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what am I writing about?
everyday situations
punk rock
(white) shoes


No. 10 Leave Before The Lights Come On
No. 11 Dig up her bones
No. 12 Eläkeläiset
No. 13 Don't Fear the Reaper

Suomen Nanbudo Liitto
Tigrovi i masti
Jožina lutkica
Magyar Vizsla

Kucanica u Japanu

Platja d'Aro - Spain
Skien, Oslo - Norge
Prag - Bohemia
Turku - Finland
White wedding
Martin 1st edition
Martin 2nd edition
Martin 3rd edition

Down this road
Another day, another dollar, another bill collecting caller.
Disillusioned, let down, all my heroes are junkies now.
I've been down this road, in the end it's all the same,
another day I'm getting older, another day nothing has changed.
I've been down this road, I'm wrong when I know I'm right,
hard pressed to make it better, but I got no will to fight.
26 and I'm flat broke, I've been down so long I have given up hope.
Shattered nerves anxiety, so much more than I wanted to be.
I often wonder what went wrong,
but I can't remember, it's been too long.
Think out loud things I want to change,
but I know I never will I'm gonna stay this way.
I've been down this road, in the end it's all the same,
another day I'm getting older, another day nothing has changed.
I've been down this road,
I'm wrong when I know I'm right,
hard pressed to make it better, but I got no will to...
Is this my great reward, servitude and solitude,
a lifetime of chances I have blown
I woulda coulda shoulda been so much more than I really am,
and it's nobody else's fault but my own.
Another day, another dollar, another bill collecting caller.
Disillusioned, let down, cause I'm nothing more than a fuck up now.
I've been down this road, in the end it's all the same,
another day I'm getting older, another day nothing has changed.
I've been down this road, I'm wrong when I know I'm right,
hard pressed to make it better, but I got no will to fight.

Zero down

Making a bet and I feel that I should have known better
Turning the pages so slow as I ever could
Shot shot I need a shot of persuasion right now
Let down the offer at once
'cause I'm weak and afraid to be wrong

But in time, well I need another piece of your mind
In time, and the feeling is strong and I'm riding it high
In time, well I need another piece of your mind
In time, and the feeling is strong
and I'm riding it high for you

Shaking my head so gently afraid to be simple
Waiting for you reaction, for your response
Time out, I don't need any suspension at all
Sit still, it's all for the best
'cause you stumble and fall for your love

Faking a laugh the sound is loud and annoying
Taking it back is something that can't be done
Let go, the spirits is no in the ceiling tonight
Step down and lick all my wounds
is the only thing left for me now


Jack of all Trades
Give me a reason not to lash out,
because I don't see much reason now
I want to banish frauds, slay unruly sods.
Since false idol gods have nothing figured out
Nothing at all
So you've got a tale to tell,
Well how about something real?
feel free and stifle someone.
Go on and belittle someone as well.
Or but fucker yeah you'll get yours
So fill up your pockets, and watch them swell.
You could be no one, an inconsiderate bastard son.
Kiss your smile goodbye.
Kiss it all goodbye.

Hot Water Music

Original Me

Mirror, mirror,
Please believe,
Need to find myself,
All my life spent wondering,
I've been trying to hide this place of mind,

Of the original me.

I need a sign a simple chime,
When grown kids have crossed my mind,
Followed to in the craziness,
A welcome man who rode behind,

Of the original me.

What big thoughts you had,
I can see them in your eyes,
When you pretend to laugh,
Reflection I see,
Reminds me, of somebody like me

Tender day,
Spent to laugh,
Don't say all but the impact,
Mental prostitution,
In this universal, institution,

Of the original me

My time to end this session,
One bang and I'm free.

What big thoughts you had,
I can see them in your eyes,
When you pretend to laugh,
Reflection I see,
Reminds me, of somebody like me.

What big thoughts you had,
I can see them in your eyes,
When you pretend to laugh,
The reflection I see,
Reminds me of somebody like me.

02.01.2008., srijeda


New Year is a good occasion for a comeback after more than 2 months. I will compare stuff I wrote in January of 2007 to see if I moved forward a bit or I made few steps back. In 2007. I lived to see a retarded Mexican telenovela being sychronized to Croatian. The world is coming to an end!

2007. was an important year for me. I decided about some huge stuff.

Last year I wrote: “I got my first real job. It is a best possible start for a trainee...what else can a girlie want?“
2007 comment: It was again a good year in that field again. Work is good. I passed the exam and I am officially a civil servant now.
Next: in February my traineeship will be over….dangerously good plans? We’ll see…

Last year I wrote: “I spent some time in Finland, twice last year.
2007 comment: this year I was ‘only’ once in Finland. I think I finally realised that learning finnish language is actually possible. Remembering my stay in Finland and all the lovely people I hang out with there makes me think of happy times!Next: Again Finland, again, again, Finland, Finland!

Last year I wrote: “I stopped training which was sad but hopefully it’s nothing that can't be fixed. “
2007 comment: Actually it can’t be fixed. My training is stagnating because of few reasons: one is possible spine injury which I cannot afford, other is the lack of time and third is laziness
Next: I’m definitely going back to training!

Last year I wrote: In an emotional way, it was pretty calm. No turbulences. I had plenty in '05 so I needed rest. Now I just go with the flow.
2007 comment: 2007 was not at all calm. Hard core turbulences! Closed a book after 8 years for good. Am I sure? One never knows, but I think it is definitely closed. Now I am chilling.
Next: It would be best that I take it easy. I need to fall in love, I have a heart to give, hopefully it won’t be wasted on an asshole.

Last year I wrote: “No one close to me was sick or seriously sad, so life is good.”
2007 comment: Luckily I can say the same this year!
Next: My biggest wish is that I’ll be able to say it next year also.

Last year I wrote: “I regret neglecting some people and losing touch with some close friends. That's one of the things I have to change this year and make up for the lost time.”
2007 comment: I am happy to say that this changed. I was hanging with people that I have neglected in the past and had a decent social life. Also, I met some great people who are fun fun and always in a good mood! They make life worth living.
Next: I plan on spending enough time on my friends because it sure is quality time.

Last year I wrote: “I regret that I did not go out more and did not see some concerts”
2007 comment: I changed this also. I went to concerts and everywhere I felt like going. Too bad I was missing such stuff before, but all of that is part of life. There are periods when you’re a bit antisocial and period when your’re hyperactive.

Last year I wrote: “I should lose some weight or at least not gain any”
2007 comment: By May last year I lost 8 kilos and kept it that way until October. After that I gained few and my spine is telling me that it noticed that. Stressing is bad.
Next: Today I start diet.

Last year I wrote: “prepare myself for some serious studying for the state exam (the thought of it makes me sick, I forgot how it's done, studying that is)”
2007 comment: no need to worry no more, I passed…
Next: this exam was the last official thing I had to study for in my life…still, I hope that I’ll get some ambition to learn other stuff!

Last year I wrote: “make more effort in learning Finnish”
2007 comment: this year in Finland I found out that learning to speak Finnish is possible! I was not attending my Finnish classes this semester since I had this state exam to study for.
Next: I’m gonna study Finnish like crazy! Koiran parsas…

Last year I wrote: “I need to make some decisions about my life, try to be more responsible”
2007 comment: I made a progress in that field
Next: no more decisions to come up with, I’m open for new things

Last year I wrote: “I need to be considerate and tolerant, as they say: live and let live.”
2007 comment: I was training tolerance all year long, sometimes I even surprise myself.
Next: Still, tolerance has its bounds, there is a thin line between being tolerant and being a fool.

Last year I wrote: “I’ll stop smoking”
2007 comment: I actually stopped smoking last year, from June till October I did not smoke at all…and then some stressful time came…and here I am again. Not smoking much, but still….smoking!
Next: I will stop sometime. There is a right time for a radical decision, if you don’t hit the spot, it doesn’t last long!

Last year I wrote: “I’ll be more tolerant towards the elderly becuase I live with grandpa. I should calmly answer questions for 2nd, 3rd or 4th time without mentioning that I was already asked that. Also, I should calmly explain how certain „machines“ work without going crazy. I am aware of the fact that in certain age you forget stuff, especially if you were never good with „machines and devices“ but I should remember that at the moment when I lose my nerves.”
2007 comment: as I already wrote, I was training my tolerance like crazy this year. I even bought grandpa a cell phone (good luck with that!) and explained how it works few times already.
Next: I will continue explaining…

My dangerously good plan for 2008: do some serious business and use all my free time for traveling with friends...find a partner for dancing lessons…that’s about it! Some health would be nice!

Okay, I wish happy and successful year to you all and here are few tips:
1. Grandpa told me few days ago that worst problems in life you have, you make them yourself…so if you can consolidate with yourself, you could get rid off at least some!
2. A smart one said that if a problem has a solution, there’s no need to worry, and if a problem doesn’t have a solution it’s pointless to worry. True, right?
3. And one I just heard in a movie; good things come with time but great things come all in the same time! Let’s just hope so!

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19.10.2007., petak


After 5 days in London, Timisoara was quite a cultural shock. I wasn't crazy about going to Romania especially because I was tired and full of impressions from London which I did not want to ruin. I just had one night in Zagreb to contemplate. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
There are not any direct flights from Zagreb to Timisoara for any amount of money so I had to fly over Budapest 4th time this year. The Republic of Croatia should seriously consider improving its traveling-by-plane possibilities. We traveled with small planes that were half empty. Not many people travel to Romania let me tell you, especially not as turists to Timisoara. I was happy to find out that there are airports smaller than ours in Zagreb, kippis!
The suburbs of the City look really bad. Surroundings reminded me of the picture of Croatian people leaving the City of Vukovar in 1991. The weather was rainy and gray so I guess that it made my impression stronger. The city center is renovated and some parts look really nice. Still, kind of gray and cold. The architecture is interesting, both eastern and western influences can be seen. There are beautiful oriental buildings and also the ones that are more of a Hungarian and German style. It can be seen that they invested in development of the city center, hopefully they will do the same with outskirts one day. Timisoara is a student city and there are many young people around. I'm sure that it will ruin the gray impression with time. People are very friendly and nice. Styles are weird but as it turnes out there are weird everywhere. Women want to look very feminine so they overdo it with accesories and make-up. Most guys have some salesmen-of-used-cars styles. Fashion is probably the last thing on peoples' minds there. The average salery is 200-250 euro. Since they entered in EU they have new stores and shopping malls and the prices are the same, if not higher than in Croatia. Horror.
The food is cheapper buy how cheap does it have to be that 200 euro would be enough to get through a month, with paying rent, paying bills, eating... We do not even know how happy we are and still we complain.
If you consider the fact that they had Mr. and Mrs. Ceauşescu, you must say that they came a looooong way since then and made a huge progress.
I have visited some nice restaurants with good food and friendly people and also pubs that were crowded with young people any day of the week. Stores are open until 10 o'clock or sometimes even midnight. I do not really understand why, it's not like they have turists. I have heard some native music, watched their folklore dancing, national costumes and enjoyed their hospitality. All in all, I am happy that I went to see what Romania is like. It definitely improved my opinion and idea of that country.

Click to see the pics!

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18.10.2007., četvrtak


Get in the groove and move those hips!!

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17.10.2007., srijeda


I've been to London airports few times but I never visited the city. This fall I had a great opportunity to visit my cousin who is working in London for 5 weeks. She was kind enough to invite me and I was keen enough to hurry to visit her. It was so much fun fun. My first time in the english speaking area! I loved hearing english people speak!
I've been around,visited many cities around Europe but I find London very different and special. There are so many things to see. The center of the town is here, there and everywhere and there are things and places for everybody. I do not know how much time would it take to see every part of the city properly. The only thing that freaks me out in London is traffic and masses of people. One should seriously be affraid of buses and cabs. Those drivers don't care if they run people over. Still, seems like they know what they are doing cuz I have not seen any accident. I was confused and couldn't get used to looking in another direction while crossing the street.. If you're a foreigner and you're not paying attention, you can get killed. It says LOOK RIGHT on the concrete but that did not help that much. By the end of my stay I just looked in all directions, prayed and then crossed the road.

The other thing is too many people. London has at least 2 times more citizens than Croatia + all the turists. Everybody is on the street. People are crossing the road with 100 other people. It's scary. It's not the city for kids and old people. I tried to avoid rush hour but one day I needed to meet my friend at 5.30pm in very busy neighborhood. That was a crazy experience, there were so many nervous working people in suits, going out of the tube station and hurrying in unknown direction with plugs in their ears, or speaking on the phone or reading trashy newspaper that they took in the street. I couldn't find my meeting point although it was huge and right in front of me, I tried to ask somebody but it was difficult to catch them. Crazy. After I have seen that I am glad to live in a small country. Still, London is not just an European capital, it's one of biggest capitals in the world so what can one expect?
Most of museums are free and that's excellent! You can't get enough! I saw 4 museums in one day and I wouldn't advise anyone to do so. You get so tired, you forget what you saw, it's too much info for short period of time. Parks are wonderful, one can get the peace and quiet even in the center of the city. I haven't seen many dogs on the street, maybe people have no time for dogs. Well, streets with that many people are not really the place for dogs. I love the fact that in London you can walk with bunch of crap on your head and no one will look at you funny. We, here, beat those. There are so many different styles but on the street no one cares what you wear. People don't comment eather! Weird but nice. There are many Petes and Kates around. I saw few Pete wannabes and I cannot figure out how those guys have legs that thin. Even if I did not have muscles, fat and celulite on my legs, my bones are bigger than those sticks. All in all, I would say that Englishmen are very goodlooking, but the women are mostly unattractive. Of course, I cannot generalise but this is just my impression.
Oh yes, if you're Balcanian, look out what you're saying because people there are politically correct! If they only knew what kind of jokes we have...

Click on the link to see the pics!

I did not do any shopping, I just bought onitsuka sneakers and that was it. London is bloooody expensive, but I was not really into shopping anyway (which is weird). Most of the money I spent on tube tickets and eating out. Since I was eating with professionals, I have tried some new and delicious food.

It was an important trip for me; I moved away from work for a while, went places and saw things and refreshed relationships with some nice people. First of all, it was great to see my cousin and spend some time with her since we do not hang together often. I am just sorry that I missed her birthday. Lepa, I hope you had even better time after I left and thank you for everything!
I met my friend from Finland that I did not think that I will see ever again. I'm so glad that I did because I had the best guide to show me the city and a great person to spend time with. I often remember how we drank coffee and smoked tabacco on a side walk at the market place in the sun. Good times Meredith, thank you! Tapš!

Then I met my friends who just started studying in Brighton. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for them, I won't be seeing them for a year. We did a turistic tour together and ate some fish and chips. Nice to see you kids, come home soon!
And then, the surprising part was meeting a girlie from highschool on the plane and her friend. We never hanged out together before and we probably would not if it wasn't for this trip. It would be a shame because I got to know 2 great people. Yeah, yeah, guys I will start advertising you in my next post!
Enjoy the pics!

p.s. pics from european languages day from Cvjetni trg

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02.10.2007., utorak


Henry Rollins wrote a song called Thursday afternoon but I cannot use that one today. Still, I'll copy one part for you. I love Henry's lyrics, it's like he asked me what to write.
Please let me see the faults my ego denies me
Don't let me grow so tall, I forget the ground beneath me
Don't let me forget that satisfaction has no friends
That glory's only fleeting - already gone

I've wasted so much time
I'm trying to get it straight in my mind

Don't let me think it's love, when it's only just obsession
I've spent so many nights punching that wall
Show me the difference between decision and denial
I want to know why I ask why

Let me see my confusion for exactly what it is
Don't let me make my rage a tool of regret
Allow me to sidestep my frustration and hostility
And the violence that comes to me so easily, too easily

I am getting older and hopefully wiser but I still cannot figure out many many things. This list is getting bigger with time which is just the opposit of what I would want.
Rebound is on my mind constantly. Thank God that I'm going to leave Zagreb for a while so I could have some time to think...or not think at all. Heavy thinking is always too much.

So, what the hell is rebound anyway? According to Wikipedia, it is a period of time following a particularly painful break-up. What does “period of time” stand for? Is this like mourning without a dress code? No white shoes, huh? Is this something everyone has to have or only we, the weak ones? As my little Austrian friend said: Sometimes I wish I was so damn arrogant that I could just say fuck you and bye bye! That would be best, but normally it never happens. Is there a rule how people should act in that period? Are we supposed to meet someone new and hurt them because we’re hurt? SelFISH, no? Is that necessary in order to move on? Is a rebound significant other really significant? What does moving on really mean? How will we know that rebound is really over in order to proceede with our lives? And when it’s finally over, does that mean that we have healed? Do we ever?

In my book, all of the stuff I have written above is such crap. This rebound thing is such waste of time. A break-up is painful itself, it sucks all the joy of life out of us. We’re unhappy, have things on our minds 24/7 and are not fun to anybody and just horror for ourselves. We do the reconstruction of events and irrational self-analyzing that have never done anything good to anyone. We can pretend that we’re dealing with it just fine for some time, at work, among friends etc. but still we’re so dry and torrid inside. News flash: time is not waiting for us. So our days pass… I think that we need some help to heal. We need someone to save us!! Rebound will not do the trick, neither will time itself. But someone will. We just have to be careful while searching for the one who can save us and if we find them, we should let them in. Who knows, maybe we are meant to save somebody.
Looking forward to your Facebook comments,
I’m off to London! Kippis!
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28.09.2007., petak

European day of languages

If you're in Zagreb and you've got nothing better to do come to Cvjetni trg on saturday, September 29.
There will be a short presentation of a number of European languages and a prize quiz about the countries in which those languages are spoken.
The event will take place between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The European Language Day is incited by the European Council with an aim to promote European language and cultural diversities.
It will be fun fun!! I'll be helping with the Finnish presentation and later in Skola.
See you there...

Here are some pics from my stay in Finland with the most important members of the Finnish Nanbudo Federation. Best regards to my guys!!

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23.09.2007., nedjelja

Oh my Wishboan

Wishboan An emo moment that has to pass a.s.a.p. but it's not always easy...

I do believe in the dreams the night to me has given
And it’s these dreams that by day keep me driven
I try today, try to make the most of tomorrow
‘Cause I believe that my days here I do barrow

Oh my wishboan, oh my shooting star
Walk with me

I will respect all the secrets onto me you whisper
I’ll tell you mine all you need to do love, is listen
I host the hope in the love that is between us
And may this love be the only thing that comes between us

Oh my wishboan, oh my shooting star
Walk with me

I’m so happy to be myself
No rather be nobody else
Proud to be myself
No rather be nobody else

And through my fate change my auspicious star stop shining
Up there it’s light, in my mind, and not stop trying
And when the clouds blow away the big wind come hidden
I’ll see my zenith once again that’s before I’ve seen him

Oh my wishboan, oh my shooting star
Walk with me

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20.09.2007., četvrtak


This time last year, I wrote a post about my favorite TV show. I am totally and completely addicted to six feet under. Some time after that I got all 6 seasons on DVD. For all of you that love that show, here is the last part of the last episode. Enjoy!
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19.09.2007., srijeda

age and brains are overrated

...or yet better: if brains were money, I couldn't pay attention!

I was unproductive for quite some time. I wanted to write so much about my trip to Finland and in the end, I did not...I still do not have all the pictures I took there because I didn't take action to burn them there and then...computer is too lame for serious file sharing. I'll do that with time, promise. Still, life goes on, things happen and it all will not wait for my pics from Finland to arrive. Darn di.
I am in some hursh emo period right about now. I have a good reason for that though. The only meaningful relationship in my life has just ended after more or less 8 years. Is a tragedy or is it just a relief...time will tell. In this day and age I constantly think too much, analyze, all the stuff I shouldn't do if I want to keep my sanity. But it's easier said than done. I am not gonna write about it because it wouldn't be fair. I'll just leave it at that and write of things about relationships that are on my mind lately.


Things get broken, we take some glue to patch them up. They are never as good as new, right? It depends on the glue. If it is cheap, it dries and thing gets broken again. If it breaks over and over again, each time is so much difficult to put it back together. Why do we even do that? Why don't we just buy a new one? The old one will get thrown away sooner or later so why throw it away later?
What is that bad about new things? Are we so used to the old ones what we do not want to take a chance with new ones or are we aware that there is no point in keeping it but we are so emotionally attached to it that we can't let go?


I guess that we are the same with other people as we are with things. As time passes and we get older, we want more and more from other person. I will never understand why is that connected with age. I think that this is the reason why people stick together even if they are in severely damaged relationship. Even if it's bad, it's a safety net, it exists. Getting involved with someone new brings many risks but are those risks that scary that we just keep sticking to our misery? Wining about past relationship must be so unattractive. We will not make ghosts from the past less scary if we procede with pasively sticking around and blowing interested people off. When will we realize that we're wasting time?

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20.08.2007., ponedjeljak

What's IN in Finalnd this summer

Ovo ljeto IN su:italo disco, bijele cipele i brkovi. Isto tako, ne znam iz vlastitog iskustva ali cure vele da dečkasi ovo ljeto nisu predarežljivi kaj se hofiranja tiče, ak znate na kaj mislim. guys are not giving any.
Italo disco je nekaj sasvim strašno za nas Hrvate jer se odma sjetimo ljenih terasa, zvuka sintića, bordo odijela i masnih turista. U Finskoj je to ovo ljeto in. Pogotovo u Koivuli. Od tam sam ja. U našoj se kući 2 pjesme vrte 24/7 jer cure moraju pratiti trend. Prvi hit je "my boss" od Linde Di Franco. Ne znam dal se neko od vas nje sjeća. Ja se nemrem sjetiti, ili sam možda to potisnula, al frajlica je bila IN 1986.

Ovo je jedan od najgorih playback horror videa. Tekst nadmašuje Huljića za 3 koplja "honey, honey, the things I do for money", styling and shoes rock!! 80's rock!

Ovog sljedećeg tipa se sjećam, tip se zove Ivan tj. Iva'n a hit se zove "Fotonovela". Fudbalerka, suit u trokut sa širokim ramenima i nezaboravna koreografija. Pa kad zaplješće klap klap klap i onda sintić i onda glasić. Divotica.

Da napišem nekaj o finskoj modi. Moda u Helsinkiju i ostatku Finske je moda možda malo drugačija. Pošto je Helsinki stvarno europski grad, tamo se može naći sve ko i u svakom drugom europskom gradu. Jedino kaj me ove godine posebno sekira su one gumene klompe crocs kaj su nedavno izumili kako bi ih nosilo osoblje u ustanovama poput bolnica itd, al se nose po europskim cestama ko posljednji krik mode. Znam da nije prvi, a niti zadnji put da se nose grde stvari, al ovo je posebno grozno. Pogotovo na bijele štrample, tirkiznu cvjetnu haljinu s otvorenim leđima tako da ima mjesta za razvuceni zeleni grudnjak. Anyways, to je in. Udobnost je in. Ružno je in.
Kaj se inače tiče Finaca, mislim da oni ne mare puno za to kaj je in. Po cesti sam vidjela puno ljudi za koje sam pomislila: ti dečkas stvarno imaš hrabrosti, mi u Hrvatskoj takve tučemo. A i cure imaju hrabrosti. Tamo nema veze kolika si špajza, niko te neće čudno gledati ak si obućeš minjak. Neće te čudno gledati čak niti ako imaš zelenu irokezu. To jedino mi stranci piljimo i divimo se jer cure hodaju okolo tak da im svima curi špek prek hlača. To se zove love handels i to je very okay. U Finskoj ima puno ljudi kaj se furaju na neke alternativne stajlove, pogotovo gothic i metal. Fincima je metal u krvi. Prikladna odjeća se ne nalazi tako lako, a ako se i nalazi onda je dosta skupa. Zato poklonici takve mode naručuju robicu iz Njemačke jer tamo je meka za takav stajl. Ako vidite na cesti poklonike takvog stajla nećete ih promašiti pošto stajl ne nose umjereno nego vrlo radikalno (koža, platformke, šminka, sve...) I niko ih ne tuče. Najgore kaj im se može dogoditi je da ih zajebavaju po cesti na foru Lord of the Rings ili likova iz igrica pa im dobace npr. "what level are you on?" ili tak nekaj. To je šaljivo i umjereno, a dalje od toga ne ide. Dakle, osim mladih curica, nema pomodnih ljudi. Ima onih koji se drže svojih stajlova bez obzira da li su u modi ili ne, i ima onih kojima je savršeno svejedno kaj stave na sebe. Kad kažem svejedno, stvarno mislim "svejedno"! To su dečkasi iz šume koji imaju važnijih briga. Najvažnije od svega je da svi hodaju po istoj cesti i niko ne pilji i ne sprda se. Prečudno!
Naravno sve kaj sam napisala se odnosi na cestovnu modu. H&M prevladava tak da se nema kaj previše razmišljati.
S druge strane; tu su oni s brkovima, bijelim cipelama i italo discom koji nisu materijal za cestu. Oni su materijal mojih snova. Mljac!
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12.08.2007., nedjelja


I tako stigla ja u Finsku. Nemrem vjerovat da sam tu. Uvijek se iz nova cudom cudim. Sve neki plavi ljudi s jakim jagodicnim kostima koji govore nekim jako cudnim jezikom. Dobra strana cinjenice da nismo u Europskoj Uniji je kaj ne moramo cekat u redu s ostalim Europljanima za pregled pasosa nego mozemo s ostalim clandestino ilegal ici na sirotinski prozor...pa onda pitanja kam ides, zakaj ides, kolko bus dugo ostala, kaj bus radila itd. Osim toga, u avionu koji je isao iz Budimpeste u Helsinki, bilo je pretezno pucanstvo vrlo svjetle kose a dva mjesta pored mene i ostatak reda su bili prazni. Za nekoliko minuta dolazi cijele familija. Troje djece i roditelji...roditelji sjedaju pored mene. Zenski dio para se stvarno cudno ponasa, cmace lupa nogama, previse aktivno se mice sve u svemu. Dakle, samo ja crvenokosa i njih petero dobro osuncano u avionu. Nakon odredenog vremena provedenog u iscekivanja i nakon kaj sam se konacno sjela u avion, otvorila sam si svoju vrlo zabavnu knjizicu da si malo procitam a kad tamo nacujem pitanje: "odakle si?" pa se okrenem da vidim jer to bilo namijenjeno meni...i naravno da je. Muz od te traktorke kaj je sjedila pored mene s prilicnom kolicinom zlata na sebi je procital naslov knjige i odma me smjestil u Jugoslaviju. Da skratim, tip je s Kosova (nego od kud) i bil je u "armiji" u Bosni pa zna "srpski" i kad je pocel rat otisel je u Finsku i nije bas previse zadovoljan, btw (odes u Finsku s Kosova i nisi zadovoljan!!??) i tam je nasel tu drazesnu gospodu kaj je sjedila pored mene a ne znam od kud je. Engleski ne govori, a ni finski (a tam je bar 15 god) a njih dvoje komuniciraju...dakle to bi mogao bit albanski onda. Anyway, tip je bil nekak jako zadovoljan kaj si moze samnom pospominati, a niti jedan od njih dvoje nisu ni bacili oko na djecu s druge strane. Pa nisu budale. Onda je doslo vrijeme za avionsku zakusku. Kad je ova pocela cmakat mislila sam da cu iz koze iskocit. Zenska je stvarno losa. Tip je bio skroz razdragan svojom bivsom sudrzavljankom, tj. mnome i dal mi je broj telefona da ih posjetim kad dodem u Espoo. To je inace nekaj kaj drugi stvarno nemaju, to je balkanski stih koji je meni drag. Pozvat nekog kog si upravo upoznao k sebi doma, jer smo kao "svoji" il tak nekaj. Naravno da nikad ne bum dosla, al mislim da je uopce ideja za takvo henganje Europljanima strana. Blazeni Balkan.
Morala sam se zuriti ko luda da stignem na bus za Turku da ne moram jos sat i pol cekati. Pokupim kofer, sve 5, imam jos malo vremena, moram na zahod jer nema pisanja bar 2 i pol sata. I nigdje zahoda!! Nigdje!!! Udem u bus potpuno shvrana jer nemrem izbacit iz glave pomisao da moram 2 i pol sata trpiti. Al nemrem ni trazit okolo jer bu mi otisel autobus. I nis, sjednem unutra, metnem si mp3 u uha koji krepa za 15 min jer je cijelo vrijeme svirao bez mog dopustenje pa se baterija istrosila a druge su mi u koferu. I tako, gledam tuzno kroz prozor u mracnu finsku noc i odsjaju na staklu vidim lampicu koja svjetli "WC". Ima nade!! I sad, ne kuzim di je jebeni zahod. Ne vidim uopce te ljudi koji idu na zahod. Dal da idem pitat sofera? Ma glupo mi ga je dekoncentrirat. I konacno ide neki deda prema zadnjem kraju autobusa i skuzim da je zahod u lijevom zadnjem uglu busa. Odem tam nakon dede. Udem unutra, nemrem nac svjetlo. Sve popipam oko vrata, sam Bog zna kolko bakterija sam pokupila, i nema svjetla. Nema! I kaj sad...nis, bum u mraku. Ne moram ni spominjati da se cijelim putem vozimo po autoputu, al bas tada smo bili na najzavojitijem dijelu, bez svake sumnje.
Konacno, dodem na autobusni kolodvor u Turku i tamo me ceka moja Rita s prijatelicom. Veselje, veselje i opet veselje!! Otisli smo na popit casu prije spavanja u bar di je bilo dosta "pripitih" ljudi. Sta da rade, pa subota je!! I na spavanje. U Koivulu!! Menemme Koivulaan!

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02.08.2007., četvrtak


I used 5 days of my deficient vacation in June to go to the seaside with my girliefriends. It was a very good invesment, let me tell you. There were severe complications with the planning of the trip because we were all so stressing the week before our leave. Too bad that one of my best friends couldn't make it but better luck next year. All in all, our vacation tourned out great. We were 4 girlies (3 Croatian and 1 Finnish) who wanted to rest properly, do whatever we like, read books, trashy magazines...enjoy the silence, force ourselves on the sun and feel the sea. Pure renesanse! We were trying to leave all our problems behind and relax. Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we did not. Preseason is the best time to go to the seaside. I just found that out. I do not plan to go on a relaxing vacation in August ever again.
There were not many people around and no crazy nights going on. We missed a place for crazy dancing (although the Finnish girlie and I crashed the senior citizens' dance party), but we made our own atmoshpere day by day. We were only legal tourists in the old part of town so the inhabitants kept track whether or not we cought enough sun.
Here are some photos.

I will spend the rest of my vacation in Finland. I am leaving for Turku tomorrow. I am looking forward to spend time with my dear friends there and attend summer school again. Also, I will get the chance to hang with guys of Finnish Nanbudo Federation (this 'federation' word sounds so important, there are only few but very special nanbudokas there). I guess I will keep you posted from Finland.
Enjoy your August everybody!

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05.07.2007., četvrtak


While I was hanging around the hospital, I missed some events. I just wanted to pay some respect to my highschool absolute favorite bands that are not absolute favorite anymore. Still, I regret that I did not see them live for old times sake. Those are bands that can be consumed only in certain age. Special treat for teenage rebels and lost girlies (like I was). When you reach certain age you just grow out of it. Their styles are exaggerated. They are probably aware of it, but it sells so what the fuck? Those emo singers who feel the pain...child molesting, parents fighting, no lunch money...c'mon...it's fun in teen years, later it's not fun but funny.

And those other dudes who are very serious...drinking blood, playing on a chain attached guitar, scare children etc. I was such a fan by the way, I was signing myself Jane Steele. I thought that Peter Steele was soooo hot. Can you blame me? I respect the business but are those guys really serious?? Now when I see the guy, I must admit that he's an unusual example of horror, hell comes ripping. If I saw him in the dark I would run for my life!

Too bad I did not see them live.
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03.07.2007., utorak


On Tuesday I ended up in the hospital, nothing that serious but many many tests. Some of them were pretty scary but I did not have time to be frightened since it all happened so quickly. I also did not want to embarrasse myself in front of the doctor, although that did not stop me from embarrassing myself in previous hospital visits. Anyways, officially I am perfectly healthy. Off the record I still have two wooden legs.
I wanted to write a quick review about how our 10th year anniversary tourned out. One guy was celebrating his graduation on the same day so he could not come. Hats off, Svebor! For your graduation, not because you couldn't come. He had a whole party prepared and after our official anniversary, most of the class joined his party. I was half dead that day but I did not want to miss it since I kinda organized it. I needed to do the arrangements even from the hospital since everyone is always so busy and they do not have time to make phonecalls. Okay okay, some did in the end. There were only 16 of us at dinner with 3 extra who were coming and going. It was very okay all in all. At least I think so.
There were people that I have not seen for quite some time but then again, those who I did not see since we graduated were not there. We could not track down some of them. There were not any strictly business-polite conversations since I consider all of them my friends, not just my schoolmates. I am truly sorry that I do not see them more often.
Yes, at around 10 I got such a headache that I went home. Fell into the bed and fell asleep. I missed Svebor's party. Well, maybe he'll graduate again!

I put some pics here so I wouldn't have to send them. Enjoy!
See you in 10 years!
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26.06.2007., utorak

Latest issue; 10th Anniversary of Our Graduation

Few months ago, I tought of helping to orgnize that event. I contacted my class mate, known as the king of urnebes (Gazda), who is good with organizing things. We decided to do it togehter. I am known as a queen of urnebes. The word goes that Gazda and I are too determined and when we want something to be done, rest of them just cannot resist our urnebes. It is not really true, they manage quite well actually.
Anyways, everyone is so busy lately. We tried to gather people 2 times already but without any luck. Gazda went to the seaside and now he operates on his mobile phone and I am operating here. It is complicated to put all those people together in the same evening. Someone always can't come. Well, there were 36 of us. Unfortunately, the best one died. So, 35. Few of them are studying abroad and I already know that some have other events to attend. I went to the restaurant that we chose, set the menu and the price, told people to call people etc. The rest is up to them.
Then I got a phone call from a classmate layer:
D: could we move the date for next Saturday?
J: no we can not, this is already the 3rd try. Why?
D: because most of people I've called cannot come!
J: really? Who?
D: S. can't come, T. is working, I'm going to a wedding...
J: Weird, Gazda said that T. will come.
D: okay, I lied about that.
J: God help me!
D: no really, quite few can't come!
J: Who?
D: well, just me and S.
J: God help me!!!
D: okay okay, I will postpone the wedding...
J: how will you do that?
D: no worries...thanks for organising...I'll call others...

There, a little like this. I am looking forward to see those people. We were pretty close compared to other classes of our generation. We were together, most of us, since we were 11 or so. Classical primary school, classical highschool and so on... There are always people who you like more than others but I can say that I did not severely dislike anyone. I still hang with most of the guys.
There are few that just got lost. I did not see them for 10 years and I doubt that they will come on Saturday because no one knows where they are.
We're cca 28 years old now, only 3 people are married and many of them are still studying. Some of them are very successful in what they do. All in all, we all tourned out pretty much okay.
I am looking forward to see them, did their appearance change, how much older they look, are they happy, satisfied, have their principals and priorities change, are they in love, what are their plans etc.

Last week I read an article in the newspaper. It was written by one of my former latin professors. He wrote how those gatherings suck. He dislikes them more than weddings and funerals because they are not necessary. He thinks that it's stupid to meet people who you haven't seen for a long time and assumes that there is nothing to talk about. He thinks that people come there to prove to others that they are successful in life. What a stupidity! If you think that, old guy, then you hanged with wrong people. Also, that kind of attitude is not particular for our school.
You set in the same classroom with some people for 4 years, if you can't find something in common to talk about then you have a serious problem of your own. You can talk about stupid things from highschool days if nothing else. It is just one night after 10 years, c'mon!! Who would call you anyway?
I'll write a review of the event!

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24.06.2007., nedjelja

The Visitor

Long time no write. I just saw a sight that I was not happy to see. Russian President is visiting Zagreb this weekend. I witnessed the protocol regulation since I live in the street near which all those important cars need to pass. First of all, in last day or so, all cars from Pantovčak were moved away from the street. I have never seen the street that empty, not even in the era of the former Presidente. People who live there went crazy because of that since most of them do not have a garage and where are they supposed to park then? My friend went to the seaside and left his car and motocycle on the street. The car is gone, I have no idea where they put it.
I went to walk the dog with a friend and to see Mr. Putin pass by. It was quite an event, let me tell you. All streets around were blocked, people were waiting in cars for quite some time, pissed. I have not seen that many cops in my life. It was like the time stopped. An empty street with only few people who were walking home because they were tired of waiting of the first KGB guy to pass. One devastated guy asked the cop how was he supposed to go home? How long was this gonna last? He also said that he's a journalist and that he's gonna write all bunch of stuff and hats off to them for doing their job.
No busses, no road crossing, maybe whispering would be better than talking. As if the God himself came to see us poor, obedient and foolish Croatians. I doubt that this happens anywhere else. Do you think that the same thing would happen in any European country? No way. Cops did not let even the ambulance pass because of some Putin guy. Ambulance needed to move to another street and the patient was sitting in a wheelchair in front of the house. Isn't that insane? It would be really funny if it was not sad. Women, if you need to give birth, cross your legs and wait because Mr. Putrin is passing by.
Then finally, all "important" cars started coming. There were at least 20 cars passing one after another. And all were surrounded by cops. Maybe they even borrowed some cops from our neighbour countries especially for this event. After it was all over, another 10 minutes everything was standing still because cops were not sure if everything will remain like this until the nice guys go back or will they quickly let some cars pass!? They finally decided to let the cars pass....and then I could not cross the street because there was no signalisation. There were so many cars filled with angry people that I did not want to push it and gamble with my road crossing so I waited. Horror.

P.s. I did not take any film of this charade but I'll put a pic of some white shoes what is always hip.
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29.05.2007., utorak


TIGROVA MAST, Saturday 26th May

click here to see more
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17.05.2007., četvrtak


Eurovision. I have a ritual to watch Eurovision with my friend Dina who is about to give birth in few weeks. That's the time when I have a good excuse for criticizing all kinds of horror that is possible to see on that event. Criticizing is the main purpose because it is not about songs anyway, it's about the show. It is a total circus. You can almost see bearded ladies there. You can see more girlish guys than you can even expect. All in all, I must admit that it always amuses me. DJ Bobo, what can I say!
So, Croatia did not enter the finals because the song went unnoticed. Dado looks like a small smoked salmon and that makes the singing girlie look few sizes bigger. She had a great hair do, but her voice sounded funny...she was nervous I guess. It was a Texas massacre with a chain saw. This is the 1st time since Croatia exists that we did not enter the finals. Even „Moja štikla“ did. Poor Dado, don't blame it on yourself, blame it on those who made you win at Dora!!
In the finals I had my personal favorite: Gruzia (Georgia).
Woman was nice, song was kinda powerful although it definitely sounded familiar (something Bjorkish). No one on that contest really discovers something new, right? And then Serbia and those 3 little fat fingers up in the air!! Roses and sunshine! What were those angels in black doing holding the little Serbian girlie? Was that part of a performance or she sooo felt the pain of the song that she needed some assistance?
So, those girly guys... A Ricky Martin Belarus clone, a Turkish Justin Timberlake, Spanish David Beckham girlies in white, Swedish overflow people of unknown sex, French "Jean-Paul Gaultier made my outfit and I feel so hip" girlies, Ukraine - mitä vittua??? and UK's bad attempt to be fun. I feel so bad while I am watching this.
Some songs were decent but of all the horror I just mentioned, I cannot remember them. Maybe there was even more horror but I obviously repressed it.
Being girly or gay is totally in nowdays. Women's style is no longer interesting and guys are more aware of themselves. Women are no longer fashion police. They want to be emancipated and do everything men do. If guys proceede with this lifestyle, that will be an easy task. Gay is okay, I have no problem with it but I am worried what will be left for us girlies!! It is hard to find a decent guy since there are more women than men in the world anyway. The percentage of girly guys horridly narrows our choice. I miss those average – do not care what we put on ourselves – easygoing guys. So guys, leave your white shoes at home and go drink a few beers! Kippis!
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08.05.2007., utorak


After I've seen some of those Finnish movies I am even more amazed with those people. Lines are short and simple (ne b' ja tu prev'še kenjo) as if they read each other's minds. Why waste words if you can just make eye connectione? No small talk, if you want to say something, there's no beating about the bush. We think that they are shy. I wouldn't say that, for them it's normal to be calm because everyone around them is like that. Not showing emozione. Odd, but understandable. We're all different. I never shut up, but I can see the beauty of peace and quiet sometimes. Finnish peace and quiet stops after a certain amount of alcohol. Not shy any more. Not rude or arrogant eather, just more self esteem.
There was a scene in one movie that I saw recently and it went something like this: woman and man are eating romantic dinner in a restaurant (the film was made in 1986). He is a garbageman and she works in a supermarket but she just got kicked out. It is their second date. On the 1st one he took her to play bingo with few other senior citizens. She left. So now he asked her again. She came. They are not talking at all. Just looking at each other across the table and somking one cigarette after another. There was a moment when he made a facial move that could maybe become a smile in a near future, but it didn't. Clearly he was seducing her! Then she said something like: „What do you want from me, really?“ He was quiet. She looked at him as she was waiting for an answer. He was quiet for a moment and then he said something like: „I am Nikander, I do not want anything from anybody....I have rotten teeth and wither liver...“ Of course, this is not an authentic scene, it is just the way I remembered it. But imagine, it was actually a pickup line if we exclude the circumstances those two poor souls were under. Why would he make himself look better in her eyes? He did not say what he wants but he said what he has/hasn't to offer. So, from the start she knew where she was standing. That's honesty for ya!

I did not hear many pick up lines. I do not know if that means that I'm that bad or? Still, I do not think that guys nowdays use that, or at least not the guys I know. Still, my bearded friend loses his bounds when he comes to a foreign land and then flirts like crazy. Alcohol, what can I tell you!? Not only that, he offers translation of his lame pickup lines. He actually learned some Finnish ones which he succesfully used with an unexpectedly affirmative feedback even though he was not planning on getting any. See? Maybe pickup lines are lame and stupid but one never knows...

Here I some pretty lame pickup lines for you:
When God said, "Let there be woman," he created you.
Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
You sure have a great looking tooth. (this one is made for me!)
Falling for you would be a very short trip.
Your daddy must be a thief, because he stole the sparkle of the stars and put it in your eyes.
Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?
You are the only reason why I came in here alone.

I found one simple that I liked the most: "Hi. You'll do."
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01.05.2007., utorak


leningrad cowboys
Svjetla iz sumraka
Laitakaupungin valot

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 2006, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 78 min.

Uloge: Janne Hyytiäinen (Koistinen), Maria Heiskanen (Aila), Maria Järvenhelmi (Mirja), Ilkka Koivula (Lindström), Vesa Häkli (gangster).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Koistinen je noćni čuvar helsinškog shopping centra koji živi prilično ustaljenim životom. Nema sreće niti iskustva sa ženama, iako se za njega zanima Aila, prodavačica na štandu kobasica koji Koistinen često posjećuje. Njegovu rutinu uzburkat će pojava Mirje, femme fatale neiskrenih motiva pred kojom će Koistinen odmah pokleknuti.

Na programu: 27/04 21h, 28/04 19h

Zločin i kazna
Rikos ja rangaistus

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1983, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 93 min.

Uloge: Markku Toikka (Antti Rahikainen), Aino Seppo (Eeva Laakso), Esko Nikkari (inspektor Pennanen), Olli Tuominen (inspektor Snellman), Hannu Lauri (Heinonen).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki, Pauli Pentti (prema romanu Fjodora Mihajloviča Dostojevskog)
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Adaptacija Zločina i kazne Fjodora Dostojevskog smještena u moderno okružje Helsinkija. Antti Rahikainen bivši je student prava koji je zaposlen u klaonici. Jednoga dana ulazi u stan nekog biznismena i hladnokrvno ga ubija. Neposredno nakon toga u stan ulazi Eeva i shvativši što se dogodilo, umjesto da pozove policiju, savjetuje mu da bježi.

Na programu: 28/04 21h, 30/04 19h

Calamari Union

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1985, igrani, c/b, 35 mm, 84 min.

Uloge: Timo Eränko (Frank), Kari Heiskanen (Frank), Asmo Hurula (Frank), Sakke Järvenpää (Frank), Markku Toikka (Pekka).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Harri Laakso, Mikko Mattila, Heikki Ortamo, Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Sedamnaest muškaraca po imenu Frank i jedan koji se zove Pekka krenu na putovanje ulicama Helsinkija s konačnim ciljem u predgrađu Eira, smještenom uz more. Nakon polaska svakog od njih čeka drugačiji put; jedan ubijen, drugi nestaje... Hoće li itko stići do cilja?

Na programu: 30/04 21h, 02/05 19:30h

Sjenke u raju
Varjoja paratiisissa

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1986, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 76 min.

Uloge: Matti Pellonpää (Nikander), Kati Outinen (Ilona Rajamäki), Sakari Kuosmanen (Melartin), Esko Nikkari (Nikanderov suradnik), Kylli Köngäs (djevojka).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Kaurismäkijev treći dugometražni igrani film i ujedno prvi dio njegove “radničke trilogije” (druga dva su Ariel i Djevojka iz tvornice šibica). Glavne uloge tumače Matti Pellonpää i Kati Outinen: on je Nikander, dobrodušni smetlar kojeg stalno snalaze nevolje, a ona Ilona, blagajnica u supermarketu koju također ne prati sreća. Njih dvoje započinju romansu koja će im konačno pružiti malo nade i optimizma.

Na programu: 02/05 21h, 03/05 19:30

Hamlet se okreće biznisu
Hamlet liikemaailmassa

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1987, igrani, c/b, 35mm, 86 min.

Uloge: Pirkka-Pekka Petelius (Hamlet), Esko Salminen (Klaus), Kati Outinen (Ofelia), Elina Salo (Gertruda), Esko Nikkari (Polonije).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salmimem

Sadržaj: Kaurismäkijeva komična verzija Shakespearova Hamleta, smještena u poslovni svijet modernoga doba. Hamlet je razmaženi bogati zavodnik koji nakon smrti oca nasljeđuje mjesto u upravnom odboru kompanije koja se odlučuje prijeći na tržište gumenih patkica. Istovremeno, Hamletu se ukazuje očev duh i otkriva mu pozadinu vlastite smrti.

Na programu: 03/05 21h, 05/05 19:30


Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1988, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 73 min.

Uloge: Turo Pajala (Taisto Olavi Kasurinen), Susanna Haavisto (Irmeli Katarina Pihlaja), Matti Pellonpää (Mikkonen), Eetu Hilkamo (Riku), Erkki Pajala (rudar).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Nakon što se zatvori lokalni rudnik ugljena u kojem je dotad radio, Taisto se u sunčanim naočalama i bijelom Cadillacu zaputi u smjeru Helsinkija i boljeg života. Tek što nađe posao i useli u stan s djevojkom, dospijeva u šake policije zbog nečega što nije počinio. U zatvoru sanja o boljem životu izvan Finske, no ni nakon bijega iz zatvora ne prati ga sreća.

Na programu: 05/05 21h, 07/05 19:30

Lenjingradski kauboji idu u Ameriku
Leningrad Cowboys Go America

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1989, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 78 min.

Uloge: Matti Pellonpää (Vladimir, menadžer), Sakke Järvenpää, Heikki Keskinen, Pimme Korhonen.
Scenarij: Sakke Järvenpää, Aki Kaurismäki, Mato Valtonen
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Film ceste u kojem pratimo Lenjingradske kauboje, osmeročlanu (doduše, jedan gitarist je zapravo smrznuto truplo) skupinu finskih glazbenika koji sa svojim menadžerom odluče otići u Ameriku i tamo započeti glazbenu karijeru. Očekujući slavu i bogatstvo u obećanoj zemlji, odmah po dolasku kupe stari Cadillac (cameo uloga Jima Jarmuscha kao prodavača) i započnu turneju po američkim gradićima.

Na programu: 07/05 21h, 08/05 19:30

Djevojka iz tvornice šibica
Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1990, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 68 min.

Uloge: Kati Outinen (Iiris), Elina Salo (majka), Esko Nikkari (očuh), Vesa Vierikko (Aarne), Reijo Taipale (pjevač).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Treći dio Kaurismäkijeve “radničke trilogije”, snimljen nakon Sjenki u raju (Varjoja paratiisissa, 1986) i filma Ariel (1988). Glavni lik je Iiris, radnica na pokretnoj traci u tvornici šibica koja živi sa strogim i hladnim roditeljima. Njezinu sivu svakodnevicu prekinut će nova crvena haljina i kratki ljubavni susret, no kada joj nade opet bivaju slomljene, odlučuje da je vrijeme za osvetu...

Na programu: 11/05 19:30, 12/05 21h

Unajmio sam plaćenog ubojicu
I Hired a Contract Killer

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1990, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 79 min.

Uloge: Jean-Pierre Léaud (Henri Boulanger), Margi Clarke (Margaret), Kenneth Colley (ubojica), T. R. Bowen (šef odjela), Imogen Claire (tajnica).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Usamljeni francuski emigrant Henri, žrtva privatizacije, biva poslan u mirovinu dobivši pritom na dar lažni zlatni sat. Očajan, neuspješno pokušava počiniti samoubojstvo pa unajmljuje plaćenog ubojicu i naručuje vlastito ubojstvo. Zbog toga podiže svu svoju ušteđevinu i dok čeka vlastito ubojstvo, upoznaje cvjećarku Margaret i zaljubljuje se…

Na programu: 12/05 19:30, 14/05 21h

Boemski život
La vie de boheme

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1992, igrani, c/b, 35 mm, 100 min.

Uloge: Matti Pellonpää (Rodolfo), André Wilms (Marcel), Kari Väänänen (Schaunard), Evelyne Didi (Mimi), Christine Murillo (Musette).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki (prema romanu Scenes de la vie de boheme Henria Murgera)
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Radnja filma smještena je u Pariz gdje žive trojica boema: pjesnik bez izdavača Marcel, albanski slikar bez vize Rodolfo i postmodernistički kompozitor Schaunard. U stalnom siromaštvu i na rubu gladi, njih trojica primorana su na snalažljivost i međusobno pomaganje kako bi opstali. U tim uvjetima neće biti lako ostvariti ljubav nakon što Marcel upozna Musette, a Rodolfo Mimi.

Na programu: 14/05 19h, 15/05 21h

Čuvaj rubac, Tatjana
Pidä huivista kiinni, Tatjana

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1994, igrani, c/b, 35 mm, 60 min.

Uloge: Kati Outinen (Tatjana), Matti Pellonpää (Reino), Kirsi Tykkyläinen (Klavdia), Mato Valtonen (Valto), Elina Salo (repcionerka).
Scenarij: Sakke Järvenpää, Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Dvojica prijatelja, automehaničar alkoholičar Reino i ovisnik o kavi Valto koji je netom pobjegao od svoje dominantne majke krenu na vožnju autom. Putem pokupe dvije autostopistice, mršavu Estonku Tatjanu i krupniju Ruskinju Klaudiju koje, usprkos jezičnoj barijeri, pokazuju interes prema njima. No, nespretni i zastrašeni Valto i Reino jednostavno ne znaju kako im pristupiti...

Na programu: 15/05 19:30, 15/05 21h

Lenjingradski kauboji susreću Mojsija
Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1994, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 94 min.

Uloge: Matti Pellonpää (Mojsije/Vladimir), Lenjingradski kauboji: Twist-Twist Erkinharju, Ben Granfelt, Sakke Järvenpää, Jore Marjaranta....
Scenarij: Sakke Järvenpää, Aki Kaurismäki, Mato Valtonen
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Nastavak filma Lenjingradski kauboji idu u Ameriku, u kojem pratimo njihov povratak iz Meksika natrag u Rusiju. Početni glazbeni uspjeh koji su ostvarili, prekinut je nakon upoznavanja sa lokalnim specijalitetom: tequilom. Dio benda koji nije pobila tequila, nastavio je životariti dok se konačno nisu odlučili za odlazak na gažu u Coney Island. Tamo susreću svog menadžera koji se prozvao Mojsijem!

Na programu: 16/05 19h, 17/05 21h

Total Balalaika Show

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1994, dokumentarni (glazbeni), boja, 35 mm, 54 min.

Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Heikki Ortamo

Sadržaj: Prikaz koncerta održanog pred 70 000 ljudi na glavnom trgu Helsinkija u lipnju 1993. godine, na kojem su nastupili Lenjingradski kauboji zajedno sa članovima glazbeno plesnog ansambla Crvena armija izvodeći rock'n'roll klasike i ruske narodne pjesme poput Happy Together (The Turtles), Delilah (Tom Jones), Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan), Finlandia, Volga Boatmen...

Na programu: 17/05 19h, 18/05 21h /font>

Plutajući oblaci
Kauas pilvet karkaavat

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1996, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 96 min.

Uloge: Kati Outinen (Ilona), Kari Väänänen (Lauri), Elina Salo (Rouva Sjöholm), Sakari Kuosmanen (Melartin) ,Markku Peltola (Lajunen).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Ilona je konobarica u restoranu, a njezin muž Lauri vozač tramvaja. Iako su nedavno izgubili dijete, oboje se doimaju pomireni sa životom i sretni. Istovremeno oboje ostaju bez posla, te su primorani na svakodnevnu potragu za bilo kakvim novim poslom. Nove okolnosti stavit će njihov brak na kušnju.

Na programu: 18/05 19h, 19/05 21h


Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 1999, igrani, c/b, 35 mm, 78 min.

Uloge: Sakari Kuosmanen (Juha), Kati Outinen (Marja), André Wilms (Shemeikka), Markku Peltola (Autonkuljettaja), Elina Salo (Shemeikkanova sestra).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki (prema romanu Juhani Ahe)
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Svojevrsna Kaurismäkijeva posveta eri nijemog filma u čijem je središtu ljubavni trokut žene i dvojice muškaraca. Sretni brak farmera Juhe i njegove supruge Marje biva narušen dolaskom gradskog zavodnika i prevaranta Shemeikke…

Na programu: 2007-05-19; 2007-05-21;

Čovjek bez prošlosti
Mies vailla menneisyyttä

Režija: Kaurismäki, Aki (Olavi), 2002, igrani, boja, 35 mm, 97 min.

Uloge: Markku Peltola (M), Kati Outinen (Irma), Juhani Niemelä (Nieminen), Kaija Pakarinen (Kaisa Nieminen), Sakari Kuosmanen (Anttila).
Scenarij: Aki Kaurismäki
Fotografija: Timo Salminen

Sadržaj: Tek što pristigne u Helsinki, sredovječnog M. opljačkaju i brutalno pretuku nakon čega dobije amneziju. Ne sjećajući se ničega, šeće ulicama i pokušava izgraditi novi život među beskućnicima i ostalim društveno nevidljivim skupinama. Nominiran za Oscara u kategoriji najboljeg stranog filma 2002. godine i dobitnik nagrade žirija te nagrade za najbolji glumicu (Kati Outinen) na filmskom festivalu u Cannesu.

Na programu: 21/05 19h, 21/05 21h

Kiitos Laura!

Leningrad Cowboys go America

Leningrad Cowboys concert - Zagreb, TVORNICA 01/06/07
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22.04.2007., nedjelja


Ratkec Few months ago I wrote a post called people I have problems with. Today I am about to write a post about those who also fit into that group.
I never understood those who get offended easily and then give you a silent treatment or just leave. I got plenty of silent treatment in last 8 years and I could never get used to it. It is driving me crazy. Let's fight until we drop, just don't give me that obscure face. I admit that I did the leaving thingie many times but that was mostly when I had nothing more to say or I just wanted to make a statement or leave a great impression. It never worked. It always tourned out lame in the end.
I rarely had/have nothing more to say, though. Sometimes, also, I left when I was about to start crying (tears never obey) and I did not want anyone to see what a sissy I was.
Anyways, this isn't about me (me, me, me!) but about a recent situazione. One friend of mine often gets offended and leaves. It is his style. Normally he's a nice guy, independent, hardworking what have you...but one wrong look, word or action and off he goes. Too bad he cannot make a career out of it cuz he could make serious money. He left a million times for dumb and even dumber reasons, but I was never one until yesterday.
We (few friends) had a barbecue outside in an relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I brought the dogs (male and female) along and that friend brought his young cute male dog also. Those doggy boyz did not really get along so I kept mine away. In one moment I went to meet his ladyfriend and my dog followed me. Dogs had a short quarrel and nothing really happened. It was more an educational thingie from a older dog to a young one. And...that friend of mine got offended and left. He put his dog in the car, didn't say a word to us and he barely waited for his girlfriend to get in the car. He always had dogs, it's not like this is a premiere for him, he of all people should not take it seriously.
I was shocked and felt really bad at the same time. I know that it's his problemo but I hate that I was the reason for him leaving... Well, maybe he would leave later for some other reason, one never knows... Then we started joking that he went to gather his compadres to come back and change my facial bone structure or „if you do that one more time, I'm leaving!“ and stuff like that.
Seriously how is it posible that a grown person cannot control himself? Can't one count to ten, think about it for a moment, say something, call me names, offend me? Something...What good could pouting do? How long will it last? The next time we see each other will I be public enemy No 1 or will he act like nothing happened? We'll see...

If you want to be sure that no one changes your bone structure take few tips from Rex:

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15.04.2007., nedjelja


Am I enough of a fan to go to the concert in Slovenia?

You can sing along:
From the coast of gold across the seven seas
Im travellin on far and wide
But now it seems Im just a stranger to myself
And all the things I sometimes do
It isnt me but someone else
I close my eyes and think of home
Another city goes by in the night
Aint it funny how it is,
You never miss it til its gone away
And my heart is lying there
And will de til my dying day
So understand
Dont waste your time always
Searching for those wasted years
Face up... make your stand
And realise youre living in the golden years
Too much time on my hands, I got you on my mind
Cant easy this pain so easily
When you cant find the words to say
Its hard to make it through another day
And it just makes me wanna cry
And throw my hands up to the sky

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09.04.2007., ponedjeljak

The chances are about 50:60

One of my last days in Turku-Finland, Rita took me to see Turku castle. My camera card was full (with more than 450 pics on it) and I was changing it with an empty one. I was standing in the middle of the lawn (on the pic). After some time we crossed the lawn and went to the wooden house to take some more pics. I noticed that the pocket on the little bag was open and that my full card is missing. What a disappointment!! I've just lost all visible memories of summer in Turku 2006!! Suicide situazione (everything is even worse when you've got no one to blame but yourself). I went back and forth in dispair looking for it, but I have not found it. Normally, when I see that I cannot do much to change the situation, I give up easily, but still feel crappy about it. Rita was determined to find it. I had some hope in her mission but seriously, what were the odds? What would Matti Nykänen say? It's close to a miracle if you find something so small in a field as big as that one covered with grass.
Long story short: she found it! One special Koivula koti tyttö!!

Got me thinking!! You try to find a deeper meaning to this on your own. I would analyze but I'm too sleepy. I will surely get back to thIs!

Matti Nykänen sings Elämä on laiffii, pay attention to guitar solo and microphone holder

I cannot resist to copy-paste some famous Matti Nykänen's quotes:
Living is the best time of your life
Love is like a ball of wool – it starts and it ends.
What is not done, cannot be undone

Reporter: so do you think you’ll win with this jump?
Matti: well, I’d have to say that the chances are about 50/60.
Reporter: What’s on your mind before a big jump?
Matti: Well there’s always pussy, but let’s jump first

The last but not least, an interview with Matti Nykänen any journalist could just hope for! pump up the volume!

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Pics from No Respect concert in Kset!
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04.04.2007., srijeda

Vote for Pedro

Best moon boots dance of all times!!

You wanna play me?
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19.03.2007., ponedjeljak


magnolia Busy weekend, let me tell ya! I will not write to much about it but I had to mention it as an excuse for more blury pics. I should really start taking my spy camera with me because those celular pics are pretty lame. Still, there are some funny frames on Sony Ericsson phones and this is not an advertisement. So, friday: Redskadrilla and Los Fastidios in Kset. I did not attend a punk gig for a long time. I came in light shoes (but not white) and I was immediately asked what was I thinking?! As I have really nice friends they have placed me in the best spot in the club. RedSKAdrilla is a young band from Zagreb and I was surprised how good they were. Los Fastidios are an Italian streetpunk band that combines ska and British Oi! Punk from the 80's. It's so weird when so called tough guys are Italians.
St. Patrick's day was celebrated with a concert at Zrinjevac and it's great that finally an event like that took place in our town. Those people who collect plastic bottles made a fortune and garbagemen had serious work to do the next day but it was worth it.

When I was younger, I hated sundays, especially sunday afternoons. I always had to study because I did nothing useful during the weekend. Nowdays I appreciate sunny days and nature as well as sunday as a free day. Ten years ago I did not care if it was raining or shining, I was in my room listening to metal behind dark curtains. Thank God that puberty doesn't last too long. I hated more going to school on Monday and surprisingly I do not hate going to work on Monday that much.
I am so grateful that my great-grandfather bought, in 1924, the house where I live in nowdays. When he bought it, there were not many houses around, just vineyards. When my father was a kid, his schoolmates did not want to come to his birthday party because „it was far“. Today, this is a fancy neighbourhood. People pay good money to live here. When you get up in the morning and barely open your still glued eyes, you look at the peak of Sljeme and Medvedgrad like they're in the palm of your hand and you're not that pissed about getting up at half past six. A week ago I decided to walk to work. It burns fat and also it gives you a damn good excuse to buy some walking shoes (regardless of the fact that you have literally 20 pairs of sneakers). It is a nice walk through the center of the town, so it's not like I'm inhaling the fresh highway air. I normally listen to some MP3s to speed up my step but few days ago I was just listening birds singing.
We have two magnolia trees in our garden that already started blooming since it's was so hot. I fear that this upcoming cold will ruin them. I have spent best of my childhood days in that garden. I have wonderful memories. When I'm in that garden I always remember my grandmother and great-grandmother. When I look at those trees I go back to my roots.
My father knew every tree in the neighbourhood and the best way to climb without falling. In those days kids were playing outside all the time and they knew everyone from the street. They were playing in the middle of the street because only few cars passed during the day. Nowdays kids don't hang outside. They spend time on the computer...I should complain more about that but I have no right since I am spending to much time around computers also.
Many of our older neighbours cannot sustain their houses with their ropy pension so they sell them to live decently for the rest of their lives. People who buy those houses usually tear them down and build those mostly fugly (fucking ugly) modern houses. Since they are not natives (to be polite) they cannot appreciate opportunities that this neighbourhood gives. Amoung others, they drive their heavy cars around, what makes our houses slowly slide down the hill. Try going out from your garage if someone parks a Hummer on the sidewalk in front of your house. You cannot see the sun!!

However, we still have a peaceful living, we still know most of our neighbours, we hear birds sing, we can see the best part of Sljeme whenever we feel like it, we have 2 woods near by to walk dogs and only 5 minute drive to Cmrok. I can enjoy the view of my dog fighting a serious war with a little pink girlie bike whenever I want, not many people have that!!

I wrote this post because I feel sad and helpless when old beautiful houses get sold and destroyed because people have money but no style and no respect. If I had money I would buy those beautiful houses, not to live in them but just save them from demolition. At the moment I just need cca 1,5 mil euros to buy one of the nicest houses in Pantovčak that is supposed to go down by the end of the year. Can I borrow some money? In the meantime I will ask if there is some 'cultural heritage' regulation to preserve those houses.

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18.03.2007., nedjelja

Inhale tolerance, exhale judgement

I never thought I will say this but I am sooo busy. I always thought that the line "I am busy!" or "I don't have time!" are lame excuses a for fuck off. Now I see it's not always true. I have penty of unanswered mails and I feel bad everytime I take a peek inside my inbox. It's not like I'm saving the world or anything but everytime I start doing something private on my computer, I get something important and very urgent to do. Also, since I cannot opet blog pages at work, when I get home I do not feel like hanging on the computer, so I have not checked the blog for almost a week.

What happened in between:
I went back to training (kind of) after almost 5 months. I felt so bad because I noticed that I have started forgetting things. I am training lightly, almost like a senior citizen. I cannot do any falls in training. Well, I can but I might not get up.Still, I am doing something with myself. A very kind soul that trains with me took initiative and found me a great doctor for the back problem. I am sooo grateful. He said that I overdid it with thanking him already.
Now I understand why people pay good money to go to a private doctor. I should not say that since my father is a doctor but not a private one. Still, this check up lasted more than an hour. I finally know what it's all about. I was asking million questions that were kindly answered. I was told that situazione is not that bad. I'm just too young for it. I can live with it for the rest of my life :) Good news!
I pay extra for good news!!

This month I was not spending money for stupid things (what does not mean that I will not do it again next month). I am trying to do some saving. Usually, by the end of the month, I have no idea where my money went. I should take notes of my expenses. I always forget to count in lunch money (my lunch budget is now reduced since I am on a diet :)and money that I spend in grocery store and DM in my expeses. I always think that money spent on good cause somehow does not count. I am wrong, aye?
Does someone have a patern for serious saving?

Last but not least: there are some new links in my link list. There is totally bizarre and twisted Joža's short film, link to Tigrova Mast space and Madprofesa's space, check it out!
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05.03.2007., ponedjeljak


Click to nacho libre I am so lazy with writing posts lately and I am not happy about that. I should already be in bed but I refuse to accept the fact that weekend is over!
That thing I was planning to write about is no longer actual. This subject is not actual eather but I would like to write a bit about my recent cultural upswing. After long time I went to a classical music concert in Lisinski. I am often ashamed that I never attend those events. Concidering my roots I should know more about the subject and again I am ashamed to admit that I lack in most important basic stuff. All that would not be that bad if I did not have a professional pianist at home and also dad who knows those things. Anyways, grandpa did not want to go so he gave me his ticket. It was a good repertoire. First part of a concert was great and it was about stuff I am into. First of all, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra played "Finlandia", most famous composition of the greatest finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Then there was something I was completely amazed with. It was a Concert for Bandoneon and Orchestra by Astor Piazzolla. I have never heard the sound of bandoneon live and since I am totally crazy about tango, I fell in love immediately.

Peter Soave was the one playing bandoneon and his performance was a great success. Here I must input some of my tango crisis again. I never got over leaving tango classes. Normal question now would be: why the fuck don't you go back? Muchos problemos! I finnished 3 months beginner's course but I lost my original partner after only 2 courses. He was not too much into it, he disliked the teacher and he started working at the same hour when course took place (probably on purpose zujo) No, seriously, all that was too much to handle just so he could do me a favor. Then I switched partners for 2 months and I disliked it. I think I already wrote that I was not too happy about being compelled to dance with someone with two wooden feet every friday. I started hating those friday evenings because I did not know who I'll get next time (sweaty, redneck, too close - invading my personal space or just sicko). Then I kinda found a partner who really had 2 left feet and who did not really want to be there. I do not want to sound mean, it's not like I think that I am a queen of tango because I probably have 2 left feet also (although Id like to think that I was doing very okya). 2 left feet would be okya only if I chose them. If you know the guy, you could yell at him! So now; there is a Tango Academy for those who have finished that 3 months' course and I do not want to go through that situazione again and if I find someone else to be my partner and bring him there...he would not know the things from beginner's course. Ahhh....In any case, check this out!

Back to the concert: at the end (a long long one) Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra played 6th symphony of Gustav Mahler (btw, if I'll ever have a son he will be called Gustav). I was prepared to hear some great music if I knew that it would last that long I would leave after the first part. At the begining of the 3rd movement I was yearning for the end. When it was over I almost started clapping (juntti). At the last moment I realised that it was not over!! What a disappointment!! As I figured out that I will be sitting there for some extra time, I took the program and started reading. Then I found even more disappointing sentence in the text. It said that 4th movement of Mahler's 6th Symphony is the longest of all movements Mahler ever wrote!bang And so it was, it lasted for 35 minutes. Next time I'll read the program right away! If it was the most beautiful music in the world, I would not realise because I just cannot sit at one spot that long. One other thing: how come people in the pause between movements start to cough like crazy?? How do they resist to cough during the concert?

Pics from I.G. Luigi concert in Kset few years ago that I owe to Tvrle!
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11.02.2007., nedjelja


If you fight with plexy, you just can't win! Jealousy is always an actual theme and that's why I decided to write about it. Actually, I could find better things to do but yesterday my back got stiffed and after that I went to do some hard core hiking because I promised my friend I will do so. In the evening I went to visit a woman who usually „unstiffes“ that back situation of mine. She did a pretty good job but today I cannot move because hard core hiking made my muscles hurt (which is good, because that means I still have some muscles) so today I was taking it easy and writing this post.
Where were we? Jealousy... I was thinking about the essence of it lately and this is what I came up with: Jealousy is not necessarily connected with love, but it's a strong feeling which often works against us. There is a difference between jelousy and envy. Envy would be jealousy of material things, right?
We all, more or less, get jealous sometimes. If we did not experience that feeling, we would not be alive. Is jealousy connected with lack of tolerance? Can we control it or should we just be ourselves (jealous or not)? If we're tolerant, does that mean that we never get jealous? Is being tolerant a virtue or is it sometimes considered as stupidity? Can we take advantage of tolerant people or can we just appreciate them?

About envy:I do not remember that I was ever envious of someone's material things. As a kid I was probably envious of some other kid's toys but since then I do not remember that feeling. Maybe I would be envious of someone else's things if I lacked in something, luckily I do not.
Here is one stupid example, but the situation I will never forget: once I was studying like crazy for an exam for a quite long time (it was not just once). I was really stressing about it. There was a guy at the exam with me who barely knew professor's name. He did not have a clue about anything but he could not stop talking, I almost threw up how lame he was. Later I really admired him: not many people can talk about absolutely nothing for 40 minutes. That's what politics is all about! So, the guy barely passed the exam, but he did. It was a reward for his bravery and redundant communication skills. At that moment, I was envious of those skills although I would not switch places with him!

About jealousy:I am getting less jealous with age. I was thinking about what might produce jealousy?! Are people jealous because they feel left out? Or is it something you're born with and you cannot help yourself. I remember being jealous in my teen years when I introduced few of my friends with some other friends of mine and we all started hanging out together and then they became best friends with some internal stories of their own. Aware of the fact it's stupid, I still felt like someone invaded my property. Lately, if I feel jealous, I try to rationalize facts and most of the time I come to a conclusion that there's nothing to be jealous about, but sometimes not.
They say that in a relationship, a little dose of jealousy is healthy. If someone does not feel jealousy at all, it seems like one does not care. However, overdoing it may cause many problems. If love is in the air, jealousy can ruin the relationship. When I was writing about this I talked to my friend with great jealousy experience. She said that she is jealous like crazy and that she makes scenes if she thinks her husband payed too much attention to some other girlie. She does not think that he would ever cheat on her but she does not want to share his attention. She said that she cannot help herself. Luckily the guy is full of understanding and it seems that it does not bother him.
People are often jealous of their boyfriend/girlfriend's friends of the opposite sex. I think it is stupid, but I was never in that situation so I cannot know. Imagine: you have friends of the opposite sex that you know from your first day of school and then many years later you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that is jealous of those friends. What would you do? The rational explanation is that if nothing happened between people in so many years, there is very small possibility that it ever will...especially if one happens to be very much in love with the jealous partner. It is always wrong to make someone choose between a lover and a friend. Either way, someone will be unhappy! In time of crisis that subject will come up and make crisis even worse. When I am concerned, seven nation army couldn't hold me back from hanging with my oldest friends.
Full size jelousy breaks loose after a break up. As Oscar Wilde said: „There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up.“ It is completely true. No matter who broke up with whom, people get jelous of the person their ex falls in love with next. We all often think that we are better than that, new person in every possible way. No matter what the person's like, we figure that he/she is ugly and stupid. Maybe after a while we let go of the „stupid“ part, but we surely stick to „ugly“. We are jealous of what that new person got, simply because it was once ours and we lost it. Maybe it is nothing better than we have, but it is what we though we wanted at one time. I was wondering if people feel jealous towards their past relationships only if they still have feelings for the ex or is it permanent regardless of the feelings you have. Most of the people I asked said that they always get a bit jealous when any of their past boyfreind/girlfriend hooks up with someone new. They said that it is not always about love, but about ego. Why is that? Does that mean we're jealous or envious of someone else's happiness? Unknown autor once wrote: jealousy is a disease, so get well soon, fool!
Now when I read what I wrote I am completely aware of the fact that being jealous is juvenal and silly, still it is normal. Of course I'd think that exboyfriend's new girlie(s) are damn ugly and stupid. What can I say, I am only human.

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02.02.2007., petak


The baton has been carried forward! The task is to write 5 things about yourself that you have not written before on the blog. Aparatczyk passed it on to me but I do not know who to pass it on to. Most of the bloggers have already written their five things.
Anyways, here we go:
1. I am always late. I improved a bit since I work but outside work I am still late. It is not that serious, 10-15 min, I cannot help myself. It's not like I do not have respect for my friends who are waiting for me or their precious time...what can I say: it's an illness. Because of me being late people often give me „the eye“ and I that makes me insane. If they knew how much I am stressing about being late, they would never be angry at me. And why am I late? Because I can never estimate how much time I need to get ready (I do not know what I do to waste so much time before going somewhere; it most certainly is not dressing up or putting make up on). Also, there is a rule in the universe that every time someone is late there are thousand other things that get in the way: someone parked in front of your garage, noticing while leaving the house that the dog needs food and fresh water, neighbor’s dog coming to my house (he does not want to leave on his own so I need to take him home, if I do not, he fallows me wherever I go), traffic jams, no parking spaces, meeting people I have not seen in years who I cannot just brush off, etc. Why am I not late for work? Just because I am supposed to come to work between 7:30 and 8:30. I prepare myself for coming at 8 but it is a success if I get there by 8:30.
2. Why am I learning Finnish? At first I had an extraordinarily unsuccessful Finnish relationship and that was my 1st contact with Finland. Later I met some great people, started learning Finnish and went there. I wrote several times already how great my stay in Finland was, so I will not do it again. Learning Finnish is difficult but challenging. Everything happens for a reason (svako zašto ima svoje jebi ga) and so do unsuccessful Finnish relationships.
3. I finished primary musical school, piano. I had the best possible conditions since my grandpa is a pianist. But… I soooo hated practicing. Everyday after lunch I needed to practice, grandpa would stand next to me and tap the tact with this little HB pen. It was giving me the creeps. I also have a stage fright so those little concertos were not to my liking. It was not such a pity that I gave up on piano because I was not a great talent and I was lazy to practice. No one cried over it but I must admit that I am sometimes sorry that I quit. Later, in high school I was into playing drums. Dad bought me a set of drums and I went to rock academy. I, kind of, played in a band. We were called The Moofs (3 girlies and a guy) and we had two live performances!! I was not good at that eather, so after some time I stopped playing and sold my Amatti set.
4. I like filling up forms and that kind of birocratic stuff that people mostly hate. I even like taking tests...So, five-hour testing for work with all those stupid „psicho“ quesions was actually my pleasure.
5. I sing in the car and I dance in front of a mirror.

There! I have no one to pass it on to, but if anyone wants he/she/it can write his/hers/its 5 things in my comment area, although I doubt that will happen. I must offer some prize contest for comments on my blog since it seems that my blog readers are afraid of English.

Martin kotissa 03.02.07.
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