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  • fotkam, kuham, putujem...

    uzasno zanimljivo. probat cu ali s manjom kolicinom.
    neg reci, kad pises zest of lemon....mislis li na: juice of 1 lemon ili na peel of one lemon ? ja sam dosada, naime, mislila da zest of znaci samo tracak, mrvica, nesto malo a kod limuna bi to bio jedan "squeeze".....


    10.06.2008. (13:19)    -   -   -   -  

  • Tea

    Lipa Mare, zest ili peel of one lemon je isto ;)


    10.06.2008. (18:30)    -   -   -   -  

  • Merisi

    I had typed a long comment here, some weeks ago,
    and then could not publish it. Now a short version:
    I have a recipe for a yeast dough that needs to rest overnight in water.
    It makes the most delicious cookies, they come out of the oven a little puffed.
    I am wondering if you know what difference the water-immersion makes in the outcome. It tastes so much better than the simple dough ingredients would one expect.


    23.07.2008. (20:22)    -   -   -   -