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nedjelja, 24.10.2010.

Roy Buchanan - American Axe - Live In 1974 (2003)

More evidence of one of the world's best unknown guitarists .

The master of the Fender Telecaster, the late Roy Buchanan is commemorated on a archival CD release by Powerhouse Records. The CD, titled Roy Buchanan: American Axe Live in 1974, features highlights from two searing club sets Buchanan played over 30 years ago. All the material is previously unreleased. The music on this hour-long disc reveals Roy Buchanan at the height of his awe-inspiring powers, delivering soulful ballads, wrenching blues, and raw rock 'n roll for the small club audiences he preferred. Devotees of blues, rock, country, and jazz will find here the tone, technique and emotive power of a masterful performer whose work still overshadows those he influenced. It's clear from these recordings why guitarists and music industry insiders from the 1950's to this day include Buchanan among a handful of the most original and influential players. The CD's set list includes Buchanan classics such as "The Messiah Will Come Again" (a first-ever live version), his siganture "Roy's Bluz", "Hey Joe" (a tribute to Jimi Hendrix) and the hypnotic lament "Sweet Dreams". The balance of songs draws on classics from the golden age of American popular music, including "C.C. Ryder", "I Hear You Knockin'", Get Out Of My Life, Woman", and "Further On Up The Road", delivered in Buchanan's trademark fashion, seductive yet riveting, grooving and explosive. Phil Carson, author of the book Roy Buchanan: American Axe

Like Livestock, which was recorded the same year, American Axe displays Roy Buchanan's strengths and limits as a performer and recording artist. Livestock had to my mind three key tracks: "Roy's Blues", "I'm A Ram", and "I'm Evil", all among Roy's very best cuts ever. American Axe has three as well: "Roy's Bluz", "C.C. Rider", and "The Messiah Will Come Again". The two versions of "Roy's Bluz" display the absolute command and terrifying passion that Roy could draw from his Fender Telecaster. I prefer the first four minutes of the American Axe version, with its brilliant country-inspired and harmonic inventions (Roy even improvises another verse after singing the first three found on the studio version of "Roy's Bluz"). The Livestock version is astonishing during the last two minutes, displaying Roy's incomparable "engine revving" lick, so I prefer the ending of that version. "C.C. Ryder" has a stunning odyssey into country and jazz during the middle that Roy mustered at times, showing the influence he had on Danny Gatton, later the "World's Best Unknown Guitarist" in 1989. My last key track on American Axe, "The Messiah Will Come Again", I think, is the epitome of what Roy achieved: I have heard no less than five versions of this song live, sometimes played without a solo, sometimes with, but it never fails to give me notice that Roy played with a depth that very few players could ever hope for. The rest of the tracks on American Axe range from very good ("Too Many Drivers") to fair (a too-long "Done Your Daddy Dirty", a too-reticent version of "Sweet Dreams"); the material is often limited by vocals, but the enthusiasm by John Harrison and Byrd Foster is commmendable...D. Jellinc

Size: 150 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Too Many Drivers 3:46
02 Roy's Bluz 8:19
03 Get Out of My Life Woman 6:04
04 C.C. Rider 10:14
05 I Hear You Knockin' 2:40
06 The Messiah Will Come Again 5:56
07 Done Your Daddy Dirty 6:57
08 Hey Joe 7:44
09 Johnny B. Goode 3:32
10 Further on Up the Road 2:27
11 Sweet Dreams 4:17

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