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Where To Buy A Spy Camera. Film Camera To Digital Conversion

Where To Buy A Spy Camera

where to buy a spy camera

where to buy a spy camera - EyeClops BioniCam

EyeClops BioniCam

EyeClops BioniCam

With a full color LCD screen and battery pack, Eyeclops is the perfect on-the-go device that lets kids explore the world around them, indoors or out. Use the LCD screen as a viewfinder for specimens, zoom in with one of three powerful new magnifications (100x, 200x and an eye-popping 400x) and take digital pictures and video of your amazing discoveries. Save and share your findings with the built-in flash drive and removable USB key. Then, view them on any standard television, and upload your files to your PC to email and send to friends. Requires 5 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 12"L x 15.75"W x 4.25"H.

The EyeClops BioniCam Video Microscope from JAKKS Pacific opens up a world of microscopic fun for kids to explore. This bionic eye makes it easy to take digital pictures and capture video that documents new discoveries. Designed to keep inquisitive children aged eight and up entertained and interested in the world around them, the BioniCam is also engaging enough to captive adults.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Look at familiar objects in a whole new way; review images on a TV or computer

The Bad: Learning to focus the eye takes practice

In a Nutshell: Unique video microscope provides creepy close-ups and informal science lessons
At a Glance
Ages: 8 and older
Requires: 5 AA batteries; TV and/or computer for full effect

A belt clip battery pack makes it easy to take the BioniCam anywhere. View larger.

Even old blue jeans look cool viewed through the BioniCam. View Larger.
Magnify Your World,
To get started, simply insert five AA batteries (not included) into the belt clip battery pack, insert the included USB memory stick into the top of the BioniCam, and turn the unit on. With the camera's ergonomically shaped handle in one hand, you can focus on any number of everyday objects--such as coins, fabric, your pet's fur, or your own hair and skin. The magnified images appear in real time and full color on the LCD screen. Below the screen, you'll find easy to use buttons that allow you to navigate the menu, select video or photo options, review your gallery, and delete unwanted images.
A zoom dial offers either 100x, 200x or 400x magnification. To focus an image, twist the I.R.I.S. lens attachment until you achieve the results you're looking for. Getting a crisp image takes a little patience at first, especially at the highest magnification. But with practice and with the help of the easy-to-read focusing gauge, you'll be focusing the lens in no time.
Photos and Video Without Complicated Setup
With no software to upload and minimal set-up, the BioniCam makes sharing discoveries easy. Plug the USB memory stick directly into your computer for quick access to images, then save and edit them or post them to your blog. Alternately, you can use the included video cable to display images on your TV. When you are pled into the TV, the LCD screen turns off, but you still retain all the functionality of the BioniCam. This makes reviewing huge enlargements in real time a fun group activity.
Contagious Fun for the Whole Family
The hand-held magnification "eye" is fun to hold and makes it easy for your child to explore the microscopic world without complicated scientific instruments. Viewing the magnified images on your computer or TV screen in full, vivid color encourages kids to take learning into their own hands and provides numerous opportunities for parents and children to play fun and educational games together.
The excitement of seeing objects in your child's everyday world magnified to up to 400 times is sure to be a hit with whole family. Fortunately, the lightweight, durable plastic unit fits comfortably into both small and large hands. And if you need some help getting started, the easy-to-read instruction booklet offers lots of tips for finding items that hide interesting textures, from pine needles to sponges and insects.
On the lowest setting, the LEDs occasionally prove too bright for viewing lighter-colored objects, and these images may remain unclear on large viewing screens. On the higher magnification settings, however, this did not seem to be a problem, as textures and colors came through flawlessly. And while the battery pack makes it easy to explore indoors and out, the LCD screen can be tough to read in direct sunlight.
Overall, these are minor concerns that should do nothing to prevent this fun, educational toy from being big hit with all kinds of kids.
What's in the Box
BioniCam, I.R.I.S. lens attachment, removable USB drive, and video cable.

77% (16)

Special-ness (6-11-09)

Special-ness (6-11-09)

Jaina Lefevre slows as she sees the mean kitty kids from school last night and heads over to them. "You can't come to school no more 'cause you're mean."

Kimani Silvercloud "so what have you been doing today?" she asks letting the adults talk among themselves

Fern Sabre nods and shrugs "i'm sure she'll tell me, I just thought it would be fun ta have a lil cousin." she sighed and looked down the street "ah wont bother you anymore if thats what ye want" she stepped back a few steps

Zoe Baran she shakes her head, "Nah, that's not what I meant, Fern. I just got a few of your family members breathing down my neck and it's making me...I don't know. Something."

CD Galaxy smiles as she spots Fern on the street and wanders over, raising a hand in a friendly wave, smiling as she calls out, "Hey Miss Fern! how's it goin'? Busy with errands?"

Fern Sabre nods to Zoe "I understand, ye can trust me though " she heard someone come up from behind and turned "Sadie,its going" she didnt know where though "I'd like ya to meet an old friend, this is Zoe...Zoe this is Sadie, we work tagether"

Rai Pawpad rolls his eyes and hunkers down to pick up some stones. "Frankly, Minister, I've had better days."

Kimani Silvercloud "well do ya wanna go talk elsewhere" she wispers looking towards fern

CD Galaxy turns and gives Zoe a friendly wave and a warm smile, "howdy! it's nice to meet you Ma'am"

Zoe Baran smirks and gives a small wave, "Nice to meet you, Sadie."

Jaina Lefevre glares from Kumani to Rai and puts her hands on her hips. "I /said/, you can't come t'school 'cause you're mean. You gotta be /nice/ to be in school."

Sadie watches the two kids together, " cute, a little boy and he's got himself a little girlfriend!" she giggles softly

Kimani Silvercloud blushes instantly then scowls at the girl sho said that

Rai Pawpad bounces away from the blonde girl. and looks up at the adults with a dignified expression. "Kimani is my Minister of Blue."

Kimani Silvercloud still scowling "yeah we ain' dating!"

Fern Sabre laughs with Sadie and leans over "thas Kimanie and Rai" she smiled at Kim 's scowl and winked at her "Rai is my cousin..." she hoped

CD Galaxy can't help but grin even wider at the boy's proclamation, and leans over to Fern as she murmurs, "that's just way too cute!"

Jaina Lefevre grins a little as he bounces away and advances on him. "Keep goin'. Cause I'm gonna kick you /really/ hard if you is mean in school again. And you can't has a file on me 'cause it's a 'vasion of pry-see. (privacy)."

Zoe Baran glances over her shoulder at the pair, grinning. "Rai's my son."

Fern Sabre snickers and nods "got any of that chocolate Luk pilfer...I mean bought on our last run to da mainland?"

Sadie 's eyes widen in surpise at Fern, "Really!! that's awesome! you should bring'em over, I can make some poppers for a snack or something! "

Kimani Silvercloud "so do ya wanna go? if your mom lets ya." she asks wanting to get away from the blonde lady

Fern Sabre grins at Sadie "yeah jus doan let the brothers catch em there..they dont like kids"

Sadie shakes her head at Fern's question, "sorry Ma'am. I didn't think to bring any with me when i went out t'day. But there's two cases I stashed away because it was disappearing really fast!"

Rai Pawpad stands up, reveling in the two inches of height he has. "It's not. It's freedom of the press. You do somethin im public, I can write about it."

Rai Pawpad rolls his eyes. "This one's mom never lets her go outside a two block radius without an adult. " His smile is nice, not even mocking. "Right, princess?"

Zoe Baran tilts her head, tuning into the conversation behind her, "Everything good, Rai?"

Kimani Silvercloud giggles

Jaina Lefevre makes a rude sound something close to a raspberry. "You ain't got a paper. That ol' lady with the red hair. SHE got a paper. Youse bein' a spy and you suck at it. My Mommy wouldn't hire you 'cause you're dumb. You /tells/ people you got secrets." She looks up at Kumani then back to Rai. "I go anywheres. I didn't always has a Mommy, tha's new. And Nanny is a moron." ie easy to lose.

Sadie giggles at the boy's statement a moment, then frowns, remembering her own time in the spotlights and camera lenses, "Y'know, I think someone needs to turn the press's own tricks against them. Let them see what it's like to get hounded 24/7. Maybe i can start that movement with th' young'n there" she says, grinning as she pulls out her cell phone and activates the camera mode and aiming it at Rai, "Smile liddle boy, I'm gonna take your picture!"

Rai Pawpad flips an ear and grins. "Yeah, Mom. Fine.

Our NK tour guide: Miss Wen

Our NK tour guide: Miss Wen

One of our tour guides was Miss Wen. A beautiful and elegant North Korean girl who spoke perfect Chinese. She used to live in China with her dad who worked for the North Korean Trade Department. She went to a Chinese high school for about three years.

She paid careful attention to us every second. Especially me as I had three cameras and was always taking photographs. Always breaking the rules. I had the feeling that she thought I was a spy hired by the British. (She knew everyone's background before we arrived. Including where we worked, hometown, the countries we had visited etc. She knew that I work at the British Council.)

She is more sophisticated than her age should be, she gave vague answers about North Korea when we asked questions.
She has strong self-esteem as she is the “upper-class” in North Korea,
eg: friends says: “your T-shirt is really nice, where did you buy it? How much is that?”
Wen says: “are you teasing me? My dad bought it in Pyongyang, I don’t know the price”

2. she asked me what do I think about Pyongyang, I said “it’s nice and clean city, I could find some similarity between Pyongyang and Beijing, etc.” but she said:” Don’t lie to me, I want to know the truth!” I was speechless! I was telling the truth!

To some extent, she had a broader view than most North Koreans as she has been to many cities in China. Including Beijing. I wonder if she felt some pain or dilemma deep in her heart? She knows a bit about the world outside North Korea but can't change anything.
She asked us questions about China, Chairman Mao, etc she curious about what is in our Ipod, but she needs to control, control her curiosity, her desire.

Because of the fact she is North Korean.

???:??????? ???????,????????

????:“?????????”“?????????” ??????Ipod?????,????????????,????????


where to buy a spy camera

where to buy a spy camera

Erector Spykee - Micro Robot

to hit the market, with some really cool and innovative features... Spykee is a spy robot, monitoring and reporting back photos and videos. Spykee is an wireless internet phone Spykee is your MP3 player Spykee can charge itself You can connect to your Spykee via your wi-fi access point from any internet connected computer Spykee is customisable. Developers can create new software for Spykee Spykee stands at about one foot tall. Spykee is made by Meccano, and is also known as the Erector Spykee in the US

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