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subota, 31.03.2018.

Path Of Exile: My Suggestion On Charged Dash

In PoE, CD is getting a rework, with the basic mechanical change being to remove the hit overlap, and instead have it hit repeatedly while channelling. Well, great, although as has been pointed out, that's what Blade Flurry does. Of course GGG could have something extra in mind to make it work, but on face value it doesn't seem to me like this approach can overcome the major issues with the skill right now.

1. Damage: Removing the hit overlap seems like a major nerf, so I'm sure GGG will buff deeps in some other way. The thing is though, it's still a movement skill, so I highly doubt the damage would ever be made competitive with Blade Flurry while they both fit the same niche of a in-place channelling attack skill. That lightning conversion on CD might attract a few away from Blade Flurry it the numbers were close, but I doubt it. Having enough chaos orbs poe is important.

2. Movement: The range on CD, and its ability to jump gaps and obstacles are great. That said, it's slower than walking at maximum charge, and slower than cyclone if doing repeated short channels. On top of this, once charging you can't change direction to react during a fight or around narrow corridors, so even if it was FAST at maximum channel duration, it still wouldn't be very usable.

3. Channelling: CwC sounds like a decent use for this skill at first, but as it turns out.. like the movement, it's next to useless. With for example Blight + CwC, the triggered spell goes to your cursor at each cast, so you can keep targeting the spells where you need to. With CD + CwC on the other hand, it continues casting exactly where your cursor was when channelling began, so if the enemy moves at all, you have to stop & restart the channelling, which takes far too long to be useful.

So how about instead of the movement portion remaining useless and just turning it into a not-quite Blade Flurry, what if it was something more like a "controlled-Flicker", with the ability to direct where it goes as you continue channelling? Imagine it's constantly projecting the next attack out in the direction of your cursor, and at each 'step' (where attacks land now) you teleport forward instead of standing still.

Have it follow the cursor at each step so you can redirect it as you go. To make it so you wouldn't just maintain the one channel through a whole map, have the movement speed start higher (30% more?), dropping as the channelling goes on, but also increasing the damage & AOE as happens now.

Then just tweak the recovery animation time (have it scale with channelling duration too perhaps) until it's possible to, with the right channel-duration, move as fast as WB or SC.

This can then be used for trash clear as you go, then when you hit a tougher enemy or want AOE over movement speed you just maintain the channel instead of releasing it. Add in the CwC behaviour of every other channelling skill where it follows the cursor, and that option could suddenly become viable too. Visit, you will get cheap orbs.

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