pravu ste nasli pitat :)

summernight horizon.

at some point everybody understands what is going on.
everyone starts reading between the lines.
even those who claim they could never do that.
even they.

standing on a rock, soaked feet as the sea constantly flushed them, she suddenly realised.

i can't let go...

oh, but she can. it is only the matter of will. does she really want to let go? does she really want to label all their memories as a waste of time?

no. she doesn't think so. her heart aches with pain, with unresistable urge to send it all to hell but, in the end, she won't do it. why, you ask youselves?

that's a simple question, requiring a very simple answer. she loves him. with all his flaws. with everything that makes him a bit boring. even then, when she is questioning herself about things concerning him as well. even then, when she doesn't feel very comfortable when thinking of spending a week with him on the seaside. even then. because a part of her is still afraid. a big part of her. afraid of him, of the potential relationship they could have (maybe they still can?), afraid of his touch with a meaning, afraid of his lips touching hers, afraid of everything they can have, share...

she doesn't even trust her intuition. and her intuition tells her (or, at least, was telling her) that it is not over, there is a chance for them, she only has to open herself and seize it. and not to be afraid. he is not the one you should be afraid of... there were people in her life who hurt her. there were people in her life who, at least her stupid intuition told her so, loved her. because everything seemed to her as if they really did.

no, of course they didn't. at least not in the sense she wanted them to...

what makes him more distinctive than the others? maybe the way he treats her. maybe it's just the way he treats all his female friends - with care. and sure he does have a lot of them. maybe his smile. his tenderness. his open-minded attitude. his eyes.

she would have given anything for him, but the questions pose themselves immediately: would he do the same? is he worth doing that?

...and what if she casts these questions and... and what? relaxes? in the end, she will see him in a month's time, they will spend a few days somewhere (though not alone, but with friends). maybe then she will see what is really going on. where they really are. maybe she should leave things as they are currently.

lost in your frame, and we don't seem real... where are you?
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i keep dreaming

this time
this place
too long
too late
who was i to make you wait?

mozda je petak zahtijevao citanje izmedju redaka. mozda je 99% sveg vremena zahtijevao citanje izmedju redaka.
sto ako ja ne znam citati izmedju redaka?
shuffle zna kad mi netko nedostaje. kad je netko so far away. zato i je post-rock danas. primijecen, zapravo. ne mogu rec da je samo on sviran.
srce steka malo. srce, zasto stekas? znas li nesto vise od mene?

most nem tudom, mit akarok tőlünk. tudok csak egy tárgyat, és az az: ha lesz a barátnőd, én legszomórúbban lány a világon lennék.

i feel no sorrow in the heart of mine
for the tears of life are now gone

nem tudom, mit érzek te számadra.

boze, a sta cu. gradjevina?* nikako. fer? svakako.

ti mi neces reci zbogom
is that so?

nije nekakav bed. samo ne znam sto cu. imam mjesec i po razmisljanja... dok se opet ne vidimo.

jag älskar dig. moi aussi, je t'aime. :)

*i nije da zaozbiljno razmatram gradjevinu. samo lijepe uspomene na simpaticnog decka. :)
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Opis bloga
ma kaj ja znam... kaj me pukne, to bute i citali :)

~ tu je nekad stajao opis mene, no povremeno imam faze kad zelim ostati skroz anonimna. bez imena, bez godina, bez hobija, bez icega. samo anonimni pogled na svijet.

a nekad... nekad se zelim skroz otvoriti. dobijem nalet inspiracije, pa pisem svasta.

mislim da je to sasvim okej.


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