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subota, 02.10.2010.

Tom Petty - Mojo

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Mojo is a revelation. This Is the live sound (apparently the album was recorded live in the studio without overdubs) of TP and the band playing the most sublime sounding blues. It ranges from the opening traditional blues format of Jefferson Jericho Blues and moves next on to First Fllash Of Freedom, a track that the Grateful Dead might have recorded. Other stand outs are the brilliant story telling of The Trip To Pirate's Cove, No reason To Cry and US 41. There are however no weak tracks on the album.
The reggae influenced Don't Pull Me Over is fantastic. TP's ghostly vocals coupled with a reggae beat about hoping to avoid being caught by the police whilst carrying drugs. This is an album that flows beautifully from start to finish and the excellent production highlights the superb musicianship including some fantastic performances from all involved especially Mike Campbell on guitar and Benmont Tench on keyboards...D. Jellinc

Tom Petty has been fronting the Heartbreakers off and on (mostly on) for over 30 years now, and he and his band have been delivering a high level of no-frills, classy, and reconstituted American garage rock through all of it. Petty often gets lumped in with artists like Bruce Springsteen, whose careful and worked over lyrics carry a kind of instant nostalgia, but Petty†s songwriting at its best cleverly bounces off of romance clichés, often with a desperate, lustful drawl and sneer, and he†s usually more concerned with the here and now than he is about musing about what†s been abused and lost in contemporary America. Petty has always been more immediate than that -- until now, that is. Mojo is Petty†s umpteenth album, and technically, the first he†s done with the Heartbreakers since 2002†s sly The Last DJ. This time out, he†s tackling the blues, trying to graft the Heartbreakers† (Mike Campbell on guitar, Scott Thurston on guitar and harmonica, Benmont Tench on keyboards, Ron Blair on bass, and Steve Ferrone on drums) patented '60s garage sound to the Chicago blues sound of Chess Records in the '50s. Sonically it certainly works, mostly because this is a wonderful band, but it seems a little tired, worn, and exhausted in spots, and there†s a regretful and meditative tone to so many tracks here, which is not what one expects from a band as vital as this one. But the playing is solid, especially Campbell†s clear and precise slide guitar leads, and if things don†t always gel to the level of either the classic old Chess sides or this band†s own impressive legacy, the good news is that the group will tour it, and this is as good a rock band as there is in the land...S. Leggett

Tom Petty - Mojo (2010)

Codec: flac/mp3
Size: 413/148 MB
Genre : Rock


Tom Petty - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Mike Campbell - lead guitar
Benmont Tench - keyboards
Ron Blair - bass
Scott Thurston - rhythm guitar, harmonica
Steve Ferrone - drums


01 Jefferson Jericho Blues 3:23
02 First Flash of Freedom 6:55
03 Running Man's Bible 6:01
04 The Trip to Pirate's Cove 4:59
05 Candy 4:11
06 No Reason To Cry 3:05
07 I Should Have Known It 3:36
08 U.S. 41 3:00
09 Takin' My Time 4:21
10 Let Yourself Go 3:23
11 Don't Pull Me Over 4:04
12 Lover's Touch 4:23
13 High In the Morning 3:36
14 Something Good Coming 4:11
15 Good Enough 5:48

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