27.11.2021., subota

Love, ultimately, is a practice.

A practice of acceptance, being present, forgiveness, and stretching your heart into vulnerable territories.
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The tough times don’t last forever. Life is always changing. Trust the beauty of impermanence.

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If you are not dead, God's not done. The best is yet to come. He is still putting your life in place just the way He has planned.

Be patient and trust Him, He's too good to fail.
Let go of your doubt, Have faith in Him and you will see how great it will all turn out.

Even if you lost everything, if you still have God, that's more than enough to start over again.

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We are the boss of our lives.

We always have the final say in naming who we are and how we wish to live.

We are blessed by being human so we have the power of choice.

We may need reminders that it is okay to live our lives fully in alignment with who we are and what we want.

We humbly remind you today to unapologetically be yourself because you matter.

To thine own self be true. We love you.

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Unknown author

"Little eyes rest on you
they watch you day and night.
There are little ears that cunning
I intercept every word you utter.
There are little hands impatient
to do the same as you;
And a little child who dreams
about a day when he'll be like you.
You are the idol of a little man.
You are the wisest of the wise.
There is no doubt in your little mind.
He faithfully believes in you,
stick to everything you say and do;
He will speak and work your way
that when he grows up, he will be like you.
There is a little man with wide eyes
who believes you are always right.
And his eyes are always open,
he watches you night and day.
You set an example
every day, every deed,
to a small child waiting
to grow up and be like you.

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You owe yourself people who will not judge you on everyone. Add up your blood cells. Ask yourself about the background of everything you do. Like you can't be honest. Open. The way you are. You owe yourself people who will tell you: You are worth it. People who won’t sell you for some petty material interest or a handful of money. You owe yourself to people who will hear your crying even when you don’t open your mouth, who will see your tears even when they don’t peek behind your eye.

You owe yourself to people who know how your heart beats even though they have never rested their head on your chest. People who are not with you because they want to get something, but because they really care about you. You owe yourself people to whom you don’t have to deny your feelings, suppress them, hide them. You can say at any moment: I'm afraid, I'm tired, I need someone. You owe yourself people who will stay by your side even when it thickens. People who won’t leave when others leave.

- Mario Žuvela

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23.11.2021., utorak

Remember how you care for yourself is completely unique to you.

Remember how you care for yourself is completely unique to you.
This may mean making sure you know what you value most.
Understand that you cannot attend every argument that may be calling you.
When you know what matters most to you, speak up with full integrity.

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22.11.2021., ponedjeljak

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Don't judge.

Nobody has it easy, everybody has problems.
You never know what people are going through.
So before you start judging, criticizing,
or mocking others, remember,
everybody is fighting their own battle.

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When you wake up close your eyes before getting out of bed and whisper to yourself, "Thank you for the gift of this new day."

Beginning your day with gratitude becomes the foundation of all that you will think, say, and do.
During this very speeded up, stressful time of year remember where your attention goes your life will flow, so become aware of what you have right now in this moment, instead of what you MUST accomplish now, or what could go wrong.

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20.11.2021., subota

The poem "Forbidden" was written by the young author Alfredo Cuervo Barrero, a poet from the Basque Country, although he is constantly attributed to Pablo Neruda.

It is forbidden to cry without learning something, to wake up and not know what to do with yourself, to be afraid of your own memories.
It is forbidden not to laugh at problems,
don't fight for what you want,
give up everything for your own fear
to make your dreams come true.
It's forbidden to leave your friends,
don't try to understand everything you've been through together,
and call them only when necessary.
It is forbidden not to be one's own in front of others,
to pretend in front of people you don't care about,
play clown to be remembered,
and forget everyone who really cares about you.
It is forbidden not to do everything for yourself,
to be afraid of life and of what life obliges you to do,
not living every day until your last breath.
It is forbidden to miss someone without joy,
to forget his smile and eyes,
and all just because he chose a different path than yours,
it is forbidden to forget his past
and replace it with its present.
It is forbidden not to try to understand others
to think their life is more valuable than yours,
not realizing that everyone has their own path and glory.
It is forbidden not to create your own story,
don't have a moment for those who need you,
not understanding that life is what it gives,
and also what it takes.
It is forbidden not to seek happiness,
not living a life with a positive attitude,
not to think that we can always be better;
It is forbidden to forget that without you
this world would not be the same.

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The people we spend the most time will massively effect our behaviors, our mood, and our relationship with ourselves and others.

Now is the time to be brave, notice what happens to your life when you’re with people who are disrespectful, condescending, negative, and dishonest. Become keenly aware of how this plays a role in your energy, and your enthusiasm for life to live each day being your truest, best self.

Stand up, make a plan, and kindly remove them from your circle of influence.
If complete removal is not possible limit the time greatly, and put an invisible shield around you when you’re with them.
Don’t engage, try to change, or be involved. Do the obligatory time and make it short.

But for the most part we can let people go and wish them well, we’re just too afraid of what might happen.
Will they dislike me? Will I be alone?
The unknown is scary, but the pain of the reality of the now is worse.

Enough is enough. You deserve better.
This is your year for being brave and going after the happy successful life you deeply desire.

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Truth is the basis of all healing

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The tough times don’t last forever. Life is always changing. Trust the beauty of impermanence.

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Never sacrifice what you are just because someone else has a problem with it.

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Walk gently and offer loving kindness.

So much may be hidden within every one of us. The deepest wounds are on the inside invisible to all.
Never take what another person says or does personally. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their perception.
Walk gently and offer loving kindness.

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Remember how you care for yourself is completely unique to you.

This may mean making sure you know what you value most.
Understand that you cannot attend every argument that may be calling you.
When you know what matters most to you, speak up with full integrity.

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17.11.2021., srijeda

LOVE has the power to cure, to calm, to change and to unite. What the world needs now is LOVE!

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Every day we take in the noise, opinions, and agitations of the outer world, so it may be difficult to hear the whispers of the heart.

So find five minutes every day to sit with yourself, in quiet, and breathe.
Gently focus your attention on your breath, allow the mind to think without engaging it or judging yourself, connect within, and begin to hear the sweet, gentle voice of your heart.
You have 2 voices within, the voice of the mind, and the voice of the heart, take time to hear what you really want for your life by becoming aware of the longings of your soul.

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Be curious, open, and receptive for what’s next In your life. Trust, accept, and love yourself completely. Be brave. Believe in yourself and all that you’re capable of being, and you will see the miracles unfold in your life.

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Richard Bach

"The sunrise is reality, and the image is what we make of it." Reality is expressed love, pure perfect love, unpurified by space and time. Have you ever felt so united with the world, with the universe, with everything that exists, that you were overwhelmed by love? … That is the reality. It's true. What we make of it depends only on us, just as the image of the sunrise depends on the artist. "

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13.11.2021., subota

Your life is your wisest guru.

Every new day is school.
Each of us is a teacher and a student.
He who does not want to learn does not want to grow,
So that's how he drops out of life school.
He enters a closed circle of ignorance ......

But he who has not given up his school knows
that each new day brings him new knowledge-
One only needs to open oneself to insights
And to be a student to some and a teacher to others.

Daniella Kordić

Stimulating books in the field of positive psychology!

Cosmos book

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Everybody wants to shine, but nobody wants to burn, but remember that Pressure creates diamonds and it's fire that refines gold.

All champions burn, they've gone through fire, now you see them shine like the sun.

When you long for a life without difficulties, be ready to settle with nothing.

Anything of worth will always come with mountains to climb, challenges to overcome, and struggles to endure before it is reached.

The road to greatness comes with it's own pain. You must endure if you really want its gain.

Nothing good in life comes easy, there is always a price to be paid.

Stars can't shine without darkness, If you can't bear the scars, then don't pray to be a star.

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If you must walk your path alone for a while, do it.

cerekDon't abandon yourself for the sake of someone else.

cerekYou never have to fight or chase someone for their love and acceptance for you.

cerekNever settle for less than the life that you deeply desire for yourself.

cerekLeave them be, wish them well, and trust that “your people” will find you.

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People in your life who do not respect you and continue to "hurt your heart" are not meant for you so wish them well and keep on walking.
Remember the words of the great Maya Angelou, "When people show you who they are the first time believe them."

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11.11.2021., četvrtak

Narcissists only see life from their vantage point.

Narcissists think the world revolves around them.
Narcissists have an excessive need for admiration, a disregard for others' feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.
So a narcissist can not see the truth. They can only speak and see what is in their best interest, regardless of how it affects someone else.
There is no way to change or help a narcissist to see what's happening and help them change their behavior.
You are powerless, so make sure you put your energy and actions into what is helpful, safe, and in your life's best interest.

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We’re in this life to learn from every experience we have and then use the teachings to grow, evolve, and become the best version of who we are.
Life is not stagnant. We are always changing, this is the nature of life.
Respect and love yourself completely.
Trust the beauty of impermanence.
Walk away with humility, courage, and grace from people, places, and things that do not serve your highest ideal in life.
If walking away feels too impossible right now, (which is normal) begin incorporating at least one thing into your life that brings you joy and serves your growth.

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We all want to be seen and heard.

You can be a good listener.
Put away all distractions.
When your mind begins to wander to how you will respond, or what you want for dinner, gently come back to the present and listen.
Giving someone your full attention, truly listening with the intention to hear them, is one of the greatest gifts we can give and receive.

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Don’t wait until you feel comfortable.
Don’t wait until you have it all figured out.
Don’t wait until you retire.
Don’t wait until everything is perfect.
Don’t wait until you have the approval of others.
Our time here is finite.
You don’t want to run out of time and be filled with “what if’s” and serious regrets.
This is your one precious life, spend time cultivating a friendship with yourself knowing who you are, what you want, and how you can live your life fully.
You are worthy. Your life today is THE something special.

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Protect your peace and sanity.

Remember loves, you don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.
Take a pass on little things that will not make any difference in your quality of life.
You never have to waste your time and energy proving yourself.
Choose to show up fully in matters that mean everything to you.
Protect your peace and sanity.

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You love children especially, because they are sinless as angels and live to cheer us up and make us happy; they live for the purification of our hearts, as a signpost for us. Woe to him who insults a child… ” Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

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Trust that some of your best days, biggest smiles, and loudest laughs are yet to come

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Let it go. It doesn't matter…

If you are already in bed and remember the laundry left in the washing machine. Don't get upset about it. Let it go. It doesn't matter…
If you are late for work because your child needs a hug and comfort. Don't worry about it. Let it go. It doesn't matter…
If you fail to cook lunch, you forget to buy bread for dinner or vacuum the carpet in the living room before the guests arrive. Don't get upset. Let it go. It doesn't matter…
If someone resents you for refusing to do something, because you just won’t succeed. Don't bite about it. Let it go. It doesn't matter…
With each wave of unpleasant emotions, remorse, or worry, remember what is most important to you right now in life.
Which of your roles is the main one you want to devote your time and attention to?
You can't be 100% everywhere.
You won’t have control over everything that happens in your life, that’s for sure.
You cannot please everyone and do everything that is required of you.
Every time you go too far in everyday life, stop and think about who or what is your peace, smile, respite?
Remember what you don’t want to let go of because it’s too important to you.
And let everything else go. It doesn't matter…
(Author unknown)

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My big life lesson: it’s okay to disappoint people!

This is your one precious life live it in alignment with who you are and what you want. Of course we will not be everything others may wish us to be, what’s most important is that you become the greatest version of you that YOU deeply desire to be.

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Be selective with the people you share your deepest thoughts and desires for life. Make sure they love you unconditionally and support your life dreams completely.

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We’re here to learn from every experience we have and then use the teachings to grow and become the greatest version of who we are.

You’re ability to see gets much better because you become more aware of the energy and truth people bring to the table.
Remember the great Maya Angelou said, “When people show you who they are believe them.”

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Love is simple, caring and good.

Love says "good morning" and asks "how are you feeling today?"
Love makes tea and coffee and prepares breakfast before work.
Love cares, "please drive safely," "put on that warm jacket."
Love laughs and comforts “don’t be afraid, I’m with you”.
Love gives way to "well, it's not my best option, but let it be red."
Love is sad "I'm so bad, so hard today".
Love is proud and knows how to praise "this man is mine, I love this man".
Love sleeps badly "just let nothing happen to her".
Love appreciates "it's good that you're with me".
Love knows how to thank "so nice of you, thank you."
Love bursts with pride "I knew you could do it."
Love overcomes: distances, barriers, problems.
Love is silent when necessary.
Love understands silence.
Love is exceptional in its simplicity.
Love is full of everyday little things that make up its size.
(Author unknown)

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09.11.2021., utorak

Stop speaking ill of others to make you feel better about yourself, it doesn't work this way, when we stab someone in the back initially you may feel better, but over time it erodes the value of who you are within.

People are in our lives for a reason, a season, or all the way to the end, when a relationship is over cut the cord, wish them well, and stay in your confidence and power while you move on to the next chapter in life.
Remember life is working for you not against you.

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Some men can be so toxic to your health. They don't want to love you properly, but they don't want to let you go either.
The more you give the less they appreciate, and the minute you've had enough and decide to walk away is when they are ready to love you and treat you right.
So you give them a chance in the hopes they've changed only to realise it was all fake. You find the strength to walk away once more and here he comes again proclaiming his love for you and you give in, AGAIN.
A man showing anger and persistence to get you back once you try to break it of isn't proof of love; its a knee jerk reaction.
A man love bombing you or making flaccid attempts to be nicer for two weeks isn't proof that he's trying, its proof that he knows you well enough to know how to defuse you long enough to hook you once again.
Take away a toy, a little boy cries. Take away a relationship of convenience, a man cries. Just because he cries doesn't mean you give him what he wants.
Stop listening to what your man keeps promising and start watching what his actions actually keep telling you.
A lot of you women don't know what its like to be loved by a real man. You know lust, you know joy, you know passion and you know the fear of abandonment. Stop chasing your idea of what love should be and recognise what love IS.
Love isn't promising to act right after he gets caught messing up time and time again.
Love is him acting right from the start because he doesn't want to mess up.
Love isn't telling your grown man he needs to change so he can keep you; love is a grown man changing on his own because he cant imagine life without you.

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When you're feeling rejected, don't take it personally.

What people think of you and say is a reflection of their perceptions and is not who you are.

So begin to think of rejection as a redirection to an opportunity that will be exactly what you need.

We don't like everyone, so never expect everyone to like you. You are always worthy.

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Fear of change can prevent us from creating space for something better.

Deep down you know when it’s time to let go.

Oprah says, “Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whispers.
Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a roar.”

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Peace is the way…

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Allow choices you make and the actions you take to be a reflection of your deepest values.

Be proud of every step you take toward becoming the person you wish to be.
We are all a work in progress.

It’s okay if not everyone understands your journey. Stay true to yourself.

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03.11.2021., srijeda

Every day we wake up, get dressed, put one foot in front of the other, and live life learning from every experience we have and using all the teachings to grow. We move through the trauma, little by little, releasing it in our body.
Just because we endured horrific pain does not mean this is who we are and what we are suppose to do. Who we had to become during the trauma is not who we are.
Use the teachings from your experiences beautiful ones, and become who you are meant to be..the greatest you.

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Haruki Murakami

When the storm passes, you will not remember how you went through it and how everything you went through happened to you. In fact, you won't even be sure if the storm has really passed, but you can be absolutely sure of one thing - once you beat the storm, you won't be the same person you were before the storm came. That is exactly what storms are about.

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Remember the way other people treat you is a statement about them, not you.

As Wayne Dyer said, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”
You are the only one who can decide what you will allow to be a part of your life.

- 16:11 - Komentari (0) - Isprintaj - #

I can't believe I allowed myself to be disrespected so many times just because I care about other people's feelings more than mine.

The people we spend the most time will massively effect our behaviors, our mood, and our relationship with ourselves and others.
Now is the time to be brave, notice what happens to your life when you’re with people who are disrespectful, condescending, negative, and dishonest.
Become keenly aware of how this plays a role in your energy, and your enthusiasm for life to live each day being your truest, best self.
Stand up, make a plan, and kindly remove them from your circle of influence.
If complete removal is not possible limit the time greatly, and put an invisible shield around you when you’re with them.
Don’t engage, try to change, or be involved.
Do the obligatory time and make it short.
But for the most part we can let people go and wish them well, we’re just too afraid of what might happen.
Will they dislike me? Will I be alone?
The unknown is scary, but the pain of the reality of the now is worse.
Enough is enough. You deserve better.
This is your year for being brave and going after the happy successful life you deeply desire.

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When you wake up this morning close your eyes before stepping out of bed and whisper, “Thank you for the gift of this new day.”

You woke up. You are alive. You have made it to another day of living and loving.
Life is difficult. We already knew this before the pandemic. As we continue moving our way through these unpredictable, really hard times, take a few minutes today, sit, just be with your breath, inhale gratitude and confidence, exhale fear and hopelessness.
Don’t wait to look back a year or two from now to see how incredibly strong and worthy you are having survived this pandemic, do it today, and know deeply you are deserve the happy, successful life you desire. You’re actually thriving right now.

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Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Life is filled with joy and hardship. This is a great truth, so make sure every day you spend time doing one thing that brings you joy and a smile to your face.
Today choose to do one thing that will bring you laughter and peace in your heart.
Don't wait until everything in your life is sorted out, and then you will relax and enjoy your day, no, find moments of fun and happiness now. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

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We’re in this lifetime to learn from every experience and then use the teachings to grow and become our truest self. Be unapologetically yourself, and allow others to do the same

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02.11.2021., utorak

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The situation someone sees and cries is what another sees and smiles. Same situation, different interpretation, beyond what you see and experience, how you see it is what makes the biggest difference.
Looking at the right thing in the wrong way will only make it look wrong, sometimes what gives you the greatest pain has the potential to bring you the greatest gain.
How do you see what you see? How do you interpret what you experience?
To see the light, always have a positive outlook on everything that befalls you. If you are positive, you will always see opportunities when others see obstacles and when others give up, you will have a reason to hold on.
Train your mind to see good in every situation, and all things will work together for your good.
Changing your perspective will not only transform you but also the world you live in.
Things are not always as bad as they seem, the difference in our experiences is in direct proportion to how we see things.

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Never underestimate the power of solitude.

When you are comfortable in your own skin, saying no to people, places and things that are not in alignment with who you are and what you want, you may lose some people in your life.
We’re not here to please and make others happy. We came into this life to be the greatest version of who we are and then take the actions that move us along our life’s journey, and with kindness we wish others well on their life’s path.
This is a profound way to live.
Never underestimate the power of solitude.

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Author unknown

It is nonsense when someone tells you that you will get used to the fact that some people are no longer in your life.
When you love someone, you don't get used to it. You just learn to live without that person.
With longing in my heart and a head full of memories ...

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01.11.2021., ponedjeljak

People see life in two different ways; the things they want or the things that stop them from getting what they want.

What are you seeing this new month? Are you looking at your goals or the obstacles?

What you see is what you get. If you focus on the goal, you will reach the goal, If you focus on the obstacles, you will get hit the obstacles.

On the way to anything worthwhile, there will surely be roadblocks on the path, but that doesn't mean you should end your pursuit.

Find a way through them, and get on with journey. Never at anytime lose sight of your goal.

This month, Don't look in any direction but ahead, starve your distractions and let your goals be well fed.

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The art of living ...

There is one wisdom that says that the greatest life skill is to know how to love people.
Yes, it is an art.
The art is instead of the body, to see the soul.
Instead of an attack, see the pain.
Instead of a reaction, see the story.
Instead of lips, see eyes.
Instead of what they say, hear what they keep quiet about.
Instead of a mask, see the face.
Instead of fears, see hope.
Instead of an adult, see a child.
Instead of knowledge, see wisdom.
Yes, it is an art.
The art of living ...
(Author unknown)

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30.10.2021., subota

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Barb Schmidt cerekcerekcerek

People are in our lives for a reason or a season, and most are not here to the end.
It’s tempting to please others, and receive their praise and “pats on the back,” but the person whose opinion that counts most in your life is the one looking back in the mirror.
You’re greatest achievement in life will be when you see your beautiful face looking back at you in the mirror, and you smile and say “I love you.”
Be “good to yourself” by loving and accepting your worth on life’s journey.

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Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

"I choose to be human.
Forgive, forget the bad, and remember the nice gesture.
Admit when I make a mistake and say that hardest word: FORGIVE. I feel better as a man.
For some good deed and a nice word, even if the other side doesn't reciprocate. It doesn't matter, it's nicer like this. It is a wonderful feeling when you go to bed at night and fall asleep easily, because there are no dark ghosts to haunt you for evil deeds. A clear conscience is invaluable. "

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29.10.2021., petak

The only person you ever need to prove yourself to is you!!!

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27.10.2021., srijeda

Entertain the thought that life is working fir you not against you.
What if your dreams work out exactly how you imagined or greater?
Everything is possible.

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Use your time and energy wisely.

People can ask us to change, or tell us to, but the truth is no one ever changes unless they are aware of a behavior or character defect they wish to transform.
So be exactly who you are, trustworthy, honest, kind, confident, compassionate, loving, and change the time you spend with someone one who expects you to change.
Use your time and energy wisely.

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26.10.2021., utorak

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A child who often does not clean the room because he plays in it all the time means:
To have him AND to be at home!
The mess you have to clean up after lunch means:
You were surrounded by family or friends!
Too tight clothing means:
You have more than enough to eat!
The responsibilities you complain about every day at home mean:
You have a roof over your head!
Getting nervous when you can't find a parking space means:
You have a car!
City noise means:
You hear!
Fatigue at the end of the day means:
You are healthy and you can work!
An alarm clock that annoys you because it rings every morning means:
You have another chance for a new day, it’s a great gift!
The messages you receive every day mean you have friends!
When you think life is unfair and bad, read these few words!
(Author unknown)

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When you wake up close your eyes before getting out of bed and whisper to yourself, "Thank you for the gift of this new day."

Beginning your day with gratitude becomes the foundation of all that you will think, say, and do.
During this very speeded up, stressful time remember where your attention goes your life will flow, so become aware of what you have right now in this moment, instead of what you MUST accomplish now, or what could go wrong.

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The secret of special keys

"Yesterday you managed to solve a problem, but today is a new one in front of you: you can't use yesterday's solution.
You cannot open all doors with the same key. Likewise in psychic life there are different keys to different doors. If we always want to use the same key, we will stay behind closed doors.
The three essential keys are love, wisdom and truth. Love that opens the heart, wisdom that opens the mind, and truth that opens the will. When a problem needs to be solved, try different keys. If the former does not open the door, the latter will… "

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Nikolai Bulgakov

The customer calls for technical assistance and says:
- I want to reinstall Love. Can you help me?
- Of course. If you’re ready, we can get started.
- I'm ready. Where do I start?
- First, open the Heart. Do you know where your Heart is?
- Yes, but can I install Love if I have other programs there?
- What programs do you have active?
- I have Old Complaints, Low Self-Esteem, Disappointment and Frustration.
- Old remarks are not a problem, Love will gradually squeeze them out of memory, but will keep them as temporary files. The same can be said for Low Self-Esteem. But you have to delete Disappointment and frustration, because they interfere with the installation of the program.
- How to delete them?
- Go to the Start menu and click Sorry and Disappointment and frustration will be cleared.
- Yes I am. The takeover of Love began on its own. Is that normal?
- Yes, it is a basic program, and the upgrade adds a lot of heart.
- It says "Error. The program does not work with internal components." What does that mean?
- This means that Love is already working with the internal components, but it is not yet in the Heart. To achieve this, you must begin to love yourself.
- What should I do?
- Click on Self-Acceptance, then upload the Self-Forgiveness files and Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
- Yes I am.
- Now copy everything to My heart and the system will ensure it. But you have to manually delete Verbal Autocriticism from all menus and empty the trash. Never load Extensive Self-Criticism.
- I made. My heart is filling with new files. I see the Smile, the Balance of the Soul. Does it always happen that way?
- Not always, sometimes it takes more time. Love is free software. But to succeed, you have to give it to others and they will give you their versions.

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Lame Deer

All things are connected like blood that unites a family. Whatever happens to the earth happens to the children of the earth. Man is not a web of life, he is just a thread. Whatever he does on that canvas, he does to himself.

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Boundaries are a form of empowerment, and a way for us to align with our identity, our desires, and where we stand in the world.

When you don’t have boundaries, you are sending out a signal that you don’t know what you want, that you’ll take whatever you can get, and that you won’t put up a fight along the way.
When you don’t have boundaries, you feel like you are constantly living in a “doormat” mentality.
Setting boundaries is a form of self-respect and self-love, it is not a punishment for others.

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25.10.2021., ponedjeljak


“Sadness prepares you for joy. She violently sweeps everything out of your house so that new joy can find a place to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the branches of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in that place. It pulls out rotten roots so that the new hidden roots have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, much better things will take their place. ”

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Time passes, irreversibly. Every moment is precious and unique, it will never happen again. And so don’t wait for some other time. Enjoy. Now.

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The importance of trusting our own hearts, now more than ever

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How other people behave has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what's happening inside of them. Don't let the actions of others ruin your inner peace and calm. You are the one in control of your state of mind.

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If you keep trying to prove to people who you are, then you are probably not who you claim to be. Others approval or disapproval of you shouldn't affect who you are if you are really you.

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We need a lot less than we think.

You don’t need a thousand friends - all you need are a few loved ones to listen to your opinion.
You don't need a private island - just a piece of beach.
You don't need ten cars, one is enough, correct and safe.
You don’t need full wardrobes with clothes - you mostly don’t carry most of what you have anyway.
You don’t have to give expensive gifts - they won’t make up for lost time.
It doesn't matter how many houses you have - you can only live in one at a time.
What is important at the end of the day is that you can lie down with a clear conscience.
We need a lot less than we think.

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When they consider you a strong person, they think you don’t need anyone or anything, that you can understand literally everything and solve every problem.

That you don’t care that someone is listening to you, that you don’t need someone to take care of you. When they consider you a strong person, you should always be ready to help them carry their cross, without exception. They talk to you, but only to talk. A strong person will not hear the question: Are you tired? Are you suffering? Did you do something wrong? Are you scared? What matters to others is that they can always count on you - you are like a port that a ship can always sail into, like a rock that can always be relied on. A strong person is not forgiven. If she loses control of herself, she becomes weak. If her nerves give way, she becomes hysterical. When a strong person disappears for a moment, his absence is immediately noticed. On the other hand, no one actually notices that it is practically always available, day and night. No one cares where she gets the strength to be such a person. Notice, appreciate, respect and thank the strong people in your life because they too need to feel loved. And strong people sometimes need to rest.
(Author unknown)

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23.10.2021., subota

Sit in quiet with yourself and ask your heart, "What do I really, really, really want for my life?" Listen for the answer.

Listen for the answer.
Do this every day for a few minutes and you will hear your deepest desires for life my loves.
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with yourself. Know yourself and trust yourself completely.

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The crow lived in the forest and was completely content with her life.

One day he saw a swan. "This swan is so beautiful and white," she thought, "and I'm black." "You must be the happiest bird in the world." she told him.
"I thought so too until I saw the parrot," replied the swan. "She has two colors and she is really beautiful. I think the parrot is the happiest bird ever created. ” The crow found a parrot who explained to her “I lived a very happy life until I saw a peacock. I only have two colors while the peacock has many colors ”. A crow visits a peacock at the zoo and sees thousands of people gathering and admiring its beauty. When the people left, the crow approached the peacock. "Dear peacock," he said, "you are so beautiful. Every day thousands of people come to see you. When they see me, they immediately drive me away. I think you are the happiest bird in the world. " The peacock replied, “I always thought I was the most beautiful and happiest bird in the world. But because of my beauty, I am trapped in a zoo. I have observed the zoo many times and noticed that the crow is the only bird that is not in the cage. So I've been thinking for a while about how happy I would be to be a crow because I could fly where I want. ”

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'Her dad told her, "If you marry that man you will never set foot in this house again."

Mary soon learned that most people felt the same way. The first years of their marriage living in Birmingham were hell-- no one would speak to them, they couldn’t find anywhere to live because no one would rent to a black man, and they had no money. But they didn't give up.
Gradually life became easier. Mary got teaching jobs, ending up as a deputy head teacher. Jake worked in a factory and then got a job at the Post Office. Slowly they made friends, but it was difficult. Mary used to tell people, "before I invite you to my home.... my husband is black." Some would never talk to her again.
Last year they celebrated their 70th anniversary and they are still very much in love, and never regretted what they did.'

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Humans were created to be loved.
Things are created to be used.
We cannot truly progress
as we turn the two:
while we use people,
and we love things.

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Here is the surprising answer of a 6-year-old child
A friend of mine, a vet, told me a story.
"... I was invited to examine a ten-year-old wolf named Astro. The dog owners and their little son were very attached to Astra and hoped for a miracle.
I examined the dog and found that he was dying of cancer. I told the family there was nothing we could do for him and I offered to put the old dog to sleep in their house. The family did not have much choice, because otherwise the dog would suffer terribly.
During the preparation, the dog owners told me that their six-year-old son would be present while the dog was asleep.
The next day I felt a familiar tightness in my throat as the family surrounded the dog. The boy seemed so calm as he caressed the old dog for the last time before Astro fell asleep peacefully.
The little boy seemed calm, and after Astro’s death we sat together for a while commenting on the fact that the lives of dogs are shorter than the lives of humans.
The boy who listened quietly said, "I know why."
We all looked at him in surprise. What came out of his mouth surprised me. I have never heard a more comforting explanation.
He said, "People are born to learn to live a good life - like love and kindness, right?" The six-year-old continued:
- Well, dogs already know how to do it, so they don't have to live as long as we do.
If a teacher is a dog, you would learn things like:
When your loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
Never miss an opportunity to walk.
Take a nap.
Stretch before getting up.
Run and have fun every day.
Avoid biting when a simple growl is sufficient.
On warm days, start lying on your back ... in the grass.
On hot days, drink plenty of water and lie in the shade under a tree.
When you are happy, dance and wave your whole body.
Enjoy the simple joy of a long walk.
Be faithful.
Never pretend to be someone you are not.
If what you want is buried, dig until you find it.
When someone has a bad day, keep quiet, sit close and be there by yourself.

It is the secret of happiness that we can learn from a dog.
(Author unknown)
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Thank you to everyone who makes the world a better place just by being in it. I appreciate you. I love you. You are extraordinary.

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Most often our own personal experiences fuel us to be the change, the hope, the kindness, and the love we wish to see in the world.

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21.10.2021., četvrtak

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Every person has their limits.

The limit of feeling.
The pain limit.
The border of tears.
The limit of hatred.
Even the limit of apology.
Sometimes people accumulate something in themselves for a very long time. They draw conclusions for a long time and quietly, and then they pick up and leave without explanation.
(Author unknown)

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Dr. Kenan Crnkić

Sometimes a man just gets tired.
And that's quite ok ...
Get tired of lies, betrayal, human envy, malice and jealousy.
He is tired of unnecessary excuses for benevolent actions, doubts and insincerity. They say when you have God as a witness let people think and say whatever they want.
But sometimes a man just gets tired.
He is tired of constantly setting new goals, climbing uphill that has no end. Fatigue defeats him but also wins.
Sometimes a man just gets tired.
He is tired of the arrogant rulers, incompetent obedient people and swindlers he surrounds himself with, but also those who are silent, fall for cheap points and allow the lack of visible results, non-fulfillment of promises and the general state of society that gives no hope for a better tomorrow.
Sometimes a man just gets tired.
Rarely does one move from one room to another directly. There is always some corridor, some interspace of lost steps. The one in which existential-life decisions should be made, which room to enter, which way to go and why?
Sometimes a man just gets tired.
That doesn’t mean he gives up, doesn’t believe, isn’t motivated, or doesn’t think positively. It is in these moments of fatigue from the everyday, false, cheap and profane that a man finds the true self and then, undisturbed by the noise of the crowd and the gravity of the majority, walks wisely and safely on his own.
Sometimes a man just gets tired.
And that's quite ok ...

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Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

This time, doubt your doubt, give it a try.

What if there is no one trying to stop you and it's just you stopping you?

What if you can actually decide now, and this time just mean it?

What if the answers you've spent your life searching for, is actually in what you are taking for granted?

What if you stop trying to change what's without, and start by changing what's within?

What if you stop trying to figure everything out, and just begin?

What if there is no tomorrow, and you've only got today?

What if giving it a try today will take you all the way?

We can never tell the changes we might experience if only we can try.

Things may not always work out as you think it should... but this time, what if it does?

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Not everyone is meant to be in our lives to the end.

So when someone brings pain, suffering, and disrespect to your life let them go, if you choose, you may wish them well from afar.

If it’s not possible to let them go completely, make sure you limit your energy and time spent in their presence.
Remember you are worthy of respect.
You matter. Your life matters.

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If you need to wipe off the dust, wash the windows on Saturdays and shake out the carpets.

Every day, try to plan everything well, do it on time, take care of all your obligations and meet all expectations.
But remember that you will grow old and that one day many things will not be as easy to do as they are now.
And when you leave this world, because we will all leave one day, no one will care so much how much dust you wiped, how many windows you washed or how much you paid.
Not even yours at home.
Others will remember the time you dedicated to them the most, your friendship, joy, love and what you did for them out of love ...
So live your life, use it and enjoy every "little" moment of joy ...
(Author unknown)

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19.10.2021., utorak

Instead of trying to get over the grief, feel your feelings deeply, understand the pain, and be intimate with it.

I don't believe we can ever "get rid of" grief, but we can give it a place to live within us that keeps our memories of loved ones safe and warms our hearts.

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When I get confused, annoyed, or disheartened by someone’s behavior I repeat the words of Maya Angelou as my affirmation of truth: “When people show you who they are believe them.”

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Mother's reflection

I gave you life,
but I can't live for you.
I can give you instructions,
but I can't guide you.
I can take you to church,
but I can't make you believe.
I can teach you what's good and what's bad,
but I can't decide for you.
I can buy you clothes,
but I cannot create your inner beauty.
I can offer you advice,
but I can't accept it for you.
I can give you love,
but I can't force you on her.
I can teach you how to share with others,
but I can't make you selfless.
I can teach you how to respect others,
but I cannot force you to show honor.
I can advise you on friendship,
but I can't pick friends for you.
I can advise you on sexuality,
but I can't hold you innocent.
I can tell you about alcohol and drugs,
but I can't say no for you,
I can tell you about goals,
but I can't achieve them for you.
I can tell you about goodness,
But I can't make you be merciful.
I can pray for you,
But I can't make you walk with God.
I can tell you how to live,
but I cannot give you eternal life.
I can love you unconditionally all my life ...
And I will.
Marsha Youree

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At the end of the lecture, the professor asked, out of habit, out of habit: "Any questions?" not expecting any question. The current silence disrupted a student's question: "Professor, what is the meaning of life?"
Some of the students who had already gone out sneered at a colleague’s instruction and continued on their way. Taken aback, the professor watched the student for a long time wondering if the question was serious or just a joke. He realized that the student had asked the question seriously, so he said, "I will answer you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wallet from which he took out a piece of a coin-sized mirror. He then began his story: “I was a boy during the war. One day on the street I saw countless pieces of mirrors that someone had broken. Since I didn’t have any toys I took one of those pieces to play with. I soon realized that I could direct sunlight to places and corners that the sun could never reach: deep pits, dark rooms on the north side of buildings… When I grew up I realized that it was not just a game but also a metaphor for what I could do in life. Because I am also a part of a mirror that I do not know in its entirety and its full size. But with what I have and what I think I am, I can bring at least a little light, truth, understanding, kindness, and tenderness into the dark and hidden corners of human hearts and perhaps change something in a man whose heart is dark. If other people notice and understand this, they may try to do the same - bring in light where there is none. That is the meaning of life for me and that is why I still keep a piece of the mirror because it showed me the way with its play of light. ”
Robert Fulghum

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14.10.2021., četvrtak

- Mario Žuvela

Every time someone hurts you, ask them if it’s easier for them now. Does he feel better about what he did to you? Is his life more meaningful now? Every time someone hurts you, look them in the eye, then turn around and walk away. He has this strange gene in a man or something else that when he is dissatisfied with his life, he has the need to ruin someone else's. And there is also something in a happy man who wants to extend his happiness to others.

Every time someone hurts you, know that they are a tired person, a person who is tired of life, who is no longer confident and who does not know what their real purpose is. Your wound will hurt for a while, and then that pain will start to subside. But what happens in that person will not go away on its own if he does not decide to do something. Leave someone else's life and look at your own. Stop worrying about other people’s worries and look into your own. Leave the other and deal with yourself.

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Trust the timing of your life. I’m so grateful that I didn’t get all the things I thought I wanted...

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13.10.2021., srijeda

Before you ask God for something, don't forget to thank him for everything you have ...

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Not everyone is meant to be in our lives to the end, so when someone brings pain, suffering, and disrespect to your life let them go, if you choose, you may wish them well from afar.

If it’s not possible to let them go completely, make sure you limit your energy and time spent in their presence.
Remember you are worthy of respect.
You matter. Your life matters.

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Protect your peace and sanity.

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You can never change the behavior of another person, so don’t even try. You are wise when you understand that you can only change your response by not inviting some people into your circle of life.

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The only way to get through some things is together .

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Life is filled with joy and hardship.

This is a great truth, so make sure every day you spend time doing one thing that brings you joy and a smile to your face.
Today choose to do one thing that will bring you laughter and peace in your heart.
Don't wait until everything in your life is sorted out, and then you will relax and enjoy your day, no, find moments of fun and happiness now. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

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11.10.2021., ponedjeljak

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Daniella Kordić - Cosmic Fireworks

Did you "swallow" a red or blue pill?
Whether you want to accept the truth or the lie is your choice.
You are a seeker of truth and you have decided to know the world under illusion. Once you have taken the red pill you cannot go back to the old one. I believe you would sometimes want to do this, especially in moments when a painful truth envelops you in the darkness of depression. But it is only a temporary feeling that is inevitable before the new knowledge that transformation will bring you. Remember feelings are always fleeting. Feelings do not define you, they just pass through you. The only thing that is eternal - you are alone.
The reds realized their value of eternity while the blues sold it for apparent security in the world of the MATRIX.
We can’t change blue, no matter how hard we try. They themselves must come to an awareness of change.
People always learn best based on their own experience. Everyone has their own lesson to do in order to climb the higher pillar of their own evolution. And the biggest progress is when we realize we have a choice. Then we can decide to consciously climb the stairs and say out loud:
THERE WERE ENOUGH FALLS. It's time to climb.
I'm glad you decided to climb. And I, too, somewhere deep inside, made that decision from the moment my father decided to fall. I dared to be different. But not right away. It first took me the experience of countless falls to finally start to rise. Falls are a springboard for flying to endless, spiritual heights. There is nothing wrong with falls. It all starts with them.
Didn't the water lily, one of the most beautiful flowers in nature, sprout from the biggest and dirtiest mud?

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Growth is understanding that we are not obliged to explain why when we say no. We do not need to give a reason.

So ask yourself why you feel the need to explain when you feel something is not for you, and you simply want to decline?
Of course every situation is unique. There is never only one way to do this, but when you truly think about it, most often a simple “no” is all that’s necessary

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When I get confused, annoyed, or disheartened by someone’s behavior I repeat the words of Maya Angelou as my affirmation of truth: “When people show you who they are believe them.”

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10.10.2021., nedjelja

How other people treat you is a statement about who they are as a person. Remember not to take other people’s behavior personally. It’s a statement about them, not you. You can always choose to walk away. Choose people who choose you and treat you well.

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Here’s an example, you tell someone that they hurt your feelings, and they say it’s your fault for being too sensitive.

Manipulation can be subtle. Becoming aware of manipulation techniques can help you protect your peace.
We can’t control how other people treat us, but we can decide how to respond to disrespect.

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You are not what happened to you.

You are not a victim even though you have been victimized. Don't claim that title for yourself. Use your past to learn all that you need to make choices and take actions that support the successful, happy, and meaningful life you desire.

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Never blame anyone or anything
Neither destiny, nor God, nor the past, nor people.
On the outside, act as you wish, but on the inside - any request, resentment you have is a program to destroy the person you are making it to. The station cannot appeal to the body, based on its own interests. It can’t, because it’s a body breakdown program. Such a cell is rejected, sick.

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How you make others feel says a lot about who you are.

Each of us have the power to make others feel better or worse. We can be the reason why they cry or the reason why they smile.
Greatness is not really about what you have But how you make others feel, the difference you make in the lives of others shows how great you are.
You are truly great when people meet you and they feel better and great about themselves.
As you go through life, always be the person that makes others feel special, be known for kindness, let your heart be filled with love, always show you care.
Greatness is not about how you feel but how you make others feel. Its not about how much you have, but how much you can give.

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Reading is very good for mental health! And today is World Mental Health Day!

Why are people who read “successful people”? Because they are healthy, active, have a good memory and have more understanding for others. This is proven by numerous studies on this topic:
John Stein, a professor emeritus from Oxford, says reading is far from passive activity. ‘Reading requires the whole brain,’ he explains. ‘When we get lost in a good book, we do more than just follow the story. Imagining doing something activates the brain as if you were really doing it. ’New MRI brain scanning techniques have proven this. As we read we imagine the landscapes, sounds, smells and tastes described on the page, we activate different areas of the brain in which these experiences are processed and thus new neurological pathways are created.
A University of Sussex study found that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds, a better result than those who had listened to music or went for a walk. Concentration required for reading is thought to distract the mind, relieve muscle tension and slow the heart rate. Reading is also good for physical health because it prevents aging and brain diseases.
At least half an hour of reading a day provides optimal relaxation.
A University of Berkeley study, recently published in the journal Archives, found that reading books on a daily basis from a young age can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Concentrated reading can rejuvenate your brain in a few years.
Reading can help with sleep. The habit of reading before bed gives you a signal to sleep behind which you wake up rested and satisfied.
When you are deep in the book, you experience all the situations along with the characters. It creates a sense of connection and friendship, say psychologists at Buffalo University, and thus increases empathy.
In addition, reading is the most effective way to spend money on entertainment. For less than 50 kuna, you can buy a good book or join the library and borrow books all year round.
World records in reading:
Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt reportedly read one book each day.
Joe Queenan, a humorist, critic and writer, can boast that he has read 6,128 books and continues to organize his day by reading.

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Today marks World Homeless Day.

In a meeting with the homeless at the Vatican, Pope Francis said, among other things:
"Thank you for coming to visit me. Forgive me if I have hurt you a few times with my words, or if I have not said something I should have. Please forgive me for every time we Christians, in front of a poor person or situation, look at another Your forgiveness to the men and women of the Church, who do not want to see, or did not want to see, is blessed water, for us is cleansing, helps us to believe again that poverty is at the heart of the Gospel as a great message, and that we Catholics, Christians , we all have to shape the Church poor and for the poor. "

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Not everyone is meant to be in our lives to the end, so when someone brings pain, suffering, and disrespect to your life let them go, if you choose, you may wish them well from afar.
If it’s not possible to let them go completely, make sure you limit your energy and time spent in their presence.
Remember you are worthy of respect.
You matter. Your life matters.

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Time does not change a person, people and meetings change him. It is replaced by blows, disappointments, injuries. He is changed by his expectations that have not been fulfilled, he is changed by desires that he wanted and did not achieve. It is changed by the goals to which he set out, but did not achieve. It is changed by every moment of loneliness in which he needed someone and had no one. He is changed by every feeling he has given, and not reciprocated, and every hope he has nurtured, and in the end has vanished.

They change man and win, but much more often for the worse. He is replaced by the successes he has achieved because he no longer notices those he was once surrounded by and who helped him succeed in doing so. Accidents and losses change a man because he begins to appreciate small things more. And to accept oneself as one really is, no longer striving for some perfection from the world and life. Everything changes man and everything man changes, that is the only unchangeable in this life.

- Mario Žuvela
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Every morning there is one beautiful and one not so beautiful thing. The body rested. A few hours of sleep made all that fatigue the day before disappear. And everything is like new again. And it starts over. But what about the soul? Where is she in all that story? Why isn't she rested? She is simply tired of many more things. From the challenges of life, from people who are hard on themselves, let alone others. The soul is tired of countless attempts to prove to others, incoherent excuses, unfulfilled dreams and false hopes.

He is a tired soul from love that is not reciprocated, from trust that is destroyed, from fear of the future, which he does not know what it brings. Tired of fear, doubt and insecurity. A little of everything. The soul is tired of always repeating the same scenarios, of always listening to the same stories, of always getting the same injuries. And nothing changes. How nice it would be to rest the soul. Like a body. Forget all the bad. And start over. As a whole new person. It's possible. But how?

- Mario Žuvela

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09.10.2021., subota

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No matter the struggles you are facing today, never downgrade the big picture you have of how your tomorrow will be.

The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. Hence you need to grow, develop and prepare for what's ahead.
God never gives you a dream that matches your current reality. He gives you a dream that matches your faith and belief.
So never be discouraged, never let others talk you out of the dreams you have.
People may know your story but they don't know your destiny. Only God knows.
People may have written you off but don't write yourself off. God is still on your side. You can make it happen.
Great things take time. Because there is a delay doesn't mean nothing is working.
Your destiny might be delayed but it can never be changed.
So believe so much in your dream, God will surely see you through. Never lose sight of that big picture. It may take time but believe me, dreams come true.

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Mother Teresa cerekcerekcerekcerekcerekcerek

Someone wanted to donate money to Mother Teresa, but changed his mind and said, "Why give it to Mother Teresa? She will use it for dying, lepers and other people unfit for society. It is therefore more useful to invest in courses and seminaries for educating young people and helping families! " cerek responded tothis remark as follows: "It is true that we work with the most desperate and weakest in society who contribute nothing to it. But we do it because we see in them the image of God. I agree that India needs such projects, technology, experts However, how long do we have to wait for the projects to start working? In the meantime, these people have to live, they have to eat and someone has to take care of them. Our field of work today is India. As long as there are such needs, our the mission will not stop. "
And in the Bagalore seminary, Mother Teresa again had to defend her position. One of the representatives got the floor and said, "Mother Teresa, you will spoil the poor if you give them everything for free. So they lose their dignity. You should ask them for at least ten paisas to become more aware of their dignity." There was a murmur in the hall. After a short pause, Mother Teresa said calmly, "No one has spoiled us as much as God. Look at the wonderful gifts He gives us for free. You all see. Tell me honestly, what would happen if God asked you to pay for His sight? At Shishu Bhavan's house, we spend huge sums to buy life-saving oxygen. You and I breathe oxygen and live thanks to it, and we don't have to pay anything for it. " No one said another word. There was a deep silence.

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The truth is you will never get much done unless you go ahead and do it before you are ready.

Nobody ever get ready by waiting, you get ready by starting.
Stop waiting for the perfect time to start, there is no perfect time, it never comes. The perfect time to start is when you say it is, and today can be.
The longer you delay or postpone what you should do now, the more likely you will never get to do them.
So whatever you love to do, just start, do something about It today no matter how little.
The size of the step you take doesn't matter, what matter is that you take that step.
It is better to do less than you hoped for than nothing at all.
Start working on that idea, start that business, make that investment, learn that skill, meet that person, just launch out.
Mark Zuckerberg right said, "Ideas don't come out fully formed, they become clearer as you begin to work on them, but you just have to get started".
You will never figure out everything at the beginning, but you will do as you go along the way. You don't have to be perfect to start, it's practice that makes perfect.
If you've been waiting for a push, here it is. Now get to work. Done is better than perfect. It's not about how big you start, what matter is that you start.

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S.N. Lazarev

"Time does not heal. Love heals!
Time only destroys the situation and creates the illusion of healing.
Consciousness does not feel pain, but energy continues to flow, we lose it.
When such a situation, immersed in the subconscious, reaches the layers of physical health, we begin to disintegrate painlessly.
At fine levels there is no expiration date and what we have done is invisibly present and it is not going anywhere.
The situation changes or disappears only when we change!
Never resent anyone or anything; God, destiny, the past or people! Always keep in touch with the Creator, because only then will you preserve love when everything else around you begins to crumble. ”

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Believe in yourself. . .

because your voice is important.
because your dreams matter.
because there is only one you.
because you are worth it!

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We convince ourselves that our lives will be better
when we get married, we have a child, then another child.
Then we get frustrated when we see that kids
they are not old enough and we think we will be more satisfied
when they grow up a little more.
We are again frustrated by the fact that we have
the teenagers we need to live with. We certainly will be
happier when that phase passes them by.
We tell ourselves that our lives will be more complete
when our spouse becomes better organized, when
we get a nice car, when we are able to leave
on a nice trip, or when we retire.
The only truth is that there is no better time for happiness
of this present.
If not now, when? Your life will always be
filled with challenges. You better accept that and decide to
and besides, you will be happy. Happiness is the only right path.
Therefore, appreciate every moment you have, and appreciate it even more
when you share it with someone special, enough
special to spend time with him. Remember that

So stop waiting:
Until you pay off the car or the house
Until you get a new car or house
Until your kids leave the house
Until you go back to school
Until you finish school
Until you gain 10 kg
Until you lose 10 kg
Until you get married
Until you have children
Until you retire
Until spring
Until summer
Until the fall
Until winter
Until you die
There is no better time for happiness than the present.
Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
So, work like you don't need money
He loves like you've never been hurt
And dance like no one is watching you.
William Gorsuch, Jr.

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The size doesn't always matter, what matters the most is the heart.

Like Mother Teresa rightly said, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love".
The little gifts, the little moments, the simple smile, a simple wave, a thank you, a hug, a text, they are small things if done in love can make a huge difference in the life of another.

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Doris Carrier

On the first day of classes at the Faculty of Law, the professor asked the student in the first place:
- What's your name?
- Nelson.
- Get out of the classroom!
Nelson was confused. The professor walked towards him and quickly got up, picked up his things and got out.
Everyone was shocked and scared, but no one spoke.
- Let's start. What are the laws for? The professor asked.
The students were still scared, but slowly began to answer the question.
- To have order in society.
- No!
- For people who make the mistake of paying for their deeds.
- No! Does anyone know the right answer?
"For justice to be served," the girl said shyly.
- Finally! Justice! But what is justice?
Everyone began to get angry at the professor's attitude. However, they continued to react.
- For the protection of human rights.
- That's OK. But still?
- Distinguish good from evil, reward those who do good.
- All right ... Answer this question: Was I good when I chased Nelson out?
Everyone was silent, no one answered.
I want a unanimous answer!
- NO! - they answered unanimously.
- Can I say I did injustice?
- YES!
"And why didn't anyone do anything?" Why do we want laws and rules if we do not have the will to enforce them? Each of you has an obligation to speak up when you witness injustice. Everyone! Never be silent again!
Go get Nelson. He must be standing in front of the door, still confused.
When we do not stand up for our rights, dignity is lost and dignity cannot be negotiated.

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08.10.2021., petak

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Evil will always prevail if good people choose to do nothing.

Darkness will always thrive if those who has light refuse to shine their light.

Stop complaining about the evil in the world and start doing something about it.

it's time to go out into the world and do good until there's too much good in the world.

Give people reasons to smile, make another soul glad to be alive, give to people and if you can't give, at least don't steal. Love people, and if you can't love, at least don't hurt.

Always believe that there is good in the world and If you can't find the good, then go all out to be one.

You can't do all the good the world needs but the world needs all the good you can do.

There is a whole world waiting for you and me. Let's keep fighting, let's keep working, until light wins and darkness is gone forever.

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Charlie Chaplin lived to be 88 years old.

Some of his statements:

1. Nothing in this world lasts forever, not even our problems.
2. I like to walk in the rain because no one sees my tears.
3. The most lost day in life is the day when we don’t laugh.
4. The six best doctors in the world:
1. Sun,
2. Vacation,
3. Exercise,
4. Diet,
5. Self-esteem
6. Friends.

Life is “just” a journey. So live today because it may not be tomorrow in this world.

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07.10.2021., četvrtak

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There are days when it looks like everything is falling apart…

There are days when streams of tears flow from our eyes…
There are days when a smile does not appear on our faces…
Don't worry about them…
Hard days are coming, and you should be ready for them because you will experience them, for sure ...
Not everything will always be perfect and it is not realistic to expect it to be…
Look at nature, storms and rains come, and you know that sooner or later the sun will appear after them, and the air will be cleaner and fresher…
So it is in life, but he will pass…

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Once the train on which the lecturer of the Catholic University of Lublin, Rev. Fr. Karol Wojtyla, late. The students who were waiting for the exam, due to the absence of the examiners, each went to their own side.
There was only one priest left who did not know Wojtyla, did not come to his lectures, and prepared for the exam from borrowed scripts.
After two hours, Wojtyla gasped, looking not much older than his students. The priest-student, comforted that he would not take the exam alone, asked:
"Dude, are you on the exam too?"
"Yes, he murmured at the exam," Wojtyla said.
"The guy is dangerously late, everyone has broken up, and I'm waiting because I have to pass today," the student explained.
"And you? You don't know Wojtyla? ”Asked the newcomer.
No, he's probably some boring guy. I did not come to his lectures. They told me that they were very abstract and difficult - the student explained.
And word for word, the conversation grew into a repetition of the material. Wojtyla asked, listened, and interpreted the intricate philosophical questions so clearly that at one point the student said, "Hey, what a nerd you are!" Please, when the Reverend Professor comes, don't go to the exam before me because I will surely fall after you.
And what was his surprise when he heard: - Give the index, I'm Wojtyla. He got a plus four - remembers the then student Krystyna Sajdok. The youth of the Catholic University of Lublin often recounted this incident, which always aroused sympathy for Professor Wojtyla.

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Author unknown

She said, "Don't call the doctor, please, it doesn't make sense anymore. I just want to grab your hand and fall asleep peacefully." He did so, took her hand and together they remembered moments from the past - how they met, kissed for the first time and about many more events they experienced. They looked into each other's eyes, cried and laughed at the same time. They did not regret anything, they were grateful for everything they went through together. Then she said quietly, “You are the love of my life. I love you forever. "He retaliated with the same words, kissing her on the forehead as always before bed. Moments later she closed her eyes and fell asleep forever.
Love is the most important thing in life ... Occupation, career, bank account, all that materialism are just things, nothing more. All that remains in this world ...
Love, because there is nothing more important and valuable than the love and memories we leave behind.

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Speed is a disadvantage if you are headed the wrong way.

The faster you go, the farther away you are from your true path.
Most people you see today are so much in a hurry, but they lack a concrete and purposeful path.
A Lot of movement, but no progress.
Always busy, but no Result.
With all the speed, they get to where they are going, only to find out that's not where they should be.
By then, some are already old, weak, and tired. The prospect of starting over looks uncertain, regrettably, they settle for a meaningless life...
Why end your life that way?
Most times, Competition and Comparison with others get you going on a journey that's not yours. All you care about is meeting up and overtaking others.
What a shame to reach a destination only to find out you were in the wrong direction.
Now is the best time to find your way, retrace your steps, discover the path that's truly yours.
One that's in line with your purpose, one that is bound to give you happiness and fulfillment.
The race is not always to the fastest or strongest man, but to the one who knows why he is actually on that race.
Without a direction, life is but a distraction that takes you closer to destruction.
Discover your path and give it all your heart, that's what will set you apart. Direction is always more important than speed.

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There are days when it looks like everything is falling apart…

There are days when streams of tears flow from our eyes…
There are days when a smile does not appear on our faces…
Don't worry about them…
Hard days are coming, and you should be ready for them because you will experience them, for sure ...
Not everything will always be perfect and it is not realistic to expect it to be…
Look at nature, storms and rains come, and you know that sooner or later the sun will appear after them, and the air will be cleaner and fresher…
So it is in life, but he will pass…

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05.10.2021., utorak

How you begin your day can make or break your day. The thoughts that dominate your mind when you wake up in the morning as a way of affecting how your whole day will be.
So begin each day with a smile, with a positive attitude, with gratitude for the gift of life. Begin it with calmness of mind and a positive outlook about your life.
One small positive thought can triumph over an army of negative, if only you can focus on it. Whether things are good or bad, that you still have life shows it can still become better. When there is life, hope still exists.
It's not ways about what happened to you, it's more about how you respond to what happened. Choose to always respond positively.
Positivity is a choice. Yes, things in life make it difficult, people also play a part.
But at the end of the day, you control your own. Never leave it in the hands of others.
Never let a bad moment ruin your day, think of it as just a bad moment, not a bad life.
Life is too short to waste time on every bad thing that happens, learn from them, and like the clock, move on.
Another moment can bring new joy, don't let it pass you by.
As you think in your heart, so you are. A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. It's a wonderful day. Expect something great!

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Life is like a window, if we keep it closed, the sun will never enter, if we stay behind the window we will only feel the warmth. But if we open it, we will be flooded with light.

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1. Divorced? - She couldn't keep her husband!
2. Harassed? - She was dressed too provocatively!
3. No children? - She must be sterile!
4. She bought an apartment? - Probably for the lover's money!
5. Husband cheats on her? - She probably can't please him!
6. Widow? - She was probably just waiting for his fortune!
7. Did she marry after his death? "She probably never loved her husband!"
8. Domestic violence? "She probably couldn't keep her mouth shut!"
9. Doesn't bother at all? - He probably has someone on his side!
10. Problematic children? "She must have spoiled them too much!"
11. Short dress? - Probably not respected!
12. Is she overweight? - He must be overeating!
13. Sick? - An excuse for laziness!
14. Improved? - Someone must have urged for her!
It’s so hard for us to judge others, and so hard to respect, right?
Who are we to judge others when we don’t know their stories?
Condemnations cause so many wounds to others, so why not live your life and let others live?
Without poking your nose into someone else's business? Where does so much malice in us come from? Focus on your life, be a good person and wish others well.
If you have too much time, focus on something that doesn’t harm others. Get involved somewhere in the charity, find some hobby, wash the windows, take a walk, read a book ... just take care of your life.
It’s not bad to advise another person either, but don’t judge them. For that, we need your wisdom, strong character and self-control. Not everyone can afford it ...
Have a nice day!

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"By taking ... we fill the 'hands', by giving ... we fill the 'heart'."

Margarete Semann

You choose

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Saint Francis of Assisi

"God, make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Where there is injury, let me sow forgiveness
Where there is doubt, let me sow faith
Where there is despair, let me sow hope
Where there is darkness, let me shine light
Where there is sorrow, let me sow joy
Divine lord, allow me
not to seek solace
but to comfort
not to seek understanding
but to understand
not to seek love
but to love
because in giving we get
in forgiveness we receive forgiveness
in death we are born, into eternal life "

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You taught me

... that dawn is more beautiful with a smile
... that love and sorrow are related
... that night can be brighter than day
... that coffee can be sweet and sugar-free
... to write when the clouds come
... that you have to get wet to grow
... that you have to give in to have
... that honesty is more important than titles
... that flowers are not all that smell
... that a pure heart is the most beautiful piece of jewelry
... that tears shape us into better people
... that silence is more valuable than noise
... that the end shines a new beginning

Ana Jusić

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Sometimes the thing that was meant to destroy you can be the exact thing that propels you to the next level of your life.

It can become what takes you farther on your path to destiny.
If you want it to make you miserable, it will and if you want it to empower you, it will.
The choice is always yours. What it makes of you depends solely on you. It depends on what you choose to do with it.
You can't control what happens, but you will always have the power to control how you respond to it.
You can choose to stay down or rise after every hit. Nothing really can hold you back unless you let it.
No matter what befalls you or how bad things become, you can still rise from nothing and become something, your Attitude determines everything.

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We need to be aware and know that not all the people around us are our friends.

Just because they’re with us right now and laughing with us doesn’t mean they’re there for us. Just because they pat us on the back doesn't mean they won't stab us one day. People around us often act because of their personal interests. So be careful and don’t expect too much from people, but also don’t forget that you are just a human being too.

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Shams Tabrizi

The universe is one being. Everything and everyone is interconnected through an invisible web of stories. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all in quiet conversation. It doesn't do anything wrong. Practice compassion. And don’t gossip behind anyone’s back - not even a seemingly innocent remark! The words that come out of our mouths do not disappear but are constantly stored in infinite space and will return to us in their time. The pain of one man will hurt us all. The joy of one man will make everyone happy.

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04.10.2021., ponedjeljak

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Positive thinking, or an optimistic attitude, is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. It can have a big impact on your physical and mental health.

That doesn’t mean you ignore reality or make light of problems. It simply means you approach the good and the bad in life with the expectation that things will go well.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking
Many studies have looked at the role of optimism and positive thinking in mental and physical health. It’s not always clear which comes first: the mindset or these benefits. But there is no downside to staying upbeat.

Some physical benefits may include:
Longer life span
Lower chance of having a heart attack
Better physical health
Greater resistance to illness such as the common cold
Lower blood pressure
Better stress management
Better pain tolerance

The mental benefits may include:
More creativity
Greater problem-solving skill
Clearer thinking
Better mood
Better coping skills
Less depression

What Pessimists Should Know

That all sounds great, right? But what if you’re naturally more pessimistic, meaning that you tend to expect the worst? No worries. It may help to see this positive thinking as a skill you can learn and benefit from, rather than a personality trait you either have or you don’t.

There’s research on this, too. In one experiment, adults who meditated daily on positive thoughts started feeling more upbeat emotions each day.

Other studies have shown that positive thinking helps people manage illness and eases depression, regardless of whether they are naturally optimistic or pessimistic.

First, Nix the Negative
Before you put positive thinking into practice, look for any negative thoughts that may be running through your mind. These include:

A bad filter.
Do you overlook the good things about a situation and get wrapped up in the negatives? For example, you enjoy a fun dinner out with friends, but the restaurant gets your bill wrong at the end of the night. You leave feeling annoyed and frustrated, forgetting about the good time you had.

Taking the blame.
Do you tend to take on the blame for something bad or disappointing that happens? For example, a friend declines an invitation from you, so you assume it’s because they don’t want to spend time with you.

Predicting disaster.
This means you have one setback and then expect the worst to happen. For example, your car won’t start in the morning, so you think the rest of your day is destined to be doomed.

Black-and-white thinking.
Do you see things as either good or bad, with no middle ground? In this mindset, if things aren’t perfect, they’re automatically bad.

When you notice a negative thought, try to stop it and shift your focus to the positive. Think rationally about the situation. If it helps you to let go, you can give yourself and those around you grace. (You can still hold them accountable for their actions.)

Your negative thoughts won’t go away overnight. But with practice, you can train yourself to have a more positive outlook. Remember, you aren’t overlooking the facts. You’re just including those that are good.

How to Practice Positive Thinking
Once you have a handle on negative thinking, it’s time to play up the positive. Try these ways to do that:

Smile more.
In a study, people who smiled (or even fake-smiled) while doing a stressful task felt more positive afterward than those who wore a neutral expression. You’ll benefit more if the smile is genuine, though. So look for humor and spend time with people or things that make you laugh.

Reframe your situation.
When something bad happens that’s out of your control, instead of getting upset, try to appreciate the good parts of the situation. For example, instead of stressing about a traffic jam, recall how convenient it is to have a car. Use the time that you’re stuck behind the wheel to listen to music or a program you enjoy.

Keep a gratitude journal.
This may sound cheesy, but when you sit down each day or week to write down the things you’re thankful for, you’re forced to pay attention to the good in your life. A study found that people who kept gratitude journals felt more thankful, positive, and optimistic about the future. They also slept better.

Picture your best possible future.
Think in detail about a bright vision for your future -- career, relationships, health, hobbies -- and write it down. When you imagine your life going well, research suggests, you’ll be happier in the present.

Focus on your strengths.
Each day for a week, think about one of your personal strengths, like kindness, organization, discipline, or creativity. Write down how you plan to use that strength in new ways that day. Then, act on it. People in a study who did that boosted their happiness and lowered their symptoms of depression at the end of the week. Six months later, those benefits were still going strong.

With practice, you can add more positive thoughts to your life and enjoy the benefits that come with optimism.

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Birds have bills to pay but they keep on singing. If God can take care of the birds in the sky, the grass on the field, the trees in the forest, you are more important than all these, Be rest assured He will take care of you.
He didn't bring you this far to abandon you, worry less and believe more. God got your back.
Most of our worries aren't about what we have, but about what we want and yet to have.
But by worry, we drain today of all the benefits it brings.
Most of us worry because we want tomorrow's needs to be met today, but the most important thing is that today's need is met today. Tomorrow will take care of itself because God is already there.
Most of our sufferings are self-inflicted, by worrying we bring unnecessary pain to our lives.
Believe me, worry is useless. It can't change their past or control the future, it only destroys the present.
It doesn't stop the bad stuff from happening, neither does it make the good stuff start happening, so why worry?
Pray, Hope, Believe, God still hears.
He is too faithful to fail you.

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A lot of time has passed
And I didn't know
I had no idea
I didn't know you fell
I saw you get up
I saw rough hands
I didn't know you went against the wind
I heard you had a wound
I didn't know you fought
They said you were alone
From a dream to be more beautiful
I knew you sang
I didn't know you were a song
I didn't know it hurt
But I knew you loved it
They tell me you dreamed
But to be awake
They said you held out your hands
And I didn't come
They didn't tell me you were strong
I knew it
They told me you were kneeling
But don't fall
A lot of time has passed
And I didn't know
They say you loved
It must have hurt
A lot of time has passed

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FRANC KAFKA never married and had no children. Once while walking in a park in Berlin, he met a girl who was crying because she had lost her favorite doll. She and Kafka unsuccessfully searched the park to find the doll.
Kafka then told her that they would come again tomorrow and that they would look for the doll together again.

The next day, although they did not find the doll, Kafka gave the girl a letter written by the doll, “Please don't cry. I traveled to see the world. I will write to you about my adventures "

Thus began a story that continued until the end of Kafka's life. During their meetings, Kafka read the doll's carefully written adventures and stories that the girl considered divine.

Finally, Kafka brought a doll (bought it) that returned to Berlin.
"It doesn't look like my doll at all," the girl said at the time.
Kafka then handed her another letter in which the doll wrote: "Travels have changed me." The girl hugged the new doll and took her home happy,
A year later, Kafka passed away.

Many years later, a girl who was already a girl found a letter in a doll. A small letter signed by Kafka read:

"Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end love will return in another way."

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- Mario Žuvela

Let go when you realize it's not worth it. And people. And things. And experiences. Let it all go! Don’t force anything that doesn’t fill you from the inside out. No matter what others do. And no matter how many it does. Once you start living like this, you will feel that you are on the threshold of a new form of life. Discover a new level of freedom that you didn't even know existed. Just just let everything in half. Everything that is artificial. Anything that doesn’t come from a sincere heart.
You don't have to justify to people why you moved away from something. Went away. You gave them a clear signal, you respect yourself. That someone doesn’t understand the alphabet of life is not your problem. Let go of something that doesn't make you feel. Which is empty in itself. Which doesn't make sense. If it was worth it, you'd realize you didn't care. And don't think too much. Just leave when you realize it's not worth it. That is the key to a happy life. Inner fulfillment. When you do that - you will understand what it is about.

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- Mario Žuvela

You left a call for later once. You calculated that there would be time. That once you muster the courage to say what you always wanted to say, you will fix what went wrong. To return the neglected attention, to give the love you never gave. Hug, thank. But what happened happened. And unfortunately there was no more call. Nor any opportunity to fix all that bad stuff. Nor to start over. The end has come. And there's nothing more you can do.
But you can. You can fix things with other people. To those who remained. Show them how much they mean to you. Do not neglect those who pass by you, eager only for a crumb of your attention. Your smile, your touch, your kind words. Call them. Send a message. Say how you feel. Because there will be no time. You won't even turn around, and life will pass. And then you will regret it. Don't let that happen to you. It only takes a little to change someone’s life. And you can do that now. Do it! Don't procrastinate!

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- Vesna Velić

"Whenever you can (and you can) choose silence and not quarrel.
Whenever you can (and you can) choose tolerance and not discussion (they are usually meaningless).
Whenever you can (and you can) give and ask for nothing.
Whenever you can (and you can) love and listen to people, because there is more greatness in a man who knows how to listen than in one who talks too much.
Whenever you can (and you can) forgive, because it is much easier to forgive than to do bad.
As we cleanse the body every day, it is important that our soul shines.
Be good whenever you can, and I know you can. "

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(author unknown)

I see, you're going to church.
I don't care what you do in it, though I think you'll pray.
I don't care at all whether you stand in front of the altar or there by the door, whether you pray sitting or kneeling, heads bowed and eyes closed…
or you will stare at the picture on the altar, hit yourself in the chest, move your lips, whisper the words of prayer and sift between your fingers the beads of the holy rosary…
These are all external and not at all complicated actions by which it is not difficult to deceive a man.
I'm waiting for you outside.
When you leave the church and return among the people, prepare to meet me.
Then I will ruthlessly follow, observe, judge, and perhaps condemn you.
I have the right to do that.
Namely, I want to know: did you really talk to God in church, or did you just play with him?
I want to make sure does a man’s prayer really make him different, better?
I want to convince myself of you, a Christian, as an example.
If I am convinced that you are arrogant, greedy, selfish, quarrelsome, insulting, envious, chatty, superficial… I will know that prayer is not good for you.
And if I make sure that you don't know how to talk to people at home, at work, at school, at the store, on the bus, I will know for sure that you don't even know how to talk to God.
If someone constantly needs to comfort and praise you, I will know that you did not go to church for God, to praise him, but to worship yourself…
But… if your eyes are open to the plight of your neighbor, if your lips utter words of peace, joy, trust and comfort, if your hand lifts the helpless, if your heart has understanding for others, if it forgives and loves, ću I will know that you really talked to God in church!
I'm waiting for you outside.

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We are usually inspired by the story of those who despite the unbelievable pain and hardship they went through ensured all their dreams come true.
It's not the difficulty itself but your response to the difficulty that determines how your life's story will be told.
Will you back down in the face of every difficult situation that comes or will you keep going choosing not to surrender?
There is no success without hardship, there is no victory without a fight, nothing worth having in life comes easy, you have to endure all the bad days to earn the good days of your life.
The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory, and the more interesting the story. Keep going!

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The richest wealth is WISDOM.
The strongest weapon is PATIENCE.
The best security is FAITH.
The most effective tonic is LAUGHTER.
May God richly bless you with all of them today and for always.

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Everything happening to you is for a reason, because you are yet to see it doesn't mean it's not true.

When one door closes, it's because a bigger one is opening.
When everything seems broken, it's because a better version is about to be rebuilt.
When someone leaves you, it's because the right one is coming.
But you often spend time crying, worrying, and trying to get back what you lost that you miss what's ahead.
You have become so comfortable with the old, that you miss the beautiful experience newness can bring.
That's why God allows some things to happen. Sometimes He does things that break your heart, but in the end, it is to save your life.
He has your best interest at heart. Whatever He does is always for your good, that's why you need to be patient and trust Him at all times.
His desire is for you to live a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life. A life He has destined for you even before the World began.
And He will keep working on you, for you, until His desire for your life becomes a reality.
Though your wrong choices, myopic view of life, and impatience might put you on the wrong path, one that seems good to you but not the best for you.
But God will never leave you nor forsake you. He will make it all right. He sees the end from the beginning, everything He does is always for a reason.
If only you will trust Him as you should, it will all work out for your good.

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1. In one church, in a place where there was a great drought, the pastor called the inhabitants to a prayer for rain. The whole village came. Although it was sunny, one boy brought an umbrella. It is faith.
2. When you throw children in the air, they laugh because they believe you will catch them. It's trust.
3. Every night we go to bed without any certainty that we will wake up alive in the morning, but we set the alarm clock. That is hope.
4. We have big plans for tomorrow, even though we know nothing about the future. It is self-confidence.
5. We observe how difficult it is to live today, and yet we get married and have children. This is Love.
6. An old woman was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription - I am 80 years old, I am a cute sixteen-year-old with 64 years of experience. It is a personal attitude.
Remember - good friends are rare pearls of life, they are hard to find and cannot be replaced. But also, they are just people so let’s have an understanding for their mistakes as well.
Have a nice day!

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- Vesna Velić

"You can run into yourself on your way
to envious people.
Forgive them and move on.
If you weren't worth it, your journey would be easy
and not full of traps.
Keep going ... "

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Yesterday is gone, it's now In the past.
Tomorrow is almost here, it's coming so fast.
You've got today, but it will never last.
Whatever you want to do, better start now.

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Always choose to heal,
not to hurt.
To forgive,
not to despise.
To persevere,
not to quit.
To smile,
not to frown.
And to love,
not to hate.

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Life never seems to be just the way we like it,
but we live it the best way we can.
There is no perfect life,
but we can fill it with perfect moments!

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Wiring Your Brain for Positivity

Practice Makes Perfect

Are you tired of being cynical? Ready to enjoy your own power, today, without waiting for the world to change?

You can see good in the world by going beyond the information you’re wired to look for. You can learn to feel good in the world as it is instead of expecting an imagined world to make you feel good.

Persevere and you will literally forget to be cynical because electricity will light up a new positivity circuit. You can do this through personal agency and realistic expectations. Personal agency is the awareness that your efforts can meet your survival needs. Realistic expectations is the knowledge that your neurochemical ups and downs come from a quirky mammal brain. With personal agency and realistic expectations, you focus on your next step, and you enjoy taking it. You focus your attention and you are not distracted by the world’s flaws.

Negativity is natural because disappointment feels like a survival threat to this brain you’ve inherited. Cynicism helps relieve a sense of threat, but it comes at a price. It makes you powerless because you focus on things you can’t control instead of things you can control. Cynicism focuses your attention on old expectations, which makes new threats and rewards hard to see. Negativity is a bad habit that persists because our brains tend to rely on the circuits we built long ago.

New circuits will build if you give your brain a new stream of inputs. This is hard to do, which is why people tend not to rewire themselves unless their inputs are altered by some outside force. Now that you know how your brain works, it will be easier for you to rewire your brain. But disabling your old circuits tends to trigger a sense of alarm. Your brain equates old habits with survival, so ignoring them feels like a survival threat. Upgrading your neural operating system is harder than upgrading your computer’s operating system because your brain must always be on so you can never hit ‘restart.’ When you try to stop an old habit, it feels like you are losing access to your hard drive with its lifetime stock of messages and images that remind you of who you are. But if you accept the temporary uncertainty, you will soon enjoy new ways of connecting up your experience.


You have power over your own circuits. Being your own personal agent feels better than lamenting the world’s failure to meet your needs, and realistic expectations feel better than equating frustration with a crisis. If you PARE, you will REAP, because realistic expectations help you act personally. Anyone can transcend their natural negativity by building PARE circuits. So let’s take a look at how to do it.

The Positivity Habit

Here is a simple way to feed your brain a new stream of inputs. Three times a day, stop and think of something good. Spend one minute each time scanning for the positive aspects of situations that are currently on your mind. Do this for six weeks and your brain will be trained to look for the good in the world. Define ‘good’ however you want. For best results, do not focus on puppies, rainbows, and butterflies. Look for good things relevant to your present reality. Here are some examples from my own positivity minutes. You can see that I’m actively constructing positives instead of passively waiting for good things to come my way.

When someone is on my nerves, I think about the personal power I have that is not controlled by that person.

When a tragic event gets my attention, I think about the improved responses to tragic events that were not available for tragedies throughout history.

When I feel underappreciated, I think of how this frees me to develop my own instincts instead of being tempted to do the popular thing to sustain attention.

When I feel conflicted about food, I think about the yummy foods I will choose when I am actually hungry, and how lucky I am to be able to choose these foods.

When I feel separate from the herd, I remind myself that my inner mammal has many different, often-conflicting impulses, and I am lucky to be able to choose my response to each impulse in a way that enhances my long-term wellbeing.


This exercise may feel awkward and false at first. You may think the good things you come up with are trivial. Your old circuits might tell you that these trivialities do not make up for the horrible state of the world. But in six weeks, your positive tidbits will feel as real as the negativity so widely expressed around you.

It’s important to realize that this positivity habit is not a gratitude exercise: Gratitude puts you in the role of a passive receiver. You can find good in what you create as well as what you receive. You can be pleased with yourself as well as others. If being pleased seems weak or foolish, remember that you have the rest of the day to critique things.

Nor is it a relaxation exercise: You do not need to relax while you’re doing it. Don’t expect joy in these moments, nor should you judge yourself for lacking it. Just keep finding good and your new expectations will affect your neurochemistry.

This practice trains your brain to scan for good as naturally as you now scan for bad. Your automatic pilot will change if you do something different three times a day for six weeks, without fail. If you miss a day, start over at the beginning until you’re able to make it through six weeks straight. If you have trouble focusing on yourself, start with things that are good for others.

“This is not objective,” you may say. But in six weeks, you will realize that your negativity was not objective either. It was just a habit. Your thought habits feel true because they sail along smooth pathways in your brain. But the boulevards of your mind were not built by objectivity. They were built by chance experiences in youth. You can build new boulevards even though it feels ‘not objective.’

This is an excerpt from The Science of Positivity, by Loretta Graziano Breuning

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As you think in your heart, so you are.

Your reality is a reflection of your inner world.
It's first within, then without.
If you've captured greatness in your mind, then don't mind your present reality, MIND YOUR MIND.
The Mind is everything! What you think you become.
Your success or failure, your victory or loss,
your greatness or doom, all begins in your Mind.
Never mind what your current situation is telling you, In the end, your life is a reflection of what you have in your mind.
You may look poor now, but think rich!
You may be sick now, But think good health!
You might have failed several times, But think success!
Your beginning might be small now, BUT THINK BIG!
If you can conceive it, You can achieve it.
If you can imagine it, You can march into it.
If you can believe it, YOU CAN BECOME IT.
So what's on your mind? MIND YOUR MIND!
If you can win the battle in your mind,

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Today we celebrate the memorial of St. Little Theresa.

Born in 1873 and died at the age of twenty-four, Little Theresa continues to win sympathy to this day.
She was also called the saint of the trenches, because soldiers wore her pictures during World War I and influenced her protection, which is why the Church approved the minting of medals with her image even before she was beatified.
She has never left the monastery since she was 15, and because of her heroic virtues, she was also proclaimed the patron saint of missions.
Although she lived a short life, due to the depth of her works, Pope John Paul II. he also proclaimed her a church teacher.
Her parents Louis Martin and Marie-Zélie Guérin were canonized, but not because they had a daughter, a saint, but because they lived a holy life. In marriage, they received nine children from God, and all five daughters who reached adulthood became nuns.
Sv. Teresa says briefly and clearly about her life: "My vocation is love!"

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