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PoE Vaal Reave Is A Vaal Melee Attack

In Path of Exile, Vaal Reave is a vaal melee attack that deals damage in a small area in front of you, increasing the area of effect each time you hit an enemy.

Repeatedly attacks a large area: At the start of the attack the player is instantly granted 4 stacks of Reave.

After striking the targeted area, the attack repeats 7 times, rotating 135 degrees (the angle of the cone) counterclockwise for each strike. Because the attack repeats 7 times by default, supporting Vaal Reave with Multistrike will cause it to repeat 9 times but deal significantly less damage.

Stacks: If no enemy is hit with Reave within three seconds of Vaal Reave ending, all accumulated stacks of Reave are lost.

More Area of Effect: This is a local multiplicative bonus, it applies only to Vaal Reave and Reave. The maximum number of stacks that can be applied by Vaal Reave is 8, for a total of 240% more radius which ends up at about 41 units.

This is in contrast to Reave which can only apply up to 4 stacks, but is capable of maintaining any number of stacks. Area of effect spreads out in a 135 degree arc.

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PoE Flame Golems Are The King Of Golemancer Builds

Golems are a type of minion that provides a direct buff to the character who summoned them, but not to anyone else. A player may only have one Golem active at any given time by default. Enough poe exalted orb is needed in game.

I spent hours tinkering with support gems both in PoB and in game. I experimented with a dozen different spectres as support. I linked multiple Belly of the Beasts so that I wouldn't have to recolor.

I tried single curses, double curses, curse on hit, blasphemy. I explored poison (with severed in sleep), charge generation(with victario's charity), bleeding (with vulnerability and chance to bleed and bloodlust on spectres) and elemental (kaltensoul, hatred, added fire, wed, etc.).

It's just not good. After getting all my relevant gems to 20/20 and settling on what I thought was the best ice golem setup, I decided to see how flame golems would fare without changing any skill points or setups beyond gems. At this point, I did not have elemental equilibrium, and I bought level 15-18 gems, most with no quality, to experiment with flame golems.

Flame Golems: Flame golems are the king of golemancer builds; they have by far the highest damage and clear speed. Let's summarize.

1) Elemental Equilibrium: The easiest way to cast offering skills is with a channeled skill and cast while channeling. The easiest channeling skill to deal elemental damage with is storm burst - piercing projectiles, high rate of fire, aoe damage upon release. So the best type of minion damage to deal is Not Lightning. Flame golems deal 100% fire damage with all three skills, so they get the full benefit of elemental equilibrium.

2) Spectre Synergy: No spectre can top Tukohama Vanguards for single target dps. TV vanguards debuff fire resists with their scorching ray totems. Flame Golems get perfect spectre synergy.

3) Link synergy: All three skills used by flame golems are spells. Two of them are projectile spells. All three are 100% fire. This makes support links easy to choose.

4) Aura Synergy: Aura supports are only mediocre for flame golems. Anger adds a bit more damage, haste adds more cast and movement speed. Probably you'll use a defensive aura like discipline, though.

5) Curse Synergy: Curses provide only modest dps increases for flame golems. Flammability, obviously, can add some damage, but you're already getting two sources of fire resistance debuff. Probably use a defensive aura like temporal chains, instead.

Not only do flame golems have the highest base damage, but they also have the best synergy with spectres and they have the most specialized move set. Though it is in theory possible to take other golems to the endgame, in practice it is frustrating to play anything but fire. Keep an eye on poe trade currency is a good choice.

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PoE: A Team Is Needed If You Want To Be The Top Few Slots Of Each Class

In Path of Exile, it is no doubt that if you are going to compete in either Softcore or normal Hardcore, you will need a team, or you automatically lose the top few slots of each class. Of course, having enough poe exalted orb is also an important prerequisite.

A team typically consists of four players - two damage dealers, one providing auras, and another player cursing the enemies. A team of four will progress at speeds much faster than any solo player ever could.

To put this in perspective, in the Turmoil Hardcore race the top team consisted of three streamers - Zizaran, Nugiyen, and Havoc - as well as a fourth person who didn't steam. At the end of day one, Nugiyen and Havoc both died, in positions two and three on the ladder, at level 88.

At the end of day two, they had shot past all the other racers, and were at positions one and two. This is because they didn't stop, kept playing, and, of course, had a great team to help them on the way.

In Mayhem Hardcore, the top team had four players, including Steelmage and GucciPrada. They hit level 100 after a few days, and proceeded to level up second characters to 100. Only 19 characters hit level 100, and these guys were able to do it twice due to having a great team.

If you're going to compete in a league where teaming up is allowed, you should know that it's going to be much more difficult. If this doesn't interest you, and you don't want to play against teams, I recommend giving Solo Self-Found a shot.

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Everyone's Path of Exile racing experience is different, but if you do your research, stay patient, and don't do anything too risky, you can win a Demi of your own. If I can do it, so can you.

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