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ponedjeljak, 21.08.2006.

Za nas zene satkane od maste...

Za Orfeliju party

Kad sam bila mladja, primjetila sam kako se ljudi kad postanu "odrasli", nekako promjene, postanu previse ozbiljni, ne prate vise novu muziku, izgube dodir s mladjim generacijama i ne kuze nove djireve...kao da ih je, pomalo "pregazilo vrijeme".

Uvijek sam se pitala, da li cu i ja postati takva, kad odrastem. Skuzila sam da to, u stvari ovisi o meni, tako da mislim da necu...nikad. Bas cu bit "hip" 80-togdisnja bakica ;)

Inace, jako me zanima kako generacije mladje od mene razmisljaju, sto ih zanima, cime se okupiraju, kako se provode i koliko su slicni i razliciti od moje generacije. Pogotovo me zanima kako se mladje djevojke snalaze u danasnjem svijetu..."girl power", jednakost spolova, dvostruka mjerila, predrasude.

Pitam se, da li je ova thinspiration, samo jos jedan nacin na koji danasnje djevojke dobrovoljno, (kako bih rekla na hrvatskom?) "are giving up their power"? Umjesto da razmisljaju kako promijeniti i poboljsati ovaj svijet u kojem zivimo, da budu jake i mocne i razvijaju se u buduce liderke, da kazu mi smo tu i slusajte sto imamo za reci, da budu ratnice, da se nametnu, da se izbore, da se njih pita, postuje slusa, da se na njih izabiru da nestanu, pretvore se u sjene, da budu prozirne, nevidljive, da ne ostavljaju stope u pijesku, da ne doticu zemlju, da ih nema. Za koga?
Za sebe, za druge, za svoje majke, za svoje kceri?

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subota, 19.08.2006.

Phenomenal Woman

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It's the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can't touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them
They say they still can't see.
I say,
It's in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I'm a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It's in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Maya Angelou

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Cure, volite svoje tijelo, budite boginje, a ne leptirice.

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petak, 18.08.2006.

Sta je to "starvation mode"?

For People Who'd Like to Lose Fat Without Starvation Dieting:

If you're like most dieters, you've probably lost and regained hundreds of pounds in your lifetime. And you probably believe that getting a lean, muscular body means giving up your favorite foods and disciplining yourself to eat less … lots less … until your body finally gives up its fat.

In theory, restricting calories to 1200, 1000, or even 800 per day sounds like a good idea. But in reality this approach does not work. Why? Because your body can't tell the difference between a low-calorie diet and starvation … so your body goes into survival mode, using muscle tissue for energy and reserving fat as its final energy source. Initially you'll lose weight, but only because the body is eating its own muscle to maintain life. The process is physically destructive.

Further, research shows that your metabolic rate drops considerably following a period of caloric restriction. As a result, each time you diet and stop it becomes harder for you to lose weight the next time.

Repetitive low-calorie dieting also has other health consequences:

* High blood pressure and increased triglycerides (body fats)
* Heart disease
* Gall bladder disease
* Fatigue and muscle cramps
* Headaches and hair loss
* Weakened immune function
* Loss of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that lead to other diseases

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nedjelja, 13.08.2006.

Istina o dijetama-clanak



The term "diet" within this policy refers exclusively to weight reduction diets. "Dieting" is defined as any attempt to achieve or maintain lower body weight by intentionally limiting or manipulating the amount or type of food intake. Weight reduction diets include medically supervised diets; self-administered diets; commercial diet organizations and centers; weight-loss support groups or behavior modification programs; "fad" diets; "sensible, well-balanced" diets; in-hospital fasts; very-low-calorie diets (VLCDs); prepackaged food plans; and diets supplemented by drugs or artificial food products or supplements.

"Dieting" does not refer to attempts to lower fat sugar, salt, or cholesterol intake, increase fiber intake, exercise or pursue a medically mandated nutritional regimen prescribed for specific medical conditions. Weight-loss diets have long been promoted as a permanent cure for "obesity," although they rarely produce long-lasting or permanent results. According to existing medical research, fewer than five percent of all dieters succeed in losing a significant amount of weight and maintaining that weight loss over a five-year period. Ninety percent of all dieters regain some or all of the weight originally lost and at least one-third gain more. In recent years, an increasing body of research has substantiated this diet failure rate and acknowledged genetic and physiological factors in the determination of body size.

Although these statistics apply to all types of diets, even those considered "sensible," physicians continue to prescribe weight-loss diets as a viable treatment for fat patients; and researchers, the media, and the diet industry continue to urge fat people to resist their body's natural predisposition and strle harder to lose weight. As diet failure rates become widely publicized, some "experts" pretend to abandon "dieting" and encourage their clients to "just eat less and exercise more."

Promoting diets and diet products is a major industry in the United States. According to Marketdata Enterprises, the annual revenue for the diet industry was over $30 billion dollars in 1990. This figure includes money spent on diet centers and programs, group and individual weight-loss, diet camps, prepackaged foods; over-the-counter and diet drugs; weight-loss books and magazines; and physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and other health professionals specializing in weight-loss (total 1990 revenue - $8 billion); commercial and residential exercise clubs with weight-loss programs (total 1990 revenue - $8 billion); and sugar-free, fat-free, and reduced calorie ("lite") food products, imitation fats and sugar substitutes (total 1990 revenue - $14 billion).

The diet industry's advertising and marketing strategy is based on the creation and perpetuation of fear, biases, and stereotypes. Fat people are portrayed as unhealthy, unattractive, asexual, weak-willed, lazy, and gluttonous. Weight loss or a thin figure are equated with virtue, health, and success. Failure to participate in dieting or lack of success in losing weight are blamed on a lack of willpower or determination and a lack or moral values. Fat people are taught to feel guilty and blame themselves for
the failures of weight-loss programs, and to expect and accept rejection, mistreatment, and discrimination regarding their weight. This negative media campaign has a devastating impact on millions of fat people. These messages lower fat people's self-esteem and foster discontent, self-doubt, and self-hatred, especially during the weight regain state of the dieting "yo-yo" cycle.

Diet promoters also emphasize dieting's supposed health benefits and minimize risks related to dieting. People of all sizes are misled about the extent and severity of the health risks associated with being fat and are told that being thin is the only way to good health, and that dieting makes people thin. Many health problems traditionally attributed to "obesity," such as high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol, and gallbladder problems, are often caused by the dieting process itself. Recent studies indicate that repeated "yo-yo" dieting may actually reduce one's life span rather than increase longevity.

Currently there are very few controls or regulations to inform and protect the dieting consumer. Weight loss "success" is only vaguely defined using short-term results, and weight loss "failure is always blamed on the consumer, and health risks are not disclosed. The few regulations that do exist are rarely, or at most, loosely enforced.

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srijeda, 09.08.2006.

I jos...

Ovo se odnosi na osobe sa zaista velikim viskom kilograma, koje im ugrozava zdravlje, npr 60 kg viska i slicno.

Treba pravilno dijagfnosticirati razlog, zbog kojeg se debljas, da bi mogla PRAVILNO pristupiti rijesavanju tog problema.
Ako se netko deblja, jer jede emocionalnih razloga, nikakva dijeta nece pomoci, dok prvo ne rijesi tu emocionalnu stvar sam sa sobom, ili uz pomoc psihologa.
A kako ce to napravit, ako provo ne otkrije uzrok, razlog.

Sto se tice tableta i policisticnih jajnika, radi se o hormonima, zar ne?

Gle, dokle god imas policisticne jajnike, mozes imati teskoca s gubitkom kila, mozes se postavit na trepavice, gladovat, vjezat kako lude, kile ne idu dolje.
Kad si izljecene od policistcnih jajnika, puno lakse ces smrsati.

Sto se tice pilule, kako to da nekim zenama od pilule narastu sise, a sise su samo salo?

Ne treba potcjenjivati utjecaj hormona na zensko tijelo, a hormoni i pale i zare nasim tijelima. Hormoni mogu izazvati promijene raspolozenja, depresiju, gubitak libida, pa i debljanje.

Pogledaj samo sto nam hormoni rade jednom mjesecno, prije menstruacije i za vrijeme.
Ja sam se prosle sedmice par dana prije menstruacije, isla spremat za vanka i par haljina, koje sam probala, su mi sve bile tijesne, preko sisa i stomaka.

Ove sedmice su mi opet taman.

Zato sto sam, za vrijeme prije menstruacije sva napuhana.

Sad zamisli da je nekome tako na piluli non-stop.
Meni je tako bilo na piluli, zato sam je prestala uzimat.
Plus sam na piluli stalno bila zivcana i totalno izgubila zelju za seksom.

Znaci nije stvar u tome da ce ti pilula bit "opravdanje", nego je stvar u tome da, pravilno dijagnosticiras razlog i uklonis ga.
Ako se ja debljam od pilula, prestat cu je uzimat.
Necu mislit, nema to veze s pilulom i nastavit je uzimat i ic na yo-yo dijete cijeli zivot.

Jos jedna stvar koja moze uzrokovat debljanje su intolerancije na hranu, npr .mlijecne proizvode, gluten, psenicu, rajcice.
Osobe koje su intolerantne na odredjene vrste hrane, mogu se debljati, od tih vrsta hrane, jer njihovo tijelo, zbog intolerancije, ne probavlja pravilno te vrste hrane.

Dakle takve osobe, ako imaju problema s mrsavljenjem, ma koliko se trudile, trebaju izbaciti iz prehrane, bas te prizvode na koje su intolerantne i puno ce lakse izgubiti visak kilograma.

Dakle, ovdje se na radi o kukavicluku, nego o tome da je pravilan pristup mrsavljenju individualisticki pristup, tj. naci razloge i uzroke, zasto se, bas ta odredjena osoba deblja, jer su za svakog drukciji i onda ukloniti taj uzrok i tome pristupiti na nacin na koji odgovara toj osobi i njenom tijelu.

A ne ove "one size fit all" dijete i povrsni i plitki savjeti tipa:
"Manje zderi, pa ces se i manje debljat."

I zasto svi vise vole dijete, nego dobru,kvalitetnu, zdravu ishranu?

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ponedjeljak, 07.08.2006.

Jos malo o mrsavljenju i dijetama

Najgora stvar s dijetama je jo-jo efekt. Dijete ne funkcioniraju.Sve te dijete su sarena laza.
Jedino rijesenje, kompletna promjena prehrambenih navika, ili prihvatiti sebe kakva jesi i nastavit jest sto hoces.

Dva glavna razloga za neuspjeh dijete:

1.Odricanje-previse se odreknes svega i onda jednom puknes i pojedes cokoladu od 300 grama, dakle iz jedne krajnosti u drugu-bolje onda priustiti sebi, po malo, umjereno, nesto slatko, nego ic iz krajnosti u krajnost.

2. Gladovanje-stavis sebe na totalno nemogucu, neizvodivu dijetu, s jednim kuhanim jajem i dvije narance dnevno i onda si non-stop gladna i samo mislis o hrani i totalno si opsjednuta hranom i gladna i nakon nekoliko dana vise ne mozes trpit glad ( a ko moze) i najedes se pice i cevapa.

Najbolja stvar je, da redovito jedes, da nisi gladna i da si ponekad priustis nesto fino.
Vazno je sto jedes. Primjer idealnog obroka za rucak-riba, ili neko meso, npr, piletina, na maslinovom ulju sa zacinima, povrcem, smedjom rizom i salatom, ili integrani spageti bolonjeze s mesom i povcem i salatom.

Od toga se mozes fino najesti, dugo cete drzati sitom i neces za pola sata opet biti gladna.
Vazno je izbjegavati secer, bijeli kruh, tjestenine od bijelog brasna i zamjeniti sve to integralnim.
Ova BIJELA sranja, secer, brasno itd, su prazne kalorije, tj najedes se kroasana, ili krafni i za pola sata si opet gladna.

Ne valja preskakati obroke i biti gladna, najesti se povrca, to je najbolja hrana.Takoder, voce, bademi, sjemenke.

Ako se pozeli nesto slatko, napraviti doma neki lagani vocni desert i umjesto secera upotrijebi med.

Ja napravim doma kolac od jabuka, kad mi se jede nesto slatko, evo ti recept:
5-6 jabuka (umjesto jabuka moze i banane)
1/3 solje integranog, illi razenog brasna
1/3 solje zobenih pahuljica
1/3 solje meda
4 zlice margarina
i1 zlicica muskatnog orascica
1 zlicica cimeta
nasjeckanh badema po zelji

Ogulis jabuke i narezes na kriske, poslazes u lagano nauljeni pleh, (teko toliko da se ne zalijepe za dno).
Zamutis sve ostalo u smjesu i rasporedis preko jabuka. Peces oko 45 minuta u pecnici.
Jako je ukusno, a cijela tepsija sadrzi, samo 1/3 solje meda, a moze trajati nekoliko dana.

Vazno je obaviti sve pretrage jer i policisticni jajnici mogu biti uzrok za debljanje i taj poremecaj ima 1/4 zena.

Postoji i poremecaj prehrani, povezan s psiholoskim problemima.
Osobe s problemima, iz obitelji, ili iz nekog drugog izvora, cesto ne znaju, kako da se nosi s tim problemima.

Dogadja se, da zbog toga imaju psihicke probleme, koji se manifestiraju nekad kroz razne ovisnosti, o alkoholu, drogama, tabletama i slicno, nekad kroz depresiju ili neki drugi psihicki poremecaj te vrste, nekad kroz poremecaj prehrane, anoreksija, bulimija, binge eating disorder ( emotional eating ili ti self-medicating with food) i slicno.

Ovisnost o hrani zbog psihickih problema, funkicionira, na isti princip, kao i ovisnost o drogama i alkoholu, anoreksija, bulimija, depresija i ostalo, a to je da sluzi, kao bijeg od problema, okrutne stvarnosti, za trenutno uklanjanje bola.

Dakle samo dijeta, samodisciplina i ostale price, nije dovoljna, dok se prvo ne rijese ti psihicki problemi.
Ovdje ne govoirimo o 10 kg viska, nego stvarno ozbiljnoj prekomjernoj tezini.

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subota, 05.08.2006.

Send Your Love-Sting

Finding the world in the smallness of a grain of sand
And holding infinities in the palm of your hand
And Heaven's realms in the seedlings of this tiny flower
And eternities in the space of a single hour

Send your love into the future
Send your love into the distant dawn

Inside your mind is a relay station
A mission probe into the unknowing
We send a seed to a distant future
Then we can watch the galaxies growing

This ain't no time for doubting your power
This ain't no time for hiding your care
You're climbing down from an ivory tower
You've got a stake in the world we ought to share

You see the stars are moving so slowly
But still the earth is moving so fast
Can't you see the moon is so lonely
She's still trapped in the pain of the past

This is the time of the worlds colliding
This is the time of kingdoms falling
This is the time of the worlds dividing
Time to heed your call

Send your love into the future
Send your precious love into some distant time
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
Send your love
Send your love

There's no religion but sex and music
There's no religion but sound and dancing
There's no religion but line and color
There's no religion but sacred trance

There's no religion but the endless ocean
There's no religion but the moon and stars
There's no religion but time and motion
There's no religion, just tribal scars

Throw a pebble in and watch the ocean
See the ripples vanish in the distance
It's just the same with all the emotions
It's just the same in every instance

There's no religion but the joys of rhythm
There's no religion but the rites of Spring
There's no religion in the path of hate
No prayer but the one I sing

Send your love into the future
Send your precious love into some distant time
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
Send your love
Send your love

There's no religion but sex and music
There's no religion that's right or winning
There's no religion in the path of hatred
Ain't no prayer but the one I'm singing

Send your love
Send your love

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četvrtak, 03.08.2006.

Pa...kako ti to moze biti smisao zivota?

Dugo nisam pisala blog, ali me ova lista sa blog stranice Mrsavljenje jedne debele potakla da komentiram.

Opis bloga
Dijeta. Mrsavljenje. Smisao zivota - jedne tridesetogodisnjakinje.

Zalosno mi je da su joj dijeta i mrsavljenje SMISAO ZIVOTA.
Mogla je izabrati neki bolji smisao zivota, neki koji bi je cinio sretnom i ispunjenom, posto je ovaj smisao zvota cini nesretnom i
Moram ih zapisati, da ih ne zaboravim!

1. Ako tesko obolim znat ću da sam učinila sve što sam mogla i da to nije zato jer sam bila debela svinja.

Ne znam gdje da pocnem, s ovim prvim razlogom...prvo, grozno mi je, da samu sebe naziva debelom svinjom. Drugo, tko uopce razmislja "ako tesko obolim"????
Kao da ocekuje, da oboli svakog momentaeek
Za to je dovoljno obaviti sistematski pregled kod lijecnika i ako je sve u redu, nema potrebe za paranojom.
2. Neću više morati trpjeti kojekakve poludebile. Više ću se družiti s normalnim, a manje s iskompleksiranim ljudima.

A, zasto sada mora trpjeti poludebile? Zasto se ne moze sad druziti s normalnim ljudima?
3. Moći ću kupiti bilo koji komad odjeće, u bilo kom dućanu, u bilo kojem gradu.

OK, ovo je obrnuta logika. Ducani bi trebali nabaviti vece brojeve, a ne da musterije moraju, ici na djetu da bi mogle stati u njihove velicine. Znam da je to uvrijezena stvar, ali je, ako bolje razmislite, teski debilizam.

4. Moći ću biti bezobrazna prema bahatim prodavačicama, a neću se pokupiti kao zadnje smeće kad mi prijezirno kažu "Nemamo ništa za Vas"

Tko joj brani da i sada bude bezobrazna (ako su bahate) i trazi, da razgovra sa sefom?
5. Moći ću reći frajeru da JA NJEGA NEĆU, a ne da pristajem na ono što mi se nudi (a to nije puno)

Mislim da je ovdje problem u njenom samopouzdanju, a ne u izgledu, jer iskompleksiranost nije seksi, dok je samopouzdana zenska seksi, mrsava ili punija.
6. Moći ću lakše izboriti povišicu ili promijeniti posao. Sposobnost i pamet na žalost nisu dovoljni!

Moze se i sad izboriti za povisicu i promijeniti posao, za to je potrebno, da se zna izboriti za sebe, da zna otvoriti usta i traziti, a to nema veze s debljinom.
7. Moći ću svima reći ono što mislim. Sad se moram suzdržavati :)

Zasto i sad ne bi mogla reci sto hoce, zasto se MORA suzdrzavati? Meni se sve vise cini, da je njoj visak kila, izgovor za sve, razlog da ne uzime svoj zivot u svoje ruke i ne preuzme odgovornost za svoje postupke.

8. Izgledat ću mlađe. Moći ću se odjevati mladenačkije.

Moze se i sad oblaciti mladenacki, tko joj brani? Mozda ce izgledati mladje.
9. Možda me vlastiti roditelji konačno zavole. Ili im bar budem simpatična.

Roditelji je ne vole, zato sto je debela? To je stvarno grozno, ali problem je u njima, a ne u njoj.
10. Neću se više isticati u masi. Konačno!

I nije neki razlog, nismo vise tinejdjeri, pa da se moramo uklapati u okolinu.
11. Ševit ću se bez razmišljanja o tome iz kojeg kuta mi trbuh izgleda manji. Bolit će me dupe za to. :)

A moglo bi je dupe boliti za to i sad. Taj tip s kojim se sevi, ju je vec prije vidio, znaci zna kako ona izgleda.
12. Moći ću obući dvodjelni badić. Isuse!

Isuse? Dvodjelni badic je religiozno iskustvo? rofl
13. Više mi neće prilaziti svaka budala na ovom svijetu s "najnovijom dijetom" i top savjetima. (kako se samo usude!!!)

To se odjebe, po kratkom postupku. Npr, pridje joj tip s prorjedjenom kosom na tjemenu, ona mu odmah na ponudjenu dijetu, ponudi tonik protiv celavljenja...ovo moze biti vrlo zabavno.
Ne vjerujem da joj je ikad prisla, fizicki savrsena osoba, jer to ne postoji, tako da su mogucnosti odgovora na takve upade beskonacne...naughty
14. Možda mi se smanje cice. Boli me dupe što frajeri vole velike, ja ne volim.

A, zasto ne voli bas ono sto ima i sto frajeri vole?
15. Ljudi će me procjenjivati po onome što jesam, a ne prema tome koliko kg imam.

Je, jer ljudi svih osim, debelih, cijene po onome sto jesu rolleyes
16. Moći ću napraviti brazilsku depilaciju, a da ne riskiram da će kozmetičarka doživjet srčani ili moždani udar. (sve, sve!:)

Da, jer kod kozmeticarke idu samo supermodeli, kozmeticarka nikad u zivotu nije vidjela puniju zensku rolleyes

Jos jedan problematicni dio kod mrsavljenja Jedne Debele, je totalno neralna ciljana tezina koju si je zacrtala.
168 cm, 31 godina
20.07.2006. - 107,4 kg
27.07.2006. - 103,4 kg
04.08.2006. -

cilj: 63 kg

Ako je cura, odlucila, smrsati, to je sasvim u redu, ali 63 kg?
To je totalno nerealno, jer ako je vec zenska prirodno punija, nece se sad odjednom pretvoriti u mrsavicu.
Realnija ciljana tezina, bi bila puno produktivnija.

I na kraju, ta dijeta na koju ju je doktor stavio mi je skroz sumnjiva.
Kako ce moci izdrzati na takvoj dijeti, ako je stalno gladna?
I sama je primjetila:
Što nam govore naša odstupanja od dijeta (čiji su jelovnici najčešće nenormalni u startu)?

da su te dijete vecinom nerealne i neizvodive, a i dalje pokusava s dijetom?

A tek ono, da sestra u doktorskoj ordinaciji koluta ocima na nju i da nasa junakinja, nije na to reagirala?

U svakom slucaju, zelim joj srecu, ali joj prije svega zelim, da nauci voljeti sebe i da se nauci zauzeti za sebe, bez obzira na kilazu.

I da odbrusi toj bezobraznoj medicinskoj sestri burninmad


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    even love is a goin' 'round
    we can't ignore what is goin' 'round
    we came when no one was goin' 'round
    we can't ignore what is goin' 'round

    efforts of lovers
    left in my mind
    I sing in the reaches
    we'll see what we find

    people they come together
    people they fall apart
    no one can stop us now
    'cause we are all made of stars
    people they come together
    and people they fall apart
    no one can stop us now
    'cause we are all made of stars

    slows us light come come
    someone come come come
    even love is a goin' 'round
    you can't ignore what is goin' 'round

    slowly rebuilding
    I feel it in me
    growing in numbers
    and growing in peace

    people they come together
    people they fall apart
    no one can stop us now
    'cause we are all made of stars
    people they come together
    and people they fall apart
    no one can stop us now
    'cause we are all made of stars


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  • Thalia, whose name means "blooming", is the Muse of comedy and poetry in ancient Greek mythology. In her hands she carried the comedy mask and the shepherd's staff.

    Muse of Comedy, her name derives from the Greek thallein (to bloom). She is depicted as a young woman crowned with an ivy garland, holding a mask and wearing ankle boots. She presided over comedy and pastoral poetry.