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Sta je to "starvation mode"?

For People Who'd Like to Lose Fat Without Starvation Dieting:

If you're like most dieters, you've probably lost and regained hundreds of pounds in your lifetime. And you probably believe that getting a lean, muscular body means giving up your favorite foods and disciplining yourself to eat less lots less until your body finally gives up its fat.

In theory, restricting calories to 1200, 1000, or even 800 per day sounds like a good idea. But in reality this approach does not work. Why? Because your body can't tell the difference between a low-calorie diet and starvation so your body goes into survival mode, using muscle tissue for energy and reserving fat as its final energy source. Initially you'll lose weight, but only because the body is eating its own muscle to maintain life. The process is physically destructive.

Further, research shows that your metabolic rate drops considerably following a period of caloric restriction. As a result, each time you diet and stop it becomes harder for you to lose weight the next time.

Repetitive low-calorie dieting also has other health consequences:

* High blood pressure and increased triglycerides (body fats)
* Heart disease
* Gall bladder disease
* Fatigue and muscle cramps
* Headaches and hair loss
* Weakened immune function
* Loss of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that lead to other diseases

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