petak, 08.01.2021.

The bitch

there was and might still be
a village on the far southern end
where the rusty soft houses 
on the wind they bend
people called it mercy
saying you'll have a time well spent
today they call for mercy
when they look at the size of the rent
there was a house
not in new orleans
but on the far northern end
where the sun doesn't rise
and every plant hastily dies
all christians were in that house
in the winter
when the houses start to bend
but never the one 
on the far northern end
so our story begins in the time of the lent.
there was a young man next to the western door
he didn't like to starve so he always called for more
the man hated lent and didn't have a time well spent
when the lent began he ran
to the eastern barn the young man went 
there he killed their only goat
he ate half (of) the goat and went to his northern house
hid the rest for awhile beneath his only good blouse
when his father went to the barn
there was no goat, just one mouse
the young man was scared he'll be caught
but a rushing thought
to his mind was brought
he saw her last winter in a black forest pitch
she scared him when she tried to run away
so he said it was her fault she-wolf, that bitch
christians were furious, she ate their goat
how did she dare, they'll throw her in a ditch
and as the wind blew more and more
the young man's soul was getting sore
all the people from all the houses took their time
to find that bitch and make her pay
the plan was to later throw her in the middle of the bay
they found the she-wolf all alone
happily chewing on an old bone
the wolf saw the christians but decided to stay
it was her only meal in such a long day
she will try to protect the bone
thinking they want her meal
trying with her eyes 
to make them a good deal
not understanding their whisper
we'll make you squeal...
the young man's soul was by now gone
he was the first
the one who broke her every bone
then they took her to the middle of the bay
telling her she still didn't pay
they threw her later down the ditch
joyfully screaming
we got rid of the bitch
yelling with a smile
the bitch is dead 
now let's go to bed
but as they killed the wolf
the ground froze
the wind stopped to blow
and the clouds arose
it snowed for three months straight
killed half the christians and one hare
the young man felt guilty
suddenly he wanted to share
it was all too much for him to bare
he took half the goat from the salt
where he kept his meal safe
gave it to his father by illness chained to bed
and while the man finally peacefully slept
the father started to cry 
his eyes looking through the walls
asking why
the bitch is dead.
before he died
he wept

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četvrtak, 07.01.2021.


Una cobarde verdadera

Porque no sepas hablar
No te calles
Te comportas tan
Que a tu lado
no tengas
Ninguna gente

Que no eres
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ponedjeljak, 04.01.2021.

Jedan kraj

Mi smo prijatelji.
Mi smo prijatelji?
Kakve okrutne riječi.

Riječi u rijeci ne žele više teći.

Ne žele doći
Ne žele proći

Prijatelji smo.
Bezosjetno je to reći.

Prijatelji mi nismo.

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