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Best canon camera for wedding photography. Hantol web camera drivers

Best Canon Camera For Wedding Photography

best canon camera for wedding photography

best canon camera for wedding photography - Canon EF

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens offers the highest possible optical quality with no change in aperture over the full focal range of the lens. This allows photographers to set exposure at the widest aperture and zoom all the way through to 200mm without having to decrease shutter speed. Developed for use with a Canon SLR camera, this autofocus telephoto zoom lens offers optimized use with the Canon EOS series digital cameras. Of particular note, Canon has introduced an image stabilizer (IS) that adjusts to meet the demands of professional photography. IS reduces dramatically the image blur caused by camera shake. Gyro sensors detect unwanted vibrations, triggering the corresponding movement of a correcting lens group perpendicular to the optical axis. This alters the light path, returning the image to its correct position on the sensor or film plane. For shooting immobile subjects, Mode 1 corrects for movement in the image along both the horizontal and vertical axes. For shooting while panning horizontally to follow a moving subject, Mode 2 turns off vertical correction and prevents the effect of dragging the subject back through the frame. The lens' Ring-type USM employs ultra-sonic frequency vibrations to drive auto focus with unrivalled speed and near-silent operation. A powerful CPU and improved AF algorithm contribute to speed performance. The EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM includes distance metering information, providing compatibility with the E-TTL II flash system of late model cameras such as the EOS-1D Mark II, EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS 5D and EOS 400D. When used in conjunction with Canon's range of EX Speedlite flash units, the lens passes distance information to the flash algorithm for markedly improved flash exposure metering. Includes Lens hood and soft pouch

Capture the far-off action of fast-paced sports or zoom in for an intimate portrait with the Canon EF 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens. The L-series lens offers an Image Stabilizer that provides up to four stops of shake correction--a first for Canon IS lenses. The use of fluorite UD lens elements, meanwhile, produces an excellent optical performance in terms of resolution and contrast. Add in a sturdy housing with water- and dust-proof construction and you have a lens that's both portable and high performing. Other details include an f/4 maximum aperture, a ring-type ultra-sonic monitor (USM) that enables quick and quiet autofocusing, compatibility with circular polarizing filters, and a lightweight body. The lens carries a one-year warranty.
Focal length: 70-200mm
Maximum aperture: f/4
Lens construction: 20 elements in 15 groups
Diagonal angle of view: 34 to 12 degrees (with full-frame cameras)
Focus adjustment: AF with full-time manual focus
Closest focusing distance: 3.94 feet
Zoom system: 7-group helical zoom (72-degree rotational angle)
Filter size: 67mm
Dimensions: 3 inches in diameter, 6.8 inches long
Weight: 26.8 ounces
Canon EF 70-200mm f4L USM lens
MTF Charts

75% (6)

Sis Bridesmaid 001

Sis Bridesmaid 001

My wife was nice enough, at 1am in the morning, to stand in and let me take some photos of her from the wedding she participated in. I wish she could have dressed here, at home, before leaving for the wedding, which would have yielded less wrinkles in the dress.

This was a wedding, I was told not directly, that I would photograph...didn't happen; this was FAMILY too (Oh well). The best thing about this situation is that I processed and printed up the photos the same morning, finishing up at 4:30am. The next day, we were in the same vicinity that the newly married couple would be, and someone said (who was at the wedding, plus whom I never met before), "Oh, you all have your wedding photos back already?"

All the gratification that I needed not being the official photographer. Not sure to this day why I didn't photograph this event, but at least my wife gave me a chance. Love ya!

Note: I wanted to do all of my edits via Lightroom. Although I had some success from it, the constant updating of the sidecar file really slowed down the editing process at times; having to close the application numerous times. Moreover, it can be done if you have the time.

Strobe:2x 180 watt Yinyan BY-180B Strobe w/Softbox (Both boxes in Portrait position) left 7ft away/right 4 feet away; same height.
Trigger: Wired via Hotshoe
Camera: Canon XSi (Handheld)
Software: Lightroom 3



CC and CS, a couple I met in Bagac last March 12 got married last Sunday. The couple are camera enthusiasts and caught my attention as CC, had a Nikon D300S and her fiancee CS had a Canon 450D. I now wonder which camera the newly married will use. I saw the couple everywhere I went, they simply enjoyed the company of each other and would stop anywhere and take turns taking pictures of the other. When I waited for the sun to set, CC and CS were resting on a lounging chair by the infinity pool enjoying the sight of the sun going down. After my first dozen shots, CC approached me and introduced herself and her fiancee who followed a few steps behind. She asked how I took my shots. I showed her and she made a few shots and showed to CS. The boyfriend nodded in approval and told me, they will soon be married and they are planning to spend some time here after the ceremony. I just saw their uploads and indeed they got married. The lovebirds must be Bagac renewing the vows they made while in the Las Casaa Filipinas de Acuzar and enjoying their honeymoon. Best wishes and congratulations to CC and CS. Enjoy your new status in life as husband and wife.

My congratulations also to Carol (nona) who recently celebrated a 27th wedding anniversary. Cheers Carol and hubby, you have found great love, nurture it till forever.

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best canon camera for wedding photography

best canon camera for wedding photography

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Standard Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

The Canon EF 24-70mm standard zoom lens does what many pros thought couldn't be done--it replaces the L-series 28-70mm f/2.8 lens with something even better. The lens offers extended coverage to an ultra-wide-angle 24mm, making it ideal for digital as well as film shooters. The new processing unit, meanwhile, makes the autofocus (AF) faster than ever. And thanks to the two aspherical elements and a totally new UD glass element, the optics are far superior to the earlier lens. Sealed and gasketed against dust and moisture, the EF 24-70mm lens carries a one-year warranty.

The Canon EF 24-70mm standard zoom lens does what many pros thought couldn't be done--it replaces the L-series 28-70mm f/2.8 lens with something even better. The lens offers extended coverage to an ultra-wide-angle 24mm, making it ideal for digital as well as film shooters. The new processing unit, meanwhile, makes the autofocus (AF) faster than ever. And thanks to the two aspherical elements and a totally new UD glass element, the optics are far superior to the earlier lens. Sealed and gasketed against dust and moisture, the EF 24-70mm lens carries a one-year warranty.
Focal length: 24-70mm
Maximum aperture: 1:2.8
Lens construction: 16 elements in 13 groups
Diagonal angle of view: 74 to 29 degrees
Focus adjustment: Front-focusing method
Closest focusing distance: 1.25 feet
Zoom system: Rotating type
Filter size: 77mm
Dimensions: 3.3 inches in diameter, 4.9 inches long
Weight: 2.1 pounds

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Build Your Own Game Camera

build your own game camera

build your own game camera - Robonica Roboni

Robonica Roboni - I Programmable Gaming Robot

Robonica Roboni - I Programmable Gaming Robot

Meet Roboni-i, a highly-intelligent robot that fuses interactive, remote-controlled gameplay with advanced robotic technology. Operated wirelessly using a handheld controller and featuring four processors and 16 sensors, Roboni-i can sense and respond to his environment, explore the room on its own, and even engage in games with other Roboni-i units. A great toy for young robotics enthusiasts, Roboni-i can also be linked to your computer, allowing to reprogram his behavior and upload customized games.

Roboni-i Robotic Gaming System
Ages: 13+

Roboni-i: 6 x AA batteries
Mobile controller: 4 x AA batteries
BaseStation: 2 x AA batteries

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
CD-ROM drive

What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Cutting-edge robotics technology; intuitive RC controls; customizable robot behaviors

The Challenging: Robot is a bit too jittery when left alone; editing programs require some technical savvy

In a Nutshell: Highly advanced, interactive robot toy, ideal for older children and robotics enthusiasts

Roboni-i senses his environment using infrared and touch sensors. View larger.

The controller features an intuitive design and an LED screen where you can view your Roboni-i's status. View larger.

Cutting-Edge Robotic Technology
With his futuristic architecture and space-age silver color, Roboni-i would fit right at home in a science fiction movie. He features a durable plastic chassis that protects his intricate inner technology.
Inside of Roboni-i are 12 infrared sensors, which the robot uses to sense his surroundings, "talk" to other robots and communicate with the included BaseStation. He also features highly-sensitive touch sensors on his front and back bumpers, allowing him to sense even the slightest physical contact.
When Roboni-i senses something, he responds immediately by executing complex behaviors. For instance, if he collides with a wall, he'll whistle with displeasure, turn around, and proceed in the opposite direction. If he spots his BaseStation or another Roboni-i unit, he might fire off his laser. If left by himself for more than 30 seconds, he may even begin to explore the environment on his own. He'll always remain near his BaseStation, though, so you don't have to worry about him wandering off by himself.

Fast, Nimble Remote-Control Action
With a full, 360-degree range of motion, Roboni-i is incredibly agile. You control Roboni-i using a comfortable handheld controller, which communicates wirelessly with the robot. The controller's LCD screen displays various aspects of the robot's status, such as his level of "happiness," his battery life, current game mode, and so on.
The robot is surprisingly fast, and he's even capable of stunts and loops. Keep in mind that his plastic frame houses complex electronics, so don't get too wild with your stunts. He's by no means an all-terrain vehicle and is best driven on a hard, flat surface.

Roboni-i features the latest in robotic toy technology. View larger.

Loaded with Personality
Roboni-i isn't just a mindless automaton that you control. He is a moody, sensitive robot that seems to have a mind of his own! He is at his happiest when he gets lots of attention, and when he is in close vicinity to his BaseStation.
If you switch his BaseStation off or move it out of reach, he will have a robotic "freak-out" and begin frantically searching for it. When he's in a good mood, he will randomly fire off his laser, run away and "hide" from you, and perform other playful acts.
When you pay close attention to Roboni-i, you earn "RoboTX" levels -- a measure of how much your robot trusts you. As you earn more and more RoboTX levels, your robot will gain access to more advanced actions and movements. This is a fun feature that allows your robot to grow dynamically with you as its owner. However, it also requires you to invest time in playing with your robot in order to get the most out of the toy.

Roboni-i can engage in multiplayer gameplay with other Roboni-i robots. View larger.

Interactive Single- and Multi-Player Games
The feature that distinguishes Roboni-i from other robotic competitors is its ability to participate in real gameplay and multiplayer games with other Roboni-i owners. To set up a multiplayer game, the robots must "join" each other in a group so they will be able to identify each other. Once this happens, you're free to interact with other Roboni-i units and play games with them.

Reprogram Roboni-i with Your Computer

Edit Roboni-i's behavior with your PC. View larger.
Using the included Command Center program, you can customize the way your Roboni-i reacts to different stimuli. The program is very easy to use, although it does take some degree of computer competence (which younger kids may not have.) A drag-and-drop menu lets you easily program your robot to reverse, spin around, crabwalk, flash its activity LEDs, and more. The program also comes with a comprehensive tutorial, making it easy to learn how to use your robot.
The Command Center program is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. It is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Roboni-i's PC-based Command Centre Screen Shot

The Command Center features extensive tutorials. View larger.

Roboni-i's mission is to defend the world from approaching asteroids. View larger.

Roboni-i's story is told through CGI-rendered movies, which you can view on your computer. View larger.

What's in the Box
Roboni-i Robot, Base Station, Energy Port with Pod (Ball), Uni-hubs (3), SFX Hub, Controller, Software, Seven Games, USB Cable.

84% (10)

let's play a game of "kick the tripod" followed by "kick yourself in the ass the rest of the night"

let's play a game of

Taken in a lava tube/cave way out in the National Forest several miles from anywhere in central Oregon. The only light in the cave was from two shafts of light, which only occurs in the early morning. Focusing was a bitch, so I found a spot, focused, threw the camera into manual focus so it wouldn't try to be "smart" and refocus, then took some shots. Only I am an utter klutz, and must have knocked my damned tripod while scrambling on volcanic rock and trying not to break my ankle. So my test shot is in focus, and nothing else is. Sometimes it's just that sort of day.

This trip wasn't about photo taking so much as Patrick and I getting out of the apartment, together, with a destination, not a day trip, for the first time in months, just the two of us. We took the dogs, and today, out in the deserted forest, I let my dogs run off-leash with us on the trail, as there wasn't another human or car for miles around. They had a blast, they haven't run like that, off leash, since we left NH. The dog park isn't the same thing as meandering around, within 20 feet of us, but no rules about other dogs or jumping on people or anything. Just us, loose, and having fun, and frolicking, with them rocketing around until they were panting and ready to leave. The fun thing about pugs is that it doesn't take long for them to lay down and want to get in the car and enjoy air conditioning.

We also went to a fabulous little piece of Americana yesterday afternoon, Peterson's Rock Garden, a little piece of nostalgia with an American-theme flare, built in the depression (and a little beyond), that somehow has survived all these years without being torn down or utterly destroyed. Hokey, kitschy, charming, all appropriate adjectives. The kids would be bored, and you wouldn't spend more than 20 minutes there, but worth the few dollar sested donation to check out. And hey, it's in the Weird Oregon book, and as someone who owns the Weird New England book and the Weird NJ book, I sort of live for those weird side of the road attractions. : )

We will be returning to Bend and the surrounding area soon, this time we'll board the dogs, and stay in a dive of a hotel (though the one we stayed at this time wasn't particularly glamorous, the towels can only be described as "exfoliating" though they were white, and hey, Podnah's Pit was on Diners Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network...) and we have plans to hit a ton of fun places we scouted this time (some were still snowed in, others we were carrying hot Pugs).

I think this place is begging to be a part of my nude series.

build your own game camera

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Best mobile camera phones - Canon g11 camera best price

Best Mobile Camera Phones

best mobile camera phones

Mobile 2

Mobile 2

This is my mobile phone (cell phone if your American) and it's the best one Ive owned so far, it does everything I want and more, I probably use it more as an MP3 player or camera than I do as a phone.

I've upgraded the memory chip from 32 meg to 512 meg (max for this phone) so I can carry lots of music and videos, the wallpaper is a still from a Japanese manga anime called Naruto which is my favourite.

Best of luck for PNE this season!

Best of luck for PNE this season!

Best of luck for PNE this season!

Paul Gascoignes Spitting Image Puppet, National Football Museum, Deepdale, Preston, Lancashire, UK

best mobile camera phones

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Delux Pc Camera Driver

delux pc camera driver

delux pc camera driver - Hercules Deluxe

Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass Webcam

Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass Webcam

Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass Webcam (4780466) VGA sensor with glass lens: for enhanced optical performance and even clearer images. 4 lighting LEDs for images that are not only clearer but also more fluid, even in low-light conditions. Integrated microphone and included headset. Photo resolution: 1.3 megapixels with interpolation. Video resolution 800x600 (with interpolation), optimised for popular instant messaging applications such as MSN Messenger, Skype, etc. operating with a resolution of 320x240. 3X digital zoom with automatic face-tracking thanks to the Hercules Zoom Controller application. Universal and adaptable attachment system: clamp for flat screens or laptop displays and base for CRT screens. 360 Degree horizontal rotation and 60 Degree vertical rotation angles. Included user-friendly software Hercules Webcam Station Evolution SE offers the following features: Photo capture in 3 modes: simple, continuous, timer. One-click video capture. Automatic conversion and resizing of captures for email attachments. Compatible with videoconferencing applications (Windows LiveTM Messenger, MSN Messenger, SkypeTM, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, etc.). Minimum configuration: Windows XP SP2 / Vista Intel Pentium III/AMD Athlon 1.1 GHz 256 MB RAM

77% (16)

Conicerto Delux PN, Coah.

Conicerto Delux PN, Coah.

Concierto DELUX en Piedras Negras, C

Concierto DELUX en Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Terrenos de la feria!

gracias a la banda de ZULLU por la invitacion!
Todos se rifaron!

Concierto DELUX en Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Terrenos de la feria!

gracias a la banda de ZULLU por la invitacion!
Todos se rifaron!

Concierto DELUX en Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Terrenos de la feria!

gracias a la banda de ZULLU por la invitacion!
Todos se rifaron!

Concierto DELUX en Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Terrenos de la feria!

gracias a la banda de ZULLU por la invitacion!
Todos se rifaron!



Sesion fotografica con Delux... 17 Enero 2008... Ensenada, B.C.

delux pc camera driver

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Disposable Film Camera

disposable film camera

disposable film camera - Fujicolor QuickSnap

Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash - single use camera - 35mm (T40465) Category: 35mm Cameras

Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash - single use camera - 35mm (T40465) Category: 35mm Cameras

Item #: T40465. Fujifilm offers a diverse line of one-time-use models, making Fujicolor QuickSnap cameras ideal for children, teens, parents, vacationers, business people or sports enthusiasts, as the choice for every occasion. Fujifilm continues to grow the category by constantly introducing new models, designing new packaging to reflect consumers' changing lifestyles, as well as focusing on the ease of use and convenience that these cameras deliver. Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash is a newly designed 35mm one-time-use camera that features a silver faceplate and the look of a "real" camera. The camera features a slide-flash switch to turn the flash on and off and a flash-ready indicator that pops up from the top of the camera. The flash range is 14 feet and the continuous flash recharges with in five seconds. The camera is pre-loaded with 27-exposures of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800 high-speed film with 4th Color Layer Technology. The new packaging for the camera focuses on the attributes most important to the consumer and has a die-cut, clear window to showcase the camera body and features. Packaged Quantity: 2 (specifications are for single item)
Camera Type: Single use camera - 27 exposures
Camera Format: 35mm
Camera Flash: Built-in flash
Customers also search for: TechnologyCameras, Camcorders, Digital Frames, and Accessories35mm Cameras, Film and Single Use Cameras35mm Cameras Discount Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash - single use camera - 35mm, Buy Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash - single use camera - 35mm, Wholesale Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash - single use camera - 35mm, 0074101008111, 7032835 35mm Cameras

78% (6)

Panorama from Victoria citadel - Gozo, Malta (disposable cam)

Panorama from Victoria citadel - Gozo, Malta (disposable cam)

As my camera was stolen on the way to Malta, I bought some disposable kodak film cameras with panorama function.
Photo taken from the fortress in the capital of Gozo.

Flashback to November 1996: A trip to the Great Barrier Reef and fun times with a disposable camera.

disposable film camera

disposable film camera

Border Film Project: Photos by Migrants & Minutemen on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Every year, thousands of undocumented migrants attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, and every year, the Minutemen, a volunteer group of citizens who patrol the border, try to stop them. As the debate over immigration became increasingly fierce and polarized, three friends came up with an ingenious idea to both clarify and humanize the complexities of the issue.

For three months, Rudy Adler, Victoria Criado, and Brett Huneycutt distributed hundreds of disposable cameras, along with the means of returning them, to migrants and Minutemen so they could document their own journeys. The friends received over two thousand photographs that present both sides of the issue—and reveal the harsh realities on the ground. Capturing images from both sides of the border, Border Film Project tells the stories that no news piece, policy debate, or academic study could possibly convey.

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Good Web Camera : Digital Video Camera Reviews Australia

Good Web Camera

good web camera

Good morning!

Good morning!

Just something different for the mood this morning.
I wish that every morning I can be caressed by the warm golden sun to start the day.

Today it will be another long day with difficult challenges waiting for me to deal with.

I hope that I could get them resolved by the end of the day.

Picture is taken with Olympus e-5 and the ZD1454(gen I) kit during a visit back home.

Wish you all a great day ahead too!

Camera Model: E-5
Image Date: 2011-03-14 08:43:18 (no TZ)
Focal Length: 54.0mm
Aperture: f/11.0
Exposure Time: 0.025 s (1/40)
ISO equiv: 100
Exposure Bias: none
Metering Mode: Spot
Exposure: Manual
Exposure Mode: Manual
White Balance: Manual
Light Source: Shade
Flash Fired: No

Creative for logo on web site ~ What ya think ? go on I can take it

Creative for logo on web site ~ What ya think ? go on I can take it

please give me feed back
I have no clue on this web stuff but,
Jeanne keeps telling me I need a logo
I took this plain kinda boaring so I got creative with it not knowing what I'm doing but came out kinda cool what ya think really ?
Please let me know ~ to dark , not good, don't use,not good for logo
Hugs David

good web camera

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Hidden camera in college - Contax tvs film camera - Online camera shop usa

Hidden Camera In College

hidden camera in college

hidden camera in college - Seducing My

Seducing My Stepdaughter (The Sweetest Taboo)

Seducing My Stepdaughter (The Sweetest Taboo)

Jackson never expected that he'd be attracted to someone like Katie. Sure she's young, beautiful, and has a body that could drive a man to sin, but she's also his stepdaughter. When he sees an opportunity to entertain her on a weekend home from college, he jumps on it.

This story contains sexually graphic scenes depicting consenting adults above the age of 18 engaged in acts of hot steamy sex.

This story is approximately 4,500 words. Perfect for reading on your phone or other mobile ereader. Indulge in a fantasy wherever you go.


When she attempted to pull away, Jackson held her there, hands wrapped in her blond hair. “You can’t tease a guy like that, Katie. Now I want you to put the whole head in your mouth and lick it clean.”

She resisted for a moment, but he made no move to let her go so she sighed and opened her mouth.

Jackson never expected that he'd be attracted to someone like Katie. Sure she's young, beautiful, and has a body that could drive a man to sin, but she's also his stepdaughter. When he sees an opportunity to entertain her on a weekend home from college, he jumps on it.

This story contains sexually graphic scenes depicting consenting adults above the age of 18 engaged in acts of hot steamy sex.

This story is approximately 4,500 words. Perfect for reading on your phone or other mobile ereader. Indulge in a fantasy wherever you go.


When she attempted to pull away, Jackson held her there, hands wrapped in her blond hair. “You can’t tease a guy like that, Katie. Now I want you to put the whole head in your mouth and lick it clean.”

She resisted for a moment, but he made no move to let her go so she sighed and opened her mouth.

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The Albritton Bell Tower, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.

The Albritton Bell Tower was donated to Texas A&M University in 1984 by Martha and Ford D. Albritton.

Images from University Relations, Texas A&M University

File name :DSC_0048.JPG
File size :1.6MB(1630361Bytes)
Date taken :2003/05/29 19:58:58
Image size :3008 x 2000
Resolution :300 x 300 dpi
Number of bits :8bit/channel
Protection attribute :Off
Hide Attribute :Off
Camera ID :N/A
Camera :NIKON D100
Quality mode :N/A
Metering mode :Center-weighted
Exposure mode :Aperture priority
Speed light :No
Focal length :28 mm
Shutter speed :1/1250second
Aperture :F8.0
Exposure compensation:+0.7 EV
White Balance :N/A
Lens :N/A
Flash sync mode :N/A
Exposure difference :N/A
Flexible program :N/A
Sensitivity :N/A
Sharpening :N/A
Image Type :Color
Color Mode :N/A
Hue adjustment :N/A
Saturation Control :N/A
Tone compensation :N/A
Latitude(GPS) :N/A
Longitude(GPS) :N/A
Altitude(GPS) :N/A



The Albritton Bell Tower, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.

The Albritton Bell Tower at night.

File name :DSCN1818.JPG
File size :712.2KB(729285Bytes)
Shoot date :2003/03/06 22:03:40
Picture size :2048 x 1536
Resolution :72 x 72 dpi
Number of bits :8bit/channel
Protection attribute :Off
Hide Attribute :Off
Camera ID :N/A
Model name :E995
Quality mode :NORMAL
Metering mode :Multi-pattern
Exposure mode :Programmed auto
Flash :No
Focal length :22.1 mm
Shutter speed :1.0second
Aperture :F4.1
Exposure compensation:0 EV
Fixed white balance :Auto
Lens :Built-in
Flash sync mode :N/A
Exposure difference :N/A
Flexible program :N/A
Sensitivity :Auto
Sharpening :Auto
Curve mode :N/A
Color mode :COLOR
Tone compensation :AUTO
Latitude(GPS) :N/A
Longitude(GPS) :N/A
Altitude(GPS) :N/A

hidden camera in college

hidden camera in college

Protect COLLEGE DORM w/ Wireless DVR Camcorder + SD

Installing your own state-of-the-art security system, replete with a motion sensor and DVR doesn't have to cost a fortune, nor do you have to hire a commercial grade security company to install it. Mounting, setting up and operating the NiteWatch sensor and camera alarm system is a snap and will only cost you a fraction of what the commercial companies want for their services. The NiteWatch comes equipped with a heat/motion sensor, night-vision camera and alarm system activation.
Battery Backup
Although we recommend using the included AC adapter to power the NiteWatch, it also has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery backup that provides 6 hours of continuous recording if the power goes out. The NiteWatch can also be configured for use with a home or business alarm system. Once activated, it will signal an intrusion to the alarm system control panel.

That's right! All ElectroFlip brand products purchased from Amazon through DealScore come with a free no hassle LIFETIME warranty. If there is ever any problem a brand new item is only a few clicks away!

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Hidden Camera Death Russia

hidden camera death russia

hidden camera death russia - I Miss

I Miss You: A First Look At Death

I Miss You: A First Look At Death

When a close friend or family member dies, it can be difficult for children to express their feelings. This book helps boys and girls understand that death is a natural complement to life, and that grief and a sense of loss are normal feelings for them to have following a loved one's death. Titles in this sensitively presented series explore the dynamics of various relationships experienced by children of preschool through early school age. Kids are encouraged to understand personal feelings and social problems as a first step in dealing with them. Written by psychotherapist and counselor Pat Thomas, these books promote positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers. The story lines are simple and direct--easily accessible to younger children. There are full-color illustrations on every page.

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Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev gestures during an interview with Reuters in Moscow June 23, 2008. Medvedev played down differences with his predecessor Vladimir Putin in an interview with Reuters but the contrast in style and tone between the two men was striking. Photo taken June 23, 2008. REUTERS/Grigory Dukor (RUSSIA)

In Soviet Russia Hospital for Railway Workers looks like 5 star Hotel

In Soviet Russia Hospital for Railway Workers looks like 5 star Hotel

It is Sochi, Russia! Sochi is a unique place. In Sochi east meets west. Subarctic mountains meets subtropical lowlands. In Sochi Grape hills meet mandarin fields. Sochi is an international city. Many peoples live here. It is Russian California and Florida. Welcome! I want to know Your opinion, feel free to comment.

hidden camera death russia

hidden camera death russia

The Whole Death Catalog: A Lively Guide to the Bitter End

In the tradition of Mary Roach’s bestselling Stiff and Jessica Mitford’s classic expose The American Way of Death comes this meticulously researched, refreshingly irreverent, and lavishly illustrated look at death from acclaimed author Harold Schechter. With his trademark fearlessness and bracing sense of humor, Schechter digs deep into a wealth of sources to unearth a treasure trove of surprising facts, amusing anecdotes, practical information, and timeless wisdom about that undiscovered country to which we will all one day travel. Topics include

• Death anxiety–is your fear of death normal or off the scale?
• You can’t take it with you . . . or can you? Wacky wills and bizarre bequests
• The hospice experience–going out in comfort and style
• Deathbed and funeral etiquette–how to help the dying and mourn the dead with dignity
• Death on demand–why the right-to-die movement may be the next big thing
• “Good-bye everybody”–famous last words
• The embalmer’s art–all dressed up and nowhere to go
• Behind the scenes at your local funeral home
• Alternative burial choices–from coral reefs to outer space

From the cold, hard facts of death to lessons in the art of dying well, from what happens in the body’s last living moments to what transpires in the ground or in the furnace, from near-death experiences to speculation on the afterlife, The Whole Death Catalog leaves no gravestone unturned.

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Infrared digital trail camera : Latest canon compact digital camera : Gateway web camera toolbar.

Infrared Digital Trail Camera

infrared digital trail camera

infrared digital trail camera - Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame Innovations 2.0 Mega Pixel Digital Trail Camera With Infrared Flash

Wildgame Innovations 2.0 Mega Pixel Digital Trail Camera With Infrared Flash


Economical, efficient, and super easy to operate the IR2 2.0MP Digital Game Scouting Camera with Infrared Flash is a must-have for any serious hunter. Ultra simple to use, the IR2 has 3 fixed settings: active mode for 24-hour coverage, delay mode for a 1-minute delay between photos, and a resolution preset for image quality and camera speed. All you have to do is turn on the camera and set the date and time. Capturing images of game within a 25 to 40 foot radius, day or night--without spooking the animals--thanks to infrared technology, the IR2 is literally your incognito eyes in the woods. Each image is clearly marked with the time, date, and photo number so you know exactly what is happening and when. The camera's sophisticated passive infrared sensor (PIR) activates by motion or heat within a 40-foot area, and the powerful infrared high intensity ray illuminates a photo of fun quality that is undetectable to the animals.
Coming complete and ready to set up with 2 bungee cords for flexible mounting, the IR2 Camera boasts ABS plastic weather resistant housing with a rubber gasket to keep the elements out while the camera scouts the game. The camera takes jpeg-format still photos that you can download easily with the included USB Mini-5 Cable. In addition to the generous 64MB of onboard memory, the camera accepts a 2GB for ample image storage that can be removed for quick and easy downloads and printing. A large LCD screen provides easy set-up and readouts of the camera's functions, and an onboard, built-in battery retains date and time settings if the primary battery power fails. The IR2 camera requires (4) C-cell batteries to operate and boasts a generous duty cycle of approximately 4 weeks. Backed by a 1-year warranty, the IR2 Digital Game Scouting Camera from Wildgame Innovations makes game scouting efficient, easy, and affordable.
Fixed Settings: Active 24 hours per day, delay of 1 minute, still images
Infrared Flash with an 18 piece high intensity LED array
Infrared Flash Range: up to 25 feet
Sensor: passive infrared sensor (PIR) activates when motion and heat are detected
Sensor Range: up to 40 feet
Onboard Memory: 64 MB
External Memory: removable SD memory card up to 2.0 GB
Large LCD Command Console
Programming: digital
Duty Cycle: approximately 4 weeks on factory default settings
Built-in battery retains date and time settings
ABS plastic, weather resistant housing with rubber gasket
2 bungee cords included with tree peg design for easy mounting
Image Mode: still
Image Format: jpeg
Image Resolution: 2.0 megapixel
Onboard Memory: 64 MB
Removable Memory: up to a 2 GB SD card
USB Output: 5-pin mini USB Style
Image Output: 5-pin mini USB / SD Card
LCD Screen Size: 1.9 x 0.9-inch (WxH)
Primary Power Supply: (4) C-cell batteries (sold separately)
What's in the Box?
IR2 2.0MP Digital Game Scouting Camera, 2 mounting bungee cords, USB Mini-5 Cable, product guide and CD Rom

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Ninety Six

Ninety Six

It looks like and infrared even though it sort of isn't. Meaning that I didn't use a filter or film or a modified digital camera, this is the infrared affect in photoshop elements 8.

Trees, Riverfront Trail I

Trees, Riverfront Trail I

Taken in Pittsburgh, PA with my infrared-converted Digital Rebel XT.

infrared digital trail camera

infrared digital trail camera

Spypoint 5 MP 35 Infrared Led Digital Surveilance IR-5 Camera (Camo)

The IR-5 gives you a 5.0 megapixel picture quality. It has a removable internal camera for easier handling and very compact. The night-time illumination is 35 infrared LED. Automatic infrared level adjustment. The video resolution is 640 x 480 AVI. Color pictures by day and black and white by night. The multi-shot mode give up to 4 pictures per detection. Automatic print of date and time on every picture. Required 6 AA batteries which are not included. It can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack which is not included. Features USD and TV port, adjustable distance detection sensor up to 50 feet, 12 volt power jack and user friendly switch panel. Includes the strap, USB and video cables.

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Samsung Camera Charger Sl202 : 12mp Samsung Es17 Digital Camera : Web Camera Price In India

Samsung Camera Charger Sl202

samsung camera charger sl202

samsung camera charger sl202 - Samsung Universal

Samsung Universal Battery Charger with LCD Screen camera

Samsung Universal Battery Charger with LCD Screen camera

Universal Battery Charger with LCD Screen for you to use to charge the compatible battery of your digital camera or camcorder.Keep your camera free of the battery charge.FEATURES:LCD Universal charge for all type of Li-ion 3.7V or 7.4V batteries. Automatically identify battery positive "+" and negative "-". MCU control, LCD display battery charging state. Charge powered by car kit for travel or AC switching power adaptor input 100-240V for in doors use. The spin holder of the battery charger can be maximumly extended to 2" to fit any battery of the size and below. SPECIFICATIONS:Input: 12V 800mAOutput: 4.2V/8.4V 800mAColor: Silver / BlackSize: 11*6.5*3cm (L*W*T)Weight: 7.8 oz(with packaging)INSTRUCTIONS:To charge the Li-ion battery, please adjust the two metal pins of the charger to connect the "+" and the "-" contacts on the Li-ion battery. A red light on the charger will be on to sign that you have the correct connection. Then turn the AC wall attaching plug to charge the battery. A green light will be on after fully-charged.IMPORTANT NOTES: *Travel charger is made to US Standards,Charger holds a battery no more than 2 inches long. Compatible With Samsung TL205 L100 SL202 TL220 SL600 HZ30W PL200 TL105 L210 TL210 L200 PL100 GX-20 SL620 SL102 EX1 SL50 SL502 TL225 CL80 HZ50W SL420 TL110 NV3 TL500 TL240 L730 NX10 L830 PL150 Digimax U-CA 401 i85 SL30 ST50 SL720 SL201 NX100 ST500 ES55 NV10 WB5500 TL350 ST600 Pro815 ES60 HZ10W PL50 L700 L73 NV24HD ST550 TL34HD Digimax L60 PL55 WB600 NV30 NV100HD NV15 I8 Digimax U-CA5 NV4 HZ35W L74 Wide NV7 OPS ST45 WB650 L110 WB550 Digimax L85 GX-10 Digimax i5 Digimax i6 NV40 NV11 PL65 PL70 NV8 ST5500 PL51 CL5 PL60 HZ15W CL65 WB2000 SL201 ST1000 WB1000 ST5000 L83T IT100 Digimax L70 WP10 SL35 L310W Digimax V700 Digimax U-CA 3 Digimax U-CA505 Digimax i70 P83 Digimax i7 NV20 TL90 PL10 AQ100 Digimax L77 HZ25W i80 L60 Digimax L55 WB5000 L50 SL310 L74 SL820 Digimax U-CA501 ST50 Digimax i50 NV12 ST10 WB1000 Digimax V800 Digimax U-CA 4 L83 VP-MS

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Valiant Charger at the Muscle Car Masters Historic Touring Car event at Sydney's Eastern Creek Raceway.

charger girls

charger girls

charger girls mingling with the tailgaters at the stadium

samsung camera charger sl202

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Hidden camera scenes. Enter web camera. Best camera review website.

Hidden Camera Scenes

hidden camera scenes

hidden camera scenes - Crime Lab

Crime Lab

Crime Lab

Think Like A Villan, Act Like nN Agent! Train yourself in becoming a master of crime scene investigation. Strive to become an expert in the art of finger print analysis and other FBI crime scene and crime lab related skills. Discover and challenge over 300 skill testing activities that will sharpen your level of expertise.

Crime Lab: Body of Evidence is a single player adventure-puzzle game for DS/DSi that challenges players to stop a killer before he strikes again. Playing as FBI agent Nicole Bonnet, players must gather evidence and clues hidden within more than 300 puzzles and riddles made up of hidden object puzzle and mini-game formats. Additional features include over 60 fully rendered, detailed locations, FBI crime lab tools and DSi specific functionality.
ACrime Lab: Body of Evidence boxshot
Interrogating a suspect in Crime Lab: Body of Evidence

Crack the case as Nicole Bonnet.
View larger.
All-New Adventure
Young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet receives a mysterious package. Inside she finds a complicated mechanism that appears to be a message from a serial killer. This is just the beginning of an epic duel of minds between Nicole and the ruthless murderer, who leaves playing cards by the bodies of his victims as signature. Bonnet will have to use all her wits to solve the case and stop the killer before he strikes again. Does she have what it takes to understand the mind of a psychopath, as complicated as his puzzles?
Key Game Features
An all-new adventure staring FBI agent Nicole Bonnet.
Perfect mix of handheld adventure, hidden object and logic puzzle gaming.
Over 300 puzzles and riddles.
An elaborated Hidden Object mode offering 16 levels.
Over 60 fully rendered, detailed locations.
Over 40 enjoyable mini-games.
Elements created especially for NDS, including DSi specific functionality.

Additional Screenshots:
Hidden object puzzle from Crime Lab: Body of Evidence

16 hidden object levels.
View larger.
FBI crime lab tool from Crime Lab: Body of Evidence

In-game FBI tools
View larger.
Location example form Crime Lab: Body of Evidence

60+ detailed locations.
View larger.
In-game puzzle example from Art of Murder: FBI Top Secret

300+ puzzles and riddles.
View larger.

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Amtrak | Listening to the Hidden Cameras

Amtrak | Listening to the Hidden Cameras

My great seatmate asked me about my taste in music and requested a listen. She is now hip to the scene.

Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene

Horn section of BSS helped out Hidden Cameras during one song.

hidden camera scenes

hidden camera scenes

HD Mini Digital Video Waterproof Sports Camera

This camera is ideal for capturing those candid sports and outdoors moments.
Built with a 2.0 Megapixel Camera Lens & LED light for low lighting scenery.
It's unique waterproof feature functions underwater up to 30 meters.
Can support up to 16GB with Micro SD card (Not Included)

Perfect for capturing exciting outdoor moments with a recording time of 2 hours!

Video Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames per second / Photo: 1600 x 1200 dpi, JPG

The camera has a mini USB port to upload and download data via PC quick and hassle free.
Includes a clip to be used for cycling of any sort.

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Web Camera Installation Software. Buy Camera Flash.

Web Camera Installation Software

web camera installation software

web camera installation software - Digital Interactive

Digital Interactive Installations: Programming interactive installations using the software package Max/MSP/Jitter

Digital Interactive Installations: Programming interactive installations using the software package Max/MSP/Jitter

The present book is based on the author's diploma thesis written at the Institute of Media and Phototechnology University of Applied Sciences Cologne and describes the recent development of digital interactive art and the usage of the graphical programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter. In the beginning, a brief overview of the present scientific discourse on the key issues interactivity and interface design are given. Furthermore, it portrays exceptional examples of digital art within the past five years, focusing on the main themes of digital installations and software art. This is followed by a description of Max's main features and programming methods, its extensibility with control devices and micro controllers, as well as differences to important alternative graphical programming environments such as Pure data and vvvv. The second part documents the whole process of creating an interactive installation using Max/MSP and its graphics extension Jitter. This includes a description of the creative concept, the different parts of the soft- and hardware as well as some of their important key techniques. Finally, a summary of user feedback and a personal reflection on the project is given. The book is dedicated to both technicians and artists seeking an introduction to the present digital interactive art and practical information about the new emerging graphical programming techniques like Max or Pure Data for creating meaningful interactive systems.

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FILE Săo Paulo 2008

FILE Săo Paulo 2008


A Study of 4D Julia sets

Baraka / Baraka from DVD to 4K / Baraka with the monkey


Enquanto a noite nao chega (While we wait for the night a?" first Brazilian film in 4K)/(primeiro filme brasileiro em 4k)

Era la Notte

Flight to the Center of the Milky Way

Growth by aggregation 2

Jet Instabilities in a stratified fluid flow

Keio University Concert

Manny Farber (Tribute to)

Scalable City

The Nonlinear Evolution of the Universe

The Prague train


Interface Cerebro-Computador – Eduardo Miranda

Sistema comercial de Reconhecimento Automatico - Genius Instituto de Tecnologia

Robo de visao omnidirecional – Jun Okamoto

Loo Table: mesa interativa - Andre V. Perrotta, Erico Cheung e Luis Stateri dos Santos, da empresa Loodik

Simulador de Ondas e Simulador de Turbilhao - Steger producao de efeitos especiais ltda.


Giles Askham – Aquaplayne

Jonah Warren & Steven Sanborn – Transpose

Jonah Warren & Steven Sanborn – Full Body Games

Fabiano Onca e Comeia – Tantalus Quest

Julian Oliver - levelHead


Andreas Zecher – Understanding Games

Andrei R. Thomaz – Cubos de Cor

Arvi Teikari – Once In Space

Fabricio Fava – Futebolando

Golf Question Mark – Golf – Darwinia

Jens Andersson and Ida Roden – Rorschach

Jonatan Soderstrom – CleanAsia!

Jonatan Soderstrom – AdNauseum2

Jorn Ebner – sans femme et sans avieteur

Josh Nimoy – BallDroppings

Josiah Pisciotta – Gish

Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg – Thinking Machine 7

Mariana Rillo – Desmanche

Mark Essen - Punishment: The punishing


Playtime – SFZero

QUBO GAS: Jef Ablezot, Morgan Dimnet & Laura Henno - WATERCOULEUR PARK

QueasyGames - Jonathan Mak – Everyday Shooter

R-S-G: Radical Software Group - Kriegspiel - Guy Debord's Game of War

Shalin Shodhan ( – On a Rainy Day

Shalin Shodhan ( – Cytoplasm

Shalin Shodhan ( – Particle Rain

Tales of Tales: Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn - The Graveyard

Tanja Vujinovic – Osciloo

ThatGameCompany – Jenova Chen – Clouds

ThatGameCompany – Jenova Chen - flOw



Ayri - Uma Lenda Amazonica - Sylker Teles da Silva / Outline Interactive

Capoeira Experience - Andre Ivankio Hauer Ploszaj / Okio Servicos de Comunicacao Multimidia Ltda.

Cim-iterio - Wagner Gomes Carvalho / Green Land Studios

Incorporated (Emprego Maluco) - Tiago Pinheiro Teixeira / Interama Jogos Eletronicos

Iracema Aventura – Odair Gaspar / Perceptum Software Ltda.

Nevrose: Sangue e Loucura Sob o Sol do Sertao - Rodrigo Queiroz de Oliveira
/ Gamion Realidade Virtual & Games

Raizes do Mal – Marcos Cruz Alves / Ignis Entretenimento e Informatica Ltda.

JOGOS BR 2 – Jogos Completos

Cave Days - Winston George A. Petty / Insolita Studios

(JOGO EM DESENVOLVIMENTO) - Wallace Santos Lages / Ilusis Interactive Graphics

JOGOS BR 2 – Demos Jogaveis

Brasilia Tropicalis - Thiago Salgado Aiache de Moraes / Olympya Games

Conspiracao Dumont - Guilherme Mattos Coutinho

Flora - Francisco Oliveira de Queiroz

Formula Galaxy – Artur Correa / Vencer Consultoria e Projetos Ltda.

Inferno - Alexandre Vrubel / Continuum Entertainment Ltda

Lex Venture - Tiago Pinheiro Teixeira / Interama Jogos Eletronicos

Trem de Doido (DEMO EM DESENVOLVIMENTO) - Marcos Andre Penna Coutinho

Zumbi, o rei dos Palmeiras - Nicholas Lima de Souza


Hipersonica Performance

Andrei Thomaz, Francisco Serpa, Lilian Campesato e Vitor Kisil – Sonocromatica

Bernhard Gal – Gal Live

+Zero: Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri, Jonattas Marcel Poltronieri, Raphael Dall'Anese - +Zero do Brasil

Luiz duVa - Concerto para duo de laptops

Henrique Roscoe (a.k.a. 1mpar) – HOL

Jose Ignacio Hinestrosa e Testsu Kondo – Fricciones

Alexandre Fenerich e Giuliano Obici – Nmenos1

Orqstra de Laptops de Sao Paulo - EvEnTo 3 Movimentos para Orquestra

Hipersonica Participantes

Agricola de Cologne - soundSTORY - sound as a tool for storytelling

Jen-Kuan Chang – Drishti II

Jen-Kuan Chang – Discordance

Jen-Kuan Chang – Nekkhamma

Jen-Kuan Chang - She, Flush, Vegetable, Lo Mein, and Intolerable Happiness

Jerome Soudan – Mimetic

Matt Lewis e Jeremy Keenan – Animate Objects

Robert Dow - Precipitation within sight

Tetsu Kondo – Dendraw

Tomas Phillips – Drink_Deep


Anaisa Franco – Connected Memories

Andrei Thomaz & Silvia Laurentiz – 1? Subsolo

Graffiti Research Lab – Various

Hisako K. Yamakawa – Kodama – is.3s

Jarbas Jacome – Crepusculo dos Idolos

Julio Obelleiro & Alberto Garcia – Magneticos

Julio Obelleiro & Alberto Garcia – The Magic Torch

Mariana Manhaes – Liquescer (Jarrinho)

Mariana Manhaes – Liquescer (Jarrinho Azul)

Rejane Cantoni e Leonardo Crescenti – PISO

Sheldon Brown – Sca

Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software SQL error 03

Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software SQL error 03

Step on troubleshooting on the Chronos eStockCard Inventory software for the SQL Server Installation _03

web camera installation software

web camera installation software

Product Focused Software Process Improvement: Second International Conference, PROFES 2000, Oulu, Finland, June 20-22, 2000 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Product Focused Software Process Improvement, PROFES 2000, held in Oulu, Finland, in June 2000. The 30 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 60 submitted full papers. The book is divided into topical sections on process improvement, empirical software engineering, industrial experiences, methods and tools, software process and modeling, software and process measurement, and organizational learning and experience factory.

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Video Camera Shoulder Mount

video camera shoulder mount

video camera shoulder mount - New Marware

New Marware Eco Vue For Kindle 3 Pink Flip Top Design Dual Purpose Elastic Strap Stylish Secure

New Marware Eco Vue For Kindle 3 Pink Flip Top Design Dual Purpose Elastic Strap Stylish Secure

The verdict is in: The Eco-Flip is the perfect smart accessory for the stylish, eco-conscious Kindle reader?Ccase closed. Marware didn??t just create a flip-top leather case?Cwe created a flip-top responsible leather case with tons of added functionality. From its innovative elastic hand strap system to its soft charcoal microfiber interior, the Eco-Flip was engineered with unmatched functionality and uncompromising style. In addition to the convenient interior hand strap that helps hold the Kindle securely while walking, exercising, or lounging around, the Eco-Flip also offers an inner storage pocket that??s great for cards or cash, a non-slip interior safety tab that locks the Kindle safely in place, an elastic strap that helps keep the case open or closed, easy access to all ports/buttons, and a sleek design. The Eco-Flip for Kindle is an attractive case designed to improve your reading experience. In addition to the style and functionality, Marware utilizes durable eco-leather, so each Eco-Flip case helps protect your investment and the environment. What's so great about eco-leather? The tanning process used to make this leather uses fewer toxins than traditional leather tanning. This minimizes toxic runoff into the ground and water tables. Throughout the entire process, the leather remains RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. No chlorine, no sulfuric acid, and no petroleum/chemical based dyes. This is real leather, without the environmental impact of standard tanning and dyeing processes. Dual-purpose elastic strap keeps case open or closed; RoHS compliant leather. Compatibility: Kindle 3.

81% (7)

Vespa LX Winshield Camera RAM Mount

Vespa LX Winshield Camera RAM Mount

I got this RAM mount for a Kodak Zi6 handheld video camera, but was having a lot of trouble with vibration when it was attached to the mirror stem. This is the best solution so far, which reduces some of the vibration. Videos to come!

Update: This still proved to be too shaky! I wound up placing camera in a pouch on my shoulder bag strap so it was roughly centered on my chest. Worked out pretty well!

29/365 - Biracial Support Group

29/365 - Biracial Support Group

Jamie Hawkins-Gaar is such a fucking badass that when he needs a shoulder mount for his video camera, he BUILDS one. And it works. Mostly. This is from our latest shoot. I bet you can't wait!

video camera shoulder mount

video camera shoulder mount

Zykkor Shoulder Mount Stabilizer Support for Video DV Camcorder HD DSLR

This Brand New Zykkor Video Camera Shoulder Support Mount System is a perfect tool to keep your camera steady to give you a smoother video capture. The Zykkor Video Shoulder mount lets you carry your camera hands free and stay comfortable while shooting long video footage. This is great for events and weddings when you need that extra support. Capture Professional quality footage with the help of this Shoulder Mount System. Handheld shots are made easier and can be adjustable to fit your viewing height.Great for most camcorders, home video cameras, & HD DSLR cameras with a tripod thread mount. Features:Adjustable mount to eye levelTripod baseplate for quick mount and dismounting of cameraLightweight and quick setupReduce vibration & shaking while tapingHands Free OperationMore mobile than TripodSpecifications:Compatible with most camcorders and HD DSLR Cameras Shoulder Mount Support Weight: 2.65 lbs Max loading Capacity: 6kg or 13 lbs. Contents:Shoulder Mount Video Support System Carrying case

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Sunglasses With Hidden Camera. Best Waterproof Compact Digital Camera.

Sunglasses With Hidden Camera

sunglasses with hidden camera

sunglasses with hidden camera - Video Sunglasses

Video Sunglasses - Stylish Elegant Design with Concealed Video Camera Recorder- Free 2GB TFcard provided + Micro SD Card Slot - Includes Case + Cleaning Cloth

Video Sunglasses - Stylish Elegant Design with Concealed Video Camera Recorder- Free 2GB TFcard provided + Micro SD Card Slot - Includes Case + Cleaning Cloth

SM06 DVR Spy Sunglasses in US Version 2G
A Great equipment and highly recommended device for journalist, traffic police, travellers and etc!
1. Free 2GB TF card provided for as long as 4-5 hours video recording.
2. Quality Polaroid lens from brand makers.
3. High speed recording and quick light response
4. User friendly operation button for easy control.
5. With extended memory slot for TF/Micro SD card.
6. Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed.
7. Sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women users.
8. Real time recording,never let memorable moments sneak away from life.
Power: 5V DC/400MAH
Video Format:AVI
Read Speed > 700kbs Write Speed > 500kbs
Resolution: 640*480
Photo: 2560*1920 3264*2448
Support TF/Micro SD card (1GB-8GB)
Built in 400mah Li-polymer Battery
Power duration: 4-5 hours
Net weight: 39g
Working temperature: 0-60 degree
Storage temperature: -20-80degree
Operating system: Window98/WinMe/WinXP/Win2000/Win Vista
Package included:
Sunglasses DVR
Power Charger(US Version)
Glasses case
Cleaning cloth
User manual (English and Chinese)
Note: Rip off the blue film on both front and back of the lens before you use it.

85% (7)

Biker Guy (Explored July 13/09)

Biker Guy (Explored July 13/09)

"Nice tattoo," I say.

The biker turns to look at me. He doesn't say anything.

"On your arm," I say, pointing with my index finger. Like he doesn't know where it is? "The...thing with all the teeth."

He regards me for a moment longer, like I am an unwelcome something he's found stuck to the bottom of his shoe. There's a scar running down the right side of his face. (My inner child is warning me that, at any second, it could start peeing in our pants.)

It has been my experience most bikers are pretty nice guys. But I've been wrong before.

Abruptly he smiles and his face transforms into something less lethal. I am, understandably, relieved.

He mutters something. The words are garbled and he looks away as he speaks. Whatever he has said is swallowed up by the sounds of traffic. Crap.

Even though I have no idea what he just told me, I nod anyway, smiling in case he told me a joke, but not laughing in case he told me his mother just died.

"You know, man?" he says.

"Sure," I say.

He's looking at me. He's waiting for more words. Oh My God.

"Well?" he asks.

I nod and pretend to be considering. Then I decide to come clean.

"I actually have no idea what you just said to me," I admit.

He smiles. Thank God. Again.

"I designed it myself. The tattoo," he says. There's pride in his voice and the tattoo is really wonderful in a "seriously creepy graphic" kind of way. "Drew it up and gave it to the tattoo guy."

"Ahhh," I say, like that's what I do with all of my tattoos. "Well it's a great...tat. Tatt."

I have stumbled slightly because I am wondering if the shortened form of "tattoo" is spelled with one "t" or two...then my survival instinct kicks in and I start paying attention to the conversation.

We chat for a while about bikes (the last one I owned had training wheels) and tattoos (I don't have any) and a bunch of other stuff I have no experience with. I hide my complete lack of knowledge with my glittering skills as a conversationalist.

My secret? I'll often say "Oh yeah?" for example.

"Ohhhhh." works as well because it makes the person you're talking with feel as though they are explaining the miracles of the universe to you.

"Ahhhh," is a variant of "Ohhhhh," and can be used almost interchangeably.

The conversation goes on for a while. He appears to have forgotten all about killing me and has warmed to me...a little.

"So...I'd like to take your picture," I say, since this has been my cunning plan from the start. ("Ohhhhhhh," you say.)

He turns and glowers at me sideways, pointing his tattoo my way. I realize this is his way of saying "okay, Zippy."

So I take the picture.

Here it is. (You will note there is no discernable camera shake.)

Why i wear sunglasses

Why i wear sunglasses

Is to hide the red in my eyes from getting very little sleep, or is it? haha

well it was another late night researching.
Bought myself some film 35mm slr's!!!
Canon EOS 620 and 650. They happen to be the first EOS cameras from Canon which were released in 1987. And that makes it a year younger then me. All that took me a whole 7 hours finding out what direction i wanted to go for film. All i need now is a dark room.
I also been doing tons of research on underwater housing and lighting. Lets just say i can't wait for summer!

about this image: 135mm F/2.0 with a 20mm+36mm+12mm extension tubes from Kenko for the close up.

sunglasses with hidden camera

sunglasses with hidden camera

Silver Frame & Mirrored Lens Aviator w/ Microfiber Sunglasses Pouch

We've all seen these style shades on the faces of Hollywood's elite for decades. Originally gaining popularity in old Hollywood in the 1950's, Aviator style glasses have been a distinctive symbol of legendary fame! Now you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get your own pair. Join the ranks of rappers, movie stars and models with these classic retro style glasses. These BRAND NEW shades are made of high quality durable metal frames and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Ideal to wear to concerts, clubs, parties, or anywhere you want to make a statement! Buy one pair or a few! Get a FREE microfiber bag with each pair purchased. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. See our Return Policy for more information.

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Where To Buy A Spy Camera. Film Camera To Digital Conversion

Where To Buy A Spy Camera

where to buy a spy camera

where to buy a spy camera - EyeClops BioniCam

EyeClops BioniCam

EyeClops BioniCam

With a full color LCD screen and battery pack, Eyeclops is the perfect on-the-go device that lets kids explore the world around them, indoors or out. Use the LCD screen as a viewfinder for specimens, zoom in with one of three powerful new magnifications (100x, 200x and an eye-popping 400x) and take digital pictures and video of your amazing discoveries. Save and share your findings with the built-in flash drive and removable USB key. Then, view them on any standard television, and upload your files to your PC to email and send to friends. Requires 5 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 12"L x 15.75"W x 4.25"H.

The EyeClops BioniCam Video Microscope from JAKKS Pacific opens up a world of microscopic fun for kids to explore. This bionic eye makes it easy to take digital pictures and capture video that documents new discoveries. Designed to keep inquisitive children aged eight and up entertained and interested in the world around them, the BioniCam is also engaging enough to captive adults.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Look at familiar objects in a whole new way; review images on a TV or computer

The Bad: Learning to focus the eye takes practice

In a Nutshell: Unique video microscope provides creepy close-ups and informal science lessons
At a Glance
Ages: 8 and older
Requires: 5 AA batteries; TV and/or computer for full effect

A belt clip battery pack makes it easy to take the BioniCam anywhere. View larger.

Even old blue jeans look cool viewed through the BioniCam. View Larger.
Magnify Your World,
To get started, simply insert five AA batteries (not included) into the belt clip battery pack, insert the included USB memory stick into the top of the BioniCam, and turn the unit on. With the camera's ergonomically shaped handle in one hand, you can focus on any number of everyday objects--such as coins, fabric, your pet's fur, or your own hair and skin. The magnified images appear in real time and full color on the LCD screen. Below the screen, you'll find easy to use buttons that allow you to navigate the menu, select video or photo options, review your gallery, and delete unwanted images.
A zoom dial offers either 100x, 200x or 400x magnification. To focus an image, twist the I.R.I.S. lens attachment until you achieve the results you're looking for. Getting a crisp image takes a little patience at first, especially at the highest magnification. But with practice and with the help of the easy-to-read focusing gauge, you'll be focusing the lens in no time.
Photos and Video Without Complicated Setup
With no software to upload and minimal set-up, the BioniCam makes sharing discoveries easy. Plug the USB memory stick directly into your computer for quick access to images, then save and edit them or post them to your blog. Alternately, you can use the included video cable to display images on your TV. When you are pled into the TV, the LCD screen turns off, but you still retain all the functionality of the BioniCam. This makes reviewing huge enlargements in real time a fun group activity.
Contagious Fun for the Whole Family
The hand-held magnification "eye" is fun to hold and makes it easy for your child to explore the microscopic world without complicated scientific instruments. Viewing the magnified images on your computer or TV screen in full, vivid color encourages kids to take learning into their own hands and provides numerous opportunities for parents and children to play fun and educational games together.
The excitement of seeing objects in your child's everyday world magnified to up to 400 times is sure to be a hit with whole family. Fortunately, the lightweight, durable plastic unit fits comfortably into both small and large hands. And if you need some help getting started, the easy-to-read instruction booklet offers lots of tips for finding items that hide interesting textures, from pine needles to sponges and insects.
On the lowest setting, the LEDs occasionally prove too bright for viewing lighter-colored objects, and these images may remain unclear on large viewing screens. On the higher magnification settings, however, this did not seem to be a problem, as textures and colors came through flawlessly. And while the battery pack makes it easy to explore indoors and out, the LCD screen can be tough to read in direct sunlight.
Overall, these are minor concerns that should do nothing to prevent this fun, educational toy from being big hit with all kinds of kids.
What's in the Box
BioniCam, I.R.I.S. lens attachment, removable USB drive, and video cable.

77% (16)

Special-ness (6-11-09)

Special-ness (6-11-09)

Jaina Lefevre slows as she sees the mean kitty kids from school last night and heads over to them. "You can't come to school no more 'cause you're mean."

Kimani Silvercloud "so what have you been doing today?" she asks letting the adults talk among themselves

Fern Sabre nods and shrugs "i'm sure she'll tell me, I just thought it would be fun ta have a lil cousin." she sighed and looked down the street "ah wont bother you anymore if thats what ye want" she stepped back a few steps

Zoe Baran she shakes her head, "Nah, that's not what I meant, Fern. I just got a few of your family members breathing down my neck and it's making me...I don't know. Something."

CD Galaxy smiles as she spots Fern on the street and wanders over, raising a hand in a friendly wave, smiling as she calls out, "Hey Miss Fern! how's it goin'? Busy with errands?"

Fern Sabre nods to Zoe "I understand, ye can trust me though " she heard someone come up from behind and turned "Sadie,its going" she didnt know where though "I'd like ya to meet an old friend, this is Zoe...Zoe this is Sadie, we work tagether"

Rai Pawpad rolls his eyes and hunkers down to pick up some stones. "Frankly, Minister, I've had better days."

Kimani Silvercloud "well do ya wanna go talk elsewhere" she wispers looking towards fern

CD Galaxy turns and gives Zoe a friendly wave and a warm smile, "howdy! it's nice to meet you Ma'am"

Zoe Baran smirks and gives a small wave, "Nice to meet you, Sadie."

Jaina Lefevre glares from Kumani to Rai and puts her hands on her hips. "I /said/, you can't come t'school 'cause you're mean. You gotta be /nice/ to be in school."

Sadie watches the two kids together, " cute, a little boy and he's got himself a little girlfriend!" she giggles softly

Kimani Silvercloud blushes instantly then scowls at the girl sho said that

Rai Pawpad bounces away from the blonde girl. and looks up at the adults with a dignified expression. "Kimani is my Minister of Blue."

Kimani Silvercloud still scowling "yeah we ain' dating!"

Fern Sabre laughs with Sadie and leans over "thas Kimanie and Rai" she smiled at Kim 's scowl and winked at her "Rai is my cousin..." she hoped

CD Galaxy can't help but grin even wider at the boy's proclamation, and leans over to Fern as she murmurs, "that's just way too cute!"

Jaina Lefevre grins a little as he bounces away and advances on him. "Keep goin'. Cause I'm gonna kick you /really/ hard if you is mean in school again. And you can't has a file on me 'cause it's a 'vasion of pry-see. (privacy)."

Zoe Baran glances over her shoulder at the pair, grinning. "Rai's my son."

Fern Sabre snickers and nods "got any of that chocolate Luk pilfer...I mean bought on our last run to da mainland?"

Sadie 's eyes widen in surpise at Fern, "Really!! that's awesome! you should bring'em over, I can make some poppers for a snack or something! "

Kimani Silvercloud "so do ya wanna go? if your mom lets ya." she asks wanting to get away from the blonde lady

Fern Sabre grins at Sadie "yeah jus doan let the brothers catch em there..they dont like kids"

Sadie shakes her head at Fern's question, "sorry Ma'am. I didn't think to bring any with me when i went out t'day. But there's two cases I stashed away because it was disappearing really fast!"

Rai Pawpad stands up, reveling in the two inches of height he has. "It's not. It's freedom of the press. You do somethin im public, I can write about it."

Rai Pawpad rolls his eyes. "This one's mom never lets her go outside a two block radius without an adult. " His smile is nice, not even mocking. "Right, princess?"

Zoe Baran tilts her head, tuning into the conversation behind her, "Everything good, Rai?"

Kimani Silvercloud giggles

Jaina Lefevre makes a rude sound something close to a raspberry. "You ain't got a paper. That ol' lady with the red hair. SHE got a paper. Youse bein' a spy and you suck at it. My Mommy wouldn't hire you 'cause you're dumb. You /tells/ people you got secrets." She looks up at Kumani then back to Rai. "I go anywheres. I didn't always has a Mommy, tha's new. And Nanny is a moron." ie easy to lose.

Sadie giggles at the boy's statement a moment, then frowns, remembering her own time in the spotlights and camera lenses, "Y'know, I think someone needs to turn the press's own tricks against them. Let them see what it's like to get hounded 24/7. Maybe i can start that movement with th' young'n there" she says, grinning as she pulls out her cell phone and activates the camera mode and aiming it at Rai, "Smile liddle boy, I'm gonna take your picture!"

Rai Pawpad flips an ear and grins. "Yeah, Mom. Fine.

Our NK tour guide: Miss Wen

Our NK tour guide: Miss Wen

One of our tour guides was Miss Wen. A beautiful and elegant North Korean girl who spoke perfect Chinese. She used to live in China with her dad who worked for the North Korean Trade Department. She went to a Chinese high school for about three years.

She paid careful attention to us every second. Especially me as I had three cameras and was always taking photographs. Always breaking the rules. I had the feeling that she thought I was a spy hired by the British. (She knew everyone's background before we arrived. Including where we worked, hometown, the countries we had visited etc. She knew that I work at the British Council.)

She is more sophisticated than her age should be, she gave vague answers about North Korea when we asked questions.
She has strong self-esteem as she is the “upper-class” in North Korea,
eg: friends says: “your T-shirt is really nice, where did you buy it? How much is that?”
Wen says: “are you teasing me? My dad bought it in Pyongyang, I don’t know the price”

2. she asked me what do I think about Pyongyang, I said “it’s nice and clean city, I could find some similarity between Pyongyang and Beijing, etc.” but she said:” Don’t lie to me, I want to know the truth!” I was speechless! I was telling the truth!

To some extent, she had a broader view than most North Koreans as she has been to many cities in China. Including Beijing. I wonder if she felt some pain or dilemma deep in her heart? She knows a bit about the world outside North Korea but can't change anything.
She asked us questions about China, Chairman Mao, etc she curious about what is in our Ipod, but she needs to control, control her curiosity, her desire.

Because of the fact she is North Korean.

???:??????? ???????,????????

????:“?????????”“?????????” ??????Ipod?????,????????????,????????


where to buy a spy camera

where to buy a spy camera

Erector Spykee - Micro Robot

to hit the market, with some really cool and innovative features... Spykee is a spy robot, monitoring and reporting back photos and videos. Spykee is an wireless internet phone Spykee is your MP3 player Spykee can charge itself You can connect to your Spykee via your wi-fi access point from any internet connected computer Spykee is customisable. Developers can create new software for Spykee Spykee stands at about one foot tall. Spykee is made by Meccano, and is also known as the Erector Spykee in the US

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Wide Dynamic Range Dome Camera

wide dynamic range dome camera

wide dynamic range dome camera - Fine Art

Fine Art Photography High Dynamic Range: Realism, Superrealism, and Image Optimization for Serious Novices to Advanced Di

Fine Art Photography High Dynamic Range: Realism, Superrealism, and Image Optimization for Serious Novices to Advanced Di

* Directions for working with two popular photo editing programs: Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro
* The specific settings used for each photo are given, along with commentary on why the artist chose those settings
* Includes 47 stunning examples to show the wide range of creative possibilities HDR provides

* Directions for working with two popular photo editing programs: Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro
* The specific settings used for each photo are given, along with commentary on why the artist chose those settings
* Includes 47 stunning examples to show the wide range of creative possibilities HDR provides

89% (16)

Hyde Dynamic Range

Hyde Dynamic Range

After selling his land in Robbinsville, Johnny Hyde moved to Rube Rogers' old farm and built Hyde's Mill in 1850. Since he was the first to employ the creek, his surname was applied, rendering Hyde's Creek.

Also on the same property are a water-powered generator (not pictured, right of frame) and a blacksmith's workshop (not pictured, left of frame).

Five exposure HDR merge.

Careful viewing the large, you will fall into 1850.

365 Days Project - Day 82 (a.k.a. Self-portrait in High Dynamic Range)

365 Days Project - Day 82 (a.k.a. Self-portrait in High Dynamic Range)

I think I'm finally getting a good theoretical handle on creating good HDR images. I've been reading Michael Freeman's book, "The Complete Guide to Light & Lighting in Digital Photography" that has 20 pages devoted to HDR and tone-mapping techniques.

Technical info: 5 exposures @ f/5.6 with exposures ranging from 1/2 second to 2 seconds shot at ISO 250, i.e., 1 EV between shots.

wide dynamic range dome camera

wide dynamic range dome camera

The HDRI Handbook: High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists +DVD

The HDRI Handbook reveals the secrets behind High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI). This cutting-edge imaging technology is a method to digitally capture and edit all light in a scene. It represents a quantum leap in imaging technology, as revolutionary as the leap from Black & White to Color imaging. If you are serious about photography, you will find that HDRI is the final step that places digital ahead of analog. The old problem of over- and underexposure in analog photography, which was never fully solved, is elegantly bypassed here. A huge variety of subjects can now be photographed for the first time ever.
HDRI emerged from the movie industry, and was once Hollywood's best kept secret. It is now a mature technology available to everyone. The only problem was that it was poorly documented until now. The HDRI Handbook is the manual that was missing.
Many questions remain open even for the computer graphics gurus that have been using HDRI for years. This is where The HDRI Handbook comes in. Included here is everything you need to build a comprehensive knowledge base that will enable you to become really creative with HDRI. This book is packed with practical hints and tips, software evaluations, workshops, and hands-on tutorials. Whether you are a photographer, 3D artist, compositor, or cinematographer, this book is sure to enlighten you.
Topics include:
Understanding the foundation of HDRI
Tools for a High Dynamic Range Workflow
How to capture HDR images: now and tomorrow
Tone mapping for creating superior prints
Image processing and compositing
All 4 ways to shoot panoramic HDRIs
Image based lighting and CG rendering
World premiere of the Smart Dynamic Range toolkit
Creative uses and unconventional applications

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