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Odjeci Zadra 2

Nedugo nakon Zadra, još dok su organizatori zbrajali dojmove i liječili umor, na adresu tajništva, predsjednika, tajnika i izvršnog organizatora Svjetskog kickboxing prvenstva za kadete i juniore u Zadru počeli su stizati razni e-mailovi zahvala i pohvala. Nešto sam uspio skupiti, pa pogledajte, eto neka ostane zabilježeno.

Dear Romeo,
Thank you for the worm hospitality, we had good time in Croatia, everything was well orginized, keep up the good work!
Yours in kickboxing'
Ori Zvi,chairmen - Israel kickboxing federation

Sve čestitke HKBS-u i čelnim ljudima na organizaciji i provedbi Svjetskog prvenstva u Benkovcu i Zadru. Bilo je lijepo biti sudionikom istog.
Zlatko Hasan - Kickboxing sudac

Dear friends,
I wish to thank you on behalf of the New Zealand Junior team for the hospitality, and competition in Croatia. We arrived back on weds morning (NZ Time) only a 41,5 hr trip going back! Very tired but very pleased about the whole experience. Four of our team had booked an extra week in apartments close to Zagreb for an extra week so are still in your extremely lovely country.

We made some important friends and contacts while there.

I wish to also congratulate and thank Zeljka for the arrangements of our transport and accomodation. Both on collection from the airport, the transfers and the departure pick up were first class. I really did not expect our departure at 3am on the Monday to run smoothly but I was happily proven wrong and the coach was exactly on time. The transfers of Presidents to the Meeting/Meal, the teams to and from both sports centres and Police escorts were excellent. A job, very well done. Well done and thank you Zeljka.

My team enjoyed themselves and gained great experience. Once again, from the NZ Junior team, and officals, Thank you and well done.

Rick Dobson - Chief Coach – Phantom Kickboxing
National President – WAKO (NZ), President - WAKO (Oceania)

Dear Mr. President,
In behalf of Board of Directors of Polish Kickboxing Federation, I’d like to thank you and your co-operatives for fantastic Championships you organized. It was a big work done for WAKO and all kickboxing fans. All members of our team are really very grateful for your warm hospitality, big work you’d done to organize such big sport event, your efforts to do everything perfectly. Many thanks to all people involved in preparing Championships.
I personally would like to thank you for your hospitality, your help when I was in your beautiful Croatia, I’d like to congratulate all of you. I’m very impressed of your country, your culture, your playing guitar, and everything I faced there. Thank you very much.

Yours, Kate Kociszewska - WAKO POLAND

Hi Romeo,
Congratulations on a well run event, excellent Location and accomadation. I hope you have had a short rest since the event to recharge your batteries! The warm and friendly manner of your team of staff was exceptional.
Please send them our best regards from your old friends and now your many new young friends from Ireland.
Best regards - Martin Mc Mahoon

Dear Mr. Romeo Desa
Thanks for your supports to Iraqi delegation in world shampionships its big and great. Again thanks very much to your supports.
With best regards
General Kasim Alwasity - President Iraqi kickboxing federation

Dear my friend, Romeo,
First of all, I would like to congratulate for organizing the World Championships. I was very glad to be there. The Hungarian Team achieved a big success, we hit the third place on the Nations ranking.

Thank you for your help.
Sincerely yours, Imre Balázs, Hungarian Kickboxing Federation

Hello friends in Croatia
It was a very good championship and Kickboxing Croatia did a very excellent job congratulations !!
Marc De Block - President of WAKO Belgium

Dear Sir
thanx for all the efforts that you did for all kickboxing family and we happ to have people like you in our kickboxing family.
Thanx a lot
Khaled El Kamash - President of Egypt Kickboxing Federation

Dear Romeo,
I truly enjoyed your hospitality in Croatia. Thank you again. The tournament was a great experience for all our “young” generation.
For me personally, many memories came back when I drove along your beautiful coastline from Zadar to Karlobag and Zadar to Vodice. In my childhood and teenager years, I came with my parents on vacation to Croatia. I had a great time.
Any time when your plans bring you to North America please do not hesitate to contact me.
All the Best and greeting from Canada
Horst Prelog - WAKO Vicepresident

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