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    : Match review and Player rating

    Alan Moore wroteon October 14, 2008 at 12:06am
    From 3 Independent Sources the following was compiled:
    (a. Novinar/Reporter, b. Former Player, c. Match Officials)

    a. (Knin) The Knin Rugby Club took a first step at a higher level and were punished for not starting to play until it was very late. There was a lack of co-ordination of players and some were clearly out of practice. An amount of fear was present in many players showing with missed tackles, fear to go into contact in many circumstances. A missed penalty that seemed to go over meant Knin finished without a score which did not reflect efforts of some players.

    Poor decisions by the scrum, line outs and basic penalites conceded meant they were trapped for too long in their own half. It was not all Nada and the home team rallied late in the game but an injury to their fly-half meant they did not have the driving force to break the line. A much bigger effort will be needed to get closer to their opponents. Their line outs need to be consistent and their backline more committed to tackles.

    b. "Knin were let down by a poor start and never recovered. A club cannot concede 4 tries in 8 minutes at this level and hope to come back. Nada II were playing a very solid and basic game but apart from experience they were no bigger or tougher than the Knin team. I don't know if Knin's players realise what it takes to play rugby, but one of their members told me after that most of the boys were out until early in the morning drinking the day of the game, which showed in some. Their secretary told me that too many players miss training and you could see it, especially in trust between players passing the ball and the slow reaction times getting to the break down. It wasn't all bad, but it was funny for me that the two oldest players on the Knin team ran, tackled and carried the most, which is a really bad sign. If it stays like this the season will be tough. A couple of the backs showed form, and the forwards can carry the ball, but it needs to be from the off, not after 60minutes have gone by. I'm thinking of coming back myself at this rate."

    c. (ratings out of 10)
    Pavlic - 6.5 - Did little wrong but didn't seem to want to get the ball enough. Needs to get to the rucks quicker and carry more.
    Vecemilovic - 6 - Good throwing, tackling but didn't have the ball in hand often. Solid showing.
    Ciglenjak - 5.5 - Didn't see the ball much, tackled well but needed to lead more. Has to get lower in tackles.
    Simpraga - 4 - Poor showing, seemed to lack concentration and will to commit. Needs to up his performance as captain and lock.
    Duljaj - 6 - Made good tackles but was slow to get involved and seemed afraid to go after the ball. Needs to lead the pack.
    Pavic - 7 - Converted to scrum-half, played well but poor decisions left the backline redundant in the first half. Tired late in the game but showed the younger players that rugby is about more than talk and excuses.
    Bjelja - 6 - Overall a quiet performance from a player much was expected of. Poor in lineouts and lacked vision, but as always his tackles were strong.
    Buhic - 5.5 - Didn't see the ball except in tackles but committed well. Didn't play as well as he could but did well considering he's just back from injury.
    Jujnovic - N/A
    Moore - 7.5 - Missed a penalty, knocked on but generally did al he could with poor service and support. Made 3 good breaks but received no back up.
    Jejina - 7.5 - Shading the best player for Knin on tackles and effort alone. Was let down by his centres but never quit. Needs to get more of the ball.
    Stanic D. - 4 - Some good tackles but didn't seem to want to be there at times. Needs to get more involved and committed.
    Marjanovic - 4.5 - Poor at centre, better on the wing, missed tackles and made one good carry. Lacked training and it showed.
    Djuko - 6.5 - Did all he could, missed tackles but was always under pressure. Needs to hit the line more. Solid, fast and committed.
    Simunovic - 5 - Improved after a poor introduction gving away 2 penalties which betrayed lack of training. Seemed afraid to look for the ball but his line out jumping was top notch.
    Vukadin - N/A
    McGann - N/A
    Kalat - 5 - Did well when brought on, tackled when needed but could have done more. Didn't see the ball enough but solid.
    Gambroza - N/A


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    trece poluvrijeme odlicno!!!

    A igra...igrajte otvoreno bez straha...nismo se dosli poubijat nego igrat...


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