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0.0. Raphael Saadiq - Good Man
0.0. Photek_-_101
0.0. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
0.0. Cee-Lo - I Want You
0.0. Underworld - Moon In Water
0.0. Henrik Schwarz - Walkmusic
0.0. Lucinda Slim & The Lone Stars - All This Time
0.0. Knaan - America_(feat._mos_def_and_chali_2na)
0.0. The Noisettes - Never Forget You
0.0. Sistars - Inspirations (Innocent Sorcerers Remix)
0.0. Henrik Schwarz - Ame - dj Dixon - where we at pt. 2
0.0. Jazzanova - Morning Scapes (feat. Bembe Segue)
0.0. Moodymann - Rectify
0.0. Kira Neris - Judy In June
0.0. Panda Bear - Bros
0.0. Bamboos - King of the Rodeo
0.0. Tricky - Slow
0.0. Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart
0.0. Matthew Herbert Big Band - Breathe
0.0. David Holmes - I Heard Wonders
0.0. Alister Johnson - Like a Star
0.0. Kira Neris - Season 9 episode 12
0.0. Juryman vs Taraf de Haďdouks - cind eram la '48
0.0. Middlewood Sessions - fall back
0.0. Kimya Dawson-Tire Swing
0.0. Antsy Pants - Tree Hugger
0.0. Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You
0.0. Zeep - Zeep Dreams (da_lata_remix)
0.0. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix)
0.0. Amy Winehouse - Monkey Man
0.0. Heritage Orchestra - Sky Breaks
0.0. Panda Bear - Bros
0.0. Medeski Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere
0.0. Jens Lekman - Sipping On The Sweet Nectar
0.0. UNDERWORLD - Beautiful Burnout
0.0. The Elements Of Life feat Anane - One Dream ( Big Game Mix)
0.0. SLOW TRAIN - soul-sexing_the_cherry
0.0. Tim Buckley - Sweet Surrender
0.0. Mario Biondi - this_is_what_you_are
0.0. RAW Artistic Soul‘The Light’ ft Ursula Rucker)
0.0. TRIO MOCOTO - Nao Adianta
0.0. AMY WINEHOUSE - Love_is_a_Losing_Game (live)
0.0. LCD Sound System - Us vs.Them
0.0. AIR - Once Upon a Time
0.0. CASSETTE BOY vs. DJ Rubbish - From the Block (G-Form)
0.0.HANNIBAL Marvin PETERSON - Mother's Land.mp3
0.0.GIL SCOTT-HERON - Lady Day & John Coltrane
0.1.Le VOLUME COURBE - ain't got no. . . i got life
0.2. BLACK BLOOD - A.I.E. Mwana
0.3.KEITH JARRETT - Over The Rainbow
0.5.HANSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL - Class System (feat. Jullie Cruise&Pharell)
0.6.ZERO 7 - This Fine Social Scene
0.7.URSULA RUCKER - Rant (Hot In Here) Ft.Malene Younglad
1.1.RICHARD THOMPSON - Oops, I Did It Again (live)
1.2.BEATLE BARKERS - I Feel Fine
1.6.RICHARD HAWLEY - the ocean
1.7.NICOLE WILLIS - if this ain't love..
1.8.JEFF PARKER - beanstalk
2.2.SOIL and PIMP SESSIONS - Stinger
2.5.TRANS AM - I Want It All
3.0.SYLK 130 & King Britt - Pistol Grip Pump
3.4.CARMEN McCRAE - Just A Little Lovin' (GB Remix)
3.6.the RAVEONETTES - Love in a Trash Can
3.9.FREEDOM SATELLITE - running fast feat.Kudra Owens
4.9.JOHN LURIE-Big Trouble
5.9.PINK MARTINI - U Plavu Zoru
6.2.SHOCKING BLUE - Love Buzz
7.2.DJ RUPTURE-Mole in the Ground featuring Sindhu Zagoren
7.3.CRATE SOUL BROTHERS-Flying down to RIO
8.8.TIM DELUXE-Choose Something Like Star
8.9.OSCAR SULLEY BAND-Bukom Mashie
9.0.JAMES BROWN - Funky Drummer
9.7.PSYCHONAUTS (james lavelle) -cyrcles
9.8.FLUNK-all day and all the night
9.9.STEVE & EYDIE - black hole sun
10.0.TELEX - rock around the clock


0.0. Inje - Danas
0.0. Izdrzi Ribice - Mi
0.0. KarnevalLjubav
0.0. Na kamenjimaTi ne znaš kako je ženi kad je sama
0.0. Svi na Pod ! - Boogie Woogie
0.0. Darkwood Dub - Šećer
0.0. Petrol - Sve jedno je (Banana Rave Remix)
0.0. KIRIL feat MC Wasp & Rucl - Jungle Shadow
0.0. DARKO RUNDEK - Stojim i gledam kako postojim
0.0. S.A.R.S. - Debeli lad
0.0. ŠAJETA - Košulja plava
0.0. AJS NIGRUTIN - Jagodice Sondice
0.0. RAMBO AMADEUS - Urbano
0.0. S.A.R.S - Budjav Lebac
0.0. SVI na POD! - Afrikanac iz Beograda
0.0. Edo Maajka - Ove Godine Slavim
0.0. The Beat Fleet - Fantasticna
0.0. PIKNIK - Miš, Puž i Ker / O Da
0.0. GORIBOR - Dalajlama me se sećaš >>>
0.0. EKV - Revisited
0.0. KULTUR SHOCK - Hashishi
0.0.EDO MAAJKA - Sretno Dijete
0.1.Laibach - Mama Leone
0.7.The BEAT FLEET - Nostalgična
0.9.RAMBO AMADEUS - Demode
1.0.E-PLAY - Prava stvar
1.9.BEOGRADSKI SINDIKATJa u životu imam sve
2.0.DZA ILI BU-Opasne Igre
2.8.KANDA,KODZA i NEBOJSA - Kad Ozivimo
3.9.Belgradeyard Sound System - Munchies (I-Wolf rmx)
4.0.DARKWOOD DUB-Regioni
4.1.RAMBO AMADEUS- Jedno Te Isto
4.2.EDO MAAJKA-Dragi Moj Vlado
4.6.ŠABAN BAJRAMOVIĆ-Pitao sam malog puza
4.7.GABI NOVAK-Pjesma je bila zivot moj
4.8.K.I.M. BAND-Teraj po svome
5.0.LAČNI FRANC-Jutri bom pojca razbiu
6.0.BIJELO DUGME-Ovaj Ples Dame Biraju
8.0.BOBAN MARKOVIĆ-Disko Dzumbus (Live)
9.0.PRELE - Majko,majko,vidi na sta lici tvoj sin
10.0.LAČNI FRANC - Vaterpolist

bullshit VU


' Morning at Blue Bar ' Compiled by DJ Laff (re-edit 2006.)

Image Hosted by
ORGANIC GROOVES - Compiled & Mix By DJ Laff /Maniac Records (2004)/

Image Hosted by
Dead City Radio Compiled and Mixed by Laff (Maniac Records 2004.)






Image Hosted by

l Seun Kuti, sin afrobit pionira Fele Kutia, u pratnji benda "Egypt 80" održaće koncert 8. jula, "Soil & Pimp sessions" japanski džez bend sastavljen od šest muzičara nastupa 12. jula. Trio Mocoto u petak na Exitu (Suba Stage), 31.07.2009. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics (Ethiopia/ UK) l SUPPORT THE ARTIST IF YOU LIKE THE MUSIC SO GO AND BUY THE ALBUM | l

V.A. – Brownswood Bubblers Four – Compiled by Gilles Peterson (2009)

Image Hosted by

01. Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So Maybe No
02. Souleance – Manana
03. yU – Fine
04. El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
05. Lisa Papineau – Rene Thomas
06. The Misled Children And Odean Pope – Dadadun
07. Kafka – The Kafka Anthem
08. Oumou Sangare – Iyo Djeli
09. Jam Da Silva – Dia Santo
10. Keaver And Brause – Awake
11. Soundspecies – Can We Call It Love (With Ahu)
12. New Look – Everything
13. Floating Points – Peroration V Ft. Fatima
14. Lone – Sea Spray

Gilles Peterson’s annual round-up of up-and-coming or unfairly overlooked artists drops neat and tidy this week with a fourteen track selection of future soul, downbeat hiphop and mellow world grooves. Opening duties are given to Stones Throw phenomenon Mayer Hawthorn, the one man retro-soul mission with a stunning sound on ‘Maybe So, Maybe So’ uncannily recalling classic Curtis Mayfield. Souleance’s ‘Mańana’ ticks the bass-heavy post Dilla bracket with ease, while El Michels Affair roll out the coolin’ ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’. Lisa Papineau’s all too brief ‘Rene Thomas’ is an odd delight somewhere between Bat For Lashes and Goblin, while Mali’s Oumou Sangare takes the tracklist to Africa. We’d have to recommend checking Keaver & Brause’s ace nugget ‘Awake’, but the best is saved for last with Floating Points scaling astral heights on the exclusive ‘Peroration’ feat. Fatima and Lone provides one of the many highlights from last years ‘Lemurian’ LP with the psychedelic compressions of ‘Sea Spray’. Lovingly selected and beautifully presented, get in…


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Heavy Rotation

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Video favorites

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Soil & Pimp Sessions - 6

Image Hosted by

Japanese club jazz band, Soil & Pimp Sessions released new album "6".
Featuring DJ Kentaro, Ringo Shiina and Jamie Cullum, they constructed smokey and funky music with smooth melody and aggressive jazzy sound.

You can feel the top of club jazz sound.

01 SEVEN (Intro Sound Collage by DJKENTARO)
04 MY FOOLISH HEART ^crazy in mind^
09 MY FOOLISH HEART crazy on earth
11 “STOLEN MOMENTS” featuring Jamie Cullum
13 ş.hsŚ


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Skeewiff – Private Funktion (2006)

Image Hosted by

1. Smash & Grab
2. Love Power
3. Triumph Stag
4. Man of Constant Sorrow
5. Giggity (Allright)
6. Little Spot of Soul
7. Lost Due to Incompetence
8. Light the Fuse
9. Wet Your Beak
10. Ruby’s Revenge
11. Matador
12. Husky
13. Soul Bossanova

UK based DJ, musicians and production duo Al and El whose cheeky humour and dancefloor production skills create a unique sound. Essentially an electronic breakbeat act, they include elements of jazz and particularly lounge music into their style. They also draw on other styles such as big band and indian. The result is a contemporary, often instrumental music that is much used by Games, Film and TV producers (FIFA, Adidas etc) and consequently many Skeewiff tracks will be subliminally familiar to a wide audience…They have also collaborated with 60’s legends like Hammond organist Alan Hawkshaw and remixed many similar acts like Lemon or Ursula 1000.

Mixing big beat, jive, eastern and jazz, this album is very cosmopolitan with a wicked sense of humour. It opens with glorious cinematic strings and swinging jive rhythms (Smash and Grab), which later meet with swaggering guitar riffs (Giggity), rolling basslines (Light the Fuse, Man of Constant Sorrow), twinkling keys (Triumph Stag) and smoking grooves (Husky). Skeewiff regulars Steve Murray and Peter Martin shine on vocals and bass, as does singer Charlise Rookwood who is ever so gloriously strong (Love Power), and Alan ‘The Hawk’ Hawkshaw is at his always best on keyboards.


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Burial – Burial (2006)

Image Hosted by

1. Distant Lights
2. Spaceape – Burial, Spaceape
3. Wounder
4. Night Bus
5. Southern Comfort
6. U Hurt Me
7. Gutted
8. Forgive
9. Broken Home

Burial, aka Will Bevan, is a dubstep musician from South London, England. His eponymous debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The Wire magazine named it their album of the year and it came fifth in the Mixmag 2006 Album of the Year list.On Friday, September 28th 2007, a message on the Hyperdub website announced a new Burial album, and Untrue was released 6 weeks later on November 5th. Although both albums have been met with much critical acclaim, Burial remained anonymous until August 2008, stating in a past interview that “only five people know I make tunes”. Burial’s best trump card: The handful of tracks with sampled vocals stand well above their brethren, possessing an almost manipulative quality of quivering emotional directness. Far from speaking of final resting places, the overriding vibe is one of homelessness and rootlessness, and the nagging feeling that something important has been mislaid. Thematically and sonically, the closest reference point is Tricky’s eerie, foreboding “Broken Homes” (ironically, Burial’s own “Broken Home” is perhaps the album’s most upbeat moment, sampling a winsome reggae crooner); I’m also reminded of the black eyeliner melodrama of parts of DJ Shadow’s The Private Press. Some may scoff at such middlebrow reference points, but it’s these resemblances, rather than any fidelity to inner-London dance music, which makes Burial’s music such a viable crossover candidate.


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V.A. – In The Mind Of Nitin Sawhney (2007)

Image Hosted by

1. Be Your Own – One Self
2. Brown Sugar – D’Angelo
3. Biscuits – Fink
4. Fragile Wind – Sawhney, Nitin
5. Teardrop – Massive Attack
6. Mustt Mustt – Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali
7. Run – Air
8. Psycho (A Narrative For Orchestra) – Herman, Bernard & London Philarmonic Orchestra
9. Memorias Perdias – Ojos De Brujo
10. Almoraima Buleria – Paco De Lucia
11. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun – NuYorican Soul
12. Waltz For Koop – Koop
13. Songbird – Sawhney, Nitin
14. Blowin’ In The Wind – Dylan, Bob

Nitin Sawhney’s got plenty of space between his ears for all sorts of wonderful music — as you might guess by the far-reaching sound of his own work! Here, he’s brought together a blend of older and newer titles in a rich tapestry of sound — a surprising array of cuts that run from contemporary downtempo back to older club, soul, and Latin — all somehow bearing the stamp of Sawhney, however disparate their genres. Nitin Sawhney’s unique global sound has undoubtedly influenced a generation of British Asian musicians, but it’s rare to hear which artists have impressed the man himself. New label, District 6, addresses this matter by choosing the multitalented composer/performer as the first in a line of well-known artists, bands or producers to create an album in a series of compilations called In The Mind Of. In The Mind Of…Nitin Sawhney is a fascinating blend of 14 tracks personally chosen by Nitin, which have inspired his personal and professional life over the years. Taken from funky, cutting edge releases from the genres and sub-genres of jazz, dance, world and soul, the likes of Massive Attack, D’Angelo and Air feature here.


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Yello – Touch Yello (2009)

Image Hosted by

01. The Expert
02. You Better Hide
03. Out Of Dawn
04. Bostich (Reflected)
05. Till Tomorrow
06. Tangier Blue
07. Part Love
08. Friday Smile
09. Kiss In Blue
10. Vertical Vision
11. Trackless Deep
12. Stay
13. Electric Frame
14. Takla Makan

Yello are without doubt one of the most influential bands in the wide and open context of electronic music. From their earliest incarnation as slick Swiss guys with a strange back story making very odd disco, their music has permeated everything from comedy films to contemporary art installations. And of course: nightclubs. But the rhythm of Yello’s music is just one side to their cube. Sonics, emotion, and visual elements are all equally important, something more than demonstrated on new concept album Touch Yello. From the moment the Riviera blues of “You Better Hide” floats out of the speakers, everything is in place for an homage to past glories. However, Yello are one of those bands that maintain their own sound by always being different. We have Dieter Meier’s half spoken lyrics tumbling out over the top of piano flourishes and electronic sax squiggles on “The Expert”, which is held together by monstrously deep, very contemporary bass notes. “Part Love” exists somewhere in between soulful boogie and country guitar licks, and is the kind of song that only an act like Yello can pull off. Coming at the end of a decade that has seen the group focusing on myriad projects, of which music was only one, the cinematic Touch Yello is still Yello in every sense of the word. Guest vocalist Heidi Happy weaves her voice through the panpipes and electronic moaning on “Takla Makan”, but the quality of the samples and arrangements stop this album from ever becoming a pastiche.


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Soul Underground - Compiled by DJ Laff (B92 FM)

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James Brown gives you dancing lessons

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Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

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Air - Love 2 (2009)

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Label: Atlas Studio
Release Date: October 05, 2009
Genre: Downtempo | Synthpop
Quality: MP3 CBR 256 kbps 44khz Stereo
Playtime: 45:38 min
Tracks: 12
Size: 84 Mb

01. Do the Joy
02. Love
03. So Light Is Her Footfall
04. Be a Bee
05. Missing the Light of the Day
06. Tropical Disease
07. Heaven’s Light
08. Night Hunter
09. Sing Sang Sung
10. Eat My Beat
11. You Can Tell It to Everybody
12. African Velvet


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PINK FLOYD - Shine on you Crazy Diamond
ROLLINGSTONES - Satisfaction
MASSIVE ATTACK - Unfinished Symphaty
BEATLES - Strawberries Field Forewer
AC DC - Highway to Hell
MOTORHEAD - Ace of Spades
JAMES BROWN - Sex Machine
JOY DIVISION- Love Will Tear Us Apart
BARRY WHITE - Love Theme
R.E.M. - Night Swimming
SEX PISTOLS - Pretty Vacant
CLASH - Police On My Back
DOORS - The End
DJ SHADOW- 6 days War
PUBLIC ENEMY- Fight To Power
PETER MURPHY - Marlen Ditrich favorite Poem
RESIDENTS - Mans World
LEONARD COHEN -Dance Me to the End...
TOM WAITS - Jockay Full Of Burbon
NIRVANA - Smells Like Teen Spirit
ABBA - Dancing Queen
KINKS - You Really Got Me
ALL GREEN - Love and Happyness
JIMMY HENDRIX - All Along The Watchtower
BOB MARLEY - Redemption Song
PRINCE - Purple Rain
VERVE - Bitter Sweet Symphony
WHO - My Generation
QUEEN - Bohemian Rapsody
RADIOHEAD - Paranoid Android
RAMONES -Seena Is Punk Rocker
LOU REED - Walk on the Wild Side
TUPAC SAKUR - California Love
SMITHS - How Soon Is Now
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - You Dont Have To Say..
ROD STEWART - Do You Think Im Sexy
TEMPTATIONS - Papa Was A Rolling Stones
TROGGS - Wild Thing
BECK - Loosser
BO DIDDLEY - Who Do You Love
JANIS JOPLIN - Me and Bobbie Mcgee
BEE GEES - Staying Alive
DEPECHE MODE - Personal Jesus
JAM - Start
PIXIES - Monkey Gone to Heaven
ROBERTA FLACK - Killing Me Softly...
POLICE - Roxanne
DEEP PURPLE - Smoke on the Water
CHIC - Good Times
BLONDIE - Heart of Glass
CARPENTERS - Mascarade
BROOK BENTON - Rainy Night in Georgia
IGGY POP - Lust For Life
SLY and FAMILI STONE - Family Affair
ELVIS - Love me Tender
ELTON JOHN - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
MARVIN GAYE - Sexual Healing
JOHNNY CASH - Ring of Fire
BOB DYLAN - Like Rollingsone
LED ZEPPELIN - Stairway To Heaven
SIMON and GARFUNKEL - Bridge Over Troubled Water
KRAFTWERK - Trans Europe Express
FRANK ZAPPA - Bobby Brown


SunRa - pink elephants
The Raveonettes - 'Love Trashcan'
Fountains of Wayne - 'Stacy's Mom'
Massive Attack - 'Atta Boy'
Radiohead - 'Karama police'
Bjork - Human Behaviour
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing


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