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petak, 07.05.2010.

UFO - Ufo1 (1970) (Remaster Edit 1994)

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In the seventies, UFO became one of the superpowers of hard rock, releasing awesome album after awesome album in their heyday with former Scorpions guitar virtuoso, Michael Schenker. However, contrary to popular belief, the band’s musical career began quite a bit earlier than the better-known Schenker years. In their earlier days, the band featured a lesser-known guitarist, Mick Bolton. When UFO formed circa 1969, the group was called Hocus Pocus, but changed their name to reflect that of a famous club in London. In this early formative period, UFO released two studio albums, the first of which being the appropriately-titled UFO 1. Recorded on a shoestring budget, UFO has several challenging sonic moments. The uneven mixes and amateur performances that some listeners might find quaint or innocent could be distracting to others. In their pre-Michael Schenker days, the British band made a much more experimental noise that reflected psychedelic as well as R&B influences pitched with a dark resonance. This swirling mish-mosh barely suggests the early British metal of the group's commercial pinnacle that was still years off when they released their eponymous debut. Blue Cheer, early Black Sabbath, and maybe a little bit of the Who (mostly derived via bassist Pete Way's meandering, over-saturated basslines) all come to mind on standouts like "Boogie," "C'mon Everybody," and "Follow You Home." While ignored completely in the States as well as their British home, U F O was a bit of an international hit. "C'mon Everybody" made it to the top of the charts in Japan, which led to a tour of the country and enough career momentum to keep the records coming while the sound of (and worldwide market for) heavy metal slowly took shape. While far from being the best offering from Pete Way, Phil Mogg, and company, U F O is a nice pre-metal study that reveals how the blues/psychedelic amalgam inspired would-be metal artists before pop was injected into the genre.

When UFO started out, back before they had Michael Schenker join the band, they were a far cry from the incarnation of the band that got popular, and that most people remember them for being. Rather than the straight-up hard rock that would bring the band fame, this early face of the band used a psychedelic, heavy blues rock sound. Many fans of the group have dubbed this a “space rock” sound, and I think this is a good name for the musical sound conveyed here. The record came out in 1970, just as musical trends were changing, and this record serves as a beautiful example of that transitional period for rock and roll. Many of these songs have that classic sixties psychedelic hard rock sound to them, many of them hint at the band’s future sound, and many are the happy medium.

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Size: 154 MB
Genre : Rock
Cover: Artwork

Line-up :

Phil Mogg / Vocals
Mick Bolton / Guitar
Pete Way / Bass
Andy Parker / Drums


01. Unidentified Flying Object - 2:17
02. Boogie - 4:16
03. C’mon Everybody - 3:12
04. Shake It About - 3:47
05. (Come Away) Melinda - 5:04
06. Timothy - 3:28
07. Follow Me Home - 2:13
08. Treacle People - 3:23
09. Who Do You Love - 7:49
10. Evil - 3:27
11. C’mon Everybody (Live) (Bonus) - 4:45
12. Who Do You Love (Live) (Bonus) - 9:26
13. Loving Cup (Live) (Bonus) - 5:16
14. Prince Kajukucoming Of Prince Kajuku (Live) (Bonus) - 8:27

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