric musical genres by mixing them with rock and funk music.

The Cordel do Fogo Encantado was created in Arcoverde, Brazil, located 260 km from Recife (Pernambuco), by five youngsters, three from Arcoverde (Lirinha, pandeiro/vocals; Clayton Barros, guitar/vocals; Emerson Calado, percussion/voice) and two from the Morro da Conceição, Recife (Rafa Almeida, percussion/voice; and Nêgo Henrique, percussion/voice). The group appeared in 1997 as a theatrical spectacle fusing narrative; scenery; Indian traditions (toré); a very percussive approach; the oral popular poetry of the hinterlands produced by northeast Brazilian bards like Manoel Filó, Manoel Chadu, Zé da Luz, Chico Pedrosa, and Inácio da Catingueira; the Northeastern popular literature known as "cordel"; and folkloric musical genres like the reisado, the embolada, the samba de coco, and the music of cantadores (minstrels). In 1999, the Cordel opened at the Rec-Beat festival, organized in Recife during the Carnival. The independent Cordel do Fogo Encantado was launched in 2001, produced by Naná Vasconcellos. Promoting the album during their first southeast Brazilian tour, they immediately caught the attention of the media, also having packed houses for their performances. The first music video, for the song "Chover (Ou Invocação para Um Dia Líquido)," was awarded in several festivals. Their first international tour was launched during July and August 2001, consisting in 11 shows through Belgium, Germany, France, and other countries. In October, the group participated in the Free Jazz Festival, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In 2002, the group was elected by APCA (Association of Art Critics of São Paulo) as the "revelation group" of 2001. Their 2002 shows included as its opening song "Os Anjos Caídos," theme of Cacá Diegues' film Deus É Brasileiro, in which the band also participated...A. Neder


Lira Paes (vocals, pandeiro)
Clayton Barros (guitar, vocals)
Emerson Calado (percussion, vocals)
Nego Henrique (percussion, vocals)
Rafa Almeida (percussion, vocals)


01 Chegada De Zé Do Né Na Lagoa De Dentro 1:18
02 Poesia (ou Tambores Do Vento Que Vem) 3:27
03 Profecia (ou Testamento Da Ira) 2:12
04 Boi Luzeiro (ou A pega De Violento, Vaidoso E Avoador) 5:22
05 Chamada Dos Santos Africanos 1:24
06 Chover (ou Invocação Para Um Dia Líquido) 5:08
07 O Cordel Estradeiro 2:27
08 Antes Dos Mouros 4:44
09 Os Oim Do Meu Amor 1:33
10 Toada Velha Cansada 4:14
11 Salve 1:37
12 Alto Do Cruzeiro (ou O Auto Do Cruzeiro) 1:32
13 Pedrinha 1:21
14 Foguete De Reis (ou A Guerra) 4:03
15 O Carroceiro 1:41
16 Profecia Final (ou No Mais Profundo) 2:29
17 Catingueira 2:19
18 Ai Se Sesse 2:03

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Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority (1969) (Japan Mini LP 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Remastered and repackaged edition of their 1969 album. Features 'Beginnings', 'Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is', 'Questions 67 And 68', 'I'm A Man', 'South California Purples' and more. Digipak in a slipcase with a 16-page booklet featuring complete lyrics and detailed liner notes by Rolling Stone contributing editor David Wild. 2008.

Few debut albums can boast as consistently solid an effort as the self-titled Chicago Transit Authority (1969). Even fewer can claim to have enough material to fill out a double-disc affair. Although this long- player was ultimately the septet's first national exposure, the group was far from the proverbial "overnight sensation." Under the guise of the Big Thing, the group soon to be known as CTA had been honing its eclectic blend of jazz, classical, and straight-ahead rock & roll in and around the Windy City for several years. Their initial non-musical meeting occurred during a mid-February 1967 confab between the original combo at Walter Parazaider's apartment on the north side of Chi Town. Over a year later, Columbia Records staff producer James Guercio became a key supporter of the group, which he rechristened Chicago Transit Authority. In fairly short order the band relocated to the West Coast and began woodshedding the material that would comprise this title. In April of 1969, the dozen sides of Chicago Transit Authority unleashed a formidable and ultimately American musical experience. This included an unheralded synthesis of electric guitar wailin' rock & roll to more deeply rooted jazz influences and arrangements. This approach economized the finest of what the band had to offer -- actually two highly stylized units that coexisted with remarkable singularity. On the one hand, listeners were presented with an incendiary rock & roll quartet of Terry Kath (lead guitar/vocals), Robert Lamm (keyboards/vocals), Peter Cetera (bass/vocals), and Danny Seraphine (drums). They were augmented by the equally aggressive power brass trio that included Lee Loughnane (trumpet/vocals), James Pankow (trombone), and the aforementioned Parazaider (woodwind/vocals). This fusion of rock with jazz would also yield some memorable pop sides and enthusiasts' favorites as well. Most notably, a quarter of the material on the double album -- "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?," "Beginnings," "Questions 67 and 68," and the only cover on the project, Steve Winwood's "I'm a Man" -- also scored as respective entries on the singles chart. The tight, infectious, and decidedly pop arrangements contrast with the piledriving blues-based rock of "Introduction" and "South California Purples" as well as the 15-plus minute extemporaneous free for all "Liberation." Even farther left of center are the experimental avant-garde "Free Form Guitar" and the politically intoned and emotive "Prologue, August 29, 1968" and "Someday (August 29, 1968)." The 2003 remastered edition of Chicago Transit Authority offers a marked sonic improvement over all previous pressings -- including the pricey gold disc incarnation...L. Planer

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 174 MB
Genre : Brass Rock


01 Introduction 6:35
02 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 4:36
03 Beginnings 7:54
04 Questions 67 and 68 5:02
05 Listen 3:21
06 Poem 58 8:37
07 Free Form Guitar 6:47
08 South California Purples 6:11
09 I'm a Man 7:39
10 Prologue, August 29, 1968 0:57
11 Someday (August 29, 1968) 4:13
12 Liberation 14:38

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Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1970) (2CD Deluxe Edition)

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Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1970) (2CD Deluxe Edition 2009)

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD deluxe edition of the 1970 debut album from the British Metal legends including a bonus disc containing nine previously unreleased tracks. Black Sabbath, the album, is often regarded as one of the first Heavy Metal full length releases. The album reached #8 on the UK Album Chart. Following its US release in May 1970 by Warner Bros. Records, the album reached #23 on the Billboard 200, where it remained for over a year, selling a million copies. 17 tracks. Sanctuary. 2009

BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath (2009 issue UK 16-track digitally remastered 2CD album set - Released on Friday the 13th February 1970 by Vertigo Records, 'Black Sabbath' was recorded and mixed in just three days and spawned the singles 'Evil Woman','Black Sabbath', 'N.I.B. & 'The Wizard' and now comes expanded with a Bonus 9-track CD featuring outtakes from the November 1969 Black Sabbath sessions. Presented in a fold-out digipak picture sleeve housed in a clear PVC slipcase complete with a picture booklet containing sleevenotes by David Wells, rare photos and memorbilia).


Ozzy Osbourne / vocals; harmonica on "The Wizard"
Tony Iommi / guitar, keyboards
Geezer Butler / bass
Bill Ward / drums

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 193 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


CD 1:

01. Black Sabbath (6:20)
02. The Wizard (4:24)
03. Behind the Wall of Sleep (3:37)
04. N.I.B. (6:08)
05. Evil Woman (3:25)
06. Sleeping Village (3:46)
07. Warning (10:28)

CD 2

01. Wicked World (Single B-Side) (4:45)
02. Black Sabbath (Studio Outtake) (6:22)
03. Black Sabbath (Instrumental) (6:13)
04. The Wizard (Studio Outtake) (4:46)
05. Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Studio Outtake) (3:41)
06. N.I.B. (Instrumental) (6:08)
07. Evil Woman (Alt. Version) (3:47)
08. Sleeping Village (Intro) (3:45)
09. Warning (Part 1) (6:58)

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Robert Palmer - The Essential Selection (Remaster 2000)

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"Special thanks to Robert Palmer for his help in compiling this collection," reads a sleeve note on this Dutch compilation, and while you can understand Disky's desire to acknowledge the artist's own involvement in the set, you also can't help thinking that it's a way of shifting responsibility for the choices. The Essential Selection consists of recordings Palmer made for EMI Records between 1988 and 1996, including his work with the Power Station. Drawing from his albums Nova, Don't Explain, and Honey, from the Power Station album Living in Fear, and from one-off singles, it features some of his hits from the period, notably "Simply Irresistible," which made the U.S. Top Five, and "She Makes My Day" and "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (recorded with UB40), which made the U.K. Top Ten. But this is not a hits collection; it ignores other successful singles in both England and America in favor of album tracks from albums that were not commercially successful, such as Honey, which spent only four weeks in the U.K. charts and did not chart in the U.S. at all, and the marginally selling Living in Fear. With this selection, Palmer seems to be arguing that his EMI work was misunderstood and inadequately appreciated, which may be true at least in part. Certainly, there are many other hard rock tracks in the style of "Simply Irresistible" that could have been just as big. Potential buyers can read the contents on the back of the album or on a website before purchasing it, so they are unlikely to be fooled into thinking this is more of a greatest-hits set than it is. But nobody should buy this album expecting a full-scale look at Palmer's recording career or even the popular highlights of his late-'80s and '90s work...Dhar Jellinc

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size:126 MB


01 Wham Bam Boogie (03:18)
02 Notoriety (05:07)
03 You Can't Get Enogh of A Good Thing (04:07)
04 Girl U Want (02:24)
05 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (03:27)
06 Lifeforce (04:09)
07 Light Years (04:28)
08 Scared (04:08)
09 Your Mother Should Have Told You (03:41)
10 Simply Irresistable (04:14)
11 She Can Rock It (04:17)
12 You Blow Me Away (04:34)
13 She Makes My Day (04:23)
14 Dreams Come True (03:13)

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Rod Stewart - A Night on the Town (1976) (2CD Limited Edition)

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Rod Stewart - A Night on the Town (1976) (2CD Limited Edition 2009)

When Rod Stewart signed to Warner Bros. in 1975, the deal coincided with his move to the States, and his coming into his own as a reigning global superstar. Stewart's debut for the label, ATLANTIC CROSSING, was his sixth solo LP and his first without any of his mates from the Faces, who disbanded in '75. Produced by the legendary Tom Dowd, it made Billboard's Top 10, and charted with the now-classic hits 'Sailing' and 'This Old Heart Of Mine.' A NIGHT ON THE TOWN followed in 1976-Stewart's first platinum release, it delivered the #1 smash 'Tonight's The Night.' Both albums mixed covers and originals split between fast and slow sides, and both were recorded in Muscle Shoals and Los Angeles with session luminaries including the MG's. The pleasure of each title is now doubled with 2-CD COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS, and a wealth of previously unreleased tracks.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 219 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01 Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) 3:57
02 The First Cut Is the Deepest 4:29
03 Fool for You 3:48
04 The Killing of Georgie, Pts. 1 & 2 6:22
05 The Balltrap 4:42
06 Pretty Flamingo 3:32
07 Big Bayou 3:55
08 The Wild Side of Life 5:10
09 Trade Winds 5:29
10 Rosie Bonus Track 3:51

CD 2

01 Share prev. unreleased / Studio Outtake 4:19
02 Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) Early Versions 3:52
03 The First Cut Is the Deepest Early Versions 3:48
04 Fool for You Early Versions 3:41
05 The Killing of Georgie, Pt. 1 Early Versions 4:23
06 The Balltrap Early Versions 4:41
07 Pretty Flamingo Early Versions 3:27
08 Big Bayou Early Versions 4:13
09 The Wild Side of Life Early Versions 4:47
10 Trade Winds Early Versions 4:44
11 Rosie Early Versions 4:22
12 Get Back Alternate Version 4:06

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Deep Purple - Days May Come and Days May Go (1975) (2003)

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Subtitled 'California Rehearsals', features unreleased studio rehearsals, versions of album tracks & long jams. Includes 20 page booklet with rare pictures. 9 tracks including 'Owed To 'G'' (Instrumental), 'If You Love Me Woman' (Jam) & 'The Orange Juice Song'. 20003release. Standard jewel case.

That a band from the seventies can release rehearsal material from what was widely perceived as it's weakest incarnation and still maintain an audience is testament to the stature of Deep Purple. It was a powerful band then, but this lineup featuring Tommy Bolin in place of the seemingly irreplaceable Ritchie Blackmore on guitar never quite seemed to reach the heights of its predecessors. Bolin's funk/rock roots had taken hold and helped produce "Come Taste The Band", a fine piece in itself, but not what many diehard Purple fans were looking for. Live concerts were reputed to be poor withmore… critics subsequently touting the import album "Last Concert In Japan" as proof of this. Within a year of Bolin joining, Purple were no more. Tragically shortly afterwards Bolin himself was gone. Were the criticisms of the time justified? The release of "On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat", recorded live in California pointed to a mature and solid rock band able to produce the goods live. "Days May Come And Days May Go" adds more fuel to the evidence supporting this. Recorded ad-hoc during the rehearsals for "Come Taste The Band" the sound quality is excellent, the power evident and is a rare insight into how a band develops it's material. From the first track, a run through of the instrumental "Owed to G" (the G standing for Gershwin), "Statesboro' Blues", the early version of "Drifter" and on through various jams it is clear that this was a band with potential. There may have been many reasons for the bands demise, but if this release proves one thing it was nothing to do with the bandmembers ability to play as a strong single unit. Tommy Bolin certainly played his part in this respect.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 147 MB
Genre : Rock


Tommy Bolin: Guitars, vocals.
David Coverdale: Vocals.
Glenn Hughes: Bass guitar, vocals.
Jon Lord: Keyboards, organ, mini moog, vocals.
Ian Paice: Drums, percussion.


01 Owed to "G" Instrument 3:31
02 If You Love Me Woman (Jam) 10:06
03 The Orange Juice Song 3:33
04 I Got Nothing for You (Jam) 12:52
05 Statesboro' Blues 5:54
06 Dance to the Rock & Roll (Jam) 11:01
07 Drifter Rehearsal Sequence 3:28
08 Drifter Version 1 4:02
09 The Last of the Long Jams (Jam) 9:04
10 I Got You Babe 1:05

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Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - Afrociberdelia (1996)

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thx Brazilian boy

You say you love Brazilian music because you dig the records Milton and Gil and Caetano Veloso did about 25 years ago. If you only heard the Brazilian music of today, you'd probably like it about as much as a Hank 'n' Cash country fan likes Shania Twain. The late Chico Science exploded on a moribund music scene -- Brazil's a big country, and the common denominator is as low as anyone's. Gathering up the scraps of traditional northeastern music still heard at festivals in his native Recife and mixing them with a love for hip-hop, heavy rock, and psychedelic soul jazz, Chico Science galvanized an alternative movement as important as the Tropicalia boom 30 years prior. AFROCIBERDELIA was the group's second and final album before a car crash took the visionary MC's life. Gilberto Gil was already on board, jousting with Chico on "Mac⊚"; Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato was at the mixing desk; Goldie would write Chico's drum 'n' bass eulogy on SATURNZ RETURN. The power and potential of the group were written large over this ambitious, futuristic Amazonian swamp rock, replete with three drummers pounding out ancient grooves, a sampling DJ, a demonic guitarist, and Chico's own sunstroked, Sun Ra verbosity. Meet the band that saved Brazilian music...M. Schwartz



01 Mateus Enter (Intro) / Nação Zumbi 0:32
02 O Didadao Do Mundo/Ciudado Com O Bulldog / Nação Zumbi 3:20
03 Etina / Nação Zumbi 2:31
04 Quilombo Groove / Nação Zumbi Instrumental 2:31
05 Maco/A Minha Mennia/Take Five / Nação Zumbi 4:09
06 Um Passeio No Mundo Livre / Nação Zumbi 3:59
07 Samba Do Lado / Nação Zumbi 3:47
08 Maracatu Atomico / Nação Zumbi 4:45
09 O Encontro de Isaac Asimov Com Santos Dumont No Céu / Nação Zumbi 1:38
10 Corpo de Lama / Nação Zumbi 3:52
11 Sobremesa / Nação Zumbi 4:00
12 Manguetown / Nação Zumbi 3:11
13 Um Satelite Na Cabeca (Bitnik Generation) / Nação Zumbi 2:09
14 Baiao Ambiental / Nação Zumbi Instrumental 2:32
15 Sangue de Bairro / Nação Zumbi 2:12
16 Enquanto O Mundo Explode / Nação Zumbi 1:28
17 Interlude Zumbi / Nação Zumbi 1:11
18 Crianca de Domingo / Nação Zumbi 3:28
19 Amor de Muito / Nação Zumbi 2:55
20 Samidarish / Nação Zumbi Instrumental 4:31

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Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street (1972) (MFSL Limited Edit)

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Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street (1972) (MFSL Limited Edit 2009)

Limited Edition European pressing of this album comes house in a miniature LP sleeve. WEA. 2009

This was the album by which most of their fans began discovering the Doobie Brothers, and it has retained a lot of its freshness over the decades. Producer Ted Templeman was attuned to the slightly heavier and more Southern style the band wanted to work toward on this, their second album, and the results were not only profitable — including a platinum record award — but artistically impeccable. Toulouse Street is actually pretty close in style and sound at various points to what the Eagles were doing during the same period, except that the Doobies threw jazz and R&B into the mix, as well asmore… country, folk, and bluegrass elements, and (surprise!) ended up just about as ubiquitous as the Eagles in peoples' record collections, especially in the wake of the singles "Listen to the Music" and "Jesus Is Just Alright." But those two singles represented only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this group had to offer, as purchasers of the album discovered even on the singles — both songs appear here in distinctly longer versions, with more exposition and development, and in keeping with the ambitions that album cuts (even of popular numbers) were supposed to display in those days. Actually, "Listen to the Music" (written by Tom Johnston) offers subtle use of phasing and other studio tricks that make its seemingly earthy, laid-back approach some of the most complex and contrived of the period. Johnston's "Rockin' Down the Highway" shows the band working at a higher wattage and moving into Creedence Clearwater Revival territory, while "Mamaloi" was Patrick Simmons' laid-back Caribbean idyll, and the title tune (also by Simmons) is a hauntingly beautiful ballad. The band then switches gears into swamp rock for "Cotton Mouth" and takes a left turn into the Mississippi Delta for a version of Sonny Boy Williamson II's "Don't Start Me Talkin'" before shifting into a gospel mode with "Jesus Is Just Alright." Johnston's nearly seven-minute "Disciple" was the sort of soaring, bluesy hard rock workout that led to the group's comparison to the Allman Brothers Band, though their interlocking vocals were nearly as prominent as their crunching, surging double lead guitars and paired drummers. And it all still sounds astonishingly bracing decades later; it's still a keeper, and one of the most inviting and alluring albums of its era...Dhar Jellinc

Toulouse Street was the album by which most of their fans began discovering the Doobie Brothers, and it has retained a lot of its freshness over the decades. Producer Ted Templeman was attuned to the slightly heavier and more Southern style the band wanted to work toward on this, their second album, and the results were not only profitable — including a platinum record award — but artistically impeccable. Toulouse Street is actually pretty close in style and sound at various points to what the Eagles were doing during the same period, except that the Doobies threw jazz and R&B into the mix, as well as country, folk, and bluegrass elements, and (surprise!) ended up just about as ubiquitous as the Eagles in peoples' record collections, especially in the wake of the singles "Listen to the Music" and "Jesus Is Just Alright." But those two singles represented only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this group had to offer, as purchasers of the album discovered even on the singles — both songs appear here in distinctly longer versions, with more exposition and development, and in keeping with the ambitions that album cuts (even of popular numbers) were supposed to display in those days. Actually, "Listen to the Music" (written by Tom Johnston) offers subtle use of phasing and other studio tricks that make its seemingly earthy, laid-back approach some of the most complex and contrived of the period. Johnston's "Rockin' Down the Highway" shows the band working at a higher wattage and moving into Creedence Clearwater Revival territory, while "Mamaloi" was Patrick Simmons' laid-back Caribbean idyll, and the title tune (also by Simmons) is a hauntingly beautiful ballad. The band then switches gears into swamp rock for "Cotton Mouth" and takes a left turn into the Mississippi Delta for a version of Sonny Boy Williamson II's "Don't Start Me Talkin'" before shifting into a gospel mode with "Jesus Is Just Alright." Johnston's nearly seven-minute "Disciple" was the sort of soaring, bluesy hard rock workout that led to the group's comparison to the Allman Brothers Band, though their interlocking vocals were nearly as prominent as their crunching, surging double lead guitars and paired drummers. And it all still sounds astonishingly bracing decades later; it's still a keeper, and one of the most inviting and alluring albums of its era...Bruce Eder ”

Codec: flac
Size: 212 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


01 Listen to the Music 4:45
02 Rockin' Down the Highway 3:23
03 Mamaloi 2:29
04 Toulouse Street 3:19
05 Cotton Mouth 3:48
06 Don't Start Me to Talkin' 2:44
07 Jesus Is Just Alright 4:33
08 White Sun 2:30
09 Disciple 6:42
10 Snake Man 1:40

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The Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed (1967) (Remaster Deluxe Edit 2006)

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This latest edition of "Days Of Future Passed" has to be the last, as it is nearly perfect. The Moody Blues have never been keen on keeping old unused material, so what is presented here is very, very good. Now on SACD, the sound is faultless and the mixing is astounding. Besides the first seven tracks of the original, the second CD contains outtake and alternate versions of pre-"Days Of Future Passes" songs and BBC Sessions that are as solid and pure as a studio recording. This is the sound that will keep you mesmerized for years.
This is the ultimate collection of the Moody Blues first successful album and an important piece in musical history.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 227 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock


CD 1

01. The Day Begins (5:51)
02. Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling (3:49)
03. The Morning: Another Morning (3:56)
04. Lunch Break: Peak Hour (5:30)
05. The Afternoon:
a) Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)
b) (Evening) Time To Get Away (8:24)
06. Evening:
a) The Sunset
b) Twilight Time (6:40)
07. The Night: Nights In White Satin (7:26)

CD 2

01. Tuesday Afternoon (Previously Unissued) (4:21)
02. Dawn Is A Feeling (Previously Unissued) (2:20)
03. The Sun Set (Previously Unissued) (2:50)
04. Twilight Time (Previously Unissued) (2:29)
05. Nights In White Satin (Mono Single Master) (4:28)
06. Fly Me High (Mono Single Master) (2:55)
07. I Really Haven't Got The Time (Mono Sngle Master) (3:10)
08. Love And Beauty (Mono Single Master) (2:25)
09. Leave This Man Alone (Mono Single Master) (3:00)
10. Cities (Mono Single Master) (2:26)
11. Long Summer Days (1967 Studio) (3:15)
12. Please Think About It (1967 Studio) (3:44)
13. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Previously Unissued) 2:24)
14. Love And Beauty (Previously Unissued BBC Radio Ses(sion) (2:13)
15. Leave This Man Alone (Previously Unissued) (2:53)
16. Peak Hour (Previously Unissued) (3:23)
17. Night In White Satin (Previously Unissued) (3:49)
18. Fly Me High (Previously Unissued) (2:47)
19. Twilight Time (Previously Unissued) (2:08)


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nedjelja, 19.07.2009.

Sparks - Propaganda (1974) (21st Century Edit 2006)

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Digitally remastered and expanded reissue of Ron and Russell Mael's 1974 album featuring three bonus tracks: 'Alabamy Right', 'Marry Me' and 'Interview' (Saturday Scene). Island. 2006.

What better way to promote Sparks' spinning blender of demented pop than Propaganda? The band's fourth album (and second with producer Muff Winwood) is chock-full of great ideas, including the overseas hits "Something for the Girl with Everything" and "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth." With Russell Mael delivering the lyrics in his rapid-fire falsetto, the lyric sheet is a necessary compass, as the clever wordplay is a key to discovering what these pranksters are up to. Ron Mael's skewed take on relationships ("At Home at Work at Play," "Don't Leave Me Alone with Her") are nearly upstaged by the hyperactive arrangements, but when the words and the music click, it's pure magic. In fact, "Bon Voyage" might be the most sublime song they've ever written, teetering between genuine pathos for and lampooning of the plight of those left behind by Noah and his ark. Other highlights include "Achoo" (about, you guessed it, catching a cold) and "Who Don't Like Kids," in which Mael uncorks the opening lines "You got a cigar, here's a couple more/Because the offspring are springing through swinging doors" in a few seconds. The torrential outpouring of words and ideas, underscored by guitars and keyboards with oft-shifting rhythms, either repels or attracts listeners. Though the similarities to Queen are sometimes striking, they eschew that band's seriousness and epic guitar work, favoring hit-or-miss observations that suggest a cross between 10cc and the power pop of the late '70s. Propaganda remains one of Sparks' brightest achievements, brimming with a loopy charm that continued to captivate the open-minded English listeners, if not their close-minded countrymen in the U.S. [Note that European CD reissues in the late '90s include non-album B-sides from the record's two U.K. singles as bonus tracks: "Alabamy Right" and "Marry Me," while the 2006 reissue goes further to include an interview.]...D. Connolly

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 105 MB
Genre : Psychedelic pop, New Wave


01 Propaganda 0:23
02 At Home at Work at Play 3:06
03 Reinforcements 3:55
04 B.C. 2:13
05 Thanks But No Thanks 4:14
06 Don't Leave Me Alone with Her 3:02
07 Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth 2:28
08 Something for the Girl with Everything 2:17
09 Achoo 3:34
10 Who Don't Like Kids 3:37
11 Bon Voyage 4:54
12 Alabamy Right Bonus 2:11
13 Marry Me Bonus 2:54
14 Interview -- Saturday Scene 8/11/74 Bonus 7:16

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Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (1977) (Deluxe Edition - 2 CD) (2004)

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I have owned Rumours before, both in the LP format and the original CD format. Obviously this album has been a favourite of mine for a long time, with a slight more understanding of the tension involved in making it as the years have passed by.What struck me, however, by hearing this new re-mastered version was the immense sound quality. Listening to Dreams the bass becomes so vibrant and alive with Stevie Nick's voice backed up with incredible harmonies with the addition of crisp guitar sounds and thumping drumming. On the next track, Never Going Back Again the guitar is spread in the mix givingmore… the listener a feeling of actually being involved with the playing. Much of the same can be described by most of the other songs on the album, making me for my part re-discovering it again. Never before had I noticed how great the production was, not only in regards of the sound quality but also how it was mixed, both simple but yet innovative.I took my old CD to compare the two versions, the hypothesis being that maybe this great sound had simply eluded me some years ago. The difference was, however, similar to hearing a worn cassette tape and a regular CD. The separation of instruments was not to be heard, a lack of depth was evident and the mix was muffled as if one were listening to a worn LP.There is also added material. Silver Springs, a single not included on the original version, has been tacked between what before was side A and B. A fine song and its odd inclusion actually does keep the flow of the album intact (I believe having it at the end would spoil the fine ending of the original). There is also a bonus disk consisting of demos of the songs. It is interesting hearing these demos, one can hear how good the simple versions are but yet how delicately Fleetwood Mac improved them in the studio. Of particular note is Brushes which is only the guitar playing of what became Never Going Back Again. One must, however, make sure to press the stop button before some jam session at the end of the disc begin, those are only for the most devoted. Thus from the standpoint of sound quality, this re-mastered version of Rumours is in my view a great buy. The bonus CD is a welcome addition and the artwork accompanying this version does this great album justice.

In 1975, a pair of hard-living, hard-rocking British blues rockers went eye-to-eye with a pair of sensitive L.A. singer-songwriter types -- and the rockers blinked. The bluesmen were Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, whose band, Fleetwood Mac, had first recorded in 1967. The Californians were Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, a couple romantically and musically, who'd recorded an album as Buckingham Nicks. The two pairs, along with McVie's wife, Christine (a respected singer and songwriter in her own right who joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970 and then married John), teamed up and produced an album far more California sunshine rock than British blues. Following the grand success of their debut, Fleetwood Mac, the McVies broke up, as did Buckingham and Nicks, and the resulting romantic pressure-cooker -- coupled with Buckingham's flowering production talents -- produced Rumours, a tour de force that became one of the biggest-selling records ever made. "Here you go again," breathed Stevie Nicks near the start of the record, "you say you want your freedom." The emotional weariness captured in that line suffuses the album, notwithstanding the upbeat melodies and pristine, daring production. You also get Christine McVie's hit "Don't Stop" -- later a campaign theme song for Bill Clinton -- and arguably Buckingham's greatest track, a drum-driven cry at the death of love called "Go Your Own Way." Bill Wyman

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 242 MB
Genre : Pop/Rock


CD 1

01 Second Hand News 2:56
02 Dreams 4:17
03 Never Going Back Again 2:14
04 Don't Stop 3:13
05 Go Your Own Way 3:43
06 Songbird 3:20
07 Silver Springs 4:48
08 The Chain 4:30
09 You Make Loving Fun 3:36
10 I Don't Want to Know 3:16
11 Oh Daddy 3:56
12 Gold Dust Woman 4:55

CD 2

01 Second Hand News Bonus 2:47
02 Dreams Bonus 4:21
03 Brushes (Never Going Back Again) Bonus 2:50
04 Don't Stop Bonus 3:33
05 Go Your Own Way Bonus 3:06
06 Songbird Bonus 3:11
07 Silver Springs Bonus 6:07
08 You Make Loving Fun Bonus 4:56
09 Gold Dust Woman #1 Bonus 5:02
10 Oh Daddy Bonus 3:58
11 Think About It Bonus 2:55
12 Never Going Back Again Bonus / Demo Version 1:56
13 Planets of the Universe Bonus / Demo Version 3:18
14 Butter Cookie (Keep Me There) Bonus / Demo Version 2:11
15 Gold Dust Woman Bonus / Demo Version 5:01
16 Doesn't Anything Last Bonus / Demo Version 1:10
17 Mic the Screecher Bonus / Jam Session 0:59
18 For Duster (The Blues) Bonus / Jam Session 4:26

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Mutantes - A Divina Comédia (1970) (2006)

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thx Brazilian boy

A divina comédia ou ando meio desligado is the third album by the Brazilian tropicalia/Psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes. The album was originally released in 1970 (see 1970 in music) and reissued in 1999 on Omplatten Records. The title in English means: The Divine Comedy or I Walk a bit Disconnected. "I walk a bit disconnected" in this sense means "I feel a little spaced out." The second track features the band imitating California accents. The album as a whole is characterized by a mix of psychedelic and religious imagery, and has been acclaimed by critics such as AllMusic (see review on sidebar) and landing on Rolling Stone Brazil's list of the best Brazilian albums.
It's also the first album by the band to break away from the Tropicalia aesthetic, and move towards more of a pure rock sound. Except for a tongue-in-cheek version of the ballad "Chão de Estrelas", the record shows little Brazilian music influence. This shift in direction is speculated to be because their helpers and influences, Tropicália stars Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil were exiled by the Brazilian military dictatorship. The album cover reflects a similar illustration by Gustav Doré from Dante's Divine Comedy.


01. Ando Meio Desligado 4:46
02. Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amor 3:45
03. Ave, Lúcifer 2:19
04. Desculpe, Babe 2:49
05. Meu Refrigerador Não Funciona 6:21
06. Hey Boy 2:48
07. Preciso Urgentemente Encontrar Um Amigo 3:50
08. Chão De Estrelas 3:12
09. Jogo De Calçada 4:07
10. Haleluia 3:40
11. Oh! Mulher Infiel 4:20

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Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild: A Retrospective (1991) (2007)

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Born To Be Wild: A Retrospective was the first attempt at a serious historical overview of Steppenwolf and founder/leader John Kay's career, and considering that the makers limited themselves to two CDs, they did an amazingly good job. A lot of listeners — even those who were around during the band's heyday — who think of Steppenwolf as nothing but successful purveyors of hard rock on the pop charts, may be surprised by what is here. Disc One reaches back to a pair of excellent tracks from the summer 1966 Columbia Records sessions by the Sparrow, the earlier band (featuring John Kaymore… as lead singer) out of which Steppenwolf was formed. The array of Steppenwolf songs includes all of the expected hits and a lot more, which may be more than most casual fans will want. The latter will probably opt for the group's 20th Century Masters single CD, but this set is not to be passed over lightly — as is quickly revealed on the first disc, Steppenwolf was one of the more prodigiously talented hard-rock acts of the late 1960's, easily able to go head-to-head with Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge, or any other of the top American acts of the era and come out on top; they knew enough blues (and folk) licks, were good (and bold) enough with their instruments, and had a sufficiently charismatic lead singer in John Kay to generate six strong studio albums in five years — including three very consistent, challenging, and inventive LPs in 1968 and 1969 — and a string of hit singles, This set doesn't give enough exposure to the group's somewhat underrated second album, but otherwise it's a very good cross-section of some of their most popular work interspersed with their more ambitious album cuts, their entire output represented except for the two live albums, Early Steppenwolf and Steppenwolf Live. This set was also the first updated digital transfer of the band's classic recordings, and what's here does sound richer and louder than the existing individual CDs from MCA (which, in fairness, were unusually good for middle/late '80s releases). The collection includes highlights of John Kay's early 70's solo sides and the mid-1970's incarnation of the group on Columbia Records, up thru the version of the group organized by Kay in the late 1980's. There are a few flaws in the package, to be sure, mostly in the annotation — Todd Everett's essay gets very sketchy about the music (especially their albums) after the first LP, and tend to focus more on personnel changes than on what they were actually releasing (which was still charting), and that's frustrating for anyone genuinely interested in the history of the music. But this is as good a survey of Steppenwolf and John Kay as we're likely to see, and the listening is a pleasure and a serious enlightenment for the uninitiated, and one that even casual fans should take seriously.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 275 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Twisted - John Kay And The Sparrow 3:13
02. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - John Kay And The Sparrow 3:41
03. Sookie Sookie 3:14
04. Everybody's Next One 2:57
05. Born To Be Wild (Single Version) 3:28
06. Your Wall's Too High 5:43
07. Desperation 5:45
08. The Pusher 5:50
09. The Ostrich 5:43
10. Don't Step On The Grass, Sam 5:39
11. Magic Carpet Ride 4:20
12. Rock Me 3:41
13. Jupiter's Child 3:23
14. It's Never Too Late 4:03
15. Monster/Suicide/America 9:12
16. Move Over 2:52
17. Hey Lawdy Mama 2:53

CD 2

01. Snowblind Friend 3:53
02. Who Needs Ya 2:52
03. Screaming Night Hog 3:16
04. For Ladies Only 4:52
05. Tenderness 4:55
06. Ride With Me 3:22
07. I'm Movin' On - John Kay 3:08
08. My Sportin' Life J- ohn Kay 5:17
09. Children Of The Night 5:10
10. Straight Shootin' Woman 4:02
11. Caroline 4:44
12. Live Your Life - John Kay 4:12
13. Ain't Nothing Like It Used To Be 3:50
14. Born To Be Wild (Live) 4:46
15. Rock 'N' Roll Rebels 4:00
16. Give Me News I Can Use 3:40
17. The Wall 6:20

Part 5

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subota, 18.07.2009.

Uriah Heep - Fallen Angel (1978) (Japan DeLuxe Edit 2008)

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Deluxe edition reissue of the British metal act's 1978 album includes eight bonus tracks, 'A Right To Live' (Promo B-Side), 'Cheater' (Single A-Side), 'Gimme Love' (Single B-Side), 'Last Farewell' (Alternate Version of 'One More Night' - Previously Unreleased), 'Street Lady' (Alternate Version of 'Woman Of The Night - Previously Unreleased), 'Struttin'' (Alternate Version of 'Gimme Love' - Previously Unreleased), 'Falling In Love' (Alternate Live Version - Previously Unreleased), & 'Woman Of The Night' (Alternate Live Version - Previously Unreleased). Sanctuary. 2008.

When John Lawton took over after original vocalist David Byron (R.I.P.), Uriah Heep's material became much more even, and most of the early rattling and noisy tunes became just a painful memory. On "FALLEN ANGEL" (1978), there's a certain touch of gospel in many of the songs but don't let that scare you away because Uriah Heep manage to keep the rock feeling all along the way through the album. The great John Lawton stayed with Heep for only three albums ("FIREFLY" 1977, "INNOCENT VICTIM" 1978, and "FALLEN ANGEL" 1978), and I dare to say that this period was the peak in Uriah Heep's career.
This album includes great (but unknown?) tracks like "Woman of the night", "Falling in love", "One more night", "Love or nothing", and "I'm alive". I can highly recommend this album to anyone who like hard rock with great vocals and high quality song writing from the 1970's...B. Iversson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 151 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


01 Woman of the Night 4:04
02 Falling in Love 2:53
03 One More Night 3:30
04 Put Your Lovin' on Me 4:08
05 Come Back to Me 4:19
06 Whad'ya Say 3:40
07 Save It 3:33
08 Love or Nothing 3:00
09 I'm Alive 4:17
10 Fallen Angel 5:02
11 A Right to Live - Bonus 3:36
12 Cheater - Bonus 4:04
13 Gimme Love - Bonus 3:17
14 Last Farewell - prev. unreleased / Bonus / Alternate 3:20
15 Street Lady - prev. unreleased / Bonus / Alternate 3:42
16 Struttin' - prev. unreleased / Bonus / Alternate 3:16
17 Falling in Love - prev. unreleased / Bonus / Alternate Live 3:08
18 Woman of the Night - prev. unreleased / Bonus Alternate Live 3:18

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petak, 17.07.2009.

Peter Green - The Very Best Of (1998)

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This is a good album overall with much more of a spanish guitar/reggae feel rather than Peter Green's original blues material of the late sixties. The guitar work is good throughout though some of the lead guitar is done by Snowy White rather than Peter Green. Most of the songs on the album are written by Peter's brother Michael but the remaining and in my opinion the best songs are written by Peter. A definite must for a Peter Green fan.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 142 MB
Genre : Blues Rock


01. In the skies 03:50
02. Slaybo day 05:08
03. Apostle 03:14
04. Loser two times 04:33
05. Baby when the sun goes down 05:38
06. One woman love 05:34
07. Time for me to go 03:56
08. The clown 06:06
09. Proud pinto 03:44
10. Bullet in the sky 03:25
11. Last train to San Antone 05:34
12. Watcha gonna do 03:52
13. Woman don't 05:05
14. Bandit 02:57

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Stoneground - The Last Dance (Live 1973) (2001)

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Stoneground's last show ever, recorded at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium in January 1973. Awesome sounding mono soundboard recording, what a party that must have been!

Ok, so you were not around in those days when music was a sort of religious experience for us. If you missed the days of the Dead and The Airplane and QuickSilver then please buy this and listen to the party that was going on in these times. At one time they had 4 female singer on stage belting out some great blues and rock that has never been done again, the guitar work is fluid and just what was needed to dance to at that time along with lots of percussion. Sal Valentino was a master in the Beau Brummels and on this album shows what long time experience does to make a great party band. Little Feat and many other bands got thier kicks from this band and you will hear the reasom why so many bands took what they could from this group. The recording is very good and well worth your money, so pull out your old bongs and get to listening...G. Anthony

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 167 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


01. Alligator Man 3:41
02. Love's Made A Fool Of You 4:30
03. You Better Come Through 3:41
04. Ajax 3:32
05. Passion Flower 4:04
06. Medley: Black Sheep Boy/Don't Make Promises 14:08
07. Bad News 4:22
08. Super Clown 5:28
09. Dancin' 4:44
10. Feel So Bad 6:55
11. Butterfly 3:43
12. Total Destruction To Your Mind 7:46
13. Queen Sweet Dreams 5:56

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Jefferson Starship - Freedom at Point Zero (1978) (2008)

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Freedom at Point Zero is not a great Jefferson Starship album; the wonder is that it is as good as it is. Since the band's previous album, the Top Ten, million-selling Earth, the group had lost its two lead singers, Grace Slick and Marty Balin, and they had been replaced by Mickey Thomas. "Jane," released as a single in advance of the album, displayed the result: even before Thomas' soaring tenor entered, it sounded like Foreigner. But it also made the Top 20, which helped the album into the Top Ten and to a gold record award. Reluctant leader Paul Kantner came back to the fore, and, at least on the energetic "Girl with the Hungry Eyes" (a chart single), that was a good thing, though the more typically discursive, rhythmically static songs like "Lightning Rose" and "Things to Come" (on which Thomas, through the magic of overdubbing, replaced Slick and Balin) slowed things down. Other songwriting contributors such as bassist Pete Sears and guitarist Craig Chaquico brought in arena rock bombast like "Awakening" and "Rock Music," making this a typically uneven effort. Although Freedom at Point Zero demonstrated that the group could soldier on, the band without its quirky individualists was ultimately too , which made Slick's return on the next album welcome...W. Ruhlmann

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 98 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Jane 4:11
02 Lightning Rose 4:36
03 Things to Come 4:45
04 Awakening 8:03
05 Girl with the Hungry Eyes 3:29
06 Just the Same 5:18
07 Rock Music 3:36
08 Fading Lady Light 3:40
09 Freedom at Point Zero 4:28

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srijeda, 15.07.2009.

David Bowie - Let's Dance (1983) (9-track Remaster 1999)

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David Bowie returned to recording after a four-year break with this relatively clean-cut 1983 album. Although offering another definite new direction for Bowie, with Nile Rodgers of Chic helping to produce a stylish post-disco dance sound, Let's Dance is a mixed bag. Much of the album's success was due to its three danceable hit singles--"China Girl," a sensuous Bowie/Iggy Pop collaboration, the distinctive "Modern Love," and the funky title track. However, much of the rest of the album is bland and vapid, marking the start of serious decline in Bowie's songwriting skills. A cover of Metro's "Criminal World" and "Cat People" are the only other strong tracks here...J. Swift

Hard core Bowie fans hate this album, because it was "commercial" and light, and lacked the angst of "Scary Monsters" or "Lodger." At the time, it seemed like it was an enjoyable album of the moment, picking up on the dance rhythms that had taken over the airwaves by the mid-80s. With hindsight, it is musically a lot more sturdy than that, and seems like a minor classic. Don't follow biography that closely, but I suspect Bowie was just in a good mood then, and that impacted his music, giving it a jolly quality his CD's typically lack. The beats are beautifully constructed, and it is a very pleasing meeting of rock and dance aesthetics...J. Stodder

After summing up his maverick tendencies on Scary Monsters, David Bowie aimed for the mainstream with Let's Dance. Hiring Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers as a co-producer, Bowie created a stylish, synthesized post-disco dance music that was equally informed by classic soul and the emerging new romantic subgenre of new wave, which was ironically heavily inspired by Bowie himself. Let's Dance comes tearing out of the date, propulsed by the skittering "Modern Love," the seductively menacing "China Girl," and the brittle funk of the title track. All three songs became international hits, and for good reason -- they're catchy, accessible pop songs that have just enough of an alien edge to make them distinctive. However, that careful balance is quickly thrown off by a succession of pleasant but unremarkable plastic soul workouts. "Cat People" and a cover of Metro's "Criminal World" are relatively strong songs, but the remainder of the album indicates that Bowie was entering a songwriting slump. However, the three hits were enough to make the album a massive hit, and their power hasn't diminished over the years, even if the rest of the record sounds like an artifact...S. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 92 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Modern Love 4:46
02 China Girl 5:32
03 Let's Dance 4:46
04 Without You 3:08
05 Ricochet 5:12
06 Criminal World 4:24
07 Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 5:09
08 Shake It 3:49

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utorak, 14.07.2009.

Cuby & The Blizzards - Desolation (1966)

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This group from Grollo in Drente can be called a patriarch of the Dutch blues groups. The two frontmen, Harry "Cuby" Muskee (v, h, ex-Oldfashioned Jazzband) and Eelco Gelling (g), had already played together in the Rocking Strings (1962) and the Sharks (1963). Together with bassist Willy Middel and drummer Dick Beekman they played rock & roll in those early years.

They changed their name into Cuby & Blizzards after adding guitarist Hans Kinds. Their first gig was set to take place at the Emmen zoological gardens, and soon the group became so popular, that they had to rush-produce their first recording, followed by a tour through Italy.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 90 MB
Genre : Blues Rock


01. Things I Remeber 1:55
02. Hobo Blues 6:19
03. Just for Fun 2:52
04. I'm in Love 6:20
05. Gin House Blues 7:35
06. Desolation Blues 3:02
07. Five Long Years 4:18
08. Let's Make It 2:16

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Eulenspygel - Ausschuss (1972) (Remaster Edit 2000)

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The second album of the Eulenspygel is this; Ausschuss issued in 1972. I think that LP is an excellent addition to any prog music collection. Its line-up is: Detlev Nottrodt / guitar, vocals; - James Thurow / guitar, violin, Mellotron, sitar; - Cornelius Hauptmann / flute, alto sax; - Karl Heinz Großhans / organ, synth; - Ronnie Libal / bass; - Rainer 'Mulo' Maulbetsch / vocals; - Günter Klinger / drums, percussion; - Peter Weber / bass (10-13); - Tilmann Fuchs / guitar (7-13); - Martin Gnädinger / keyboards (10-13); - Wolfgang Haisch / drums (10-13); - Benno Schrader / saxophone, flute (7-13)...Question Mark

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 162 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock, Krautrock


01. Abfall (22:17)
02. Menschenmacher (2:57)
03. Teufelskreis (6:50)
04. Herzliches Beileid (2:55)
05. Der Fremde (5:45)
06. Untertanenfabrik (3:55)
07. Sechs Uhr Aufstehen (Bonus) (2:08)
08. Junge, Was Willste Draußen (Bonus) (2:42)
09. Mich Kotzt Hier Alles An (Bonus) (2:18)
10. Schlafstadt (Bonus) (3:56)
11. Kinderlied (Bonus) (4:28)
12. Freut Euch, Kinder (Bonus) (2:51)
13. Zusammenstehen (Bonus) (6:22)

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Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Boston Blues (Live) (2CD Remaster 2000)

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Recorded live in Boston , Feb. 1970

4-1/2 stars. I picked up this gem at a record store in the Import section, although for an import it seems to be pretty commonly distributed. These cuts are from the same sets as the "Live at the Boston Tea Party" series, with the same excellent remastering as those discs. This collection is more concise, but you should note that the "Encore Jam" with Joe Walsh and members of the James Gang has an additional 6 minutes over the jam issued with the "Boston Tea Party" discs. That fact alone should get you interested, but what I like about this disc is that you get an excellent spread of the true gems from those concerts : The absolutely riveting "Jumping At Shadows", a headbanging version of "Oh Well", the jazzy, nimble "Only You", and a 28-minute workout of "Rattlesnake Shake" from the second night that is absolutely astounding and must be heard to be believed. Oh yeah, and "The Green Manalishi" with Peter Green soloing on a 6-string bass (he started out as a bassist, dontcha know) ! The liner notes are decent and informative, although they dubiously claim that a "low-key Eric Clapton" was involved in the "Encore Jam" on disc 2.
The only problem with this set is that they could have given us more! I would have liked either the inclusion of "Coming Your Way" from disc 3 of the original BTP 3-disc set, or the compression of some of the shorter tracks on disc 2 to get "Rattlesnake Shake" from Disc 1 of the BTP. Still, close to two full hours of the Mac at the heights of their powers, coupled with the reasonable price tag, makes this essential for blues fans and oldschool mac fans, and for people like me, who are going retro to discover the greatness of the band's earlier days. For the fanatics though, you might want to skip this and look for "The Boston Box" which has a more complete selection of all three nights...W.Crumph

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: ca. 276 MB
Genre : Blues / Rock

Tracklist :

CD 1

01 Black Magic Woman 6:48
02 Like It This Way 4:27
03 Oh Well 3:14
04 Jumping at Shadows 4:49
05 Stranger Blues 3:59
06 Oh Baby 4:27
07 Got to Move 3:51
08 Rattlesnake Shake 24:35

CD 2

01 World in Harmony 4:11
02 Sandy Mary 5:22
03 Loving Kind 2:52
04 Only You 4:25
05 Red Hot Mama 4:12
06 I Can't Hold Out 6:31
07 The Green Manalishi 12:44
08 Encore Jam 12:45

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ponedjeljak, 13.07.2009.

Foreigner - Head Games (1979) (Remaster Edit 2002)

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Expanded & remastered reissue of their 1979 release. Features the previously unreleased bonus track 'Zalia'. Includes new liner notes written by Jerry McCulley.

With their third album, 1979's "Head Games," and with new bassist Rick Wills onboard, Foreigner responded to their critics who claimed that the band's first pair of albums sounded too "polished" by getting tougher. "Head Games" is easily the most hard-edged, guitar-heavy album in the band's catalog, but, thankfully, the band didn't completely abandon their keyboards, or their knack for melody either. "Head Games" is a leaner, meaner-sounding Foreigner, but it's still Foreigner all the same, with ace guitarist Mick Jones & the powerful vocal chops of Lou Gramm leading the way. The rockin' hit title song is an all-time Foreigner classic, and the band also fire on all cylinders on tracks like "Dirty White Boy" (the other hit from the album), "Love On The Telephone," "Women," "Seventeen," and the killer finale, "Rev On The Red Line." Mick Jones' "The Modern Day" is excellent guitar-fueled pop-rock, and the CD bonus track, the previously-unreleased "Zalia," is a very lovely song, indeed, a true buried treasure. I happen to like Foreigner's so-called "polished" sound, as that's always been part of their appeal. But it was definitely the lack of studio shine that contributed to the disappointing sales---by Foreigner standards---of "Head Games" (not to mention the controversial album cover). But it still managed to go platinum, and it cleared the way for Foreigner to enter the 80's in a big, BIG fashion, with 1981's "4," their biggest album to date. "Head Games" may be a departure of sorts, but it's still a very strong Foreigner album...A. Caylowe

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 95 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Dirty White Boy 3.38
02 Love On The Telephone 3.17
03 Women 3.24
04 I'll Get Even With You 3.39
05 Seventeen 4.35
06 Head Games 3.37
07 The Modern Day 3.26
08 Blinded By Science 4.55
09 Do What You Like 3.58
10 Rev On The Red Line 3.41
11 Zalia (Bonus Track) 2.34

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Redbone - Wovoka (1973) (1990)

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The fifth "Redbone" album is the most famous one. I think this is totally deserved, it mixes songs with much indian roots and rythms with very "pop" arrangements. The result is real great. And we still have those strange and atmospheric tunes ("Liquid truth" or "23rd and Mad") aside their most popular hit ever: " Come and Get Your Love".

Redbone was a Los Angeles-based group led by Native American Pat and Lolly Vegas. They hit paydirt in 1974 with the million-seller "Come and Get Your Love." Lead singers Pat and Lolly Vegas had previously worked under their own names, appearing in the 1965 film It's a Bikini World prior to forming Redbone. Their first success as Redbone came in 1970 with "Maggie" on Epic. "The Witch Queen of New Orleans" did somewhat better the next year, and "Come and Get Your Love" gave them their largest and last hit in 1974.
Formed by Pat and Lolly Vegas, Redbone was, along with Xit, one of the few "Native American" rock groups, often wearing Indian clothing and war paints to show their origins (which were maybe not as purely Indian as proclaimed, and that was the subject of some polemics). The Vegas brothers were good songwriters and they had worked with Jim Ford, and Rose Garden. They managed to sign a contract with Epic to release several successful albums and singles, combining rock, soul and vocal harmonies. They also toured intensively in North America and Europe. Unfortunately the group was not very talented and their albums are in the "also ran" category. They came back on RCA in 1978 with Cycles but it flopped...S. Rebeschini

This CD is one of my favorites from the 70's... back in 1973 or 1974 I saw Redbone perform "WOVOKA" and "Come And Get Your Love" on American Bandstand in full Indian costume and was hooked... I had to have this LP... once I got it I played it to death, I loved every note... this CD has great songs and chants with a Native American Indian influence...... buy yourself a copy and experience some of Redbones best work... I think you'll love it...J. Bailey II

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 80 MB
Genre : Southern Rock


01. Wovoka 03:03


In the moon of the fallen leaves (Wovoka)
Appeared one day
He had come of the land of spirit
With the message of prophecy

The flood will come and save you
Next spring when the good times come
From the lake of the pyramids (Wovoka)
Was here to say

Our people must dance
Keep on dancing, keep on dancing
Our people must sing
Keep on singing, keep on singing for the good times to come

Gin, Ricky, Ginny Ricky
Gin, Gin, Gin

On the third day a fire let your spirit be suspended (Wovoka)
Said Little Kid
From the park of the iron horse they saw (Wovoka)
To the dance of the ghost and say

Our people must dance
Keep on dancing, keep on dancing
Our people must sing
Keep on singing, keep on singing for the good times to come

Gin, Ricky, Ginny Ricky
Gin, Gin, Gin

His power is legend and his teaching's true (Wovoka)
The red and the seads
The beauty of his wisdome is an Indian song (Wovoka)
The property

Our people must dance
Keep on dancing, keep on dancing
Our people must sing
Keep on singing, keep on singing for the good times to come

Our people must dance
Keep on dancing, keep on dancing
Our people must sing
Keep on singing, keep on singing for the good times to come

Our people must dance
Keep on dancing, keep on dancing
Our people must sing
Keep on singing, keep on singing for the good times to come

02. Sweet Lady Of Love 03:04
03. Someday A Good Song 04:15
04. Liquid Truth 05:06
05. Come And Get Your Love 05:02
06. Day To Day Life 'Chant Wovoka' 02:45
07. Clouds In My Sunshine 04:46
08. 23rd And Mad 06:48

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Foreigner - Double Vision (1978) (Remaster Edit 2007)

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Expanded & remastered reissue of their 1978 release. Features two live bonus tracks, 'Hot Blooded' & 'Love Maker'. ”

Foreigner promptly followed up their blockbuster debut with the equally successful Double Vision LP in 1978, which featured the FM mega-hits "Hot Blooded" and the driving title track. Opting not to mess with a good formula, the band wisely stuck to the polished hard rock sound that made their first record such a hit. Aside from the big singles, other highlights include the swaggering "Love Has Taken Its Toll" and the more restrained "Blue Morning, Blue Day." As always, Lou Gramm's impeccable rock vocals lead the way, supported by Mick Jones' tasteful, arena-sized guitar riffs. [The 2007 reissue featured remastered sound and added live versions of "Hot Blooded" and "Love Maker."]...A. Hinds

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 117 MB
Genre : Rock


Lou Gramm (vocals)
Ian McDonald (guitar, reeds, keyboards)
Mick Jones (guitar, piano)
Al Greenwood (keyboards, synthesizer)
Ed Gagliardi (bass)
Dennis Elliott (drums)


01 Hot Blooded 4:28
02 Blue Morning, Blue Day 3:12
03 You're All I Am 3:24
04 Back Where You Belong 3:15
05 Love Has Taken Its Toll 3:31
06 Double Vision 3:44
07 Tramontane Instrumental 3:56
08 I Have Waited So Long 4:07
09 Lonely Children 3:37
10 Spellbinder 4:55
11 Hot Blooded (Live / Bonus) 6:57
12 Love Maker (Live / Bonus) 6:48

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Cuby & The Blizzards - Simple Man (1971)

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Although unknown to the English-speaking market, Cuby the Blizzards have been one of Holland's top blues bands since the mid-'60s. Some of their early singles had a beat/punk orientation.


Harry Muskee: Harmonica, Vocals, Producer
- Helmig Van Der Vegt: Keyboards
- Herman Deinum: Bass
- Eelco Gelling: Guitar
- Hans Lafaille: Drums

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 78 MB
Genre : Blues Rock, Progressive Rock - nixx Käse-Blues


01. Simple Man 7:02
02. The Faker 4:59
03. When I'm Honest 4:00
04. Back Street 3:50
05. Seasons Come and Seasons Go 5:07
06. Gave You My Word 4:45
07. Easy to Leave, Hard to Forget 3:57

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nedjelja, 12.07.2009.

Redbone - Message From A Drum (1971) (Witch Queen Of New Orleans 1991)

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The third "Redbone" album contains their second hit: "The Witch Queen of New-Orleans". Another great song, maybe one of the best in the whole Rock History. But the album is much more then that. Wonderful guitar parts, swirling around, overwhelming, taking you far ("Emotions").
Listen, relisten and listen again…

Redbone was formed and led by Native American brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas, who, before they formed the group, were the writers of the song “Nicky Hoeky.” Redbone is best known for its two Top 40 hits: “The Witch Queen of New Orleans” reached No. 21 in 1972, and “Come And Get Your Love” reached No. 5 in 1974. Both of those hits had a swampy feel to them, as did much of the music on Redbone’s albums, especially Potlatch and Redbone, both from 1970. That swampy and slightly spooky feel holds true for much of Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes, especially the tracks “One More Time,” “Cookin' With D'Redbone” and the oddly titled “Moon When Four Eclipse.” There are a few tracks – “Suzi Girl,” “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” and the title track most notably – that seem to me like missteps, with swirling strings and unimaginative beats echoing the proto-disco hits that were becoming more and more prevalent in 1974.


Lolly Vegas: vocals, guitar, organ
Pat Vegas: vocals, bass, guitar, piano
Tony Bellamy: vocal, guitar, dobro
Pete DePoe: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 92 MB
Genre : Southern Rock


01. Message From A Drum 03:09
02. Niji Trance 03:28
03. The Sun Never Shines On The Lonely 02:33
04. Maxsplivitz 00:16
05. Emotions 04:10
06. Jerico 03:51
07. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans 02:46
08. When You Got Trouble 03:24
09. Perico 00:16
10. Fate 06:37
11. One Monkey 04:08
12. Chant: 13th Hour (Bonus) 05:38

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subota, 11.07.2009.

Eulenspygel - Eulenspygel 2 (1971)

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Here is an absolutely killer 70’s German underground recording you must hear…..wow how come this album is so darn hard to hunt down? Eulenspygel were a wild bunch of music freaks who recorded a fantastic couple of albums with their second in review here. Eulenspygel carried that certain underground German 70’s vibe with homemade organ grinds, heavy bass and guitar overlays with heavier vocals, but wow is this album superb. With careful mix of jazz, fusion, prog and rock this album were pretty cleverly arranged and mixed with great imagination, color and tempo shifts. All vocals are sung in German and are done so with great conviction and I understand they are singing about anti-war themes. Fans of Krautrock will need to have this album in their collection….

Matthias Thurow / guitars, violin
Cornelius Hauptmann / flute
Ronnie Libal / bass
Detlev Nottrodt / guitars, vocals
Günter Klinger / drums
Rainer 'Mulo' Maulbetsch / vocals, harmonica
Karl Heinz Grosshans / organ, vocals

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 91 MB
Genre : Krautrock


01. Till 3:45
02. Son My (My Lay) 11:14
03. Konsumgewäsche 4:03
04 .Staub auf Deinem Haar 7:58
05. Die Wunde bleibt 1:58
06. Das Lied vom Ende 10:15

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Foreigner - Foreigner (1977) (Remaster Edit 2002)

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Expanded & remastered edition of Foreigner's 1977 debut with 4 added bonus demo versions of 'Feels Like The First Time', 'Woman Oh Woman', 'At War With The World' & 'Take Me To Your Leader'.

Although punk rock's furious revolution threatened to overthrow rock's old guard in 1977, bands like Foreigner came along and proved that there was plenty of room in the marketplace for both the violent, upstart minimalism of punk and the airbrushed slickness of what would be called "arena rock." Along with Boston, Journey, Heart, and others, Foreigner celebrated professionalism over raw emotion. And, looking back, it's easy to see why they sold millions; not everyone in the world was pissed off, dissatisfied with the economy, or even necessarily looking for a change. In fact, for most suburbanmore… American teens, Foreigner's immaculate rock sound was the perfect soundtrack for cruising through well-manicured neighborhoods in their Chevy Novas. The album spawned some of the biggest FM hits of 1977, including the anthemic "Feels Like the First Time" and "Cold as Ice," both of which were anchored — like most of Foreigner's songs — by the muscular but traditional riffing of guitarist Mick Jones, the soaring vocals of Lou Gramm, and the state-of-the-art rock production values of the day, which allowed the band to sound hard but polished. As pure rock craftsmanship goes, Foreigner was as good as it got in the late '70s...Manfred Mandel

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 127 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Feels Like The First Time 3.54
02 Cold As Ice 3.24
03 Starrider 4.03
04 Headknocker 3.05
05 The Damage Is Done 4.19
06 Long, Long Way From Home 2.55
07 Woman Oh Woman 3.53
08 At War With The World 4.27
09 Fool For You Anyway 4.17
10 I Need You 5.18
11 Feels Like The First Time (Demo) 3.40
12 Woman Oh Woman (Demo) 4.15
13 At War With The World (Demo) 5.00
14 Take Me To Your Leader (Demo) 3.40

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Traffic - Traffic (1968) (Remaster Edit 1999)

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One of the finest albums the original quartet produced. Their second, self titled album captures the musical diversity that Traffic was capable of creating. When the trio fo Winwood-Capaldi-Woods began recording their second album Dave Mason decided to join them in the studio. The resulting tracks were so strong that the members decided to allow Mason to rejoin. Mason provides some of the second album's highlights with his single Feelin' Alright a magical 3 minute portrait of the band's best qualities. That isn't to slight Winwood. He also (in collaboration with Capaldi and Wood)wrote some of his finest material for their second album. The band sounds more cohesive (if that's possible) than on either Mr. Fantasy (the first UK album) or Heaven Is In Your Mind (the reconfigured Mr. Fantasy and their first US album).
The inclusion of bonus tracks is always welcome but the UK version of this album was a bit odd. While it's understandable that Island would want to include as much single and b side material as possible the inclusion of the band's first single on their second album was a bit jarring to say the least. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush doesn't fit in with the band's second album. Supervising producer Bill Levenson has reconfigured the UK release to more accurately reflect the band's sound at this time. The sound quality is outstanding. Levenson's reissue doesn't sound quite as overprocessed as the UK release. The liner notes are informative without overdoing it. Although it isn't mentioned if this is a 24 bit remaster on the cover art the sound quality rivals that of the Uk release but still retains the organic sound of the original vinyl and source tapes. Traffic isn't the band's best album (John Barleycorn Must Die still stands as the band's definitive statement) but it is the best album recorded by the original quartet. Hopefully Island will remaster and reissue the rest of their catalog (particularly the fine late period albums Low Spark of High Heeled Boys and When The Eagle Flies. Here's hoping that Welcome To The Canteen is also remixed to improve the sound quality of the original live tapes)shortly. This great UK band is finally getting their due in the digital age...Dhar Jellinc


Steve Winwood - keyboards, vocals, guitar
Dave Mason - guitar, vocals
Jim Capaldi - drums, vocals
Chris Wood - flute, saxes

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: ca. 135 MB
Genre : Psychedelic Rock


01. You Can All Join In 3:40
02. Pearly Queen 4:21
03. Don't Be Sad 3:25
04. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring 3:15
05. Feelin' Alright 4:20
06. Vagabond Virgin 5:22
07. Forty Thousand Headmen 3:14
08. Cryin' To Be Heard 5:12
09. No Time To Live 5:20
10. Means To An End 2:35
11 - Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush 2.45 (Bonus)
12 - Am I What I Was Or Am I What I Am 2.36 (Bonus)
13 - Withering Tree 2.57 (Bonus)
14 - Medicated Goo 3.40 (Bonus)
15 - Shanghai Noodle Factory 5.03 (Bonus)

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Stoneground - Stoneground (1971)

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This great hippie band featured the voice, guitar, and songwriting skills of former Beau Brummel Sal Valentino. But he was only one voice. This band of Bay Area hipsters had four female singers, and no less that six different lead vocalists on the ten tracks on this album. The photo on the back cover shows about a dozen people on stage! Every song is great, whether it is gospel rock, funk, R & B, power ballad, whatever. My favorite track is a Sal Valentino tune, "Colonel Chicken Fry". No wait, it's the cover of Rev. Gary Davis' "Great Change Since I've been Born". Maybe "Looking For You"! Well like I said they're all great. If you like 70's West Coast hippie music, this is a forgotten gem...Robert Hoffnung

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 86 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Looking For You 4:32
02. Great Changes Since I've Been Born 3:04
03. Rainy Day In June 2:39
04. Added Attraction (Come and See Me) 3:04
05. Dreaming Man 4:45
06. Stroke Stand 4:02
07. Bad News 3:17
08. Don't Waste My Time 3:38
09. Colonel Chicken Fry 4:20
10. Brand New Start 3:56

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petak, 10.07.2009.

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue (1977) (Remaster Edit 1991)

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Long unavailable, many have never heard this record. Never being much of a Beach Boys fan growing up (simply too overrated); the more people eulogised about this and offered me a listen to a black-market copy of Dennis Wilson's lone solo outing, the more I shied away. Well, my smart-arsed loss. Pacific Ocean Blue is nearly as good as everyone has always said it was. And the poignancy of Wilson's life and death further enforces its status as a critical holy grail. It even may be worthy of the quantity of chin that has been stroked to it over the years.
What a pleasure to discover it now. Pacific Ocean Blue is the amusement arcade with the paint peeling, the carnie clown's cracked make-up fading as they pack away their act after another late September weekend of half-full applause and bitter tears. The other side of summer. Released in 1977, it was the first ever Beach Boy solo album, and much to the chagrin of Mike Love in particular, it became the sort of artistic success that the group themselves hadn't enjoyed for a long while.
Written and recorded in fits and starts since the mid-70s, Wilson took his brother Brian's painstaking approach, but came to the studio as a non-musician, with boundless possibilities that had to offer. The bass harmonicas and Dixie jazz of Dreamer; the layered vocals of River, Time with its flugelhorn, all dazzle in their understated way. Wilson's voice is the real revelation. It's barely there, sounds like its on the brink of collapse, and has a charm all of its own.
Only 200,000 people bought Pacific Ocean Blue. To paraphrase Brian Eno's quotation about the Velvet Underground, half went on to make records that sounded like it; half went on to be music critics. One listen makes you realise that the Flaming Lips, Midlake and Eric Matthews weren’t that innovative after all...Rudi Rondo

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 85 MB
Genre : Baroque pop


01. River Song 3.46
02. What's Wrong 2.25
03. Moonshine 2.30
04. Friday Night 3.12
05. Dreamer 4.24
06. Thoughts Of You 3.07
07. Time 3.33
08. You And I 3.27
09. Pacific Ocean Blues 2.39
10. Farewell My Friend 2.27
11. Rainbows 2.49
12. End Of The Show 3.03

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Faces - A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...(1971) (Gold Disc Remaster 2005)

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The Faces' third album, A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...to a Blind Horse, finally gave the group their long-awaited hit single in "Stay with Me," helping send the album into the Billboard Top Ten, which is certainly a testament to both the song and the album, but it's hard to separate its success from that of Rod Stewart's sudden solo stardom. In the mere months that separated Long Player and A Nod, Rod had a phenomenal hit with "Maggie May" and Every Picture Tells a Story, his third solo album, something that would soon irreparably damage the band, but at the time it was mere good fortune, helping bring them some collateral success that they deserved. Certainly, it didn't change the character of the album itself, which is the tightest record the band ever made. Granted that may be a relative term, since sloppiness is at the heart of the band, but this doesn't feel cobbled together (which the otherwise excellent Long Player did) and it serves up tremendous song after tremendous song, starting with the mean, propulsive "Miss Judy's Farm" and ending with the rampaging good times of "That's All You Need." In between, Ronnie Lane serves up dirty jokes (the exquisitely funny "You're So Rude") and heartbreaking ballads (the absolutely beautiful "Debris"), the band reworks a classic as their own (Chuck Berry's "Memphis") and generally serves up a nonstop party. There are few records that feel like a never-ending party like A Nod -- the slow moments are for slow dancing, and as soon as it's over, it's hard not to want to do it all over again. It's another classic -- and when you consider that the band also had Long Player to their credit and had their hands all over Every Picture in 1971, it's hard to imagine another band or singer having a year more extraordinary as this.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 85 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Miss Judy's Farm 3:42
02 You're So Rude 3:46
03 Love Lives Here 3:09
04 Last Orders Please 2:38
05 Stay With Me 4:42
06 Debris 4:39
07 Memphis 5:31
08 Too Bad 3:16
09 That's All You Need 5:05

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George Thorogood - Bad to the Bone (1982) (25.Anniversary Remaster Edit 2007)

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The record companys finally did something right.Though I would have rather seen a 25.th anniversary of his first album, this one is just as good. First of all you get the original album sounding crisp and clean and better than ever with a bonus track. The b side instrumental called "that philly thing" which I enjoyed.Then you get six of the tracks from the album rerecorded with the 2007 version of the destroyers, which is exactly the same band except for the adding of a second guitar Jim Shuler which really fattens the sound and imo all of the new recording save "bad to the bone" sound equal or better. But the original bad to the bone will always be the best and the new recording doesn't stand up to it. So if your new to george this is a great album to buy because you will be unfamilar with most of the songs and even if you already have the album the new bonus track and rerecordings make it worth the purchase...C. Farough

George Thorogood was, is and always will be a bar band rocker at heart. On his first major label record 1982's "Bad to the Bone" made for Capitol, he and his tight-as-duck-feathers band don't change a single note of their hard rocking, beer guzzling sound. Only the size of the bar has changed; Thorogood's slide stings like a big and nasty bee, his voice is as dude-next-door as always, the rhythm section favors brute force over subtlety at all times and Hank Carter blows a marvelously yakky post-Clemons sax. They cover classic slabs of American rock and blues like the Isley Brothers' "Nobody But Me," Chuck Berry's "No Particular Place to Go," John Lee Hooker's "New Boogie Chillun," soulful ballads like Jimmy Reed's "It's a Sin" and Albert King's "As the Years Go Passing By," and most surprisingly, a restrained and almost thoughtful version of Bob Dylan's ballad "Wanted Man." The originals are good, too, with suitably raw rocker "Back to Wentzille" leading things off and the huge, timeless hit "Bad to the Bone" providing the albums' highlight. Next to Move It on Over, this is Thorogood's finest work and established him as one of the unsung heroes of the age of AOR. [The 2007 reissue adds the B-side to the "Nobody But Me" single ("That Philly Thing," a rollicking instrumental) and newly recorded version of six songs from the album including "Bad to the Bone." These recordings show that the George can still whip up some excitement but they dilute the power of the original album. Plus both "Bad to the Bone" (which oddly enough seems to be missing a note in the instantly recognizable riff) and "New Boogie Chillun" are stretched out past the seven-minute mark, which might be fun in a crowded bar but are tiresome on CD.] Tim Sendra

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 173 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Back to Wentsville 3:29
02 Blue Highway 4:43
03 Nobody But Me 3:27
04 It's a Sin 3:32
05 New Boogie Chillun 5:21
06 Bad to the Bone 4:50
07 Miss Luann 4:09
08 As the Years Go Passing By 5:01
09 No Particular Place to Go 3:58
10 Wanted Man 3:11
11 That Philly Thing Instrumental B Side 2:25
12 Blue Highway New Recording 4:08
13 New Boogie Chillun New Recording 7:10
14 No Particular Place to Go New Recording 4:26
15 As the Years Go Passing By New Recording 4:44
16 Bad to the Bone New Recording 7:05
17 Wanted Man New Recording 3:57

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srijeda, 08.07.2009.

Allman Brothers - Idlewild South (1970) (MFSL Remaster 2007)

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The best studio album in the group's history, electric blues with an acoustic texture, virtuoso lead, slide, and organ playing, and a killer selection of songs, including "Midnight Rider," "Revival," "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'," and "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" in its embryonic studio version, which is pretty impressive even at a mere six minutes and change. They also do the best white cover of Willie Dixon's "Hoochie Coochie Man" anyone's ever likely to hear...B. Eder

Codec: flac
Size: 195 MB
Genre : Southern Rock


01 Revival 4:05
02 Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 3:29
03 Midnight Rider 2:59
04 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 6:56
05 Hoochie Coochie Man 4:59
06 Please Call Home 4:04
07 Leave My Blues at Home 4:19

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utorak, 07.07.2009.

Queen - Innuendo (1991) (Limited Japan Mini LP 2004)

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Japanese remastered (2001 digital remastering) reissue of 1991 album packaged in a miniature LP sleeve, features 12 tracks. Virgin. 2004.

Unbeknownst to the public, Freddie Mercury had been diagnosed with the AIDS virus in the late '80s. Although his health weakened by the '90s, Mercury insisted that the band work on music until the very end; their final album turned out to be 1991's Innuendo. Although it didn't receive the same critical praise as its predecessor, 1989's The Miracle, it was another strong album and global hit (again going gold in the U.S.). With hindsight, the song's lyrics are blatantly autobiographical from Mercury's standpoint, such as the reflective "These Are the Days of Our Lives" and the bold "The Show Must Go On." Also included are a pair of tracks that deal with mankind's inability to live harmoniously (the superb epic title track and "All God's People") and a humorous tribute to Mercury's beloved pet felines ("Delilah"). Queen's heavier side is represented by both the rock radio hit "Headlong" and "The Hitman," while "I'm Going Slightly Mad," "I Can't Live With You," and "Don't Try So Hard" show the band's pop sensibilities in full force, and on "Bijou," Brian May gets to show off his guitar chops. Innuendo was a fitting way to end one of rock's most successful careers...G. Prato

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 123 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Innuendo 6:31
02 I'm Going Slightly Mad 4:22
03 Headlong 4:38
04 I Can't Live with You 4:33
05 Don't Try So Hard 3:38
06 Ride the Wild Wind 4:42
07 All God's People 4:21
08 These Are the Days of Our Lives 4:15
09 Delilah 3:35
10 The Hitman 4:56
11 Bijou 3:36
12 The Show Must Go On 4:32

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Van Morrison - Avalon Sunset (1989) ( Remaster Edit 2008)

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Any one of a dozen Van Morrison titles could be recommended, so why this one? Maybe a few extra sales were made by having Sir Cliff Richard as co-vocalist on the overtly Christian "Whenever God Shines His Light." The overall themes are the same; the songs have that glorious quality of melancholy and Morrison sings as well as ever. The religion and spiritualism that have become a strong part of his work are here in large doses, yet there is never any hint than he is lecturing his public towards a better way. "Have I Told You Lately" is a a perfect example of how Morrison can move the listener to tears.

Van Morrison scored one of his biggest commercial successes with Avalon Sunset, a record highlighted by the gorgeous "Have I Told You Lately," one of his most heartfelt love songs and a major radio hit which helped introduce his music to a new generation of listeners. Not a consistently strong LP, Avalon Sunset is nevertheless the work of a master craftsman, its lush orchestration and atmospheric production casting an irresistibly elegant spell; a deeply spiritual record, it also includes the standout opener "Whenever God Shines His Light," a collaboration with Cliff Richard. [This marks the second reissue for Avalon Sunset. It was remastered in the earlier part of the decade, in the U.K.., and sold in the United States as a straight catalog item. Morrison fans will have to decide whether the addition of an alternate take of "Wherever God Shines His Light," and Morrison's reading of "When the Saints Go Marching In" are worth their hard-earned dollars...Jason Ankeny


Van Morrison (vocals, guitar)
Cliff Richard (vocals)
Arty McGlynn (guitar);
Neil Drinkwater (accordion, piano, synthesizer)
Stan Sultzman (alto saxophone)Alan Barnes (baritone saxophone)
Henry Lowther (trumpet)
Cliff Hardie (trombone)
Georgie Fame (Hammond organ)
Clive Culberson, Steve Pearce (bass)
Roy Jones, Dave Early (drums, percussion)
Katie Kissoon, Carol Kenyon (background vocals)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 120 MB
Genre : Blue Eyed Soul


01. Whenever God Shines His Light 4:56
02. Contacting My Angel 4:58
03. I'd Love to Wright Another Song 2:54
04. Have I Told You Lately? 4:20
05. Coney Island 2:03
06. I'm Tired Joey Boy 2:33
07. When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God? 5:38
08. Orangefield 3:52
09. Daring Night 6:13
10. These Are the Days 5:19
11. Whenever God Shines His Light (Bonus Alternate Take) 3:51
12. When the Saints Go Marching In (Bonus) 6:03

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Roy Buchanan - Guitar On Fire: The Atlantic Sessions (1993)

A ragin' sampling of the legendary axeman's late '70s Atlantic sides!

The 16-tracks on this compilation are from Roy Buchanan's trio of mid-1970s titles: A Street Called Straight (1976), Loading Zone (1977), and You're Not Alone (1978). After a less than personally (or professionally) satisfying stint earlier in the decade with Polydor Records, Buchanan teamed up with Atlantic, who helped him get out of his pending contract with the former. Under the direction of Arif Mardin, the guitarist assembled the same instrumental support combo he'd used during his concurrent and practically incessant touring -- John Harrison (bass), Malcolm Lukens (keyboards), and Byrd Foster (drums/vocals). The core quartet are augmented by all-stars Andy Newmark (drums), Will Lee (bass), Billy Cobham (percussion), the Brecker Brothers horn section, and even backing vocals from former Rascals member Eddie Brigati. The ferocious opening whine of "Running Out" is followed by Buchanan's nimble and liquefied tone, which enhances his otherwise bold and unabashed emotive leads. Specifically, the center solo exemplifies his remarkable ability to ably turn from a finely honed and sinister sound, to a divergent string stretching bluesy intonation. The reading of Jimi Hendrix' "If Six Was Nine" is nothing short of an inspired augmentation of the original. While Mardin's production on A Street Called Straight has been roundly criticized, there is a distinct progression from his previous studio releases, which were consistently hit-or-miss. Loading Zone is represented on this collection by no less than six of the LPs nine tunes. The effort was overseen by jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, and yields some thoroughly excellent material. Of top priority is the stretched-out Memphis groove on "Green Onions," sporting contributions from Booker T. & the MG's personnel Steve Cropper (guitar) and Donald "Duck" Dunn (bass). Of equal note is "Ramon's Blues," which commences this set, with riff upon riff of smouldering rounds of fretwork from Buchanan. You're Not Alone builds upon a spacey motif, right down to the astronaut headgear depicted in the cover artwork. Within the grooves are the languid and restrained "Fly...Night Bird," as well as a pair of diverse cover versions of rock classics "Turn to Stone" (Joe Walsh) and "Down by the River" (Neil Young). After a blistering take-off, the former disintegrates, thanks to the rather uninspired smooth jazz arrangement, which is highlighted by Buchanan's intense fret board flurries. Vocalist Gary St. Clair fronts the soulful "Down by the River," which is nowhere as essential as the live (and otherwise unavailable) rendering included on the two-disc Sweet Dreams: The Anthology (1992), or the decisive, if not definitive interpretation on Buck & the Snake Stretchers (1971). The ante is significantly raised, however, on the intense "Supernova," which aptly reasserts Buchanan's proficiency. Although there is a bit of overlapping material, Guitar on Fire: The Atlantic Sessions (1993) is a great companion to the aforementioned Sweet Dreams: The Anthology as a worthwhile critical assessment of Roy Buchanan's sadly unrated status, reiterating his moniker as "The World's Best Unknown Guitarist."... L. Planer

From the first steep bend of "Ramon's Blues" to the last haunting note of "The Messiah Will Come Again" this album is packed with the incredible guitar work of Roy Buchanan. Aptly named "Guitar On Fire", this album is full of fast licks, screaming solos and bluesy tunes. This compilation covers three albums from the late seventies of the late, great Tele-master. It's unfortunate that Buchanan was, and remains, pretty much unknown because his guitar work is spectacular. Most of the songs on this album are instrumentals, which showcase his ability with the axe. "The Heat of the Battle", provides a taste of things to come as he mixes up his solos with the melody. The song, like all his work, is full of raw power and energy. The music flows from his fingers at jaw dropping speed. He's not all about speed though. On "Hidden" he slows it down and plays airy notes with massive amounts of delay, and sliding between notes to give it a spacey feel. The great bassist, Stanley Clarke, provides the low frequencies on the tune, as well as a couple of others. Buchanan covers tunes by Booker T., Joe Walsh, Neil Young and Hendrix. He does a great job on "Green Onions" with the M.G.'s behind him.
It was unfortunate that Buchanan took his life so early. He played as if he was born with a guitar in his hand, and was able to coax sounds of that beat up Telecaster that others would be hard pressed to do even if they were running it through a band saw. This man was a shear force in his playing. He could play loud, or soft, quick or slow. I haven't heard anyone like him. If you're a fan of guitar, then check Buchanan out. You'll be pleased...R, Diederich

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 220 MB
Genre : Blues Rock


01 Ramon's Blues 7:11
02 The Heat of the Battle 5:05
03 Hidden 3:27
04 Green Onions 8:12
05 Judy 4:13
06 Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby 2:39
07 Turn to Stone 5:48
08 Fly...Night Bird 7:50
09 Supernova 3:28
10 Down by the River 8:44
11 Running Out 2:47
12 Man on the Floor 3:28
13 Okay 2:40
14 My Friend Jeff 4:04
15 If Six Was Nine 4:09
16 The Messiah Will Come Again 4:09

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T.Rex - Electric Warrior (1971) (30th Anniversary Remaster Edit 2001)

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Japanese limited edition reissue of 1971 album with 8 bonus tracks, which are all 'work in progress', including 'Rip Off', 'Mambo Sun', 'Cosmic Dancer', 'Monolith', 'Get It On', 'Planet Queen', 'The Motivator' & 'Life's A Gas'. This limited version includes a CD slipcase with drawings on both sides and a poster (approx. 9 x 12 inches) of Marc Bolan in a comfortable position.

Electric Warrior, T. Rex's best album, distills elements of Marc Bolan's earlier acoustic period with a dynamic rock rhythm section--drummer Bill Legend and bassist Steve Currie--and lush arrangements by producer Tony Visconti. Featuring the classics "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," "Jeepster," and "Mambo Sun," Warrior ranges from the space blues of "Lean Woman Blues" to the punk jazz of "Rip Off," with a sound fleshed out by chamber strings and the falsetto harmonies of ex-Turtles and Mothers of Invention members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. (Zappa sideman Ian McDonald plays sax as well.) Touches such as the arcing cellos of "Cosmic Dancer" and the sexy rhythms of "Planet Queen" perfectly bring to life Bolan's imaginative world of "diamond star halos" and "shadowless horses." A must for any serious collector of British rock classics. This remastered reissue is fleshed out with a half-dozen bonus tracks and a band interview...J. Rotondi

The album that essentially kick-started the U.K. glam rock craze, Electric Warrior completes T. Rex's transformation from hippie folk-rockers into flamboyant avatars of trashy rock & roll. There are a few vestiges of those early days remaining in the acoustic-driven ballads, but Electric Warrior spends most of its time in a swinging, hip-shaking groove powered by Marc Bolan's warm electric guitar. The music recalls not just the catchy simplicity of early rock & roll, but also the implicit sexuality -- except that here, Bolan gleefully hauls it to the surface, singing out loud what was once only communicated through the shimmying beat. He takes obvious delight in turning teenage bubblegum rock into campy sleaze, not to mention filling it with pseudo-psychedelic hippie poetry. In fact, Bolan sounds just as obsessed with the heavens as he does with sex, whether he's singing about spiritual mysticism or begging a flying saucer to take him away. It's all done with the same theatrical flair, but Tony Visconti's spacious, echoing production makes it surprisingly convincing. Still, the real reason Electric Warrior stands the test of time so well -- despite its intended disposability -- is that it revels so freely in its own absurdity and willful lack of substance. Not taking himself at all seriously, Bolan is free to pursue whatever silly wordplay, cosmic fantasies, or non sequitur imagery he feels like; his abandonment of any pretense to art becomes, ironically, a statement in itself. Bolan's lack of pomposity, back-to-basics songwriting, and elaborate theatrics went on to influence everything from hard rock to punk to new wave. But in the end, it's that sense of playfulness, combined with a raft of irresistible hooks, that keeps Electric Warrior such an infectious, invigorating listen today...S. Huey

The secret behind the glam pop of gorgeous, oh-so-groovy T. Rex mastermind Marc Bolan was this: Always make it seem heavy. On his excellent Electric Warrior -- a title that projects heavy-osity despite its music's carefully catchy touch -- Bolan's endless aura of cool turns lyrical inanities into psychedelic poetry. Released in 1971 (six years before Bolan's death in a car accident), T. Rex's sixth album is packed with ripping guitar riffs and even better rock 'n' roll imagery -- "You're built like a car/You've got a hubcap diamond star halo," Bolan sings on the hit "Bang a Gong," an anthem of abandon that sounds cool and controlled. T. Rex's lyrics didn't always make sense, as in "Under the alligator rain/My heart's all pain" from the thumping "Mambo Sun." But judging by the positive vibes of the album's closer, "Life's a Gas" ("But it really doesn't matter at all/Life's a gas/Hope it's gonna last"), it's doubtful this hipster would have gotten hung up on a critique of his lyrics. He was right anyway. When it comes to pop, the words really don't matter at all, either -- as long as it sounds good. And Electric Warrior sounds very good indeed...S. Kaufman

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 158 MB
Genre : Glam Rock


01 Mambo Sun 3:40
02 Cosmic Dancer 4:30
03 Jeepster 4:12
04 Monolith 3:49
05 Lean Woman Blues 3:04
06 Bang a Gong (Get It On) 4:27
07 Planet Queen 3:13
08 Girl 2:32
09 The Motivator 4:00
10 Life's a Gas 2:24
11 Rip Off 3:46
12. Rip Off (Work In Progress)
13. Mambo Sun (Work In Progress)
14. Cosmic Dancer (Work In Progress)
15. Monolith (Work In Progress)
16. Get It On (Work In Progress)
17. Planet Queen (Work In Progress)
18. The Motivator (Work In Progress)
19. Life's A Gas 9 (Work In Progress)

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Frankie Miller - Full House (1977) (Remaster 2003)

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Reissued 1977 album and Digitally Remastered. Frankie singer is accompanied by Jim hall, Ray Minhinnit, Chrissie Stewart and Graham Deakin. The ten original tracks include Frankie's big hit single 'Be Good To Yourself'. Millers powerful voice is steeped in soul and his at his best on 'The Doodle Bug Song', a Miller original and John Lennon's classic 'Jealous Guy.'

Full House is a tight, varied set of excellent songs by Frankie Miller, who remains a virtual unknown in the United States. I have been looking for this album in MP3 format, as I had worn out my vinyl copy decades ago. Millers' voice recalls elements of Paul Rodgers, Joe Cocker, and Bob Seger.... anyone of whom would have been proud to have recorded such a strong set of songs. The styles on this album vary from fast-paced rock, to Memphis-inspired horn jams, to soulful ballads. The tempos and instrumentation shift perfectly from track to track, resulting in a terrific, flowing blues-rock album. There isn't a dud in the set. Highlights include 'Be Good To Yourself', which sounds a bit like Free, but tighter, and with horns;'Down the Honkeytonk', which would have fit into Seger's 'Night Moves' album without a hitch, and 'Jealous Guy' which brings out the power in his song that John Lennon's original merely hinted at. Oddly enough, despite the English musicians and the Arena-Rock feel of some of the the material, the greatest artistic influence here is the late Otis Redding. Heartily recommended...M. Cudworth

Rod Stewart said of Frankie Miller, “He is the only white guy that ever brought a tear to my eye”! The widow of the late great Otis Redding reckoned: "that little ole white boy Frankie, has the the blackest voice since Otis”. Frankie is a proverbial enigma, widely regarded as one of the finest blues singers that ever lived and as a songwriter he has been covered by an impressive array of artists including, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, Rod Stewart, Don Williams, Rush and the Everly Brothers. Frustratingly for everyone who has ever come across Frankie, he has never seemed to live up to his true potential...Dhar Jellinc

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 77 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Be Good To Yourself 3:02
02. The Doodle Song 2:48
03. Jealous Guy 4:42
04. Searching 3:49
05. Love Letters 2:59
06. Take Good Care of Yourself 3:16
07. Down the Honktonk 3:10
08. This Love of Mine 3:48
09. Let the Candlelight Shine 3:00
10. (I'll Never) Live in Vain 3:00

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Image and video hosting by TinyPic
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pls.post broken links with artist & title

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Rod Stewart - Atlantic Crossing (1975) (2CD Limited Edition 2009)

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When Rod Stewart signed to Warner Bros. in 1975, the deal coincided with his move to the States, and his coming into his own as a reigning global superstar. Stewart's debut for the label, ATLANTIC CROSSING, was his sixth solo LP and his first without any of his mates from the Faces, who disbanded in '75. Produced by the legendary Tom Dowd, it made Billboard's Top 10, and charted with the now-classic hits 'Sailing' and 'This Old Heart Of Mine.' A NIGHT ON THE TOWN followed in 1976-Stewart's first platinum release, it delivered the #1 smash 'Tonight's The Night.' Both albums mixed covers and originals split between fast and slow sides, and both were recorded in Muscle Shoals and Los Angeles with session luminaries including the MG's. The pleasure of each title is now doubled with 2-CD COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS, and a wealth of previously unreleased tracks.

Rod Stewart's sixth album was called Atlantic Crossing because the singer was literally crossing the Atlantic, making America his new home for reasons of the heart (he was fully enamored with actress Britt Ekland at the time) and the wallet (he was eager to escape Britain's restrictive tax rates). As it happens, 1975 was a perfect time for a new beginning for Stewart: the Faces were falling apart, his last LP, Smiler, wasn't roundly loved, and he had wrapped up his contract with Mercury and signed with Warner, so he completely rebooted, hiring legendary producer Tom Dowd to steer him through a slick, streamlined revamping of his signature sound. The first thing to be ditched were any traces of the ragged folkie who had popped up on all his first five solo albums, including on his career-making hit "Maggie May," a move that may partially have been due to Stewart's longtime writing partner Martin Quittenton deciding to sever ties with him. Without those ringing acoustic guitars, Dowd and Stewart ratcheted up the rock & roll, soul, and whiskey-soaked ballads, first taking a stab at recording the album with the MG's (outtakes of which popped up on Warner's 2009 double-disc Collector's Edition of the album), then expanding this core group with other studio pros who could easily settle into a smooth, polished groove. The results were splashy without being glitzy, soulful without being gritty, an impressive big-budget revamp of Stewart that benefited enormously from a clutch of great songs, both originals and covers. Tellingly, all the great originals arrive on the first side dubbed "The Fast Half," with Rod writing blistering, funny rockers about being laid up three times with VD ("Three Time Loser") and suffering through an unwanted sobriety ("Stone Cold Sober"), then easing back for a quick romance on the Jesse Ed Davis co-written "Alright for an Hour" -- all good indications that his heart was still at a party. But the "Slow Half" did reveal that Stewart had lost none of his fine, nuanced interpretive skills, as he tore into Danny Whitten's "I Don't Want to Talk About It," took his first stab at "This Old Heart of Mine," and kept "Sailing" from drifting away into sentimentality. When taken together, the two halves might have showcased a somewhat slicker Stewart, but he was still the same old Rod with a big, oversized heart and an irresistible bad boy smirk. He may have crossed the Atlantic, but he was none worse for the wear for his journey, at least not yet. [Warner's 2009 Collector's Edition reissue of Atlantic Crossing expands the album by a full second disc, offering an alternate version of the album along with three scrapped sessions with the MG's and a bonus track of "Skye Boat Song," the U.K. single credited to the Atlantic Crossing Drum & Band. The MG's sessions are perhaps a little tentative, but they're loose and fun, particularly on a cheerful take of Allen Toussaint's "Holy Cow," and that spirit can be heard throughout the alternate Atlantic Crossing, which is largely comprised of early takes and demos. Nothing here is as glossy as what showed up on the finished album, so Faces' fans might find this more appealing (even if the songs themselves are not quite finished, as on the early version of "Stone Cold Sober," "Too Much Noise"), but the whole thing is an unexpected joy: it sounds like as if it was as much fun to make the record as it is to listen to it.]...S. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 252 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


CD 1

01 Three Time Loser 4:05
02 Alright for an Hour 4:18
03 All in the Name of Rock 'N' Roll 5:01
04 Drift Away 3:44
05 Stone Cold Sober 4:16
06 I Don't Want to Talk About It 4:48
07 It's Not the Spotlight 4:27
08 This Old Heart of Mine 4:08
09 Still Love You 5:11
10 Sailing 4:42
11 Skye Boat Song - Bonus 4:06

CD 1

01 To Love Somebody / The MG's prev. unreleased / Studio Outtake 4:14
02 Holy Cow / The MG's prev. unreleased / Studio Outtake 3:14
03 Return to Sender / The MG's prev. unreleased / Studio Outtake 3:46
04 Three Time Loser prev. unreleased / Alternate 4:35
05 Alright for an Hour prev. unreleased / Alternate 4:37
06 All in the Name of Rock 'N' Roll prev. unreleased / Alternate 5:00
07 Drift Away prev. unreleased / Alternate 3:57
08 Too Much Noise Early Version of "Stone Cold Sober" 3:25
09 I Don't Want to Talk About It prev. unreleased / Alternate 4:53
10 It's Not the Spotlight prev. unreleased / Alternate 4:27
11 This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) / The MG's prev. unreleased / Alternate 3:56
12 Still Love You prev. unreleased / Alternate 4:57
13 Sailing pre. unreleased / Alternate 4:45
14 Skye Boat Song prev. unreleased / Alternate 6:13

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Image and video hosting by TinyPic
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pls.post broken links with artist & title

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Sparks - Kimono My House (1974) (21st Century Remaster 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Digitally remastered reissue of 1974 album includes three unmarked bonus tracks, 'Lost & Found' ,"Amateur Hour (Live)"& 'Barbecutie'. 13 tracks total including 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us', which Siouxsie & The Banshees covered in 1987. Island. 2008

Arguably one of Sparks' best albums, 1974's Kimono My House finds the brothers Mael (Ron wrote most the songs and played keyboards, while Russell was the singing frontman) ingeniously playing their guitar- and keyboard-heavy pop mix on 12 consistently fine tracks. Adding a touch of bubblegum, and even some of Zappa's own song-centric experimentalism to the menu, the Maels spruce up a sleazy Sunset Strip with a bevy of Broadway-worthy performances here: as the band expertly revs up the glam rock-meets-Andrew Lloyd Webber backdrops, Russell sends things into space with his operatic vocals and ever-clever lyrics. And besides two of their breakthrough hits (the English chart-toppers "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us" and "Amateur Hour"), the album features one of their often-overlooked stunners, "Here in Heaven." Essential. [The 2006 edition features three bonus tracks, one of them a live recording from the band's 1975 European tour.]...S.Cook

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 110 MB
Genre : Psychedelic pop, New Wave


01 This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us 3:05
02 Amateur Hour 3:37
03 Falling in Love with Myself Again 3:03
04 Here in Heaven 2:48
05 Thank God It's Not Christmas 5:07
06 Hasta Mañana, Monsieur 3:52
07 Talent Is an Asset 3:21
08 Complaints 2:50
09 In My Family 3:48
10 Equator 4:42
11 Barbecutie - Bonus 3:08
12 Lost and Found - Bonus 3:19
13 Amateur Hour - Bonus / Live at Fairfield Halls 09/11/75 4:45

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Santana - The Woodstock Experience (2CD Limited Edition 2009)

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Taking the stage at Woodstock, Santana was a little-known Latin rock group from San Francisco. When they walked off, they were an undeniable legend. The appearance was a perfect prologue to the debut, self-titled album that followed just weeks later. 1969 was an epic year Santana - their groundbreaking album and the performance at Woodstock would define them and their virtuosic guitarist, Carlos Santana, for years to come.

When I first picked up the 40th anniversary directors cut edition of the Woodstock film I was once again excited to hear some truly great music. Then a few days later I found out they were releasing double disc sets from Woodstock I was very excited. Dubbed The Woodstock Experience, the double-CD set from Santana comes with their classic 1969 debut album along side their full length set from August 16th, 1969 It may be hard to believe now, but Santana was pretty much unknown outside of the San Francisco area when they performed at the 1969 Woodstock Festival. With only a single album released at the time, Santana was one of a handful of promising, but lesser-known acts chosen by promoters to perform at the three-day rock festival alongside such well known acts as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. Santana's didn't stay unknown for long and it seemed to change overnight with the band's historic performance. Along with bands like Sly And The Family Stone and Ten Years After, Santana in fact proved to be one of the true breakout acts of the festival. Their roughly forty five-minute set proved to be a career changer, particularly once the Woodstock film captured their electrifying version of "Soul Sacrifice" a year later. Santana's historic Woodstock performance is captured in its entirety for the very first time. The most striking thing about hearing these two discs together is how close they actually played it. Make no mistake, this is a great performance. It's every bit as electrifying as the version of "Soul Sacrifice" that's become permanently etched into the memories of anyone who has seen the film. It's also has just the right touch of a bit more raw sounding. The fact is, outside of a few sound glitches in the vocal mix, in hearing the two discs back to back, there just isn't that much difference between them. Well, at least outside of the occasional onstage banter ("we're in New York, right?"). Every band seems to have the one album or concert that puts a stamp and says we have arrived. This is the one for Santana.
With that said, the band scorches its way through their allotted forty five minutes here. The percussion unit, led by drummer Michael Shrieve and also featuring the congas and timbales of Jose Chepito Areas and Micheal Carabello, in particular is quite remarkable. There really has never been anything quite like these guys either before or since, a fact all the more amazing when you consider Shrieve was just a teenager at the time. As on the original album, the song "Evil Ways" merely serves as a sort of pop tune bridge between the furious sounding stew of percolating Latin rhythms heard here. Above all of this, keyboardist Gregg Rolie and bassist Dave Brown, get in their share of tasty licks. But for the most part this is pretty much Carlos Santana's show, and the great guitarist proves why he is and always will be considered one of the best ever. Michaels Shrieve's drum solo on "Soul Sacrifice," however, remains the real show stopper. I was amazed to find out that he was just16yrs old at the time. He is just amazing and should be considered one the great drummers of all time. Carlos aside, that one solo probably did as much as anything else they did at Woodstock to put Santana on the map for good. To this day, it's a defining moment of the Woodstock Experience, and of its time. If you're a fan of the Woodstock era of music then this is for you, but if you're a fan of Santana then this is the release you've been waiting for...B. Manyard

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 190 MB
Genre : Latin Rock


CD 1

01 Waiting 4:07
02 Evil Ways 4:00
03 Shades of Time 3:14
04 Savor 2:47
05 Jingo 4:23
06 Persuasion 2:36
07 Treat 4:46
08 You Just Don't Care 4:37
09 Soul Sacrifice 6:37

CD 2 (Live At Woodstock)

01 Waiting 4:49
02 Evil Ways 4:00
03 You Just Don't Care (prev. unreleased) 4:46
04 Savor 5:23
05 Jingo 5:31
06 Persuasion 2:52
07 Soul Sacrifice 11:35
08 Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries 6:41

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Birth Control - Birth Control (1970) (11-track Remaster 2005)

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Re-Release of the classic first album by Krautrock legend "Birth Control". Comes with the original "pill box" cover which was censored in that days. Released in 1997, there are four bonus tracks. They don't add anything extraordinary but these sixteen additional minutes are in the same vein than the original album. October is my preferred one.

First album for this German band which is playing a heavy psychedelic rock deeply inspired by Purple Mark I and to a certain extent the heavy keys play is rather similar to the one of Hensley (Heep). The sound is a bit outdated of course, but there are some excellent numbers here. "Recollection" and the long "Sundown" are the highlights from their debut. Both feature great organ play and the latter has an excellent upbeat tempo. They are pure instrumentals. This album also features some sung tracks like "No Drugs", "Deep Inside", "Foolish Action". And, surprisingly, the vocals are pretty decent which is not always the case with German bands...Dhar Jellinc

Codec: flac
Size: 316 MB
Genre : Rock, Krautrock


Bruno Frenzel - guitar, vocals
Bernd Koschmidder - bass
Bernd Noske - drums, vocals
Reinhold Sobotta - organ


01. No drugs (4:01)
02. Recollection (6:24)
03. Deep inside (4:40)
04. Foolish action (4:32)
05. Sundown (10:02)
06. Change of mind (4:42)
07. Light my fire (5:40)
08. No Drugs (Bonus) (Mono Single Mix) (4:07)
09. All I Want Is You (Bonus) (4:13)
10. October (Bonus)(First Single) (3:43)
11. Freedom (Bonus)(First Single) (4:01)

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srijeda, 01.07.2009.

Moon Martin - The Very Best of Moon Martin (2005)

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Import exclusive 22-track best of collection for one of the more curious characters of the new wave movement. Capitol. 2005.

One of the more curious characters of the new wave movement, singer/guitarist/songwriter Moon Martin issued several critically acclaimed yet commercially underappreciated releases from the late '70s through the early '80s, before reappearing in the mid-'90s. Born John Martin in Oklahoma during 1950, Martin played in local bands, including a rockabilly group, the Disciples, while attending the University of Oklahoma. Martin relocated to Los Angeles in the late '60s and paid the rent as a session musician, playing on albums by Del Shannon and Jackie DeShannon. But soon, his former Disciples bandmates followed him to the land of surf and sun, changing their name to Southwind and issuing a total of three underappreciated country-rock albums on the Blue Thumb label between 1969 and 1973: a self-titled debut, Ready to Ride, and What a Place to Land. Upon the group's split, Martin returned to session work, contributing to Jesse Ed Davis' Ululu, Linda Ronstadt's Silk Purse, and a few Gram Parsons songs that have gone unreleased. Martin also began to focus on a solo career at this time, adopting the nickname "Moon" from friends, after it became an inside joke at the songwriter's penchant for mentioning the word in his compositions.
Initial plans to record a solo album in 1974 with noted producer/arranger Jack Nitzsche failed to pan out, but several of Martin's original compositions began to be used by other recording artists, including the Nitzsche-produced Mink DeVille (the track "Cadillac Walk" subsequently became a moderate hit), as well as Michelle Phillips and Lisa Burns. By 1978, Martin (who by this time was known simply as Moon Martin) was finally ready to launch his solo career with his look and music often compared to such new wave hit makers as Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. A total of five albums in a five-year span followed, including such titles as 1978's Victim of Romance EP (whose track, "Bad Case of Lovin' You," would become a hit when covered by Robert Palmer), 1979's Shots From a Cold Nightmare/Escape From Domination (which scored Moon his sole hit single, "Rolene"), 1980's Street Fever, and 1982's Mystery Ticket, all of which were issued on the Capitol label. Martin then dropped out of the music scene for the rest of the '80s and early part of the '90s, before resurfacing in 1995 with a pair of releases, Cement Monkey and Lunar Samples. The same year, the British label Edsel reissued Martin's first four full-length releases as two for one CDs (Shots From a Cold Nightmare being paired with Escape From Domination, while Street Fever was combined with Mystery Ticket). ~ Greg Prato

The story goes something like this. Moon Martin was working with Linda Ronstadt's back up band in the early seventies. The band wanted to stay together and go out on their own. Moon Martin decieded not to join them and he went on as a solo song writter and recording artist on his own. Oh yeah, the other players from the Ronstadt Band became- The Eagles. I'm glad Moon didn't join the Eagles because I would have never heard these great songs. Moon Martin ia usually known (if at all) for writting Robert Palmers hit "Bad Case Of Loving You" and Willie "Mink" DeVille's "Cadallac Walk". Buy this CD and you can hear the original versions. I first became aware of him when he opened for ROCKPILE at the Ritz Club in NYC in the early 80's. Moon recorded four albums for Capitol Records in the late seventies early eighties. This is a compilation of those four albums. Moon' albums always sound more like professional song demos than finished projects. At first you may think this sounds a little strange, but as time passes you realize that the simplicity of these arrangements make you really appreciate the great writting. There are no blazing guitar or keyboard solos-just simple songs with catchy great lyrics and catchy melodies that you can't get out of your head. In the late 80s and 90s Moon has had a number of CDs issued in Europe. If you like this Best of CD- search for these other import CD releases. They are all just as good...R. Holley

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 167 MB
Genre : New Wave, power Pop


01 Hot Nite in Dallas 49:23
02 Victim of Romance 3:29
03 Cadillac Walk 3:29
04 Bad Case of Lovin' You 3:26
05 Nite Thoughts 3:42
06 I've Got a Reason 2:59
07 She Made a Fool of You 3:36
08 Dreamer 3:36
09 Hot House Baby 3:15
10 Rolene 3:15
11 No Chance 3:15
12 Five Days of Fever 3:03
13 Signal for Help 3:24
14 Pushed Around 3:13
15 Love Gone Bad 3:20
16 Breakout Tonight 2:50
17 Bad News 2:50
18 Whispers 3:30
19 Cross Your Fingers 3:03
20 Paid the Price 2:59
21 Don't You Double (Cross Me Baby) 3:34
22 Aces with You 3:34

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