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petak, 18.05.2018.

Gear Choosing Guide On PoE Ranger Health Build

In Path of Exile, if you want to have a Ranger health build, what gear you should choose?

1. Flasks

It's very important you have Chemist's Topaz/Ruby/Sapphire flasks (preferably of Adrenaline, Warding, and Staunching) along with a Divination Distillate for your flasks. The 5th flask is a free slot. I went with a Diamond for flask charge consistency with our ascendancy.

2. Indigon / Poet's Pen

Unlike poe orbs buy, these items are nuts and we abuse them both for our damage. Poet's will still cast the spells in it even if you don't have enough mana, making our IC much easier to maintain.

3. Voidbringers

These are more important to the build than initially thought. Corrupted Voidbringers let us get 23 Purities without needing Alpha's Howl or Empower, which in turn lets us run an Enlighten. If we had to run Empower we'd have significantly less max mana and couldn't run leech. If we had Alpha's Howl our damage is ass. The increase in mana cost and spell crit is icing on the cake.

4. Voll's + Romira's

These two items have a great interaction that grants us Endurance Charges every time a Romira's charge is consumed, allowing permanent Immortal Call. We have a CoCS Firestorm setup with our Barrage to help maintain charges while we're running around.

5. Ring

We're using a Warlord's Mark ring with max mana, as the mana leech you get from the curse gives you an absurd amount of damage from indigon. (at 3k mana we cap at 600 mana per second from leech, giving us 3 Indigon procs per second). Shav's Ring is used to stop our ES from regenning at the start of the Uber fight, and used similarly in Red Elder.

6. Belt

Endurance Charge corruption with Reduced Flask Charges used are the only relevant stats here. Flask duration would be nice.

7. Tabula Rasa

Super cheap 6L with +1 Max Res that's easy to find. ANY other 6L would be better if you have the corruption or another way to hit max res, but it serves its purpose well. CoCS Firestorm is to supplement our Endurance charge generation, and give us charges from Master Surgeon.

8. Kaom's Roots

We use this so Elder's siphon doesn't slow us and get us killed.

9. Ralakesh's Impatience

Free max charges before fight. The most efficient way is to stack your endurance charges, wait for a power charge and make sure your endurance charges are at a higher duration than power charge, switch to Kaom's roots then walk in the portal. When your power charge runs out it will refill your endurance charges and give you plenty of time.

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