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PoE Vaal Reave Is A Vaal Melee Attack

In Path of Exile, Vaal Reave is a vaal melee attack that deals damage in a small area in front of you, increasing the area of effect each time you hit an enemy.

Repeatedly attacks a large area: At the start of the attack the player is instantly granted 4 stacks of Reave.

After striking the targeted area, the attack repeats 7 times, rotating 135 degrees (the angle of the cone) counterclockwise for each strike. Because the attack repeats 7 times by default, supporting Vaal Reave with Multistrike will cause it to repeat 9 times but deal significantly less damage.

Stacks: If no enemy is hit with Reave within three seconds of Vaal Reave ending, all accumulated stacks of Reave are lost.

More Area of Effect: This is a local multiplicative bonus, it applies only to Vaal Reave and Reave. The maximum number of stacks that can be applied by Vaal Reave is 8, for a total of 240% more radius which ends up at about 41 units.

This is in contrast to Reave which can only apply up to 4 stacks, but is capable of maintaining any number of stacks. Area of effect spreads out in a 135 degree arc.

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