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1th: Describe the role and operation of windmills.

Windmill is a device by which wind energy is converted into other useful forms of energy. In the past it was mostly used to drive the millstone and the extraction of water. Today windmill is the main task to produce electricity using wind power. Wind transferr mechanical energy that rotates the propeller and in interaction with the stator electrical energy is produced.

2th: When the first records off the windmills appear in the past?

They originate from Persia, and dates more than 2000. years ago. Persians, like other Iranian peoples (Scythians, Medes, Sarmatians and Aryans) gave a great contribution to the culture and technical culture in the past. They belong to the Indo-European group of peoples who have migrated from areas east of the Caspian Sea (Andronovo culture). Some researchers include Croats in the Iranian people who have been Slavenised afterwards.

3th: Describe the wind energy.

Wind has a mechanical energy that is renewable. Energy of trade winds occurs
because influence of earth rotation. Energy of all other winds occurs during the conversion of thermal solar energy.

4th Specify all sources of energy.

The main sources of energy is chemical energy of fossil fuels, nuclear energy fuel (uranium and plutonium), and the mechanical energy of rivers and lakes (renewable).

The secondary energy sources include solar energy, mechanical energy of the wind, mechanical energy of the sea (tides and waves), geothermal energy, thermal energy of the Earth and the chemical energy of biomass. The oceans hold vast reserves of thermal energy resulting from the conversion of solar radiation, but not suitable for exploitation. All these sources are renewable.

5th What is the model?

The model is a functional object that reflects the actual object from nature. We do it from cheaper materials (cardboard, wood, wire, Styrofoam, etc). Can be reduced or enlarged.

6th Specify and describe parts of the documentation necessary to produce the product.

a) Information sheet. The majority are integral and manufacturing drawings and gives information about the appearance of the product and its parts.
b) Work list describes the necessary tools, accessories and supplies.
c) Operational list describes the sequence of work operations by image and text (technology creation process).

7th Technical culture recommended that those students who show an interest in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering visits the Internet sites that study the exploitation of wind energy using wind power. It seems likely that in the future it will be interesting and well paid job.

Croatian coastal area is abundant with wind energy (the observed speeds of
300 km / h). For now, is built two fields of wind plants, in various stages of making is 50 projects more.

A “Pometeno” hill at Konjsko (hinterland of Split) “Končar” builds wind field of a dozen units of 1 MW and a power of 2.5 MW wind farm which is the strongest domestic production.

Danish Vestas has produced the world's largest wind farm type V164 with 7 MW (blade length is 80 m, and the column is 164 m high). Research on the Internet.

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