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Kovači sudbine
Blog od 24.06.2006 godine. Alternativne pjesme senzitivne tematike. Rokenrol materijali nastali od 2000 - 2021 godine. Nadam se da ćete pronaći nešto za svoju dušu.
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The smiths of destiny
Blog since 24.06.2006 year. Alternative songs sensitive theme. Rock and roll materials written from 2000 - 2021 year. I hope you will find something for your soul.
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Kovači sudbine - The smiths of destiny

20.12.2016., utorak

Dolores's dream (Bed time story for Dollie)

Once upon a time...there was a little girl named Dolores.
This little girl...well she was never very fearful...
But even she couldn't cope with one terrible and evil man.
Only confronting his shivering shadow was immense fright!
Even a mere sight of him would give our little Dollie block.
The Boogeyman!
She would have told her in her little innocent mind many times.
But not for long time after that period - a vicious little boy knight started to appear every day...
Like from other time, other place and dimension...
This little vicious but righteous knight carried a true wooden sword!
It was sharp as a needle!
He had a little armour, too...
At first sight he stabbed the cruel man in his arse!
And two and three....times!
You will leave her alone!
Oh yes, you will!
Very unwillingly the cruel man finally stumbled and disappeared!
Ashamed and in horrific pain.
Little Dollie never knew this little knight!
Who are you?
How did you came here? Dollie asked...
Hi Dolores, I am your Dream Knight.
From now on I will also protect you!
Now hurry, we have to go!
Where? Dolores asked.
Just take my hand...
He took her hand and off they went out of her house doors...
Fast as wind!
Even Faster...
There was always many stone walls outside of her house.
And the grass is so Green...
But Dolores never knew...
One and two and three...passages...
That something so beautiful can be hidden behind one of the walls...
White Tall Clover Meadow. :)
Sun is shining. No rain. Cloudless sky. Ground is dry. It is summer time.
Bees are running rapidly from flower to flower.
Ants are building their castles underneath.
Spiders catching flies.
Butterflies. So many of them...
All kinds of butterflies!
And all sorts of multicolour bugs too...
The two of them went to the middle in the meadow.
Rolled some clovers and sat there.
Watching and smelling and laughing...
For hours...
She finally somehow fell asleep... [story from here goes quieter and quieter and slower and slower]
In the middle of this magic unseen clover meadow...
She fell asleep...
In the middle...
M m m
(When she woke up in her bed... [back to normal voice]
In the morning ...she was so happy...
Remembering... In her clover dreams she was so happy... :-) )
[written up to 05.10.2016]

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