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3 Tips For You To Level Faster And Safer In PoE

Leveling in Path of Exile that unlike buy poe orbs, which is not easy for new players. Therefore, here are three tips for you on how to shorten that sometimes-painful leveling process.

1. Don't Clear the Area: Biggest mistake noobs make is clearing each entire area. This is entirely unnecessary and just wastes time. Run through the area to your objective or destination, and kill only monsters that are in your way. You will level up at a fine rate doing this, so don't worry about that. This is the biggest time-waster of all, and I'm pretty sure you've seen most of this stuff the first time you went through the campaign.

2. Run Past Stuff: So this is an extension of the last point. Remember how to kill only monster packs that are in the way? If it's a small pack (like 5-6 enemies or less) just run past it. If it's bigger, kill it maybe, if it doesn't take too much time. This will feel weird at first, but in the end, you level a lot faster if you skip stuff. Weird, right? Just try it, you'll see.

3. Only do Quests that Give Skill Pointsl: On your first run-through you should probably do all quests just to understand the story and experience the full game. After that, work to remember which quests give skill points or are required to progress in the story, and which ones do neither. This may take a couple run-throughs, but once you know what to do and what not to do, you'll get through the campaign much faster. The Fetid Pool quest is an example of one you should not do, as it only gives respec points, but the Dweller of the Deep quest you should do, as that one gives a skill point.

Additionally, get a pair of boots with movement speed as soon as you can, buy chaos orbs on U4GM is always an excellent choice, and they are cheap.

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petak, 19.01.2018.

What Setups Are Effective Of PoE Hungry Loop

In Path of Exile, what setups are effective of the Hungry Loop? The Hungry Loop hype was before Shaper Elder item was revealed, the ring gives you a 5L skill, Shaper Elder item can give you a 6L skill, maybe only the socket hungry builds like traps and summoner would go for that now, or if someone wants to do a niche build.

In the Hungry Loop you run a Golem setup with 5L or run the Golems in the Shaper Helm for Immolate and run 3-4 Golems with Clayshaper and the Golem Jewels, don't use Zombies but still run Animate Guardian for buffs. This gives 7-8 powerful Minions, Golems are great at trash clear but suffer on bosses that’s where Spectres come in. Spectres have no weakness apart from only having 4 of them, that’s where Golems come in.

Should be theoretically the highest minion dps available and also best map clear once setup - you could run the build right away on your Spectre Summoner by getting the golem jewels but you would lose min 3/8 jewel sockets, having a Shaper helm doesn't seem necessary.

You can make one for an Unearth totem to go along with your Cremation-Vacuum totem as a Chieftain with the Tukohama shield and Eye of Innocence/Mokou's while selfcasting Volatile Dead, works really well and frees up a full item of sockets.

Actually one of the league-specific builds that are really popular at the moment are abyss unique stacking ele builds, running tombfists, enthroned darkness, shroud of the lightless and possibly either the boots or the helm also. One problem these builds have is they have very few sockets.

When you encounter some problems that you don't understand in the game, you can log in our official website on U4GM, there are some guides and news related to the Path of Exile for beginners, some cheap poe items.

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srijeda, 10.01.2018.

Uniques Of Designing The Path Of Exile Elder

In Path of Exile, to designers, Designing the unique items for the Elder was a very fun experience. The general design of a lot of elder uniques is that they are intended for a large variety of builds. Because of this, the focus on these designs are attributes, ailments, charges, curses and auras. of course, it is important for you to have enough PoE orbs.

Cyclopean Coil

As the attribute-focused item in the set, the bonuses of this item were chosen to be mostly defensive, with a secondary offensive effect that can be built around. Attribute stacking is nothing new in Path of Exile. Existing builds already use items like The Whispering Ice and Hand of Wisdom and Action to great effect. However, all those builds focus on stacking a single attribute as high as possible.

Blasphemer's Grasp

As the ailment-focused item of the set, there was a bunch of design space that opened up with the emergence of Elder and Shaper items. While not exactly a set bonus, this seemed like a good opportunity to make a unique item that rewarded using as many elder items as possible. These gloves just want you to use many elder items, which is consistent with the theme of the Elder influencing as many maps as he can!

Nebuloch, Hopeshredder and Shimmeron

This is the charge-focused design of the set, which meant that GGG were going to design an item for each charge type. Instead of limiting the Elder to a single weapon type, this allowed them to efficiently make a full item cycle. Since each weapon has a charge associated with them, the base type was chosen by looking at the attribute each charge was aligned to.


As the curse-focused item of the set, these amulets were pitched as one of the rarer drops from the Elder. GGG wanted to make some items drop from the Elder that were reminiscent of the Doryani's Invitation cycle of uniques from Atziri. Choosing a cycle that is split by the 5 damage types in Path of Exile was a good way to go about this.

Do you want to know more about Path of Exile news? Please Click Here.

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