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Haiku i drugi književni natječaji


Fort Worth Haiku Society Quarterly Contest
Cash prizes totalling $US30. Winners will be published in the FWHS annual anthology. Winter kigo (keyword) must be used.
Deadline: January 15, 2013.
Cost: $US3 for up to 5 haiku for members; $US10 for up to 5 haiku for non-members.
Full details: website.

Pennsylvania Poetry Society Contest
For haiku, senryu & tanka, limit 1 poem. Cash prizes totalling $US50. Poems placed First and Second will be published in the contest anthology. Prizes announced in May.
Deadline: January 15, 2013.
Cost: $US2/poem.
Full details: website, look for category 9.

Poetry Society of Virginia Haiku Award
Cash prizes totalling $US100 for a series of 3-4 haiku on a single theme. Winners announced on April 20, 2013 and posted to the PSV website.
Deadline: January 19, 2013 (postmarked).
Cost: $US4/poem.
Full details: website, category 26.

Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest
Limit 1 haiku per theme. Judge is David McMurray. Results announced in March 2013.
Send haiku between December 10, 2012 and January 20, 2013.
Cost: Free.
Full details: website, including an online entry form.

Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Contest
Cash prizes totalling Ł360. Twelve haiku will be picked as monthly winners; 40 others will be runners-up. All will be published. Haiku should include a seasonal word or activity. Results announced on March 31.
Deadline: January 31, 2013.
Cost: Ł3/$US5/haiku; Ł6/$US10/3 haiku; Ł12/$US20 up to 10 haiku (it is possible to pay via the website).
Full details: website.

British Haiku Awards
Haiku: Cash prizes totalling Ł350. Tanka: Cash prizes totalling Ł175. Haibun: A cash prize of Ł100.
Deadline: In-hand January 31, 2013. Entries for the different categories may be sent in the same envelope.
Cost: Up to 3 haiku or tanka Ł5/$US8 and Ł1/$US1 per haiku/tanka thereafter. Haibun: Ł5/$US8 per entry.
Full details: website.

The Betty Drevniok Award
Limit of 3 haiku per person. Winners will be announced in May, 2013.
Deadline: February 14, 2013.
Cost: $US5 (outside Canada) for up to 3 haiku.
Full details: website (not yet updated for 2013).

Japan-Lithuania Haiku Contest 2012-2013
Application Period: throughout the year of 2012-2013.
Deadlines: for spring season by 31st May, 2012.
For summer season: by 31st August, 2012.
For autumn season by 30th November, 2012.
For winter season by 28th February, 2013.
Topic: 4 seasons (authors can send their haiku poems related to a certain season).
Lanuage: Lithuanian, English or Japanese languages. If composing in Japanese or Lithuanian, English translation is necessary.
Fill in the form and send it along with haiku to the Embassy of Japan by email culture_event@vn.mofa.go.jp
Haiku poem should maintain fundamental rules of classical haiku form: 3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables.
Number of entries limited up to 3 haiku poems per person per each season.
Full details: http://www.worldhaiku.net/news_files/jp_lithu_haikucontest/En_Contest.pdf

Free XpresSion Haiku Contest
1 page of 4 haiku represents 1 entry. Cash prize of $A100 for the best, single haiku. For writers of other forms and styles, there are also categories for short stories, traditional rhyming poetry, free verse and articles/essays.
Deadline: February 28, 2013.
Cost: $A5/entry or $A25 for 6 entries. Pay online using Paypal and the mail address pp14@ tpg.com au .
Full details: website.

2nd International Haiku Contest "Sharpening the Green Pencil"
Limit: 2 previously unpublished haiku.
Submission by email to eduard_tara@yahoo.fr with "haiku contest 2013" in the subject heading.
Submission period: 1-28 February, 2013.
Full details: http://sharpeningthegreenpencil.blogspot.ro/p/guidelines.html

Ito En Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest
Limit of 6 haiku.
Results announced in July, 2103.
Deadline: February 29, 2013.
Cost: Free.
Full details: website.

3rd Vladimir Devide Haiku Award – Open Haiku Competition
No of entries: One haiku.
Submission by email to librasia@iafor.org with 'Haiku competition' in the subject heading. Include your name, address and contact details.
Deadline: March 1, 2013.
The winner and the runner up prize will be formally announced at the LibrAsia conference in April 2013, and thereafter published on the conference website.
Full details: http://librasia.iafor.org/haiku.html

Robert Speiss Memorial Award
Limit of 5 haiku on a theme set by one Bob's "speculations".
Deadline: In hand March 13, 2013.
Cost: $US1/haiku.
Full details: website.

The 1st "aha" (Annual Hortensia Anderson)
Memorial Haiku Awards Competition 2013
Deadline: in-hand no later than 1 April, 2013.
Entry Fee: $2 per haiku, and no limit to the number of entries per person.
Please print or type each individual poem in English on three separate 3 inch x 5 inch index cards. In the upper left corner of one card only, print or type your name, address, and email. ONLY the winners will be notified and ONLY via email, (and if you have no email address available, (please provide a proxy email address.) If you do not hear anything back from us by 20 May, 2013, your entries are automatically free to submit elsewhere. Entries that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered, so please read very carefully.

Payment: Please include the entry fee with your submissions, in US currency, (cash at your own risk), check, or money order, made payable to Marianna Monaco, and mailed to 1487 West 24th Place, Eugene, Oregon 97405 USA.
Awards: First Place = $100, Second Place = $50; Third Place = $25, HM = $10, plus Award Certificates will be issued, and winning works will be published online at Haiku Oregon's website and Haiku Oregon's facebook page, as well as other places online and in print. All rights remain with the haiku poets.
Winners' will be announced on 21 May, 2013---the first year anniversary of Hortensia's passing.

The Eighth International Haiku Contest „Kloštar Ivanić 2011“
Organized by Haiku Association Three Rivers, Ivanic-Grad, Croatia
Deadline: May 31, 2013 (postmarked)
Please send 3 unpublished haiku in English only.
Free of charge.
Open to all. Contestants must be 12 years or older.
Any theme is welcome, but remember Nature and man as a part of it.
Haiku may be sent by post or by e-mail.
Results will be on the Internet no later than November 1, 2013.
Awards: First Prize: USD 50.00; Second Prize: USD 30.00; Third prize: USD 20.00
10 Commendations
The authors of awarded, commended and published haiku will receive our joint collection as a gift.
Postal address: Đurđa Vukelić Rožić, The Haiku Association “Three Rivers”, Kolodvorska 44, 10310 Ivanić Grad, Croatia
E-mail: dvrozic@optinet.hr


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