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Floating cookies


Here is a recipe alongside with the photo, finally! I am sure you are going crazy everytime I post a picture without a recipe, but sometimes I either don't have it, or it's way to complicated to write it down....This time I got one for you! It has been in my family forever and everyone loves them. They are called ''Utopljenici'' and that basically means something that has been submerged in water. After the dough's made, you wrap it up in a cloth, submerge it in cold water, and let it rise to the surface. Cool, huh?
Well, let me give you the recipe for this, try it out, it's very interesting and delicious!

And to update you, I am in Advanced baking class where baking methods and principles are from a nutritional and chemical/physical point of view. We cover diets such as vegan, diabetic, and gluten-free; nutritional labels; and preparation of desserts, breads, and cakes for persons with special dietary needs. It is quite interesting, especially now when we have to work on our own project where we need to choose a recipe and develop it into 3 categories of our choice whether it's vegan, gluten-free, etc.
I have two more days to work on it, and then we present it to the class!

Ok, back to the recipe.....You will need:

For teh dough:
- 4 eggs
- 1kg flour
- 200 ml oil
- 200 ml milk
- 40g fresh yeast, or 14g dry (then you need to add 26g of water)
- 10g of salt
- zest of one lemon
- see how your dough feels, if it's not ciming together add 40g of water. It all depends on the flour.

For the garnish:

- 150g coarsely chopped walnuts
- 250g granulated sugar

- You mix all the ingredients for the dough (for the dry yeast, you just add it in, and for the fresh, you need to dissolve it into some tepid water and a bit of flour and sugar to get it going).
- Once you have your dough mixed, place it into a cloth, make a knot at the top and put it in a bowl of cold or room temp water.
- When you see the dough floating, you're ready!
- Take little pieces from the dough (about 60g each), strech it, dip it in the garnish mixture, and twist it in a form of a crescent.
- Place it on a sheet tray covered with parchemt paper and bake it at 190C or 375F until slightly golden in color.

Best eaten fresh with a glass of milk, or next day dipped in a cup of coffee! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm


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