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srijeda, 31.12.2008.

Slade - The Party Album (1985) (1999)

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The Christmas Party Album was an album by the British glam/hardrock group Slade. It was first released November 1985 and reached number 34 in the UK charts. It contained a load of hits that had been re-recorded, and tracks that had been hits for other bands. Also having two singles released from it helped push sales too.

More of a 'covers' album than a proper studio album, Slade tried to create an LP that had a party atmosphere to it and was value for money. They succeeded, and this album has had numerous re-issues and re-releases over the years under various names. Its 1999 re-release as "The Party Album!" was supposed to coincide with the Millennium. Its current CD incarnation on the Salvo label was released in 2006 and bears the title Crackers: The Rockin' Party Album!.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 123 MB
Genre : Glam Rock, Hard Rock


Noddy Holder - Vocals / Guitars / Bass Guitar
Dave Hill - Guitars / Vocals / Bass Guitar
Jim Lea - Bass Guitar / Vocals / Keyboards / Violin / Guitars
Don Powell - Drums / Percussion


01. Merry Xmas Everybody 3:25
02. Let's Dance 2:35
03. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 2:38
04. When I'm Dancin I Ain't Fighting 3:36
05. We'll Bring the House Down 3:32
06. Cum on Feel the Noize 4:26
07. All Join Hands 4:16
08. Do You Believe in Miracles 4:16
09. Let's Have a Party 1:47
10. Get Down and Get With It 3:50
11. My Oh My 4:12
12. Run Runaway 4:59
13. Mama Weer All Crazee Now 3:42
14. Okey Cokey 3:26
15. Here's to the New Year 3:10
16. Auld Lang Syne / You'll Never Walk Alone 3:27


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Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation (1968) (Remaster Edit 2003)

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Originally released in 1968, this RCA/BMG Heritage remastered reissue adds 4 bonus tracks 'Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum', 'Would You like A Snack', 'Share A Little Joke' (single version-mono) & 'The Saga Of Sydney Spacepig' (previously unreleased). Includes 12-page booklet with extensive liner notes, detailed track listing & rare photos.

'Masterpiece' is a ubiquitous word, but it's the only one that properly describes this album. This is the definitive album from five extremely talented Californian hipsters known as Jefferson Airplane. Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady and Spencer Dryden all merged their creative strengths together to turn rock music into something revolutionary and monumental. First of all, this re-mastered version is a real treat. Super sound quality, bonus songs and a detailed booklet full of rare photos and liner notes. The band had already set the world on fire with their first three albums, showing their remarkable, divine vocal harmonies, and CROWN OF CREATION proved their excellence even further. They open the album with three of the most magnificent ballads ever written. "Lather", "In Time" and "Triad" are all unbelievably beautiful and soothing. Grace's "Lather" is based on drummer Spencer Dryden. Spencer was about to turn thirty at the time, hence the line "Lather was thirty years old today". It's also based on a little incident that occured with Jack Casady. Jack was given a pill by a drug guru named Owsley, but he made the pill much too strong, and Jack totally went berserk when he took it. He was arrested for running naked on the beach and drawing pictures in the sand, which is also referred to in the song. And as for the song itself, Grace sings it in a way that just sends shivers down your spine, amongst many strange sound effects and some peaceful acoustic guitar. The hauntingly graceful "In Time" is even better, and it's probably my favorite Airplane song ever. The choruses are pure bliss, with Kantner, Slick and Balin ALL singing in harmony, combining their voices in such a way that it sounds like the essence of beauty itself. "Triad" was written by David Crosby, but it's hard picturing him singing it better than Grace does here. Her crystalline vocal cords have never sounded better, and she delivers an extremely emotional performance that really touches the depths of your heart. In particular, listen to the way she sings the line "We love each other, it's plain to see" and tell me that isn't the loveliest voice that you've ever heard in your life. Kaukonen's "Star Track" features some of the most blistering wah-wah guitar licks ever put on record. They're fast, vicious and totally chaotic. Indeed Jorma was one of the most overlooked guitarists in the world. Balin's vocal on "Share A Little Joke" is rapturous, especially that middle section ("...Your eyes are never tired, your mind is on fire..."). Like Grace, he manages to practically give you goosebumps with his singing. That's enough proof that nobody could rival the Airplane when it comes to vocal harmonies (except the brilliant Simon And Garfunkel).
"Chushingura" is the only weak spot on the album, as it's just a bunch of weird sounds. "If You Feel" is an upbeat rocker with glorious vocals and a marvelous melody. Some have said that the title track was plagiarized from a novel called "The Chrysalids", but I couldn't care less because the song is so great. The tandem vocals of Jorma and Grace on "Ice Cream Phoenix" are yet another highlight, and Grace's battle cry of "Still not cry when it's time to go" is indeed very hypnotic. And speaking of Grace, her "Greasy Heart" is a moody tune that talks about how women try too hard to make themselves look good. A little known fact is that she's actually singing about HERSELF on this one. She was a model before she became a singer, so she understood about all that stuff. In the liner notes, she even says "It sounds like I'm pointing fingers in the song, but I'm actually living it".
So that leaves the gloomy, hypnotic "House At Pooneil Corners", an eerie number that tells about the end of the world. And I do mean EERIE. Everything about the song is very dark: the bass line, the organ, the sound effects and, above all, the intoxicating vocals. The lyrics are brilliant, too. This is a song that really makes you think: is the destiny of mankind doomed forever? Creepy stuff.
As for the bonus cuts, they're not all that great. They're basically just a bunch of weird sound effects, and it sounds like the band were just killing time in the studio. But the sound quality and the booklet are definitely worth having.
So yes, I consider this to be in the top five greatest rock albums ever made. Listen to it and you'll see why...Josh H.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 130 MB
Genre : Psychedelic Rock


01. Lather 2:58
02. In Time 4:13
03. Triad 4:56
04. Star Track 3:10
05. Share A Little Joke 3:10
06. Chushingura 1:20
07. If You Feel 3:24
08. Crown Of Creation 2:54
09. Ice Cream Phoenix 3:00
10. Greasy Heart 3:28
11. The House At Pooneil Corners 5:51
12. Ribumbabap Rubadubaoumoum (Bonus)1:34
13. Would You Like A Snack (Bonus)2:40
14. Share A Little Joke (Mono Single Version) (Bonus) 3:09
15. The Saga Of Sydney Spacepig (Bonus)10:33

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Hot Tuna - The Phosphorescent Rat (1973) (1999)

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Jorma Kaukonen really comes into his own as a songwriter here, and his blend of acoustic picking and psychedelic lead electric guitar is absolutely engaging. 'I See the Light' and 'Easy Now' are both smoldering rockers, while 'Corners without Exits'(beautiful 'crying' leads), 'Soliloquoy for Two' and 'In the Kingdom' are on the gentler ,moodier side. 'In the Kingdom', with its immortal lines "I've been living blind in one-eyed lands",Casady's orchestrally phrased fuzz bass,and Kaukonen's silvery soloing around the lyrics, shape it up to be one of the best love songs of all time that you've never heard...! Speaking of Jack Casady, his bass
playing is magnificent here,ranging from ragtime counterpoint to foghorn -like distortion,and the newly-remastered disc fortunately pumps the bass up from its previously understated levels . Hot Tuna's 'Phosphorescent Rat' has a great balance of bluesy numbers, psychedelic raveups, and introspective musings, and they never again added so many colors to their songs,with some tunes accented with steel drums or string arrangements.
This cd wrestles with the 'Burgers' lp for my Tuna 'desert island' disc', but i'll stick up for this one as it it remains a much-overlooked masterpiece. ..David Arnson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size :88 MB
Genre : Psychedelic Rock


01. I See The Light 4.16
02. Letter To The North Star 2.33
03. Easy Now 5.12
04. Corners Without Exits 3.39
05. Day To Day Out The Window Blues 3.29
06. In The Kingdom 5.28
07. Seeweed Strut 3.26
08. Living Just For You 3.20
09. Soliloquy For 2 3.44
10. Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From? 2.59

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Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station (1977)(Remaster Edit 2004)

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This is the one Arista studio LP that I keep returning to year after year. The album is criticized for being watered-down and over-produced, often by some of the Dead's inner circle or the members themselves. Perhaps this is true. But what I hear is a flawed masterpiece that could have been a Blues for Allah part 2. This CD is lush and gorgeous. The songs are great, but I must take exception with Dancin' in the Street. Yike. That was a clunker. But the rest of the CD (I haven't heard the bonus tracks) is a musical and spiritual compass that points to many things, Terrapin being among them. I find that the album starts off with the Weir song "Estimated Prophet" as the beginnings of faith and ends with the magic of pure storytelling of Terrapin Station (Lady with a Fan...etc.) Listen in this lovely 20 minute track how the story evolves from the storyteller's words around a campfire to a massive epiphany of choir and music which suggests everything from religious and spiritual enlightenment to a really fancy game of "telephone." I find new things to ponder every time I listen...J. McAyeal

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 172 MB
Genre : Psychedelic Rock


01. Estimated Prophet 5.37
02. Dancin' In The Streets 3.18
03. Passenger 2.48
04. Samson & Delilah 3.29
05. Sunrise 4.08
06. Terrapin Station Part 1:
Lady With A Fan/Terrapin Station/Terrapin/Terrapin Transit/
At A Siding/Terrapin Flyer/Refrain 16.29
07. Peggy-O (Instrumental Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 4.41
08. The Ascent (Instrumental Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 1.59
09. Catfish John (Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 4.43
10. Equinox (Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 5.15
11. Fire On The Mountain (Studio Outtake) (Bonus) 6.26
12. Dancin' In The Streets (Bonus) 16.17

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Deep Purple - Machine Head (1972) (25th. Anniversary Edit 1997-2CD)

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Deep Purple were on the eve of breaking wide open when the quintet made Machine Head, a record that launched a heap of hard-rock hits, not to mention the bulk of the live album Made in Japan. No fewer than three classics were unveiled here: "Highway Star," "Space Truckin'," and their biggest hit ever, "Smoke on the Water." Ritchie Blackmore's crunchy guitar was becoming the group's trademark, and the throb that opens "Smoke on the Water" went miles in concretizing his place in the pantheon of 1970s guitar deities. But the story here is the second disc, which is composed of remixes by Roger Glover that introduce long-dormant, more-energized variations on the originals and revive separate solos...Andrew Bartlett

If you're reading this review, you probably already know what a great hard-rock classic Deep Purple's "Machine Head" was and would like to know if this deluxe edition is worth the extra cash. Yes, it is!
Disc One contains the entire original "Machine Head" LP correctly sequenced, along with a non album B-side and two slightly different remixes of different songs done for the long out-of-print Quad version of the LP. To be honest, to my ears the Quad remixes don't sound noticably different unless I have stereo headphones on, but they're nice to have.
Disc Two contains what Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover modestly refers to as "subtle" remixes. Anything but! Glover strips away the studio sheen of the original songs, leaving the original intros and endings intact. Thus, for example, we hear the band warming up to play "Highway Star" and jamming till they suddenly stop at the end of "Smoke on the Water." As you'd expect from a bass player-turned-remixer, Glover accentuates the bassier frequencies as a rule which lends these remixes a punch they didn't have in their better-known versions. Glover also substitutes previously mixed-out alternate versions of a couple of Blackmore's solos. While Ritchie Blackmore might not be delighted to hear the automobile sound effects returned to the climax of his "Highway Star" solo, lots of fans will be VERY pleased to hear bits and pieces of an alternate version of a classic album.
Some die-hard rockers might shudder at the word "remix," fearing that drum machines or synths were added. Fear not. Not one new note has been re-recorded and flown in. Everything you hear in the remix existed on the master tapes, although it may not have made it to the final version of the album as eventually released.
If you're a Purple fan, get this. And, if you aren't, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out you like the remixes even better than the originals...B. Danno

Although purists might argue otherwise, Machine Head remains the "ultimate" Deep Purple album, the one LP that everybody knows and loves and the home, of course, to one of the greatest riffs in rock history, the majestic "Smoke on the Water." Celebrating the 25th anniversary of this leviathan's original release, bassist Roger Glover completely remastered the original tapes, turning in a stunning reappraisal of an album that past CD reissues had rendered little more than a muddy puddle. The dynamic that characterized this particular lineup of the band was, after all, built so much on light andmore… shade, that to lose that was to lose most of the album's power. Glover did not simply restore the music's inherent contrasts, he elaborated on them to create one of the best sounding CDs of the entire digital age. In keeping with Machine Head's glorious reputation, this edition was expanded across two discs. While one features the original album plus three bonus cuts — the period B-side "When a Blind Man Cries," and quadraphonic remixes of "Maybe I'm a Leo" and "Lazy" (both of which are more-or-less dispensable) — the second rounds up an album's worth of remixes that Glover undertook during the remastering stage. It's little more than a bonus for true aficionados, but it is intriguing to hear how the album might have sounded, had Glover himself been in charge of production at the time. Fascinating, too, are the alternate guitar solos that he drops into "Maybe I'm a Leo" and "Smoke on the Water," both of which re-stage all-too-familiar numbers in a different light. As with all the anniversary remasters, Machine Head cannot be praised too highly. Unless, of course, you believe it already has been...M. Mandel

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 224 MB
Genre : Hardrock


CD 1 - Remastered

01. Highway Star (Remastered) 6.08
02. Maybe I'm A Leo (Remastered) 4.52
03. Pictures Of Home (Remastered) 5.06
04. Never Before (Remastered) 4.00
05. Smoke On The Water (Remastered) 5.42
06. Lazy (Remastered) 7.23
07. Space Truckin' (Remastered) 4.34
08. When A Blind Man Cries (B-Side);(Remastered) 3.32
09. Maybe I'm A Leo (Quadrophonic Mix);(Remastered) 4.59
10. Lazy (Quadrophonic Mix);(Remastered) 6.55

CD 2 - Remixes

01. Highway Star (1997 Remixes) 6.40
02. Maybe I'm A Leo (1997 Remixes) 5.26
03. Pictures Of Home (1997 Remixes) 5.21
04. Never Before (1997 Remixes) 3.59
05. Smoke On The Water (1997 Remixes) 6.18
06. Lazy (1997 Remixes) 7.33
07. Space Truckin' (1997 Remixes) 4.52
08. When A Blind Man Cries (1997 Remixes) 3.32

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Roxy Music - Stranded (1973) (Remaster Edit 1999)

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Stranded shows a more melodic but still ambitious Roxy Music trying on musicial styles. While they don't all fit perfectly, the look is dazzling nonetheless. Stranded is the band's first true collaborative effort from start to finish. The first album was primarily written before the final line up was assembled. The second clearly had much input (although a dimished role for him) from Eno. Stranded features Ferry to the fore and clearly the front man while still very much a collaborative effort.
The surprising Mother of Pearl (the first Ferry song where he improvised the lyrics while listening to the playback for the very first time), wistful A Song for Europe and reverent Psalm all capture Roxy's topsy turvy world in transition. While Stranded isn't as odd as For YOur Pleasure or rock as hard as COuntry Life, the melodic sheen of these well crafted songs stand out in comparison to those efforts.
Eno's favorite Roxy album is Stranded...Wayne Klein

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 95 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


01. Street Life 3.29
02. Just Like You 3.36
03. Amazona 4.16
04. Psalm 8.04
05. Serenade 2.59
06. A Song For Europe 5.46
07. Mother Of Pearl 6.52
08. Sunset 6.04

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Nazareth - Expect No Mercy (1977) (Remaster Edit 2006)

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Limited Edition digitally remastered Japanese pressing of this 1977 album packaged in a miniature LP sleeve featuring five bonus tracks: 'Expect No Mercy' (Live), 'Gone Dead Train' (Edit), 'Expect No Mercy' (Alternate), 'Place In Your Heart' (Alternate Edit) and 'Kentucky Fried Blues' (Edit).

On this 1977 album, Nazareth makes a full-blooded return to the hard rock sound they had neglected since their success with Hair of the Dog. The result is a potent, driving slab of hard rock that will please Nazareth fans and devotees of 1970s hard rock alike. The album sets its frenzied tone right off the bat with its title track, a blistering rocker that features Dan McCafferty spitting out a sharp-edged vocal about life's cruelty over a series of fast and relentless guitar riffs. The remainder of the album prominently features a similarly brutal string of rockers: standouts include "Revengemore… Is Sweet," a paean to getting even that combines chugging guitar riffs with a stomping beat, and "Gimme What's Mine," a fierce declaration of dominance that layers Southern rock-styled riffs over a churning bassline. Despite this preponderance of hard rocking tunes, Expect No Mercy isn't just a guitar-fest. It also takes time to explore country-rock (there is an excellent, rocked-up cover of the country standard "Busted" as well as a honky tonk-style original called "Place in Your Heart") and even a little bit of funk (a hard-grooving slice of funk-rock fusion called "New York Broken Toy"). The album never takes the daring stylistic chance within the hard rock formula that distinguished Razamanaz or Hair of the Dog, but this is minor quibble in light of the album's high levels of consistency and quality. In short, Expect No Mercy is a treat for Nazareth fans and a solid listen for any hard rock fan who wants a good indication of the group's style...Manfred Mandel

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 130 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


01. Expect No Mercy 3.26
02. Gone Dead Train 3.44
03. Shot Me Down 3.29
04. Revenge Is Sweet 3.04
05. Gimme What's Mine 3.45
06. Kentucky Fried Blues 3.08
07. New York Broken Toy 3.37
08. Busted 3.40
09. Place In Your Heart 3.01
10. All The King's Horses 4.23
11. Greens 2.50
12. Desolation Road 2.58
13. Gone Dead Train (Edited Version) 3.31
14. Expect No Mercy (Alternate Version) 2.54
15. Place In Your Heart (Alternate Edited Version) 3.04
16. Kentucky Fried Blues (Edited Version) 2.49
17. Expect No Mercy (Live) 3.19

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10cc - Live And Let Live (1977) (2008)

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Long overdue 2008 two CD reissue of the first official 10cc live album, originally released in 1980. Includes versions of the hit singles 'Good Morning Judge', 'The Things We Do For Love', 'Art For Art's Sake', 'Wall Street Shuffle', 'I'm Mandy Fly Me' and 'I'm Not In Love'. Recorded during the band's tour in support for their Bloody Tourists album, Live & Let Live remains a favorite amongst 10cc fans and is one of the few live albums truly worth owning.

I had this album on 8 track about 30 years ago. I fell in love with the album. I do not like LIVE recordings in general. Not true with this album. It has some of the greatest renditions of great 10cc songs. The instrumental parts are just fantastic. I was without this album for about 20 years because of the demise of 8 track. I found it at Record Heaven and paid a price that seemed a little out of line. However I just received it and it is well worth the price. It is like a long lost friend has been rediscovered. I could never find these versions on any other album....my soul is complete!! B. Fife

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 206 MB
Genre : Art Rock, Power Pop


- Graham Gouldman / bass, guitar, vocals
- Eric Stewart / guitar, piano, keyboards, electric piano, vocals
- Paul Burgess / percussion, drums, electric Piano, vibraphone
- Rick Fenn / guitar, bass, vocals
- Tony O'Malley / organ, piano, keyboards, electric piano, vocals, moog synthesizer
- Stuart Tosh / percussion, drums, vocals


CD 1

01. The Second Sitting for the Last Supper (5:18)
02. You've Got a Cold (3:50)
03. Honeymoon With B Troop (3:01)
04. Art for Art's Sake (8:07)
05. People in Love (4:13)
06. The Wall Street Shuffle (4:12)
07. Ships Don't Disappear in the Night (Do They?) (7:26)
08. I'm Mandy, Fly Me (5:52)
09. Marage Bureau Rendezvous (4:38)

CD 2

01. Good Morning Judge (3:06)
02. Feel the Benefit (3:12)
03. The Things We do for Love (4:23)
04. Waterfall (7:25)
05. I'm Not in Love - 6:34
06. Modern Man Blues (9:15)

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience - BBC Sessions (1998) (2007)

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New Musical Express:
This 37-track double-CD collection of the JHE's BBC Sessions includes a smattering of "anoraks only" naff tracks but also contains killer versions of classics such as "Driving South," "Hey Joe," "Purple Haze" and "Voodoo Chile." You also get devastating interpretations of "Day Tripper," "Fire" and a blasting 90 mph "Killing Floor...." And if that wasn't enough, we also get a bizarre psychedelic blues reworking of a 1960s Radio 1 jingle.

Some of Jimi Hendrix's live radio broadcasts for the BBC were released by Rykodisc in 1988 on Radio One, but The BBC Sessions, remastered and fleshed out into a two-disc completist's dream, is perhaps the best document of how the Experience sounded live in 1967. From blues stomps such as Muddy Waters's "Catfish Blues" to surly R&B vamps such as the three takes of Curtis Knight's "Driving South," Hendrix explores his roots with hardscrabble passion. Meanwhile, he pushes the psychedelic-pop spectrum with surprisingly rich versions of studio-tweaked numbers like "The Burning of the Midnight Lamp." There's plenty of slop--a stumbling jam with Stevie Wonder on "I Was Made to Love Her"--and lots of horsing around and awkward interview fragments. But in its balance of pop form, interstellar improv, R&B pedigree, and sheer charm, The BBC Sessions is about as accurate and honest a snapshot of the charismatic, still-pimply 24-year-old phenom as you're likely to hear...James Rotondi

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 246 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


CD 1

01. Foxey Lady 3.00
02. Alexis Korner Introduction 0.27
03. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? 3.32
04. Rhythm And Blues World Service 0.12
05. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man 5.29
06. Travelling With The Experience 0.22
07. Driving South 5.31
08. Fire 2.41
09. Little Miss Lover 2.58
10. Introducing The Experience 0.51
11. The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 3.43
12. Catfish Blues 5.29
13. Stone Free 3.26
14. Love Or Confusion 2.53
15. Hey Joe 4.02
16. Hound Dog 2.43
17. Driving South 4.49
18. Hear My Train A Comin' 5.00

CD 2

01. Purple Haze 3.17
02. Killing Floor 2.28
03. Radio One 1.34
04. Wait Until Tomorrow 2.55
05. Day Tripper 3.24
06. Spanish Castle Magic 3.08
07. Jammin' 3.23
08. I Was Made To Love Her 3.05
09. Foxey Lady 2.44
10. A Brand New Sound 0.54
11. Hey Joe 2.57
12. Manic Depression 3.10
13. Driving South 3.21
14. Hear My Train A Comin' 5.02
15. A Happening For Lulu 0.19
16. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 4.09
17. Lulu Introduction 0.22
18. Hey Joe 2.43
19. Sunshine Of Your Love 1.17

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The Doors - Morrison Hotel (1970) (40th. Anniversary Mixes 2007)

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Morrison Hotel, released in 1970 in the wake of Morrison's infamous indecency bust, hit #4 and introduced "Waiting For The Sun," "Roadhouse Blues," and "Ship Of Fools." Insightful liner notes from David Fricke. Ten bonus tracks include eight previously unissued takes of "Roadhouse Blues, a run-through of Chuck Berry's "Carol," a jazz version of "Queen Of The Highway," and the previously unreleased "Money Beats Soul."

This is about the 4th reincarnation of MORRISON HOTEL (one has to wonder if in years to come we'll be treated to takes 4,8 and 25 of "Roadhouse Blues" before the well runs dry) and I've owned them all. Basically, if you're a casual fan stick with the earlier remasterings as the 40th Anniversary will be a bit unusual to the ear...the extra vocalizations do not detract from the songs and they can be gotten used to and, what the heck, the remaining members need the money so shell out the bucks (they're bargain priced anyway). Of all the recent re-releases, this one is the best as there's lots of bonus tracks (uneven quality but different versions of Peace Frog, The Spy, Queen of the Highway are good for repeated listenings). Personally, MORRISON HOTEL is probably their most variable release: rocking out (Roadhouse, Peace Frog, Land Ho), spooky-beautiful ballads (Blue Sunday, Indian Summer, The Spy) and just plain Morrison wierd (Waiting for the Sun, Queen of the Highway) that only the Doors could do. One of the reasons people will continue to listen to these classics is the wonderful musicianship these guys (who were only in their early to mid 20s) displayed in their relatively short time together. It was obvious they would burn bright and if Morrison didn't die when he did (but how could he not) they'd be on their 5th reunion tour rehashing these classics. The Doors sounded like professionals right out of the gate and the 6 remasters will live on (how many versions is up the surviving members and their heirs). Great re-engineering, liner notes, pix, etc...B. Henderson

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 180 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


01. Roadhouse Blues 4.08
02. Waiting For The Sun 4.02
03. You Make Me Real 2.54
04. Peace Frog 2.51
05. Blue Sunday 2.10
06. Ship Of Fools 3.17
07. Land Ho! 4.14
08. The Spy 4.21
09. Queen Of The Highway 2.52
10. Indian Summer 2.37
11. Maggie M'Gill 4.21
12. Talking Blues (Bonus) 0.59
13. Roadhouse Blues (Take 1-3) (Bonus) 8.47
14. Roadhouse Blues (Take 6) (Bonus) 9.26
15. Carol (Bonus) 0.56
16. Roadhouse Blues (Take 1) (Bonus) 4.32
17. Money Beats Soul (Bonus) 1.04
18. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 13-15) (Bonus) 6.21
19. Peace Frog (False Starts & Dialogue)(Bonus) 2.00
20. The Spy (Version 2) (Bonus) 3.48
21. Queen Of The Highway (Jazz Version) (Bonus) 3.36

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Supertramp - Famous Last Words (1982) (Remaster Edit 2002)

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How does a band follow up a mega-smash album? Simple: they just follow it up. 1979's "Breakfast In America" was such a gargantuan success all over the place for Supertramp, that, after the world tour in support of the album, the band took some well-deserved rest for a couple of years before re-grouping for their next disc. However, one of the band's key members, singer/songwriter Roger Hodgson, wasn't so sure about his future with the group, and the next album, 1982's "Famous Last Words," would be his last album with the band (hence the title?). As Hodgson's swan song with the group, "Famous Last Words" certainly has an element of sadness attached to it, and although the album did not signal the end of Supertramp, it did signal the end of an era. It was nowhere near as commercially successful as "Breakfast In America" (how could it have been?), but "Famous Last Words" is still an excellent, heartfelt album filled with the high quality mix of pop, jazz, & rock that this great band are famous for. Hodgson's opener, "Crazy," is a great piano-thumper, while co-leader Rick Davies' "Put On Your Old Brown Shoes" is an excellent shuffler to clap along to. Hodgson's "It's Raining Again" is a very nice, uplifting song (and a Top 20 hit single), and "Bonnie" is a great showcase number for Davies. Next up is Hodgson's haunting, achingly beautiful "Know Who You Are," one of the very best songs he has ever written. If this gorgeous number doesn't bring a tear to your eye, then there must be something wrong with you. Davies then picks things up with the great 50's fun of "My Kind Of Lady," followed by Hodgson's majestic "C'est Le Bon" (featuring Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart on background vocals), and finally, for a powerful one-two punch of dramatic Supertramp rock, there's the double-header of Davies' "Waiting So Long," and Hodgson's grand finale---and, judging by the lyrics, his farewell to the band---"Don't Leave Me Now."After the tour for "Famous Last Words," Roger Hodgson left Supertramp, apparently because he & Davies could no longer agree on the band's musical direction (Hodgson wanted the group to stay more pop, Davies wanted the group to be more jazzy). Since then, Rick Davies continues to helm Supertramp on his own, and the band has since recorded four great albums, starting with 1985's "Brother Where You Bound," and continues to tour. Hodgson has also recorded four fine solo albums since his departure from the group, and he recently went on tour with Ringo Starr, so both camps are doing just fine. While Hodgson may not be interested in returning to Supertramp (and he has said as such), we can be grateful of the terrific music he did make with the band---seven albums worth, in fact, as well as the live double-album, "Paris." "Famous Last Words" is a fond farewell to Roger Hodgson, and a lovely album to close out his time with Supertramp...Alan Caylow

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 110 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


01. Crazy 4.44
02. Put On Your Old Brown Shoes 4.22
03. It's Raining Again 4.24
04. Bonnie 5.37
05. Know Who You Are 4.59
06. My Kind Of Lady 5.15
07. C'est Le Bon 5.32
08. Waiting So Long 6.34
09. Don't Leave Me Now 6.25

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The Electric Prunes - Lost Dreams - Ultimate Collection (2001)

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This 23 track CD is the definitive collection by these '60's psychedelic legends. Collecting the best tracks from the band's first two albums, ultra-rare singles, demos and a hilarious radio spot for Vox wah-wah pedals. This is the only release anyone will ever need by the Electric Prunes. All tracks are restored and remastered by 'Prunes leader James Lowe. Standard jewel case.

What a treat and wonderful compilation! The biggest thrill for me was "Shadows", previously unavailable on any recording until this time. It was featured in a dandy little 1968 film, The Name of the Game Is Kill, and I loved it when I saw the film on it's original release, and have been searching for it for years. But all the other tracks are excellent as well, with first-rate sound quality...Brian Ehlert

This compilation renders all other Electric Prunes releases obsolete. James Lowe, lead singer, intended this. Unhappy with all the other Prunes releases, Lowe and bassist Mark Tulin selected tracks they deemed worthy of the Prunes legacy and remastered them specifically for this release. Consequently, this is the best Punes album you'll be able to get your hands on. One minor quibble: where is "Children Of Rain" and "Antique Doll"? However, the remastering makes up for this minor omission. The sound is simply amazing. You can put away the first two albums for good now...Will Shade

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 144 MB
Genre : Psycchedelic Rock


01. Shadows 2.23
02. Ain't It Hard 2.15
03. Little Olive 2.43
04. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) 2.59
05. I've Got A Way Of My Own 2.21
06. Luvin' 2.05
07. I Happen To Love You 3.15
08. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) 2.22
09. Hideaway 3.28
10. Try Me On For Size 2.20
11. The Great Banana Hoax 4.37
12. You Never Had It Better 2.10
13. Dr. Do-Good 2.47
14. Get Me To The World On Time 2.32
15. Captain Glory 2.14
16. World Of Darkness 2.19
17. Train For Tomorrow 3.02
18. Big City 2.46
19. WInd-Up Toys 2.26
20. It's Not Fair 2.04
21. Sold To The Highest Bidder 2.23
22. Everybody Knows You're Not In Love 3.06
23. Long Day's Flight ('til Tomorrow) 5.15

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Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis? (1975) (Remaster Edit 2002)

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This was the 1975 follow up to their breakthrough album 'Crime Of The Century' (1974) and has been regarded since as a second class citizen in comparison. But not in my opinion. On this album they continue the remarkable musicianship of 'Crime' and produce what for me is probably my favourite album of theirs. Although it's a mighty close call of course when you have the exquisite 'Crime' and 'Quietest Moments' and the triumphant 'Breakfast In America' to compare against. These four albums from Supertramp from 1974 to 1979 are of such a remarkable quality that one can only marvel at.And somore… to this album. The opener 'Easy Does It' is a wonderfully understated opener, but utterly charming nonetheless with its uplifting and slightly haunting melody. And the whistle is great, as great as it was on Lennon's 'Jealous Guy'. An underrated instrument for sure. And then it leads into 'Sister Moonshine' which rocks and charms with such effortless ease. It is one of the very best Supertramp songs without question. Not well known but for those who do know this track you will surely agree! Roger Hodgson gets a rare opportunity here to display his tremendous guitar skills which are frankly and sadly in the background on most of Supertramp's work. 'Aint Nobody But Me' is a pounding piano based Rick Davies number which again features some all too rare and quite brilliant lead guitar work from Mr Hodgson.But then we come to the cream of this album. 'A Soapbox Opera' is just perfect. I read that Roger wasn't happy with the studio recording. I cannot for the life of me think why. It is pretty close to perfection. And what a great lyric, especially the wonderful line 'Mary...oh tell me what I'm living for....'cos I feel that I'm tossed in the river....have you a son to deliver?'. You don't have to be a Born Again Christian to realise what a great lyric this is. Marvellous. 'Another Man's Woman' is as good musically although Davies' lyric is altogther more down to earth. But just as heartfelt and meaningful as all Supertramp lyrics were from this period. What an incredible last 90 seconds on this song. Musicianship of the highest class.'Lady' opens Side 2 (vinyl record) in fine style. Again here is Supertramp at their mesmerising best with a pulsating beat and great melody. Invigorating. 'Poor Boy' is quite nice though less memorable. 'Just A Normal Day' sees Davies and Hodgson combine their talent on a great mournful ballad. But it is John Anthony Helliewell's sax solo (or is it clarinet?!) which really lifts this song up into the stratosphere. What a gorgeous and perfect set of notes he plays! 'The Meaning' is decent but unremarkable. But the closing number 'Two Of Us' is perhaps the most perfect Supertramp song on record. Sublime melody, sublime lyric and such a great vocal from Roger Hodgson. The only Supertramp ballad which even comes close to this is 'Lord Is It Mine' (1979). When 'Two Of Us' finishes, one's impulsive reaction to play it again. And that must be the sign of a great song.God Supertramp were good. Even if in later years after 'Breakfast' they would fail to match their earlier achievements, all I can say is that firstly it is hardly surprising and secondly nothing can detract from this golden five year period of theirs, of which this album reached as supreme heights, and possibly higher in places, than any other. One day maybe more people will appreciate just how good this band was. Until then, we are the chosen few. ..B. Sturguess

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 108 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock


01. Easy Does It 2.20
02. Sister Moonshine 5.16
03. Ain't Nobody But Me 5.18
04. A Soapbox Opera 4.51
05. Another Man's Woman 6.16
06. Lady 5.25
07. Poor Boy 5.07
08. Just A Normal Day 4.02
09. The Meaning 5.24
10. Two Of Us 3.27

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AC/DC - Black Ice (2008)

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Black Ice is the first full-length studio album of all-new material from AC/DC since the release of "Stiff Upper Lip" in 2000. Produced by Brendan O'Brien at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC, Black Ice premieres 15 new AC/DC compositions and performances including the album's first single, "Rock 'N' Roll Train".

Well - for one they appear to be getting better with age.
I had a chance to hear this album before it's official release and man I am blown away. This album is a Rock Anthem that belongs in their line-up. The tracks are strong and solid AC/DC. This reminds of what it was like to hear Back in Black or FTATR for the first time. The boys are back!..P. Small

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 127 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Angus Young - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar on "Stormy May Day"
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Phil Rudd - Drums, Percussion


01. Rock 'N Roll Train 4.21
02. Skies On Fire 3.34
03. Big Jack 3.57
04. Anything Goes 3.22
05. War Machine 3.09
06. Smash 'N' Grab 4.06
07. Spoilin' For A Fight 3.17
08. Wheels 3.28
09. Decibel 3.34
10. Stormy May Day 3.10
11. She Likes Rock 'N' Roll 3.53
12. Money Made 4.15
13. Rock 'N' Roll Dream 4.41
14. Rocking All The Way 3.22
15. Black Ice 3.25


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AC-DC - Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (2CD Deluxe Edit 2004)

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Australian-only pressing of the heavy metal icon's latest full length outing, 2000's hit 'Stiff Upper Lip', complete with a bonus disc featuring ALL of the non-album tracks found on the three singles that were released from it.

Stiff Upper Lip, AC/DC's 15th studio album, may not reach the heights of Back in Black or Highway to Hell, but it delivers strongly and satisfyingly. It's the record that the highly touted, Rick Rubin-produced Ballbreaker should have been: a simple, addictive, hard album, bursting with bold riffs and bolstered by a crunching, thrillingly visceral sound. Sure, there are absolutely no new ideas, but that's the point. AC/DC know their strengths and they embrace them. And why shouldn't they? Nobody writes a better riff than Malcolm and Angus Young; each song has a riff so catchy, it feels like you've heard it for years. Is there anything earth-shaking? Hardly, but it's largely terrific nonetheless, just because AC/DC are so good at what they do. It's simple music, to be sure, but it's unassumingly musical and, in a way rather smart. If making music like this was really that easy, why can't anybody else do it this well? Some bands are capable of knocking out one record like this -- one, maybe two. AC/DC do it nearly every time out. They've never really stretched, yet that's why they have one of the most reliable catalogs in rock & roll. When you put on one of their records, you know what you're in for, and they always deliver. With Stiff Upper Lip, they're not at classic status, but they're still top-notch. This may not be the first AC/DC record for a collection, but once you're into their scene, it's a fine place to be...Stephen Thomas

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 186 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


CD 1

01. Stiff Upper Lip 3.35
02. Meltdown 3.41
03. House Of Jazz 3.56
04. Hold Me Back 3.59
05. Safe In New York City 3.59
06. Can't Stand Still 3.41
07. Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll 4.02
08. Satellite Blues 3.46
09. Damned 3.51
10. Come And Get It 4.02
11. All Screwed Up 4.36
12. Give It Up 4.13

CD 2 - Bonus Disc:

01. Cyberspace 2.57
02. Back In Black (Live In Madrid 1996) 4.08
03. Hard As A Rock (Live In Madrid 1996) 4.58
04. Ballbreaker (Live In Madrid 1996) 4.39
05. Whole Lotta Rosie (Live In Madrid 1996) 5.24
06. Let There Be Rock (Live In Madrid 1996) 11.53

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Thin Lizzy - Peel Sessions (BBC Radio One: 1972 - 77) (1994)

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"The Peel Sessions" features raw and wild versions of great Lizzy songs recorded between 1972 and 1977 for John Peel's 70's BBC radio show, providing a great historical overview of the band's development.
Despite being recorded live, the musicianship is tight and the band sounds excellent on each and every track. As with most BBC releases, the production is a bit more raw than the studio versions. This actually enhances the Thin Lizzy cuts, especially the older material.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 140 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Whiskey in the Jar (Recorded: Nov 14/72) 5:47
02. Rosalie (Recorded: May 29/75) 3:15
03. Suicide (Recorded: May 29/75) 5:16
04. Emerald (Recorded: Feb 12/76) 3:56
05. Cowboy Song (Recorded: Feb 12/76) 5:12
06. Jailbreak (Recorded: Feb 12/76) 4:02
07. Don't Believe a Word (Recorded: Sep 23/76) 2:45
08. Little Darling (Recorded: Apr 4/74) 3:03
09. Still in Love With You (Different Lyrics) (Recorded: Apr 4/74) 5:33
10. Vagabonds of the Western World (Recorded: Jul 31/73) 4:23
11. Little Girl in Bloom (Recorded: Jul 31/73) 4:38
12. Killer Without a Cause (Recorded: Aug 1/77) 3:37
13. Bad Reputation (Recorded: Aug 1/77) 2:46
14. That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart (Recorded: Aug 1/77) 3:26
15. Dancing in the Moonlight (Recorded: Aug 1/77) 3:19

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Thin Lizzy - BBC Radio One Live in Concert (1983) (1994)

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BBC Radio One Live in Concert is a live recording from 1983 by Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, eventually released in 1994. This show at the Reading Festival in 1983 came at the end of their farewell tour, and was originally intended to be the band's last concert. Although they officially split up in 1984, Thin Lizzy played several more concerts after this recording, including the Monsters of Rock festival in Germany a fortnight later. A similar lineup under the name Grand Slam performed a series of concerts in 1984 and 1985, before Phil Lynott's death in 1986.

Gods, I've been waiting for quite some time to get my hands on this one. The concert is to be regarded as something special, since it is considered being Thin Lizzy's last big stage show. Recording is of quality and some songsmore… are simply jewels, as Lynott gives out his best. If you are a Thin Lizzy fan expect a tear or two coming to your eyes at Still In Love With You; along with an urge to lean onto your baby and squeeze her some:)
Also, A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer is quite impressive.
As for me, considering concert in one piece (playing from begining 'till end), it's not as good as Rock Masters or good old Vertigo's Live and Dangerous; but BBC Radio One Live in Concert makes another great Thin Lizzy title nonetheless. And some songs standing alone just overdo it.
Anyhow... great man had put together a legendary band which made music you just can't seem to forget, as it keeps coming back into your mind all the time. Thank you very much, Phil. Somebody should have been spanked bloodily for releasing such embarrasingly low amount of these. So if you can get it, then make sure you got it...Pepe Panzer


Phil Lynott - bass, vocals
Scott Gorham - guitar, backing vocals
John Sykes - guitar, backing vocals
Brian Downey - drums, percussion
Darren Wharton - keyboards, backing vocals

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 176 MB
Genre : Rock


01. "Jailbreak" (4:53)
02. "Thunder & Lightning" (5:00)
03. "Waitin' For An Alibi" (3:29)
04. "Are You Ready" (2:57)
05. "Baby Please Don't Go" (5:04)
06. "A Night in the Life of a Blues Singer" (6:58)
07. "The Holy War" (5:06)
08. "The Sun Goes Down" (5:57)
09. "Emerald" (4:10)
10. "The Cowboy Song" (6:09)
11. "The Boys are Back in Town" (4:44)
12. "Suicide" (5:06)
13. "Rosalie-Medley" (8:09)
......(Rosalie, Dancing in the Moonlight, The Cowgirl Song)
14. "Still In Love With You" (9:10)

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Van Morrison - Wavelength (1978) (Remaster Edit 2008)

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This is the 3rd or even 4th re-issue on CD of "Wavelenght" (released originally on Warner Brothers Records in October 1978) and it's the best version to date.

Tracks 1 to 9 make up the original album with Tracks 10 and 11 being previously unreleased live versions of "Kingdom Hall" (the opener on Side 1 of the LP) and "Wavelenght" (the opener on Side 2 of the LP) recorded on the 26 November 1978 at the Roxy Theatre in L.A. Both tracks feature the same band as the album sessions with KATIE KISSOON adding backing vocals to a speeded up "Kingdom Hall". My heart always sinks when I see live tracks as bonus material on CDs - they're usually poorly recorded, not any better than the original and act as a cheap way of suckering fans into purchasing more of the same. But these live choices are not just apt; they're actually quite good - especially when the band let's rip on "Wavelenght". The recordings aren't exactly audiophile quality for sure, but they are as spirited as the audience's response.
The upgraded booklet contains all the lyrics, and the inner sleeve of the original album with all of its detailed session lists, but disappointingly there's no history of where the album fits in, no new liner notes, nor any photographs. Really could have done better here boys.
But the best bit is the SOUND. The original analogue master tapes have been 96K/24 Bit digitally remastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Mastering in London for this 28 January 2008 release - and the sound is warm, full and very, very LOUD! Every instrument seems to be leaping out of the speakers and the effect is to make you almost double take on every single track. Stuff appears on each track that you haven't heard before. Great! And this is not a misery-guts Van album either. From the jaunty opener "Kingdom Hall", the whole album is "up". Speaking of "Kingdom Hall", it features a wonderful Synth Solo from Garth Hudson of The Band and every one of the nine tracks features the keyboard work of PETER BARDENS from CAMEL. The punch out of the tender and lovely "Hungry For Your Love" is fantastic, the remaster bringing out the rhythm section of PETER VAN HOOKE on Drums and MICKEY FEAT on Bass - it's Steely Dan tight, but without ever swamping the loveliness of the song. And the issue is mid-price too - I picked up my copy for Ł6 in Central London.
All in all, a great sounding re-issue and one I urge fans and the uninitiated to get stuck into pronto.

Those hoping to see desperately needed sonic upgrades of his 1st and 2nd album masterpieces on Warner Bothers "Astral Weeks" (1968) and "Moondance" (1970) or even "His Band & The Street Choir" (late 1970) will be disappointed to hear that they're NOT in this re-issue campaign. Apparently there is still some dispute between the record label and Van that remains unresolved. A damn shame! "Astral Weeks" and "Moondance" in particular have both been languishing around on crappy-sounding non-remastered CDs for over 20 years now and they're glaringly obvious omissions in this supposedly 'extensive' re-issue campaign. These universally recognized masterpieces deserve 2CD DELUXE EDITION treatment and soon. (Some tracks in remastered form are available across the 3 volumes of "Best Of"). Let's hope they sort their differences and soon!..Mark barry

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 142 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Kingdom Hall 6.01
02. Checkin' It Out 3.31
03. Natalia 4.06
04. Venice U.S.A. 6.39
05. Lifetimes 4.16
06. Wavelength 5.46
07. Santa Fe/Beautiful Obsession 7.09
08. Hungry For Your Love 3.44
09. Take It Where You Find It 8.50
10. Kingdom Hall (Bonus) 6.07
11. Wavelength (Bonus) 6.07

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Van Morrison - Still On Top - Greatest Hits (3CD Limited Edition 2008)

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STILL ON TOP: THE GREATEST HITS is a career-spanning anthology of hits by mercurial Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. Starting with two key tracks by his Rolling Stones-like 1960s band, Them--"Gloria" and "Here Comes the Night"--the set passes over Morrison's legendary 1968 album, ASTRAL WEEKS, a jazzy mood piece that works best as a whole, but otherwise cherry-picks a ton of FM radio classics. "Wild Nights," "Domino," "Moondance," and "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" are among the many highlights, presented in remastered sound.

Still on Top:Greatest Hits was originally released back in 2007 as a single disc 21 track set. For the more casual fan, it is still IMO the best option to get.
Now in 2008, Van Morrison has seen fit to re-release this set as an expanded 3 disc set with the same title. All of the 21 tracks from the single disc version are here but with the addition of 30 more tremendous tracks. While most die hard Van Morrison fans scoff at the idea of trying to distill his artistry to a compliation of sorts, this new 3 disc set represents the best option for people wanting to dig a lot deeper than the single disc version without having to buy individual albums.
The good part here is that all of the tracks are brilliantly remastered and each CD is almost maxed out close to 80 minutes. Disc One is just shy of 78 minutes, disc two is about 78 1/2 minutes and Disc Three is just shy of 79 minutes. One of my huge gripes when buying greatest hits CD's or anthologies is when they fail to max out the CD (or CD's) as much as they can to 80 minutes. Thankfully they didn't do that here and gave the buyer the absolute most music possible on 3 CD's.
The one thing I thought I would have a problem with is that the CD's are sequenced in chronological order. But upon listening to the set it's clear that Van Morrison sequenced each CD with a particular feel/mood in mind. This is most evident on Disc 3 which is very laid back and chilled out in a most relaxing and enjoyable way.
While there have been way too many compilation sets of Van Morrison's stuff over the years, I feel that this is the best one to get for people wanting a really thorough anthology of this legendary artist's long, long career...Kevin Dudley

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 541 MB
Genre : Classic Rock, Folk Rock


CD 1

01. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) 3.00
02. Dweller On The Threshold 4.45
03. Whenever God Shines His Light 4.54
04. Moondance 4.33
05. Bright Side Of The Road 3.46
06 Brown Eyed Girl 3.04
07. Wavelength 5.46
08. Crazy Love 2.37
09. Someone Like You 4.07
10. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God? 5.38
11. Tore Down A La Rimbaud 4.08
12. Wild Night 3.34
13. Gloria 2.39
14. Real Real Gone 3.41
15. Into The Mystic 3.31
16. In The Garden 5.47
17. Saint Dominic's Preview 6.26
18. Stranded 5.38

CD 2

01. Precious Time 3.48
02. Domino 3.10
03. Here Comes The Night 2.47
04. Little Village 4.30
05. And It Stoned Me 4.34
06. Days Like This 3.13
07. Have I Told You Lately? 4.21
08. Cleaning Windows 4.43
09. Baby Please Don't Go 2.42
10. Back On Top 4.21
11. Vanlose Stairway 4.09
12. Celtic New Year 6.12
13. Irish Heartbeat 3.54
14. The Healing Game (Alternative Version) 4.29
15. Full Force Gale 3.15
16. Warm Love 3.23
17. Did Ye Get Healed? 4.09
18. Tupelo Honey 6.56
19. Wonderful Remark 3.59

CD 3

01. Hey Mr. DJ 3.50
02. In The Forest 4.38
03. Queen Of The Slipstream 4.55
04. Rave On John Donne 5.17
05. Hymns To The Silence 9.38
06. Crazy Jane On God 4.07
07. Rough God Goes Riding 6.18
08. Steal My Heart Away 4.23
09. One Irish Rover 3.31
10. Listen To The Lion 11.10
11. Streets Of Arklow 4.24
12. The Beauty Of The Days Gone By 5.50
13. Take It Where You Find It 8.42
14. Coney Island 2.03

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Wishbone Ash - Argus (1972) (2CD Deluxe Edition 2007)

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It was the album that broke them and now Wishbone Ash's classic third album has been given the stamp of historic approval with this special double disc edition. Disc one - a fresh-sounding version of the original 1972 album - will delight fans and it's a reminder of how groundbreaking the band's twin lead guitar sound was.It also includes three bonus tracks, including a 17-minute live version of Phoenix. But it's the mouth-watering second disc that will have completists grinning from ear to ear, with mammoth lo-fi but nonetheless powerful live efforts from three 1972 BBC sessions. These include a quite remarkable 19-minute Phoenix and the likes of The King Will Come and double tasters of "Throw Down the Sword" and "Blowin' Free".

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 197 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Time Was 9.46
02. Sometime World 6.57
03. Blowin' Free 5.20
04. The King Will Come 7.08
05. Leaf And Stream 3.55
06. Warrior 5.53
07. Throw Down The Sword 5.59
08. No Easy Road 3.39
09. The Pilgrim 10.10
10. Phoenix 17.06

CD 2

01. Time Was 10.14
02. Blowin' Free 5.51
03. Warrior 5.44
04. Throw Down The Sword 6.47
05. The King Will Come 8.11
06. Phoenix 19.35
07. Blowin' Free 5.38
08. Throw Down The Sword 6.13

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Lou Reed - NYC Man - The Collection (2003)

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Listening to the Lou Reed CD NYC man, it becomes evident that this package was put together with a great deal of thought and love (Lou chose the songs, the sequencing, and the versions). It's amazing to hear the growth and evolution of Lou Reed's career through the decades and every song here is an absolute gem. What's more amazing though, is the package itself. The liner notes and comments from Lou on the songs are an intriguing read and a must have for any Lou, Velvet U, or glam fan. Also the photos are mesmerizing. An essential collection and highly recomemended for any serious fan of rock n' roll, not just Lou Reed...Manfred Mandel

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 357 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01. Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song) 5.33
02. Sweet Jane 3.01
03. Rock 'N' Roll 4.40
04. I'm Waiting For The Man 4.37
05. White Light/White Heat 5.00
06. Street Hassle 11.00
07. Berlin 3.23
08. Caroline Says II 4.12
09 The Kids 7.49
10. Walk On The Wild Side 4.11
11. Kill Your Sons 4.08
12. Vicious 2.56
13. The Blue Mask 5.02
14. I'll Be Your Mirror 2.46
15. Magic And Loss - The Summation 6.36
16. Ecstasy 4.30

CD 2

01. I Wanna Be Black 6.30
02. Temporary Thing 5.14
03. Shooting Star 3.11
04. Legendary Hearts 3.05
05. Heroin 8.21
06. Coney Island Baby 6.36
07. The Last Shot 3.20
08. The Bells 9.20
09. Perfect Day 3.43
10. Sally Can't Dance 2.55
11. Satellite Of Love 3.38
12. NYC Man 4.55
13. Dirty Boulevard 3.30
14. Rock Minuet 6.56
15. Pale Blue Eyes 5.38

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Aphrodite's Child - 666 (1971) (Remaster Edit 2004)

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Deleted in the U.S., the landmark 1971 album by the Greek act led by Vangelis. A concept album about the Bible's Book Of Revelations, it contains all 24 tracks from the original release on Vertigo, including the near hit 'Break'. A Polygram International release. Double jewel case. The full title is '666

The story of "Aphrodite's Child" starts in Greece during the early sixties, in the time that the local music scene is quickly developing a new movement, usually referred to as beat or garage music. Many young musicians and groups emerge in search of a new sound, breaking away from tradional Greek bouzouki and taking inspiration from similar movements in Western pop-scenes.
All members of Aphrodite's Child had been playing in different local groups before moving to Paris. Most notably Vangelis Papathanassiou already formed a highly successful band during his high school years, "The Forminx" (1963 to 1966), while Demis Roussos has been part of bands such as "The Idols" and "We five". During 1967 Vangelis and Demis form an ensemble together with Lucas Sideras (drums) and Argyris Koulouris (guitars), sometimes referred to as "The Papathanassiou Set". They record a demo with two songs, "Plastics nevermore" and "The other people". Impressed with the demo, Philips Records in Greece proposes to have the group try their luck in England...

Early in 1968 Vangelis, Demis and Lucas travel from Greece to England in search for a better creative environment. Back in Greece a military regime has taken over the government, and just as many other Greek artists they decide to leave their country. Argyris Koulouris has to stay behind to fulfil his army duty. Although aiming to travel to England, Vangelis, Demis and Lucas first get in trouble as they are not allowed to enter the UK due to their work-permits, and then get stuck in Paris due to a transportation strike. By that time they decide to stay in Paris, and sign up with the Mercury record label as the band "Aphrodite's Child", with the help of Philips producer Pierre Sberro.
Their first single "Rain and tears", based on a Canon by Pachelbel and released in May 1968, immediately strikes gold and becomes a huge hit. The song plays in France during the student riots, and is an instant success in France and other countries in Europe. Due to the success of the single it is time to record their first album "End of the world". The title song of the album, released in October 1968, becomes their second single. A third single "Valley of sadness" is also shortly issued in France, but that is quickly withdrawn.

To support their concerts and appearances in Italy, in January the band releases the songs "Lontano dagli occhi" and "Quando l'amore diventa poesia" as a single. Both songs are sung in Italian and recorded on occasion of the Italian San Remo music festival.
Back in Paris Vangelis prepares the release of another single, "I want to live", an arrangement of the song "Plaisir' d'amour". The release of the single in June is another big success in Europe, especially in France and Holland.
The success of the album "End of the world" calls for the release of another, so Vangelis, Demis and Lucas go back into the studio. What did not seem possible a year before now finally happens, the three Greeks, still astonished with their sudden success travel to London to record their next album "It's five o'clock" in the Trident Studios.
The first single from this album "Let me love, let me live", released in October 1969 rises to a number one position in the French charts, but it is the B-side "Marie Jolie" that is most popular in the rest of Europe. The title track "It's five o'clock" quickly follows the same path, released in December 1969 it does well in the charts of many European countries.
Shortly after the release of the album the band starts touring in Spain and Italy, but this time without Vangelis who prefers to stay in the studio. To replace Vangelis on keyboards fellow Greek Harris Chalkitis enforces the band on stage. In the meantime Vangelis works on his very first solo project, the score to the Henry Chapier film "Sex Power".

While the band is touring to promote their latest album, Vangelis firmly sets himself in the studio in Paris. He uses his time among others to prepare for the bands next album, a concept album of which the recording will start later that year. In the meantime he finds himself composing the theme to that years "Rose d'or" festival, a theme performed by the orchestra of Raymond Lefevre. Also Vangelis produced a single for French single Paul Labbey, and around this time he probably also composed a song for fellow Greek artist Tassos Papastamatis.
Before the group would go back into the studio to record their third album, the record company insists on another single release, which becomes "Spring, summer, winter and fall". Released in August the epic song quickly becomes another big hit in Europe. Then the recording of the final Aphrodite's Child album can finally begin....

By the time Vangelis, Demis and Lucas start working on the their third album (666) Argyris Koulouris joins the band after fulfilling his army duty in Greece. The conceptual album "666" is based on a part of the New Testament, The Apocalypse of St. John and is conceived by Vangelis and Costas Ferris. The entire album takes more than a year to record and complete, and when it was finally ready for release, the band has already split up and each member working on solo albums.
Demis records his first solo single "We shall dance" (with Lucas on drums), and releases his first solo album "On the Greek side of my mind". Lucas also started working on his first solo album, which he released the next year titled "One day".
Vangelis in the meantime records the score for "L'apocalypse des animaux", his first collaborative work with the French director Frédéric Rossif. He also releases a single with his girlfriend Vilma Ladopoulou, performing with Arghyris Koulouris using the pseudonym "Alpha Beta".
Production problems for "666" are numerous, as the band members were not on very good terms during the recording sessions. Then Mercury, the band's record label starts objecting to the specific content of the album, and although Vangelis refuses to remove offending tracks (such as 'oo' Infinity) the album is brought back to the released issue of 80 minutes.

One single makes it off the album, "Break/Babylon" is released in November, but that can not turn the album into a commercial success at the time. Today however the experimental "666" has received widespread acknowledgement and is regarded as a classic work and milestone in progressive rock!..B. G. Gal

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 178 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock


CD 1

01 The System 0.23
02 Babylon 2.48
03 Loud, Loud, Loud 2.43
04 The Four Horsemen 5.53
05 The Lamb 4.35
06 The Seventh Seal 1.31
07 Aegian Sea 5.23
08 Seven Bowls 1.29
09 The Wakening Beast 1.12
10 Lament 2.45
11 The Marching Beast 2.00
12 The Battle Of The Locusts 0.56
13 Do It 1.44
14 Tribulation 0.32
15 The Beast 2.26
16 Ofis 0.15

CD 2

01 Seven Trumpets 0.35
02 Altamont 4.34
03 The Wedding Of The Lamb 3.39
04 The Capture Of The Beast 2.17
05 Infinity 5.15
06 Hic And Nunc 2.56
07 All The Seats Were Occupied 19.21
08 Break 2.59

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utorak, 30.12.2008.

Scorpions - The Platinum Collection (3 Disc Set 2006)

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The Platinum Collection is a veritable archive of hits, combining the band's greatest with all the old favorites for the very first time! With 52 million albums sold worldwide and over 4500 live concerts, the Scorpions are not just Germany's most successful rock band, they are continental Europe's most successful group ever! This boxed set of 3 CD's contains the first representative summary of the Scorpions' unique career spanning four decades of rock music history! A must-have for all rock fans, not to mention countless Scorpions fans!

If your looking for something different, than pick up this collection. Although the songs sound familar, most of them are mixed differently than the studio albums you may be familar with. Much of the earlier tracks sound like demos and at times can be distracting but interesting. Give this disc a listen and you will understand what I'm talking about...M. Jacositz

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 490 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


CD 1

01. In Trance 4:41
02 .Crying Days 4:37
03. Pictured Life 3:22
04. He's a Woman - She's a Man 3:14
05 Coast to Coast 4:41
06. Lovedrive 4:50
07. Is There Anybody out There? 4:19
08. Holiday 6:30
09. Another Piece of Meat 3:33
10. Make It Real 3:50
11. The Zoo 5:29
12. Hey You 3:46
13. Blackout 3:49
14. Can't Live Without You 3:45
15. Now! 2:33
16. Dynamite 4:12

CD 2

01. No One Like You 3:55
02. Bad Boys Running Wild 3:55
03. Still Loving You 6:09
04. Big City Nights 4:08
05. Rock You Like a Hurricane 4:12
06. Coming Home 4:59
07. Rhythm of Love 3:48
08. Believe in Love 4:49
09. Passion Rules the Game 3:59
10. Can't Explain 3:21
11. Living for Tomorrow 7:13
12. Wind of Change 5:12
13. Send Me an Angel 4:32
14. Alien Nation 5:43
15. No Pain No Gain 3:53
16. Under the Same Sun 4:52

CD 3

01. You and I (Album Version) 6:14
02. Does Anyone Know (Album Version9 5:56
03. Wild Child 4:15
04. Where the River Flows 4:10
05. Edge of Time 4:17
06. When You Came into My Life (New Version) 4:26
07. A Moment in a Million Years 3:39
08. Ten Light Years Away 3:53
09. Eye to Eye 5:05
10. Mysterious 5:28
11. Aleyah 4:20
12. Moment of Glory / Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 5:07
13. Here in My Heart / Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 4:18
14. When Love Kills Love 3:40
15. Deep and Dark 3:39
16. Remember the Good Times (Rerro Garage Mix ) 4:23

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The Byrds - Fifth Dimension (1966) (Remaster Edit 1996)

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Having already pioneered folk-rock via their electrified versions of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger songs such as "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Turn Turn Turn," the Byrds helped midwife yet another new musical form in 1966 on this, their third album. Influenced by Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar and jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, Jim McGuinn's atonal 12-string guitar on the suitably titled "Eight Miles High" was a psychedelic omen of things to come. Pointing in other new directions, too, are the prescient country-rock tune, "Mr. Spaceman," string-aided updates of folk evergreens "Wild Mountain Thyme" and "John Riley," and David Crosby's fusion-y "I See You" and "What's Happening?!?!" On this album, plenty...Billy Altman

I would have rated the Byrds original 'Fifth Dimension' disc as a four star effort, but the six bonus tracks offered on this remastered package easily promote the collection to five star status. In fact, the bonus tracks, which essentially form a third album side to the original vinyl release, are collectively superior to either of the two album sides put together by the band in 1966.
This album, along with 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers' established The Byrds as the true 'American Beatles', a title usually reserved for the Beach Boys. The Byrds, however, were a much more dynamic force than the Beach Boys in the 1960's. With this album, the band broke the ice of the Psychedelic Era, and with 'Notorious...' helped usher in the Country-Rock genre, with a nod to Buffalo Springfield. It's quite remarkable to realize that the RCA version of 'Eight Miles High' was recorded at the end of 1965, signifying the bands stature as the founders of psychedelic rock. It wasn't a fluke as other psychedelic contributions from the disc attest, including 'I See You', 'What's Happening', and 'The Lear Jet Song'. Even though the lyrics to most of the songs were not truly acid-based or even acid-laced, they were acid-friendly, and Roger (still at the time aka "Jim") McGuinn's adaptation of his jangling guitar to mimic John Coltrane's jazz saxophone and as a sitar is a stroke of psychedelic genius. Had the band been bold enough to release a full-fledged psychedelic montage by replacing the rather placid folk tracks ('Wild Mountain Thyme', 'I Come and Stand at Every Door', and 'John Riley') with the likes of 'Why', 'I Know My Rider', and 'Psychodrama City', this album would be the only competition 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' would have to being the greatest album ever. Each of these songs possess great hooks, harmonies, and lyrics. In fact, listen to 'Psychodrama City' and see if you can't perceive the makings of Steely Dan's 'Show Biz Kids'. When you add to these bonus tracks the likes of the title track, with it's thoroughly spaced-out lyrics set to a melody that's like a cool summer breeze in your brain, the delightful aural message-in-a-bottle to extraterrestrials everywhere that is 'Mr. Spaceman', the dramatic emergence of David Crosby as a songwriter on 'I See You' (with a little help from McGuinn), and 'What's Happening?!?!, which relies more on exclamation points than question marks, and the funky instrumental 'Captain Soul', and you have a record beyond one, two, three or four dimensions. It truly begins to possess the essence of the Psychedelic Era... a mind altering experience. Of course I have hardly even mentioned the shining gem of the album, Roger McGuinn's 'Mona Lisa' (with credits to David Crosby and even the departed Gene Clark, who ironically left the band rather than travel on jumbo jets... no lie), 'Eight Miles High'. There is no lead vocal on the track as the lyrics are delivered entirely in harmonies, which serves to contrast McGuinn's mind-blowing, still today avante-gard guitar work. For years it was rumored that the first recorded version of the song, done for RCA in 1965, was superior to the officially released version. The inclusion of that recording here proves that isn't the case, but the track is not to be overlooked. Whereas the version we are familiar with seems to be soaring at least Six Miles High (as the song was originally titled as that is the altitude jumbo jets normally cruise at), the RCA version is so heavy it sounds like it might never get off the runway. The flight, as it turns out, is less intricate, but more turbulent. It has its own appeal, and its existance demands that every serious fan of psychedelic rock possess a copy. Fortunately there is much, much more to be enjoyed here. While the lyrics would be nice to have, they aren't included, but the liner notes, photographs, and track information is extensive. And be sure when you listen to the disc that you don't turn it off too soon. Included after the final bonus track is an radio interview with Jim McGuinn and David Crosby, sans the interviewer, whatever local DJ wanted to offer his audience a "live" interview with the pair, hawking this new release in 1966. This is just a marvelous artifact for any fan of 1960's rock music to own. Buy it, or be forever square...B. Rumah

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 142 MB
Genre : Classic Rock, Folk Rock


01. 5D (Fifth Dimension) 2.36
02. Wild Mountain Thyme 2.34
03. Mr. Spaceman 2.13
04. I See You 2.41
05. What's Happening?!?! 2.38
06. I Come And Stand At Every Door 3.06
07. Eight Miles High 3.38
08. Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) 2.20
09. Captain Soul 2.57
10. John Riley 3.01
11. 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song) 2.22
12. Why (single version) (Bonus) 3.03
13. I Know My Rider (I Know You Rider) (Bonus) 2.47
14. Psychodrama City BONUS TRACKS 3.26
15. Eight Miles High (alternative/RCA Studios version) (Bonus) 3.22
16. Why (alternative/RCA Studios version) (Bonus) 2.44
17. John Riley (instrumental version 1) (Bonus) 16.54

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Humble Pie - Hot 'N' Nasty - The Anthology (1994)

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"Hot 'N' Nasty" takes 31 tracks and spreads them across two discs, competently representing Humble Pie's blues boogie sound through the span of nine albums. Not only does this set compile the most worthy material from the band, but it also demonstrates how their sound changed slightly as the 1970s progressed. The first 11 tracks are taken from the band's first three albums, with the rare but worthwhile single "Big Black Dog" sandwiched in between. "Natural Born Woman," along with the brown-dirt gruffness of both "Buttermilk Boy" and "I'Ll Go Alone," are the best examples of Humble Pie in their early stages, while their self-titled album from a year later hands over the shaky "One-Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba" and the rolly-polly enthusiasm of "Red Light Mama, Red Hot." Out of all the earlier material, 1971's "Rock On" was the weakest, although "Stone Cold Fever" and a shortened version of Muddy Waters' "Rollin' Stone" appears here as a couple of wise selections. Humble Pie's best song, the overly-energetic "I Don'T Need No Doctor" from the "Rockin' the Fillmore" album is an obvious and welcomed insertion, with "Four Day Creep" and "I'M Ready" rounding out that album's input. Peter Frampton departed after the "Fillmore" release, and 1972's "Smokin'" introduced his replacement with Dave "Clem" Clempson. "Hot 'N' Nasty," "You'Re So Good For Me," and the nine-minute "I Wonder" are all taken from "Smokin'", which became their most successful album, gaining a number six spot on the album charts. The last eight cuts speak for Humble Pie's most disappointing albums, as the band somehow lost their homespun grittiness and their talent for producing abrasive, gut-heavy rock & roll. Only "Ninety-Nine Pounds" and "Road Hog" seem to carve any interest, with the latter coming from rather dismal "Street Rats" album, the group's last before they were reformed in 1981 by Steve Marriot and Jerry Shirley. An informative ramble through the band's career is also included in the form of a 20-page booklet, along with photos and detailed credits of each track. While a box-set may prove heartier, "Hot 'N' Nasty" provides a just-right assembly of Humble Pie's most essential morsels...Mike DeGagne

I was waiting a long time for a good compilation of Humble Pie to be released. This 2 cd set is an impressive overview of an influential band. My only quibble is the lack of a fews cuts such as "The Light", "Up Our Sleeve", "The Roadrunner" and "I Can't Stand The Rain" in favor of material from the weaker "Street Rats" album. This band was something of a supergroup when it was formed. Mighty mite Steve Marriott bolted the Small Faces and recruited bassist Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth. They convinced teenage guitarist Peter Frampton to leave the Herd and got the relatively obscure Jerry Shirley to join on drums. When Peter Frampton left for a lucrative solo career after the successful "Performance-Rockin' The Fillmore" album in 1972, he was replaced by Dave "Clem" Clempson from the jazz/blues/rock fusion group Colosseum. The music was a mixture of Marriott's blues and soul influenced boogie songs mixed with Frampton's quieter acoustic numbers. The guitarists differing styles provided an interesting contrast. Marriot's playing was more brash while both Frampton's and Clempson's playing was slightly more jazz influenced. Some of my favorite numbers include "I Don't Need No Doctor", "Four Day Creep", "30 Days In The Hole" & Frampton's "Shine On". A welcome inclusion is "Big Black Dog" a rocking non-lp single released 1970. The band alternated the vocals between Marriott, Frampton and bassist Greg Ridley, sometimes all in the same song. The various members filled in on piano and organ as necessary. The music somewhat resembles that of the Faces, the band Marriott quit (originally called the Small Faces) before relative giants Ron Wood and Rod Stewart joined to replace Marriott. This music was an influence on currents bands such as the Black Crowes and Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds. If you like blues/soul influenced rock & boogie, you find much to enjoy in this 2 cd set...J. E. Fell

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 256 kB/s
Size: 275 MB
Genre : Classic Rock


CD 1

01. Natural Born Woman 4.17
02. Buttermilk boy 4.24
03. I'll Go Alone 3.57
04. As Safe As Yesterday 6.10
05. Take Me Back 4.58
06. The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake 3.01
07. Big Black Dog 4.07
08. Live With Me 7.53
09. One-Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba 2.53
10. Earth And Water Song 6.19
11. Red Light Mama, Red Hot! 6.22
12. Shine On 3.03
13. Stone Cold Fever 4.12
14. Rollin' Stone 6.00
15. Strange Days 6.35

CD 2

01. Four Day Creep - Live 3.44
02. I'm Ready - Live 6.33
03. I Don't Need No Doctor - Live 8.53
04. Hot 'N' Nasty 3.23
05. C'Mon Everybody 5.15
06. You're So Good For Me 3.51
07. 30 Days In The Hole 3.58
08. I Wonder 8.57
09. Black Coffee 3.11
10. I Believe To My Soul 4.07
11. Beckton Dumps 3.17
12. Thunderbox 5.20
13. Ninety-Nine Pounds 2.48
14. Street Rat 2.54
15. Road Hog 3.10
16. Rain 4.01

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Santana - The Ultimate Collection (1998) (2000)

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First released in 1998, 2000 Columbia retrospective with 39 digitally remastered classics from the '60s through the 90s on two CDs.

Do not let this title confuse you. This is not the three CD Holland import released a couple of years ago. This is a UK CD with slighly different reshuffled tracks on only two CD's. The cover is similar to the US Best of Santana (only in blue) right down to the liner notes, family tree, and album sources for the songs.
Good news: the packaging compliments the domestic single disc. More tracks are included from Santana's prime period (Se A Cabo from Abraxas, Fuente Del Ritmo from Caravanserai (always a plus to have more of this album's tracks), I Love You Much Too Much from Zebop (the best track on that album), and Blues For Salvador. Black Magic Woman has Gypsy Queen (I can't hear it any other way!). That ends the good news. Once again single edits are the criteria. Aqua Marine, Dance Little Sister, Soul Sacrifice, Hold On (which has a longer fade than on the US Best-of, but has its intro cut) are all edited. At least You Know That I Love You is intact (unlike the dutch import of the same name). One would like to see a couple of pointless inclusions removed to make room for full length songs (like How Long, or Para Los Rumberos an odd choice from III).
The liner notes are inaccurate. Dance Little Sister, and Europa are not from Moonflower but from Amigos, Para Los Rumberos is not from Abraxas. Gregg Rolie, and Carlos Santana oversaw the US best-of, they should have oversaw this! I assume the tracks are remastered, but frequently with Sony UK they never have it in writing on the CD. Of the two same name imports, this is a better assembled collection, just be aware of the shortcomings when you buy it..Brian o' Mara

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 359 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


CD 1

01. Jin-Go-La-Ba 4.15
02. Evil Ways 3.56
03. Soul Sacrifice 3.13
04. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 5.19
05. Oye Como Va 4.17
06. Se A Cabo 2.50
07. Samba Pa Ti 4.46
08. Everybody's Everything 3.32
09. No One To Depend On 5.33
10. Guajira 5.44
11. Para Los Rumberos 2.47
12. La Fuente Del Ritmo 4.32
13. Song Of The Wind 6.04
14. Love, Devotion & Surrender 3.37
15. Mirage 4.43
16. Europa 5.06
17. Dance Sister Dance 3.11
18. Carnaval 2.15
19. Let The Children Play 3.29

CD 2

01. Revelations 3.18
02. She's Not There 3.20
03. I'll Be Waiting 3.11
04. Flor D'luna 3.51
05. One Chain 3.31
06. Well All Right 4.10
07. Aqua Marine 3.57
08. All I Ever Wanted 3.36
09. You Know That I Love You 3.56
10. Winning 3.29
11. The Sensitive Kind 3.30
12. I Love You Much Too Much 4.43
13. Hold On 4.35
14. Nowhere To Run 2.53
15. Say It Again 3.28
16. How Long 3.56
17. Veracruz 3.46
18. Gypsy Woman 4.23
19. Havana Moon 4.10
20. Blues For Salvador 5.58



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The Nice - Here Come The Nice: The Immediate Anthology (2001)

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3CD set includes 40 tracks, some previously unissued, as well as their 3 complete albums for the label.

Discussions about the birth of that equally feted and reviled musical genre known as progressive rock usually award a little too much credit to the original King Crimson line-up. Their 'pioneering' debut tour de force 'In The Court Of The Crimson King' brought ecstatic praise from most quarters - the sort of praise that often eluded the true pioneers of prog, the Nice. Indeed the group have garnered more fame in the thirty years since their demise as 'that band that used to play with P. P. Arnold and had Keith Emerson in them' than on their own merits. To dismiss the Nice merely as the experimental nursery ground of one of the greatest pianists/organists in rock history, is to do the band a serious injustice. For Emerson, Lake & Palmer fans there is no further excuse not to give Keith's former band a thorough reinvestigation with 'Here Come The Nice' available. The packaging of 'Here Come The Nice' is admittedly somewhere just above shoestring but within there is the band's first three albums - 'The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack', 'Ars Longa Vita Brevis' and 'The Nice' - four previously unissued live tracks and a plethora of alternate versions, demoes, stray b-sides and singles. The Immediate label have managed to cram all these delights onto just three compact discs. Also included is a fairly comprehensive history of the band so little needs to be said of that here. A reevaluation of the music of the Nice is, however, long overdue. Their debut LP 'The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack' can, quite rightly be seen as one of the epochal releases of the late 1960s. Reviews have been written claiming that ultimately it is too psych for prog fans and too prog for psych fans. This view is easy to understand but doesn't stop their first album being a must for fans of prog and psych as it neatly traverses both genres. It is the most psychedelic of their first three LPs probably because it is the only to feature original guitarist Davy O'List who became disenchanted with Keith Emerson's increasing dominance - a dominance that would lead to Keith himself quitting also in a few years. On 'The Thoughts Of . . .' The Nice show themselves to be capable of being just as bombastic as ELP but also more willing to be subtle and understated at times. The band are probably sick to death of constant comparisons with ELP, but it is worth noting that the standard of recording on Nice records is undoubtedly inferior to that on ELP albums - a fact particularly noticable on 'The Thoughts Of . . .'. There is not even the merest hint of a filler on 'The Thoughts Of . . .' however and the companion singles are also exemplary, particularly their version of 'America' which was legendarily accompanied with a ritual burning of the stars and stripes at Nice gigs. The band's sophomore effort 'Ars Longa Vita Brevis' is remarkable for the side-long title-track subtitled 'Symphony For Group And Orchestra' which is a hugely entertaining, eminently successful and surprisingly enduring experiment in what would come to be termed 'classical rock' with its pioneering use of an orchestra. The group's self-titled third album shows them shorter on ideas than they had ever previously been and they devoted the second side of the record to two, nevertheless brilliant, live performances of 'Rondo' from the debut and extraordinary progged up version of Bob Dylan's 'She Belongs To Me'. There is even the feeling on 'The Nice' of Emerson somewhat taking on the role of band-leader of a jazz combo, especially in the extended, syncopated workouts of 'For Example'. Subsequently the length of the Nice's tours and Keith Emerson's piano and organ soloes would increase exponentially and the pressure would rise to boiling point within the band. This anthology leaves us at the point when the Nice were on the verge of their biggest commercial successes and then their acrimonious split. Progressive, psychedelic, either, neither or both, the Nice remain one of the best kept secrets of the late 60s - a group many have heard of but that few people own material by. The Immediate label have compiled an excellent and exhaustive box set here and with the band's two other CDs 'Elegy' and 'Five Bridges', this is an essential purchase...N. Whittaker

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 500 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


CD 1

01. The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack 02:51
02. Azrial 03.44
03. Sampler for The Thoughts of Emerlist Dayjack 05:19
04. Flower King Of Flies 03.19
05. Bonnie `K` 03:26
06. Rondo 08:24
07. War and Peace 05:15
08. Tantalising Maggie 04:37
09. Dawn 05:19
10. The Cry of Eugene 04:38
11. America 06:22
12. The Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon 02:49
13. Daddy Where Did I come from 03:45
14. Little Arabella 04:18
15. Happy Freuds 03:29
16. Intermezzo from the Karelia Suite 08:59
17. Don Edito El Gruva 00:13

CD 2

01. Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Symphony For Group And Orchestra) 19:22
02. Brandenburger 04:28
03. Azrael Revisited 05:58
04. Hang On To A Dream 04:48
05. Diary Of An Empty Day 04:02
06. For Example 08:56
07. Rondo (Live Fillmore East '69) 07:57
08. She Belongs To Me (Live Fillmore East '69) 11:52

CD 3

01. America ( Live Newcastle '68 ) 07:17
02. Rondo ( Live New Castle '68 ) 11:17
03. The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack ( Long Version ) 04:15
04. Flower King Of Flies ( Alternative Version ) 03:38
05. Bonnie 'k' ( Alternative Version ) 03:22
06. America ( Alternative Stereo Version ) 06:17
07. Dawn ( Alternative Version ) 05:06
08. Tantalising Maggie ( Alternative Version ) 04:25
09. The Cry Of Eugene ( Alternative Version ) 04:34
10. Daddy Where Did I Come From ( Alternative Version ) 02:50
11. Brandenburger ( Demo Version ) 04:26
12. Pathetique Symphony 4th ( Live Fairfields Hall '69 ) 10:33
13. Lt Kije ( The Troika ) / Rondo ( Live Fairfields Hall '69 ) 08:11



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Roxy Music - Country Life (1974) (Remaster Edit 1999)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some contend Roxy Music peaked on their first two LPs, the ones with Brian Eno. Others contend they were best on their next two LPs, without Eno. Country Life is the second LP of the latter grouping, and it probably is the highpoint of the band's career (although its predecessor, Street Life, is stiff competition). The haunting, melancholic "The Thrill of It All," the art-rockin' "Out of the Blue," the almost-pure '50s rock of "If It Takes All Night," and the decadent Berlin-before-the-War affectations of "A Really Good Time" all lead to the concluding "Prairie Rose," Bryan Ferry's campy ode tomore… Texas and amour Jerry Hall. This was "alternative" rock before the term existed. After this, Roxy Music became an entirely different band...Rainer Zuphall

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 96 MB
Genre : Art Rock, Prog Rock


01. The Thrill Of It All 6.25
02. Three And Nine 4.05
03. All I Want Is You 2.54
04. Out Of The Blue 4.46
05. If It Takes All Night 3.13
06. Bitter Sweet 4.51
07. Triptych 3.09
08. Casanova 3.27
09. A Really Good Time 3.46
10. Prairie Rose 5.12

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Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Budapest (Live) (1984) (1996)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In 1980 I witnessed a Manfred Mann's Earth Band gig in The Hague that was part of the "Angel station" tour. It was a completely sold out concert and the crowd reacted very enthousiastic to the great performance from the band. They sounded very inspired and Manfred Mann delivered many of his distinctive, very exciting Minimoog soli, layered with spectacular work on the pitchbend button. Also worth mentioning are the funny cartoons like "Instant sex", an instrumental jam that showcases the band and especially Manfed Mann at his best! Unfortunaltely the record companies never released a video or a decent album that captured this incredible era from Manfred Mann's Earth band.
This CD has some of the magic of the aforementioned excitement. On this live-CD you will be pleased by pleasant renditions from 'classics' like "Spirits in the night" (great guitar work), "Davey's on the road again" (spectacular Minimoog solo), "Blinded by the light" and of course the stage favorite "Mighty Quinn" (the title refers to Roger McQuinn from The Byrds), this time wihtout that sensational work on the keyboards.
A pleasant live album with some magic...Dhar Jellinc


- Matt Irving / bass
- John Lingwood / drums
- Manfred Mann / keyboards
- Chris Thompson / vocals, guitar
- Steve Waller / vocals, guitar

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 97 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


01. Spirits In The Night 4.30
02. Demolition Man 5.55
03. For You 4.15
04. Davey's On The Road Again 6.37
05. Lies 4.38
06. Blinded By The Light 7.38
07. Redemption Song 3.23
08. Mighty Quinn 4.01




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Smokie - The Montreux Album (1978) (Remaster Edit 2007)

Long overdue UK CD release for Smokie's fifth studio album which charted at No.52 in England in 1978 but spent nigh on six months in the German charts - peaking at No.3. Includes the hit singles 'Mexican Girl', 'Oh Carol' and 'For A Few Dollars More'. Features both sides of vocalist Chris Norman's duet with Suzi Quatro ('Stumblin' In') added as bonus tracks. Booklet contains original LP artwork, detailed liner notes and loads of pictures of rare European picture sleeves.


Chris Norman Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Alan Silson Guitar, Vocals
Peter Spencer Drums, Saxophone, Vocals
Terry Uttley Bass, Vocals

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 97 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. The Girl Can't Help It 3.48
02. Power Of Love 1.57
03. No More Letters 3.30
04. Mexican Girl 3.59
05. You Took Me By Surprise 3.38
06. Oh Carol 3.40
07. Liverpool Docks 2.58
08. Light Up My Life 4.25
09. Petesy's Song 2.53
10. For A Few Dollars More 3.35
11. Stumblin' In - (Bonus)(with Suzi Quatro) 3.57
12. A Stranger With You - (Bonus)(with Suzi Quatro) 3.53




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White Lion - The Definitive Rock Collection (2007)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Glam-metal masters White Lion formed in New York City in 1983, fronted by charismatic frontman Mike Tramp and featuring the six-string chops of Vito Bratta. This essential two-disc collection features their hit 1987 single "Wait," plus "When Children Cry," "Tell Me," and several rare rehearsal recordings.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 192 kB/s
Size ca.: 195 MB
Genre : Glam metal


CD 1

01. Fight to Survive (5:15)
02. El Salvador (4:50)
03. Wait (4:02)
04. Tell Me (4:29)
05. When the Children Cry (4:23)
06. Lonely Nights (4:12)
07. Don't Give Up (3:15)
08. Sweet Little Loving (4:03)
09. Little Fighter (4:23)
10. Radar Love (5:57)
11. Goin' Home Tonight (4:48)
12. Let's Get Crazy (4:51)
13. Don't Say It's Over (4:06)
14. Cry for Freedom (6:11)
15. Love Don't Come Easy (4:09)

CD 2

01. Broken Heart (4:08)
02. Lights and Thunder (Edit) (4:58)
03. Farewell to You (4:20)
04. Hungry (Live) (4:58)
05. Don't Give Up (Live) (3:32)
06. Lonely Night (Live) (4:19)
07. Sweet Little Loving (Live) (4:11)
08. Broken Heart (Live) (4:34)
09. Fight to Survive (Live) (5:24)
10. Tell Me (Live) (5:01)
11. All Joing Our Hands (Live) (4:02)
12. Wait (Live) (3:54)
13. Lady of the Valley (Live) (7:37)
14. TheRoad to Valhalla (Live) (3:07)
15. All You Need Is Rock N Roll (Live) (5:42)

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Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments (1977) (Remaster Edit 2002)

If Supertramp had only recorded this album's title track and the epic "Fool's Overture" they still could have made musical history, because almost 30 years after the recording of 'Even in the Quietest Moments' the sound retains its original nature of a classic. To attempt to describe 'Fool's Overture' in words is doomed to failuer, because words fall short when you try to describe a piece of art: such is the beauty of this -in my opinion, the band's best- work, one that at times reminds me (don't ask me why) of Yes' "Turn Of The Century" (ironically recorded in 1977 as well) but with a more epic feel to it. If you're in the mood for great live versions of this song and "From Now On", I advice you to check out the band's live album recorded in Paris, one of the best live albums you might ever hear...Manny Hernandez

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 100 MB
Genre : Classic Rock
Cover: Front


01. Give A Little Bit 4.08
02. Lover Boy 6.52
03. Even In The Quietest Moments 6.29
04. Downstream 4.01
05. Babaji 4.51
06. From Now On 6.22
07. Fool's Overture 10.52


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Alison Moyet - The Turn (2007)

Had Dusty Springfield still been making records in 2007 with her vocal power intact, she might have sounded like Alison Moyet does on Turn. The similarities lie not only in the singing, but also in the material, which mixes orchestrated pop/rock with a blue-eyed soul sensibility. There are important differences, though, chief among them the greater vibrato and stridency in Moyet's vocal delivery. The tracks are in an adult contemporary pop mold that's far above the usual standards for that genre, yet still too mainstream and, in some senses, slick and stiffly executed to find much favor amongmore… the hip crowd. It's still aimed at the mature pop market, but songs like "The Man in the Wings" betray a certain theatrical sensibility. As it happens, a few of the songs ("Smaller", the tango-flavored "Home", and "World Without End") were indeed first written (by Moyet and Pete Glenister, who are responsible for all the material on the album) and performed in 2006 for a stage play, Smaller, in which Moyet starred with Dawn French. She does vary her approach substantially throughout the disc, "It's Not the Thing Henry" coming close to funky rock, though moody romantic ruminations usually remain at the core of most of the music.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 99 MB
Genre : Pop


01. One More Time 4:00
02. Anytime at All 3:26
03. The Man in the Wings 4:29
04. Can't Say It Like I Mean It 5:41
05. It's Not the Thing Henry 3:42
06. Fire 3:59
07. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow) 4:16
08. World Without End 2:38
09. Home 2:49
10. Smaller 3:30
11. A Guy Like You 4:19


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King Crimson - Discipline (1981)(30. Anniversary Edit 2004)

King Crimson have been one of those bands that have always come in for negative criticism from the rock press for proggy excesses every time they released a new album. Often it has been deserved and sometimes definitely not. 'Discipline' is very much as case of the latter. Instead of ambient noodlings and indecipherable lyrics that go on for eons, the tracks here are concise, cleaner sounding and godammmit ..funky. Tunes like 'The Hun Ginjeet', 'Frame by frame' and 'Elephant Talk' wouldnt've been out of place on Talking Heads "Remain inlight". Not surprising as both Fripp and Belew have lent their chops to Heads albums. So, if the Heads are your bag I recommend you lend an ear to this. If you prefer the proggy widdlings of yore you may not be so keen...Bob Hope

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 130 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


01. Elephant Talk 4.43
02. Frame By Frame 5.09
03. Matte Kudasai 3.47
04. Indiscipline 4.33
05. Thela Hun Ginjeet 6.26
06. The Sheltering Sky 8.22
07. Discipline 5.13
08. Matte Kudasai (Alternative Version) 3.50


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Bob Seger - Night Moves (1976) (1999)

Bob Seger recorded the bulk of Night Moves before Live Bullet brought him his first genuine success, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's similar in spirit to the introspective Beautiful Loser, even if it rocks harder and longer. Throughout much of the album, he's coming to grips with being on the other side of 30 and still rocking. He floats back in time, turning in high-school memories, remembering when wandering down "Mainstreet" was the highlight of an evening, covering a rockabilly favorite in "Mary Lou." Stylistically, there's not much change since Beautiful Loser, but the difference is that Seger and his Silver Bullet Band -- who turn in their first studio album here -- sound intense and ferocious, and the songs are subtly varied. Yes, this is all hard rock, but the acoustic ballads reveal the influence of Dylan and Van Morrison, filtered through a Midwestern sensibility, and the rockers reveal more of Seger's personality than ever. Seger may have been this consistent before (on Seven, for example), but the mood had never been as successfully varied, nor had his songwriting been as consistent, intimate, and personal. Thankfully, this was delivered to a mass audience eager for Seger, and it not only became a hit, but one of the universally acknowledged high points of late-'70s rock & roll. And, because of his passion and craft, it remains a thoroughly terrific record years later...S.T. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 85 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. Rock and Roll Never Forgets 3:52
02. Night Moves 5:25
03. The Fire Down Below 4:28
04. Sunburst 5:13
05. Sunspot Baby 4:38
06. Main Street 3:43
07. Come to Poppa 3:11
08. Ship of Fools 3:24
09. Mary Lou 2:56


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Eddie Money - No Control (1983) (Remaster Edit 2008)

On No Control, Eddie Money found the perfect middle ground between AOR production and pop hooks, with the singles "Think I'm In Love" and "Shakin'" sending the rocker back into platinum territory. Stephen Thomas Erlewine

When Eddie has time and is in the mood to write songs he is awesome at making it believable ! I think this was his best cd from the 1980's. Unlike "Can't Hold Back" from 1986 that featured more of his pop side "No Control" featured his rockin side! Every song rocked and had a true life story about him. "Shakin and Think I'm In Love" were the radio hits but other songs were just as good.. Take A Little Bit, Runnin Away and Hard Life also rocked and No Control was the story about the almost death of Eddie Money himself ! This was the true sound for which old Eddie Money fans will always remember him. He released many cds in the 80's but only 2 are left for purchase as "Where's The Party , Nothing To Lose and Playing For Keeps were left to run out of print.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 86 MB
Genre : Rock


01. Shakin' 3:07
02. Runnin' Away 3:33
03. Think I'm in Love 3:08
04. Hard Life 3:50
05. No Control 3:56
06. Take a Little Bit 3:23
07. Keep My Motor Runnin' 3:11
08. My Friends, My Friends 3:15
09. Drivin' Me Crazy 3:04
10. Passing by the Graveyard (Song for John B.) 3:07
11. It Could Happen to You 3:27

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Little River Band - All Time Greatest Hits (1992)(1995)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All-Time Greatest Hits is a budget-priced, ten-track selection of the Little River Band's best-known material, and in many ways, it functions as a definitive collection for casual fans, since it contains all of the big hits -- "Help Is on Its Way," "Happy Anniversary," "Reminiscing," "Lady," "Lonesome Loser," "Cool Change," "The Night Owls," "Take It Easy on Me," "Man on Your Mind," "The Other Guy" -- and no filler. S. T. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 97 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. Help Is on the Way 4:04
02. Reminiscing 4:13
03. Lady 5:00
04. Take It Easy on Me 3:46
05. Cool Change 5:05
06. Lonesome Loser 3:56
07. The Other Guy 2:48
08. Happy Anniversary 3:59
09. The Night Owls 5:15
10. Man on Your Mind 4:05


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Dr. Feelgood - Wolfman Calling (2003)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Subtitled - The Blues Of Lee Brilleaux. A collection of the late Dr. Feelgood frontman's versions of his favorite blues numbers, including two Dr. Feelgood rarities - Johnny Guitar Watson's 'Just One Kiss Before I Go Home' (previously unreleased demo) & the Sonny Boy Williamson standard 'Don't Start Me Talking' (first time on CD). As an added bonus there's a six minute radio feature on Howlin' Wolf which Lee presented on the BBC. 21 tracks. Grand Records. 2003.

This is not another Dr FEELGOOD's compilation, this is a thematic one, with the Gentleman of British R&B, the immortal LEE BRILLEAUX, at his best, singing the Blues... There are 20 remastered blues versionS of the Feelgood's catalogue, with three rarities: an unreleased Johnny "Guitar" Watson song, a Sonny Boy Williamson one for the first time on cd, and an excerpt of a Lee's interview talking about his hero Howlin'Wolf.
A enjoyable tribute for a real master: MR LEE BRILLEAUX...M. Gobello

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 162 MB
Genre : pub Rock, Blues, Blues Rock
Cover: Front


01. Watch Your Step 3.23
02. My Babe 2.20
03. Neighbour Neighbour 3.16
04. You Upset Me Baby 4.13
05. Rock Me Baby 4.29
06. You'll Be Mine 3.13
07. The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock 'N' Roll 2.18
08. I Can't Be Satisfied 3.25
09. Mojo Workin' 6.11
10. Just One More Kiss Before I Go Home 3.02
11. She Moves Me 3.21
12. Tore Down 2.36
13. Dust My Broom 2.54
14. Rolling And Tumbling 3.10
15. You Don't Love Me 2.51
16. Homework 2.18
17. Checking Up On My Baby 3.14
18. Don't Start Me Talking 3.06
19. Dimples 2.57
20. Mad Man Blues 3.45
21. Lee's Radio Feature On Howlin' Wolf 6.24


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Uriah Heep - Golden Ballads (1996)(2009)

Uriah Heep - Golden Ballads (1996)(2009)

Size: 404 MB
Genre : Rock


01. July morning (10:23)
02. Sunrise (4:04)
03. Weep In Silence (5:07)
04. Come Back To Me (4:18)
05. The Dance (4:49)
06. Free Me (3:33)
07. The Wizard (3:00)
08. Choices (5:43)
09. Wise Man (4:41)
10. Rain (3:59)
11. What Shold Be Done (4:11)
12. Tales (4:08)
13. Illusion (5:02)
14. Sweet Dreams (6:35)

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Bob Seger - Beautiful Loser (1975) (1995)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Beautiful Loser" was the last album Bob Seger recorded before hooking up with the Silver Bullet Band and finally breaking through to mass popularity after spending the better part of a decade laboring as a relative unknown. Five songs from this 1975 release would appear on "Live Bullet" a year later, the album that was the springboard from Seger's leap to the big time. The backing band is credited as the "Muscle Shoals Rythm Section," and they give Seger strong backing for his excellent voice on what is mostly a batch of mid-tempo rock numbers. The highlights include "Katmandu," which sounds like it should have been a classic rockabilly number from the late 50s, the ballads "Jody Girl" and "Fine Memory," as well as "Travelin' Man" and "Beautiful Loser," recorded as seperate tracks here but which would be combined so memorably on the live album. Only a couple of obvious filler songs and the album's brief length (9 tunes, just over 30 minutes) keep it out of 5 star territory. Overall, a strong set of songs from a vetrean journeyman rocker who was on the cusp of stardom when it was released...B. D. Rubendall

Beautiful Loser winds up sounding more like Back in '72 than its immediate predecessor, Seven, largely because Bob Seger threaded reflective ballads and mid-tempo laments back into his hard-driving rock. He doesn't shy away from it, either, opening with the lovely title track. And why shouldn't he? These ballads were as much a part of his success as his storming rockers, since his sentimental streak seemed all the more genuine when contrasted with the rockers. If anything, Beautiful Loser might err a little bit in favor of reflection, with much of the album devoted to introspective, confessional mid-tempo cuts. There are a couple of exceptions to the rule, of course -- "Katmandu" roars with humor, and his cover of "Nutbush City Limits" shames Tina Turner's original -- but they are the only full-throttle rockers here, with "Black Night" coming in as a funky, swaggering cousin. It's the exact opposite of Seven, in other words, and in its own way, it's just as satisfying. Occasionally, it might be a little too sentimental for some tastes, but it's all heartfelt and he's written some terrific songs here, most notably the album's heart of "Jody Girl" and "Travelin' Man." Seger had started turning inward, searching his soul in a way he hadn't since the since-disowned Brand New Morning, and in doing so, he was setting the stage for his first genuine blockbuster...S. T. Erlewine

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 77 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. Beautiful Loser 3:29
02. Black Night 3:24
03. Katmandu 6:09
04. Jody Girl 3:41
05. Travelin' Man 2:41
06. Momma 3:22
07. Nutbush City Limits 3:57
08. Sailing Nights 3:18
09. Fine Memory 2:56


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King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon (1970) (2000)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

King Crimson opened 1970 scarcely in existence as a band, having lost two key members (Ian McDonald and Michael Giles), with a third (Greg Lake) about to leave. Their second album -- largely composed of Robert Fripp's songwriting and material salvaged from their stage repertory ("Pictures of a City" and "The Devil's Triangle") -- is actually better produced and better sounding than their first. Surprisingly, Fripp's guitar is not the dominant instrument here: The Mellotron, taken over by Fripp after McDonald's departure -- and played even better than before -- still remains the band's signature. The record doesn't tread enough new ground to precisely rival In the Court of the Crimson King. Fripp, however, has made an impressive show of transmuting material that worked on stage ("Mars" aka "The Devil's Triangle") into viable studio creations, and "Cadence and Cascade" may be the prettiest song the group ever cut. "The Devil's Triangle," which is essentially an unauthorized adaptation of "Mars, Bringer of War" from Gustav Holst's The Planets, was later used in an eerie Bermuda Triangle documentary of the same name. [In March of 2000, Caroline and Virgin released a 24-bit digitally remastered job that puts the two Mellotrons, Michael Giles' drums, Peter Giles' bass, and even Fripp's acoustic guitar and Keith Tippett's acoustic piano practically in the lap of the listener.]..Bruce Eder

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 93 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


01. Peace-A Beginning 0.50
02. Pictures Of A City 8.01
03. Cadence And Cascade 4.37
04. In The Wake Of Poseidon 7.56
05. Peace-A Theme 1.15
06. Cat Food 4.52
07. The Devil's Triangle 11.37
08. Peace-An End 2.53


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Bob Seger - Like A Rock (1986) (1995)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Many people condemn this album as being Seger's attempt to reinvent himself as an '80s rocker. It's true that the omnipresent synthesizers sound a little dated today, but if you're willing to overlook them, you'll discover a treasure trove of music that got surprisingly little recognition for its inventiveness and power. "American Storm" is essentially an update of Seger's earlier song "Even Now," displaying all the glorious driving beats and hard-sung lyrics that made that song such a hit. "The Aftermath" and "Sometimes" follow up in that vein, with a relentless rhythmic pulse--driving music if ever there was any. "Miami" is something of a departure for Seger, a smooth, almost soft-rock song that casually tells a compelling tale--a notable foreshadowing of the style he would explore in depth with his album "The Fire Inside." The other work is less notable, although "The Ring" is one of the most lyrically brilliant stories Seger's told. "Like a Rock" sounds the most like the "original" Bob Seger, and would easily be the best song on the album if we hadn't all heard the chorus so darn much (and I agree... someone at Chevy should be fired for that). Overall, this CD represents Seger's first real departure from his classic-rock roots, and that might initially turn people away from buying it. If you take it on its own terms, however, there's a lot to like about this album--and a surprising amount of the original Bob Seger sound to boot...R. Richards

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 100 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. American Storm 4.18
02. Like A Rock 5.57
03. MIami 4.41
04. The Ring 5.36
05. Tightrope 4.31
06. The Aftermath 3.31
07. Sometimes 3.32
08. It'sYou 4.03
09. Somewhere Tonight 4.25
10. Fortunate Son 3.21


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Copperhead - Lonesome Trails (Studio Outtakes) (1973)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Copperhead was a band organized by guitarist John Cipollina after he left Quicksilver Messenger Service in 1970. Cipollina, who had been a member of Quicksilver since its formation and whose lead guitar playing was its signature sound, had grown increasingly dissatisfied after the return of band founder Dino Valenti from a prison term, when the group grew larger and he found he had less space to play. He had also grown increasingly interested in playing sessions, which the band discouraged.

The early days of Copperhead were casual, with the group consisting of a loose aggregation of people playing gigs with Cipollina. Eventually it coalesced into a quartet consisting of Cipolliana on lead guitar; Gary Philippet on vocals, second guitar, and organ; Jim McPherson on vocals, bass, and piano; and David Weber on drums. The group was initially signed to the Just Sunshine label run by Michael Lang, one of the organizers of Woodstock.

But in 1972 it was signed to a major-label record deal by Clive Davis at Columbia and recorded its debut album, Copperhead, released in the spring of 1973. Unfortunately, Davis was fired from Columbia shortly after the album's release, an action that doomed any developing band that had been signed under his aegis. The album went nowhere, and when Columbia refused to release their second album, Copperhead folded. Cipollina went on to play in many different bands before dying in 1989.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 140 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Front


01. Spin Spin 03:13
02. Chameleon 04:46
03. Wang Dang Do 04:07
04. Drunken Irish Setter 04:54
05. Roller Derby Star 04:11
06. Puttin´ It To You 05:02
07. They´re Making A Monster 07:20
08. California Blues 02:38
09. Kamakazi 04:41
10. Kibitzer 03:43
11. Bigalow 6 - 9000 03:24
12. Pawn Shop Man 06:02
13. A Little Hand 04:56


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ZZ Top - Eliminator (1986) (25th Anniversary Collector's Edit 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh, man! Remember when we'd sit there watching Whispering Bob on the New Year's Eve 'Old Grey Whistle Test Special' and phoning in to make sure 'Gimme All Your Lovin,' 'Sharp Dressed Man' or 'Legs' won the video vote? Then one year, (this was before we had video recorders in the home, wasn't it?), Bob played all 3 in a row! I mean, Lynyrd Skynyrd won enough times with 'Freebird,' now it was ZZ's turn, and what classic tracks and videos they were and still are!
On Disc one we have the 'Eliminator' album for the first 11 tracks, as per usual, and is it OUR age NOW or don't these tracks date? Theymore… sound as fresh as they did 25 year's ago! Track 12 is 'Legs' single version / bonus track, 13 to 17 are Live, previously unreleased bonus tracks, and then a dance mix of 'Legs,' which is fun and just knockout!
Disc 2 is the DVD with those 3 'Whistle Test' classics plus 'TV Dinners.' Then, and this will make everyone just Click To Buy if you haven't decided to already, four Live tracks from ZZ's performance on 17th November 1983 on 'The Tube.'
Now, we probably got the vinyl disintegrating there in the LP box, and the original CD caked in dust by now, but just click the button, THIS IS THE PUPPY YOU NEED for the 21st Century; you'll be 25 year's younger by the time you've played this a few times!

ZZ Top had reached the top of the charts before, but that didn't make their sudden popularity in 1983 any more predictable. It wasn't that they were just popular -- they were hip, for God's sake, since they were one of the only AOR favorites to figure out to harness the stylish, synthesized grooves of new wave, and then figure out how to sell it on MTV. Of course, it helped that they had songs that deserved to be hits. With "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man," and "Legs," they had their greatest set of singles since the heady days of Tres Hombres, and the songs that surrounded them weren't bad either -- they would have been singles on El Loco, as a matter of fact. The songs alone would have made Eliminator one of ZZ Top's three greatest albums, but their embrace of synths and sequencers made it a blockbuster hit, since it was the sound of the times. Years later, the sound of the times winds up sounding a bit stiff. It's still an excellent ZZ Top album, one of their best, yet it sounds like a mechanized ZZ Top thanks to the unflaggingly accurate grooves. Then again, that's part of the album's charm -- this is new wave blues-rock, glossed up for the video, looking as good as the omnipresent convertible on the cover and sounding as irresistible as Reaganomics. Not the sort the old-school fans or blues-rock purists will love, but ZZ Top never sounded as much like a band of its time as they did here. [Based on Rhino's 2008 Deluxe reissue of ZZ Top's classic 1983 LP Eliminator, the trio didn't have much in the way of unreleased songs left in the vaults, but that doesn't mean this double-disc set isn't useful. This set has a DVD devoted to the album's landmark videos -- "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Legs," and "TV Dinners," all staples of early MTV -- adding a couple of live performances for good measure. Live performances are also the key to the expansion of the CD, as the seven bonus tracks contain two mixes of "Legs" -- a 7" edit and a 12" mix -- and five live cuts from the Eliminator tour. These live performances aren't as good as the sleek, gleaming finished album, as the group had neither learned to expertly play with a drum machine on-stage or figure out how to do these songs without electronics, but that just winds up highlighting what an exceptionally well-crafted, imaginative production the original Eliminator was and for that, this deluxe edition is worth exploring...Stephen Thomas Erlewine

The song Thug was featured in the 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 178 MB
Genre : Blues, Rock
Cover: Front


01. Gimme All Your Lovin 4:04
02. Got Me Under Pressure 4:03
03. Sharp Dressed Man 4:18
04. I Need You Tonight 6:18
05. I Got the Six 2:54
06. Legs (Original Album Version) 4:33
07. Thug 4:19
08. TV Dinners 3:50
09 .Dirty Dog 4:06
10. If I Could Only Flag Her Down 3:40
11. Bad Girl 3:22
12. Legs (Single Version) 3:35
13. Gimme All Your Lovin (Live / previously unreleased) 4:45
14. Sharp Dressed Man (Live / previously unreleased) 5:15
15. I Got the Six (Live / previously unreleased) 3:06
16. TV Dinners (Live / previously unreleased) 4:13
17. Got Me Under Pressure(Live / previously unreleased) 4:07
18. Legs (Dance Mix Bonus) 7:51


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Electric Light Orchestra - Part Two (1991)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Electric Light Orchestra without Jeff Lynne likens unto a day without sunshine. But this even-more-anonymous ensemble injects so much calculated charisma into the popcorn here that all is forgiven. Behind these replicated string flourishes and fey-Beatlisms remains sturdy songcraft. Getting past the fact that this disc spouts third-generation fluff and depending on how you take to mimicry or cover bands, "Honest Men," "Every Night," and "Heart of Hearts" imitate the band's glory daze to the point of enjoyability. Out of the blue, ELO II even takes a crack at "Kiss Me Red," a roguish non-hit composed by the authors of "Like a Virgin" that Cheap Trick attempted on the wire-crossing Doctor. So, one knows what to expect from this bubblegum machine: not "Sweet Talking Woman" nor "Confusion" or "Twilight," but a decent fabrication of a begone fab era. And while lynchpin Lynne pursues other endeavors, any party ever intrigued by Electric Light Orchestra will find something to enjoy by letting this saucer land on the turntable. Doug Stone

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 97 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


01. Hello 1:17
02. Honest Men 6:13
03. Every Night 3:15
04. Once upon a Time 4:18
05. Heartbreaker 4:55
06. Thousand Eyes 4:49
07. For the Love of a Woman 4:01
08. Kiss Me Red 4:01
09. Heart of Hearts 4:18
10. Easy Street 4:56


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King Crimson - Beat (30th. Anniversary Edition 2006)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Many People may concsider this to be the worst King Crimson album. Many People who even like the other two 80's dance Crimson albums ('Disciplin,' and '3 of a Perfect Pair,') which I feel is totally unfair. The production on beat is good for an 80's album, the lyrics may be a little poncy but thousands of people complain about the lyrics on the Crimson albums that they do like, so it shouldn't matter here either. The songs 'Heartbeat,' 'Requiem,'and the very rockin yet beautiful 'Neal, Jack and Me,' are all fantastic. The rest of the album is similar to the talking heads at the disco thingmore… the band had adopted on the previous album. The Pulsating and rhythmic 'Waiting Man,' deseves a mention aswell, with its bouncy interwinding drumming and great building music. Adrian Belew has a great voice and attitude, that shines out on this record more so than the previous or subsequent one. Beat may not be the best Crimson album but it doesn't deserve to be dismissed in the manner that it is... and I feel its much better than the other two 80's albums... much less convuluted and superiorly crafted. A great album to go to sleep or journey on public transport listening to.

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: ca.104 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


01. Neal And Jack And Me 4.22
02. Heartache 3.54
03. Sartori In Tangier 3.34
04. Waiting Man 4.27
05. Neurotica 4.48
06. Two Hands 3.23
07. The Howler 4.13
08. Requiem 6.38


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Van Morrison - Avalon Sunset (1989) ( Remaster Edit 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Any one of a dozen Van Morrison titles could be recommended, so why this one? Maybe a few extra sales were made by having Sir Cliff Richard as co-vocalist on the overtly Christian "Whenever God Shines His Light." The overall themes are the same; the songs have that glorious quality of melancholy and Morrison sings as well as ever. The religion and spiritualism that have become a strong part of his work are here in large doses, yet there is never any hint than he is lecturing his public towards a better way. "Have I Told You Lately" is a a perfect example of how Morrison can move the listener to tears.

Van Morrison scored one of his biggest commercial successes with Avalon Sunset, a record highlighted by the gorgeous "Have I Told You Lately," one of his most heartfelt love songs and a major radio hit which helped introduce his music to a new generation of listeners. Not a consistently strong LP, Avalon Sunset is nevertheless the work of a master craftsman, its lush orchestration and atmospheric production casting an irresistibly elegant spell; a deeply spiritual record, it also includes the standout opener "Whenever God Shines His Light," a collaboration with Cliff Richard. [This marks the second reissue for Avalon Sunset. It was remastered in the earlier part of the decade, in the U.K.., and sold in the United States as a straight catalog item. Morrison fans will have to decide whether the addition of an alternate take of "Wherever God Shines His Light," and Morrison's reading of "When the Saints Go Marching In" are worth their hard-earned dollars...Jason Ankeny


Van Morrison (vocals, guitar)
Cliff Richard (vocals)
Arty McGlynn (guitar);
Neil Drinkwater (accordion, piano, synthesizer)
Stan Sultzman (alto saxophone)Alan Barnes (baritone saxophone)
Henry Lowther (trumpet)
Cliff Hardie (trombone)
Georgie Fame (Hammond organ)
Clive Culberson, Steve Pearce (bass)
Roy Jones, Dave Early (drums, percussion)
Katie Kissoon, Carol Kenyon (background vocals)

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 120 MB
Genre : Blue Eyed Soul


01. Whenever God Shines His Light 4:56
02. Contacting My Angel 4:58
03. I'd Love to Wright Another Song 2:54
04. Have I Told You Lately? 4:20
05. Coney Island 2:03
06. I'm Tired Joey Boy 2:33
07. When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God? 5:38
08. Orangefield 3:52
09. Daring Night 6:13
10. These Are the Days 5:19
11. Whenever God Shines His Light (Bonus Alternate Take) 3:51
12. When the Saints Go Marching In (Bonus) 6:03

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Uriah Heep - The Ultimate Collection (2003)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Full title - Easy Livin' - Ultimate Collection. A comprehensive 34 track collection of the best of Heep's career from 1970 to 1991, remastered from original tapes & packaged in a slipcase.

I usually despise releases like this... I've seen (and purchased) so many best of, anthology, collections, millennium, very best compilations that keep deceiving me, either because of track selection, but more generally because record labels still think that putting more than 40 minutes of music on those will hinder sales of their back catalogue, that I wasn't really looking forward to this "Ultimate Collection". And URIAH HEEP already have dozens of retrospectives, so why would anyone pick up this one? Well, here's why:
1) This 2CD-set contains 34 tracks, with 158 minutes of music (those discs are packed!!!);
2) the remastering job is fabulous;
3) the tracks are presented chronologically;
4) all tracks are full-length versions (NO edits!!!)
5) you get all facets of the band, from the heavy "Gypsy" to the soft "Come Away Melinda", the kaleidoscopic "Magician's Birthday", the haunting "Wonderworld", the anthemic "Easy Livin'", the hair-raising "Blood Red Roses", and then some (actually, 28 more!!!)
And no, I'm not a member of the band or an unconditional fan...

This anthology covers the first 20 years of their recordings (1971-1991), and it's not focused only on "commercial" or radio-friendly material (ever heard the full length version of "July Morning" on the radio?).
To the novice, this set is THE best place to start without spending a fortune; to the initiated, over 2 and a half hours of cherished material covering a wide spectrum of genres so loved by many Heepsters. I just HAVE to play it again...E. Eoflove

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 362 MB
Genre : Hard Rock
Cover: Front


CD 1

01. Gypsy 6.40
02. Come Away Melinda 3.49
03. Bird Of Prey 4.14
04. Lady In Black 4.44
05. Look At Yourself 5.10
06. July Morning 10.33
07. The Wizard 3.00
08. Easy Livin' 2.37
09. Sunrise 4.06
10. Magician's Birthday 10.21
11. Sweet Lorraine 4.16
12. Stealin' 4.51
13. Sweet Freedom 6.36
14. Wonderworld 4.31
15. Something Or Nothing 2.55

CD 2

01. Return To Fantasy 5.51
02. Prima Donna 3.10
03. On Way Or Another 4.39
04. Wise Man 4.41
05. Free Me 3.33
06. Free 'N' Easy 3.05
07. Come Back To Me 4.19
08. Fallen Angel 4.59
09. Feelings 5.19
10. Too Scared To Run 3.49
11. On The Rebound 3.12
12. Think It Over 3.37
13. That's The Wat That It Is 4.07
14. The Other Side Of Midnight 3.55
15. Stay On Top 3.38
16. Hold Your Head UP 4.32
17. Blood Red Roses 4.10
18. Blood On Stone 4.35
19. Different World 4.12



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UFO- Obsession (1978) (Remaster Edit 2008)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

UFO's Obsession was to be their last studio record with star guitarist Michael Schenker. It did indeed contain lots of prime metal cuts, but some of the material ultimately fell flat. "Only You Can Rock Me" kicks off the album with a fun and carefree feel, while the funky "Pack It Up (And Go)" contains some John Bonham-like drumming courtesy of Andy Parker. The opening momentum is carried on through the slow Zeppelin groove of "Ain't No Baby," but soon the band hits the skids. The group takes a crack at a power ballad, which ends up sounding like an Elton John throwaway ("Lookin' Out for No. 1") and a couple of blah, clichéd rockers ("Hot 'N' Ready" & "One More for the Rodeo"), both anchored by Pete Way's ultra-simplistic single-note basslines. But the album eventually gets back on track with the melodic rock of "Cherry" and "You Don't Fool Me," the latter containing some tasty, fiery guitar solos. UFO hinted at their talents with releases such as Obsession and Lights Out, but it was their next release, the live Strangers in the Night, where it all came together for them...Greg Prato

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 110 MB
Genre : Hard Rock


Phil Mogg - vocals
Michael Schenker - guitar
Pete Way - bass
Paul Raymond - rhythm guitar/keyboards
Andy Parker - drums


01. Only You Can Rock Me 4:08
02. Pack It Up (And Go) 3:14
03. Arbory Hill 1:11
04. Ain't No Baby 3:58
05. Looking out for No. 1 4:34
06. Hot 'N' Ready 3:16
07. Cherry 3:34
08. You Don't Fool Me 3:23
09. Looking out for No. 1 (Reprise) 1:14
10. One More for the Rodeo 3:45
11. Born to Lose 3:42
12. Hot 'N' Ready (Live / previously unreleased / Bonus) 3:44
13. Pack It Up (And Go) (Live / previously unreleased / Bonus) 3:38
14. Ain't No Baby (Live / previously unreleased / Bonus) 4:40

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